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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 4  NBC  May 24, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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scene, a semiautomatic handgun.
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today, santa barbara it's stations are reporting three more bodies have been found at rodger's apartment. in one of those, a manifesto titled "my twisted world." also, he recorded a message before last night's rampage. >> tomorrow is the day of retribution. a day in which i will have my revenge against humanity. against all of you. >> it is the first of many clues that are giving police insight into why the 22-year-old went on the rampage. in the video, rodger talks about how he's been rejected by women, forcing him to endure loneliness. jennifer bjorkland is near the campus with this report. >> reporter: it's been a surreal day here in isla vista where students have been comparing notes about the rampage through their campus community. a night of terror in isla vista.
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a community of mostly students near uc santa barbara. a rolling rampage of gunfire from a black bmw coupe that left seven did, including the shooter. >> he doubled back and exchanged fire. >> reporter: witnesses described the chaos as the gunman twice exchanged ed gunfire with depu. police say officer found him dead of a gunshot wound to the head. >> we currently analyzing both written and videotaped evidence that suggests that this atrocity was a premeditated mass murder. >> the family will cooperate. >> reporter: a lawyer for the alleged gunman's family has identified him as 22-year-old elliot rodger. >> well, this is my last video. it all has to come to this. >> reporter: youtube videos like this one made by the young man are now in evidence along with other blogs and posts on social media, in which he expresses loneliness, anger, feelings of rejection. >> what they're really looking for is the mindset, the motive,
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the purpose. >> reporter: the shooting tragedy has left students here numb. many who wonder if their friends are among the dead or injured, or just out of town for the long weekend. >> this is my community. i know a lot of people in this community. odds are i probably do know one of those people. >> for people to just drive around and kill innocent people, it's really sickening. >> reporter: in a community that's now trying to come to grips with a horrific act of violence. investigators have hundreds of witnesses to interview over nine separate crime scenes. the sheriff here in santa barbara county says this shooting spree was the work of a madman. in isla vista, jennifer bjorkland, nbc bay area news. back to you. >> the events of last night's shooting happened in a span of about ten minutes. the first reports of shots fired came in at 9:27 p.m., and then three minutes later, there were more 911 calls. at that point, authorities also received a description of the gunman's car. then at 9:33, the man reportedly shot at deputies and deputies
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returned fire. the gunman was able to drive away. one minute later, another deputy reported seeing the gunman and shots were fired. and the gunman managed to get away again. then at 9:37, exactly ten minutes after the first 911 call, the gunman reportedly crashed his car. deputies say they found him dead in the car with a gunshot wound to the head. >> here's what we know about the alleged gunman. again, his name is elliot rodger and he's a 22-year-old student at santa barbara city college. his father peter rodger is an assistant director of "the hunger games" and in this youtube video he talks about his trouble with him and how he has never kissed a girl and is still a virgin. his family says he has a form of aspergers syndrome, a disorder that affects a person's ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. the family attorney says his family had called just weeks ago about disturbing videos rodger had posted to youtube. the attorney released this
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statement today. >> the rodger family offers their deepest compassion and sympathy to the families involved in this terrible tragedy. we are experiencing the most inconceivable pain and our hearts go out to everybody involved. >> last night's massacre has some similarities to the one that happened back in 2001. a boy killed three people by driving his car through a crowd of people back then. it happened in the same isla vista neighborhood. he was sentenced to 60 years in a mental institution but was released in 2012 to an unlocked community outpatient program. arias's father was also the son of a hollywood director who worked on shows such as "ally mcbiel" and "the sopranos." we will have the very latest on this breaking story as welcoming up tonight at 8:00 and 11:00. in the south bay, a kayaker found a body in coyote creek this morning. authorities are trying to determine now if the person was
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killed or died by accident. kimberly has the latest on the investigation for us. >> reporter: you can see behind me that this park is still closed here. alvisa marina county park. a lot of water enthusiasts and cyclists being turned around all day. firefighters say the body was found about a mile north of here. north of the marina in an area accessible only through the alviso slew. the body of water at the southern end of san francisco bay is a really popular spot for fishing boats and also kayakers. in fact, it was a kayaker this morning who spotted the body and called 911. a helicopter was able to pinpoint the location by air and then two rescue boats were launched. >> right now, we have the rescue boats out there with the body and we're just trying to see what the best access is going to be for law enforcement to secure the crime scene. so until they can make a determination of the cause of death, it's going to be considered a crime scene. >> reporter: emergency officials say they don't know how long the body has been in the water and
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would not comment on its condition. firefighters say there are times when people actually get stuck in the mud out in the slew and need to be rescued. in this case, though, no kayaks or boats were found near the body and law enforcement is still looking for any evidence as to how it got here. live in alviso, nbc, bay area news. >> all right, kimberly, thanks very much. coming up next, how a couple trying to run from police ended up in this fatal crash. and a bittersweet day for a family whose wish came true at san jose state's college graduation today. we're seeing a breezy evening around the bay area. 80 degrees closer to livermore. as we wrap up the rest of this holiday weekend, we'll see temperatures beginning tomorrow getting into the 90s in the east bay valleys. more on this warming trend ahead when we come right back.
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in the east bay, a robbery suspect trying to evade police
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crashes, leaving him injured and a woman dead. police say the man bought an item at radio shack with counterfeit money last night, and when a store employee confronted him, he took off. following a chase, police found the suspect's car crashed into a building. the suspect and the woman had both been thrown from the car. the unidentified woman died at the scene. it's unclear if she was the driver or a passenger. a big rig crashed on 101 near milbury avenue this morning. southbound lanes were closed for several hours. he was air lifted to sanford hospital and is listed in serious condition tonight. this, of course, is the scene where the big rig overturned, spilling produce all over the roadway. today is graduation day for san jose state. one young woman who worked hard to earn her degree was not there to receive her di paloemploye d. >> she died in a car crash two weeks ago. the university brought back her mother's smile, if just for a
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moment. >> reporter: on this graduation day, tears of happiness at spartan stadium, and up in suite 5, tears of sorrow, too. >> the university has approved degrees. >> rosita was one class short before she died in her father's arms after a car crash. >> i think today has been the most difficult day for me from all the other days. because today we were supposed to be here with her. >> instead, san jose state leaders presented her diploma to her parents, which brought a brief smile to her face. she was just 31 when she died, but her sister said she lived a full life, pushing toward graduation, working full-time as a deejay, and bringing joy to
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her family and friends. her sister now hopes that as the graduates move forward to the next stage of their lives, her loving example can be a reminder of how quickly everything can change. >> enjoy your family every single day. every single day. enjoy. because we don't know. and that's so cliche. but we don't know. >> after the graduation ceremony, the family was heading to the cemetery to spend some time with rosita there. then the barbecue that she was so looking forward to. >> wise words from the mother there. still to come at 5:00, we've got a story turning trash into treasure. >> the bay area nun who helped transform a magnet for drugs into an oasis for families and the battle she won a decade ago to get that ball rolling.
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checking in now on the construction work on interstate 280 in san francisco, here's a look at the seismic safety work being done this morning. crews have part of the southbound lanes near mariposa closed right now. so far, the project is on schedule. the closure covers sixth street to pennsylvania avenue and will affect giants fans at tonight's home game against the minnesota twins. game time is set for 7:05. people are used to leaving at&t park by jumping on the freeway. they are going to have to find an alternate route. crews are expected to finish the work, if all goes as planned, by tuesday morning. out in full force during this memorial weekend. police agencies across the bay area who are searching for drunk drivers. going to be dui check points set up, forcing drivers to slow down for inspections. they're also making sure people have valid driver's licenses. our nbc bay area crew spotted at least two arrests at a check point in san mateo last night. last year, 117 people were arrested for dui over the
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memorial day weekend in the bay area. that was down from the previous year. officers are reminding people to designate a driver. hundreds of veterans were in washington, d.c. today. they're honoring service members at the world war ii memorial. they marked the memorial's tenth anniversary during a ceremony today. they also left behind some wreaths. defense secretary chuck hagel and former senator bob dole addressed the crowd today. they said the memorial on the national mall is a fitting tribute to the legacy. >> and there are a lot of tears shed by these rugged older guys. they're so thankful that the memorial is here. >> dole is also a founder of the honor flight program for older veterans and their families. the organization raises money to bring them to washington and visit the memorial. making headlines nowadays, many stories about the lack of affordable housing and working class folks being pushed out. it's nothing new in the bay
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area. in fact, ten years ago, such a fight but brewing in east palo alto with one nun at the forefront. nbc bay area's garvin thomas shows us what it looks like a decade later. >> reporter: you'd never know just by looking at it, but the foundation of the building at 1760 bay road in east palo alto is not concrete. no, the true rock this building stands on is a 76-year-old daughter of charity they call sister t. >> those people are doing very well. >> reporter: it was 16 years ago that sister hernandez rented out apartment 24 of the carriage manor complex, turned it into the center and taught teaching classes for anyone who wanted them for free. >> it's a wonderful ministry. >> reporter: when she started, the carriage manor was no great shape.
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>> it was terrible. >> reporter: nothing, in fact, compared to what it looks like today. and the story of how it got that way was actually national news about a decade ago. front page national news, as a matter of fact. >> it was a big, big deal when i think about it. probably bigger than i ever thought it was. >> reporter: what had happened was a real estate developer bought carriage manor and began evicting families. not wanting to see affordable housing and the home of her center disappear, sister t and the daughters of charity teamed up with members of the junior league to raise the millions needed to buy it back. the nuns against the developer made good copy back then. even better, when the nuns came out on top. real estate agent and junior leaguer carrie dubois knows it was sister t's work year in and
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year out that has made the building and the center such a success. >> i would say she's just the matriarch for all of us. i have learned so much from her. >> reporter: not the least of which is that victories sometimes require a lot of work to stay that way. >> i've walked with the people. i've been there for them. and that's what we can do for people. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> i've got an aunt who's a nun. >> you do? >> they're a very strong and tough group. >> sister t. i like her name. >> i got a sister helen. let's check in with ron. beautiful day out there. >> it is. we're off to a nice start this memorial day weekend. sunny skies in san jose. a bit of a late day sea breeze picking up. if you can head over to san francisco, we've got the giants game coming up just after 7:00 tonight. 63 degrees out there at the ballpark. west wind ten to 20. and our temperatures tomorrow, though, will be a bit warmer. we should see 70s around san francisco as that sea breeze
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starts to back off a little bit. but still pretty gusty out there right now. winds up above 20 miles per hour. you can see the cool marine air getting into fairfield and livermore. the reason why our evening at least tonight will be a bit on the chilly side. as we wake up tomorrow morning, patches of low clouds to start the day, but not as many as we saw this morning. as we head towards the afternoon, we're going to see temperatures warming up, especially in those east bay valleys. less coastal fog and breezy and mild. sunset coming up at about 8:20. so the satellite view shows you active weather riding off to the north here. a little less in the way of thundershower activity in the sierra. most of that has been to the south of lake tahoe today. eventually the low clouds, which were hugging the coastline throughout much of the day starting to back off now. we've got the sunshine around santa cruz and should see less low clouds tomorrow, which means even the coast will be running a little bit warmer than we saw today. the patchy clouds tomorrow morning, mostly clear skies to start the morning off and a mostly sunny afternoon too as you're about to see our
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temperatures on the bottom of the screen, your seven-day forecast shows you those numbers warming up. very interesting here, we're not into june yet and we've got a hurricane to talk about here in the northeastern pacific. this is way off the coast of mexico. winds at about 80 miles per hour. that is hurricane amanda. and the forecast, across mexico and/or baja, california. very early start to the season for those pacific hurricanes there off the coast of mexico. we'll stay tuned if there's any forecast changes in that path. our plans here for memorial day weekend, we'll show high pressure starting to build in a bit more strongly tomorrow. so that's going to compress down the marine layer. you'll see our temperatures tomorrow, probably about five to ten degrees warmer. so 70s and 80s around the inner bay and 80s and 90s toward the tri valley. so 85 tomorrow in san jose. should see 91 degrees in saratoga. look at san francisco. 70s for tomorrow. that trend will continue through
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monday before the sea breeze comes back and cools us off into tuesday and wednesday. and a check into your north bay and tri valley temperatures. you see santa rosa getting up to 89 degrees. the temperature trend holding the same, too. heading towards memorial day, still kind of warm inland and you see the rapid drop-off in those temperatures. second half of the week approaching next weekend. looks cooler as the sea breeze continues to be the big part of the story. if you're going to head out to the koecoast, not too bad. a gorgeous 8 degrees. 68 in moni mono -- monterrey. pleasant temperatures all around, cooling as we head back to next week. >> thanks very much. looks like a great night for baseball. >> you think? i was out there last night actually at at&t and it was a little windy, but very nice. >> i saw your seats on twitter. you were right there. >> a friend of mine had seats in
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the front row. i've never been in the front row. it was very exciting. henry? >> ever been in the front row, henry? >> one of these days i'm going to find out how it feels to be in the front row. whenever i go to a baseball game, i keep kleenex for the nosebleed. >> that's me, too. >> i'm not special like diane over there. when i come back, find out which baseball teams are having fun under the sun. game two between the a's and jays is in the books. we'll tell you how that turned out. r.a. dickey, it was nearly unhittable, but could toronto make it two in a row over the green and gold? plus, pablo sandoval looking like he could hit anyone these days. he looks to continue his recent tear. we'll hear from the panda. also, a great champions league final today in lisbon. that's all coming up right after the break. [ wind howling ]
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welcome back to nbc bay area. after dropping last night's opener in toronto by the slimmest of margins, the a's turned to righty jesse chavez today, who took the hill in search of his third consecutive win. let's get to the highlights. beautiful day north of the border in toronto. bottom of the fifth, two on for melky cabrera. two runs come in. blue jays take a 4-1 lead. to the top of ninth, a's down three. two on, two out. tying run at the plate. alberto callaspo chases one, goes downswing. blue jays win 5-2. oakland season high third straight loss. pablo sandoval, on the other hand, has been playing out of his mind as of late. the panda smacked three home runs in his last five games, including this three-run shot last night. sandoval says the homers are
4:27 pm
great, but he's just happy to be finally doing his part of the work. >> i feel great because we're winning. it's the most important thing. we play like a team. all the guys together. every guy tries to put run support up there. >> don't forget, giants and twins at 7:00 on comcast sportsnet bay area, and coming up right here on nbc bay area at 5:00, we've got game three of the western conference finals. kings and blackhawks as chicago looks to bounce back from an ugly game two loss. the series is tied at 1-1. >> we're excited to play. we're excited to have an opportunity to redeem ourselves and get back to playing the way we know we can and the way we did earlier in that game in game two. >> we want to play hard and we want to make sure there's some intensity, hard to play against, but at the same time, between the whistles and no unnecessary
4:28 pm
penalties. >> before we get out of here, kick it with some soccer. how about champions league final. real madrid against atletico madrid. second half, sergio ramos's header. we head to extra time. garreth bale heads it in. real madrid wins 4-1, their tenth european title. that will do it for sports. we'll see you later on tonight. >> thanks so much. nbc nightly news coming up next.
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fr the makers of frontline® plus. on this saturday night, shooting rampage, a terrifying night as a gunman kills six people on and around a college campus. his motive in a chilling video promising a day of retribution. firefight. the battle to contain a massive wildfire by making it even bigger, as tourists and businesses find themselves smoked out on this holiday weekend. abortion battleground. the newest state to impose tough requirements on doctors who perform the procedure. protecting women or denying them access? and all in the family. a most unlikely living arrangement and remarkably, it works. lifelong friends and inseperable.


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