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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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right now at 6:00, missing and at risk. police need your help to track him down. >> plus students told to stay home because of concerns over the ebola virus. >> and a san jose neighborhood seeing an increase in crime. >> and we have a really interesting pattern for this week. grab your umbrella. we have a storm on the way for the end of week as well. i'm time out the changes in your microclimates in just moments. >> if you need that umbrella, you need good wiper blades as well. we'll show you the slowdown for 580. we'll check that out coming up. >> we have rain on the brian but nothing appearing to be raining right there so far. a live picture of san jose at sun getting ready to break in
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the next hour or so. you are watching on monday, october 20th, "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. right now rain is on the way, kicking off this hour with a live look outside your window, the golden gate bridge on your left, downtown san jose on your right. no rain right now but all of that is going to change in a matter of hours. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. that the good news. because the last thing you want to do on a monday morning is to have to go racing out your door because there are showers on the way. the showers are still to the north of sonoma county here. we haven't had any activity areas to the south just yet. that all changes as we get into the first part of your morning.
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we stop that clock at 10:00 a.m. by 1:00 a.m. moving over the intersection of the bay and then a little activity as we head throughout the right now back to you, sam, and the top stories of this monday. >> right now we'll take a live look outside. mike inouye will join us in a couple of minutes. >> happening right now, san jose police and the chp are patrolling the streets hoping to find 71-year-old nicholas ortiz. police say he walked away from his san jose home yesterday afternoon wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. he might also be wearing a hospital wrist band. police say he suffers from a medical condition and could be
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disoriented. >> out of an abundance of caution, a group of students and teachers are being told to stay away from class in moore, oklahoma because of a concern of exposure to the ebola virus. the district says it hopes to get the all clear by tomorrow afternoon. >> a sty of relief for more than 40 people who came into contact with duncan before he was hospitalized. 48 of his friends and family spent the last three weeks under close watch by the cdc. the 21-day inckcubation period ended at midnight which means for most of them, the danger is over. and nigeria has been declared ebola free. they went 42 days with no new diagnoses.
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back here, new guidelines for those who came into contact with those with the ebola virus. and 30 critical care nurses, doctors and infectious disease experts are undergoing train basically anything used to take care or clean up after a patient must be thrown away. even the curtains and mattresses must be considered contaminated. the cdc recommends burning the waste but here in california, burning potentially infectious material is illegal. their only option appears to be
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driving the waste to another state to burn it. >> damien. >> in the last two months, this is the damage to the salon here on lincoln avenue. the owner boarded it up after vandalism. the it seems like just same vandalism. but it has become a major headaches former chnts but they
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have taken reports on many incidents here in willow glen. the owner here is expected to make the final repairs to his story here at the demoat a the surveillance we give you a look outside san jose where the rain is not falling. you have a couple of moments to scramble and find your umbrella, your poncho, your galoshes.
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>> i try to look good for you on television each and every morning, my friends, but can i tell you right now already 15 wasted minutes. so take a page out my book. don't even bother doing it this morning. 6:07 now. taking a live look at your radar. and i really love the way that this area of low pressure looks right now. it is holding on to that organization that we needed to, to dump some substantial rainfall right near in the bay area. will it fall apart? a lot of the models saying that it will. i think we're going to get around a quarter of an inch right around the san jose mountains. let me track this and show you when the steady rain arrives in the north bay. we have some really cool tools to do that here for you. do count on the end of your commute getting some impact in the hours up in the north bay, but not expecting much south of
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the golden day bridge. >> i don't want to pay royalties, not when i sing it. look at these red lights. they were slowing down a little more over the last five, ten minutes. look at the map. we do see a slower drive developing now from pleasanton down into the area where our
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camera dross sta reports of a crash in the center divide and also blocking your fast lane. the rest of your bay is looking pretty predictable as far as that there pu around 280, a typical pattern there and we're looking at the bay bridge tote and be picking up the volume through san rafael. it will but.
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>> i'm not quite sure why -- we do know you've been talking about this all morning, mike. some issues on the bay bridge. time right now 6:09. routine road work that snarled traffic for hours. >> and a new way to pay, you can leave your wallet at home but do you want to? >>
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good morning. welcome to "today in the bay." i'll tell you how long you'll need your umbrella in just moments. >> and so far a pretty predictable pattern. i'll show you a little showing to the nimitz south of here. >> here are today's top stories. the 21-day quarantine period for thomas duncan has officially ended.
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the cdc is issuing new guidelines saying all health care workers need to be covered to protect all skin. >> and ibm is shelling out $1.5 billion too santa clara based global foundries in order to shed its costly chip division. ibm took a $4.7 billion write-off for losses. >> apple uses the latest iphone
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to let people make credit and debit payments without their wallets. they say it is secure and people's financial information is not exchanged. >> your commute this morning may be a welcome surprise. you shouldn't see the same gridlock that kept people on the bridge for hours on friday. stephanie chuang is live in san francisco. folks were hitting the brakes when they saw those steel plates on the bridge and that always leads to a backup. >> absolutely. cal thereto transhas removed those still three.
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>> they stel when you looked at them lasting for as long as it did, as far as it did, they now this current project is expected to be done pi the end of the year.
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live in san francisco, stephanie chunk, if this as we get a live look outside. >> it's going to be a wild ride, christina. >> i see steel plates and i think damage to my tires. mike has more on that as well. he has more insight than all of us put together when it comes to your drive. 60 degrees in santa rosa, 63 in concord and 61 in san jose. temperatures are pretty cool out there to start and they're going to stay cool throughout the day today with a storm system moving in and a good looking storm system at that. if i had to rate this storm system on a scale of 105, i'd give it a 7. it's very well defined. we want it to maintain its organization as it comes through the bay area. as it does so, expecting some
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pretty decent rainfall totals of as of today. thanks for waking up with us each and every day. the good news is the showers are going to hold off until after your morning drive for most of the bay area. expecting most of that activity to stay north of the golden gate bridge. unless it's a good looking fom so looking good for that. as we out ou and more rain
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thursday into friday. as promised, here's mike inouye and insight on your morning drive. >> over here fremont moves smoothly for 880. you pick up the volume. that smooth live shot shows you the your crash had me, involving the the nonmeanwhile the slower drive for south 680 loose like it's sticking around. no real reason. just just had a kprp skpfrp
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snfrm. >> meanwhile another live look outside to see how the bay bridge is stacking up. we have the metering lights on. they're not going to go on for the morning. christina reported that live covering for me on friday. as folks to inquire, that change that goes across, the jarring so folks hit pchb as the commute tends to taper down, we should seen the rain droppeds falling in there. >> thanks a lot, mike.
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>> the time is 6:20. anticipation is shounting clearly as we look tief at
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 6:23 right now. it is orange together, the tower lit up in orange for the giants,
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who begin their world series tomorrow. >> now to a contest of another kind. we dip into decision 2014. president obama is rocking the vote early this year. commander in chief will be casting his ballot in chicago today. it is illinois's first day of early voting. back here in the bay area, today is the last day to register to vote for the november 4 election, something to keep in minds. you can register online at register to mitt of. >> >>. >> pb they immediately headed to
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kauffman stadium to get the lay of the land. >> madison bumgarner facing off against james shield. game two will be on wednesday and then it is back to the bay or lap. >> and we have a whole page. >> aets prn. >> he'll join us live from kauffman stadium reporting right
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>> you got to get the dad out of
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there! oh, my god! >> is everybody out? >> no, there's a man outside! >> a fresno man was carried from his house. you see there an elderly man. witnesses say the man in the blue hat seemed to appear out of nowhere but calmly pulled the man to safety. the man was hooked to an oxygen tank for respiratory problems. neighbors did not call 911 right away and tried to extinguish the flames themselves. >> always call 911 and then do what you can. >> 6:41 on your monday. coming up, turned away. students told is to stay home because of the ebola virus. >> also, missing and at risk. take a look at this man's picture. he wandered away from his home.
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how police say you can help track him down. >> and san jose seeing an increase in crime this morning. >> and looking live at a beautiful day in san jose. the clouds are not too far away. we're going to get more rain here in the bay area. back with more after this break.
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green giant! you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> outside our window this morning, we pulled back the curtains and san bruno is still glowing, san jose on your right is a little more blue.
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christina is tracking the showers heading to your door stepped and mike inouye is keeping an eye on the traffic. >> more than 40 people who were under quarantine orders the past three weeks are today in the clear. >> and we go live to the hospital where thomas eric duncan died of that disease. mark, people want to know what we know about the folks who have now been cleared. >> well, they are the people who first came into contact with thomas eric duncan when he flew from west africa to dallas, and now they have been cleared from the ebola virus quarantine because they have passed that critical 21-day incubation period. they include thomas duncan's fiancee and her son and two nephews, who are happy to be off that list. there are still 111 who are in quarantine, most of them health
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care workers and employees here at texas health presbyterian. nina pham is at the washington institutes of health and is stable. vincent's family is pushing back about her taking that flight, saying she was cleared by the cdc and the hospital to make that trip and that she checked in with hospital officials while she was traveling. today the county's top administrator here in dallas said that amber vincent did nothing wrong. >> that was a mistake, and that caused her problems, it caused panic in our community, it caused people to miss school, it caused a lot of overreaction. it was a mistake and we
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apologize. >> over the weekend the hospital took out a full-page ad in the dallas morning newspaper apologizing for mistakes that were made during what the hospital called a difficult challenge. the dallas county administrator says a quick response team is now being formed to respond to any future ebola cases and to give this hospital a breather, they are saying that any future cases that show up in this part of the world will be moved to other hospitals. but again, in the case of amber vincent, the hospital, the county administrator, the cdc, they're taking the responsibility for giving her the go-ahead to make that trip from dallas to cleveland to work up some of her wedding plans, and that's what has created kind of a furor here in dallas and around the country because she was allowed to go. >> no question about that, mark, reporting live from dallas. the cdc of course reassessing its protocols now.
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out of an abundance of caution, school officials say a group that was on board a cruise ship along with a dallas worker who had handled fluids. thomas duncan, who mark had just mentioned. the district hopes to get the all clear by tomorrow afternoon. >> the and the "today" show will continue coverage. you can go to nbc bay for updates. >> and we're tracking the possibility for rain on the way as we give you a live look at downtown san francisco, the transamerica building. there could be rain in the offing on the agenda there in san francisco. when are you expecting rainfall to come? >> it's actually here in the south bay. we'll have to wait on those showers. the good news this morning is you don't have to drive through the rain as you make your way to work on a monday morning. and monday morning in and of
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itself can be a difficult thing. so that's the good news. as you make your way home from work, more good news. a lot of that shower activity will have already subsided. so while you're at the office today, that's where you're expecting a bulk of the moisture to come through. hard to tell that we've got this storm just to the north. expecting a lot of this activity to start to press into sonoma county as we head into 8:00, 9:00 this morning. and then we'll have to wait on that rain here on the south bay until about 11:00, 12:00 today. but can you see here on your future cast, we're talking about some decent downpours, even right here in the south bay where we typically get hosed, as i like to say. temperatures are looking good, rainfall is looking good for maybe a quarter of an inch. i don't think we're going to see much of a rain shadow impact as this storm is keeping together,
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nice and organized. feeling like fall out, there 68 on the peninsula, 64 in beautiful downtown san francisco and right around 70 degrees, wine country feeling good, looking pretty, especially after we clear those showers out by this evening, tomorrow, wednesday, fantastic air quality. really pretty days across the bay area. then we bring that rain back. as we get into your thursday and friday, this system is looking like a whopper and it could impact our world series right here at home. right now we have to check on that traffic alert. it's a monday. the last thing we want is an unexpected slowdown. good thing we have mike inouye on the job. >> it's going to be slow. this is west 580 coming through dublin. here's the reason why things are a little bit different at the dublin interchange. 680, traffic is held up from that interchange just before you
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get there because south 680 we have all this traffic backing up, coming out of danville, walnut creek. those folks are jammed up here because of the crash blocking four lanes. you can take san ramone road but that's crowded as well. you can use doherty, it will take you through the city of dublin where you can get down toward 680. but that's likely your path if you're inclined to take that anyway through the year. you're jammed up here because of a car blocked by an earlier crash. there was a bus involved in the crashing and a motorcycle involved as well. any time there's someone standing on the side of the road, which it sounds like there is, it's also an added distraction. you have your typical pattern heading toward that maze.
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we're expecting maybe 7:30, possibly 8:00 where they'll clear all those lanes. the rest of your bay, though, on the east bay, a typical pattern, your northbound rates starting to kick in. no incidents reported. this is just that morning rush as everyone travels from hayward. the toll plaza, you have the build -- you expect this out of the maze, we showed it here, but a smooth drive across that span. >> we just received new information from san jose police and chp who are currently looking for 71-year-old nicholas ortiz. police save he walked away from his san jose home yesterday afternoon wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.
6:53 am
he was last seen on pearl avenue and he might be wearing a hospital wrist band. he suffers from a medical condition and could be disoriented this morning. if you have any information, please contact the san jose police. >> one san jose neighborhood is forced to pay hundreds of dollars in repairs after they were hit by vandals. >> damien, you were out there recently covering a similar story but this is not deja vu. >> reporter: it's been a couple of months that this has been happening here in downtown willow glen. this is some of the damage they have been causing here. the willow glen window smasher strikes again and the merchants are getting increasingly frustrated here in willow glen. the owner of the moda salon is the latest victim. now over the last two months, the willow glen window smasher, as honey targeting several businesses.
6:54 am
the local starbucks and bass kins robbins does not -- it happens to become a majorfor th in willow glen. more merchants are talking about store front surveillance cameras here so they can see who exactly is causing this damage in downtown willow glen. police so far have not made any arrests. >> an expensive experience for those business owners. thank you, damien. >> good news to start off your monday morning as we look live at the bay bridge. those heading into san francisco shouldn't have to deal with the same gridlock that kept drivers on the bay bridge for more than
6:55 am
an hour on friday. the backup was because of those steel plates, they caused so much backup, they actually made caltrans delay their project. >> reporter: that's right. it's temporary relief but it's welcomed by the drivers heading into the city. the impact want felt until friday morning the black steel plates went across the left three lanes before the fremont street exit. it's part of a praj to replace six expansion joints. the steel plates allowed them to wogt without shutting do-- allod them to travel the bridge
6:56 am
without shutting down the bridge. >> reporter: and they did taper the steel plates to ease the travel of the vehicles. caltrans is now suspending the project and will have to figure out a new plan and they are set to do that at a meeting today. live in the bay, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> apple pay is going live at about 200,000 businesses around the country. it uses the company's latest iphones, the 6 and 6-plus to let people make credit and debit payments. they say it's a secure and private way to buy things. a user's financial information is not exchanged. the cupertino company hopes that it will be so easy and convenient, people will be able to leave their cash and credit cards at home. >> we'll have one final check of your day's top stories to get
6:57 am
you started. ibm paying $1.5 billion to shed its costly chip division by handing over control of the semiconductor operations, it allows them to grow faster. ibm took a $4.7 billion charge when it reported earnings earlier this month. >> and lawmakers will begin hearings on the 6.0 earthquake that struck napa back in august. they'll listen to testimony to city and county representatives throughout the region. they want to see if improvements can bestatewide response system. >> and you can register online at register to >> we're a little jealous of stephanie. we saw her in front of the bay
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bridge. >> she looks fantastic as well. remember i was talking about magic hour? the rain will mess up your hair later today, ladies, unfortunately. any minute expecting that shower activity. and temperatures, my friends, are going to be on the cool side. so bring that coat, bring that umbrella. we'll track that activity for you all through lunchtime today. >> sometimes these wearing a hoodie or a cap and everybody is jealous. >> not jealous in some spots. chr kris is metering for everybody. 880 standard as well. the dublin interchange, that's going to be lighter for west 580 and 680 but coming into the
6:59 am
area, unusual, danville, alamo, a crash blocking four lanes possibly until 8:00. a couple overturned vehicles. that's a big jam. you can use san ramone to get past part of that access. west 92 looking smoother than it was a couple of minutes ago. it's starting to get heavier on the peninsula. you have a lot of company on the palo alto as well. we're starting to see that build all over the place. >> well, check your tickets. a very lucky south bay shopper is holding a fantasy 5 ticket worth more than $200,000. >> that should get you a few world series tickets. >> the lottery says so far no one has come forward to claim his or her winnings. the lucky winning numbers are
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18, 1, 27, 8 and 12. >> all my favorite numbers. >> that's what's happening on "today in the bay." we'll be back with you for updates on live local news, weather and traffic. ♪ good morning. in the clear. the quarantine period for 48 people wo had contact with dallas ebola victim thomas eric duncan comes to an end and not a single one has developed symptoms. is it a major turning point for the crisis in this country? outrageous, dozens of nazi war criminals knowingly paid millions in social security by the u.s. government, some of them still alive and collecting today. the loophole that's allowed your tax dollars to go to men behind one of history's biggest a roscitts. is it hannah? the search for the student takes


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