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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and good evening, everyone. >> we begin with a merge's heartache. said her son was her whole life, but his life taken away in the rampage. >> a tribute tonight for san whenland high school where he graduated in 2012. more than a thousand people came out to he show support. we have more on a very emotional evening. >> jennifer, tonight, george was
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surrounded by hundreds of former classmates and teachers, offering their deepest sim sympathy and support. >> i pray that there will be an end of killing innocence and there has to be an end of killing innocence. >> the mother of 19-year-old george spoke in front of hundreds tonight asking everyone to search their souls and replace any hatred and violence with love. >> you will give love and care to your neighbor. to the neighbor of your neighbor. >> chen was one of three men police say elliot rodger killed inside his apartment before going on a shooting rampage that would leave another five dead. >> life changes forever. >> chen's dad says he spoke to his son nine days before he was killed. chen was following in his
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father's foot steps following computer science. tonight his teachers and friends called him generous and kind. >> he had such potential. such ability. such great humor and such a positive attitude. he was a good person. >> this vigil tonight is proof of the kindness he showed us. and that's how i want to remember george. i want all of us to remember george. i want to celebrate the moments we had with him to celebrate his unwaivering kindness. >> chen would have been home for a summer break in two weeks. something his parents say they were looking forward to. now mourning his death and trying to for the mass killings. >> i dent want to stand here. my son can come back, i don't need to stand here. and i hope i'm the last one to stand here. >> the vigil ended with chen's favorite song, love and care.
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all of the lyrics were handed out to everyone who came to the vigil. they were all asked to sing in honor of him. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. we have new details into the investigation. before the rampage, authorities knew of the disturbing youtube tapes made by elliot rodger but they never viewed them until after the rampage. they said they were not aware of the disturbing clips. in those clips rodger outlined his violent plan and hatred for many people. >> several celebrities united to talk about gun violent in the wake of this mass killing. no guns allowed campaign which launched last year, spear headed by the league of young voters and legendary rapper, snoop dogg. there he is. mc hammer, 49ers legend, joe montana, along with ron con by and former mayor willie brown were among the vips. main message was a call to
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action. >> we can correct but we have to do it as a community and as a country, not as individuals. >> this is outrageous. we need to do something about it. and i don't mind standing up for a rel cause. that's why i'm here. and i want my voice to be heard. i want pt em that follow me to get behind this movement and push the same push that we pushing. >> tonight's event is held at the headquarters of air b & b and was also a fund-raiser. >> an unsettled assault caught on camera at oakland high school after a student in a chair was lingering in the hallway. that student was wheeled to class. when the student tried to slap, he slapped him and as the student spat, the guard hit him several times and dumps him on to the floor. the principal sent out a letter explaining the incident and apologizing.
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in part is t read quote i'm shocked and deeply hurt by this he behave your and apologize on behalf of the staff by oakland hi. this is not the kind of culture we cherish at school or how we treat one another. that guard is charged with felony child abuse. parent in pleasanton learned their placement tests were invalidated and have it take them again. among 400 students, retaking her biology next week. parent found out from an automated call from the principal informing them that the college board found irregularities in two rooms during testing session last month. the issue, desks not far apart enough. after months of studying and preparing, they will have to take the test again. she is worried and her parents frustrateed. >> finals are coming up in the next two weeks. i'm supposed to be preparing for finals.
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instead i have to worry about this ap test. >> i'm definitely going to address the vice principal and principal of the school and my frustration. my issue is the kids did nothing wrong. >> one of many parents that will be at the meeting set for tomorrow morning to discuss the problem. tonight, the superintendent of schools told me that teachers and staff will do everything they can to help support parent and lighten the school load on student. student will be given the option to retake the test or receive a refund. >> a high-tech tycoon is jumping in the basketball. not larry elson, steve ballmer. former microsoft ceo is spending $2 billion to buy the l.a. clippers. pending league approval, he will take over the franchise from the embattled owner donald sterling. the nba was pressuring sterling to sell the team following the racially charged recording scandal. he bought them for $12 million and will sell them for $2 billion.
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steve ballmer's personal wealth is estimated at $20 billion. he dropped out of college to join microsoft in 1980. he was named ceo in january of 2000. he retired in february. >> now with the ongoing saga of the casino matrix, the card room is in jeopardy of being shut down this summer. state officials didn't renew the operating licensed to. instead the california gambling control commission voted to schedule a hearing it lock into accusation that the owners hid millions in profit. the license expires saturday but the casino will be allowed to stay open pending result of the hearing. expected to take place in a few months. >> change is prompting more officers to leave their job with the san jose police department. four officers resigned when changes to the disability retirement benefits kicks in. here is the change, if an officer now gets hurt on the job we he may be forced to take a desk job. officers told nbc bay area that
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those are the first positions to go when budget cuts come around. it's possible the department could lose 200 officers to retirement in the next two years. >> it is just not a place where we feel we will be taken care of, in terms of if we get hurt on the job. >> there is way too much padding of retirement benefits. >> deputy city manager said an audit shows the city was spending money on officers who retire on disability. >> interesting debate about the end of your life. is modern medicine prolonging life or the dying process? new studies at stanford reveal doctors don't want aggressive treatment in their final days. jean joins us on campus with more. jean? >> doctors are trained to save lives. no matter how old the patient is. it turns out most doctors don't want all of the advance treatment available at hospitals when it's their time to go. >> i just want the best
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treatment and the right care. >> i'm sure that what we would like is a quiet departure. >> planning the end of your life is a personal decision. the school of medicine reveals how doctors plan it pass. most say they would decline the aggressive treatment they often deliver. >> and they know that at the end, the aggressive treatment doesn't really help. it just prolongs agony. >> jeff newman with the institute on aging says doctors are trained and obligated to act. without family opposing fraemt or an advanced health care directive, that limit intervention. doctors will work to prolong life. >> to give the full treatment. >> newman says tell the doctor your wishes. have a directive. and for life sustaining treatment. >> in the context of, enormous
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amounts of money tossed into emergency care for people aught a place where they are really end stage and it shouldn't happen. >> jerry and kathy learned the importance of documentation when their parents were near the end. without intervention, the medical system is set up to save lives. >> she got ill at one point. i think pneumonia, and they wanted to rush her off to the hospital. we add document that said, under no condition does she want it go to the hospital. >> they fought for a peaceful end for their loved ones and understand why doctors want to avoid what can be agony in a hospital. and it avoid that agony, you need a health care directive. most of these are on paper. you have to give them to a doctor or family member has to. the san francisco med association says there is an effort to make these documents electronic for more efficient access. reporting live at stanford, jean elle, nbc news.
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>> a new taxi that could forever change space travel. >> and just into our newsroom, mark zuckerberg about the massive donation he is giving to schools. >> standing on glass with the city beneath them, then the sound of cracks. what's next? >> rolling right into san francisco, we will have details on how much the temperatures will be tomorrow. coming up. but if you want awesome sky camera news like this, go to you can check the weather 24 hours aday. back with that full forecast in just a few minutes.
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billionaire is at it again. tonight, showing the world the future of space flight, or so he hopes. the space taxi seats seven. take a look. >> taking the stage like a rock star, unveiling his latest project. called dragon v 2. the first private spaceship. think of it as a tesla for astronauts. >> his new capsule fits up to seven space travellers. he showed off this animation at space x headquarters in southern california and insisted that the dragon v2 will be able to land
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with helicopter accuracy anywhere in the world. >> that is how a 21st century space ship should land. >> not just a landing but the departure of the past, also how quickly his version would be ready to relaunch. >> it enables rapid reusability of the spacecraft. so you can just reload propellant, and fly again. >> inside, you can see the design bears a striking resemblance to what you see in one of his electric cars. >> we aim for something with version it for interfaces and for the overall aesthetic as something that's very clean, very simple. and so as a pilot you are able to interact with the screens overhead. >> so the big question, when will this space taxi be ready? announcing a date for that test flight, however, nasa with elan
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musk hopes it is ready by 2017. google is pulling back the curt yn on its own diversity members. some 70% of employees are men. if you lock at the female work force most of white with 30% being asian. latino and black women in single digits. numbers have people asking how to diverse if i the work force. some say the answer is to start at the top. >> i am a woman, i know a lot of woman, we meet women. our social networks are comprised of women. if you are interested in having more women in your business, you need to change the structure and the gender distribution of your social network. >> a diverse local university like san jose state, tech companies have been reluctant to disclose the make-up of their work forces. google says it released its numbers as first step toward changing them. the only other tech titan to
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freely release race and gender info is intel. silicone bay area family, mark zuckerberg and his wife pledge millions to help schools in their neighborhood. it will pay for new equipment and training. the money will be used to start new charter schools. the first $5 million will cover technology upgrids and improve internet access at high needs schools in ravens wood, redwood city and san francisco school districts. tou tomorrow, sitting down with mark zuckerberg's wife, priscilla chan. >> the highest minimum waning in the country, setting our minimum wage at there are 13 bucks an hour by the end of 2017.
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workers who make tips would also make $13 an hour. minimum wage would rise each year to keep pace with inflation. california's minimum wage is already set to jump to $9 an hour this july. the bill now heads to the state of assembly. >> let's check in with chief meteorologist, jeff. our micro climate forecast. and some temperature changes. >> we are looking a at colder weather coming our way, as early as tomorrow. we did see a hint of some of that cooler weather. today ocean beach in san francisco with 58 degrees. checking out the difference, just six miles made across the san francisco peninsula. going into san francisco, 78 degrees, 20 degrees warmer in 6 miles. that's because of the ocean breeze beginning. colder west areally flow. just not strong enough to reach into downtown. nonetheless, very ex record ext
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look at. from the south bay, peninsula, east bay, currently 56. few clouds. it is all about san francisco right now. you will see the fog continuing to roll in at this hour. marine layer up to about a thousand feet. it is all about this trough of low pressure. thing about this is it does not look nearly as strong as it does earlier this week. still the fog. we just don't think the temperatures will drop as much as we head into saturday and also sunday's forecast. can you check it out on the scrolling seven-day forecast. we are looking at not only fog, on the sky camera network, but a 75% chance of drizzle at the immediate coastline. so yes, foggy. and areas of drizzle over the weekend at the immediate coastline. as far as tomorrow goes, if you're doing anything outside in the morning, getting low. then as we head through the day,
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fog line at the immediate coastline. here is the best part. throughout napa, marrin, and so yeah, starting off with cloud cover. that's the biggest change. by the afternoon, sunny skies will be returning p. with that westerly flow in place, check it out. temperatures are going to be dropping anywhere from 3 to 7 degrees from what we experienced today. san jose down to 76. morgan hills, furtherest from that ocean breeze, 79. then cooling done dra mat ukly across the peninsula. and instead of 80s in palo alto, down to 75. and san francisco, 62 along the embarcadaro. going towards the marina. temperatures just in the 50s. let's take you to north bay, east bay and tri valley. napa close to 80 for tomorrow. thence sausalito, a rude awakening after 70s today.
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all right. bit weekend, let's get to the goods here. coolest on saturday. for the two days most of us have off. through saturday, sem tours warm up. we should good from 79 in south bay up to 82 on sunday. and for the north bay 79 to 85. if you look for something to do, something maybe never checked out. sunset magazines. celebration weekend, happening. we got great weather both saturday and sunday. maybe check this out or anything else. looks good this weekend. >> perfect time to be here. >> rare finish to the national spelling bee. back in a moment. is there an elk in your bed?
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it may be a turning point in the epic star wars museum. ed lee now offering george lucas a piece of waterfront property near the bay bridge for his cultural center. proposing seawall lot 330, across pr piers 30-32. where the basketball team looked
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at for their new stadium. the city trust rejected his bid for under the bay bridge but offered him another spot. >> she didn't win it all but made the bay area proud. cuperti cupertino's nehah got tripped up with this word. >> t-a-g-l-i-o-n-e. >> oh, so close. the bell that she didn't want it hear. fellow competitors gave the cupertino teenage er a standing ovation as they left the stage. so who won in both boys exhausted the list of 25 designated championship words.
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they each get the troughy and more than $33,000 in prizes. first time we've had a tie or co-winners in 53 years.
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good evening. the comcast sportsnet studios. the biggest surprise for the giant through 54 games hasn't been the pitching or offense in general. you have to go a little deeper. as in situational hitting with two out. key role once again in st. louis. giants and cardinals game one. down one in the eighth. pagan singles to center. relay gets past month lilino he. blaco hustles. just like that, tied. michael morris, diving. petener center. pagan scores. pablo motors from first. he crosses home. giants win 6-5 with three two-out rbi hits. a's tie the final game of the series at the coliseum.
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nick showing surprise pop. two-run homer to right. first of the year. a's take a 2-1 lead. top of the seventh. victor martinez facing jim johnson. johnson continues to struggle. two runs score, including eventual winner. tigers win by 4 and get a split in the series. >> i don't know what to tell you. throwing pretty good pitches. just feel like o a little bit of bad luck. i don't think it is as bad as it seems but i think everybody else thinks that way. >> on the hoop front, curry's contributions on the court are well known nationwide among fans. now beginning recognition, curry honored with nba community assist award. honor recognizes a player who best reflects the passion of the league who gives back to the community. he talks about how steve curry dialled him up after becoming his new head coach. >> so soon after the playoffs
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and obviously what changed is kind of question mark kind of deals. he took the initiative to reach out and tell me about the decision. and let him know, he can do whatever he could to take our team to the next level. and hope i can be a huge part of that. >> finally, cultural media. steve ballmer owning clippers is a big win for the city of l.a. jason whitlock added, jsilver i the big winner. more news coming up after the break.
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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in every life, there are when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances. okay, scary enough for people who love heights, the view, the ledge, building in chicago 103 stories up. last night two guys from central valley heard a cracking noise. look down and saw the glass cracking on the sky deck. >> hear the cracking. >> first off is get off immediately. and the second, you feel like you're going to fall. >> then taping it, what actually cracked is the protective coating which doesn't affect the structural integrity. but scary, nonetheless. the sky deck will stay open while crews replace the coating.
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in the meantime, they covered the cracking with a carpet. >> so they thought they were going to fall. but they were still taping. >> of course. if you fall, you want to tape if you good down. >> i still wouldn't trust it. see the carpet? no. >> thanks for joining us here at 11:00. hope you enjoy your friday. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- billy joel. chelsea clinton. and featuring the legendary


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