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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 30, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now at 11:00, caught on camera, a bay area high school security guard attacks a student in a wheelchair. we hear from the student this morning. plus, a big shake up in the obama administration. the v.a. secretary resigns in the wake of a growing scandal. and also a live look outside at san jose this friday morning. meteorologist christina loren says we are looking at two different sides to the weekend. we're going to let you know what your specific forecast will be, coming right up. well, good morning, everyone. happy friday. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm peggy bunker. we do want tote will you know, new at 11:00, eric shinseki is
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out this morning. the secretary to veteran affairs, the president praised him, but accepted his resignation in the wake of a report about the horrifying problems at v.a. hospitals across the country. nbc bay area's steve handelsman has the very latest now from capitol hill. >> reporter: at the white house, v.a. secretary eric shinseki told president obama that he wants to fix the mess at the v.a., but believes instead somebody else has got to do it. and president obama stepped the retired four-star general's resignation. >> the v.a. needs new leadership to address them. he does not want to be a distraction because his priority is to fix the problem and make sure our vets are getting the care that they need. that was rick's judgment on behalf of his fellow veterans. and i agree. we don't have time for distractions, we need to fix the problem. >> reporter: this morning, the v.a. secretary stepped up his rhetoric, telling a homeless veteran's conference, there was a lack of integrity by some at
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the v.a. in phoenix, after investigators confirmed 100-day waits for care there, and a cover-up by senior officials. >> that reach of integrity is irresponsible, it is indefensible, and unacceptable to me. but i can take responsibility for it. and i do. >> reporter: more than 100 members of congress from both parties have called for shinseki to go. >> and should shinseki resign? absolutely, i believe he should. >> reporter: but shinseki today won praise from the president. >> he's been a champion of our veterans. and where there's problems, he has been ready and willing to get in there and fix them. >> reporter: shinseki's deputy, sloan gibson, take over for now, and the focus shifts back to what went so wrong in phoenix, and to making sure that long waits and bad care and cover-ups are scrubbed out of the v.a. system. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington.
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shinseki is not the only change for the obama administration. just moments ago, the president announced that white house press secretary, jay carney, is leaving his post. john ernest will be taking over that position. big change. we are learning new details this morning about a problem that's forcing hundreds of bay area students to retake their a.p. tests, just weeks before graduation. this morning, parents had a chance to sound off and sound off they did. nbc bay area's christie smith live at amador high school in pleasanton. and christie, all because of where the students were sitting when they took the test. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. good morning to you. and i have to tell you, a lot of the parents who left that meeting were pretty upset. it's finals time. a lot of kids finishing up on their last-minute projects, and now 400 students are going to have to re-take their a.p. exams. not because of any allegations of cheating, but because of seating irregularities. >> it's a little disappointing that it was three weeks ago and we have to probably re-study a lot of the things that we've
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forgotten over the last couple of weeks, but it shouldn't be too bad. i mean, we've got a lot of bright students here. >> reporter: that student told us he's going to be taking a statistics test once again next week at amador valley high school. the principal tells us there was an anonymous tip. and the college educational testing service investigated. what they told us was that a student was actually concerned. ets found us that the seats were too close together and not facing the same direction. so those test scores were thrown out. the district tried to fight it, but that didn't work. the principal says that these seats were not five feet apart, maybe just a few inches off. they said they apologized and are trying to make it right. >> we could have been a little bit more mindful of the placement of students. the challenge and the blessing and the curse is we have more and more students taking a.p. every year, so we try to pack a couple more kids in, and by virtue of doing that, we shifted the directionality of a table, and all students were impacted
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by that. >> the reason i'm so angry is because our kids didn't do anything wrong, but they are the ones who are being punished. >> reporter: now, that principal tells us that the testing in the other rooms was actually fine. that 75% of the scores will remain valid. that students can re-take those tests quickly, so that the scores will be included with everyone else's. in fact, they're going to be starting that on monday. and the school is offering extra study sessions. there was a parent informational meeting this morning. there's another one this afternoon at 1:30 and again, another one tomorrow morning at 10:00. reporting live in pleasanton, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right, christie, thank you. and you may remember, this has happened before. last year in millbrae, the college board and education testing service threw out hundreds of a.p. test scores from mills high school after what they called seating irregularities. those students were also forced to retake those tests.
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>> parents rallied at bishop o'dowd high school in oakland this morning. they're upset that several teachers felt like they were forced to quit their jobs. at least five teachers quit over language in the morality clause that they were ordered to sign by the oakland diocese. well, under the new contracts, some teachers were concerned they could be fired for being gay, having pre-marital sex or even using birth control. >> this morning, we're hearing from the disabled student attacked by a bay area school security officer. last week's attack was caught on surveillance video at oakland high. school leaders say a school security officer found francisco martinez in the hall, late for class. he started wheeling martinez to class, but the freshman resisted. at some point, the reports say the child spit on or towards the officer. investigators then say the officer hit martinez several times, dumping h ining him on t. that officer was arrested and charged with child abuse. >> and so i don't think that's fair. and all i'm asking is for justice. because this is not supposed to
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happen here at school. i'm supposed to be coming to school, feeling safe and protected. >> now, the principal sent out a letter to parents and staff, explaining the incident and apologizing. it reads in part, quote. i'm shocked and deeply hurt by this behavior and apologize on behalf of the staff at oakland high. this incident is not reflective of the kind of culture we cherish at our school or how we treat one another. well, today marks one week since a 22-year-old man carried out a bloody rampage, killing six uc santa barbara students. now we are learning more about the investigation into eliot roger in the weeks before the murders. deputies revealed that they knew about disturbing videos that roger posted on youtube, three weeks before the attack. however, they say, they never watched them. they had previously said they didn't know about the videos until after the rampage. in the clips, roger outlined his violent plan and showcased his hatred. his last video was posted just ten minutes before the first shot was fired. and the parents of a san jose man who was killed in as mass murder are now asking
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everyone to help put an end to violence. 19-year-old george chen was remembered at a tearful tribute last night at leland high school. that's where he graduated from in 2012. while many spoke of his smile and good nature, they also cried out for an end to these killings that have hurt so many families across the country. >> i don't want to stand here. my son can come back, i don't need to stand here. and i hope i'm the last one to stand here. >> it's hard to listen to that. that is chen's mother. she went on to ask everyone to search their souls and replace any hatred or violence with love. 11:08. this morning, in her first-ever tv interview, dr. priscilla chan sat down with savannah guthrie on today. chance is mark zuckerberg's wife. she talked about everything from her husband's eating half and his signature hoodie to being half of the biggest power
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couple. >> i've seen you described as the kate middleton of silicon valley. on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being extremely cringe inducing and 1 being sort of flattering, where does that fall? >> we're pretty close to a 10. that's -- it's just not how i see myself. i see myself as someone who's learning to working with kids and work as a doctor and i do a lot of unglamorous things in my everyday life. and it's worth it to me. >> dr. chan is a former teacher. she recently graduated from medical school. she's training to become a pediatrician. the couple met in line for the bathroom at a harvard fraternity party. chance says they do hope to have kids one day, but right now too busy taking care of other people's children. go to for the entire interview. now, zuckerberg and dhan pledged $120 million to help bay area schools in low-income neighborhoods. this gift is through their education foundation, spread out over the next five years.
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the money will help start public and charter schools as well as pay for equipment, training, and programs at existing schools. the first $5 million will cover technology upgrades and improving internet access at schools in ravenswood, redwood city, and san francisco school districts. well, you know, they may have met at harvard, but harvard is not the new it school. that's for sure. the new it school for high school graduates, not harvard or yale, but right here in the bay area. we're talking about stanford. according to the princeton review, stanford is the top dream college for high school seniors. stanford has the lowest undergraduate accept tance rate. five out of the last six years, that is true. it also raises more money than any other university and it also doesn't hurt that the campus is located in the heart of silicon valley. >> the new it school and the new i.t. school as well. still to come, a bay area ceo's vision for space travel. ready for liftoff. elon musk revealing the future, coming up next.
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standby. go! >> and good morning, this is bob redell. we're taking you live here to the valor games, where veterans with disabilities are certainly putting the rest of us to shame. that story coming up in a live report. nice shot! >> bull's-eye, bob! good morning to you. overcast right now in san francisco. let me show you the difference in the tri-valley. nice and sunny over the hills in sunol. we've got a good-looking weekend shaping up. and then that heat cranks next week. your forecast in moments.
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welcome back. wounded warriors are gearing up for the 2014 valor games far west. a competition for disabled vets. >> a very cool competition if
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and nbc bay area's bob redell is live there in alameda. bob, some pretty amazing athletes are in town there this weekend. >> reporter: we've got about a hundred veterans with disabilities. good morning, peggy and scott. who are going to be coming here to coast guard island here in alameda. and the requirement is, there's going to be six sporting events. the requirement is they have to compete in at least four and they don't have to have ever competed in that sport before. whether it's swimming or archery, where you can see we're at the range right now. hence the reason why you have other people with disability who will be running these clinics. we're talking about people who are pretty good at this sport of archery. like jeff over here, three-time paralympici paralympici paraolympian, just took a gold in london in 2012. what's your message to these vets when they come out here? >> first and foremost, come out here, try. don't give up. if you don't think you can do a sport, try it, because you'll probably surprise yourself. >> you lost your arm and leg in
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a motorcycle accident when you were a kid? >> when i was 15 years old. i've gone through life like this, so i know how they're feeling. >> show me how it's done. >> three olympic paralympic gold medals. this bow is so powerful, the rahr rows are going through jeff's target there and he uses his mouth. and it went through the target, and looked like he went right through the bull's-eye, close to it. >> pretty easy for you? >> kind of routine. got a few years of doing it. >> reporter: did you shoot before the accident as well? >> i did, but not at the level i'm at now, by no means. >> reporter: better now? >> oh, just a little bit. >> reporter: nice talking with you. thank you very much. all right, janice walt, she's down here. hey, janice. hey, i'm right here. janice, hey, i'm right here. janice has been blind since birth. but you're still able to shoot and your buddy, mark strand, who's behind you, an army
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veteran, he was blinded, visually impaired by an ied, is going to show you how it's done. you have a sight. someone sets the sight up for you, and how do you know whether you're on target or not? >> we can set up the equipment on the line, and a sighted person has to sight us in, so that we're shooting and actually hitting the target. then once that happens, we can move, adjust our sight, according to where we're lying on the target. >> erin, walk around to where mark's at, and you'll see the back of his left hand. he'll put it up against the sight and he knows where that spot is. you can see it on the bottom of his left, right thumb, left knuckle. >> that's how we sight by touch. and then instead of by sight, and then the foot locator makes sure that we're standing in the same place on the shooting line each time. everything else is the same as any other archer, sighted or not, you have to learn the proper shooting form. >> janice, thank you very much. and i want to throw a quick question to mark, as it looks like he's going to hit his third
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bull's-eye. your message to fellow vets? >> just shoot straight and just have confidence in yourself. >> well, you know, i don't know if you know, you hit three close to bull's-eye. that's pretty impressive. >> thank you. >> reporter: appreciate it. thanks for talking with us. valerie, janice, thank you very much. it starts today and runs through sunday here at coast guard alameda, station alameda. it is open to the public, and right now they're getting ready to do a clinic for their other competitors coming here, but quite remarkable. i didn't know that this was ever possible. and looks like mark's going for his -- he went through the target, bull's-eye. >> i like that. shoot straight and have confidence in yourself. i think that's good advice for just about anything. >> bob redell, thank you. a major unveil from spacex's ceo, elon musk. last night he showed the world the future of space flight, or so he hopes. >> it's called dragon version 2.
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it's the first spaceship capable of orbiting the earth. musk showed off an animation and insisted the dragon v yn 2 will be able to land with helicopter accuracy anywhere in the world. >> that is how a 21st century spaceship should land. >> musk is also the ceo of bay area-based tesla, of course, and inside, the interior bears a striking resemblance to the electric cars made in fremont. >> we've aimed for something with version 2 for the interfaces and for the overall aesthetic of something that's very clean, very simple, and so as the pilot, you're table to interact with the screens overhead. >> now, the one thing musk did not announce is when this space taxi will be ready. but nasa is partnering with musk, hoping it will be ready by 2017. >> that's amazing. >> it is. meanwhile, one of chicago's biggest tourist attractions, back open this morning. >> that is, if you're up for it. after this little debacle, crews
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did fix a glass ledge atop the willis tower after it appeared to crack right under a family of four that was standing on it at the time. the willis tower, probably known to most americans by its old name, the sears tower. yesterday, workers installed a new protective coating that's designed to go over that thick glass. the damage was first spotted earlier this week after that family from california is sitting there on vacation. they were on that 103rd floor there on that observation. they say it was structurally safe, what broke was the protective coating, which happens on occasion. >> when i'm sitting down, all i'm seeing is from the ledge to the glass, so i see that part crack, i immediately hop off. i literally ran to the other side of the building. >> as you would, right? the glass ledge is designed to hold up to 10,000 pounds. willis tower officials think someone may have dropped something on the protective layer, which caused that crack. >> i've seen it, i've never been out on it. >> i don't plan to go out -- i'm not a fan of heights.
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so we'll leave that to the brave folks. >> we'll leave that to the people that like the sky. speaking of, here's christina loren, meteorologist, good morning. >> good morning. look at these microclimates, you guys. you have to love the bay area. because if you don't like the weather on one side, you can always head inland and get a much different scenario. now, look at the difference between san francisco and what we have in the south bay. mostly cloudy there and mostly sunny here. this is the peninsula right in between. and palo alto, mostly cloudy still. so what's happening is onshore flow has returned. your current temperatures, mostly in the 60s. we are on our way to the mid-70s. it's going to be really nice out there today. 73 degrees, a nice cool breeze from the peninsula. that cool ocean air making its way all the way out into the tri-valley. and that is what's leading to the sharp drop in temps for today. increased onshore flow means a comfortable weekend with two very different sides. you're going to get more sunshine and better beach weather on sunday. then, as we get into next week, you'll notice on your seven-day forecast, right there at the bottom of your screen, that heat is going to crank. so enjoy what we have in store
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for you this weekend. 79 degrees in the south bay on saturday. up to 84 on sunday. we'll be in the upper 60s in san francisco on sunday, comfortable conditions if you wanted to hit the city, do a little shopping, take the family out there. and by next week, staying mild through tuesday, and that heat cranks. we could see triple digits by thursday. i want to tell you about something that's happening this weekend. if you've ever considered adopting a pet, maddie's free adoption days is this weekend and the fee is waived at oakland animal services. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. they also get a donation and it's a really, really great event. i have a shelter dog, i know you've got one as well, peggy. >> i've got two at home. that's right. i would probably have more if i could, but then i'd be, you know, one of those. well, history was made at this year's spelling bee. >> we'll tell you all about it, coming up next.
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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11:23 now. for the first time in more than 50 years, two boys took home the top prize at this year's national spelling bee. ansun sujoe of texas and sriram hathwar each get $30,000 each and the trophy. the boys exhausted the list of the 25 designated championship words, most of which no one had ever heard of before. they had no problem with them, though, and they did have a tie. the first time since 1962. >> so they ran out of words. >> they ran out of words to torture those poor boys with. >> amazing. >> even though she didn't win, an eighth grader from cupertino made the bay area very proud. >> she made it to the finals in the national spelling bee. she did get tripped up with this word. >> taglioni. >> t-a-g-l-i-o-n-e, taglioni. >> painful! >> she came so close! right until the very last
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letter. an italian word for old overcoat. and yes, we had to look that up. fellow spellers gave her a standing ovation as she walked off the stage. >> all those kids deserve a standing o., very impressive. we'll be right back.
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well, proud parents and staff presented the first penguin chick at the kansas city zoo. >> take a look at this little guy right there. oh, my goodness. a face a mother could love. this chick hatched this past weekend, covered in soft grey down feathers. he's being very closely watched by both humble penguin parents. the unnamed chick will have a four-day physical exam, during which he'll be weighed and inspected. another egg from different penguin parents also due to hatch in about a week. >> adorable. >> so cute. >> enjoy your weekend. >> thanks for joining us.
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