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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 29, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm peggy bunker. new details on a growing problem involving a san francisco company that has used travel visas to india. hundreds of people are frustrated because of a major delay in getting those travel documents. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the indian consulate in san francisco. christie, the consulate is taking a pretty unusual step to diffuse this problem. >> yeah, they are. they've opened their doors to let people in. there are still long lines and some confusion about exactly where people should be, because there are two locations now. but here at the consulate in san francisco, we've seen a few people come out with really big smiles, approved for travel
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visas after waiting out here for days to get one. we talked with one woman who came out with a huge sense of relief. they don't normally process here. this, though, is an exception, after the consulate general in india in san francisco, they replaced a company with cox kings global services for travel documents. they did that on may 21st. that's on bush street. travelers waited there for a long time, some of them flew from l.a., seattle, with thousands of dollars in airline tickets in limbo, trying to get to india. well, the company told us yesterday that their problem started with a commuter problem and a backlog of visa applications as new one started to poor in. travelers say there was just a lot of confusion and delay. they waited and waited. finally, some have had some success. >> so we all were thinking, well, maybe we should still stay there, because that's where they normally process things, but -- so my dad came and stood in line here, and he talked to someone
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this morning, and he said they're making an exception. so we went in here today. they've all been really, really cordial, super friendly. the situations are difficult and everyone's trying to do something different, but they're really trying to accommodate us here. >> it's so much hassle for every single person who comes here, and they don't understand. >> reporter: now, the staff there has apparently been working late, trying to catch up, but we haven't heard from them today. lindsay said she was surprised to find out she would have to pay an extra $100 for processing here at the consulate. they told her the alternative was to go back to bush street and start over. she said she'd rather pay $500 than do that. so she went ahead and paid the $100 here. she leaves june 12th. i've reached out to the consulate this morning, trying to get a comment about this, and so far, they haven't had any anything to say. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news.
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>> former nsa leaker edward snowden says if he could go anywhere in the world, it would be home. his asylum in russia runs out in august and the question remains, what happens next? in an exclusive sit-down interview with nbc news last night, snowden told brian williams, he considers himself a patriot. he insisted he tried to work within the system, complaining repeatedly to supervisors before fleeing the country and leaking crucial details about the u.s. government's domestic spying program. secretary of state john kerry calls him a traitor and a coward, but snowden claims what he did, he did to protect the country. >> i may have lost my ability to travel, but i've gained the ability to go to sleep at night, to put my head on the pillow, and feel comfortable that i've done the right thing, even when it was the hard thing. and i'm comfortable with that. >> the obama administration says clemency for snowden or even dropping the charges is not an option. we spoke with a bay area man who
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blew the whistle just like snowden a decade ago. mark klein says back in 2003, as he work eed as a san francisco-based at&t technician, he installed a splitter that sent a copy of communications data to a secret room on market street set up by the nsa. these were what would become known as the bush era wiretaps. wiretaps that then senator obama criticized. klein said he knew it was illegal and he kept the company documents after he retired in 2004. he told his story two years later. he says he's relieved another person could back up his story with actual government documents. >> delighted, it was an indication of what i was saying. he also revealed programs that were doing are vastly bigger than even i understood at the time. >> klein says the united states should let snowden come home. and you can see more with our interview with mark klein and
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extensive coverage of the nbc news interview with edward snowden on our website, you search the word "whistle-blower." well, students and staff at a san jose high school will hold a vigil tonight to honor one of the young men killed in friday's attack near uc santa barbara. leland high school officials say they expect more than 1,000 people to attend, including george chen's grandmother. chen graduated from leland high school two years ago. he was among two other bay area men who were stabbed to death by their roommate in isla vista. chen's parents probably will not be there, but the school did request some special music for that vigil. it will begin tonight at 8:30 on the campus' main quad. candles will be provided, but people can also bring their own. and hundreds of people in the east bay sent a message to the victims of the shooting and all students at ucsb during a individual jal last night. organizers passed out candles, saying it was a way of standing up against darkness and evil. people wrote on a banner that
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will be sent to ucsb and a large number of people wore sweatshirts bearing the name of the university. one woman who spoke was a roommate of one of the victims. >> shae always loved me. >> flags at all uc campuses will remain at half-staff until sunday. thousands of people also took part in a unique tribute to the victims off the santa barbara coast. this is called a paddle out. this is where you can see swimmers, surfers, kayakers and others forming a circle in the ocean as the sun sets. they did it in memory of those who lost their lives. now, we will continue to cover this story for you as it develops, anytime we're not on the air, you can visit our website, for the very latest information. mountain view city leaders beginning to talk about an
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ordinance to ban magazines holding measure ten bullets. the city council asked mountain view's attorney to do some research on measure "c," the ordinance that was passed in sunnyvale last year that made high capacity magazines illegal. at a meeting tuesday night, former state assembly woman and former mountain view mayor sally laner, appointed to the isla vista rampage as the reason for that ban. investigators in san francisco looking at surveillance video to try to figure out how a man ended up pinned under a car early this morning. it happened at gas station near 24th and geary in the outer richmond district. firefighters had to use a jack to rescue the man. he suffered a serious head injury, but he is expected to survive. >> so when the fire department showed up, he was lodged underneath the tire. so in order to free his head, it was imperative that they hoist the rear end of the vehicle in order to free his head from underneath the tire. >> the driver and the passenger of the car are being questioned
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by police. bryan stow's civil suit against the los angeles dodgers and the team's former owner is set to start today in southern california, we believe it's underway at this time. stow was beaten nearly to death outside dodgers' stadium three years ago today -- or three years ago. before he was put into a coma, stow was a paramedic who worked in santa clara county. he's accusing the team and former owner, frank mccourt, of not providing enough security at that game. stow suffered brain damage, hoost permanently disabled from the beating. owners estimate his lifetime care costs could reach $50 million. in criminal court, two men pleaded guilty to the attack earlier this year. a candy tycoon will become ukraine's next president. the central electoral commission there says he won just under 55% of the vote back on sunday's election. but the results do not appear to have stopped fighting in the country's east. nbc's richard engel covering the story for moscow. >> reporter: less than one week after presidential elections in ukraine, elections that many in
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this part of the world hoped would bring some stability to ukraine, violence in the country continues to escalate. today, at least 14 people were killed when a ukrainian military helicopter was shot down when it was flying over the city of sloviansk, in eastern ukraine. the center of the city is occupied by pro-russian militias. the ukrainian government says that militias in the city used a portable anti-aircraft rocket to down the helicopter. among the dead was a senior ukrainian army general. the ukrainian government has vowed to continue its so-called counterterrorism operations against these pro-russian militias. here in moscow, the government says that the ukrainian government and washington are working together to bring instability to the country, but ukraine and washington both say it is russia that is backing the militia that is keeping the violence going. richard engel, nbc news, moscow.
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turkey's highest court says that the country's ban on youtube is a violation of freedom of expression. today's ruling is a setback for the turkish prime minister, who would like to shut down the video-sharing website. the restrictions on youtube were imposed in march, after an audio recording of the government security meeting was leaked. in that recording, turkish leaders appeared to be discussing a possible military intervention in syria. last month, the high court also ordered turkey to stop blocking the use of twitter in the country. still to come, new surveillance video just released of a chaotic scene at a library. what caused an suv to slam into the building. plus, a local eighth grader moves on to her quest to win the national spelling bee. one of the words that she just knocked out of the park, wait until you hear this one can , c up. and if your quest was merely to make it to thursday, well, you've done did. a beautiful day shaping up. nice and clear out there for now. but things will change rapidly today. peak warmth tomorrow, much
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cooler. and then more change to come for the weekend. we'll take you through those numbers and your specific microclimate in moments. first, mike honda stubbornly refused all debates. now honda's slinging mud, launching false attacks. isn't it time to put the old politics aside? the chronicle endorses ro khanna, saying he "offers an upgrade in congress for silicon valley." and the mercury news says, "ro khanna is ready for the congress of tomorrow... ...while honda is a politician of the past." for our future: ro khanna.
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khanna: i'm ro khanna and i approve this message.
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new video this morning of a car slamming through the front door of a library in new york. it is rather violent. the tornado rav-4 turned into the lot in spring valley and then suddenly accelerated. you'll see a girl jump out of its way in the path. look, whoo, that was close. the suv went through the front of the library, smashed into desks, six people were hurt, including one teen pinned under the suv. fortunately, though, as of this morning, all of the victims are out of the hospital. the driver claims that it was mechanical trouble. no charges have been filed. we also have video of an oil tanker that exploded off the coast of japan. this happened earlier this morning. seven crew members rescued, but the ship's captain is still missing. four of those crew members are recovering from serious burns. the ship exploded while the workers were on deck. investigators looking into what started that fire.
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and boy, speaking of that car ride into the library, a new report out this morning looks at how well cars help you to avoid a crash in the first place. the insurance institute for highway safety tested 24 cars and suvs and looked at their high-tech crash prevention system. a superior rating was given to vehicles that both warn the driver of a potential crash and also apply automatic brakes to slow the car down. in 2014, chevy impala was the only non-luxury car to achieve the highest safety rating. other vehicles also getting top marks include the bmw 5 series, the bmwx5 and the mercedes-benz e-class, the buick regal, and the cadillac cts and xts and the 2015 hyundai genesis. a southern california city, meanwhile, has officially dropped its fight against the maker of the popular hot sauce, siracha. the city initially issued that
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declaration after residents started complaining about spicy odors burning their throats and eyes. the siracha maker says it's fixed the problem. this morning, a man is behind bars after attacking actor brad pitt during a movie premiere in hollywood. take a look at the photos taken just after the attack. this happened during angelina's movie premiere. witnesses saw the man jump over a barrier and strike pitt in the face. the police took the man into custody. he was reportedly okay after the attack. he continued work the press line. the suspect has a history of pulling pranks on hollywood stars. you might have heard of some of these, according to the "l.a. times," earlier this month he was at the cannes film festival in france where he crawled under actress america ferrara's dress. he had a pair of run-ins with stars in 2013. you might remember in 2012, he reportedly kissed will smith or at least tried to at the moscow premiere of "men in black: 3."
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i think will smith gave him a good flug for that one. >> for sure. it took just over ten hours for one kick starter campaign to get more than $1 million in funding. >> $400 now. 30 seconds. yeah! >> those are the campaign backers, lavar burton and mark wolf celebrating the milestone has it happened. burton is well known of the host of the former tv show, now tablet app, "reading rainbow," and of course was on "star trek" for many years. this will help the online version of the show available to more children. the campaign continued to raise money overnight. it's at now more than $1.5 million. well, rapper snoop lion, joe montana, and other big-name celebrities will host a benefit in san francisco tonight, all in hopes of promoting peace. this is part of snoop's no guns allowed campaign. and if you're confused, because i was, snoop lion used to be snoop dog.
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so we'll clear that up. the event will start with a discussion about the importance of gun violence solutions, followed by an auction of snoop's paintings and other belongings. proceeds will benefit the no guns allowed initiative and the snoop youth football league. guests will include former san francisco mayor willie brown, rapper mc hammer, and hall of famer, ronnie lots. that event is going on at brimer street. ticket prices at one movie theater are actually going down. the "mercury news" reports cinema 12 theaters slashed tickets for the summer. they dropped to $8.50 and a special $7 ticket to moviegoers who show their san jose public library card. well, take a look at this. this is a vanilla bean mocha frappuccino. the most expensive starbucks drink ever ordered. it cost $55, because it has 60 shots of espresso. we hope this is decaf. it was served to a man in dallas
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in his own 128-ounce vase. that man tweeted these pictures and he says he drank the whole thing. >> you know, if yoneed your coffee served to you in a vase, that might be a sign that you might need a little more rest. well, with an eighth grader can rest in the south bay. she's in the finals for the national spelling bee tonight. >> that's right. neha from cupertino spelled two words correctly in the fifth and sixth rounds, winning her a spot in a group that advanced to the finals was the word glocesent. she'll compete against 11 other finalists. >> there she is, on the right-hand side there in the front. >> good job to her. >> yes. in the meantime, a woman i have no idea how good her spelling is, but her forecasting is spot-on! >> thank you. it's going to be great. grrreat, right? tony the tiger taught me
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everything i know. 76 degrees right now in concord. we're at 73 in san martin. i really wanted to show you this map, because it tells a story of the bay area microclimates. look at this, we're 59 degrees right now in half moon bay. just up the road, though, you're at 71 degrees in san francisco. now, that's on the bay side of the city, at the media coast, we're getting more of that onshore flow. so as a result, temperatures are already starting to moderate there. it's still going to be hot inland. not getting at of that marine influence here, until later on tonight. then you'll notice those low clouds are back. a weak disturbance will come through. as a result, we'll start out cloudy tomorrow and your temperatures, they'll tumble 10 degrees. so here's what we're working with over alcatraz, mostly clear conditions here. 5 to 7, though. that's all going to change as that fog rolls right back in. so warmest day of the week, 83 for the south bay. not too bad in san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s for you. 87 degrees in the east bay. and 80 degrees along the peninsu peninsula. so let's get right to it, because we have a big weekend
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coming up. that evening fog rolls in between 5:00 and 7:00. for tomorrow, you'll probably want to break out that coat for the first time of the day. limited sunshine, lots of clouds, and temperatures will be noticeably cooler. and as we get into the weekend, seasonally mild for saturday, and we warm you up rapidly on sunday. your best bet for getting to the beach is going to be on sunday. it will be much warmer than what we're expecting on saturday. as we get into next week, guys, the heat is on. we're talking about elevated fire danger, also potential for the 90s, maybe even triple digits by the end of next week. that's what we're watching for next, but overall, hard to beat the 80s. that's the warmest day of the week. 70s by tomorrow. back to you. >> a lot of pool days, christina. thank you so much. after makie ining several p happy in the south bay, the hidden cash guy moves on. >> where he is dropping his cash now, we'll tell you.
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oh, thank goodness. the scooter is back. hunter pence's favorite ride to work was returned to the giant's
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clubhouse yesterday by san francisco police, motorized scooter was stolen from out in front of a restaurant on the embarcadero sunday night. pence offered a signed bobblehead for its safe return, but whoever had the scooter remains unknown. no bobblehead for him. pence had already bought a new scooter, so he says he may auction this one off for charity. >> that has become a very famous scooter. >> very famous. well, unfortunately the thrill for the bay area is over. it's l.a.'s turn for the money. >> we're talking about the anonymous man with the twitter handle, hidden cash, who's been leaving envelopes full of cash all around the bay area. late last night he tweeted, next up, travel scholarship or burning man tickets. you vote. no more drops in l.a. 'til tomorrow afternoon. so yesterday he left money all over the south bay. in fact, you could see some people here were very excited. >> some are green or black or even purple. they grow in your garden. go to trash, find the cash. >> well, that olive garden in
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san jose was one of the lucky spots. the last envelope was actually find right here in front of nbc bay area studio where one of our colleagues found 120 bucks. >> i ran to the newsroom and started looking and found it inside a bush. >> the man behind the hidden cash says he'll now head to new york after dropping off more envelopes in l.a. creating a lot of fun there. san mateo county honors the ordinary people who are being called heroes now. that's after the break.
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well, every day there are heroes stepping in at a moment's notice, helping strangers. >> you always hope you'd do the exact same thing as some of these people. but today the american red cross recognized those who had really made a difference in people's lives. the organization held their 2014 san mateo county hero's breakfast for those in the community who have shown courage, dedication, and character. among them is ed flank, who saved a man who was choking on his food. he says he was just at the right place at the right time. >> you know, it gave me time to
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think about what first responders do every day. they are so highly trained that they just react. they don't have to really think about what they're doing. and i think it was the training that enabled me to do what i needed to do. >> and this boy, 14-year-old ryan trainer, was also recognized for his work on literacy in impoverished area. he collected 20,000 books for kids and created a youth literacy council so that the organization could continue to help kids read. >> that is so cool. >> good for them. >> they hear these stories from the community and they pull these people together. it's remarkable. >> it really is. >> yeah. >> it's phenomenal. so hot weather coming? >> hot weather coming, but right now i think you'll want to get out of the studio if you can. 75 degrees, we'll take it in the south bay. 70 for the east bay. and 71, holding on to that warmth in san francisco. >> we'll take it! >> sounds perfect. >> have a great thursday, everyone.
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller,
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to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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