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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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madame? - non merci. >> announcer: next on nbc bay area. thousands of shooting stars. plus, the problem complicating things for giants fans all weekend long and they're watching you. what cops are cracking down on this holiday weekend next. >> announcer: time and temperature on nbc bay area is sponsored by ashley furniture
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store. save big on the mattresses and furniture during the memorial day sale. >> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm janelle wang. jessica and rogers are on. we're on a little bit late because of the giants game. a live look as you see the traffic near the ballpark as fans try to navigate around the closure. earlier today traffic was backed up for miles. the closure is on 280 southbound from sixth street to pennsylvania avenue. it will have a big impact on drivers this memorial day weekend. nbc bay area's here to tell you. >> reporter: well, janelle, giants fans are playing a bit of
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a guessing game tonight trying to find a 280 ramp that's open. the rush is over. this temporary highway closure is creating some problems. after the game the giants fans looking to drive south caused a problem. fans are detoured. >> i have a particular place i park over there. >>. >> reporter: tom is usually behind the wheel after the game. >> traffic is horrible. memorial day. i looked at google maps and it said everything was a stop. >> reporter: with traffic a mess, he jumped on cal train. >> i got on in san jose. >> reporter: cal train riders avoided a stressful ride. tied up traffic to the market. >> it's crazy how it is.
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it's been hours here to go one block. just insane. >> down to seventh street and i can't get there. just to make a right on seventh. >> reporter: the giants urged fans to leave their cars at home and many got the message opting for the train. >> i don't like traffic so i like the train. >> reporter: with the 280 closure set to remain until tuesday, it's a game plan that will keep things moving. >> reporter: cal train does add extra trains for giants fans. they did not add extra trains during the temporary highway closure. >> thanks, jean. you can go to for complete coverage of the partial interstate 280 closure including ways to get around it. go to nbc bay an extra day off sometimes means an extra cocktail or two. they want to warn drivers to
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avoid drinking and driving. we have more at a dui checkpoint in san mateo. >> reporter: you can see there is a steady stream of cars for me. it's been this way for hours. cars are making their way through this dui checkpoint. san mateo police say they are stopping vehicles at random looking for drivers under the influence of drug or alcohol. it's a great way to ensure that roads are safe. in addition to the checkpoint and stepped up patrols, police say they want other drivers to also be on the lookout. >> be our eyes and ears on the street. if you see someone who appears to be under the influence or have another driving problem, please calls. tonight there has been two aest
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ares at this checkpoint, one within the last ten minutes. police warn they still have a few hours out here. the california highway patrol said 117 people were arrested for dui over the memorial day weekend just here in the bay area. that was down from the previous year and law enforcement says they hope that downward trend continues. live in san mateo, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> kim berl i, thank you very much. it's been 20 years since a castro valley girl was killed in her home. tonight thousands of people gather in honor of jenny lynn. may 27th, 1994. she was found dead in her home. she was 14 years old. her family said the pain is still felt decades later. >> it feels like it happened yesterday. every day over the past 20 years, every day you wake up, first thing you think about.
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there's no way she can come back. >> the parents have found some peace by forming the jenny lynn foundation. it talks about child safety. they sponsor a free music camp. the $100,000 reward has been offered for information leading to her murder. six burglary cases solved on the peninsula. they've caught three teenagers behind them. these men worked together to target homes in sunny dale, redwood city and fremont. in one case a teen got into a fight with a sunny vail homeowner and fired off a gun. another teen was arrested after committing a home invasion robbery in free month. the pillow case rapist is being paroled. christopher hubbard was ordered released today. his most recent crimes occurred
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in santa clara county. he raped 40 women, some right  here in the bay area. he admitted to raping more than 100. at the time he was released from prison he raped again. >> last time a new victim or himself. >> sharing the concerns that mr. hubbard may well not be a reformed criminal and does pose risk. >> the judge ordered the release of hubbard sometime before july 7th. he'll be watched around the clock in the first six to 12 months of release and then he'll be put on a 24 hour monitoring device for the rest of his life. >> take a good look at this man with a mohawk. police are hoping you can help find him after what they're calling a gutsy crime. he pulled up in his car at a morgan hills target, pointed a shotgun and demanded her purse. five minutes later he used that shotgun later again at the
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subway down the street and got away with some cash. the man was spotted in a white car that could be a chevy calf va rear or dodge neon. the car had a black covering over the grill. next at 11:00, data base hacked and millions of customers' information co compromis compromised. then tourists take a seal pup from a monterey beach. we'll have details of the rescue mission that included a car chase. an astronomical phenomenon high above the sky. find out what makes the giraffe meteor shower. we're tracking how long it will last plus your full memorial day forecast in a few minutes.
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a live look right now at the golden gate bridge, and good news for drivers who are intimidated when driving in the middle lanes of that bridge separated from oncoming traffic only by yellow plastic tubes. today bridge district leaders gave the green light on the project that will replace them with a removable barrier. it will be made with steel and concrete. the trucks will move the median to different lanes in order to accommodate different traffic flow. the drivers will pay a price. new at 11:00, we have a bizarre rescue mission to tell you about.
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a family scooped this seal away and they started driving north in their rv. that's when rescuers heard about this and they jumped on it. they hit the road. they knew the newborn seal would not survive without its mother. they caught up with the family and convinced them to hand the seal over. that's beamer. attention star gazers, an astronomical phenomenon is just a few minutes away. later tonight a first of its kind meteor shower will fill the sky with as many as 200 meteors an hour, but no one knows for sure if we'll be able to see it. nbc bay area's nanette is live with the giraffe meteor shower. >> we're using as little light as we can. people are telling us to turn off the light. the whole hillside is jam packed with people. more than 300 people paid the $5
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admission to begin. people can't wait for the light show to begin. star gazers are waiting for the first of its time light show. people have never seen the giraffe meteor shower before. an encounter with jupiter in 2012 changed the comet's orbital course available between now and 1:00 a.m. >> we're hoping to see a few hundred meteors per hour. >> reporter: the debut is exciting astronomy fans even though it's unclear what kind of light show they'll see. >> it's going to be beautiful. part of what draws me is the sheer magic and beauty. >> it's an astronomical event. >> reporter: experts recommend going somewhere with little light pollution and bell.
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susan bell says san francisco is not ideal. >> it was supposed to be clear. surprise surprise, the fog rolled in. off to the east bay for clear skies. >> reporter: tonight's show is so special reed bell put on his space pajamas. >> we're going to have a meteor snour. >> what does that look like? >> it has shooting stars. >> experts say the best way to see the meteor shower is with a naked eye looking north, no telescope, because you won't be able to see the entire sky at once, dress warmly and maybe grab a hot chocolate while you wait. >> reporter: astronomers believe this will be an annual event. this is the first time, the first one that's so special out here. >> nanette, thank you very much. >> passionate star gazers out there. chief meteorologist jeff with your micro climate forecast.
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>> her light is down so they can get a clear view. reinforce what nanette was going over. this is the first of a kind event that we'll be seeing this happen with the giraffe meteor shower right now through 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it will peak as we head into the early morning hours of saturday so you can finish watching our show, then head on outside. basically earth will be passing through the debris field from comet 209p/linear. that will mean we have an excellent chance of seeing potentially hundreds of meteors each and every hour throughout the event. the worst viewing is at the coast line of course with the fog. you have still to get into your car to drive away from the coast line. look to the north. no telescope. it will be moving too fast. nasa scientists are not sure how many we'll see because it's a first of a kind event that we're
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seeing happening right now. look at the fog. poor visibility. clearing up at the north bay and south bay. i've ranked the areas in terms of who will have the best view. right now on that sky camera network, the number one view will be right here across san jose. second best view will be the east bay. third best view is the north bay with 61 degrees, fourth, pe nin sue larks last is san francisco where we have the fog. san jose, never know. we might be able to capture something on the live sky camera. right now all you can see is a whole lot of black. with the magic of tv, sometimes you get lucky. let's take you to the fog forecast. we'll wake up with areas of the cloud cover for the entire bay area. paths the area is the low clouds for the north bay and east bay. by the afternoon, sunny skies
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expected for the interior valleys. if you're headed to the beaches, pretty gray and also cloudy and cool with temperatures in the 60s. let's go ahead and get the rest of the micro climate forecast in here as we head throughout the first part of the weekend. san jose, 84 degrees and sunny skies. 85 in sarasota. for the peninsula, 74 at san mateo. san francisco is staying in the 60s. take you to the north bay, east bay and tri valley. i think you'll like here what we have going on in napa. if you're headed up there tomorrow sunny skies. from 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon temperatures should shoot up to 90 degrees. santa rosa is 89. east bay, 74 and for oakland, the warmest, 87. let's round out the memorial day weekend. i think the warmest weather will
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be on sunday in south bay. 89 degrees expected. by monday for the peninsula, above average temperatures. 80 degrees. it will be cooler from the sunday forecast. it still looks like san francisco will bush into tpush 70s. the hottest weather in the north bay. tri valley will also follow suit with hotter weather on sunday and then cooling off on monday. >> then the last and final, i know i have a lot of graphics tonight, is dealing with the beaches here. if you want the cool weather, half moon bay with 67. santa cruz. mostly clear. 80. best beach weather. >> thanks very much. i love the american flag through much of that forecast. i'm going to head outside. >> under investigation for a breech and a twitter post.
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questions tonight over why it took so long for ebay to let customers its system was hacked. it happened in late february to early march. the company disclosed this past wednesday that the personal information of some of its 145 million customers had been compromised. analysts say that companies that get hacked sometimes wait to see the extent of the damage before disclosing the cyber attack. the fbi is investigating the attack. california and four states have launched an investigation into ebay's business practices. poles say the majority of californias supported the bill tonight to put warning labels on sugary sodas and energy drinks. they approved the bill that would require all sugary drinks to carry a warning label about how they contribute to obesity, diabetes and other health problems. in a recent state poll 74%
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supported it. >> a big night for the giants. we're up next with sports.
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joining us now from the comcast sportsnet studios, what
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a game on nbc bay area with the giants. >> yeah, a little bit of a struggle but they found a way. while the giants have been great at at&t so farr this season, inner league play has been even better for the g men. the orange and black swept cleveland this month and hoping to keep that in tap for the twins. they rolled into at&t center. pablo sandoval said i'll be the gauge for what's hot or not. three run blast over the bricks. fifth of the season, quickly 3-0, giants. bottom of the fourth, brandon hicks joining the hit parade be belting his eighth of the season, 5-2. tim lincecum found problems all night. the freak escapes for the fourth time. giants holding on. lincecum, six innings, five hits, two earned runs. giants improved to 4-0 in inner league play.
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>> you have to battle and i'm going to do my steve. the defense played fine. i got out of jams. ultimately it was an ugly win for me. i'll take it. >> a's manager bob melvin had bigger things on his agenda than baseball today. his daughter alexi graduated today. chip hale managing while he was at a graduation. steve polison took advantage. a two-run homer. 2-0, blue jays. onto the top of the fifth, 3-1, toronto. hitting foul. the ball boy with a great effort. he doesn't make the catch but he dives into the stands. that's earning your money. jed lowrie ground ball and an
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out. a's strand nine runners and lose 3-2. clippers owner has agreed to let shelly negotiate the sale of the franchise. grant hill and yaw ming are working separately to line up investors to launch bids for the club once the process begins. on june 3 rtd the board of governors is going to show up. more news coming up after the break.
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paying it forward through twitter. this is janelle's favorite story throughout the night. a person who flips home is hiding money all over the pay area and leaving tips. they're leaving a note, at hidden -- new drop place is minute plaza. the envelopes are signed with with love. chinese place near market and concerny in a unisex bathroom. >> there's a picture of where it could be. >> she's wired. >> free cash. >> you'll be up late.
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>> i have to watch the meteor shower. >> and for the hidden cash. you have a live look -- >> she no longer cares about the meteor shower. >> those of you in the south bay and east bay are saying, look, we have clouds. i can't see anything. those clouds are moving to the south. so the later we get so 12:30, 1:00 clouds will move off to the south. you have a decent window to see something by 1:00 a.m. >> you told us earlier get away from the coast. >> yes. >> stay away from the fog. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a nice weekend, folks. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- seth macfarlane, thandie newton, musical guest, rascal flatts,


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