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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 2, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> al: yeah, i think it is. you have to get just to the front of the goal line and that's the end zone. >> cris: matt spaeth, no catches coming in. that was really a great play call on the part of todd haley. he said antonio brown across the field from left to right and snuck spaeth out the other way. daryl smith obviously thinking run, just never saw it. you get brown going this way and spaeth after a big delay going back that way. looks like run, run, run, run, run, right, and now spaeth will sneak out of there. >> al: well, i don't see -- i don't see any evidence to overturn this.
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by the way, spaeth also had that two-point conversion earlier on the problem that suisham had on the extra point. i see nothing to overturn this. that's going to be six touchdowns if it stands. 12 in two games. on the season roethlisberger will have 22 touchdowns and three interceptions. >> referee: the ruling on the field stands. touchdown. >> cris: you're exactly right, al, there was nothing to overturn it. it wasn't confirmed, it stands, which means there wasn't enough to overturn it. >> al: how much do they love todd haley now? of course there was a lot of consternation here in pittsburgh when they let bruce arians go. he wound up going to indianapolis and did a phenomenal job there when chuck
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pagano got sick, leading to his role in arizona, where he's now the number one seed at the moment in the afc with the cardinals. haley came in, took a while to change the offense and get things together. you go back to that game in carolina -- here's another flag. here you go again. it's the steelers and the ravens. >> cris: you have vinovich going over there and telling the kickers to get out of there. the steelers making sure the
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crowd gets completely into it. of course they will be the victors. >> referee: after the try, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, offense number 72. 15-yard penalty on the kickoff. the try is good. >> al: that's cody wallace. there will be a few fines coming out of this one tonight. >> cris: one of those times in the game when you get a personal foul and you get over and everybody high fives you. >> al: it's a strange thing to say. i'm looking at it this way, cris, with this officiating crew. there's sometimes when the officiating crew lets the game get out of hand and i think vinovich and his crew have actually done a pretty good job tonight despite all the nonsense that's gone on. >> cris: the officials will have to spend a little time in the
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hot tub here. >> al: this started to get out of bounds earlier in the third quarter, vinovich got them calmed down and now of course it's garbage time so you get a lot of garbage. >> cris: you just wouldn't have believed it if you watched the first game that this one was going to be this one-sided the other way. but for the pittsburgh steelers, they have come a long way, baby, since that second game of the season. >> al: remember that -- on opening day against cleveland, they had a big first half. then they went over eight quarters without scoring a touchdown. the second half against cleveland, the whole game against baltimore, the first half in carolina. over eight quarters without a touchdown. now last week they got 51, tonight they get 43. 94 points in two games. >> cris: well, you know it's a strange night when even the kingers are getting involved in the fight. >> al: oh, yeah.
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>> cris: brad wing the punter, shaun suisham. you've got to get those tough guy kickers out of here. you just back down. roethlisberger loves it. that may have been the moment of the game, though, don't you think? when roethlisberger was getting hit time after time, it looked like he hurt his jaw but he hung in there, they got those two turnovers back-to-back and this game completely changed. >> al: this down underneath, taliaferro gains five. the ravens home next week against tennessee. then a bye. they're going to leave here 5-4 and pittsburgh is going to leave here with a mark of 6-3. >> cris: more importantly for the ravens, though, they have
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lost twice to cincinnati already and now a loss in the division to the pittsburgh steelers. and the team you better keep your eye on is the cleveland browns. they get a shot at the bengals on thursday night. >> al: the ravens have already beaten the browns in their one meeting in the season. and the season will end with cleveland at baltimore. pittsburgh's season will end with cincinnati here. on december 28th. >> cris: i just really feel like brett keisel hit on some key things when we were talking with him about lebeau's defense is very complicated and you have to study the details of everything for a game plan. and maybe those two veteran guys coming back in the building, james harrison, brett keisel, has just awakened the old spirit of this defense. teaching them how to study, how to prepare physically and
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mentally. >> referee: third and final time-out baltimore. >> al: baltimore takes a time-out for whatever reason, i have no idea. >> cris: we talked about it, three straight plays ben roethlisberger was sacked. and you just saw the shot there to the head. his jaw was sore, but he just keeps hanging in there. and then the young receivers started taking over this game. and as much as you want to try and focus in on antonio brown, you just can't do it anymore. martavis bryant, markus wheaton have begun to balance the deck a little bit for this offense. >> al: and a near sack there. jason worilds coming in. second down and ten. >> cris: jason worilds a couple
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of sacks, but he already leads this team in quarterback hits this year coming off the edge on the outside. he's one of those rock solid guys out there. the numbers haven't quite been there as far as the sacks go, but he is one of their better players. >> al: 23 seconds remaining. hard to believe, you think back -- it took pittsburgh almost the entire first quarter tonight to get their first first down. and now as we wind down to the end, we're going to wind up with 43 on the scoreboard. and with the clock ticking down, baltimore will run one more play, maybe two more as flacco spikes it. the crowd says come on, man, we want to go home. >> cris: i'm pretty sure joe
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flacco doesn't want to go home. he must feel obligated to take that shot. but this has been -- it really looked in the first quarter like it was going to be one-sided the ravens way. a couple of turnovers and it just completely flipped. >> al: well, it's sunday night so the 20-point margin. marlon brown, and that will end the game. the game had a little bit of everything. a lot of great plays. a lot of chippy stuff. a little bit of nonsense. but it all ends with a 43-23 pittsburgh win over baltimore. stay tuned, coming up next it's the volkswagen postgame report on nbc.
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once again, your final, the steelers 43 and the ravens 23. and in the category of the obvious, the first of the game balls goes to ben roethlisberger. again, six touchdown passes without a pick. no one has ever thrown 12 td
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passes in back-to-back games, and in this case roethlisberger didn't suffer an interception in either. james harrison had seven tackles and a couple of sacks tonight. antonio brown, who leads the league in receptions with 71 caught 11 more, one of them for a touchdown. so game balls to all three of them and two of them roethlisberger and harrison are about to speak with michele tafo tafoya. >> well, ben roethlisberger a new nfl record, 12 touchdown passes over a two-game span. man, things are clicking. what is clicking for you right now? >> you know what, we took advantage of turnovers that our defense gave us. we were slow starting obviously but made plays down the stretch. i'm still disappointed about the ones we didn't make. >> six touchdown passes to five different targets. how would you describe the way the chemistry is build across this offense? >> you've got to give guys credit for putting the work in, the extra work. when guys are all making plays, that last one was extra special
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because matt spaeth just did a great play. i was so happy for him to score there. >> you know, we saw you take three sacks on consecutive plays. at one point your jaw was killing you. you know, how intense was it out there tonight? >> this is a heck of a rivalry. i know that fans all around the world that love football love this rivalry. it was fun to play, especially when you come out on top. >> congratulations, ben. >> appreciate it. >> let's turn to james harrison, with a little hug for ben. james, this game really turned on the turnovers which were a product of the pressure you guys were able to put on joe flacco. you look like the james harrison of old. what was behind all that energy? >> god, you know. that's about it. i'm old and slow, so, you know, i've got god doing most of the work right now. we were just able to come out and stick to the game plan, stop the run. when we get an opportunity, put enough pressure on him to make him uncomfortable. >> did not look old and slow tonight. you've been part of this rivalry many, many years.
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how did this one compare in terms of physicality and intensity? >> you know, just coming out we knew we had to be more physical than they were, especially the last game they ran the ball up and down the field on us for over 180 yards so we had to come out and force our will. i think we did a good job of doing that today. >> the old guard making themselves known. congratulations, james. bob. >> tony, the steelers have won three in a row but the last two have been especially impressive. what struck you about tonight? >> well, i know the fans are excited about the six touchdown passes and what the offenses are doing but i think coach mike tomlin has to be excited about his defense. the last couple of weeks they have been forcing turnovers and it starts with james harrison. we saw joe greene get his number retired tonight. i think james harrison has brought some of that intensity, that passion, that energy. we're starting to see the steeler defense play like the defense of their super bowl years.
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and that has got to be a big, big boost for mike tomlin heading down the stretch seeing that defense play the way they did tonight. >> tony, thanks a lot. we'll turn as always now to mike florio and, as always, there's plenty going on around the league. mike, what are the big stories you're working on for tomorrow's "pro football talk" show. >> we're keeping a close eye on the adrian peterson case. the vikings running back is due in court on tuesday. the lawyers are working on a possible plea bargain that would reduce pending felony child abuse charges down to a misdemeanor. he's paced eight games with pay. it's unclear what penalty the nfl would impose if he does plead guilty to misdemeanor charges. the situation with cowboys quarterback tony romo also uncertain but for health reasons. he missed sunday's game with a back injury. he says he's going travel to london for next sunday's game. the team is optimistic he'll play but his status will be a topic of focus throughout the week. far less uncertainty regarding nick foles. he's reportedly out indefinitely
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with a broken collarbone that was suffered today and that means that the quarterback indefinitely for the eagles will be former jets starter mark sanchez, bob. >> mike, thanks. at the beginning of the season it was ravens 26, steelers 6, 20-point margin of victory. pittsburgh turns it around tonight winning by 20, 43-23. al michaels to wrap things up from pittsburgh after this. the exhi ration of a new engine. painstakingly engineered without compromise. to be more powerful... and, miraculously, unleash 46 mpg highway. an extravagance reserved for the privileged few. until now. hey josh! new jetta? yeah. introducing lots of new. the new volkswagen jetta tdi clean diesel. isn't it time for german engineering?
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of our proud nation. blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. dalton hands it to hill. running through the line. he's off to the races at the 35. high-steps at the 30. inside the 20. breaks a tackle. touchdown! >> brady takes the shotgun snap. goes to the end zone. touchdown, shane vereen. >> there's a party going on in foxborough right now, baby. >> some highlights from today. more coming up after the game on
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nbcsn. it's the "sunday sports report." cris will be there with hines ward, rodney harrison, all of today's action, "sports report" on nbcsn. back in pittsburgh, the steelers were home for three straight games and won them all to go to 6-3. next week we go to green bay, one of the great rivalries, of course, that goes all the way back to 1921. it's the bears and the packers. they will meet for the 188th time. the packers were red-hot, then lost last week in new orleans. we saw aaron rodgers look a little gimpy. the bye week comes at the right time. he'll be in action next week. you might say it's a season-saving night for the chicago bears who are 3-5. they come off a bye. chicago is 0-3 at home but 3-2 on the road so it's the bears and the packers next week from lambeau field on sunday night football. that will do it from the steel city, where the pittsburgh steelers get rolling. roethlisberger throws six touchdowns the second week in a
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row. they win 43-23 over baltimore. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, our entire gang saying good night from heinz field in pittsburgh.
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>> the faithful. >> if my collection could talk, i think the various pieces would say we're lonely. we need more. more friends, more jerseys. my wife wouldn't be too happy about it, but i think that's what it would say. zeefs born and raised in new york. i twoent college at colgate, graduated in 1989 and from there
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i had a hands to move to san francisco in the summer of 1989. the 49ers had just come off a big super bowl win. when i moved there, i obviously started following the 49ers, super bowl champions. i became a huge joe montana fan, and that's kind of where my love of the 49ers started. for some reason i always like to collect them. as little kids i started to collect comic books. from comic books i started to collect rare science fiction books. once i got into the san francisco 49ers back in the late 1980s sports cars were kind of hot. my first card was a joe montana rookie card, and that's how i started to collect 49ers memorabilia. >> meet paul martin. dad, husband, doctor, and the owner of the most comprehensive 49er collection ever seen.
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>> i was going to sports cards shows in san francisco at the time, and back then the game economy wasn't as big as it is today. first two jerseys i ever bought one was a john taylor and brent jones game-worn engineers where i. >> the origins of what is now known to friends and loved ones, and the collection has begun. at a time for the internet and the now multi-billion dollar sports memorandum beal wra, this pioneer found ways to search for his many treasures. >> in the early 1990s the collecting world in terms of game jerseys is different than it is today. back then it was a magazine called sports collectors digest, when had a number of ads in it from dealers. there was some auction houses, and that's how i bought a lot of my original game-worn jerseys.
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>> even during our marriage it has grown. to say that paul's financial planning is more, i guess, invested in the jerseys more than other ways of saving money. >> a true collector never reveals their secrets. nor do they offer up the value of the items that comprise the collection. >> the authentic swrerzy was worn by the likes of super bowl champion joe montana, the price tends to go up. >> you know, he is always, like, oh, no, it's worth this much money. i'm, like, okay. but, you know, it's not in the bank. it's in the closet. >> well, my collection is kind of a retelling of the 49er
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history from 1981 through today. the way that i put together my collection is that i focus on players that have been key components of 49er history, and that's one of the ways that i figure out who do i like, what jersey do i want to buy, what do i want to add to my collection? i don't necessarily collect superstars. i collect players that i think played a key role in 49ers history. >> when i came back the team archive was trying to track down memorabilia for the hall of fame. i contacted him, and he said we should talk because i would probably be interested in loaning some items from my game-used jerseys. i probably have a few dozen, maybe 100. i went to visit him in hawaii, and i walked in, and he had everything all laid out in his family room, in his living room. >> he has several jerseys from
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joe montana. you could -- he has stuff that collectors their mouths would just water, just drool over his stuff. >> i have something that brings me closer to the team and what better way to do that than actually owning a jersey that was worn by a player on the fie field. >> he has a mind of his own. once it's started, it's -- i'm happy, but i'm always adding things. when packages are coming in, i'm a happy guy. i don't really sell anything. the last time i sold something was 1999, and i still regret it to this day.


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