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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 26, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good monday morning to you, it's 4:30. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a lot to get to on this memorial day morning. >> temperatures are very comfortable and you step outside and don't need a light jacket across the board from san francisco to the south bay and even the peninsula and the east bay. you can see from our emeryville camera things are crystal clear at the coast and another warm day headed our way and temperatures coming down from where they have been all weekend long and still be a nice weekend or really a nice day compared to the weekend that we had. you can see if you're still off
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today, 60s at the coast today, again, not a beach day, but, again, if you live in the inland valleys and you'll notice warm from the east bay and south bay and low to mid-80s. so, yeah, another very warm day inland and cooler at the coast and even cooler as we head through the rest of the week. back to you guys for now. >> thank you so much. we do begin with breaking news out of india where six cars and a passenger train derailed this morning killing 40. it happened in the uttar pradesh state in northern india. the passenger train plow under to a fright train that was sitting on the tracks near a railway station. in addition to the 40 dead, about 100 others are hurt. officials are still looking for the station master who disappeared after that crash. tomorrow will be a day of mourning and reflection for the entire uc santa barbara rampage. tragedy certainly hits home in
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the bay area, as well. >> 19-year-old george chen and 20-year-old waylen were stabbed to death in a vicious attack near the university campus. all three from the bay area. >> teen coverage christie smith is in fremont where one of the victims expected to leave for santa barbara this morning. let's begin with bob redell at lindbergh high school where one of the victims graduated two years ago. bob, kids don't go back to school until tomorrow but there will be grief counselors there when they arrive. >> correct, scott. the school district has not confirmed that he attended but they will make counselors available for students tomorrow when they return back to campus from the holiday, in case somebody here knew him and they knew someone to talk to. it's likely there is someone here who still knew him because it looks like it appears he graduated in 2012.
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hong was 21 years old, a roommate roommate. he volunteered as a teaching assistant at homestead high and before heading off to uc santa barbara he allegedly attended school here at lynbrook high. roger accused hong of, rogers made a citizen's arrest and hong was charged with petty theft which he pled guilty to. this 19-year-old man was very respectful and kind and this is here in san jose. so much so that he would pick up the paper and mail for one of his elderly neighbors when he was back for a visit. bob redell, today in the bay.
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>> let's bring in "today in the bay" christie smith speaking with a good friend of one of the victims. good morning. >> good morning. she says the family of weihan wang are coming to deal with the aftermath. if he was a visitor to the apartment, but they do say that he was one of three men stabbed in that apartment. we spoke with that family friend of the wangs who was completely distraught over what happened. she graduated with his family about ten years ago and can't believe he is a victim of this horrible rampage. he did graduate from fremont christian high and in china there is a one child policy and losing him is just too much. >> they are really sad? >> yeah.
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definitely. their only one son. >> she also told us that she worries about sending her own 16-year-old son to college next year. she tells us that weihan wang was majoring in computer science. christie smith, "today in the bay." the suspect in this deadly rampage had been apparently plotting these killings for five years. investigators say 22-year-old elliot roger wanted revenge for what he believed was a lifetime of isolation. he detailed his plans in writings called "my twisted words" he e-mailed his manifesto to his parents and uploaded a video to youtube just minutes before the shooting. >> tomorrow, is a day of retribution. a day in which i will have my revenge against humanity. >> the santa barbara sheriff said his department had been in contact with roger before the
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killings, but officials say he did not appear to be a threat to himself or others. here you see surveillance video as the shooting happened. as for the friday night attack, it all happened or started at roger's own home where he stabbed the three men from the bay area to death. from there armed with three legally purchased handguns and more than 400 rounds of ammunition he continued his attack at the sorority house. he shot three young woman outside and drove up and down the beach front ramming pedestrians and bicyclists. a final crash when authorities say he killed himself. the 19-year-old veronica and cooper was just weeks away from graduati graduation. at a vigil yesterday they
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remembered a young woman who loved to dance. now this is security video from inside the iv deli as gunfire blasted through the front windows. 22-year-old christopher martinez was killed. his father spoke to him just 45 minutes before he died. >> he was the most warm loving, kind-hearted that you could ask for. >> such pain martinez was a s t sophomore english major. one of the survivors is from the bay area. he is a business major and plays water polo. he graduated in danville and was in santa barbara visiting a
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friend when the suspect hit him with a car. the impact broke both of his legs. this morning his family is with him in santa barbara. >> this video shows more panic during the attack. you see people reacting when they hear gunshots. they run to the back to take cover. we'll continue to follow this investigation into this deadly attack and have live reports throughout the morning. any time we're not on air, go to our website, for the vy latest. at 438 walnut creek police searching for a man who shot two people in a car after they just left a concert. according to the "contra costa times" the victims drove their cars along the popular roadway and then fired shots at the victim's car at an intersection on oak grove road. the suspect got out of his car and continued to shoot before eventually driving off. police say the two victims, a
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woman driver and a man in the passenger seat had just left a gladys knight concert at the concord pavilion. the conditions and names of the victims have not been released. fremont police busy investigating the death of a woman there trying to figure out what happened. police officers responded to a call from a home on royal palm drive near the park yesterday morning. police arrived and found a woman dead at the scene and her name has not been released and they haven't said whether the death is deemed a homicide. turning now to our microclimate forecast at 9:39. a lot of people sleeping in as we look at san jose on your left and san francisco on your right. nice way to start this memorial day, agenthony. >> the thing about today, it's all about the wind. temperatures will come down a little bit and while we had perfect beach weather all weekend, not the case today because even in san francisco,
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winds sustained right now at the 12 to 15 miles per hour. while we won't see any fog that wind later on will mean that that marine layer tonight does return. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to fog because onshore winds will inundate the bay area. high pressure starting to shift off to the south, so that will allow for the storm door to get a little closer to us in the coming days and that does mean cooler weather over the next couple days and nothing really that drastic, only a couple degrees. take a minute and as you can see a wide array of microclimates today from san francisco in the 60s unlike where we were yesterday in the 70s and cooler there and you notice no doubt warm in the south bay and morgan hill 86 today and even san jose at 83 and peninsula san mateo 87 and in the north bay, this is no doubt where we'll see some of the warmest weather. napa 84 and get over to the east bay and tri-valley and
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livermore, even pleasanton at 86 degrees. again, today, another warm day for many of us and tomorrow temperatures will cool off even in the south bay we're expecting 70s today and 80s for tomorrow and, you know what, laura and scott, looking at some of the long-range models because we need rain and there is a chance for some drizzle and maybe some fog and we may get a few hundredths of an inch. >> okay. at this point we'll take whatever we can get. >> thanks a lot. still ahead on "today in the bay" someone is leaving cash for people all over san francisco. we'll hear why he or she is doing it, coming up. a look at arlington national cemetery on this memorial day. the president honoring the men and women who died serving our country. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and
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maybe, but honeywell's latest innovation gives me hope. hello, thermostat? "hello. please say a command." i'm feeling hot. "changing set point to 68 degrees" the wi-fi thermostat that listens, learns, saves. from honeywell. new this morning south korea boosting its reward to find the mysterious billionaire that owns the ferry that sank last month.
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a reward is now $500,000. police are also offering a bounty of $100,000 for his son who faces embezzlement charges. he is accused of tax invasion, embezzlement and professional negligence. in addition, prosecutors believe the ferry may have sank because not enough money was spent on safety, which left 300 people missing or dead. president obama has just wrapped up a surprise trip to troops in afghanistan and is now back in washington, d.c. the president paid tribute to the thousands of men and women in uniform personally thanking them for their service. he also announced the possibility of keeping a military presence there beyond this year. now, in just a few hours, the president will honor fallen service members at arlington national cemetery in virginia. these are actually live pictures from the site. people attend a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. a monument dedicated to
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unidentified soldiers. "today in the bay" tracie potts has details on the president's trip and something else that is on the minds of service men and women this memorial day. >> i'm here on a single mission and that is to thank you for your extraordinary service. >> reporter: he was on the ground just four hours and harmidkarzai by phone. president obama promised many of these troops will be home by new year's. >> our combat mission will be over. america's war in afghanistan will come to a responsible end what we still don't know how many will stay. it could be as many as 10,000. the president told karzai they'll talk again before he announces that publicly. that could come wednesday when mr. obama delivers the commencement speech at west point. for now, he's focused on making sure the soldiers can be seen at v.a. hospitals when they get home. >> our combat mission here will come to an end but our
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obligations to you and your families have only just begun. >> i hope that they get that rectified. >> reporter: the va was on the minds this weekend. >> 18 1/2 months for my case to be even seen by the board. it is frustrating. >> reporter: and it's not over. president obama is expecting an initial report on the v.a. controversy this week. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. meanwhile, in the bay area, a innumber of events will be held to honor today's fallen heroes. in the east bay a ceremony will take place at the hornet museum featuring a wreath toss. goldengate park will have music with a rifle salute. in the south bay, military aircraft will fly over oak hill memorial park. if you'd like to take advantage of some memorial day baseball, perhaps, the san jose giants and oakland a's are at home.
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in an e-mail to the chronicle the anonymous person said he or she made $500,000 and wanted to do something fun in sf. we told you about it on friday how a person hiding cash and then tweeting clues so people could find it. the person told "the chronicle" he or she is going to l.a. this week and may plant some cash there, as well. well, striking it rich, again. someone in the bay area may have a lottery ticket worth $70 million. >> that's a pretty penny. super lotto ticket bought at this safeway in sunset district. employees are thrilled one of their customers may have it. over the weekend some even wore some shirts said millionaires made here. the safeway store, not bad, $350,000 just for selling the ticket. >> got to be somebody local. this particular store being located where it's at, you know,
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outsiders are not going to be shopping here, typically. it's going to be neighborhood stores. >> well, here are those winning numbers just in case it's you. 13, 11, 23, 27, 19 and mega number 10. the lump sum is $41 million before taxes. >> that's kind of crazy how much they take in taxes. $41 million, still very nice. don't get me wrong. >> that would also be fine. the $41 million is before taxes because if you take the lump sum you don't get the whole 70. and now you get 41 and then you have to pay taxes and then it's like 20, $20 million, anthony. >> whatever will we do. >> don't play the lottery. yes, $20 million. >> you don't play, you can't win. >> not complaining about that. look at the temperatures for today. we're talking about another warm day across the board and winning numbers here from 70 in san francisco and even close to 90
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in the north bay and south bay, east bay you see a good mix of low to mid-80s and, hey, did you know what, we have a hurricane. yes, a hurricane already brewing in the pacific, a very strong one. hurricane amanda the first one of the pacific season. this thing is going to do two things. it's going to weaken and also move this way, relatively speaking. move into southern california. so, if you do have family or making plans to move that way towards the middle of the week, by thursday and friday this thing will weaken tremendously but the great news, this is probably the best news all season. this could offer some rain to southern california and you just heard a couple weeks ago, san diego dealing with wildfires and even arizona now. this could be our saving grace and some conditions. i want to keep an eye on this, it is wednesday and thursday. amanda move through southern california and this computer model not picking up on a whole lot of rain, but nonetheless as areas of low pressure move over and offer cooling clouds and the
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potential for showers. this is something they are watching very closely even for us here at home if we do get model, if it wants to move this way by 100 miles. we could be looking at some showers as we head towards thursday and friday. at this point, things look dry because the system is expected to move that way. look at this, don't blink, you'll miss it. next weekend, look at the green popping up on the maps. a system cut off right over the bay area by next weekend. depending on how things go, you could see a lot of the computer models not picking up on a whole lot of rain. a few hundredths of an inch is great news at this point. overall, though, temperatures nice and warm and take advantage of it, if you have the day off. back to you guys. >> thank you, anthony. right now rescue teams searching for three missing people after a massive mudslide struck near grand junction, colorado. nearly two miles wide, four miles long and up to 250 feet
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deep. one of the witnesses reported the slide reported hearing a noise that sounded like a freight train. it hit a very remote area. this is the town of colbran 40 miles east of grand junction. no reports of any damage or major roads affected. authorities say heavy rainfall likely contributed to that slide. 4:52. firefighters in alaska struggling to gain the upper hand on a massive wildfire that is moving through the rugged forest of the state's peninsula south of anchorage. state troopers now going door-to-door telling people to leave their homes. about 1,000 homes already have been evacuated. the fire burned nearly 250 square miles and is 30% contained. so far no one has been hurt and the cause is under investigation. in arizona, slide rock state park remains qulo s closed thisg because of a wildfire burning there. they are making some progress. up from 5% on saturday.
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and preevacuation warnings for more than 3,000 people are expected to be lifted today. it's burned just over 20 square miles near sedona and the exact cause has not been released, but officials say it was caused by people. the park is one of the most popular tourist spots in arizona and would normally draw thousands of people over the memorial day holiday. well, still ahead "today in the bay" hunter pence left without a ride to work this afternoon. what he's doing this morning to try to track down his beloved scooter he says was stolen.
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and welcome back to you. a live look at coliseum this morning. the a's looking to right the ship after being swept by the blue jays in toronto. live look at at&t park. the chicago cubs will be in town. g men have won four straight and now have the best record in the major league. petite will get the start today and matt cain is sitting out with a bummed hamstring. hunter pence, you know why, somebody stole his scooter. >> i feel so bad for him. i can't believe that it happened. of course, he is known for just riding that scooter around. his fans are being told to keep a lookout.
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late last night he tweeted, someone stole my scooter. he posted a photo of his ride with a caption, thanks for your support, everyone. if you're keeping an eye out, here's what it looks like #stolemyscooter. maybe a twins player took it and no kidding. pence is often seen riding that scooter to the ballpark and it spawned a bobblehead day back in april. >> we'll continue to track that. how the bay area are honoring the men and women fighting for our community. three men are stabbed to death in a violent killing spree near uc santa barbara. what we're learning this morning about the victims, coming up.
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we continue to watch the small community of isla vista where six uc santa barbara students were killed by a fellow student. three of those victims right here in the bay area, were from the bay area.
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team coverage, next. plus, honoring the fallen. the special events going on in the bay area to remember our nation's fallen veterans. and after a lovely weekend, we are talking about temperatures that will be a little bit cooler for your monday, but, still, picture perfect from 70s at the coast to mid-80s for our inland valleys and cooler weather coming up in that full forecast. a live look outside. it's monday, may 26th, memorial day. this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. a community still shaken this morning after investigators search for answers after that deadly rampage shooting in isla vista. >> blasted through a deli window and one man was killed and final victim of the alleged gunman


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