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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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new details on the deadly rampage near santa barbara. three victims found in the shooter's apartment are identified. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane dwyer.
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vicky n vicky nguyen is joining us. >> reporter: according to the sheriff's office, the santa barbara students were all found dead with multiple stab wounds in elliot rodger's apartment. the victims are chen yuan hong of san jose and george chen from san jose and weihan wang from fremont. investigators are being looking into whether wang was just a roommate or just visiting the apartment on friday evening. in mid-january, rodger accused wong of stealing some cameras and he was charged with petty arrest which he pled guilty to.
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we are hoping to learn more about the three victims from the bay area and as soon as we get anything confirm, we'll pass it along to you. kimberly terry, nbc news. >> timberly, thank you. one of the victims is nick pasichuke and the mercury news is reporting that he was visiting a high school friend in santa barbara when rodger hit him with his car, breaking both of his legs. family members are now in santa barbara and are seeing an outpouring of support from the community. >> adrian arambalo is showing us the chaos during the shooting. >> reporter: elliot rodger fired round after round and they duck, cover, and go to the back of the
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store. christopher martinez died just beyond this camera's view. people are unsure of where to turn. flowers are now forced through bullet holes, part of the growing memorials across the scattered town. this is one of 12 crime scenes. the rampage started when rodger stabbed three men to death. he drove to a sorority house, shot three women outside. two of them ucsb students. from there, he drove to a deli and killed another student. the shooting continued as he hit people with his car and got into two gun battles with deputies. >> the sheriff's deputy drove westbound on del playa. >> reporter: deputies say that he shot himself in the head. >> especially when we determined that the suspect had over 400 rounds of ammunition in his
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possession. >> that was adrian reporting. we have continuing coverage on the mass killing at isla vista at on northbound 101 around 8:00 this morning, a sheriff's office was in a traffic stop and another driver drifted off the road and on to the shoulder. >> i kind of blacked out, see a police officer, i see the car in the middle of the freeway, a car over here. my kids are shaken up but they seem fine. i see a police officer stuck in the car, the door, sew couldn't get out. i saw the gas and thought i needed to get him out as soon as i can. >> eric, who only wants us to use his first name, say that he and the driver pulled the officer to safety and that the
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driver had told him that he had fallen asleep at the wheel. the officer is doing well tonight and it's not clear if the driver who caused that crash will face charges. 101 didn't fully reopen until around 3:00 this afternoon. >> new details on dui arrests during the memorial weekend. checkpoints like this one started on friday and you can find them setup from san jose all the way up to marin. today the officers tweeted that they have arrested 822 people so far. 147 of those arrests are in the bay area. according to law enforcement agencies, you can expect showers to pop up for the weekend. someone is walking around with a lotto ticket worth $70 million. nbc is live in san francisco with more on the winning ticket. nanette? >> reporter: well, customers at
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this subway are abuzz wondeng who the latest millionaire is here on nchl or-- noriega. the ticket was the largest super lotto jackpot since february 2009, back when somebody hit a $76 million payday. the knewest win serer is in the bay area. the lump sum is worth about $41 million before taxes. to celebrate, employees are wearing t-shirts that say millionaires are made here. one worker said that she had an inkling one of their customers would hit it big and sort of wish it was them. >> i fish i shopped here more now. i don't ever really win the lotto when i play but i do play it every once in a while when i
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play scratch-ins. chances are lower that i probably won't win the next one. >> so get out your tickets. the winning numbers are 13, 11, 23, 27, and 29 with 10 as the mega number. it costs a dollar to play. so a $70 million price is an amazing return. that winner has 180 days to reclaim that money. it's kind of nice that the winner may be from here in san francisco. if you saw that recent ucla study it shows that santa clara county has the most winners in this state than any other state. it's good to mix it up. nbc bay area news. >> spread the wealth. >> absolutely. coming up at 5:00 a. sea of red, white, and blue. a decade old traditional arlington national cemetery. and food stamps for con convicted drug addicts? the new law is making its way through the legislator.
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find out what it means for taxpayers. and we are seeing a summer-like evening. close 2 tomorrow, another hot day for some of our valleys but much cooler and windier changes ahead with the seven-day forecast. i'll have a look at that coming right back.
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first, mike honda stubbornly refused all debates. now honda's slinging mud, launching false attacks. isn't it time to put the old politics aside? the chronicle endorses ro khanna, saying he "offers an upgrade in congress for silicon valley." and the mercury news says, "ro khanna is ready for the congress of tomorrow... ...while honda is a politician of the past." for our future: ro khanna. khanna: i'm ro khanna and i approve this message.
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there's a manhunt in belgium for a lone gunman who went on a shooting spree. three people were killed in the shooting. one other person was critically hurt. brussels police detained one person yesterday but he's been released and is now considered a witness. >> what we can say at this stage is that the camera images show us that we have one person who was alone, probably, that he was prepared and that he was armed. >> a motive has not been released but it has the
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hallmark. the republicans tim donnelly and neel kashkari. and incumbent mike honda against ro khana. and the mayor's race for san jose is wide open. looking ahead to the november election, the group lift up oakland delivered sho s thousands of signatures from $8 to $12 an hour. >> we want to see businesses thrive because their workers feel valued and we want to see our whole community flourish because workers will spend more money in our local economy. >> the group also wants future pay increases tied to inflation
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and a guarantee of at least five annual sick day ares for all workers. the chamber of commerce wants all higher wages for employees but not all at once. they hope that the initiative will qualify for the november ballot. drug-related felons in california may soon be able to receive food stamp. this will head to the senate floor for a vote this week. lawmakers approved that bill on friday. supporters of reversing the ban say it helps felons get on the right track to become better citizens and find a job. >> it's a federal program and it's not raising our taxes. we're one of the few states that does not allow prisoners to have that. it's an option we chose but it's not imposed by the state so therefore it doesn't cost us anything. >> however, opponents of the measure say food stamp recipients can trade stamps for drugs or sell them to get money
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for drugs. coming up, hundreds of thousands of americans who were killed but not forgotten. >> see how they are honored every year during memorial weekend.
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firefighters are slowly making progress tonight in controlling that wildfire in r arizona near flagstaff. higher humidity is helping the crews tonight. the fire has burned 21-square
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miles and is only 10% contained tonight. throughout this memorial day weekend, ceremonies will honor the men and women who have died serving this country. danielle lee has more about the decades' old tradition of flags in that turns into a sea of red, white, and blue. >> reporter: they marched in unison. more than 1,000 soldiers each carrying a bag packed of american flags. >> i think it's amazing. because i'm a different person. different sacrifices that they made. >> reporter: the ceremony is known as flags in. ev every memorial day weekend soldiers have walked the cemetery turning it into patriotic color. this year with more than 400,000
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flags. >> right in the middle. touch your foot in the center and you're just going to place the marker around the back of your heel here. >> reporter: for visitors paying their represents at the cemetery, the view is amazing. >> very special. i want to say it makes me proud to be an american. >> reporter: thousands of people will walk the hallowed ground this weekend thinking of the great sacrifices millions have made for their country. >> it brings back a bunch of memories for the people that we know that have died and that are buried here. >> reporter: each flag a silent tribute honoring the fallen and saying thank you. i'm danielle lee, nbc news. >> memorial day ceremonies will honor veterans across the bay area. the 15th anniversary of the escalation of the vietnam war. great america in santa clara will honor vets at a ceremony at
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9:45 and later on there's fireworks. the "uss hornet" museum will host a ceremony from 10:00 until 4:00 and veterans are honored with a ceremony at historic g. ranch cemetery. so the question is, what is the weather going to be like for all of the ceremonies. rob mayeda is the guy to tell us. hi, rob. >> we're going to see a continuation of the weather that we're seeing right now, which looks mostly sunny. 80s or near low 80s close to downtown right now. 70s near the airport and you look over to san francisco. quite nice. you've got a sea breeze picking up. it's still 69 degrees after we spent the afternoon in the 70s earlier. and 88 in livermore. the view from emeryville looking back to san francisco, just showing haze and sea salt in the air. no clouds out there right now. it's mainly clear skies. the marine layer we talked
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about. it's getting squished down and temperatures really climbed up. we saw a 24-hour temperature change from 8 to 15 degrees earlier this afternoon. you can see san jose and san martein running warmer than 24 hours ago. it creates a vacuum and pulls in the marine air much like clock work and they should stay gusty through 8:00 this evening and then wind speeds back off. in terms of low clouds for tomorrow morning, patchy low clouds expected and throughout the day tomorrow we see mostly sunny skies inland again and we'll see cooling changes in the seven-day forecast and the sea breeze turns stronger later on in the week. we've got a category 4 hurricane off the tip of baja, california. winds of 150 miles per hour. the trend is to weaken the system but what is left of the mid- and upper level moisture
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may drift closer to california by the middle part of the week. in the short term, another warm day for the bay area and then high pressure breaks down a little bit. it's going to leave cooling and then watching around wednesday and thursday, mid-level moisture from the former hurricane. we'll have to watch out possibly for lightning-sparked fires in california. and then a trough of low pressure, the opposite of what we're seeing now, a big ridge of high pressure dipping in the jet stream and the temperatures next weekend actually looking quite a bit cooler. we can see highs in the 70s coming up towards the ends of your seve your seven-day forecast. upper 60s to low 70s, holding up for memorial day, a bit cooler towards the middle part of the week. that's when the temperatures start to drop off. into the north bay tomorrow, highs in the mid-to upper 80s. winds picking up out of the south cooling off from the mid-90s.
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upper 80s to low 90s. that trend holds true on tuesday and wednesday. a 10-degree drop in those temperatures. cooling heading into next weekend as well. at the coast, another gorgeous day. if you're going to go over to santa cruz, 87 degrees. 67 in monterey and 80s and 70s in the high country. turning windy at times this week. that's going to be the weather story. once the heat subsides, highs really cooling off approaching next weekend. back to you. >> rob, thanks very much. coming up, it's probably the most famous street in the bay area. plus, things on lombard street are about to change in september. we'll tell what you is going on. ♪
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when those out of friends and family come to visit, driving down lombard street is often a request. the street is goi to be restricted. there is one up set tour operator. >> reporter: picture this. lombard street between hyde and leavenworth closed to cars. residents say the track has gotten to be too much. >> the entire neighborhood gets gridlocked. >> reporter: david tells me it's a health hazard. >> there's smog and all kinds of pollution. >> reporter: they want the street choselosed to all but residents and taxis. the car snaked past his condo and told me, this is nothing. >> usually it's this much apart between cars.
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>> reporter: the neighborhood goal is to close the street during most of the summer and on some busy holiday weekends and that's a big ask, considering driving down the street is such a tourist draw. >> it's a tradition for people to drive down here. >> reporter: to drive down here? >> yes, to drive down here. >> reporter: but today the metropolitan agency voted to ban all but cars and taxis on the last two weekends in june and first two weekends in july, including the 4th. people driving down the street were not happy about that turn of events. >> i don't know if i ever come back here. i don't know. >> reporter: a tour operator at this afternoon's city hall told me it's ridiculous. >> the idea that you shut it down, that's the point, is that you drive down it. >> again, that was mark matthews reporting, the metropolitan transportation agency says it will study the impacts of the weekend closures. >> we'll be right back.
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it's a trio of friends you have to see to believe. lions, tigers, and bears. one of the rarest sights you will ever see in the animal kingdom is on display at the noah's arc sanctuary in georgia. known collectively as the blts. all three animals were rescued from an atlanta drug dealer's basement 13 years ago. they were in bad shape but they shared a special bond. >> they've never been separated from each other and we've never told them that they are different species. they teach you how to get along and teach you it's okay. they are not the same kol are lo, not the same speecies or evn
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from the same country. >> they live on a habitat of three acres so they could go somewhere else. they don't have to hang out together but they choose to hang out together. >> they went through a lot together and they care about each other. >> that reminds me of the battle days at the drug dealer's basement. >> and now the good old day. >> and no one is going to bother you. >> speaking of good old days, how is the weather? >> it's nice. whether you're a lion, tiger, or bear. >> blt. >> 80s around santa cruz, 67 in monterey. the trend as we go through the next five days is a big drop in temperatures. breezy the next few days and chillier. spring is coming up and heading towards friday and saturday. still thinking about the
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lions, tigers, and bears, oh my. on this sunday night -- deadly rampage. what we're learning tonight about the suspect, the warning signs, and how weeks before he came face-to-face with the police as thousands mourn those who were killed. surprise visit to afghanistan. the president thanks the troops and speaks of a sacred obligation to veterans as he deals with a growing v.a. scandal back home. running dry. the unprecedented drought that has texas in a water emergency. and with its economy now threatened, taking desperate measures. and in their honor. a veteran of the d-day invasion. >> the spirit and the bravery in


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