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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live with the details, next. police swarm the streets in mountain view after a car slams into a building. which streets are roped off with crime scene tape. a gunman's day of retribution prompts a day of reflection at uc santa barbara. we'll tell you how the community is coming together to grieve. and we're seeing the return of a stronger sea breeze that will lead to a cool down as we head towards the afternoon as highs drop a few degrees from yesterday. we'll look at the similar changes in your forecast, coming up in just a few minutes. plus, the south bay build is on. look at all this company and a backup at the bay bridge and a stall in one of your tunnels at the caldecott. sun coming up over the bay area on this tuesday, may 27th. this is "today in the bay." and a very good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. we have breaking news. a homeowner shot in san jose and
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police searching for the person who pulled the trigger. this is happening at stow avenue south of sunset avenue in east san jose and sarah bonita joins us with more. what can you tell us? >> good morning. we're out here live in the 1900 block of stow where officers have just cleared the scene but they responded to a call just before 5:00 this morning. the homeowners heard their alarm go off in their car and went out to see what was going on and they found four to five suspects standing around the car. they confronted the suspects when there was another car that drove by and began shooting at them. then that car took off and the other suspects took off after them and began to shoot, again. no one was hurt in the shooting except for one female who was injured by fragments of the bullets, but officers say there was no one who was seriously injured. still investigating this
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shooting and asking any residents who may have been in the area to report anything that they may have seen. they don't know what the suspects were doing here in the area, but they were near that car and the homeowners did come out to see what was going on and now officers are asking anyone with information to give them a call. i'm live in san jose. >> all right, thank you much. it is 6:02. new this morning police in mountainview investigating a crash where a car slammed into a building overnight. details still coming in at this hour and as you can see from the video, it looked like a sedan smashed into the window of the building. it happened at the intersection of ellis street and nation avenue just south of 101. still waiting to find out if anyone was hurt and no word on any arrests yet. today a day of reflection and morning on the uc santa barbara campus as the community gathers to reflect on six lives taken in a deadly rampage. communities not only grieving at ucsb, but also here at the bay area where three of the victims
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grew up and went to school. "today in the bay" bob redell live at lynbrook high school where counselors are in place this morning and let's begin with mark matthews who joins alive on the uc santa barbara campus. no class today so the students can grieve. >> that's right, scott. they are going to be appearing, instead of at class here at harder stadium. the students will gather about 4:00 here for what the university is calling a day of reflection and remembering the six students that were killed on friday. the day of mourning follows some emotional vigils at uc campuses around california last night. one of them that we saw outside the alpha phi house, the sorority house. candles and flowers and students hugging and crying and talking about 22-year-old catherine cooper and 19-year-old veronika
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weiss shot just outside their sorority house. sorority sisters inside, but many of the people outside at the vigil said they didn't know the two women, but they did feel their loss and they wanted to come by and acknowledge it and pay their respects just down the street there were chalk messages of love and solidarity outside the apartment house where police say elliot rodger stabbed his three room mates and in front of those messages more flowers and candles. i met tyler there and film student zach stein. they were eager to talk to the news media because trying to get out the word about a t-shirt fund-raising campaign to raise money for the victims' families. >> we're already 800 people that are in the group. i think we have about 100 people that have already bought a shirt and that was maybe as of two hours ago.
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>> they were happy to get the word out but a few blocks away at a deli there are a group of people with signs wanting to push the news media away. they blocked television and still cameras from shooting the ske scene saying they wanted to prebl protect people coming to the deli to mourn. here at the stadium expecting thousands at 4:00 this afternoon for a memorial service. the university declaring it a day of mourning and reflection. in isla vista mark matthews for "today in the bay." >> so much sorrow. thank you very much. meanwhile, across the state uc schools are standing in so d solidarity. cal will hold a candlelight vigil tomorrow night. last night students gathered at santa cruz campus to mourn the victims. the vigil especially meaningful for one young woman who was childhood friends with veronika weiss. one of the six people shot and killed in that rampage.
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>> she had this laugh that you could hear from miles away. she's always laughing. >> ucla also held a candlelight vigil for students last night. just like santa cruz, hundreds of peep oal showed up on campus to light candles. the families of the three bay area men stabbed to death by the suspect are in santa barbara this morning. weihan wang and george chen and cheng yuan hong from san jose. "today in the bay" bob redell is live at the high school this morning. bob, grief counselors will be on hand. >> right, because cheng y, uan hong graduated from here not too long ago, back in 2012. students here at lynbrook high who remember him and that's why the school district is sending in counselors here today the first day back from break in case there is somebody who needs to talk to somebody. cheng yuan hong was 20 years old
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and engineering student at uc santa barbara and room mates with two of his best friends and also elliot rodger, the man who allegedly stabbed to death those three room mates. hong did have a run-in with rodger he made a citizen's arrest and hong pled guilty to the petty theft. george chen, he's the second roommate who was murdered. a computer engineering student also at ucsb and seen here in pics from his facebook page. he is 19 years old and camp counselor at the ymca and we spoke with one of his neighbors who lives across from his family home in san jose. described him as a wonderful, wonderful boy and could not say enough nice things about him and she was especially enamored with him because he had taken care of her elderly father. then you have the third
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roommate, weihan wang. he was 20 years old. from fremont. we spoke with his parents yesterday before they headed down to santa barbara and they conveyed to us that their son  and his two room mates, his two good friends had dreams of starting a business when they graduated. they actually had plans within the next three weeks of move out of that apartment with elliot rodger not only because they were trying to move on, but rodger was anti-social and played loud music in the middle of the night. bob redell "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. we will continue our coverage throughout the morning and also online at around the clock. you can find links to interviews and in-depth articles on our home page. in other news this morning, a stretch of interstate 280 now open in san francisco. signs along 280 now lit up this morng telling drivers the closure is lifted. drivers probably won't notice many changes on the drive, but construction crews poured
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concrete to make hinges more earthquake safe. a key stretch of southbound 280 between sixth street and miraposa near at&t park. those who suffered the most were the ones coming up from the giants game. tried to do it on a day where you don't have the commute to deal with. >> the full closure is better than a partial closure. you went to the game? >> i decided not to go for that very reason. >> good stuff. over here look at the live shots, guys, and traffic flows very nicely. live sensor feed from southbound 280 and not a problem getting out of the city. little slowing as you pass by out of at&t park and typical for the city over there. westbound 24. we had a stall reported in the eastbound and, boy, looks like that cleared from the reports and fender bender reported outside of the tunnel and not a lot of slowing and easy build for the east shore freeway and easy for a tuesday. typical build around the rest of your bay and no surprises for
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the livermore area as well as northbound 101 from 680 up to 880 a lot of traffic flow right now and show you the live shot. not a lot of flow, a lot of slow approaching alum rock. that volume kicking in over the last 20 minutes. westbound 92 and your commute direction away from us and eastbound coming over from the peninsula to hayward and you have that sun in your eyes and watch for that, you guys. as well as over here another live camera westbound 580 and show you the earlier slowing headed into the dublin area and by the time you get to that is a treat for anyone approaching that dublin interchange and you have a lot of company and slow at 580 and 680. we continue the trend with a look at the forecast this morning as we take a live look outside. look at alcatraz island and coit tower. >> rob mayeda filling in for christina loren this morning.
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>> we saw there from san francisco and oakland and waking up to 54 degrees right now. we'll see the winds picking up a little bit later on today. that's part of the weather story. if you head out to the a's versus tigers game coming up a little bit later on this evening, we'll see those temperatures in the 60s later on today. 64 degrees northwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour and game time coming up at 7:05 over in oakland and other locations sunrise at 54 degrees and san jose one of the spots that we'll also see temperatures down a few degrees from yesterday, thanks to a very healthy sea breeze this morning. already getting into fairfield, antioch and livermore and winds onshore and our valleys especially out towards the tri-valley and moving cooler as we move through the afternoon. hour by-hour patches of low clouds appearing on the coast and spilling locally into the bay for the next two hours or so and then a cooler afternoon for those valleys especially out by livermore and sunol and areas south of san jose for the afternoon and the wind will be
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the story like we had yesterday from 4:00 to 7:00 and see the wind speeds 15 to 30 miles per hour. 78 degrees in san jose and manage mid-60s closer to san francisco and feel chillier than that as the winds pick up this afternoon and napa 76 degrees and low 80 s around pleasanton and livermore. still ahead on "today on the bay" practice what you preach or lose your job. the push back against a morality clause for catholic school teachers in oakland. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and public service and television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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here are today's top stories. a key stretch near at&t park in san francisco back open this morning. it reopened around 2:00 this morning three hours ahead of schedule. it was closed thursday for seismic work. forced dozens of people from their homes. that fire started yesterday afternoon at a home near lake mcclure in miraposa county. today is a day of mourning for uc santa barbara community. no classes will be held. thousands will gather on campus this afternoon to reflect and remember the lives of six students murdered in a violent killing spree friday night. flags at all ten uc campuses will fly at half staff in support of the isla vista community. bay area catholic school teachers are meeting with the diocese about a controversial morality clause. christie smith is live and, christie, several faculty are
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refusing to sign that clause. >> yeah, good morning to you, laura. at least three teachers here say they didn't sign the contract. one of them told us while she loves working here and loves the school, she doesn't think that people's personal lives have any place under a work contract. so, today, the bishop is expected to meet with some faculty work in the diocese of oakland. the issue is a morality clause added to the teacher's contract and one teacher crossed off what she didn't agree with and said she wouldn't be teaching next year. the clause for the catholic school teachers covered their lives beyond school walls but doesn't spell out what's tolerated and what's not. many parents were outraged asking the diocese to hold off on a contract until everyone could agree on language. here's what one teacher had to say. >> there were three of us who have taken the position that we will not sign on to this. but i will tell you that there was a survey done by faculty and
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staff and extraordinary response to the survey in terms of just numbers. >> now, a spokesperson for the diocese says that all but five teachers signed it and some students were walking around wearing yellow ribbons to show their support for their teachers. in a published interview, the bishop said that he actually apologized if the wording was misinterpreted but he is not interested in examining teachers' private lives. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks, christie. let's check the forecast this morning. a live look at san jose. how free money is going to show up in san jose. check laura's twitter feed for more. let's check in with rob mayeda to find out what it is going to be. >> as we head towards the afternoon, but we have for you this morning a bit of a stronger sea breeze, which will ensure afternoon highs will be cooler, including in oakland. 54 degrees as we show you
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outside right now at the coliseum and look at the forecast there and little bit later on as we see two games that are bay area teams active today. 54 right now in oakland and as we look at the forecast there going into game time, you'll see 64 degrees and northwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour and that coming up at 7:05 and on the other side of the bay, san francisco, 55 right now and look at that sunshine beaming down into at&t park for you this morning. 61 around first pitch time and a bit windier around san francisco and at times seeing the gusts getting up close to 35 miles per hour. sunshine for most of the bay area this morning and a few patches of low clouds and seeing that near oakland and also closer to san francisco. the wind strongly onshore this morning and increase into the afternoon and that cup wld the return of low clouds on the coast and ensure the highs are running cooler. all-day sea breeze will take off the edge of the heat we see over the next couple days. what is going to happen to all the upper level clouds and all
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the moisture from hurricane amanda winds sustained at 25 miles per hour. off the southern tip of baja, california. slows down on its approach to mexico. what is interesting is moisture from that system is going to start to get directed up towards baja, california, and perhaps parts of southern california and something we will watch in our own forecast here. we'll see a few extra clouds out of the south and for now a big story today. and 70s to 80s today and a brief warm up as high pressure tries to make a comeback on thursday and allow mid to upper 80s inland around thursday and then for the weekend a trough of low pressure move in that is going to reinforce the sea breeze and drop our temperatures down and that is the cause of the cool down. today 78 degrees in san jose and mid-60 closer to san francisco and into the forth bay, highs in the 70s to low 80s and about the same range today out near the tri-valley. now, for a check of your commute, here's mike.
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>> rob, looking over here towards the south bay and northbound 101 continuing with the build. so, now you're slowing as you approach north 101. notice right here around capital expressway still going close to speed limits and slowing up to 880 and then by the time you hit the airport, you're clear again for 101. 87 a tiny bit of slowing. there's a gentle build there. expect to have your volume southbound at 880 and approaching dixon landing road. a report of a crash there, as well. i don't think it involves the original box truck but a good deal of congestion and stalled vehicle reported in lanes just past that area approaching the 237 interchange. watching for that and the build out of fremont and also looking for the build into sunol and into pleasanton and crash reported right around highway 84 and sounds like everything has just moved off to the shoulder but the distraction and the period of time it took to get there caused this backup as the
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brunt of this commute kicks in through pleasanton. watch for that and be aware of the slow down, as well. even if you're cutting through 84 and livermore. typical for the tri-valley and approaching the san mateo bridge. over on the peninsula side, no major delays and a smooth drive for our rails, as well, as our roads for the mass transit, none reporting any dramatic slow down. we're looking to the bay bridge toll plaza where drivers get a look getting into the city. westbound your fastrak lanes moving nicely off the maze and the golden gate bridge, as well. watch for this coming across a beautiful view. look at that, you can see the hills and no problems and a smoother drive just some slowing out of petaluma and in towards novado. back to you. how one teenager's superstition caused a major crash inside a tunnel. nigeria knows where hundreds of kidnapped girls are being held. but the military says it won't
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go in to get them out. we'll explain, coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. new overnight experts say the documents don't reveal any new information about what happened to the jet. the data was released overnight by the malaysian government following an outcry from family members. it includes 47 pages and
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features hourly electronic handshakes between the plane and the satellite and exchanges that continue to even after the plane disappeared from radar. the data seems to back up the theories the plane flew until it ran out of fuel. nigeria said it knows where hundreds of school girls are being held hostage, but the military says it cannot go in to save them because it is simply too dangerous. the officials would not say what the girls were specifically or how they were found only worried the kills would be killed in an attempted rescue. thousands of protesters, meanwhile, bussed to a location in the capital where they chanted, bring our girls home. the girls were taken from their school back in april by militant group boko haram. new video show to show you of a tornado touching down in north dakota. look at the size of it. right now weather experts headed to the montana border to assess the strength of that twister. it hit last night, hurting nine
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people, including a 15-year-old girl who is in critical condition this morning. 15 trailers at an oil workers' camp were destroyed. in colorado, the search will resume today for three men in what could be hundreds of feet of mud. the three men were checking on a smaller mudslide when they got caught in this. this enormous slide on monday. the path of destruction and that's all mud four miles longerilong, half a mile wide. the mud is several hundred feet deep in some parts. the slide followed two days of heavy rain. a 19-year-old man from washington state faces reckless driving charges this morning for causing a bizarre crash in portland. investigators say the man told them he fainted while holding his breath while he went through a tunnel. he crashed head on with an suv and both cars bounced off the tunnel walls. luckily no one was hurt. some people hold their breath through tunnels as part of a
6:27 am
game or superstitious. time now 6:36. out of control wildfire inching closer to yosemite. looking from the south bay this morning. rob mayeda is in for christina and when and where those winds will kick up this afternoon. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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and right now all beds are on sale, starting at just $649.99. hurry in, sale ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. a wildfire wurn burning out of control in yosemite doubles in a day. some spots the north bay running a few degrees cooler, a trend that will continue into the afternoon. changes in your forecast ahead, coming up. and cars moving a lot of miles per hour slower. a trend that will continue all morning. traffic tuesday in the south bay and a crash over in the tri-valley. watch out for 680. a live look at the opening bell this morning. the winner of the indianapolis 500 and his little son in a race suit on the nyse this morning and over on the nasdaq we'll have heroes, i'm sure, as well. >> we need a diaper derby.
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>> it was a squeaker as we wait for the opening bell. today is tuesday, may 27th and this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. right now dozens of people near yosemite waking up near a shelter as crews battle a wildfire that doubled in size in a day. the fire started yesterday in mariposa county. cal fire crews say they were ready for a fire, sent helicopters, bulldozers and other resources to start that fire. it started in a house near yosemite national park. the fire is still burning out of control at this hour. embattled veterans affair secretary eric shinseki has a few more days to tell what
6:31 am
happened while veterans were waiting for treatment. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. that investigation has broadened to more than two dozen v.a. facilities across the country. >> right, laura. separate investigations going on. what the president wants from shinseki this week is an overall look at what the problem seems to be, not just in phoenix but throughout the system and that preliminary report could come any day now. the white house is doing its own investigation. remember they sent rob nabors out there to talk to vets and people at the hospital. that report is due next month. and then the inspector general's report looking at the entire system is due later this summer, probably in august. but before all of that here on capitol hill, the house veterans affairs committee wants to see top executives, top officials from the v.a. they have been putting together, they are supposed to send an e-mail to document to try to reveal what was known here in washington about all of this,
6:32 am
but that info is coming in too slowly and congress needs lawmakers on this committee say if they don't show up at a meeting tomorrow evening, then they'll be subpoenaed to testify before the committee, possibly as early as the next morning, thursday morning. >> thanks for the very latest, tracie. facebook founder mark zuckerberg could head to turan if an iranian judge gets his way. answer complaints by people who say facebook applications owned instagram violates their privacy. this is according to the news agency which is practically run by the iranian government. the judge has reportedly ordered both apps be blocked in iran. facebook is banned in the country along with other social networks like twitter and youtube. let's check your forecast as we give you a live look outside at 6:32. and the golden gate bridge, is it just me or do you wish that
6:33 am
one light pole, get through that light pole it would be a better shot. i think mike inouye and i will go take care of it. >> at night maybe that is a good thing to have but right now we have sunshine. mostly clear skrooacross the ba 54 degrees and pretty nice, clear start right now with a patch or two of low clouds around oakland and out towards emeryville this morning and a few more down the sea shore as we head towards the afternoon. 53 degrees in san jose and forecast hour-by-hour as we head outside patchy areas of coastal clouds reforming towards the coast and during the afternoon onshore and drop down our inland valleys and those winds could get gusty heading towards the evening up to 35 miles per hour. right now we're seeing 50s around san jose and 40s into the north bay and few locations right now including livermore running a few degrees cooler than yesterday and we'll see that trend as we pick up into
6:34 am
the afternoon as the winds continue to be fairly gusty out of the west at 15 to 20 miles per hour and you can see the sea breeze already into livermore and fairfield. so, patches of low clouds will be the story for the morning and sunshine inland with those wind onshore the reason why today's highs mainly in the 70s inland and close to 80 at times as we head through the afternoon today. so highs near san jose 78 degrees and about 83 in saratoga and highs in the low 70s and san francisco today, mid-60s and then temperatures warming up a little bit approaching thursday and then cooling as we head towards the weekend as the sea breeze turns stronger, again, by friday and saturday. and 76 in fremont and a pretty nice 83 degrees in pleasanton one of the warmer spots we'll see around the bay area today. not bad. >> i like that cooling trend. mike joins us now with a look at the traffic this morning. >> the slowing trend. >> yeah. >> remember, for folks who had yesterday off, this is tuesday, not monday. so, you see a heavier volume of traffic and we still see pretty
6:35 am
typical pattern out there for traffic on this day. looking out to the maps and a slower drive kicking in from north 101 and the red stretch of the roadway and look where i have the arrow, northbound 87. a new crash reported with debris in the lanes approaching curtner just off of capital expressway. about the worst time this could happen because just as most of the folks starting to hit the roadway and big slowing and a big morning for 87, even if this clears quickly. we'll track that with all the debris. southbound 880 an earlier crash has cleared and dixon landing road and now traffic is still slowing approaching mission boulevard. and the westbound direction starts to hit the slowing. here southbound 680 and an earlier crash right there at highway 84 and all crash activity moved to the shoelder and a big distraction coming through 84 and off the dublin interchange and there's your tri-valley, worst of your slowing around the bay. san mateo bridge a crash that
6:36 am
has moved to the shoulder, but a little slowing there approaching 880 and the castro valley and san mateo bridge a pretty normal commute and pattern for this tuesday as you head over there and an easy drive into and out of san francisco a280 open in te southbound direction. a slow down for the east shore freeway and here none of the transit systems are reporting any delays and a live look out to the north bay, as well. traffic goes southbound and a good volume out of petaluma and in towards novato and the golden gate bridge, scott, you're talking about that one. >> right there. >> golden gate. the n in golden gate. >> i'll meet you after work. >> another one in sunol. >> going to need some tools. >> either way, thanks a lot. 6:36. nice thing about mike inouye he's in for anything. the giants gear up for another game against the cubs. >> try it, mikey, he likes it.
6:37 am
live look at mccovey cove. sun is up over the bay area. let's make it a great day. a lot more news ahead. stick around, 6:36. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and public service and television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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hey. we're talking a little giants in the commercial break. so, let's continue the trend and talk a little baseball. take a live look outside. isn't that beautiful? at&t park this morning. g-men looking to bounce back after a tough memorial day loss to the chicago cubs. good news, though, pablo sandoval heating things up. >> amy gutierrez shows he may have a pair of lucky cowboy boots to thank. >> good morning, everyone. your giants winning streak snapped monday in a memorial day 8-4 loss against the cubs. the two go back at it this evening in game two of this three-game series. the giants have tim hudson on the hill in nine starts this season he has an e.r.a. just over 2 and the giants want him to do what he's been doing all season long. throw strikes and limit the walks in their quest for the bounce back win this evening. they are also hoping that the offense continues to produce, especially the red hot panda.
6:41 am
he has added 70 points to his batting average in the last three weeks. he's gone from 167 to .239 and also hit three dingers on this homestand alone. he's seen the ball well and worked out his timing issues and also dancing in a pair of magical cowboy boots. he does it before his first a.b. of each game. so, whatever works, right? that's your giants update. i'm amy gutierrez for "today in the bay." >> i never heard that one. >> i want to know more. coming up new video of busted glass, broken windows and a car slamming into the side of a building in the south bay. which neighborhood surrounded by police overnight. a gunman's day of retribution prompts a day of reflection at uc santa barbara. how the community is coming together to grieve. and the morning starting off with some hazy skies seen from this view from emeryville looking back to san francisco and a cool down in your forecast ahead and a look at that when we come right back.
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an update to breaking news police clearing the scene after a shooting in east san jose. near stow and sunset avenues near alum rock avenue. a homeowner reportedly heard her car alarm and went out to see what was happening when she found four to five people around her car and she confronted the people and then the car drove up and started shooting. the woman was hit by a bullet fragment, not seriously hurt. the suspects in the other car got away. there will be no classes today at uc santa barbara. so students can spend the day reflecting and mourning the six lives that were taken in a deadly rampage. some only ucsb communities here also grieving because three of the victims grew up and went to school here. "today in the bay" bob redell
6:45 am
live at lynbrook high school where grief counselors are in place but let's begin with mark matthews joins us live on the uc santa barbara campus this morning. good morning, mark. >> good morning. the school has declared it an official day of mourning here and behind me you can see harder stadium where ground crews just began work on preparing the field for the thousands of people that are expected to gather here at 4:00 this afternoon. instead of classes, students will be here to mourn and to reflect on the lives that were lost in friday's rampage. the six students who were killed it follows an emotional night of rallies all over isla vista. one saw was outside a deli where elliot rodger the mass murder suspect shot his sixth victim, according to sheriff deputies. the group of people with signs were trying to push the news media away telling cameras that they wanted to protect the people that were coming to the
6:46 am
deli to mourn. but outside the alpha phi sorority house classmates were hugging and talking about catherine cooper and veronika weiss. they were gunned down friday and even though many people who showed up said they didn't know the young women, they did feel their loss and wanted to come by and acknowledge it. >> everyone's hurting. and especially like the community and i'm sure especially after reading his manifesto, his parents are probably just as hurt as everyone else. >> just down the street, chalk messages of love and solidarity are drawn on the sidewalk outside the apartment house where elliot rodger stabbed and robbed his two room mates and messages there were more flowers and candles and there i met tyler and zach and unlike the people in front of the deli,
6:47 am
these two wereeger to get the word out to news media about a fund-raising campaign. in an effort to raise money to try to help out the families of the victims and so far they contacted about 800 people through online social media. they said they already had hundreds of orders for those shirts. so, a variety of reactions here in isla vista and reactions to friday's ram papage and the aftermath. today a big mass gathering here at harder stadium for what the university has termed a day of mourning and reflection. mark matthews for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, mark. now, three bay area men were among the victims in friday's rampage. 20-year-old weihan wang and george chen and 20-year-old cheng yuan hong from san jose. he graduated from lynbrook high school. bob redell is outside the high
6:48 am
school where students will head back to class and counselors will be on hand. >> he graduated lynbrook high back in 2012 so possible still students attending this school who knew him and remembered him and that's why the school district is sending grief counselors here to the campus since it is the first day back from a memorial weekend. cheng yuan hong studying at uc santa barbara. he was room mates with two of his best friends who are also from the bay area and along with elliot roger, the fourth roommate, the man who allegedly stabbed to death his three room mates. hong did have a run-in with rodger earlier this year and made a citizens arrest for stealing three candles worth $22 and hong pled guilty to that petty theft. george chen was a computer engineering student and also studying at ucsb seen here in pics from his facebook page. he attended leyland high and 19
6:49 am
years old and a camp counselor for the y and a neighbor describes him as a wonderful boy for taking the time to help out her elderly father with the mail and the newspaper and what not. the third roommate, 20-year-old weihan wang he was from fremont. we spoke with his parents before they headed down to santa rosa. he and his room mates had dreams of starting a business when they started and they had plans within the next few weeks of moving out of that apartment they shared with elliot rodger, not only because they wanted to move on with their own lives, but because just like the roommate situation with rodger was ideal they called him and considered him to be anti-social and complained about the fact that he played loud music in the middle of the night. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." the suspect's family attorney says elliot rodger had asperger syndrome, a form of autism. it interferes with the person's ability to communicate and
6:50 am
function in social settings. some point out it's the same disorder the gunman at sandy hook elementary had, however, experts stress there's no correlation between asperger syndrome and violence. but the syndrome can bring a sense of loneliness and isolation. >> sometimes they internalize it meaning they feel bad about themselves and sometimes they externalize it where they want to blame someone else for how they feel. that sound like that often happens when they want to blame a group of women or they want to blame somebody else. >> that psychotherapist points out that asperger's is very treatable especially when discovered at an early age. they can manage their symptoms and function at a very high level. "today" show will continue our coverage at 7:00 and also updating the story online at nbcbayar and find links to interviews on our home page. it is 6:50 right now.
6:51 am
time to check our microclimate forecast this morning with a live look outside. san jose, san francisco and the san mateo bridge. >> using microclimate forecast you'll give us the forecast for all three. you see the low clouds around san francisco that's a sign of the ocean air conditioning that is turning stronger as we head through the day today and an increase in the wind and bring a decrease in those inland temperatures down from the 80s and 90s we saw over the holiday weekend today most places actually just climbing up to the 70s. oakland 54 degrees and hazy skies. few patches of low clouds in and around the coliseum and cool and blustery evening out at the ballpark as we see temperatures just after first pitch and a's taking on the tigers in the low 60s. right now san jose sunshine and 54 degrees and a pleasant start to the morning but the sea breeze is already out there this morning, out towards fairfield and antioch, you have wind speeds 15 to 20 miles per hour and that coupled with the low clouds you're seeing in san francisco will lead to a cool down today for most of our east
6:52 am
bay inland valleys and down areas south of san jose, too. so, low clouds the story today, too. watching the moisture from hurricane amanda perhaps by wednesday and thursday the storm slowly weakening and winds still 125 miles per hour and category 3 hurricane that will weaken before it impacts baja, california, or the west coast of mexico. large surf coming up with the southerly slope and what's interesting some high cloud cover could get closer pulled to california as the storm starts to unravel by the second half of the week. today the story is the sea breeze keeping temperatures cool and high pressure briefly builds in for wednesday and thursday and temperatures come up a little bit and the moisture from the hurricane at that point thursday into friday will drift into the desert southwest and see if any of that makes its way to southern california and in towards the weekend the trough of low pressure approaches the west coast and that will reinforce the sea breeze and drop our temperatures down and really supersize the marine layer and give us morning drizzle at time and the reason
6:53 am
why your seven-day forecast dropping off as we head towards saturday and sunday. coupled with the sea breeze and air quality around the bay area looks pretty good for most locations from north to south. temperatures around san francisco today, 65 degrees. that's the cooling we're seeing today and the temperatures about the same range as tomorrow. brief warm up on thursday and then cooling as we head into friday and saturday and for the north bay, we'll see temperatures today in the upper 70s to near 80 in napa and tri-valley 79 degrees in danville and santa rosa 81 and north bay and out towards livermore a slight bump up in the temperatures approaching thursday after today's cool down and then the process goes back into a cooling trend as we head towards the start of next weekend. livermore highs in the mid-70s for the upcoming weekend. mike? >> very pleasant and not quite so pleasant on the roadways because of all the company that you have underneath these sunny skies. look at northbound 101 jam here. the map shows you not just 101, but south bay really kick in here from capital expressway and before you get there 101 slows
6:54 am
past the airport and 280 and 85 also showing a pretty typical pattern and 85 a little slower because some folks avoiding 87. the earlier crash, though, reported and the debris across lanes may have cleared because we have a good slow down that started and starting to spread out a bit. watch out for updates from chp and better than news for the south bay. heading south through 680 as you get through san ramon and approaching the dublin interchange and a second crash on the shoulder on highway 84 huge backup right here including these folks that are traveling and trying to cut the corner in through livermore and pleasanton. that's jammed up approaching sunol. getting across the san mateo bridge a little slow and no big surprises there, folks. a live look outside and show you palo alto over on the peninsula and a smooth flow of traffic and 101 past university. northbound a nice, smooth flow,
6:55 am
as well. i was supposed to show you another video and i don't know if i can do that. traffic heading into san francisco and flows nicely and i think we'll have to end the report right here. i wanted to tell you that southbound 280 does open ahead of schedule and that's great news for our cal trans crews. take 280 from at&t park and good stuff for this morning's commute and more crowded than these video shots a little bit earlier, but i did want people to know that it is reopened. back to you guys. >> good to know. thanks, mike. police in mountain view investigating a crash where a car slammed into a building overnight. details just coming in, but as you can see from this video, looked like a sedan smashed into the window of the building. happened at ellis street and national avenue just south of 101. we're still waiting to find out if anyone was hurt. no word on any arrests. today bishop o' dowd high school teachers are refusing to sign a morality clause in thaur new contract. some of them, anyway. they'll meet with the diocese of
6:56 am
oakland. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us in oakland where the teachards aers are being toy cannot return next year unless they sign that document. christi snerx. >> three teachers here in oakland have said no to that contract. and the issue is around a morality clause that goes beyond just school hours. so today the bishop is going to be meeting with faculty trying to smooth things over after this whole issue is kind of blown up. what happened is one catholic schoolteacher told us that she was upset that she wouldn't be returning to bishop o'dowd crossing out the contract wording she didn't agree with. what behavior isn't acceptable is not spelled out, but some parents were upset hoping a contract could at least be put on hold until the diocese of oakland and the teachers could agree on certain language. >> makes me so sad that teachers will choose to leave and good teachers will choose not to come
6:57 am
and parents and students will choose not to come in the future. >> i can't speak for the bishop but i can make a very practical point which is all but five teachers of the thousands of teachers in the diocese of oakland have returned a signed contract. >> he also went on to say it would be impractical to go ahead and issue new contracts. some students were wearing yellow ribbons on their arms to support their teachers in this. in a published interview in the catholic newspaper the bishop said he apologized if the new contract's wording was misinterpreted that he is not on a witchhunt or interested at all in examining teachers' private live. >> thank you, christie. san mateo city planning commission will try to figure out what to do with the land that once housed a popular ice rink. the bridgepoint ice rink stands has submitted new plans. the owner wants to knock the rink down, replace it one retail
6:58 am
store, at least. dozens of community members say the rink should stay and benefits thousands of kids. the ice center closed in 2013 hasn't reopened since. 6:57. people living in one mountain view neighborhood will ask the city council tonight to force at&t to remove a self-coverage boosting tower. the antenna was recently put up on top of a utility pole near the intersection. just a few blocks away from los altos high school. the palo alto daily news reports the box is 12 feet off the ground and they're worried the students will climb the pole and turn off the system. at&t says the switch is not locked but illegal to tamper with it. the system is meant to close gaps in cell coverage. one final check of today's top stories. police investigating an overnight drive-by shooting in east san jose. they say a woman was outside when a car drove up, someone started shooting. she's going to be okay.
6:59 am
a judge in iran had summoned facebook founder mark zuckerberg facebook owned instagram violated their privacy. the apps were blocked in iran. facebook is already blocked in that country, as well. classes are canceled at uc santa barbara today and thousands of stupidity will gather on campus to remember the lives of six students murdered in that killing spree friday night. flags at all ten uc campuses statewide will fly at half staff in solidarity. a quick check of the forecast with rob before we go. breezy and cooler and temperatures in the 70s inland and the wind on the bridges could be up to 35 miles per hour. we have a lot of traffic now, east shore freeway, as well, jammed through richmond to the bay bridge and everybody is getting back to work today. welcome back, folks. >> got to pay for the barbecue. >> we'll be back with another
7:00 am
local news update for you in about half an hour. 10:25 or so. >> make sure to join us at 11:00, as well. have a great day. durante la noche las autoridades flight 370, nearly 50 pages of raw data pointing to one conclusion but will it help find the missing plane? dangerous weather. a pofl tornado and severe flooding. this morning where more rain is expected. day of morning, classes canceled at uc santa barbara this morning. >>


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