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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 6, 2014 12:36am-1:38am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- daniel radcliffe. neal brennan.
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morgan spurlock. featuring the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and now, here he is, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing? are we well? is everyone well? excellent. excellent news. and i want to start off tonight -- i'd like to start off tonight with some good news. officials from hamas and israel have agreed to a 72-hour cease-fire. of course, we won't have true peace in the middle east until there's a cease- fire that lasts longer than a mattress sale. [ laughter ] this weekend only, peace in the middle east! you'll sleep like a baby! time is limited!
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get on down here! [ cheers and applause ] get on down here! this is scary. on sunday, a man was admitted to a manhattan hospital with ebola-like symptoms. wow, you really can get anything in new york. [ laughter ] anything. this is interesting. this week mtv announced plans to make a mexican version -- a mexican version -- of the reality show "jersey shore." [ laughter ] it's basically the same as the regular "jersey shore," except everyone has a job. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] the mexican version of "jersey shore" has already cast la situacion. [ laughter ] and esnooki. [ laughter ] but they are -- i've heard from their casting people they're still looking for a yay-woww.
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[ laughter ] yay-woww. [ hispanic accent ] "we've looked everywhere. we cannot find a yay-woww. you're very unique." listen to this. a spanish hotel inspired by "fifty shades of grey" is having its opening delayed because officials are concerned that it's too close to a nearby catholic church. [ laughter ] "we don't want to be next to all those creepy perverts," said the hotel. [ laughter and applause ] this is pretty cool. researchers at the university college london have come up with an equation to predict happiness. here's the equation. happiness equals you minus pants times netflix over the weekend. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] sounds about right. that's math. that's just math.
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i think this is really cool. for the first time ever, broadway's production of "cinderella" will star an african-american woman. for the first time ever. [ cheers and applause ] the show will end after five minutes when she refuses to put up with any b.s. from her stepsisters. [ laughter ] "no. [ laughter ] no. no." [ cheers and applause ] any scrabble fans here? [ cheers and applause ] all right. exciting news for you. scrabble is adding 5,000 new words to its official dictionary including "bromance," "hashtag," "dubstep," and "selfie." [ cheers and applause ] game designers hope the new words will make the game more appealing to idiots. [ laughter ]
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this is cool. bravo has a new show called "the singles project" which will follow six new york professionals as they're set up on dates with people they meet on twitter. thanks for the idea, said "law & order: svu." [ laughter ] that's at least two episodes worth of bad deals. this is just crazy. on friday, a truck on an indianapolis highway spilled over 45,000 pounds of butter on to the road. 45,000 pounds of butter. the governor called for clean-up while paula deen called for a national day of mourning. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i love this story. a man in russia was saved during a bear attack after his justin bieber ringtone went off and scared the bear away.
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[ laughter ] of course, the only thing worse than being eaten by a bear is everyone finding out you have a justin bieber ring tone. [ cheers and applause ] [ russian accent ] "this is so weird, boris. i don't know what happened. my daughter must have had my phone. this is not my ring tone. you know this to be true. i am one direction fan." [ laughter ] this is just ridiculous. a drunk oregon man had to be rescued from a river over the weekend after he fell into the water -- fell into the water while masturbating in public. ironically, he was rescued by a tug boat. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] this is a sweet story. on friday, a family vacationing on a beach in south carolina rescued a pig that was
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struggling to swim in the ocean. then on saturday, they had pork chops. [ laughter ] "clear! [ breathing sounds ] he's alive! the pig's alive! we're going to eat it, right?" [ laughter ] >> seth: and finally, two powerful tropical cyclones are poised to hit hawaii later this week, which means that "aloha" now means "hello," goodbye," and "run!" [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, this is the 8g band! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how we doing 8g band? everybody good? lovely to see you. fun to see everybody.
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my brother was on the show last night, very exciting to have him as a guest. it was great. [ cheers and applause ] my parents -- my parents watched the show the next day. they don't stay up to watch it so i have not heard from my mother yet, but early reports -- my guess would be its going -- it got 1,000 stars. [ laughter ] i've been talking about my move. one of the things that we're doing because we're moving -- my wife and i have moved into a new apartment is we're having the bathroom redone. and one of the things that is not finished about our redone bathroom is where the mirror will be above the sink. the mirror is not there yet. so there's no mirror, which is a little jarring in the morning because where there should be a mirror, it's just no mirror. [ laughter ] the mirror isn't here yet because when you -- i don't know if you ever have anything -- a kitchen or a bathroom redone, but the way it works is whenever they tell you it'll be there, it's two more weeks. [ laughter ] but instead of no mirror, it's even worse than just a blank wall. because someone has written the word "mirror --"
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[ laughter ] in what i would describe as a serial writer font. like serial killer font. like serial killer new roman. [ laughter ] they've written mirror in a way that it looks like a clue at a murder scene. [ laughter ] that there would be an apartment with dead bodies and the detectives would be there and a patrolman would come over and say, "detectives, you need to see something." and they'd walk over, and it would say "mirror." [ laughter ] and the young detective would say, "what do you think that means?" and the older detective, the grizzled detective, he would say, "mirror, that's the calling card of the looking glass killer." [ laughter ] and then the younger detective would say, "that's impossible. he's been -- he hasn't worked for years." and then the older detective, he'd say, "but we never caught him. he could still be out there. we don't know." and then the younger detective, he would be --
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he's cocky, you know? and he would say, "well, i'm not afraid -- i'm not afraid of the looking glass killer, i'll tell you that much." and then the older detective would say -- let's say his name's mcgarigal. [ laughter ] and mcgarigal, he's seen a lot. so he'd say, "you shouldn't run from fear, kid, because fear is what keeps you alive." and then the younger detective -- [ light laughter ] we'll say -- we'll call him cooper. [ laughter ] and cooper wouldn't say anything but he'd do this. he'd go -- [ laughter ] as if to say, "you don't scare me, old man." but then we the audience for the first time, we'd see something in cooper. [ laughter ] we'd see in his eyes -- we'd see for the first time the beginning of fear. [ laughter ] and then we -- we would cut to outside my apartment. [ laughter ] and there would be a lightning crack. [ laughter ]
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and what i'm saying is when you're brushing your teeth and you're not looking at your own reflection, your mind spins out to the point that you start writing a terrible screenplay. [ cheers and applause ] we got a great show for you tonight. daniel radcliffe is here. [ cheers and applause ] so excited. return guest daniel radcliffe. also stopping by, my good friend, the very funny neal brennan. [ cheers and applause ] looking forward to talking to neal. and from the new showtime series "seven deadly sins," documentary filmmaker morgan spurlock is joining us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] now -- fred is not with us tonight. you've noticed that. fred is portland working on season five of "portlandia." we miss fred when he's gone, but we recently came up with a way to keep him involved in a segment we've been calling
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"fredex." it's very important -- we feel like it's very important to note this every time, this is you it's not an emotional tie-in with fedex, but only because we weren't smart enough to ask them for money before we started doing it. [ laughter ] so, we're idiots, and here's how it works. we pack up a fedex box with three props and a question in a sealed envelope and then we send it off to fred. fred, who is a master of creating characters, puts on the props, creates a character, and then, someone asks him the question, he films himself answering it. last week, we sent him a leopard hat and glasses, and we asked him the question, "dogs or cats?" let's take a look at what he's done. >> fred: the question was, "cats or dogs?" and no! [ laughter ] they do not go in the house! [ laughter ] you do not leave the door open and have them wandering in! and i clean for you to have -- i don't even know their names! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: all right. so, this week we're very excited. we've got a -- we've got a news boy hat.
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we're going to throw that in there. we have an eye patch. very exciting. and we have a blue tooth. so that's a very eclectic mix, and then we have our question. our sealed question. so we're going to throw that in there. and then we will seal up our -- and then you know what -- yeah, there we go. so that's -- now we have our fredex package for the week. i'm going to give it to my wonderful assistant erica, who is going to get that off for us. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, erica. and then, the way this works is on thursday we will show the film of fred creating this week's edition of "fredex." we're very excited. we can't wait for that. we'll be right back with more "late night" after this. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i don't believe it! it''s.. it's beggin', disengage. my heavens, it's beggin'! never mind, it's beggin'. it's flying beggin'! (vo) introducing beggin' party poppers, new bacon-y wrapped,
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everyone. you know, we keep up on the news here at the show. i'm sure you guys keep up with the news as well. but even though we read a lot of news here, we've found and -- i don't know if you guys see this as well, there's no shame in it. but a lot of times we'll just read the headline and the first couple of paragraphs of an article, get the gist, and move on to the next one. who has time to read all this? but the truth is, sometimes there is really valuable information if you read the entire article. and tonight we want to show you what we're talking about in a new segment we're calling "the last line of the news story." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so let's get started. so here's an article from "the
12:54 am
new york times." "impeachment on gop lifts, animates democrats faith." in the first few paragraphs, it talks about how republicans are thinking of impeaching the president. pretty standard, but let's see what happens if you read all the way to the last line of the story. "when reached for comment, a visibly weary obama took a drag from his cigarette, stared wistfully out the oval office window and said 'impeachment? sign me up, man. sign me up.'" [ cheers and applause ] you see now? you see what you missed when you don't read the entire thing? like, here's some health news from "the boston globe." "can running five minutes a day help you live longer?" so there's some basic information, boosts metabolism, you release more endorphins, but what's at the end of the story? "'sure, you'll live longer,' the study's lead researcher dr. jacob goldman told reporters. 'but that just means you'll live long enough to enjoy rising ocean levels, the mass flooding of lower manhattan and the planet plunging into violent widespread famine that will undoubtedly kill us all. enjoy your run.
12:55 am
don't forget to stretch.'" [ cheers and applause ] you read to the end, you don't read to the end, you don't miss the snarky scientist. let's check on another story. oh, this is interesting. it was a cnn article about whether or not north korean summer campers are having a good time at camp. go to the last line of the news story, "'not every camper enjoys the experience,' said camp counselor nam gung jung. 'but the campers who survive have a great time.'" [ laughter and applause ] yikes. yikes. here's some business news from the "huffington post." "toys r us doll with penis freaks out the internet, shoppers." apparently this doll caused a stir. in reading the last few paragraphs, you feel you got all the info, but if you stick around till the end -- "'i'm not freaked out about it at all,' michigan resident lloyd posner, 38, told reporters. 'i like it. i like the doll penis. i bought a bunch.'" [ laughter ] see, sometimes if you read the entire article, you meet really interesting people. here's a story from "the wall
12:56 am
street journal" about the state of current financial markets. "junk debt liquidity concerns bring sale." let's go down to the bottom of the news story. "how did you read this far? this is the most boring news article ever written. i didn't understand half of it, and i wrote the damn thing. what the hell is junk debt? what's liquidity? and why does it concern anyone? i hate my job. i want to die. help me." [ laughter ] see! if you don't read to the end, you don't get to this man's cry for help. good luck, buddy. moving on to national news. this is from the "huffington post." "rise in u.s. shark attacks expected this summer according to experts." certainly it's scary news. let's go down to the bottom of the article. "at a town hall meeting helf to discuss the attack, shark hunter captain quin scratched his finger nails across a chalkboard and said in a low growl, 'you all know me. you know how i earn a living. i'll catch this bird for you, but it ain't going to be easy. this shark will swallow you whole. i'll find him for $3,000, but i'll catch him and kill him for 10. for that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.' the meeting was then adjourned and captain quin's famous pound cake was served." [ laughter ]
12:57 am
[ cheers and applause ] at least he brought pound cake. if you're gonna break up a meeting, you gotta bring pound cake. you gotta bring it. and finally in local news, this is nice -- "grandmother gets speeding ticket, writes thank you note to polite police trooper." let's check out the last line of the news story. "sources confirmed that the officer was grateful for the note, but was thrown by the nude polaroid." that's the "last line of the news story." we'll be right back with daniel radcliffe. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. we need this to tow my science project. ah, a do it all tundra, good timing. our annual clearance event only happens once a year. we built a shuttle. a shuttle? yeah, carbon fiber wings, it works. better get an a. you mean, he better get an a. that's what i said. agree to disagree. no during toyota's anual clearance event, get 0% apr financing on a 2014 tundra. offer ends september 2nd. for great deals on other toyotas, visit
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night." our first guest, is a very talented actor. whose films have made almost $8 billion wold-wide. his latest movie "what if" opens in select cities this friday. let's take a look. >> there was a fourth option. >> yeah. >> be honest. tell her how you feel. might ruin the friendship, but at least you'd stood up like a man and expressed your feelings. >> wait, i'm sorry, since when does being a man involve expressing your feelings? did i miss the memo? because if i recall, being a man meant hiding your feelings, forever. like bruce willis, you never see bruce willis expressing his feelings most you ever got out of bruce was a hint of melencholy at the edge of a smirk. >> do you think bruce willis would be happy just being friends? 100 percent honesty is the foundation of any relationship. >> look, you were 100 percent honest with a girl, everything? >> yep! >> new orleans 2006, what was her name? uh -- fabia? yeah. she did look like a woman, to be fair. [laughter] >> seth: please welcome back to the show, daniel radcliffe. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:03 am
>> seth: it's so good to have you back. >> ah, thank you. >> seth: welcome! >> it's lovely to be back. and so soon. it's great >> seth: it is, it's very nice. >> thank you. >> seth: it's -- when you start a talk show like this, you really need the returning guests because afterwards, people will say, "that was so much fun, i'd love to come back." until they start coming back you don't know if it's bunch of lies. >> well i mean, i barely left. >> seth: you barely left. >> yeah, i was here a matter of days ago it seems. i mean, yeah, no, it's very nice to be back, thank you for having me. i thought i might have ruined my chances. >> seth: no, no, you're doing great. it could still happen. >> no, i know. i'm on edge. >> seth: you -- this movie is a bit of a departure for you, doing a lighter movie as opposed -- i feel like you've always done sort of darker material, but this is -- >> yeah, no this is like, a movie that will make people happy. i think, which is unusual for me. [laughter] >> you know also, this is the first time for me that i've ever played like a modern human being living today. not have any sort of magical powers. [laughter] >> seth: right, yeah. >> so, you know, that was really nice. and i feel like that's what most actors spend a lot of their time doing. [ light laughter ] >> seth: did it put you in a better mood? not being sort of --
1:04 am
>> i think, doing a film where, at no point do i have to save a dying child or have a breakdown. or get covered in blood was really nice. [ laughter ] >> definetly, one thing i liked about it was that it's you get to the end of the movie, and without it being manipulative, or cheesy, or too sentimental, anything like that, it's like effecting emotionally and moving. and, and it should be. but in a very, like i said, you should leave this film feeling very happy. which i think is kind of a good thing to give to an audience. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: yeah, very nice thing. although, i do, to correct the record, i do believe people have been leaving your movies very happy for a very long time. >> yeah, no, i'm sure. but there absolutely -- >> seth: what, what made you, what drew you to this film? >> the script was fantastic. uh, there's, i think people have an image of actors as like oh, which superb scripts shall i choose from? of all of these. and actually like, when something this good comes across your desk, you know you, reach up and take notice. because it's fantastic. the chance to, to as i said like do comedy, with something that
1:05 am
like i wanted to do. you let me do a bit on "snl." >> seth: you were very good. >> thank you, but i've never really, i've never done it on screen, so there was something -- that i really wanted to do. and hopefully, after seeing the film i'll get to do more of. >> seth: theres, the film is also an education, because i did not know what fool's gold was. >> right. >> seth: you uh, you and your romantic interest talk about fool's gold, which is what elvis used to eat. will you describe what it is? because i was, i was facinated to hear what it was actually. >> totally. elvis is like more famous for like, the deep fried banana sandwiches. >> seth: that's what i'd always heard. >> but another sandwich he was very fond of, featured in our movie very heavily is called fool's gold. and it's basically a loaf of italian white bread, and you cut it in half, hollow out the inside, fill it with an entire jar of like strawberry jelly, jam, what ever you call it here. [ laughter ] and like an entire jar of peanut butter, and then you fill it with about a pound of crispy bacon. and then you bake it. so it's fantastic.
1:06 am
>> seth: you had to eat it in the film. how many times did you -- like how much did you actually eat? >> i probably ate in total, not more than six slices. but only two of them were on camera, four were perfectly voluntary. [ laughter ] and i only had to eat it in one scene, but i -- they were also cooking it. we were filming something. they were doing the scene where they were filming it being cooked next door. so i was sort of just wandering over between takes, like, "did you finish any of that yet? is there any of that available?" it's lovely. >> seth: british people have a higher threshold for -- >> grease. >> seth: grease, and, well we used to -- call it here it's a culinary term -- garbage food. >> yeah, yeah. well we have -- our national cuisine is essentially in england, probably english breakfast which is what everyone knows us for. so you know, i think zoe's from l.a. and she definitely did not like the sandwich, and i think that it was the copious amounts of butter she tells me that really put her off. but there's like -- as an english person, there's no, like -- "now, that looks like food, that's great." [ laughter ] so yeah, it's but it is, if you ever get a chance, if you ever are being paid to eat one of those sandwiches, just hang on
1:07 am
to that job. [ laughter ] >> seth: you have another job that looks really fun, you did -- you did a day on this judd apatow film. and this photo went every where. it went mainstream. >> everyhwere, yeah. >> seth: so this is a photo of you here in the city. [ laughter ] >> that's not the one of me smoking a cigarette, which is what -- which went quite far as well, which everyone's like -- i have a very like tiny cameo in judd apatow's new movie that involves a large amount of dogs. but everyone, like the reactions from journalists were amazing because the reactions from journalists always amaze me. mostly because people will come up and like "are those all your dogs?" [ laughter ] like, a photo like that would never have come out before now if i'm regularly walking 20 dogs. [ applause ] like no one picked up on that. thank you, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] of course. but no, it was a really fun day. it was totally like nothing i'd ever done before. because there wasn't a script, or -- it was improvisation with just judd apatow and
1:08 am
amy schumer. >> seth: were the dogs good improvisors? >> the dogs were excellent improvisors. the dogs were, it was, that was the only thing i can claim credit for from that photo was the belts with all the dogs on it. because i'd seen a guy walking down like the west side highway walking a lot of dogs like that. >> seth: right. >> and he looked hilarious. [ laughter ] so when somebody -- when i was offered the part as a comedy dog walker i thought that was essential equipment. >> seth: uh, that's great, i can't wait to see that. and then really soon, the second season of your show, "young doctor's notebook." >> "young doctor's notebook", yeah, that comes out very soon as well. that was like, that's a show that people over here may not be as aware of. it was something we did in england, it's myself and john hamm and we -- [ cheers ] yeah, and we play the same doctor at different ages in his life. go with it. and -- >> seth: you do have scenes together -- >> we do have scenes together as well, because he sort of walking through his own flashback giving advice to his younger self. so its's very sweet, there's also -- i shouldn't really say this because i want everyone to watch it.
1:09 am
but -- if you're faint-hearted, like there will be moments where you should turn away. there is -- especially in the first series, you wouldn't think so much comedy could be mined out of literally pulling teeth. but it is like, there's an amazingly funny. because we had this sequence at the end of one show where i have to pull this guy's tooth out. and a friend of mine, who's also a stunt man called james grogan played the solider. and because we knew each other we were like, "can we go mental at this?" and so he was suggesting stuff. he was like, "yeah, grab me by my tooth and i'll make it look like you're pulling me across the floor." and stuff like that, so it's hard, but really funny. >> seth: that's great. that's so exciting. >> and also, john hamm and i walked -- together. at various points. so enjoy. [ cheers ] >> seth: for that sub-set of people who love "mad men", "harry potter" fan- fiction this is a big deal. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, yeah. anxiously waiting for this. >> seth: yeah, i'm not gonna lie, i'm one of those people. i have a great blog. sterling cooper, draper and potter, i'd love you to check out. >> i would love to make that into a -- >> seth: uh, thanks so much for coming back, you gotta do it again. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> seth: daniel radcliffe everybody. "what if" opens in select cities this friday we'll be right back with neal brennan.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everyone. our next guest is a very funny
1:15 am
standup, an emmy-nominated writer and director as well as the co-creator of "chapelle's show." beginning august 11th, he'll be hosting a new series "the approval matrix" on sundance tv. please welcome, my very good friend, neal brennan! ♪ [ applause ] >> seth: hi, buddy. >> hi. >> seth: what a delight to have you here. >> it's nice to be here, buddy. >> seth: uh, we are very old friends. we've known each other for a very long time. we've gone on the road, done stand-up together. >> uh huh. >> seth: we've done multiple trips to las vegas to do standup. >> we sure have. >> seth: you have -- my favorite, i don't love that you tell it. you tell it all the time. the best story about my very drunken night in vegas. but it's not a very cool story. >> not for you. >> seth: no. [ light laughter ] >> so we go out, and i don't drink that much. you drink more than me. >> seth: certainly this night. yeah. >> no, every night. you drink more than me.
1:16 am
so we go out, and we're drinking and whatever. now the sun is out. because it's las vegas, and we go back to the room. we're sharing like, a conjoined room. and you -- it's probably 6:30 in the morning. and you call room service, i assume to order breakfast or something. but no, you order a meat lover's pizza. [ laughter ] and then you immediately passed out. immediately. [laughter] like you might as well have gone, "meat lover's pizza," like out. you order a meat lover's pizza, immediately pass out. and your feet are sticking out like the wicked witch of the west. [ light laughter ] so the room service guy comes, delivers the pizza, and he sees you lying there and i go, "it's a shame he died. [ laughter ] because he really loved meat." and then there was another time we were in vegas -- now, we're relatively cool guys.
1:17 am
>> seth: yeah we're --certainly back then. we're less cool now, but we had our moments. >> so, we're at a nightclub and i just look over at one point. >> seth: this is the worst thing i ever did. >> yeah. i look over and i see seth going "avril, seth meyers, saturday night live.'" >> seth: hold on. let me explain, it was avril lavigne. and i had met her, at "saturday night live," and i went, exactly -- i went to say hi to her. here's my thought process. i saw her, i said, "hey, avril." and then i thought, i had doubts. i thought, "she doesn't know who i am." i'll say, "seth meyers." and then, then i thought that might not mean anything. i'll give her a credit, i'll throw a credit out there. and it was the worst, because she gave me a hello and i turned. i remember turning away being like, "i can't believe i said that." and you were just staring at me. and i realized that your brain was going to save that story forever. [ light laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: you were at my wedding.
1:18 am
you gave a toast at my rehearsal dinner. >> i did. >> seth: i'm married, you're still single. you have a theory. >> yes. it can be -- it's illustrated best by a picture. of why he's married and i'm still single. all right. here's us at a club. this is ten years ago at a club. again, this is why he's married and i'm single. that's young seth, maybe talking to avril lavigne, not sure. [ laughter ] uh-oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know what font he uses? >> seth: what? >> serial killer new roman. [ light laughter ] >> seth: he's got some dead eyes. dead eye at the club. also from his perch. >> i might as well have binoculars. >> seth: you are a standup comedian. you're a writer, a director. you're also now -- you're the voice in some samsung commercials. >> yes, i am, seth. >> seth: yeah, it's very exciting. i love getting to hear your voice. >> yeah. they give me phones. and i have the one that you can throw in the toilet. the samsung s5.
1:19 am
so i will -- i'm putting a lot of apps on it. but t occurs to me the apps are a bit like psycho girlfriends. because once a week it pops up like, "do you like me? well, then you need to go in the app store and tell people that you like me. by the way, i need access to all of your contacts." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: yeah. you have worked with so many people. you worked with tracy morgan who was in a horrible accident. >> yeah. >> seth: you recently talked to him -- and you have some good news. >> i spoke to him yesterday. and from what i can tell, he's great. physically, i don't know. he said he's going to rehab every day. but mentally, we spoke on the phone, and he seemed all there because we were talking and he was like, "neal, i mean, the
1:20 am
outpouring of love was unbelievable. the people who reached out to me, busta rhymes, l.l. cool j, the president." and the fact that tracy put l.l. cool j and busta rhymes above the president lets me know that tracy is back. yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: thank you so much for giving us this great news. you have a news show, "the approval matrix", which is going to be on sundance, tell us about this. >> yes, yes. it's basically it's like a panel show, meaning like it's four people talking about -- it's like basically take pop culture things and then put them on a grid, and we kind of argue about them. uh, and it's good and it's on sundance and uh, -- >> seth: and you're the host! >> yeah, i'm the host guys, guys!! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: can't wait to see it. >> august 11th at 11:00. it's this monday. you know how you say you're gonna watch shows? actually watch it.
1:21 am
>> seth: there ya go, a final plea. >> yeah, yeah, plea. >> seth: neal brennan everybody. "approval matrix" premieres august 11th on sundance tv. we'll be right back with morgan spurlock. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everyone. our next guest is an academy award-nominated documentary filmmaker known for films such as "super size me" and tv shows such as "30 days." his latest series "seven deadly sins" premieres thursday night on showtime. please welcome morgan spurlock. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: this is such -- welcome, it's great to have you here. this is such an interesting idea for a show.
1:27 am
you examine the seven deadly sins. how did you come up with this idea? how do you find the people that represent each one? >> it's -- it's hard to find people who are willing to go on a show called "seven deadly sins." >> seth: right. >> that's what you realize when you're casting a show like this. but, you know, i was a life long fan of hitchcock. i grew up loving "alfred hitchcock presents:" and i always wanted to make kind of my own alfred hitchcock-style show. this is a -- you know, it's a dark, weird show. but it's all true. it's all real people. each person representing each one of the seven deadly sins. >> seth: and so for pride, give us an example of the people who are prideful in a deadly way. >> yeah, well in pride, there is a -- there is a woman who has gotten breast implants that are now so large that one of them keeps growing on her own so she has to keep making the other one bigger to keep up with the other one. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yes. >> and -- but it's also so bad that now they are killing her. >> seth: right. >> because of the -- it's leaking into her body. >> seth: i think the very idea that if one is getting bigger, you don't think i should make that one smaller, you think let's go catch up. >> i got to catch this one up. that's right. yeah, you can't be left behind.
1:28 am
>> seth: sloth, to me would seem like the one where i can't believe people, "when you say would you like to be on my show," they are like, "oh, i'm really good at sloth. i would love to be on your show. >> but i can't be there on time. >> seth: i assume you have to go to them. >> that's right, you got to go to them for that episode. >> seth: and what have you found with sloth? >> sloth, there's a great story we tell about, you know -- we can't be asked to exercise today. it's like, a lot of work. it takes time. >> seth: that's the core of it is work. >> it takes work, it takes time. so how can i lose weight without all that exercise? so there's a surgery that's now being done where a doctor will put a patch on your tongue that is so painful that you can't bear to swallow, let alone eat. so people just lose weight out of the sheer pain of their tongue. >> seth: that sounds -- >> god bless america. >> seth: that sounds like -- yeah, exactly. the bummer to me with that is you go out, someone says, "you look great, what have you been doing?" "i got a tongue patch." >> yeah. >> seth: you over the years with "super size me" other things, gluttony to me, of the seven
1:29 am
deadly sins -- >> one of my personal favorites. >> seth: the one i most associate you with. and your episode of gluttony, we actually have a clip. do you want to tell us a little bit about it? >> there is a magical place in las vegas called the heart attack grill where you can go to eat. and the burgers are known as the single bypass, double bypass, triple bypass or quadruple bypass. >> seth: and they have no shame about it. they embrace it completely. and you will see as much in this clip. >> it's magical. >> they are the bad boys of hamburgers. >> our menu is purposely designed to be offensive. it's absolutely as unhealthy as possible. this is a single bypass burger. half of a pound, five slices of bacon. everything is sauteed in lard and then we slatherred chili over the top, double bypass, triple bypass, quadruple bypass. that's 9,983 calories. >> the quadruple bypass, 10,000
1:30 am
calories. >> seth: i like that the quadruple bypass acts out what a person would do if they ate it. [ laughter ] this is terrible. you've dealt with a lot of people who are sort of obsessive. you went to comic con for the first time a few years ago? >> a few years ago, yeah. i got hired by "the simpsons" to do "the simpsons" 20th anniversary special. which -- how do you say no to that? you jump at the chance to do that. we spoke to you. >> seth: yeah. i remember. very nice. you came to my office. again, i was a sloth. >> that's right, you were sloth. we came to you. but it -- but we were there for the first time shooting at comic con. and -- cause if you're going to look for simpsons super fans, you go to comic con. >> seth: right. >> and so we're there filming simpsons super fans and a guy comes out and he says, and he's painted head to toe in liquid latex. i mean, he could have been in "seven deadly sins." and so he comes out and goes, "i love the simpsons. it's my favorite show on television, it's so amazing!" i go, "that's awesome, but what is this all about?" and he stops and he looks down like he forgot. [ laughter ] he's all covered in liquid latex.
1:31 am
oh, i'm carnage. and i was like, "of course you are." and he said -- and he goes, "yeah, it's like, so, you know, i got up this morning. my wife helped paint this on me and then she and the kids dropped me off. and i was like, "hold on, they dropped you off?" and he was "yeah, they don't really get it." [ laughter ] the minute he said that, i was like, "this is a movie. we have to make a movie about this." >> seth: it is true -- that is true love, if you're a wife who doesn't get it, you still help paint the carnage. >> like this -- >> seth: oh my goodness yeah. and then -- bronies. you have to explain bronies to me. is this a new project you're doing? >> this was a film that i came on to help distribute it. it's on -- you can get it right now on demand everywhere in the country. and it's a -- last fall, i'll tell you the story. so i was at this event. and somebody said to me, "you know what you need to do a movie about is bronies." and i was like, "i have no idea what that is." he goes, "hold on a second." so he proceeds to show me pictures of bronies on his phone. bronies, for those of you who don't know, are grown men who like "my little pony."
1:32 am
and so -- >> seth: yes. >> who knew? who knew? i had no idea. and so he basically told me this and then cut to three months later, as i met a guy at this party, he goes, "you got to meet my friend. he just finished a movie all about bronies." and i said, "yes, i do." and so now the movie is out. it's bananas. it's called "a brony tale." >> seth: i think the eighth deadly sin should be being a brony. being a bronie. they should add a deadly sin. >> lust, pride, gluttony, brony. >> seth: right. morgan spurlock, everyone. "seven deadly sins" premieres thursday night on showtime. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:33 am
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1:35 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to daniel radcliffe, neal brennan, morgan spurlock and of course, the 8g band! stay tuned for carson daly! we'll see you tomorrow! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wow. that was such a great show tonight. daniel radcliffe. so charming. >> yeah, and for a human, neal brennan is really funny. >> oh, man. i am so glad i moved into this studio. >> oh, yeah. plus, humans are always leaving their food unguarded. >> i'm in cheese heaven over here. >> ugh. i can't eat cheese any more.
1:36 am
angie has me on this new vegan diet. >> what? geez, that's 90 percent of your diet! what do you even eat? >> oh, lots of good stuff. nuts, dust, dirt. [ light laughter ] oh, god, i miss cheese so much! >> wanna know what i do to stay in shape? i go swimming. what i do is i head up to the toilet. get in there, warm up, you know, do some laps. then i wait for someone to flush and just swim around in the other direction. >> ew. doesn't that mean you get a little -- >> oh, yeah, but i mean, how clean do we need to be? we're mice! [ laughter ] hey, who's on the show tomorrow? >> clive owen. >> oh. >> who? >> you know, clive owen, "children of men, -- i think i'm gonna head down to his dressing room after the show and see if he drops any potato chips or cheese cubes -- >> ooh, sorry man. >> nah, it's okay. angie got me this tack to suck on. [ light laughter ] shut up.
1:37 am
>> what? it looks good. >> you know what? it isn't. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> carson: hey, welcome to "last call." we're hanging out at amp radio in los angeles for tonight's show. we've got a good one coming your way. our music, out of oakland, warm soda is going to perform from hotel vegas in austin. in our comedy spotlight, you're going to get to know actor/comedian andrew santino. but first, buckle in because the enormously talented and supremely energetic j.b. smoove is here to talk about the new season of "last comic standing." you're going to get that and more from state social house right now in west hollywood. take a look. ♪ >> i have to go into "curb your th


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