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tv   Today  NBC  October 29, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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nice, right? >>rowd reaction. >> he did it. >> that's great. >> have a great one. $200 million disaster. unmanned rocket carrying supplies to the international space station explodes in a massive fireball seconds after taking off. what went wrong? closing in, that slow moving river of lava overtaking a community of dozens of homes. this morning the path of destruction from the ground and the air. >> right now it feels like we're in a furnace. >> lost and found. the dad missing for five days after vanishing from a crowded stadium in denver finally turns up 100 miles away. how did he get there without money, credit cards or a car? what he's telling police about his mysterious disappearance. and cat calling. a woman films her experience
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with men while walking through new york city. the same scene playing out over 100 times in ten hours. the message behind the video that has people talking today, wednesday, october 29th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer along side hoda kotb, al roker and josh elliott. savannah is back monday. natalie is on assignment. people talking about that video we just showed. what was your thought when you saw it? >> my thought was first of all, it seemed threatening what she was going through. there are times i have to admit i walk down a street past construction guy they don't say one thing i have to think my outfit is off.
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but what happened here was strange. yes. definitely. >> we've all asked does that ever work for any of these guys? does it turn out well? we're going to show you more of that later on. let's start on a wednesday morning with our top story, that dramatic sight in the sky over the virginia coast. nasa investigators are working to figure out what caused an unmanned rocket bound for the international space station to explode? nbc's tom costello has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt. this was run by orbital science, one of two companies that nasa turned to to resupply the space station. now that we have daylight nasa says crews will be out looking for any evidence and debris cataloging it, looking at the launch pad, on the ground and in the water and try to figure out what happened. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> it was just after sunset when
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the launch of an antares unmanned rocket destin forward the space station lit up the early evening sky. everything seemed normal until six seconds after liftoff. a massive fireball involving fuel tore through the rocket and lit up the night sky. as the rocket started to come apart nasa controllers decided the safest option was use the self destruct option. the explosion visible across a huge area of coastal virginia, from the press site to a nearby beach. to a plane flying high above. this was to be a resupply mission carrying 5,000 pounds of cargo including food, clothing, spare parts and science experiments. despite the loss nasa insists the six crew members on the space station are in no danger. >> the station is in great shape t crews in good shape.
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we have plenty of work for them to do and plenty of supplies to keep them going for quite some time. >> reporter: while the explosion was massive nasa report nos one was injured but there was extensive damage to the launch pad and surrounding areas. >> expensive lesson but it only cost us time and cost us metal and money. it didn't cost us as happens too often, lives. >> reporter: that's a very important point. also we should mention that already this morning out of kazakhstan another russian resupply mission that be launched to the space station. there are many ships that are ferrying supplies to the station. one other point. the engines that were used on this rocket were actually soviet made, not russian, sov quaet yet made. they have been refurbished. the question is going to be did in any way that contribute to this accident. that's going to take a long time to figure out. >> we were talking, we were watching this live.
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>> it started off joyful. doing the countdown. you saw the explosion it took a second to register what was going on. >> now on to the relentless march of that lava flow on hawaii's big island. the first building in a village under siege has been destroyed. hally jackson is at the kilauea volcano, the original source of this disaster. good morning. >> reporter: the boiling hot lava that originates at this volcano is moving fast underground. it's slowing but it's not stopping. now just a couple hundred yards from a road many called home. the lava's leading edge took months to arrive and just minutes to destroy its first building in pahoa. a dramatic view of the path of destruction. black crust covering the red hot river underneath. right now it feels like we're in a furnace. we're close to the lava and you can see some of the breakout,
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about 40 to 50 homes are in danger. people in this community are starting to pack up and leave. on the flow's front lines a house disintegrated, nothing left. the first major casualty in pahoa. not the last as it sets off fires triggering black smoke, burning everything from tires to utility poles. close to the local elementary school. >> literally means we're shutting down. >> reporter: the source, this crater, a massive tub full of molten rock. the lava emerged from the strenlt on the side of the kilauea volcano on june 27, slowly advancing more than 13 miles downhill. the town of pahoa now directly in its path. it's the first time in years lava has threatened a community here after it destroyed a family home in 1991. now his home is under fire again. >> came into this world naked. i'm going out naked. i ain't taking this with me.
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the memories i can take. that's what's the most precious. >> reporter: this is devastating to people here but the attitude among the community is one of acceptance. they understand they live on an island with an active volcano. sometimes this is the price you pay. the lava is traveling about 30 to 45 feet every hour, and if it keeps up that rate, a big if, given how unpredictable lava flow can be it could cross the main highway as early as friday. matt, hoda. >> thank you. >> let's turn to the ebola crisis. a new battle for the nurse held at a medical tent in new jersey. despite testing negative for the virus. kaci hickox is challenging a quarantine in maine. we'll talk to her. first nbc national correspondent kate snow has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. at the white house president obama has plans to meet with health care workers who have been in africa or about to head
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there this as nurse kaci hickox fights against another quarantine. out of new jersey, but not home free. the state of maine now wants nurse kaci hickox to stay home for 21 days but her lawyers say she'll fight that. health officials in maine wouldn't comment specifically on her case, but said they could order a quarantine if it came to that. >> we will pursue the necessary legal authority to enforce the quarantine. >> reporter: overnight hickox and her boyfriend returned to fort kent mere the border. some neighbors concerned about having them there. coincidentally look who else was in maine tuesday night, new jersey governor chris christie, campaigning for maine's republican governor. christie, whose rule sent hickox to the a tent isn't packing down. >> looks like you have to defend this in court. >> get in line. >> reporter: without mentioning christie by name president obama
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says states imposing strict quarantines could discourage doctors and nurses going to the front lines. >> i want to make sure every policy is supported their efforts. if they are successful then we're not going to have to worry about ebola at home. >> reporter: earlier tuesday the president spoke with nurse turned patient amber vinson who is back home in dallas now after hugging the team who nursed her back to health. she of course was the one who traveled on two airplanes, boarding a flight with a fever of 99.3. of the 163 people she came into contact with 2 1/2 weeks ago no one has gotten sick. which is part of why most of the medical establishment say strict quarantines are unnecessary. ebola is hard to transmit early on. doctors say addai goes by the amount of virus gross leading to symptoms like vomiting and diarrh diarrhea. as you get sicker you are more and more contagious. president obama urged americans to keep perspective on all of
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this, of the seven americans treated all survived and one is being treated, dr. craig spencer is in serious but stable condition. matt. >> kate, thank you. kaci hickox is with us via skype. her attorney is joining us as well. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> in the basic terms, have you been adhering to voluntary isolation conditions since you've been back in maine? >> i have the other location i was in i stayed in the house, i didn't have contact with people. obviously i have been doing self-monitoring and i plan to do the same today in my home in fort kent. >> it's my understanding that your 21-day isolation period would be up november 10. will you stick to the same guidelines until then? >> you know, i don't plan on sticking to the guidelines. i remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me.
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even though i am in perfectly good health. and feeling strong and have been this entire time completely symptom-free. >> let me read you something that mary mayhue said, the commissioner of health and human services in maine. she says quote we're confident that selfless health workers brave enough to care for ebola patients 18 foreign country will be willing to take reasonable steps to protect residents of their own country, however, we are willing to pursue legal authority if necessary to ensure risk is minimized for mainers. i guess the debatable term then is reasonable steps. what's reasonable to you? >> organizations like mine, doctors without borders, have for a long time had reasonable steps in process which is really self monitoring, taking your temperature twice a day, understanding that if you develop symptoms you know, you need to be tested, specifically a fever and some of the more general symptoms. and these policies have worked in the past. >> we've got six states that basically are going along with
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the guidelines put in place in new york and new jersey. you have the joint chiefs of staff recommending to the department of defense that troops, u.s. troops coming home from ebola fighting missions in west africa be quarantined for 21 days. why is it so abhorrent to you to put yourself in that very same position? >> you know, i truly believe that this policy is not scientifically nor constitutionally just. and so i am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when i am not a risk to the american public. >> when you arrived at liberty or newark liberty international airport, and told people you had just been in sierra lae yon and treating ebola parents and used that thermal scanner and it registered you at 101, you have to remember that just a couple days earlier dr. craig spencer returned from guinea where he
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was treating ebola parentings, he moved freely about the new york area, then developed symptoms and diagnosed with ebola. do you understand what that did to the psyche of public officials in what is a metropolis of 9 million people? >> of course. i do understand that it has created a lot of fear. but we still have to make policies based on evidence and you know, the issue at newark airport is sort of a different issue. i saw complete disorganization, i saw no leadership. >> are you prepared to take legal action, not only against the state of new jersey but now the state of maine if they decide to enforce this quarantine period? >> if the restrictions placed on me by the state of maine are not lifted by thursday morning, i will go to court to fight for my freedom. >> what's the legal grounds, norm? >> well, to use a sports metaphor the ball's in the court of maine. if they decide to go to court to get a court order, and
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physically apprehend her to quarantine her, we will go to court to challenge it. >> governor christie was on this show yesterday and said he is confident when all is said and done he will be judged that he was on the right side of both science and public opinion. is there a compromise here? >> i hope so. you know, i think we need a couple of things. i think we need more education about the disease, and i think we need to not be taking these mixed messages from politicians. but i do think there's a compromise. i don't think it's being met right now because currently i'm the one that's suffering. >> kaci hickox, thank you very much. norm siegel, thank you. to josh elliott. he has the other top stories. >> security is tightened at hundreds of federal office buildings and court houses nationwide. federal officials insist this is not in response to a new threat, instead they say it's from the steady drum beat from isis, urging attacks on police and
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government officials and reaction to last week's shooting in canada's capital city. in some federal buildings that will be closer inspections of briefcases and purses, in others more armed officers on duty. >> the white house has been hacked. this morning officials say they have taken steps to address suspicious activity detected on the white house's unclassified computer network. the network is regularly hit by cyber attacks but this strike was said to be much more significant, disrupting the system for several days. >> and tough luck in las vegas for jose canseco. according to police he accidentally shot himself in his left hand while cleaning his handgun at home. he was rushed to a hospital where he underwent surgery. he is a six-time all star, a polarizing figure, would later become the face of baseball's steroid era after writing a tell-all book. transition to his sport of record.
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it will all come down to one game. a world series champion will be crowned tonight in kansas city. the royals host the giants, in a game seven. kansas city faced elimination tuesday night. the royals fans were put at ees. for those of us whose sleep is at a premium we hit the pillows early. the team broke it open in the second inning, they would go on to hold san francisco scoreless. i'm told it would end 10-0. sources can confirm here at nbc news. 10-0. game seven. this is all we really ask for in october. >> every person on those two teams has dreamed of being in game seven of the world series. it comes down to that. >> thanks, josh. >> you know what else we ask for? halloween snowstorm. there may be a nor'easter. i'm not smiling. i'm not -- i'm not smiling. here's what we are looking at. we've got this area of energy up in canada.
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it's going to be dropping down, plus we've got a strengthening jet stream and we're going to look at this nor'easter developing. here's what we look for. for today on into tomorrow, and friday. system makes its way to the east, it brings great lakes snow and friday transfers energy along the coast and makes its way into new england. right now the path of the storm looks like it's going to be bringing the heavier snow up in new england. but we could be looking at more moderate snow around the mountains of west virginia into tennessee. but up in down east maine we could be talking about some heavier snow, a real nor'easter. we're going to continue to track this for you. that's going to be your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. arrrrrrrghh!!!! laughing we all have a disney side.
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who wants ice cream? and the best place to show it is disney parks. so come to the place where the entire family can laugh, let loose and play together. disney parks. come on. it's time to show your disney side. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is beautiful downtown san jose, hayes out there moisture in the atmosphere. clear i can. that's the general description for the bay area. 55 in san francisco right now. you are on your way to 76 degrees. a big temperature spread between what we're starting out and where we'll end up, almost 40-degree jump in the north bay. 80s, this is it when it comes to warm days. notice thursday, temperatures drop off, cloudy. by friday we bring in rain, 12:00 to 5:00. >> halloween, talk of ghosts and goblins, now do you think they exist is the question? tamron is a look at the orange
7:19 am
room. >> mr. roker, who you going to call? >> ghost busters. >> we called jeff rossen. because we have a very interesting story coming up from jeff rossen, one of his investigations so jeff set up a hidden camera to talk with people who make house calls as ghost busters. they actually are hired to come to your home and cleanse the place of bad spirits. take a look at jeff's report. >> i'm jeff rossen, we're in a house in the suburbs. come with me inside of our hidden camera control room. did you know you can hire ghost busters to come over to your house and see if there are bad spirits? we're doing just that getting it all on tape. what they say is going on and what they are going to charge us. it's all coming up. >> so we took to facebook and asked do you believe in ghosts? it's simple yes or no. use the #orangeroom. once someone offered to come in and cleanse my home and i debated it.
7:20 am
i didn't do it but i debated it. do you believe in ghosts? >> i kind of am. we had one of those people in 1a and she sniffed around and said there may have been a couple of ghosts here. >> you think? >> what do you think? >> i don't believe in the slimy kind of ghost but i believe in spirits. >> that's the one that got me. >> occasional spirit, sure. i'm with you. >> yeah. all right. tamron, thanks very much. ahead mystery solved. the dad who vanished during that denver broncos game found safe. how did he end up 100 miles from the stadium? >> exclusive interview with nicole kidman, the oscar winner opens up about going makeup free in her movie. first, this is "today" on nbc. . first this is "today" on nbc.
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no contract. the samsung galaxy centura android smartphone. tracfone. do everything for less. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> very good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, for second time this week police in the east bay investigating a possible deadly case of road ragen the latest incident happened yesterday in berkeley. officers found a man who had been shot to death outside the sea breeze market and deli on university avenue. witnesses reportedly told police they saw two people running from the scene in a car speeding away. no word on why officers think it may be a case of road rage. investigators are still looking for whoever shot and killed a mother of four in oakland sunday. investigators say perla avina and her husband were driving from the grocery store when someone shot at their car in an apparent case of road rage. police are offering 30,000 for
7:27 am
help tracking down the gunman. happening now, suspected serial arsonist accused of terrorizing san jose could enter a plea in court. william patrick brennan told investigators he started vefrl fires in january and he knew the locates and times of each one. let's check in with christina, a look at the nice forecast for today. >> good morning to you, laura. i want to start with live picture of point reyes, had to take you to the north bay coast to find any cloud cover. want to show you san francisco, where we have really pretty dawn colors. and the same for sunol, clear conditions, high wispy clouds but a warm day coming your way. chilly. look where we will end up. 40s and 50s now, up to the 70 and 80s later. peninsula at 81 today. we have changes coming your way tomorrow overcast sky, temperatures drop. rain on friday. more on this in ten minutes. here's mike inouye.
7:28 am
>> we look like a nice easy light drive through san jose but don't judge by the shot. the map, a slow drive approaching the area until tully, we had fender benders, might be distraction approaching the area. jammed up until capitol expressway. 87 jammed up through the stretch past 280. slower drive south 680 recovers past stone ridge, earlier crash. slowing through hayward and oakland. back to you. >> we'll send it off to the "today" show. we'll be back with another local news update.
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7:30 on a wednesday morning. 29th of october, 2014. al, that is a beautiful sunrise. post card. congratulations making that come true. wilmington, north carolina. waking up to that. hopefully you're waking up as well. matt lauer along with hoda kotb and al roker and josh elliott. >> let's look at the headlines. investigators are looking to see what caused a nasa rocket to explode. the unmanned craft was on a supply mission to the international space station. nobody was hurt but the launch pad suffered heavy damage. >> evacuation orders could be issued in hawaii if that lava
7:31 am
flow approaches dozens of homes. it's destroyed at least one building. >> activity of concern has been detected on an unclassified white house computer network. officials say steps are being taken to address the breach to find out who is behind that. >> also a question for the group those of you at home, how long could you go without buying anything new? not counting food and other life essentials like princess dresses for section-year-olds. we'll meet a mom who did this for a year and not just once but twice. she'll explain why and what she hopes we can learn from her experience. >> sometimes shopping can be chemical. let's begin this half hour with the strange new twist in that case of a dad who disappeared during the last week's denver broncos game. he has been found safe. how did he end up 100 miles from the stadium in pueblo, colorado? hello, jacob. >> reporter: good morning.
7:32 am
he was found, now almost a week since he went missing, found 200 miles away in pueblo, nothing but the clothes on his back and $50 cash. at least part of the way he walked here. the denver broncos fan who vanished from last thursday's game has reappeared. six days later, 100 miles away, in pueblo, colorado. denver police tweeting tuesday no foul play suspected. all further inquiries should be directed to the family. for how paul kitterman got to pueblo police say he walked. when asked why he told police, i got tired of watching the game. kitterman never cared much for big crowds but thursday when friends offered him and his step-son tickets to their first game they didn't hesitate. >> both of us were super surprised how big it was. 75,000 people was a lot to be around. >> perfect day, perfect situation.
7:33 am
there's really nothing to be wrong at all. >> reporter: halftime, kitterman and friends took this picture. minutes later kitterman disappeared without a cell phone and $50 cash. >> they believe they saw him the third quarter not far from where the family left him. >> reporter: police helped make missing person flyers. police say he was spotted wandering around a local kmart parking lot. the mystery of the missing broncos fan solved in a way no one could have expected. the family among those baffled by what happened. they are asking for privacy. denver police, by the way, saying that it's fortunate he was found. they get ten missing report person cases a day. guys, back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. >> baffled.
7:34 am
if we can remain baffled. >> mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> sure do. show you what we've got happening now. we're watching this front. now, this isn't going to bring a lot of rain. i mean it basically stretched from canada all the way down into texbut what it is going to do is bring changes in our temperatures. philadelphia, you're going to see showers later this afternoon, then cloudy and cooler conditions, why? because once this front passes through, temperatures dip. 51 chicago, 62 lexington, cleveland is going to be below normal, but ahead of the front today, look at this. norfolk, 80 degrees, d.c., 66. new york city, 68. boston, you're going to be at 74 degrees. ahead of that front. once it comes through you'll cool down. we're looking for sunshine, texas into the lower and mid mississippi river valley. out west, gorgeous in l.a., sunny skies and a temperature of 7:34. happy wednesday. i'm meteorologist christina
7:35 am
loren. gorgeous day for us in the bay area as well. pretty sunrise coming in from san bruno, same pretty colors from the skyline of san francisco. yeah, these are your numbers for today. this is our last day, though, of full sunshine. as a storm's brewing on its way tomorrow night. 78 on the east shore. 81 on the peninsula. comfortable day in the tri-valley. showers arrive tomorrow night. widespread rain by noon friday, heavier between 12:00 and 5:00. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, mr. roker, thank you. coming up on trending a new moment from daniel radcliffe. you have to see and hear his epic rap from "the tonight show." >> next psychics hired, put to the test. you won't believe what they did, how much they charged and the message one of them had for jeff right after this. (vo) get ready! fancy feast broths. they're irresistabowl... completely unbelievabowl... totally delectabowl.
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7:39. we're back with a special halloween edition of rossen reports. have you wondered if your home is haunted? you can hire people psychics and mediums who promise to tell you and get rid of spirits. are they for real? jeff rossen decided to find out. of course you did, jeff. >> it's going to be good. >> coming up on friday here at "today" we all love dressing up, get into the holiday spirit. what about the bad spirits that haunt our cellers and lurk in our attics? you need the ghost busters. you can hire ghost busters to cleanse your home. of course it doesn't come cheap. this morning we're putting them to the test and what you're about to see, you can't make this stuff up. take a look. >> why are these psychics spitting all over our house? others ringing bells and blowing smoke?
7:41 am
even kicking around a coconut. you're watching ghost busters in action. no, not those ghost busters. these ghost busters. self-described psychics who say they can channel the dead and remove bad spirits from your home. so, we decided to put them to the test. we had our producer set up appointments with several psychics. >> hi, i'm calling about the psychic ad i saw online. >> we rented this new home. no one's even lived here. and we rigged it with a dozen hidden cameras. we're watching it all from this control room upstairs. >> hi. >> hi. >> this psychic calls herself mama donna. >> for all of the good things and good times that are going to take place here. >> great news, she tells our
7:42 am
produce ter house is filled with positive energy. >> it was uplifting. >> she charges us for the quick visit and is on her way. but hold onto your proton pack. >> hi. come on in. >> this next psychic duo has scary news. >> so are you feeling bad energy in here? >> it's negative in the sense that it can cause setbacks. it can cause financial seat backs. >> financial setbacks? bad spirits? and here's how they get rid of them. burning incense and chanting all over the house. even trapping the spirits in this bottle. see the white smoke in there, those are the spirits. >> so is it in there? >> their price tag, $1,150. >> hi. jeff ross within nbc news. how is it possible that you were able to find all of this
7:43 am
negative energy, this is a brand new house, no one's lived in it before. >> it's not a haunted house but spirits rome in empty spaces. >> isn't this just hocus-pocus? >> first of all you say it's hocus-pocus. >> i'm asking if it is. >> no. >> come. feel where the negative energy was. come. what are you afraid of? >> get this. while they show me where the spirits are, their associate runs in to scoop up the cash from the counter. but we hadn't seen anything yet. >> how are you? hi. >> let you know if there are any entities or evil entities. >> watch these next psychics. >> there's a presence of two or three entities here. they won't let you feel comfortable. >> they say we need their help. we say yes. they begin by spitting holy water everywhere. >> did you see that, she is spitting on the walls.
7:44 am
spitting. >> then she slaps the walls with a towel while her partner lights up a cigar. she even rolls a magical coconut all over the house. then they take our producer out back, blow smoke and spit on her. all of it needed, they say, because the house has bad history. >> most likely there was some time of domestic violence here. >> domestic violence? no one's lived in this house but they still charge more than $1,000 to cleanse the spirits. >> jeff rossen with nbc news. >> that's when i show up. >> this is hilarious. >> it's not that funny. you're charging people $1,000. >> you saying that i did anything illegal? >> i'm asking you how you can say there was domestic violence and bad spirits in this house when no one lived in this house. >> it could be from another time. >> these psychics aren't done. they have a surprise for me.
7:45 am
>> to give you three months you're going to be out of a job. >> i'm going to be out of a job in three months. >> this type of job. >> and they don't stop there. >> she felt the energy. your grandmother passed? >> yes. my grandmother did pass away. >> she wants to speak to me. she loves you a lot. >> thank you. i love her too. >> in all we invited five psychics over. four of the five told us the house has bad spirits that need to be removed. >> how do you like that, magical coconut. >> three months left. make it count. thanks. >> wow. >> that goes immediately into your hall of fame. classic. >> look, there are believers out there but magical coconuts? spitting? the spitting. i'll come over and do a little spitting. >> the ghost of danny thomas.
7:46 am
>> all right, jeff. >> that was perfect. >> tamron, i almost hesitate to ask. what are people online saying? >> so jeff said there are a lot of believers out there. guys, 72% on facebook do believe in ghosts. i don't know of the spitting kind. maybe not those but this is what they said. some of the comments, lisa said yes, i do believe in spirits. they are with us always. rose says i haven't seen any with my own eyes so i'm not afraid of them but if i see one i'd be the first one running faster than a speeding bullet. as mr. roker says i only have to beat one person so the ghost will get you d. i deliver the joke right? >> pretty -- >> lon says i don't believe in ghosts but i am afraid of them. so keep your comments coming. #orangeroom. this has been compelling.
7:47 am
unbelievable. >> wow. >> raise your hand if you're here for the christmas party. >> come see me in my office after the show. >> tamron, thank you. that made my day. of course a lot of ghosts on the plaza this friday morning for our big halloween boo-nanza. trust us, you'll not want to miss the costume reveal. >> coming up, could you do it? why one mom decided to give up shopping for anything new for a year and did it twice. we'll talk about that. it twice. after this. dear willy, thank you for alerting us to doorbells & trash cans, and helping us appreciate your enthusiasm. (dog barks playfully) dear murphy, thanks for being a warm pillow, a snuggler, and showing me that slobber... ha! just adds character. dear sadie, for playing along with make-believe games, thanks for teaching us to be as patient... as you. give thanks for all the joy & inspiration your pet gives you!
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 7:55. i'm laura garcia-cannon. good morning to you. there's now hope for a south bay mall struggling for decades. menlo park-based sand hill properties is buying macy's, sears and jcpenney at the vallco mall in cupertino. vallco has no plans for development and no approval from the city was working out its general plan. officials are concerned about the amount of water people are using. in last night's meeting they discussed long-term goals to reduce water usage. they say over the past seven months, people cut their water use by 12% but the goal is actually 20%. we all have to to our part. we need super soakers headed our way as well. let's check the forecast with christina. >> we have that pattern shaping up, not yet, we have a storm system on the way, laura, as we head through thursday into friday. a lot of rain in the following
7:57 am
two weeks. want to show you something pretty right now. you can see all of the pretty colors over san francisco. those purple hues coming in. right downtown. you can see san francisco a pretty start to the day. although it is chilly out there. it's going to be warm later on. big temperature spread coming your way. 82 south bay. 81 on the peninsula. in the 40s in the north bay. you're going to end up in the 80s. those showers arrive as we head throughout friday. heaviest rainfall between 12:00 and 5:00. mike and your drive. >>i >> looking toward fremont, south 880 bun. ing up. look at map, showing a slower drive for the northbound routes, san jose, 101 preding out up from 85 to the airport. 85 and 87, the slower drive, starting to move better. 280 gumming around 880, a series of crashes. south bound 101 hillsdale, crash cleared to the roadway. south 880 jams from hayward to
7:58 am
fremo fremont. >> we'll be back with another update in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, a year without shopping. could you do it? swear off new clothes and shoes for 365 days. we'll find out why one woman did it not once but twice. plus, nicole kidman opens up to maria shriver. the oscar winner on her new movie, the loss of her dad and her fairy tale romance with husband, keith urban. >> i'm lucky to have a rock of a husband and a strong faith. ♪ and radcliffe the rapper on "the tonight show." stay tuned for his epic alphabet aerobics today, wednesday,
8:01 am
october 29th, 2014. ♪ ♪ on the side of the ride ♪ you find someone on the radio ♪ >> 63 years to come here to the "today" show. >> from new zealand. >> i'm here from cincinnati and i want to say hello to all my friends and family. >> we're from maryland, and my girlfriends surprised me for my birthday! >> celebrating my 60th birthday. good morning! we're back now, 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 29th day of october. 2014. and hoda? >> yes. >> you know what that makes it? >> what does it make it? >> that makes it national cat day, apparently. >> is that what that is? >> it is. >> there was a whole group of young ladies wearing cat ears over there. >> isn't that cute? >> it's so cute. >> have an itch? you're supposed to do this with your leg. >> that's a dog. >> that's a dog.
8:02 am
i don't think cats do that. okay, we have two strong larger-than-life icons right here on the plaza. first of all, lady liberty is here. >> hi! >> and she is donned in one of diane von furstenberg's wrap dresses. we have the fashion mogul here. she's going to open up about her incredible career, the highs, the lows, her secrets, all of it. she has a new reality show, guys, which is going to be must-see tv. >> what a journey. lots to get to. let's go inside. natalie's on assignment. josh elliott is filling in with all the headlines. >> good morning to you again, matt. nasa is investigating a rocket explosion tuesday that lit up the sky over the virginia coast. the unmanned rocket was supposed to carry food and spare parts, other cargo to the international space station. instead it blew up just six seconds after liftoff. the mission was run by one of the two commercial companies that nasa now relies upon since the space shuttle fleet was retired. the russian resupply ship is
8:03 am
also headed for the space station today. and a new battle this morning for american nurse casey hickox who was kept under quarantine. earlier this morning she told matt she will not obey a state order to stay inside her home in maine. >> i truly believe that this policy is not scientifically nor constitutionally just. and so i am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when i am not a risk to the american public. >> hickox has tested negative for ebola. she says she will go to court unless the state of maine lifts its restrictions by tomorrow morning. also this morning, a bizarre twist in the colombia prostitution scandal two years ago. the lead government official who investigated the scandal has resigned after he was implicated in his own incident involving a prostitute. nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker has
8:04 am
the details. good morning to you. >> reporter: josh, good morning. this latest incident does not involve the secret service but rather david kneeland who was the inspector general's miami office when he was asked to look into the prostitution scandal in cartagena. two government officials confirm he is wrapped up in his own scandal involving a prostitute. shocking new allegations in the wake of the 2012 colombia prostitution scandal that led to the firing of eight secret service agents. nbc news has confirmed that the lead government investigator in the scandal is now under investigation himself for allegedly soliciting a prostitute in south florida last may. kneeland was at the center of a "today" story two years ago when he found and returned a family's camera card while on vacation. >> i work in law enforcement and investigations, yes. >> reporter: according to "the new york times," last may sheriff's deputies in broward county, florida, saw him entering and leaving a building they had under surveillance as part of a prostitution
8:05 am
investigation. they later interviewed a prostitute who identified mr. nieland in a photograph and said he had paid her for sex. nieland who resigned in august, citing health problems, did not respond to our request for our comment, but he told "the new york times" the allegation is not true. for months, he had accused the obama administration of trying to cover up white house involvement in the prostitution scandal, saying that a white house per diem staffer also solicited a prostitute. that staff, the white house and the department of homeland security, denied those claims. now, this comes as the secret service is in the process of reforming in the wake of several recent security breaches. as for nieland, he has not been charged with a crime, but the broward county sheriff's office and the inspector general are investigating. the i.g. did not return our request for comment but told "the new york times," quote, while the law prohibits us from commenting on specific cases, we do not tolerate misconduct on the part of our employees and take such allegations very seriously.
8:06 am
josh. >> kristen welker, thank you. and a little boy whose story touched so many hearts has lost his battle with leukemia. 4-year-old ethan died tuesday at his home in utah, but not before he enjoyed one final christmas, one final birthday party and one final halloween. last week, ethan's family and friends actually moved up his calendar, celebrating all of the young lad's favorite days in the little time he had left. as you can see here, even dressed up as superman did, little ethan, to go trick-or-treating. he inspired others with his courage, faith and all of us here at "today" send our thoughts and prayers to his family. and the most perfectly preserved woolly mammoth ever found is now on display in moscow. take a look here. the mummified mammoth was discovered in russia's arctic region. yuca, a young female, lived and
8:07 am
roamed and did mammoth things roughly 40,000 years ago. had she lived a bit longer, she would have grown to be twice the side of a modern elephant. to head off all questions before daddy gets home, no, daddy cannot take yuca home with him. it is now just after 8:07. let's get another check on the weather with al. al? >> thank you so much. it's the birthday girl here. turning the big 5-0. happy birthday, carrie. >> thank you. >> that's pretty nice. very nice. we could have been a cat-astrophe if that had happened. thank you. let's show you what we've got going on as far as your weather is concerned. today, some wet weather through the southeast. rain in the pacific northwest. gorgeous through the southwest and showers in the upper great lakes. 8:07 now. i want to show you this time lapse from our friends at
8:08 am
weather underground. this is healdsburg. started out mostly clear. did have high and mid level clouds coming in. storm system to our north, but it's not going to get here before we hit 82 degrees in the south bay, 81 for the peninsula today. 78 degrees on the east shore, warm in the tri-valley, but numbers crash through tomorrow and rain moves into the forecast. now for tomorrow, temperatures are going to be comfortable. your sky will turn mostly cloudy, then we bring in that rain as we head through friday morning, into the evening hours. weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up on trending, constant cat calls. meet the woman who filmed her experience with men while walking through new york city. we'll tell you the message behind the video. >> interesting discussion. nicole kidman on her bold decision to go makeup free in her new thriller. maria shriver sits down with the oscar winner. >> and fashion icon diane von furstenberg stops by. what she can teach you about style. first these messages.
8:09 am
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8:12 am
[laughing] wow! the bold new camry. one bold choice leads to another. toyota. let's go places. 8:12 on a wednesday morning. time to talk about what's trending. ready, gang? >> ready. >> psa about cat calls. a young woman spends ten hours walking around new york city, wears a simple crew neck t-shirt and jeans and what happened is somewhat shocking. take a look. >> hey, beautiful. >> you're so beautiful. >> what's up, girl? how are you doing? >> so she gets about 100 cat
8:13 am
calls over a ten-hour period. my opinion, what may be the most disturbing part is this guy right here who doesn't say anything to her -- >> walks next to her. >> just starts walking next to her for up to five minutes. >> here is the funny thing. if you're walking down a street and someone says hey beautiful or you look good, i don't find that offensive at all. i actually think it's okay but once you start feeling harassed and a little bit afraid, which it seems that was going on there -- and if it happens that often, you can see -- >> it happens a lot. and we live in new york. and i think there have been times i won't even give eye contact. there's a group of guys and you anticipate not that they're going to say you're beautiful, but that you should be appreciative that they've said something to you like, say thank you. >> okay. >> sometimes it's a lot worse than hey, beautiful. >> yeah. >> we've all heard that. >> and the physical menace of the moment. >> when the guy was walking next to her, it was -- yeah. >> even though that video was stunning, this has been going on
8:14 am
for a long time. so why don't guys get it? >> yeah. >> because we're guys. you answered your own question. >> has it ever worked for guys? >> it never worked. so we all know daniel radcliff, very talented young man. harry potter star showed off an unexpected talent last night on the tonight show. rapping. ♪ ♪ holler at your home boy ♪ in an instant i'll rise in an irate state ♪ ♪ just me write in my journal ♪ ♪ zig zag zombie ♪ >> wow! so good. >> nice. >> the song "alphabet aerobics by blackalicious. he told fallon he has a rap and
8:15 am
has a knack for memorizing difficult lyrics. just great. just great. >> he's the king. on tuesday, we told you about the new york cabby who struck up an unlikely friendship with tom hanks, nicknaming the cabby mr. ferrari and even inviting the driver to visit him backstage at his broadway show. >> well, hoda, you told us you also happened to get in that guy's cab. >> i did. >> and you took a photo with him. although, we saw no proof. >> at the time. >> you didn't have the photo. >> yes. >> the driver has been pretty anonymous until now. so, meet, or meet again -- >> what? manny, how are you? what's going on? how are you? >> do you remember me from your cab? >> swedish fish. >> that's right, i gave him swedish fish. >> come on over here. i just want you to be where we can see you.
8:16 am
you remember your encounter? >> absolutely. >> unbelievable, right? you told me the whole story of tom hank. >> she was giving me swedish fishes and i said i have to go ho home. >> you know her. >> your cab is like a magnet. who else did you get? >> brian williams, anderson cooper, eliot spitzer. >> you got them all. >> yeah. >> bono? >> he said he wasn't him so i'm not even sure. liv tyler. >> your cab is like a magnet. >> it's unbelievable. >> how long have you been driving a cab? >> six years or so, on and off. >> do you love it? >> it's okay sometimes. i make it great. how is that? >> i'm so surprised they found you. out of all the cabbies in new york. it's so great to see you. >> he said you stiffed him on the tip. >> she was generous. >> good tipper? yea. >> she's at the comfy place. >> whoa! >> very nice. >> i love the way you say
8:17 am
wilson. >> wilson! >> thank you for stopping by. >> we appreciate that. and that's what's trending today. coming up, an emotional interview with nicole kidman that you don't back now with a question we've been asking all morning. could you go a whole year without shopping? sarah did that for a year and
8:18 am
wrote about it in a new book called "a year without shopping." >> i wasn't a shop-aholic. i have an internet shopping issue. if you work at home on your computer it's so easy to buy stuff on the internet. instead of working and writing and reading, doing the things i was supposed to be doing, buying a lot of crap. >> how much were you spending on that stuff? >> i don't know. it wasn't so much about the money. i was never like dropping $10,000 on a handbag. it was more of the fact that it was so mindless i was spending too much time looking at pretty things. >> you decided you were going to try something. you tried it once before. you were going to go 365 days without buying anything. we're talking shoes, clothing, purses, stuff like that. when did it get hairi and difficult for you during the process? >> the hardest thing was running shoes. my running shoes sprung a hole in the toe a few months into --
8:19 am
the second time i was doing it. if i'm really going to do this, i don't want to do it half heartedly. i'm not going to buy new running shoes. i feel like i almost did damage to my stride because of running with -- >> even the necessities? >> i bought food and stuff like that. the whole point is that i'm trying to be -- these shoes should have last aid year. >> instead of shopping you decided to do something interesting. instead of buying the things you wanted, you decided to paint pictures of them, okay. and how was that therapeutic for you? >> i'm an artist and love to paint every day anyways. let me paint these beautiful things i'm looking at because i find the problem is that you feel guilty about all the stuff you want. but instead of feeling guilty i wanted to say it's okay to covet something beautiful and instead of feeling the need to buy it i'll just paint it. >> obviously, people have the same issue you did, they're not painters, what's something people could do to curb their shopping issues? >> write it down. if you don't draw or paint, right down what you want, come back and look at it later and say do i still want this? >> what would work for me, if i
8:20 am
took pictures of it in the store and a week later said do i still want this? >> does it still make your heart go -- >> pitter patter. >> yes. >> congrats to you. >> thank you very much. oscar winner nicole kidman is known for her glamour and poise on the screen. in her new movie "before i go to sleep" the oscar winner reveals a very different side. she recently sat down with nbc's special anchor maria shriver to talk about her movies, family and marriage to country star keith urban. >> reporter: it's nicole kidman like you've never seen her, bare faced and raw. >> tonight as i sleep, my mind will erase everything. >> reporter: in her new psychological thriller "before i go to sleep" she plays christine, a housewife who wakes up every morning with amnesia. >> who are you? >> i'm your husband. >> reporter: unable to remember who she is or anything about her
8:21 am
past. what attracted you to this script? it's about a very vulnerable woman who is dealing with men who control her. >> yeah. well, i think i love thrillers. >> why is he hiding the attack? >> reporter: the universal thing in this is control. >> reporter: store up information for a day. when you wake up in the morning it's all gone. >> i'm interested in the psychology of women and why we're here and what connects us and all the big questions, maria. >> reporter: for an actress drawn to risky roles, this one presented a new challenge. >> most people see you as this very glamorous actress, right? >> i'm not. >> reporter: and in this film, you are seen in a very raw way. >> yes. >> reporter: no makeup. >> no. >> reporter: naked. does that scare you? >> not -- i should say yes, but no. i mean, i think because, you know -- obviously, this is an hour and a half of hair and makeup. normally i'm walking around my house with my hair pulled back
8:22 am
and no makeup on. >> reporter: off screen it's been a tough month for the actress, losing her beloved father from a sudden heart attack in september. >> i lost my father, which was -- is a devastating thing for my family and myself right now. >> reporter: so much about life is about how you handle loss. and some people lean on their faith. some people lean on a spouse. >> i did both probably. that would be me right now. and i'm lucky to have a rock of a husband and a strong faith. i have both those things. >> reporter: you mentioned keith. you have said, i think, that you see a lot of your own dad in him. >> keith and my dad, good men, you know. choosing to protect his family and take care of himself, but take care of his daughters. and walk the walk. if that makes sense. not just talk the talk. >> reporter: the two star
8:23 am
aussies live in nashville, far from the spotlight of hollywood. if i had interviewed you ten years ago, could you see your life in nashville, happily married, two little girls? >> if you had a crystal ball and said stop worrying, nicole, this is what's going to happen? >> reporter: yeah. >> i would have said, you promise? you promise? >> reporter: and it happened. >> yeah. in a huge way. and i love saying that, because i think that for anyone that is in pain now or hurting, it's always good to hear other stories of people that go, it's going to be okay. >> very revealing interview with her, speaking about her dad and her husband. wow! i never heard her speak like that. >> good for her being so candid. >> going to help a lot of people. >> before i go to sleep opens nationwide this friday. we thank maria shriver for that interview. let's go outside to josh. >> matt, thanks. most popular motosport on
8:24 am
the planet, this year's top car belongs to this man, lewis hamilto hamilton. >> this is a popular sport that's growing in the u.s. you have brought the lewis mania here. do you feel it growing in the u.s., the popularity? >> i do, definitely. my first race was in montreal but the second was in indianapolis. after that, they stopped and we had the race in austin. it's definitely building. there's people here that are real passionate about competition and sport. so, you know, we need to get more people involved. >> for the kids, for the tec technies at home this is your wheel. >> it is. >> winning races, i've been racing since aye was 8 years
8:25 am
old. so this i'mis -- oing it for my family, my fans who inspire me and hopefully i give you guys some good energy. >> it's amazing. and seeing the diverse fan base is incredible. >> absolutely. >> good luck. >> thanks, man. >> thanks so much for being here. >> friday on nbcsn and the race sunday afternoon right here on nbc. >> all right, josh. how special is this? diane von furstenberg in the studio. >> hi. >> we'll talk to her about a brand new book and a docuseries she's coming up with and also a foundation of what has become an empire in the fashion world. good to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> that's coming up on a wednesday morning. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:26 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san jose police hope the public can help them figure out how a man who had just been released from jail ended up dead in a landfill. the body of 49-year-old donald mills was found in the newby island landfill last week. investigators think he was homeless and may have been in the dumpster when it was emptied into a dump truck and taken to the landfill. they know mills was in jail three days earlier, but they have not said why. let's check the morning commute now with mike. >> looking towards the oakland camera, northbound jamming up over the last half hour approaching high street. we're talking about the speed sensors, all down to red through 880, 580 westbound and the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:27 am
this is a heavy volume of traffic considering it's a wednesday. recovering in both directions for 880 between the san mateo and dunbarton bridge, but on the peninsula side, still slow south towards healdsburg. south bay, really tough drive and all the northbound freeways, even the surface streets have been jammed with crashes. back to you. >> thank you very much. and thank you, susie, as well. 8:27 right now. another update in half an hour. we hope to see you then. have a good morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's wednesday morning now, 29th of october, 2014. we're checking out josh's cool ride on the plaza. >> this is sweet. >> 200 what miles an hour? >> 200 plus and, you know, the thing is -- i was talking to lewis. it's not so much driving. they're piloting. the steering we will is about right here, at high level.
8:31 am
>> very, very cool. >> where is the gps? >> you have to ask directions, you're in big trouble. >> keep turning left. >> there is a song playing right now. it is called ghost by this 18-year-old british sensation, her name is ella henderson. she has her first hit and she's going to perform it for us live. she's also a really nice girl. >> she is sweet. >> i got to talk to her a little bit. fashion icon and business guru, diane von furstenberg, what she has learned about success and failure in her career and why she says guilt is a waste of time. love her. >> and wish everybody a happy national cat day, is it? national cat day. >> that's going to come in handy. >> al, it's gorgeous today but halloween -- >> well, let me -- >> wow, you went there. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. i really do. let's show you what we've got going on for halloween day. during the day, northern california to the pacific northwest going to be on the wet
8:32 am
side. clear along the east coast. we've got snow around the great lakes. some rain in the upper ohio river valley. then halloween night gets even messier in the mississippi and the ohio river valleys. more rain spreading across northern california into the pacific northwest, nice and clear, texas on into the gulf coast. that's what's going on around the country. we love a little bit of drama, dramatic pause from al roker. good morning to you. 82 degrees from the south bay today. 81 on the peninsula. about 76 degrees in san francisco, so basically, our pattern is going to change. this is the end of the warming trend. today temperatures are going to be about five to ten degrees above average. they really tumble by tomorrow, making those numbers down by five to ten degrees, then we bring rain in for your halloween festivities. kind of a tricky system. i'll show you the timeline for showers in just moments.
8:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. matt, hoda? >> al, thank you very much. fashion designer diane von furstenberg is influential, innovative with 108 stores worldwide, forbes listed her as the 68th most powerful woman on the planet. it should have been much higher. >> her iconic wrap dress worn by the likes of the duchess of cambridge and first lady michelle obama just turned 30. now diane von furstenberg is opening up about her life and career in a new book "the woman i wanted to be." diane, it's great to have you here. >> thank you. it's nice to be here. >> i want to jump into the heart of this. you write about your mom in this book, auschwitz survivor and she said god saved my life so i could give you life. >> wre. >> you think about that every day? >> yes. actually, i wrote the book originally because i wanted to talk about my mother. and i wanted to tell her story. she was a young girl who got
8:34 am
taken by nazi germany, went to the camps at the age of 22, survived. she was 49 pounds when she survived and six months later she got married and they said you cannot have a child because you won't make it and the child won't be good. and i was born. and so she -- because i was born on new year's eve, she would always say, god saved -- god saved me so that i can give you life and by giving you life, you gave my life back. and you are my torch of freedom. and i realized as my mother is no longer here, i realize that actually that explains so much who the woman -- you know, the woman that i am and the woman that i became. >> you married a prince. you grup up, married a prince, had two beautiful kids. most people would have seen that
8:35 am
as the fairy tale life. you had an aha moment when you looked at a new york magazine and said maybe this is not who i'm supposed to be with. >> well, it's -- you know, most fairy tales end with the girl marrying the prince and my fairy tale started there. but i wanted to be independent. i did not know when i was young who i wanted to be, but i knew the kind of woman i wanted to be. i didn't know what i wanted to do, but i knew the kind of woman i wanted to be. i wanted to be independent. and i became independent. >> you're also known as a business woman and mogul more than a fashion icon. there were some very bad times in your business where you had to actually -- basically you lost the business and had to buy it back. what have you learned from the bad times that you can never learn from the good times? >> well, the thing is that i wanted to be honest in this book. and i wanted to say it all how it happened. and the ups, the downs. because that's the only way that
8:36 am
it can inspire other people, right? >> uh-huh. >> and life is a journey. and people come in and go out and landscape changes and some things are good and some things are not good but it's your life and you just got to embrace it and live it. >> i love your quotes on looks. i love how it's written, by the way. it's written so beautifully, you can't put it down. your wrinkles reflect the roads you've taken, they form the map of your life. my face reflects the wind, the sun, the rain, the dust and the trips i've taken. my face carries my memories of the why should i erase them? >> well, you know -- >> close-up is too close. >> i don't think of that right now but it is true that the one advice i would give anyone is that the most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself. and, therefore, i think it's important that you keep that complicity with yourself. and so, yes, you age.
8:37 am
and it's not fun to age physically, but the good thing about aging is that you have a past. and if you like your past, then you -- it means that you have lived fully. >> by the way, i want to end by saying i love what you said about oscar de la renta, who you knew very well in your past. you said he made women feel like flowers. i love that. that was so sweet. >> and oscar was an incredible man, renaissance man and a superb designer. but also he loved women and he loved life. and what i said is that the only thing we can do to honor him is live. >> you have a docu-series, a lot coming up. beautiful book. >> i have a docu-series, yep, on e! sunday night. >> you can read an excerpt from "the woman i want to be" on our website the kids trick and treat and then what? creative uses for all that candy they'll collect friday night.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
back now. coming up on our halloween boo-nanza on friday's plaza. what to do with all that leftover candy from trick-or-treating. author of "candy aisle crafts," jodi, good morning. >> good morning. >> practical uses for what's left in the bag? >> yes. there are practical uses. i brought some ideas to keep it a little less out of your kids' tummy, right? gingerbread houses are a great craft activity. you can use the candy, save it for other holiday projects like a centerpiece for thanksgiving. >> this is not for eating, this is for showing? >> decoration, exactly. even as a little cake topper and even save it for christmas. >> how cute. >> these are not classic gingerbread. they're made out of graham crackers to make it easier.
8:41 am
i precut them with a serrated knife. i have royal icing in these little bags. >> does this act as glue? >> exactly. glued it together. you're going to use that to glue your roof pieces on. another great use for leftover candy is roof tiles and doors. >> plop them right on? >> i have some that are already dry. >> of course you do. >> squeeze a little bit of icing all the way around and this is a fun activity for kids at holiday time, too. they sell all this harvest colored candy and candy corn which makes great rooftops. >> you're so fast. >> i'm good at this. >> once that's done use the rest for windows and doors. trail mix. >> smart. >> mix it in with something healthy like nuts and dried fruit, cereal. mix it up in a big jar. scoop it out into little containers and you're done for the week. >> you know what they're going to do? >> what? >> they're going to pick out the
8:42 am
good stuff. that's what they do. >> that's probably true. another way to make something happy is use apple slices, pairs. melt your extra candy bars or crush them, melt your extra caramels, dip your apples or apple slices in it. >> they get a little fruit with their sweet. >> and it's still a treat. add some candy corn for the tail and the beak. >> you turn your candy into jewelry. why wouldn't you? >> extra soft candy you have. very easy, fun activity for kids. prestrung needle and get -- >> this is plastic. no big deal. >> the candies are so soft, you can pierce it with the candy. pierce it right on to the needle. start sliding it across. >> okay. >> see how easy that is? while you're doing that i want to show you colored licorice. you know how it's hollow inside? it makes great beads. snip it up. >> that's smart! >> isn't that cute? i have finished ones to show you. they actually don't eat it
8:43 am
because they're proud of their art work. >> it's not like candy necklaces that you chomp on. quickly here. >> this is a budget tip. i save it and use it later like phil a pinata or goodie bags at a party. >> you are so practical. thank you so much, jodi. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. extraordinary photographs and heartwarming. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
pretty obvious you never know what you're going to see on the streets of new york city. and brandon stanton is always ready to capture it. humans of new york. his new book, though, is for kids called "little humans." good to see you. >> thank you. >> how did this all start you? have a blog, humans of new york, that first book. what's the story behind it? >> i was in finance and lost my job and kind of set off to do something i enjoy, which was photography. i was doing that on the weekends. to cut a long story short, it
8:46 am
ended up on me embarking on this goal of photographing 10,000 random new yorkers on the street. what evolved is i started stopping these people and interviewing them along with the photographs. random interviews of strangers on the streets. >> you don't have children of your own. >> right. >> you have a connection with kids. the pictures we'll see in a second. you go up, ignore the kid. >> right. >> talk to the parents, get permission. then you ignore the parents and talk to the kids. >> the hardest part about approaching people in new york is the approach. you have to be able to get through all their defenses really quickly. especially with children. what i always do is walk up to the parent first. don't even look at the child and explain to them everything, show them the blog. as soon as i've got their permission, i am on the ground and try to become a kid. >> for example, with this first picture you found some kids playing in a pool. >> yeah. >> and what captivated you about that image? >> i love this. this is on the lower east side. and i think i love the unplanned aspect of it. when i first walked up to take their photograph, everybody was
8:47 am
kind of posing there. and then one kid leaned a little bit too far and suddenly all this water starts coming out. i love the diversity of reactions on all their faces and how they handle this event. >> you found some international children over at lincoln center. >> yeah, yeah. >> you talked to their chaperones. next thing you know, you had a bigger group. >> yeah. these were kids i saw at lincoln center. there were just two of them. i started taking a portrait and one of the chaperones, they were from china, couldn't speak a word of english. she said hold on and went back to a bus and brought out 20 of these kids, held up a portable radio, started playing music and they started doing this performance for me. >> more than you bargained for, which was great. >> it was awesome. >> tell me the story about this little girl. >> this is reese. she is an absolutely wonderfully creative young girl. i was talking with her parents and they said not only does she pick out her own clothes but those gloves she's wearing used to be part of the pants.
8:48 am
when they arrived in the mail she actually cut out some fabric from those pants and turned them into glove. >> you said to me a second ago you always get permission from parents. i have a feeling you didn't get the appropriate permission from this next one. it looks like you caught somebody off guard, this video. >> jokingly i share this on my blog, i said this is what happens when you don't get a parent's permission. i was photographing this baby monkey and the mom started swiping at me, a recent trip that i took to nepal. i thought it was an interesting corollary to how i approach -- >> you have to be careful about that. i love this concept, it's great to see all these faces and expressions. >> thank you very much. >> the book is called "little humans." you can see more of his photos at up next, british sensation ella henderson performs her hit single live in our studio. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series brought to you on "today" by toyota. >> rising star in the music world. remember the name, here it is, ella henderson, one of the finalists on the british version of the x factor. many were shocked by her sixth place finish. since then she's been working on her debut album, which has
8:51 am
already priesd number one single called "ghost." hi. >> hello. >> how are you? >> i'm good. i'm good. >> okay. let's talk for one second about the x factor. what were they thinking, honestly, to get bounced -- you know, at that early stage? >> i don't know. i guess everything has worked out for the best for me. i'm here in america and it's crazy what's happened in the last two years but i'm enjoying every second of it. >> we're so thrilled for you. you do a lot of your own writing. who wrote this song "ghost" with you? >> brian from one republic. >> what is ghost about? >> "ghost" for me uses a metaphor, to represent someone or something that has this hold over you. you can't eat, you can't sleep. you can't run away from it. >> you can't stop listening to this song so, ella, take it away. >> thank you. ♪ i keep going to the river to pray cause i need something that can
8:52 am
wash all the pain and at most i'm sleeping all those these demons away but your ghost the ghost of you it keeps me awake ♪ ♪ my friends had you figured out yeah they saw what's inside of you you tried hiding another you but your evil was coming through ♪ ♪ these guys sitting on the wall they watch every move i make bright light living in the shade your cold heart makes my spirit shake ♪ ♪ i had to go through hell to prove i'm not insane had to meet the devil just to know his name and that's when my love was burning yeah it's still burning ♪ ♪ i keep going to the river to pray cause i need something that can wash all the pain and at most i'm sleeping all these demons away
8:53 am
but your ghost the ghost of you it keeps me awake ♪ ♪ i keep going to the river to pray cause i need something that can wash all the pain and at most i'm sleeping all these demons away but your ghost the ghost of you it keeps me awake ♪ ♪ each time i think you go i turn around and you're creeping in and i let you under my skin cause i love living in the sin ♪ ♪ boy you never told me true love was gonna hurt true pain i don't deserve truth is that i never learn ♪ ♪ i keep going to the river to pray cause i need something that can wash all the pain and at most i'm sleeping all these demons away but your ghost the ghost of you
8:54 am
it keeps me awake ♪ ♪ i keep going to the river to pray cause i need something that can wash all the pain and at most i'm sleeping all these demons away but your ghost the ghost of you it keeps me awake ♪ ♪ give up the ghost give up the ghost give up the ghost stop the haunting baby ♪ ♪ give up the ghost give up the ghost give up the ghost no more haunting baby ♪ ♪ i keep going to the river i keep going to the river to pray cause i need something that can wash all the pain and at most i'm sleeping all these demons away
8:55 am
but your ghost the ghost of you it keeps me awake ♪ ♪ i keep going to the river to pray i keep going cause i need something that can wash all the pain and at most i'm sleeping all these demons away but your ghost the ghost of you it keeps me awake ♪ >> how about ella henderson? >> great job. >> congratulations. that was really great. where is everybody? >> you know what she was doing before this? >> what? >> she has this little contraption where she gets steamy water up to clear my voice. if i get one of those, will it make me sound like that? >> maybe. maybe. you need to try it. >> are people saying adele and your name in the same sentence? is that happening? >> yeah, that's the biggest compliment in the world. >> we're so happy for you. >> thank you so much.
8:56 am
much more ahead in our next hour, including the mysteries of laura, a cameo behind the scenes. >> i like that. is that roker? >> it is you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a teenaged couple behind bars accused of a brutal home invasion robbery. police say in july a boyfriend and girlfriend, christopher and tiffa tiffany nguyen are accused of robbery and false imprisonment.
8:57 am
the street had a lot of cameras on it because of a rash of previous burglaries, which helped catch those teenagers. another local news update in half an hour. hope you get a chance to enjoy this now wednesday morning. go giants, as well. it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. fighting for a plan that start maximizing at the place where you always get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. you deserve it. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on wednesday morning, it's october 29th, 2014. another beautiful fall day here in new york city. we got awful lucky so far this week. willie geist along with al, tamron, natalie on assignment. >> i love when tamron gets hungry. >> i get hangry. i get past hungry, get low energy and my snickers -- is that a plug? no. >> it's not like you're being paid for it. there's a big bowl of stuff over there. >> in the green room. >> in the orange room. >> al brought up again the fun size thing, he takes objection. >> brittany, our orange room maiden has -- >> come on, brit.
9:01 am
>> okay. >> as long as you're offering, sure. >> al called this the buzz kill bowl because they're so small. what's the point? >> where is the full-sized stuff? >> twix? >> sure, we take orders. >> i'll go twix. >> sure. >> remember we did that segment on what your candy says about you. i'm trying to remember what twix says about you. >> i don't know. caramel, crunchy. >> all together. >> i wonder what kind of candy bar katie holmes like. >> master of the segue here. >> dark chocolate with chili pepper. >> what's that? is that a thing? >> vogue chocolate? >> fancy. >> a lot of people like the spicy whatever. anyway -- >> i mention katie holmes because -- >> she's on the cover of the new "people" magazine. pick it up, boom, there's katie holmes. >> sultry picture. >> she talks things that she hasn't talked about much,
9:02 am
including her divorce from tom cruise and starting over. she said i don't want that moment in my life to define me, to be who i am. i don't want that to be what i'm known as. i was an actor before, an actor during and an actor now. people asked about falling in love again some day. she said, yes, some day. i'm a very loving person. of course, i'm open to finding love again. >> take away how you can be saddled with an ex. you've moved sb ed on and you'r and people are asking you about someone even though they were married, instantly wanting to know about that relationship. even when you moved on. she doesn't talk a lot about her personal life now. >> sure. >> when you are forever tied to one person. >> yeah. you know, maybe it's the difference between men and women. now that she's done, she's moved on, i don't even think about her like that. >> me either. >> it doesn't cross my mind. i saw her at the global citizen's festival, which is a huge fest. she was there, with her daughter. and her daughter's best friend
9:03 am
and they just mingled around like anybody else. and i didn't see people, you know, kind of get in her face. she seemed to just blend in the crowd. >> good for her. >> she has done a good job focusing on her daughter. >> most important thing. >> adorable kid. >> so, we love -- any time we can show you some great shots, amateur folks. >> like willie with shaq? >> like willie with shaq. he has a broken finger, challenged to sink a series of four shots. if he makes these shots he wins 10 grand in tuition. he has to make a lay-up, free throw, three-pointer and half court. >> here we go. >> let's watch. >> okay. lay-up. >> no problem. >> that's good. >> all right. now -- >> free throw. >> backs it up. free throw. boom. >> with a broken finger. >> broken finger. >> falls down. >> now three-pointer. >> okay. >> nails it. >> wow! >> used all the rim, too. >> and then half court shot. >> no way. >> in 30 seconds.
9:04 am
crowd is building. here we go. shoots. >> get in! >> and, boom! >> yeah! how about that? ten grand. >> look at the crowd. they look like ants running over to him. >> that's it. >> wow! he did that with a broken finger? >> yes. >> 10,000 bucks he gets there at his school in tennessee. nicely done. >> nice chunk of change there. i'm sure his parents are like, yes, get out there and do it again, four times. of course, it is wednesday. it is "would you wednesday" and here is the question i asked you today. >> oh, boy. >> take a look at this photo. >> i like when you do that. >> first peak-to-peak suspension bridge in the swiss alps. peak walk at glacier 3000, 350 feet long and 9,800 feet above sea level. willie thought the picture didn't look that frightening. >> i said i think the metal railing helps. i thought it was going to be one of those old rope bridges. >> he hangs out with nik
9:05 am
wallenda. he's like, bring it up. 1,454 feet, empire state building. that's about seven empire state buildings high. >> yes, you're 10,000 up but it feels like you're only, what, 100 feet above that formation below? >> it's rock. >> if you fall 100 feet, i don't think you're going to do very well. >> but look at the nice metal railing. i'm not saying it's not frightening. >> i would do it in a minute. i would love to do that. >> you would? >> it would be kind of cool. can you imagine the pictures you would get? how cool would that be? >> the pictures you would get? i was going to show people -- have a tape measure and show you how far that is away from me. >> we don't have that, i guess. is it hot in here? >> you are. >> did you eat spicy food before the show? >> i did actually. >> what did you have? >> i bit into a pepper. they're cooking something upstairs. >> that's why. >> the question, of course, is would you cross this bridge.
9:06 am
#walk this way or #run the other way. >> willie is dripping sweat right here. >> it is hot. >> don't forget if you #walk this way you have to sing the a aerosmith song. seventh film in the wildly popular series, universal, highest grossing franchise in the history of universal. >> wow! >> yes. >> out next year, april 3rd. the trailer debuts saturday. yesterday we had a little trivia question for you and asked you this. which location has not been featured in the "fast & furious" film franchise, a, tokyo. b, london. c, new zealand. or, d, the dominican republic. >> we thought we knew the answer. >> only one good way to answer that question. >> right. >> on the phone with us from atlanta, we have a surprise guest. >> who? >> ludacris himself. >> luda.
9:07 am
>> good morning, sir. >> good morning, my good people. >> how are you feeling? >> thank you, sir. >> what's up? >> you sound like you just woke up. did you just wake up? >> yeah, man, but i'm definitely up now. >> well, thank you. >> everybody knows, luda, you play in the franchise, the technical expert of the crew. >> yes. >> let's put the question to you. you can answer it for all your fans out there. which of those locations was not one for one of the "fast & furious" films was shot. >> man, if we do eight, this is where it's going to have to be, because we have not shot there yet but new zealand sounds like a great place to go. >> nailed it. >> c, new zealand, is the answer. i know you can't give away too much of the plot. the movie comes out in april. what can people look forward to in the seventh installment? >> this is the biggest one. we made history by being the biggest franchise and we know there are a lot of them but that's because the fans continue to support. you know, i think we're going to break a billion on this one. i'm going to go ahead and put it
9:08 am
out there, man. i think everybody -- you know, in terms of the stunts, in terms of the cars, in terms of us being in abu dabi. >> that's a good matchup. ludacris, you have a fast car? what kind of cars do you have? >> i do. i had a ferrari 458 and i have a bentley. my favorite car is my '93 accura legend, believe it or not. >> nice! >> that's the one i had since before the fame. sometimes it's about becoming one with your car and just knowing that you have a history with it. >> becoming one with your car. >> i have a toyota minivan. not to brag. >> not to brag on you. >> in this franchise, you can take a car like that, as long as you supe it up, nice tanks, next thing you know, you have yourself a little spaceship. >> wow! >> it's about becoming one with your car. >> do you think i could get a
9:09 am
part in "furious 8"? >> hey, man, it depends. let me see how fast and furious you really are. maybe you can race me. >> all right. >> that would be nice. showdown between al and luda. >> take my swagger wagon out. >> roker with the flames down the side. >> if you lose i'll take your place on the show. >> all right. he said if i lose, he takes my place on the show. >> that works. >> all right. >> q & a with the cast on saturday airs live on e! at 3:00 eastern. again that trailer for "furious 7" will be debuted worldwide on saturday. luda, i know a lot of people cannot wait to see the trailer and the movie in april. we really appreciate you calling in this morning. thanks, man. >> thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> all right. it's coming. al? >> before we go to weather, you are like misting. you're dripping sweat. i'm going to take a picture of this. people -- >> okay.
9:10 am
i'm going to move along now. >> it's because he ate spicy food. it's a beautiful day in new york but come on. >> guess what, it's going to cool down as we head toward the weekend. look at this. could we be talking about a halloween snowstorm? well, for some folks, we could be. strong piece of upper low pressure energy, strengthening jet stream, this will develop into a nor'easter. where it sets up will determine how much snow and where. basically by thursday into friday, we'll transfer some of that energy off into the atlantic and then it's going to make its way up the coast and bring some snow to northern new england, heavier snow, actually, depending on where this thing sets up in its strength. look at this. we do have some moderate snow throughout parts of kentucky, west virginia, on into tennessee. and heavier snow in northeastern maine. we can't give you any accumulations yet but we will be watching this ver good morning to you.
9:11 am
the time is 9:10. it is going to be warm and sunny, and today is the final day. i wanted to show you san francisco, where we do have high, even mid level clouds moving in. this will be the trend through the afternoon. there is a storm system on the way. but it's not going to get here for today, and as a result temperatures will be warm. 82 degrees for the south bay. 78 on the east shore. tomorrow, back in the 70s, then we bring in the rain for halloween and looks like the heaviest will be through the evening hours. saturday we clear off. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks a lot. from the lapd and the closer to the nypd and brooklyn 999, kyra sedgwick now showing off her comedy chops. >> look at that. >> she's going to tell us, after >> look at that. >> she's going to tell us, after with my android from tracfone, >> look at that. >i can... order safety goggles.r play music for seedlings. post science fair projects. schedule guinea pig feedings. video chemical reactions. take pics of mr. bones. time the next launch. calm down principal jones. i can do all that
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kyra sedgwick holds the record for fewest degrees of separation from kevin bacon. >> never heard that. >> never. >> but it just gets funnier. deputy police chief on the very funny "brooklyn 99." >> good to see you. but if you're here, who is guarding hades? >> i'm here to evaluate you. >> what about brant? >> he retired and moved. so much for dying at your desk with a little dignity. >> kyra is with us. good -- what fun. we were talking in the break. you compared this, for people who remember, barney miller, back in the day. >> yeah. i think the writing is so great. it's just so funny, it's hilarious. it was this great role. you know, i got to work opposite andre brower. what could be better than that? he's so amazing and so hilarious in this show. >> you're great dance partners
9:16 am
together. >> thank you. >> what was that like? >> it's so fun. literally, i do what he does. and so i look good, you know. i just -- i listen and i react, but i literally am playing his nemesis. i sort of have been playing the same vibe -- different side of the same coin. so it's been easy and really fun and the writing is so good. and it's just -- you know, it's just great. it's so fun to do fun. i'm done with the crying. i'm over it. >> that's what i was going to ask you. >> and the murder. >> you're so associated with "the closer," incredibly successful all these years, it must be a blast to step out of that and let loose. >> it is. it's so fun. and being a guest star you're like -- the pressure is off to a certain extent and it's great. >> so, will we see you -- >> yeah. >> regularly? >> yeah. >> we don't want you just as a guest. >> i would love to join the cast. >> nemesis. >> i would love to. i'm back, you know, this week and i have a couple more. yeah. >> we'll start a twitter campaign. >> all right.
9:17 am
awesome. >> and what else are you working on? >> i'm producing a lot, yeah. i'm doing a lot of producing. i'm executive producing a show for tnt that jennifer biels is going to be on, airing in june. i've got -- we love -- there she is. she's so amazing. and this weekend i'm actually doing a panel on -- there's something called sustain-atopia. it's basically a conference of leaders and innovators, dealing with environmental sustainability. i'm on this plastics panel and talking about plastic. i think one of the giant misconceptions about plastic is that when we use a single-use water bottle or even a coffee stirrer and we put it in recycling, we think it's getting recycled. the truth is that less than 10% of all the plastic gets recycled. most of it ends up in the ocean or landfills. and it poisons our ocean and the fish eat it and it's all bad
9:18 am
news. i think that we need to move away from the plastic. we don't really realize what a scorge it is on the planet. >> good for you. did you and kevin celebrate 26 years? >> 26, yeah. >> 26 years of marriage? >> not to brag. 26 years. >> what is your secret? >> you should brag. >> famous people get married and it's only a matter of time that it ends. you guys have made it work. >> the secret is not to take advice about marriage from celebrities. that's the secret. >> there you go! very mehta. >> very good mother's days gifts. i heard you got good gifts. >> did i? what did i get? >> i heard you got lingerie. >> as diane keaton said in annie hall, this present is for him not for you. >> brooklyn 99 airs sundays.
9:19 am
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9:23 am
failed to adequately tell smart phone customers who were promised unlimited data that their data speeds would be reduced if they went over a certain limit. ftc said in some cases data speeds were slowed by almost 90%, and at&t denies misleading customers. recalling more than half a million suvs and trucks, more than 380,000 rams, 2,500 and 3,500 pickups and 3,500 and 5500 chassis cabs also being recalled because of fuel heaters malfunctioning and causing fires. and more than 180,000 jeep grand cherokee and dodge durango suvs may have a problem with a circuit board that could affect the ability of the car's control. lot of cars to keep an eye on. frequent sex with many partners might reduce a man's risk of developing prostate cancer. that, according to a new study. researchers from the university of montreal studied over 3,200
9:24 am
men and found men who have slept with 20 or more women have a 28% lower risk of being diagnosed. now prior studies have indicating sexual intercourse might help reduce the risk of prostate cancer because it lowers the risk of concentration of carcinogenic substances in the fluid of the prostate. talk about that amongst yourselves. now a new study is raising questions about whether too much milk can be bad for you. study in the bmj's medical journal found women who drank three or more glasses of cow's milk a day were more likely to die than those who drank one glass or less a day. those who drank a lot of milk had more hip fractures. the authors conceive the results could be coincidental. her father handed her two illinois lottery tickets and said happy birthday. she ended up winning $4 million. she called it the best birthday present ever. i would say. at 19, she is now a millionaire.
9:25 am
how awesome is that? coming up, country star dierks bentley has an announcement you will only hear here. stick around after your local news and weather. hi! i have a boyfriend jean... [ woman ] i definitely like the dark. they don't have sizes. no sizes? can i measure you? sure. you are radiant. oh! confident. i'm size strong. [ woman ] i like that size! [ woman ] i got a compliment from jeans today. i feel so good. [ woman ] to feel amazing i think that's what makes a woman beautiful. ♪ i think that's what makes a woman beautiful. olivendless bowls of pastag pastwith new sauces at $9.99. like roasted mushroom alfredo, and toppings like crispy chicken fritta. never ending pasta bowl, unlimited pasta, garden salad, and fresh baked breadsticks. starting at $9.99. only at olive garden. ted what are you doing? i was trying to get these skittles, but i got stuck. [ crickets chirping ] maybe i should try.
9:26 am
[ spider ] i say go for it. [ crickets chirping ] trap the rainbow! taste the rainbow! you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning to you. it's 9:26, i'm kris sanchez. new this morning for the second time this week, police in the east bay are investigating a possible deadly case of road rage. the latest incident happened yesterday in berkley. according to the contra costa times, officers found a man shot to death outside the sea breeze market and deli on university avenue. witnesses reportedly told police they saw two people running from the scene and a car speeding away. no word on why officers think it may be a case of road rage. investigators are looking for whoever shot and kill add mother of four in oakland on sunday. her and her husband were driving from the grocery store when someone shot at their car in an
9:27 am
apparent case of road rage. police are offering $30,000 to help track down that gunman. happening right now, a suspected serial arsonist could finally enter a plea in court. william patrick brennan reportedly told investigators he started several fires in january and he knew the locations and times and more specifics of each one. we have a look at your weather forecast and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. these are your temperatures right now. we're still in the 50s in oakland, san jose, and san martin. cool enough for a jacket, but something that you can peel off later on today if you're putting your wardrobe together, it's going to be warm and sunny, warmest day of the week with temperatures in the 80s. this is it, though, after today numbers steadily fall and we bring in rain as of tomorrow night. 82 degrees for the south bay, 81 degrees on the peninsula, and 76 degrees for today and san francisco. big drop in our numbers as we
9:29 am
head throughout the end of the week. timing for that rainfall we'll talk about at 11:00. first, mike and your drive. slow drive here across the san mateo bridge. no incidents. it's starting to look better. traveling through oakland to downtown is getting smoother and that makes the coliseum better, but still jamming up around 66. map shows the same thing, 880 and r58 0 recovery, we're reaching the end of the bulk of the morning commute. san mateo bridge and dunbarton bridge a little slow, and, of course, south bay recovered. back to you. >> thanks so much. more local news for you in just a half hour.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today," wednesday morning, october 29th, 2014. i'm willie, along with al, tamron. natalie is off today. filling in for natalie morales is the great dierks bentley, country music superstar having a great year. "drunk on a plane" a huge hit. >> love that song. >> snake song. >> and a great video, by the way. dierks has been nominated for five country music awards, more than any other artist, male artist this year. >> oh, my gosh! awesome. congratulations. >> crazy. i was just telling you that my kids sing "drunk on a plane," 5 and 7. they get on the plane holding up their juice boxes singing ♪ we're gettin' drunk on a plane ♪ >> must be great when we the
9:31 am
sing that in school. >> i heard that from so many parents, my 5-year-old loves your song "drunk on a plane." i'm so sorry for introducing that word into their vocabulary. >> no, no, george. >> it's been a great year. i came up here specifically for one reason, doing a country music festival in new york city. i've played many times from the small venues to the masses at madison square garden. world class country music festival, three-day festival june 26th, 27th, 28th. myself, brad paisley, luke bryan are headlining it. i've played there so many times. i feel like country music is so big here. >> it is. >> these fans come out of everywhere. now to have world class festival for country music in the city, you know. it's going to be great. it's called farmborough. five burroughs of new york.
9:32 am
we'll have a sixth burrogh called farm buorough. >> you're a guy from arizona. first concert was -- >> bon jovi and skid row. my dad loved country music. when you're 13, country music, when i was growing up, wasn't geared to a 13-year-old, songs about drinking and heartbreak didn't really resonate with a 13-year-old kid. i was listening to loud dpi tars but hank jr. brought me back when i was 17 and i've been a die-hard country music fan because of hank jr. since then. >> you've inspired a generation like you're inspiring. >> bring them up to farm burrough. >> we'll drink that apple juicy box in the back of the bus. >> congrats in the incredible year. it keeps going. >> thank you.
9:33 am
9:32. good morning to you, bay area. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is a live look at belvedere. beautiful day shaping up. it will be warm and this is our final warm day. temperatures rising by about five to ten degrees from yesterday's high. they tumble by thursday and then we bring in some rain as we get into your halloween night. stop that clock for you on your future cast at 5:00 p.m. that's where we're expecting the bulk of the moisture. through your halloween evening, showers clear by 7:00. hope you have a great day. >> our friend is turning into quite a prolific actor. this time, al turns up in "the mysteries of laura" starring deborah messing and josh lucas. >> that's right. i got a chance to go behind the scenes of the show and an opportunity to test out my acting skills. >> oh, okay. >> al roker's big dramatic debut on "the mysteries of laura" take one.
9:34 am
ah! leading actress deborah messing invited me to make a special cameo. >> mr. roker, makeup. >> my role, the one, the only al roker. first, i had to get into character with a little hair and makeup. you know, just a little more like denzel. and then the moment of truth. >> action! >> i'm excited. >> that's what's happening in your neck of the woods. oh, this is a poker room, not the roker room. sorry. >> what? >> and cut. you crushed it. >> so when is our love scene? >> oh! >> there's a little, you know -- could be a real mystery. okay. so, i didn't get a love scene. i did get to sit down with messing and josh lucas, who plays her pesky ex-husband, jake. >> before we get started, deb
9:35 am
remarks i want to get your professional opinion on how my acting moment went. >> it was shockingly good. really. >> you played al roker like only al roker could. >> that's right. >> to the serious stuff, i love this drama. >> call an ambulance! >> to comedy. >> nicholas, please move away from the criminal. >> mystery. >> blackmail, anyone? >> is that what attracted you guys to this? >> it did for me, for sure. i love murder mysteries. i always have. and when i started reading it, i loved that it was a complicated one. and then i found myself laughing out loud. >> sounds pretty good, right? >> no. actually, it sounds like a stupid, evil divorce nightmare. >> it's a domestic comedy in that you're juggling and going through everything that all of us are going through. >> absolutely. and i often feel like my life is a domestic comedy. you know, trying to come here and to be doing the work that i want to do and then come home
9:36 am
and realize that it's just a disaster. >> don't mess with me. i will hurt you. >> you both are single parents. >> we live in a divorced culture and part of dealing with the concept of child care, being overworked and the things that i think deborah and i both deal with in real life. last time i was on the "today" show a couple of months back, my babysitter didn't show up so i had my 2-year-old on my hip during the show. >> baby! >> you guys have been working together now. is there, in real life, any quirks about each other that drives each one of you crazy? >> about each other? >> yes. >> you know what i try and do? i sometimes try to take the thing that my ex-wife does that drives me crazy and do the exact things to her character. leaning just a little bit too close or doing -- >> that's so true!
9:37 am
>> known about the blackmail. >> two boys who seem a little rambunctious. >> someone is going to lose an eye. >> as young boys r these are not professi professional actors, these guys. >> no, they're not. they have the best job in the whole world. they get to come here and they're told eat pizza. >> or put a pair of pink underwear on your head and play pink monster. >> you're on the streets of new york shooting and people still call out for grace. >> absolutely. i'm going to be grace forever and i accept that and i celebrate that. >> i have a feeling you're going to be laura for a long time, too. >> i hope so. >> and you're going to be jake because it's a lot of fun. >> bravo. >> thank you. although before any congratulations go out, the fact is my cameo never made it into the show. >> what? >> it's on the cutting room. >> it's all a lie. >> you were cut? >> i was cut. >> who do we call about this? >> they actually -- they brought
9:38 am
in anthony anderson to play me. >> they brought in anthony anderson to play you? >> they did. yeah. i'm just kidding. you can catch the -- what? >> we worked with you a little here. we put you in the promo anyway. >> there you go. there you go. catch "the mysteries of laura" without me tonight at 8:00. >> now you're gone. >> tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> i love that the kids aren't actors. >> they're great. >> that's awesome. >> robert klein plays her dad. >> the best. >> cool stuff. up next, step up your game this halloween with some fun activities to keep all your little goblins entertained while they're on the sugar high, after this. ♪ [driver] started my camry. ♪ picked up someone i hadn't seen in far too long. ♪ went somewhere we'd both never been. ♪ did something we've both never done. ♪ and was reminded that the most important
9:39 am
things in life aren't things, they're people. ♪ the bold new camry. one bold choice leads to another. toyota. let's go places. mmmmmmm. look out. now there's even more of the amazing cinnamon taste you love on cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares even more. you'rbam!ean. charmin ultra strong cleans so much better it meets even the highest standards of clean. with a soft duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong is 4 times stronger. and you can use up to 4x less. charmin ultra strong.
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9:41 am
[ bump ] ugh. i'm the horseless headsman.
9:42 am
i think you mean the headless horseman? no. have a snickers®. why? because you get confused when you're hungry. better? better. [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry®. snickers® is halloween satisfaction. >> announcer: halloween on "today" is brought to you by snickers. this halloween, nothing satisfies like snickers. >> halloween can't come soon enough for the kids. trust me, for the adults as well. if you're looking for fun ideas to keep your little pumpkins entertained, we've got them. >> that was funny. soleil moon frye, host of homemade simple, which returns to own, the oprah winfrey network. good morning. >> good morning! i'm so happy to see you guys. we have such fun, diy easy ideas here, okay? >> bingo. >> bingo, this adorable bingo set. you can go to to print it out. >> cool. >> they can do bingo with candy
9:43 am
corn and we've got these cute little cards. who has a cat? who has a cat? you got a cat? okay. put your candy corn on. super easy. fun to do. something that at the very last minute is a perfect game. >> print it out at >> thank you very much. >> so cute. >> paige. >> over here, how cute is this? a corn hole toss. give us a corn hole toss. awesome. >> it's a spider toss. >> so simple. we did a foam board, cut a circle in it and the kids can decorate. go ahead. go ahead and decorate here. here are some stencils. you can paint. as i knock the child down. so easy. something you can do at home. i took my fire logs and spray painted it black. perfect game for the family. >> done and done. >> of course, willie, because i love you. this is a mystery test. willie, put your hands inside and guess what's in there. we took trash bags and literally
9:44 am
did -- what do you think? >> that's guts. >> great. go for another one. >> what do you think? >> wow! >> is it disgusting? >> bananas maybe? >> it might be a tongue. what do you think? >> tongue. >> what else do you feel in there? >> corn flake. >> witch's teeth. >> good job. yes. this is such an easy thing for the kids. >> this is brains. this is mushed up brains. >> hold on. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. it's brains. yep. >> come and try. >> you guys want to try it? >> eye balls. >> eye balls, yes. >> dig in. >> such a classic game. it's one of my kids' favorites. >> oh! >> it's hours of fun in our house. >> can you eat one? i don't know if you want to eat one now. it's yucky. >> not after we put our hands in there. >> if you really wanted to, you could. >> can i eat an olive. >> over here, we have a bowling toss. wrap the toilet paper in tissue. we put eye balls on it.
9:45 am
you want to go for it? you want to throw one of these pumpkins? >> pumpkin bowling. >> everybody has toilet paper at home. this is something you can do. >> go for it! >> want to go again? >> pick up the spare. >> she did it. >> all right! good job! >> then afterwards you take the toilet tissue out to people's homes. never do that. >> yeah! >> a fun one for you guys. ring toss. >> willie, grab one. >> we literally took these hats, glued them down. ring toss. fun for the whole family. al, come on. come on, guys. >> whoo! love it. >> oh! >> perfect. you want to go for it? >> go for it. >> watch. >> good job. keep going. keep going. over here. >> this is my man right here. >> over here is one of my favorites. okay? >> excited about this. >> are you so ready for this? >> this is pick a treat. it's so easy. took plastic cups, covered them
9:46 am
in tissue paper. some have candy and some don't. go for it. poke a hole! oh, you got it, yes! go for it. what's on there? it's a treat. it's a treat. >> cool. >> cool costume. >> so easy to do. fun for the whole family. all of these super, super easy halloween games for the kids. >> thank you so much. these are cute and easy. >> they are cute and easy. >> they're easy to do. do it in the house. >> thanks, kids. you have fun? >> thank you, guys. >> iff this wasn't enough halloween action for you, more than enough supernatural spookiness on the show "sleepy hollow" and we have ♪
9:47 am
[ male announcer ] from the farm to our fridge in just six days. philadelphia® cream cheese. made with no preservatives. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®. ♪ [ male announcer ] give extra. get extra. ♪ the "r" word i want good digestive health... ... but i don't want to think about the word regularity. benefiber helps support good digestive health... and maintain... the "r" word. you know what it tastes like in water? water! except this water makes you feel great. benefiber. now in stick packs. you need healing., new vaseline intensive care
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with micro-droplets of vaseline jelly relieves dry skin and moisturizes to heal it in just 5 days. clinically proven. that's the healing power of vaseline. stuck to the trash can, that someone forgot to take out, before going on a cruise... for a week. pine-sol. cleaning what stinks since 1929. okay patrick, let's go base, shark, blitz. the nfl trusts duracell quantum to power their game day communication. abort! abort! he's keeping it! duracell quantum. lasts up to 35% longer than the competition.
9:49 am
i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. week night dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop.
9:50 am
>> it kind of -- >> hello. >> we're on. >> hey! didn't realize that. the legend of sleepy hollow, nothing compared to how you feel watching this modern day tv version. >> tom mison plays ichabod crane. you can expect more thrills in season two. >> ichabod still has trouble adapting to 21st century life. >> sadistic larceny, typical of the italians, overheated milk on top a symbol of coffee. equal to tennessee stallions. well -- i could see why this
9:51 am
might be popular. >> ichabod crane like you've never seen him. tom, nice to see you. >> thank you very much. >> the legend of sleepy hollow haunts their dreams and it's so scary but clearly there's humor in this version. >> that's one of the secrets of the show. it could very easily be an earnest let's chase after monsters and be heroic. adding moments of levity help for it to flow along. >> you signed up for, excited about this? >> it's something i've never done before. back at home it's not the sort of part that i would be considered for because, you know, do you a job and you're in a certain type. and then people start casting you to that type. so suddenly for my first job in america they say actually let's give him something different and give him an action role, which
9:52 am
is a treat. more strings to my bow. >> do you recall the pitch you received from the show, the whole idea they came to you with? >> i remember getting the pilot script and i had a pile of pilots last year and this was one that as soon as i finished reading it i was in hysterics throughout, gave it to my flat mate and said you have to read this. he said you have to get this part. from the moment i saw it, it was an exciting one. >> we talked about ichabod crane having trouble adjusting to 21st century life. you had some adjustments to american life, especially in north carolina, sweet tea which you don't understand. >> you don't get this tea thing right, do you? >> blas fphemy! >> hey, you're in america now, buddy. >> we've turned on you. what's wrong with tea? >> it needs milk in it. you're english. have some tea. it's full of ice, sugar and
9:53 am
freezing. >> welcome to america, man. >> thank you very much. >> there you go. >> thanks so much. you can catch sleepy hollow monday night on fox. great to see you. we're back in a moment. >> we'll bring you sweet tea in a moment. >> get you a cup. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
very quickly, ladies, wednesday question. will you cross this bridge? >> you can't say it. >> #walk this way, 48% #run the other way, 58%. >> if weengd have seen it, we would have an sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut. mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz.
9:56 am
wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0 is here. you're watching today in the bay. >> well, good morning, everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. new hope this morning for a south bay mall struggling for decades. according to the silicon valley business journal, they are going to buy the macy's, sears, and
9:57 am
jcpenney. valco has no plans for development here, no approval from the city. still working out the general plan, but it may be a move forward for the mall. santa clara valley water district officials are concerned about the amount of water people are using. last night they discussed long-term goals and say over the past seven months people cut their water use by 12%. the goal is 20%. hopefully, some rain on the way. let's check your weather. yeah, really good looking day shaping up. temperatures in the low 80s and upper 70s, even in your coastal spots. 76 degrees for san francisco. 78 degrees on the east shore. low 80s in the tri-valley, north bay, and san jose. as the warming continues for one final day, this is the peak of it. tomorrow temperatures tumble and skies turn cloudy with a storm brewing for halloween and throughout the morning hours on friday, heaviest moisture expected during the evening.
9:58 am
i'll give you the timeline, let you know when you can get out there and trick or treat today at 11:00. first, mike and your drive. >> scary, bats coming out of that picture. traffic flowing 17 and north of hamilton. earlier crash with major injuries to someone on a motorcycle presumably over here at hamilton. assuming the injuries to the motorcycle driver and not the car driver. coming up the same area, this should move smoothly over the next 20 minutes. smoother drive for the rest of the bay. smooth towards the bay bridge, good amount of traffic coming off the maze. you still have to stop for the cash lanes. scott, back to you. >> all right, mike, thanks. another update coming in a half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with hoda kotb and cath lee lee gifford. >> wine day, favorite day of the week on october 29th. >> we have a big show today. the lovely and talented and newly married fran drescher is here. we love her. she a little advice. the chicken soup with the soul book and contributing to that. >> she has been through adversity of her own. so she nose. >> yes. >> we couldn't celebrate halloween without playing who
10:01 am
knew. l.a.'s haunted hayride. >> let's go to our topics. my words of wisdom. okay, here it is. >> put me in the mood. >> when you are happy, you can forgive a great deal. that's by princess diana. when you are happy, you can forgive a great deal. >> when you're miserable, hard to forgive anybody. >> like when you have a new man, you don't care about the old one and you're happy. you're like now i'm fine with that other thing. >> it doesn't make it easier to forgive the old man, so to speak? >> i think so. >> love is like a yard sale, you know? you put yours out on the yard, somebody else is going to want him. >> so true! your old stuff is somebody's new stuff! robbie williams a big star in the uk. how do you past the time when you're waiting for your baby to be born when you're in the last stages of pregnancy? >> robbie and his wife were at the hospital and decided to
10:02 am
entertain themselves. what can we do? they started tweeting videos from the delivery room and this went on for eight videos. first she is dancing and enjoying herself and it's all joyful. >> remember, it went on 24 hours. >> so take a look. >> ♪ rain and snow." >> the cold never bothered me. >> would you stop singing "frozen"! >> you want to let it go. we were doing this for months before cody came, had a very, very tough time at the end, and -- but we -- frank was my coach. the breathing and all of that stuff and count it. frank lost his place. i'm doing all of the work! he lost his place! never have i wanted to hurt a human being so much in my life! >> did you scream when you were in the delivery room?
10:03 am
>> never raised my voice once. >> no? >> no. it's funny. you're either a screamer or you're like this. >> that's what you were doing? >> yes. >> for both? baby, no screaming? >> both babies, cody and frank! any way they had a healthy little boy and we are happy for th them. "the voice" was on last night. they were picking him and he knows how to do arrangements on these knockout rounds and they sound so great. pharrell had ricky, the one in the suit. watch. ♪ ♪ and i'm intoing nothing else to do because every kiss and every hurt you make me want to fall in love with you with you with you ♪ ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball
10:04 am
i close my eyes ♪ ♪ you left me trapped in a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ all you ever did was wreck me sfo♪ >> i'm going with elijah. >> i'll go with ricky. but i like the quality of his voice. let's see what happened. >> my choice is going to be elijah. >> elijah, congratulations. you're going to the live playof playoffs. >> gwen! >> ricky has the matinee eyes and young girls love that. it's not just your voice. it's called "the voice." it should be but we all know it isn't. >> it's more than just that. >> you have to be the whole pcket, woman. >> you really do.
10:05 am
the knockout rounds will go. new book of photos out. shake puppies by a photographer named carly davidson. >> puppies that got wet and they are shake being the water off and that is what they look like when he froze them in time. >> promo video! ow! oh! oh, oh, oh! i like that one! >> i love to see when other dog is groomed and the other dog is so sweet. >> i can't. >> but you know what? they stink afterwards. >> after what? >> after another dog licks them. >> they do? >> it's sweet at the moment but look at them! stop it! >> i can't! >> couldn't you just keeping watching that? >> $14 at what are you buying? i'm sorry, excuse me. the video and i'm thinking,
10:06 am
what? if you've ever walked down a street by a construction site, chances are someone has given you a little bit of a cat call. hey, baby, whatever. it happens in new york a lot because there is lots of construction going on and lots of guys sitting. >> every street is under construction. >> there was a woman who walked around ten hours and there was a hidden camera on her and someone walking ahead of her. she got tons and tons of cat calls. okay, let's take a look. >> hey, beautiful! >> what's up, beautiful? have a good day. >> what's up, girl? how are you doing? i'm acknowledging you! >> okay. >> see, i kind of miss those days. i didn't like it at the time but now i kind of miss it. i got to be honest. it stops like that. it does. >> it's overnight. i'm just warning you. so enjoy your cat calls while they last.
10:07 am
all of a sudden, you've become an invisible person. honestly. >> you're thinking about this girl. she had a hundred cat calls in ten hours. >> that's only, what, ten an hour? i can't do the math. >> that's a lot. >> it is? >> here is the thing. i think it seems fun -- like, i mean, quite frankly, if somebody says hey beautiful, what are you going to look at them and say what? what did you say? it's sweet. >> sounds how they say it. hey, beautiful. >> that's not bad. >> i don't mind that. that's not terrible. >> that's what jerry says to us every morning. >> you know what was a little weird when that guy was next to her and i guess walking next to her for five minutes? then it gets creepy and scary. >> didn't you have something that happened to you the first week you were in new york? >> i did. >> tell that story. >> i went down to the subway and i was still discovering it and some guy goes, he looked kind of like a rocky balance boboa from early move.
10:08 am
he says, hey, you got a nice shape and i went on a date with him! >> hoda says i didn't know anybody! nobody can believe and everybody's mouth is like you went into the subway and a guy says you got a nice shape and you go on a date with him? >> i did! i did! >> how was the date? >> it wasn't great. but i went. >> you did go? >> you got a nice shape. i'm glad you reminded me of that. i like all kinds of compliments! >> that was supposed to be an antiharassment group called holla back. >> they do show that sometimes it can get menacing and scary and not cool. we are talking about when it's funny and from far away. they want to highlight that. >> good for them highlighting that! we have more to talk about. 've about. don't go anywhere. >> we've got the queen of queens, emmy award winning actress fran drescher. >> she's got advice on how you can over come anythi
10:09 am
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10:12 am
we are back. apparently, hoda woman, there's a new study that says sad songs -- a lot of people love sad songs. apparently. researchers in germany say sad music can actually evoke positive emotions like peacefulness and tenderness. >> think about when you're listening to sad song, you're in your house, crank it up. the words themselves are depressing but somehow, i get it, it makes you feel emotional and good. >> apparently it boosts your mood and allows us to empathize with someone else's pain.
10:13 am
>> if you were to pick your quintessential sad songs -- >> you'll know it. just crank it. >> okay. >> please. please crank it. ♪ when i never hear your name and the world has changed so much since you've been gone ♪ >> oh, beautiful. beautiful. ♪ even now i still remember >> could we go to modulation? even now! i love it when barry modeulates! >> what is the other one? ♪ last night i waved good-bye, now it's been a year ♪ ♪ maybe the old songs will bring back the old times ♪ that was written by my friend david pomerantz. >> mine is -- i have to remember -- ♪ i can't make you love me if you don't ♪
10:14 am
>> can we hear it? ♪ you can't make your heart feel something it won't ♪ >> great choice. great choice. >> hasn't everyone felt this? you wish you can fall in love with someone and you can't. >> or they could fall in love with you. >> exactly. ♪ these final hours i will lay down my heart ♪ >> this is kind of sad. this man has found a way to make something good out of a tragedy that happened to him as a small child. a child was born with one leg, grew up, but learned how to have more than fun than almost anybody at halloween time. >> his name is josh sunquist, a paralympic ski racer, motivational speaker. he turns everything into a positive. he has one leg. always came up with very creative halloween costumes. last year, he went as a -- >> flamingo -- >> wait. let me see. >> he's upside down. >> isn't that unbelievable?
10:15 am
>> that's amazing. >> in 2012 he was a lamp from "a christmas story." >> he's got a nice leg, doesn't he. look at the tone. he's an athlete. >> in 2010 he was a half-eaten gingerbread man. >> oh, my gosh! >> this year, everybody, he's unveiling his new one, a foosball player. >> god bless him. i think that's amazing. >> keep in mind he's a motivational speaker. he's showing people you can have a lot of fun and the costumes help him. i'm sure he helps other people. >> that is awesome. >> that's a hero. >> here is a guy who is not a hero. at a tennis match in charlottesville, virginia, on monday. it didn't end well. one of the players slammed his racket on the side of the court after a bad match. this is dare i don't know king of barbados. >> oh, no. >> i think we're done. >> he threw his racket, it hit this woman who is a line person. >> we didn't start it at the
10:16 am
right place, you guys. you can't tell. >> look. other people go -- >> he doesn't care. >> he threw the racket. it hit the lines woman. it hit her -- >> it looks like the tarp kind of snapped back into her. >> it looks like it was the racket. >> so he's frustrated -- >> no, that hits her. >> and the racket hit her after it bounced off the tarp. >> wouldn't you think he'd run over to the woman and say "i'm so sorry, what an idiot i am." he's ranked number three in the tennis world. there are thousands and thousands of professional tennis players. i think the guy should be thrown out of the game for at least a year. >> at least default friday the -- from the match? >> defaulted from the match? no. thrown out of the game for a year. >> think about when you lose your temper like crazy and you do something terrible. he threw the racket. that would have been a victimless crime until it hit
10:17 am
the woman. you can't believe he doesn't rush over to help her. >> no, no, no. there's no excuse for that. i'm sorry. do you know how many hours they have to practice on the tennis court to get ranked internationally. spend a couple hours learning how to be kind to people. that's so selfish. >> exactly. it is time, guys, to cut the creep. we know you've been good all summer. you dropped the pounds. the holidays came and they creep back up again. we want to help you prevent that holiday weight gain. >> they don't gain weight in hollywood. >> that's true. they just suck it out. >> okay. hit the connect button if you'd like to be a part. we'd love for you to join us. >> come on our set' say hi. >> oh, my god. >> look who is here. >> fran drescher. >> she wants to help you find your inner strength when you need it most. >> we'll talk to her right after this.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
always be loved for playing the fun and fashionable and her voice on the hit sitcom "the nanny." it was based on fran's own life. >> the same can be said for her latest project, from being diagnosed with uterine cancer to ending a 20-year marriage to a high school sweetheart, she has faced her share of challenges and she writes about it in "chicken soup for the soul: find your inner strength." congratulations. >> thank you. >> listen to the name of her new husband. say it. >> shiva ayyadurai. >> he's not italian. >> and is a doctor. >> yes, yes. >> my parents are thrilled. >> how did you meet him, by the way? >> deepak chopra was our cupid. i was invited to go to a weekend called sages and scientists. he was one of the scientists. i actually missed his speech
10:22 am
which i understand got a standing ovation because i was at the spa, of course. but later that day, there was a panel discussion with all the scientists, and i was sitting at a table with a bunch of women. it was open seating. we noticed there was only one woman and the rest were all men and we thought, what is this -- >> of the scientists? >> yes. when it came his turn to speak, he said, you know, i just want to say there's a disproportionate amount of women on this panel representing women's contribution to science, and we applauded him. >> of course. >> i kept looking at him. and i was immediately attracted about him. i loved everything he had to say. i loved the way he was sitting, loved the way he looked. love you, honey! that was the end of the day, and he was standing on the floor off the stage talking to somebody. i made a beeline right for him. >> good for you. >> tapped on his shoulder and said, hi, i'm fran drescher.
10:23 am
i just want to thank you for what you said about women. he said i was a little embarrassed because there were so many men and only one woman. what is that about? somebody raced past us and said a bunch of us are going to the clubhouse for drinks. you guys come. he said, "do you want to go?" i said i'm not really drinking these days and my dog is at the villa. i said, if you want to come back with me, you can have a coconut water and talk. >> he was an animal fan. >> well, that was then. then he said i want to get to know you better, so i'll come back with you. we talked until 3:00 in the morning. the next day, we hung out together, also networked and did what we were there to do. the next day, i drove away and he texted me not 20 minutes later and said "i miss you already." >> oh! >> i said, come up to l.a., because we were in san diego. i said, let's get to know each other better if you don't have
10:24 am
to rush back to massachusetts. he said, i don't want to leave. i want to get to know you better so i'm going to drive up. on the car ride from san diego to l.a., he broke up with his girlfriend. >> i love this story! >> heaven. >> this is the best. >> so he wouldn't be cheating on her emotionally. >> he was like in a place where he was very conflicted because there was a lot of unhappiness attached to it. >> we don't have time to get to the book. >> no! >> "chicken soup for the soul." >> chicken soup for the soul. >> particularly if you're going through anything. >> it's the best. >> there are happy endings. oh! >> i know. put it out to the universe, ladies. there's love. >> we'll be right back. >> happy birthday, dad. it's his 85th today. i love you, poppy.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
and tiffany nguyen held another teen at gunpoint while they robbed his home. they are accused of armed robbery and false imprisonment. security cameras helped capture those teenagers. investigators say the street had a lot of cameras on it because of previous burglaries. health officials are trying to figure out what made dozens of people sick at a naacp gala in redwood city. 50 people reported getting sick, 12 had to be taken to the hospital for fear of dehydration. hundreds of people were at that party in the san francisco bay hotel in redwood city. the paper reports several people got sick after eating a dinner of salmon and salad. the warriors getting ready to start a new push for an nba title. kicking off the regular season just up the road in sacramento tonight. game time 7:00, then off until saturday night, when the team plays its first game at home against the lakers. a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. we're looking at san francisco, live shot here. beautiful skies, but christina has changes in the forecast that will be an issue for halloween. right now we want to show you the slowdown recovery westbound 92 over the toll plaza. let's look at the map, recovering off 880. still slower up the peninsula, where 101 south is still the sticking point there. the rest of the bay looking good. recovery off the earlier crash with 17 and the bay bridge toll
10:30 am
plaza, late crowd, but it's clearing. back to you. >> all right. more local news and weather coming up in half an hour. we are back with today of this wines day wednesday. we're ready to play "who knew." this week's theme is, you guessed it, halloween. kathie lee is over at the nbc experience store. she's ready to hand out $100 to who get the questions right. those who don't get her wonderful cd. everybody is a winner because they're all going home with bags of candy. >> no. >> where is the candy? >> no, they're not. they thought so. they were told that. but only our participants. >> whatever. >> i think it's chint see. >> here to help me out, melissa carbone, creator of los angeles
10:31 am
haunted hay ride, one of the most elaborate and terrifying attractions in the country. you created that. >> i did. >> what goes on in that weird brain of yours. >> a lot. too much sometimes. >> let's go across the street. >> lovely lady visiting from knoxville. what phobia do you suffer from if you have an intense fear of halloween? ham main phobia, wick phobia or halloween phobia. >> halloween phobia. >> it would be wrong. >> no, stop it. >> yea. >> the correct answer is swen phobia. an ancient celtic word. it means just that, the fear of halloween. people who are phobic, as decorations and advertising go live, they start having more and month anxiety building up. the anxiety keeps building until halloween gets here. >> it's a real thing. >> it's a real thing. even though they know they're
10:32 am
not in real danger, it doesn't matter. >> two beautiful ladies from maryland. finish the lyrics to bobby picket's "monster mash". ♪ they did the monster mash ♪ it was a graveyard smash >> her friend just turned 50. great song. >> it hit number one in 1963. bobby picket and the grave kickers. so 50 years later and it is still -- it's going to be in my head all day. thanks, hoda. >> you're welcome. back to kathie. this gentleman from texas, name one way people used to earn candy before using the phrase "trick-or-treat." was it from kissing, yelling or dancing? >> i'm going to have to say
10:33 am
dancing. >> smart. yes. >> you had to put on a little dance? >> yes. this is actually a european practice. it's call mumming or guysing. people would dress up and go door to door and do these elaborate choreographed dances for candy. >> lovely woman from virginia. what country did the halloween originate in, united states, air land or canada? >> ireland. >> she knew the answer to that. >> how did she know? ireland? >> yes, 2000 years ago. this was a pagan holiday that celebrated the ghosts of people's ancestors. >> did they dress up? >> yes. basically the dead would come back as ghosts. people would leave food and water and beverages on the door to ward off the spirits. >> this nice lady came all the way from new jersey. true or false. in a poll, the majority of people say they
10:34 am
enjoy being scared? >> true. >> you guys did well today. >> how is that possible? >> this is all about adrenaline, hoda. >> see, isn't that enjoyable? that was not -- if you like high blood pressure and not feeling good. who was that? >> they go everywhere with me. >> thanks, melissa. whatever. don't worry. we worked it out, kat, so that everybody gets some candy. celebrity chef chuck hughes coming up right after this. walmart pharmacy is now in many medicare part d plan preferred networks, including united healthcare, humana, aetna, and coventry. at our new health insurance information centers, you'll find independent agents that tell you about plans that could be right for you.
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model and actress claudia mason was a healthy woman too young to worry about having a stroke or so she thought. >> claudia went to her regular dance class, whipped her head around and the next day suffered from a sudden and intense headache and blurry vision. what claudia didn't know, she was having a stroke. >> she later learned it was due to the tear of an artery. she's here today to mark world stroke day. she and dr. carol brocking ton from mount sinai roosevelt has teamed up with the american stroke association. hi, ladies. >> nice to see you. we've done a lot of these kinds of segments over the years. your story, claudia -- it was a move you'd done many times. >> many times. i've danced my whole life in a jazz dance class. it was a jazz move where you throw your head around, ala
10:40 am
beyonce, we all know what that is. i had bad luck. it was like being struck by lightning. an arterial dissection that happened unbe nounsed to me. >> what did it feel like? >> after the dance class, nothing. the next morning i had the words headache of my life. >> not prone to migraines. >> i thought it was a migraine. never had a migraine. i couldn't imagine what it could have been. >> also vision problems. >> visual fields going in and out. it was awful. >> you knew it wasn't normal. >> how long was it until you went to the hospital? >> unfortunately the next day. i went home, went to sleep. woke up. my vision had cleared up, but there was still a deficit to the left side of the visual field. i'm like, this is ridiculous. i have to go to the hospital. >> doctor, how unusual is something like this, going to a dance class, whipping your head around and suddenly suffering a stroke. >> we're told to exercise. >> i don't think we're saying not to dance. the problem is you can always
10:41 am
injure your neck and there are arteries in the neck. >> it's unlikely. >> doesn't happen every day. sometimes it can be a bad situation where you move it in a wrong way and you get a kink of the artery, the artery kinks here and doesn't allow blood to get to the brain and we call that a dissection or injury to the artery rather than what we think of when people have strokes when they have clogged arteries. you think of them like pipes, not enough blood to the brain and that causes the problem. >> you can get a tia also, my mom has had several of those. those are far more common than what claudia went through. >> tias, some people say they'rí mini strokes. it stands for transient ischemic attack. breachly not enough blood gets to the brain. there's an initiative by together to end stroke sponsored by american stroke association that looks at how do people figure out whether they're having a stroke. >> give us the telltale signs.
10:42 am
>> the acronym f.a.s.t. face as in face, does someone's face droop. a is forearm, you ask them to stretch out their arm. is it weak on one side. >> would it be weak on the same side your face is drooping? >> exactly. >> s is for speech, maybe someone doesn't understand what you're saying to them or they can't express themselves. t is for time. you've got to go to the hospital immediately. so 911 is very important. >> they're missing the visual field part of that. we need a new acronym i always say. >> how are you feeling? are you fully recovered then? >> i was then. it happened. there was a visual field deficit for a little while. it's almost gone now to the left side. i was able to go on right away with my life. >> do you continue dancing, too? >> no. that's one thing -- i do yoga. but i do not stand on my head. it was not preventive. what happened to me was a freak
10:43 am
accident. my point in getting the word out, do not do what i did if you have symptoms. don't go home and think it's a headache if your visual field is in and out. >> that's not like my floater. that's a different thing. >> very different story. >> thank you, ladies. done a lot of good. chef chuck hughes is heating up the kitchen with favorites for your family. >> fir at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly.
10:44 am
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10:48 am
it is time for today's kitchen with chuck hughes. we first met him three years ago when we traveled to montreal, canada. it was love then. it still is. >> these two had a little thing. chuck had this bit crush on kat for a long time. he'd stay home from school and watch her on tv are regis. >> i remember it well. we're happy he's here sharing delicious fall recipes from his new book "chuck's day off." a new dad nine months ago. >> what's the baby's name?
10:49 am
>> charles iv. >> oh, my gosh. which one is he? >> exactly. >> we're going to do this with non-alcoholic -- not everybody drinks. >> mostly it's kind of to get the kids included as well. when you have the holidays and you're having parties, kids want something. a little bit of sparkling apple juice and cranberries with maple syrup. i'm going to add a little in there, just a touch. >> just to make it colorful. >> a little bit tart and sweet at the same time. frozen cranberries to keep it cold. >> i love that idea, frozen fruit. >> cheers, ladies. >> thank you, thank you. >> happy halloween. >> all right. now we're doing a pork thing, right. >> pork shoulder. really, really simple. we've got sugar, salt, pepperkorn. >> that's a lot of salt.
10:50 am
>> that is a lot of salt. we're putting it on like that, a little sugar as well. juniper berry, peppercorn. >> pat that baby down. >> rub it all over and let it sit in the fridge for about 24 hours. >> do you dust it off. >> dust it off, rinse it off. >> start all over again. >> we rinse it. seer it on all sides. drop in karat, thyme, garlic, celery, on i don't know. put that in there as well. a little bit of apple cider and then veal stock, beef stock. >> or vegetable. >> you could put vegetable stock. you could. >> what's the point? >> basically, you've got it like this. put it in the oven.
10:51 am
it comes out like this. every oven is different, i would say 2 1/2, 3 hours. >> falls off the bone. >> falls right off. basically this is like pulled pork. the kicker is, once this is cooked, string it off, put your sauce in here and you add little honey, just a touch to sweeten it up. get there that in there, a little coffee. a shot of espresso adds a little touch of bitterness and a little cider vinegar. you let it reduce and it becomes nice and thick. basically this is the roast with a bit of the coffee glaze. you can cut a little bit off right here and you can see inside still looks -- >> oh, my gosh. >> that's such a nice change, too. >> really beautiful with a little touch of the coffee glaze right on top. >> look at chuck hughes go. >> beautiful. we have spinach gratee.
10:52 am
>> everything you cook is amazing. >> are you still at that restaurant? >> i still have both my restaurants in montreal. ladies, let me know here. >> mmm. >> you are so good. >> congrats. >> thank you. >> recipes on
10:53 am
looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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10:55 am
now it's time to shine our fan spotlight on our biggest little fan. >> wes just turned 2 last week, watches our show every day and has been fascinated with hoda for months. >> once his mom beth was able to capture this on video and put it on our facebook page. let's take a look. >> hoda! mommy, hoda!
10:56 am
it's hoda! hoda mommy. hoda! >> oh, my gosh. how precious. >> mommy hoda! >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh, how precious. >> you have such a way with men. >> i like wes, little ones. >> he wakes up asking for hoda and brings the remote and said "find hoda" and runs to the tv and screams "hoda" whenever he hears the "today" show music. he also learned how to say -- >> kathie lee. >> that's adorable. you know who is back tomorrow, matthew hussey with the other view answering your relationships questions. >> matlin will head to the plaza for a lesson on halloween candy.
10:57 am
>> plus ambush makeovers. >> a performance by zoe dechanel. >> we'
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
nbc bay area news starts now. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. detectives are investigating a deadly fight on the peninsula right now. nbc bay area's nannette miranda has the latest on this developing story from redwood city. nannette, what do we know? >> reporter: well, kris, redwood city police say that a 32-year-old redwood city man is dead after a fight after a night of drinking. it all happened right here behind me at courthouse square on broadway in downtown redwood city around 8:30 last night. while drinking, lieutenant shaun harris says somehow the two got into a verba


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