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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 26, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. shock and sadness, the parents of a bay area student gunned down in a deadly rampage near uc santa barbara say he was the joy of the whole family and he may have had suspicions about his killer. 20-year-old weihan wang of free mont was one of the students that were stabbed in the apartment before elliot rodger took to the streets to kill more. wang lived with the suspect. you just spoke with the parents. i can see how devastated they were. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you.
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they kept breaking down in tears. this is a really close-knit family. they tell us they did everything together. a mom, a dad, a son. they say that weihan wang was liked by everyone, now they can't believe he's gone. the parents of weihan wang are overcome with grief ever since they got the horrible news their only son was killed in the rampage in isla vista. >> i'm so proud of him. >> reporter: that's how she describes her son who she says goes by david, just 20 years old, one of the three uc santa barbara students stabbed by elliot rodger. a friend at the family's home said david had already made
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plans to move out of the apartment. >> in the middle of the night and david complained to the manager of the apartment and that they were planning to move out. >> reporter: she shares pictures of her son who graduated from free mont, christian school. >> every time i think about him, i feel heartbroken. >> reporter: she said she found out her son was one of the victims while she was at work. now friends are trying to help her keep going as she remembers her son as kind, caring, responsible. the type of teen that drove slowly when he got his license. played basketball with his dad. and now they're left wondering why. >> i go to church three times a week. try to be nice to everybody. i don't understand why this happened to me. >> reporter: and i spoke briefly this morning with administrators here at free mont christian school. they tell me that david
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graduated in 2012 and attended school here for three years. they've devastated, too. they said the alumni are planning something in the church very soon and the school plans to try to put a garden near the basketball court in his honor. reporting live in fremont, christie smith, nbc bay area news. such a tough story. thank you for bringing that to us. the two other men killed with wang were from san jose. bob redell is live in san jose where one of those young men attended high school. good morning. >> reporter: we're talking about george chen. he's one of the six people murdered in isla vista. he attended leland high school here in san jose. this is according to a report and conversation we had with one of his neighbors. earlier this morning a man who we believe is chen's father left the family home in san jose with who we believe was either chen's mother or 10-year-old brother in the back seat. a family friend tells us that later today the family will head down to santa barbara where
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their 19-year-old son, seen here in a picture from his facebook page, was stabbed to death over the weekend in the mass killing that left seven dead. this friend tells us, that, as you can imagine, the family is in deep grief. this morning a neighbor, who lives across the street, couldn't say enough things about chen, saying he was a wonderful, wonderful boy who used to help out her elderly father with things the like the mail and newspaper. now, chen was studying at uc santa barbara, was roommates with elliot rodger, a man who killed him and the two other roommates. you heard from christie's report earlier, or the third roommate was cheng yuan hong, he was a student also from san jose. while living here in the bay area hong volunteered as a teaching assistant for a chinese language class at the rainbow school located on the homestead high campus, then he graduated from linbrook high. hong did have a run-in with his
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roommate elliot rodger. rodger accused hong op stealing three candles worth $22. rodger made a citizens arrest. hong did plead guilty to petty theft. the high school will provide counseling to students when they return back to class tomorrow in case they need someone to talk to. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell. 13 other people were hurt because of the rampage including nick pasichuke from alamo. he was actually in santa barbara visiting a friend when the suspect hit him with his car. pasichuke is a business major at the university of pacific in stockton. the impact breaking both of his legs. this morning the family is in santa barbara with him. they say they've seen an outpouring of support from the community. mitch lobarsky was riding his bike when he was run down. >> he was driving so fast. as soon as he saw me flord it and ran into me. that's all i remember.
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guy who witnessed it said that he -- i don't know if he made eye contact but he put his head down and just the windshield was all broken at that time. >> mitch suffered cuts and bruises. he was among the 13 people hurt. here's video showing the panic during the attack. this is from pizza my heart. you see people react when they hear gunshots, then run to the back to take cover. certainly the big question, what was wrong with elliot rodger? why did he do what he did? nbc bay area's mike taibbi has the latest from santa barbara. >> reporter: at this point, law enforcement are trying to figure out whether there are any hints or specifically any legal reasons that they might have been able to head off the rampage conducted by elliot rodger last friday night. police have three prior contacts. one last april 30th less than a month before the rampage itself when at the request of his parents and a mental health professional they visited romger at his apartment. but as he later wrote in a long
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manifesto, 140 pages, he basically fooled them. he said i was tactful, i told them it was all a misunderstanding. i was fine. the police did not search his apartment, they were not required to and had no warrant to do so. he was thankful about that because they would have found the three handguns that he legally purchased at that point. the police never came back. he talked about once i pull off this day of retribution, people will see me as the powerful god that i am. this manifesto was also full of self-loathing. in the end he signed it off by saying i'm no longer part of the human race. humanity has rejected me. that contact by the police less than a month before the rampage itself did not and could not have under law headed him off and it didn't. mike tybee, nbc news, back to you. rodger's manifesto revealed a bitter angry feeling toward women and his actions that prompted fear and sadness. his comments have stirred powerful response from women on twitter. thousands had already been using
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the # yesallwomen to express sentiments about rodger's that affected their own life. numerous men have responded to the hashtag saying tweets were eye opening and important to read. certainly if you've been the victim of domestic violence or sexual assault resources on your screen. 800-799-7233. national sexual assault hotline 1800-656-hope. we'll continue our coverage all day long. we do have crews headed to santa barba barbara. we're updating our website constantly. president obama is in virginia to take part in tradition and remembrance this memorial day. across the ocean, pope francis confronts the future and past of the middle east. we'll have details on the final leg of his trip coming up. and good morning, temperatures warming very quickly. already into the 80s across the north bay.
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you know what? while things are quiet here at home, we have a hurricane in the pacific. our first one. we'll let you know what this means for the bay area and if we could get any rain from it.
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in virginia this morning, president obama and other officials took part in ceremonies at arlington national cemetery. the president joined by first lady michelle obama, vice president joe biden, dr. jill biden and defense secretary chuck hagel among others. mr. obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown then thanked america's men and women currently in uniform and praised them for their efforts and
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sacrifice. because the progress that they have made were in a pivotal moment. our troops are coming home. by the end of this year our war in afghanistan will finally come to an end. >> memorial day originally known as decoration day was established to honor those who died serving in the u.s. military. also this morning pope francis wrapped up his visit to jordan. the palestinian territories and jerusalem by visiting some of the city's most holy sites. anne thompson has more from jerusalem. ♪ >> reporter: today pope francis confronts the future and past of the middle east. at israel's memorial to the holocaust, francis kissed the hands of several survivors, praying that there would never be another such crime. he visited the dome of the rock where muslims believe the prophet mohammed ascended to heaven. here the pope asked that no one abuse god's name through
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violence. at the western wall, the most sacred site in jewish faith hey left a note and his own message, embracing his traveling companions, a rabbi and a sheikh. it separates israel from the palestinian west bank. palestinian clara fought her way through the crowds at sunday's mass in manger square to ask for the pope's help. but israel wants the pope to understand the wall was built for security. and so today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu took francis to the memorial for terror victims. unlike amman and bethlehem, there are no huge enthusiastic crowds here to greet pope francis. the most visible sign of his visit is the extraordinary security that's in jerusalem. many streets are shut down and
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most of this ancient city is on lockdown. i'm anne thompson in jerusalem. now back to you. ukraine's military launched air strikes this morning against pro russian forces who had taken over the airport in the city of donetsk. gunfire and exploess heard around the airport, smoke can be seen rising from the perimeter. the city is largely under the control of pro-russian forces who largely kept people from taking part in yesterday's presidential election. then they came to the airport today reportedly to demand a withdrawal of ukrainian forces who had been polices the perimeter. back here at home, walnut creek police searching for a man they say apparently shot two people just after they left a concert. the suspect firing shots from his car at the victim's car at an intersection at oak grove road right at ignacio shopping center. the two victims, a woman driver and a man in the passenger seat
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had just left a gladys knight concert at the pavilion. not clear if the system and the victim had an altercation maybe before the shooting. the conditions and names of the victim have not yet been released. police are investigating the death of a woman in fremont. officers responded to a call from a home on royal palm drive near azevada park. they got there and found a woman dead at the scene. they don't know who she is or how she died. right now they're just calling the death suspicious. police will be out in force once again today taking drunk drivers off the road on this memorial day weekend. law enforcement agencies have set up dui checkpoints all over the bay area. officers in san mateo county say they've already played 19 arrests in the past two nights. the chp says a total of 147 people in the bay area have been arrested. over 800 statewide. officers do expect to see drunk driving checkpoints pop up throughout the day.
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crews working to get a vital stretch of highway in san francisco back open. part of 280 has been closed since the three-day weekend began. it really caused quite a mess. giants' fans ended up backed up for miles yesterday after the weekend games. the closure is on southbound 280 from sixth street to pennsylvania avenue. it's not scheduled to reopen until tomorrow. so if you go to giants/cubs, best bet is to avoid that area altogether. but if you have to go home that way, here are some suggestions. caltrans says southbound traffic will detour to 101. traffic traveling on mariposa street and 18th street, you can get on to 280 at pennsylvania avenue. and, of course, northbound 280 is open. anthony is hard at work. let's check in with him and your micro climate forecast. >> good morning, scott. temperature right now in santa rosa, 83. it's just 11:00 and already feeling like sumner the north bay. in san francisco, 66, in san
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jose right now 73. santa cruz a nice beach day headed their way. expected to get close to 80. san francisco, that on shore wind hugging up against the coastline. it's breezy there. because of that our high will occur in the next hours. you can see the flag blowing there. that's that strong onshore wind that will continue to push in as we head through the day. so by tonight we're going to be looking at that marine layer developing for tomorrow morning, expect a little fog for your morning commute. your micro climate forecast, it does show temperatures back in the 80s. 86 later this afternoon. palo alto, you'll top out near 80. san francisco with that ocean breeze. it will be cooler today. the marina only at 67. north bay, this is really where we'll see our warmest weather. won't be surprised if we get records out of the way. livermore topping out today at 85. you may have heard us talk about it today.
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maybe over the weekend. we do have a hurricane in the pacific. this is hurricane amanda. it is a very strong hurricane. a category 4 with max winds up to 140 miles per hour. the thing about this, while it is headed out towards the ocean, it is expected to curve back towards land and this will impact the baja of california and eventually mexico. the gret news out of all of this is that once this system does weaken, some clouds, cooler weather and even some showers expected across southern california where they've had wildfires across san diego. even across parts of arizona. this is going to offer relief for them. however, for us here at home, unfortunately, we're not going to get any kind of effect from that. but tomorrow our temperatures do cool with that ocean breeze. so from san jose back into the 80s. we're going back to the 70s tomorrow. that includes san francisco, 70s today. 60s for tomorrow. and the rest of the week does look to stay pretty cool. but this is right where we should be. notice our average 76. this is right where we should be for this time of the year.
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the thing about this, friday into saturday, as whed towards this weekend, there will be a system that approaches. this could offer some rare shower activity as we head toward saturday and sunday. the computer model with each and every run does have a different idea, but it does seem as though saturday, sunday we could see a few showers, a few sprinkles. at this point less than a 20% chance, but we need the rain desperately so we'll be watching this closely for you. >> thank you. from 20% to one in several million, striking it rich again, someone in the bay area may have the winning lottery ticket with $70 million. the superlotto ticket bought at this store at noriega and sunset, they say they're thrilled one of their customers may have it. they wore t-shirts saying millionaires made here. the safeway store gets $350,000 for selling the ticket. >> it's got to be somebody local. this particular store being located where it's at, you know,
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outsiders do not shop in here typically. it's going to be neighborhood to neighborhood stores. >> he's on the case there. the winning numbers for saturday night, the one we're talking about 13, 11, 23, 27, 29 and the mega number 10. now if the winner takes the cash option, lottery officials say the lump sum is worth $41 million but that's before taxes. one bay area man you may have heard of, giants right fielder hunter pence a little bummed this morning. he said someone stole his scooter. he tweeted it last night. ah, someone stole my scooter, he tweeted. later posted -- well, it was there a second ago, that photo. then someone stole the photograph. said thanks for the support, everybody, if you're keeping an eye out. here's what it looks like. # stole my scooter. some responded by saying maybe the twins took it or maybe call bat kid right now the find it. pence often seen riding his
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child's long-term potential but check with your own doctor as well. a new study for older men found it's never too late to start exercising. the french study revealed that men who exercise between the ages of 55 and 70 can experience the same benefits of health as men who begin training in their 20s and 30s. it includes running and cycling. doctors say it's never too late to train. never too early, either. it's wedding season. a surprising trend among brides-to-be. hand rejuvenation usually done for people with aged hands, but doctors see a trend in younger people. treatment including lasers or fill-ins like botox to smooth out skin, a hand lift costs between 600 and $1200 a session. father's day still weeks away but coming up video of a pretty cool father/son moment.
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finally this morning this is an astros prospect. first home run of the minor league career. right there. his own dad. he said he was glad his parents were able to see it. well, his dad caught it. definitely a moment the family will never forget. anthony's about to be a dad starting tomorrow. you got a wiffle bat. you need to have a wiffle bat. >> we have lots of little blocks and toys that are like soft so they won't break the windows. >> no, a window will be broken as well. that's a good sign. thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. of course, you can get all the latest information all day at have a terrific day. see you tomorrow.
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