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tv   On the Money  NBC  May 26, 2014 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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isi'm sara gore and this "open house." we celebrate interior designer going inside his 22 acre bedford estate. get a rescue they will never forget. first, a modern twist on mediterranean living in los angeles. this architect did a masterful job of building a home everyone wants. [captioning made possible by nbc universal] >> welcome to "open house." i'm coming to you from new york
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city's chelsea neighborhood. its five bedroom space has basis open floor plan and features an industrial kitchen and a lot of modern details, like exposed metal support beams and brick. now let's go to california with the spacious estate in brentwood. this home is complete with a beautiful courtyard, fireplace, and so much more. you will feel like you are living on a resort. hi, this is jerry golden welcome to this beautiful home in brentwood, california. to did aitect masterful job of building a home everyone says they want, high ceilings, large rooms, and this indoor outdoor flow is unbelievable. now this living room is money. you've got forward to ceiling
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glass, vaulted ceilings, these sliders that open up to the backyard. this is a huge room. hold the entire starting lineup of the lakers with elbow room. you know kitchens are the favorite part of the house. it is just a great place to lean. has a lot of great places to lean. it is an interesting design. all of the cabinets are italian. they are locally built. andve got this countertop professional grade appliances. because it is part of the house, when it is not a kitchen, it has this week design. design. everything is tucked away, like the fridge. right off the kitchen, you
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have the family room. this takes indoor outdoor living to a new level. you've got indoor and outdoor and outdoor again. this is the perfect space if you have coffee at your breakfast bar, toast on your dining room table, and then you can go outside and have your eggs. how would you like to wake up every morning to this view? you could throughout your prozac. this room has beautiful doors, you have walnut cabinets, you have a built-in go lower. walk-in closet. e bathroomian styl and then a beautiful italian hardwood shower. this house is located in the middle of crazy l.a., one block from wilshire with office buildings. as you look, it looks like you're in the middle of a
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mountain retreat. that is the beauty of this property. the indoor outdoor element is extraordinary. the house surrounds a core yard. this is an every day twelve-month proposition. in the lower level, which is loaded with some entities. we have a beautiful screen and groom, this great room, there is no mudroom in los angeles. we also have a gym and a wine cellar. thanks for stopping by and taking this tour with me and seeing how we live large in l.a. >> let us know what you think of this brentwood home on twitter. stay tuned, we are heading to a chicago house with ties to frank lloyd wright.
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welcome back. now we are heading to the william winslow house in chicago. this home was frank lloyd wright's first independent commission and highlights his design philosophy. you will find plenty of original details throughout. take a look. >> i am peter walker. this is the house i grew up in. it is called the winslow house. i would like to show you around. i was four years old when i moved into this house. i parents bought it in 1958. we are the fifth owners. the winslow's commissions the
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house in 1890 three. he was 26 years old when he designed and built it. it was a beautiful house. alls filled with red oak, of it handcarved, from the floors to the pillars, archways, and in this case you have white .ak serving as the façade the brick is all aluminum. on the floor is a handmade mosaic tile, just a beautiful inlay. welcome to the library. again, handcarved wood with intricate beadwork and these miniature columns, which are a great touch. i like the fact this library is the reverse of ostentatious. muralsnd-painted
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representing the four tools of knowledge. now i would like to take you into the music room. also known as the living room. so welcome to the music room, which was known as the living room and it has many of the features of the rest of the house, it has wood floors, this elegant would trim that serves as a framing. it has double hung windows and there is a marvelous place where you can perform or listen to musicians. my father professed to have no favorite room, my mother liked the dining room. she put a lot of herself into
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this, the chandeliers, antique brass work that reflected her taste. and then you see vintage frank lloyd wright throughout, all of burying themmings tree motif throughout the house and that can be seen in the front door. now we're in the conservatory, which has built in seating surrounded by 13 windows. and again handcarved oak. and then original filament bolds. the secondre on floor of the house, this is the master bedroom suite. the bedroom, addressing groom, and a bathroom that features a tub that was originally put in. it is a great soaking tub. the master bedroom has glass windows. they are the only ones to feature any kind of color in the
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glass. it is just beautiful. mostasked the single outstanding feature, the answer is all of it. it has been reserved by not only my family, the four owners that preceded us and with any luck, it will continue in that tradition. thank you for joining me. it has been a pleasure and a privilege. "george oliphant" -- boyse rescue" gives the and girls club a reason to celebrate. >> the mayor was here when i made those promises. >> you will see why am speechless.
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[ woman ] and i love new orleans! >> welcome back. our partners are sharing tips to make the most out of an open house, whether you are having one or visiting one, there are things you should know to make it worth your time. >> i am was coldwell banker, open houses can be a homebuyer's best friend. it is a great way to narrow down
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what you're looking for and see what is there on the market. before you go to your next open house, there are tools to make the most of your visit. most of the time the realtor is not only familiar with the neighborhood, but also the local marketand the on or off sales for any new listings that are coming up. thebuyers should know realtor is a wealth of information beyond the house itself. another misconception is that open houses are only for looking loose. not true. i have sold many. any buyers prefer open houses because they can see them at their only user on an afternoon. another thing is the orientation of the home. a you love to see sunsets, home with the east facing view is not for you. it also affects the light
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throughout the day. you get a few of the scale of the home. don't focus on the personal items. be prepared ahead of time for your open house. have your realtor he e-mail you a list of the homes. this way you will be able to see as many homes without any headaches. finding can be overwhelming. keeping focus will help you. find an open house in your market by visiting a group ofrprise for teenagers in newark and we are heading inside a home which was once one of the cheapest in america. chicest in america. >>
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welcome back. now we are heading to upstate new york to the home of steven sills. designer has been transforming spaces. he has worked on a range of projects from residential to hotels. now he is taking us on a tour of his own home. >> hello, my name is stephen still, i am a designer and an author and i would like to welcome you to my home. this is my design laboratory. i would love to show you around. when i call this my design laboratory, i mean this is a retreat from my everyday work.
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it is a place i can relax and the experimental with objects and colors and how they relate to each other. this entry hall really fits the mood in the tone for the rest of the house. i have 18th-century lime not floors, chestnut paneling, and a staircase. collection room is a of objects from the last 30 years of my life. moved the furniture to take advantage of the natural light. i saw a beautiful globe. is sunday and i was able to purchase it. day and i was able to purchase it. i did not want it to feel dark like a typical library. withoute is set apart closing it off. my favorite thing is this object that ian
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purchased in london. it has such a great architectural quality, like a building inside of a room. i build the bookcases to house my collection of antique books, i created hidden storage. one of them is actually a hidden door. i painted my bedroom in a drab green, but in the and shiny painted looked magical. the black-and-white i bought in london. the coloring is such a perfect complement. this italian bed reminds me of the brass beds i grew up with in oklahoma. i believe a bedroom should be a departure from the rest of your house. make it unique, make it your own. my design lab has
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inspired ideas for your own home. experimentation is the most important thing. thank you for joining me. up after the break, cory booker helps "george to the rescue" poll often excising surprise for her new jersey teenagers >> welcome back.
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with the help of cory booker, george comes to the rescue of the boys and girls club of newark, new jersey. from a new floor and tvs and a little something extra for the kids who love music, it will put a smile on just about anybody space. -- anybody's face. the boys and girls club of newark, new jersey. no room is more important than the teen center because the kids are exposed to so many outside influences that a place like this keeps them on the right track. unfortunately it has fallen by the wayside. i am here to let them know they are being rescued.
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how is everybody doing? [applause] i am thrilled to be here. i wanted to come. my attention was to tell you the story and let you know some of the lessons my elders gave me when i was growing up. and i thought i could make it better and more exciting. i have a big surprise. there is a friend of mine with the last name oliphant. attached to the spirit, he transforms physical ignite our way to spirit and imagination about what is possible. and so right now george to the rescue has chosen the boys and girls club to join with you in transforming this room right here. so my surprise is i bring you george to the rescue.
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george, come on in. [applause] >> thank you for that introduction. and thank you for the warm applause. i am psyched to be here and i am looking around and i'm seeing all of your faces, and i see a lot of potential. with the help of my team and some amazing people, we are going to make this play spectacular. are you ready for that? [applause] >> here we go. 1, 2, 3. rescue! [applause] ♪ >> our mission today, rip up
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these floors, and i want everyone to be safe while we are doing it. make sure you protect your eyes, years, and lungs. get geared up and let's get to work. it does not get any better than this. all right, guys. i made some promises when i was here. i madeor was here when
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those promises. i want to make sure i lived up to those promises. he has given me the stamp of approval. >> i am speechless. i want you to see why i am speechless. 1!3, 2, >> i want to say thank you again for everybody involved, especially the folks that believed in us. thank you very much. >> thank you, mayor, and thank you for being here.
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i hope you love this place. it is all for you. enjoy. >> that is all for now. tell us what you think of george's new surprise and which of today's show -- homes you up to the most. if you missed something, had to open house and you can also join our facebook family at open house tv. we will be back next week with more design tips. thanks for stopping in. i am sara gore and i will see you next time. ara go
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♪ this weekend on "extra." >> meryl and matt! >> the new queen of the dance floor meets the king of queen. >> meryl, get back to me. >> okay. >> taking over the finale with her dance partner tony, only for "extra." plus, max and val's first look at their sibling strip town for "people" magazine. and our a-list interview with angelina jolie. >> so good to see you. >> breaking news about her top-secret next movie with brad, and the million-dollar marriage question. >> why don't you just elope. you're in white today. jessica alba's world tour of


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