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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, emotional vigil tonight as students mourn the victim of the deadly rampage in high la vista. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm raj mathai. a painful and complex story unfolds tonight. communities are uniting while the families of the victims have arrived in santa barbara to collect the bodies of their sons and daughters.
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terry mcsweeney has insight into the mental health of elliot rodger. we begin with jean ellie who is on the campus of uc santa cruz. >> hundreds of students stand together. the violence didn't happen on this campus be many of the students have ties to the students. ♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: hundreds of students stand remembering six uc santa barbara students killed friday. >> it hit close to home. i was worried about my friends. i want stood stand with them. >> reporter: only distance separated students from the sadness on the santa barbara campus. >> it never hit me until coming here and listening to people
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talk and hearing the names of the victims. >> reporter: names like veronika weiss. a childhood friend of hers shared stories about playing softball with a cheerful teammate. >> whenever, eve if we were losing she had this laugh you could hear from miles away. >> reporter: some students cried with relief. >> i don't know what i would have done if i lost my cousin. he's just a part of me. he's just a piece of me. i just really, really grateful that he's alive. >> reporter: the uc santa cruz students are holding on to special memories and planning to make new ones. >> definitely hearing everyone speak tonight really brought up feelings that you know, life is
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short and anything can happen, really. >> reporter: another vigil is planned at uc berkeley this week. jean ellie, nbc bay area news. a vigil was held on the ucla campus. hundreds turned out to remember victims of the isla vista tragedy. three of the victims were from the south bay. they were all roommates of the accused killer and stabbed to death. today the parents of wong spoke exclusively to nbc bay area, their grief unbearable. the 20-year-old child was their only child. he was the joy of their family and light of their lives. >> the whole life, i'm so proud of him. he was a very nice guy. everybody like him. he kind of quiet, nice to everybody. very considerate, nice to mom.
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>> reporter: mom said her son was just three weeks away from coming home from ucsb and planning to move out of the apartment he and his roommates shared with the suspect. the town of isla vista is now a crime scene that covers several blocks. many students are hesitant, frustrated and full of grief. there are so many layers to the story. how is the town reacting? >> reporter: well, raj, we are on embarcadero in the central of the commercial district. and the rampage happened all around us. and the reaction is pretty strongly felt. in front of the sorority house, students cried and hugged each other. many did not know katherine cooper or veronika weiss but they felt their loss and wanted
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to acknowledge it. >> everyone's hurting and especially the community and after reading his manifest toe his parents are probably just as hurt. >> reporter: this student is referring to the 137-page manifesto written by the mass killing suspect, elliot rodger. in it he singled out this sorority because it was the one with the most beautiful girls who he was convinced would reject him if he tried to ask one for a date. down the street is the apartment house where elliot rodger stabbed to death his three roommates. it was here we ran into a communications major and film student who are starting up a t-shirt fundraising campaign to help out the victims' families. >> to help with funeral bills
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and costs that will be placed on the families. >> i sent out 200 invitations on facebook two hours ago and 800 people are in the group. i think we have about 100 people that have bought a shirt and that was of two hours ago. >> reporter: they were glad for the chance to get their message out at the deli where sheriff's deputies say that elliot rogers shot his sixth victim there was a group of people pushing the news media away and some who watched and just shook their heads. >> i don't -- this is news. of course they will be reporting this. >> reporter: tonight, we are documenting what is happening here and respectfully observing the grief of those who are feeling it and trying not to intrude, a big gathering tomorrow on the uc santa barbara campus for a day that the university is calling a day of
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mourning and reflection. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. a college student from the east bay was a victim of the rampage. nick pasichuke was visiting a friend. he broke both legs and has facial fractures. he is listed in good condition tonight. pasichuke is a water polo player who now attends uop in stockton. the rampage is raising the issue of mental illness. the rodger family attorney announced that the suspect had asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. that's the same disorder that adam lanza had, the gunman in sandy hook, connecticut. we have more on if this syndrome could have played a role in this friday-night massacre. >> the therapist i spoke to said there is no correlation between
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violence and asperger's syndrome. but the sense of loneliness can -- and you can see this in the writings of elliot rodger, it can bring on a desire to act out. >> aspergers is a you deficit in communication and social skills. >> reporter: peggy is a psychotherapist who has treated numerous patients with asperger's syndrome. as a child, elliot rodger was diagnosed with asperger syndrome, it interferes with a person's ability to function in social circumstances. one example is if a person with the syndrome were at a party. >> and people are talking and people left the group, someone with asperger's could feel rejected when really the person might not have been talking to them or left the group for a different reason. there is no ability to understand that. >> reporter: mere is elliot
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rodger's description of himself at a party. i sat there awkwardly and they questioned why i was so quiet. no one understands the person of a person who suffers from social anxiety. the gunman in connecticut, adam lanza was diagnosed with the syndrome. but it's not the syndrome that leads to violence but the way that the individual responds to the feeling of being misunderstood. >> sometimes they internalize it and sometimes they externalize it and want to blame someone else for how they feel. and it sounds that that often happens where they want to blame a group of women for not liking them or blame someone else. >> reporter: asperger's syndrome is treatable and if it is caught at an early age they can learn to function at a very high level. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area
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news. >> our coverage continues online at you can find more video of the vigil and hear from the families of other victims. that's at new at 11:00, the holiday weekend is coming to an end, plenty of people returning home. but a problem on i-80, a car flew off the freeway. the driver was taken to the hospital. no one else was injured. the driver had a previous arrest warrant. speed may have been the cause of the crash. happening now, 280 in san francisco reopen on time? crews have been working through this holiday weekend retrofitting a stretch of southbound 280. over the weekend, crews made seismic upgrades from the sixth street exit to pennsylvania area
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south to the 101 split. we'll have live updates on the morning show beginning at 4:30 a.m. and good evening i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking a pacific hurricane. we'll let you know what impact it could have on the west coast coming up and details on the cooling microclimate forecast. also ahead they're given free water and as much as they want. the surprising system here in california that's going on despite the drought. many pregnant women may not be getting enough of it. we'll have the new recommendations ahead. one driver's bizarre action while driving through a tunnel, when we come back.
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new at 11:00, california is in the middle of a severe drought, thousands of farms, companies and cities are exempt from water cuts. senior water rights allow certain users to take as much water as they want without any oversight. that special status was given away a century ago when water was plentiful. the records are probably filled with errors and should be reevaluated. the lack of water is causing hazardous conditions for boaters. many boaters are heading to the delta. ocean tides provide more water unlike lakes. but be careful the changing tides can cause boats to run aground. fire and rescue teams were
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called out twice this holiday weekend. >> the boats were stranded and the boaters were trapped and becoming hypothermic and needed our assistance in getting out of that situation. it could have led to someone being injured. >> it's important to get a map and know the waterways and critical to use the boat's depth finder. people taking time to remember the fallen heroes who served the country. one of the largest memorial day celebrations in the bay area, the oak hill memorial park in san jose, hundreds of family and friends turned out to remember their loved ones, the association of vietnam veterans of america presented the 21-gun salute. a tribute today to the veterans of the vietnam war since it's the 50th anniversary of the escalation of that
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conflict. 60,000 american troops were killed in vietnam. president obama is vowing to do more for veterans on this memorial day. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier today. president obama continues to face scrutiny over how the veterans are being treated. allegations of deaths from delayed treatment at the v.a. has prompted a lot of questions. today the president addressed it. >> these americans have done their duty. they ask nothing more than our country does ours now and for decades to come. >> this memorial day is 150 years since the first soldier was laid to rest there. crews will resume their search for three men in western colorado. a large mudslide hit in a remote part of the state. the disaster area is two miles wide and 250 feet deep.
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a bizarre story in oregon. a teenaged driver was holding his breath while driving through a tunnel. this was northwest of portland. the driver fainted and crashed head on into an suv. whether it was a game or superstition, the teenager is now facing reckless driving charges. a beautiful holiday weekend but changes are on the way. let's check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. with the microclimate forecast. >> a beautiful evening across san jose. we have a cooler westerly wind importing fog on the coastline it's not affecting the santa clara valley. it will be about the cooler wind dropping the temperatures but it will be a happy medium. we won't be fogged in. we have clear skies across the north bay and cool temperatures, gusty w gusty wind at the coastline. eight mile plus visibility in the san francisco bay right now.
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the forecast again. it was warm this memorial day weekend. temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s a result of the high pressure staying firm across the coastline. but here we go. if it was too hot for you, the high pressure is moving off to the south. and here comes the storm track, the jet stream moving close to california. we do think for tomorrow that's going to give us 3 to 6 degrees of cooling for the interior valleys and a cooling in the interior valleys means a colder coast. the temperatures staying in the 60s as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. that onshore flow brings back cloud cover at the coastline. you can see 7:00 a.m. tomorrow we have it. widespread clouds from point reyes to san francisco and santa cruz. by the afternoon hours we see the cloud cover clear out. the sunny skies. we get the cool wind and
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temperatures to drop. but you still get sunny skies in the tuesday forecast. let's get you into the microclimate forecast for tomorrow. you can see most of the morning lows in the 50s. no jacket needed by the afternoon. and san jose up to 80 degrees. not as hot as it was for today. the peninsula seeing temperatures drop. 70 in san matteo. belmont, 76. and the farther you get from the coastline, the warmer the temperatures will be, palo alto will be cooler but not cold. 79 degrees tomorrow. san francisco dropping out of the 70s for the first time now in three days. we'll have 67 across the embarcadero. and cooler as you get closer to the marina next to the golden gate gap where that westerly wind will be strong. across the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, the north bay will have some of the warmest weather with 85 degrees.
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you're going to be so far from that ocean influence that temperatures will be able to rise up there. and for the east bay it's a day where the thermometer goes up and down. we'll have 71 in oakland, and 81 in walnut creek. now as we get you into the forecast what we are tracking is hurricane amanda. we talked about this unusually strong storm system in the pacific. right now it has weakened. winds 105 miles an hour. but keep in mind as we head throughout the next two to three days this will continue to weaken. we expect winds at 30 miles an hour on friday. it is not expected to impact california or mexico for any kind of landfall. but this storm system on sunday did reach 155 miles an hour. this makes it the strongest may hurricane ever on record. i will say, seeing a hurricane
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this strong breaking records, it could be a sign that the el nino pattern is beginning to build. that tends to make storms across the west, ie hurricanes potentially stronger. we will have to watch that in the next couple months. we'll be back in a moment with apple's new plan for your home. is there an elk in your bed?
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yep, all beds, starting at just $649.99. know better sleep with sleep number. a new study reveals women who are pregnant or breast-feeding may need a supplement for their baby's brain. many american women are iodine deficient. it has led to an increase in
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iodine deficiency. taking the supplement will maximize the child's long-term potential. talk to your doctor before taking a supplement. controlling your home with a swipe of the iphone. it could let users turn on and off the lights and oven and adjust the heat with a tap of a finger. samsung released a line of smart appliances. up next, gerard moncure with a big day at oakland coliseum and a problem regarding theft from one of the giants star players. moments of certainty.
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holiday baseball on both sides of the bay. gerard moncure work on memorial day with all of us. >> a beautiful day for some of the american past time. servicemen in attendance, perfect weather and the second worst road team in town. what more could the g-men ask for. the giants honoring the troops on memorial day.
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tied at one, a tough ball to hit but turns the offering to a two-run homer. the 60th round tripper of the year. in the top of the fifth tied at 3 and the cubs are busy. bonifacio with a shot down the right field line. cubs take a 4-3 lead and tack on four more and the giants lose 8-4. >> the inning started getting long and it just seems like it goes -- the poor defense goes hand in hand with the pitcher that's struggling a little bit. and so a couple balls we didn't handle. i think that was part of having three straight innings where we couldn't get three outs right away. >> hunter pence is just not the same without his motorized scooter.
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the scooter was lifted on the embarcadero on sunday night. he would like it back and is offering a signed bobblehead showing him riding the scooter in return for his favorite means of transportation. the a's gave a packed crowd memorial daytime fireworks against the detroit tigers. matinee at the coliseum as baseball remembers those who gave everything for this country. bottom second a's getting the show started. a deep drive to center. jackson can't make the catch. 1-0 game. to the bottom third now 2-0 a's. josh donaldson with a solo shot to left over the 330 sign. 3-0 oakland. yoenis cespedes goes golfing deep to left and gone. drew smiley with four home runs.
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a's hit five bombs in a 10-0 win. >> we needed a game like that especially after the first inning where we don't come away with a run. but we kept after it. we were, you know -- offensively we were on it all day and just kept going after it and getting out on runs against a team like that is important because you know they can come back at any particular time. so a good day all around for us. >> ncaa men's golf championship. third playoff hole putting for the win and drops it home. the men's individual title. wills season the first stanford golfer to win the individual title since 1996. that was a guy by the name of tiger woods. more news comi
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit.
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that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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are we seeing this right? not a bat boy or a bat girl but that's right, a bat dog. this is at a college baseball game in carolina. the dog makes appearances at major league games. she is the youngest member of a team of bat boys -- excuse me, bat dogs. >> efficient. >> that's really nice. the workweek is starting
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tomorrow. it's going to be a good week. >> it is. and the trend is going down. you see the numbers going up and down again. but overall after 90s in the past few days we go down to 83 and up a little bit for wednesday and thursday but back down for friday and saturday. this weekend we could have much colder weather coming our way. 70s for the east bay and a slight chance of showers. we didn't put that in the forecast today but we'll take a look at it tomorrow. and there is a 15% chance you're going to get activity. >> hope you enjoyed your memorial day and hope to see you back here tomorrow. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma stone, robinson cano, musical guest, keith urban, an


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