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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  November 9, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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and look at san francisco. 72. but the sea breeze turned on a bit sooner today, so the coast saw some cooling today. the winds onshore, and that's good news for air quality because now the smoke particle pollution is not concentrated in parts of the bay area. the air qualities level will drop back into the moderate range. a slight cooldown in terms of temperatures and air quality. no rain to start the work week, but the powerful storms to our north and west pushing a long swell toward the coast. so between now and tuesday, watch out for some dangerous surf as these wave heights start to come up. get could waves five to 10 feet and rip currents going up too. another warm day on the coast. watch out for that from now to noon tuesday. tomorrow, still pretty mild. mid 60s for pacifica for tomorrow. 70s around the north bay. and still upper 70s around the trivalley. you'll begin to see changes in the north bay as early as wednesday afternoon.
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a chance of showers. temperatures cooling off toward the middle of the week. livermore, showers very early on thursday. for san jose and san francisco, it looks like wednesday night into thursday comes the one opportunity over the next seven days that we'll get some measurable rain in the bay area. it could start as early as wednesday afternoon in the north bay. timing mainly from midnight wednesday into early thursday morning. this time next week, we might see a little more rain coming in. we are starting to fall behind on the rain totals. and the system coming in not really bringing a lot of rain. most of it in the north bay. maybe 1/3 of an inch from wednesday night into thursday morning. but headed to next weekend, more clouds coming in. our temperatures not as warm as this weekend. but notice for the north bay there, perhaps by next sunday, you might see a few more showers. in fact, the 10 to 14-day trend beyond next weekend does finally bring more rain toward the bay area and perhaps some snow as
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well. something we'll be watching toward the end of next weekend. after the short break, we'll have more news.
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classic christmas decorations going high tech at the white house. >> how about that? on thursday, the white house invited makers and innovators to submit their designs. the winners will be printed on 3d prohibiters a 3d printers. >> we have added a link on our site. >> very cool. >> i'd like to decorate my tree that fast. >> pretty nice to have people to help out. >> "xfinity sports" is up next. >> thanks for choosing pay area.
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brees with time. hit from behind. he fumbles the ball! the 49ers have it. they sack brees and force the fumble. >> the 49ers make the big plays
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down the stretch to keep their playoff hopes alive. see what the locker room is saying after a tough win in the big easy. >> a lineman, ineligible. he fumbles. that's a live ball, and the broncos have it. >> and the raiders finding new ways to lose. but is an 0-6 season realistic? bill romanowski weighs in. "xfinity sports sunday" starts now. ♪ so week 10 of the nfl season brings us one stunning finish and one more disappointing defeat. as we welcome you in to "xfinity sports sunday." the four-time super bowl
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champion by my side is jim romanowski. the 49ers had a lot on the line when they travelled to new orleans. we begin in the big easy. here is the way it was. 49ers and saints. trying to snap that saints' 11-game home win streak. first possession of the game, brees pass excepted. the defense sets up the offense, bill. >> big time. when you can make plays like that in the dome against new orleans, that's the difference between winning and losing. >> and the ensuing 49ers possession. frank gore makes it look easy. 7-049ers. is this their real identity? >> this is what they do when they win, they run the football, jimmy. >> first and goal from the 9. carlos hyde's turn. 14-049ers. it's looking good. but we get to the second quarter. and the saints start to settle in. they are trying to come back.
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49ers up 14-3. brees finds brandon cooks. boy, he's good, isn't he? >> he is. you can never count drew brees out. >> three touchdown passes on the day. kaepernick. and bolden with the 15-yard score. bolden had six catches. that's a good one. >> big time throw and catch right there. >> hard to finish on that one, but you have to be happy if you're a 49ers fan. third quarter. saints in the red zone. third and 6. and drew brees is a magician here. he hits jimmy graham for the 12-yard score. how does he do this? >> i don't know how he got through those two guys. unbelievable. >> how frustrated would you be as a defensive player if he did that to you? >> wow. >> 21-17. saints are down. fourth quarter, same score. under two minutes to play. and brees to graham. two-yard score. feels like this is going to be the win here. >> the big tight end is picking on the corner back.
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>> the little guy, nothing he could do. last chance for the 49ers. fourth and 10. buys some time. explain to me how michael crabtree gets this wide open behind the defense. >> well, when you have kaepernick rolling out to the right, and it looks like he doesn't have anyone to throw to, the guy just loses coverage there. what you like about kaepernick is he kept his eyes downfield, jimmy. >> and that set up the 45-yard game-tying field goal. saints ball. five seconds left from midfield. the old hail mary. it looks like a touchdown of the saints. even jim harbaugh thinks it's a touchdown. that's his reaction. i can't believe we're going to lose this way. but a flag against the saints. you call it, romo. what is it? >> well, that's either big time acting or -- >> that is an academy award. >> he just doesn't have very good balance. i think it's a combination. >> perish cox wins an academy award as jimmy graham is called
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for pass interference. in the overtime, 49ers have life in the extra period. and the defense again. brooks forcing the fumble. and borlin recovers. >> for him to come up with that play right at end, getting that fumble recovery, big time. >> instant win situation. they had the booth review. this one had a weird trajectory to it. it went left and back to the right. and the 49ers win the wild one 27-24. yeah, you should be happy, kaepernick. 49ers. thrilling comeback win. they are now 5-4. they remembered their identity. 144 yards rushing, two t.d.s on the ground. the defense forcing three turnovers. the niners have now defeated the cowboys, rams, and saints on the road. they go to new york for the giants next week. here is our report from new orleans.
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>> reporter: the 49ers did not shy away from saying what going home with a win from the superdome means to this team. >> i mean, i'm just really proud of our football team. we had a lot of stuff going against us this week. people counting us out, saying we're over. one of the hardest places to win in the nfl. we came in here, stuck together, did a hell of a job. i'm just proud of this team right now, and the fight that we have. and it was a good moment. >> reporter: the 49ers broke the longest home winning streak in the nfl to go up 5-4 on the season by getting back to what they do best. >> whenever you establish the run that way with those two guys, you set the tone. get the offensive line to give a chance. and they did that. the offensive line played great, opened up big holes today for the running backs. and we look forward to continuing to do that. >> the defense used a mix of coverages against drew brees with the goal of keeping his passer rating around 80. they did that. and it seemed fitting that
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brooks came up with the turnover and helped secure the win. >> one of my teammates came up to me on the sideline after the play that happened, and it was like, karma is real. and i'm like, i don't believe in karma. but that was a similar play to last year. you know, in a sense. >> reporter: the 49ers' offensive struggles in the second half did not go unnoticed. san francisco punted on four straight possessions before kicking the field goal that sent this game into overtime. frank gore says his team next needs to learn how to finish offensively. but that this win against the saints provided a big push toward accomplishing that. in new orleans, with the 49ers, "xfinity sports sunday." >> so a nice win on the road. you'll start to get some relief with aldon smith coming back. but this win, did in some ways the 49ers save their season? >> i think they did. because if you drop this game
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and you go 4-5 with how well some of the teams are playing, the green bays in the nfc, this is one of those situations where i don't know if you can climb your way back because of seattle and because of phoenix in your own division. >> is it possible that one win like this also helps build momentum? you know you're getting some guys back. a win on the road against a very good team. exact same circumstance at 4-4 coming into this one. is this one that you build on and say, even though we don't look like we're in the playoffs, we're a playoff team? >> absolutely. you get aldon smith back, the guy that can set the tempo on defense and get to the quarterback and open it up for the rest of the defensive linemen to get to the quarterback. >> more to come here on "xfinity sports sunday." after getting torched by the reigning mvp, peyton manning, is there a realistic chance that the silver and black could end up the 2014 season 0-16? hear from the raiders' locker room. that's straight ahead. [phones rings]
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we continue here on "xfinity sports sunday." for this next one, a little historical perspective. go back to 1976. the tampa bay buccaneers debut season, 0-14 record. in 2008, the detroit lions. they did that record two better. finishing 0-16, thus becoming the first nonexpansion team to lose every game since world war ii. that brings us to the raiders. over half the season, and facing peyton manning and the broncos at the coliseum. this is just a daunting task, bill, isn't it? >> it sure is. but i tell you what, they were doing pretty good early in this game. >> they sure were. manning intercepted by dj hayden, the former first-round pick producing here.
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>> everyone was writing him off. and last couple of games, he's been playing pretty well. >> and a little misfire. the crowd gets riled up. everything going well. 3-0 start, field goal for the raiders. and defense again. justin tuck. >> big play. he got up, deflected the ball and made the pick. >> he gets up high, knocks it down, and continues after it, makes the play. i tell you, the black hole out and ready to go. bryce butler for the touchdown. 10-6 raiders. what's going on? >> it was exciting out there. the black hole was going crazy. the stadium was on fire. >> and then a buzz kill. while they were on fire, it wasn't for long. third and 2 derek car picked off by roby, and that is going to lead to this. third and 8 for denver. romo, the defense has got some explaining to do. >> just make the tackle. get him on the ground.
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are you kidding me? >> tj anderson, 52-yard scamper, gets into the end zone. how do you not make that? >> you know, to me, when you're supposed to force running backs inside, and what happens, it just snowballs and then they get a big time play right here. >> yeah. from 13-10 to another touchdown, manning to emanuel sanders, 32-yard touchdown. what a touch on that throw. my goodness, is he good. broncos up 10 at halftime. and it only gets worse. third quarter, carr under pressure. he gets it to an offensive lineman, barnes, who coughs it up. >> i think he was a little -- he didn't know what was happening there. >> no. >> wow. >> look at that. >> i've got the ball. should i run? >> he is ineligible. that's a penalty. they decline the penalty, get the football. and then on the possession, manning to julius thomas for the
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10-yard score. manning five touchdowns on the day for him. broncos go on to win 41-17 over tony sparano and the silver and black. time for the red zone report brought to you by your local toyota dealers. peyton manning, 29 touchdown passes this season. on a 51-touchdown pass pace year. only 10 first downs for the raiders. the raiders go to san diego next sunday. oh, my goodness. could this be a winless 2014 for the silver and black? let's hear from them. >> we want to play the best season in the minds of our fans. does it weigh on us? i don't think it weighs on us. just losing games is what weighs on us. we're not worried about whether we're 0 and whatever. we're just tired of losing the games. we've got to find a way to win and not allow that to happen. >> i'm playing to get wins.
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i want to get wins. i'm tired of losing. it's not a good feeling. it sucks. so i'm playing to win and i'm going to make sure everybody else is playing for that too. >> they're looking for the gold here at the end of the rainbow. and it hasn't been there. but we have to stay the course here, and we've got to believe in the things that we're doing. and we've got to believe that we're getting better as a football team. i know this is not an indicator of that. i get it. >> good things come to those who wait. i'm waiting patiently, and i'm continuing to work. it hurts when we don't win. it hurts really bad because of all the time and effort i spend away from my family, all the time and effort my teammates spend away from their families. getting up at 4:30 is not something you want to do every day as a human, but you do it because you want to be successful. staying after, staying late, those are things that we continue to do as a group that -- it's really hard when you get to the game it doesn't work out. but i know that good times are coming. and i'm not going to change who
10:22 pm
i am for anything. and so i know i've worked hard my whole life, and it's gotten me to where i'm at. i'm just going to continue to work hard and be the best leader that i can be with my action. >> good on you, derek carr. keep the chin up. so go back to the last raiders' win. that was november 17, 2013. they beat the texans on that day, almost a calendar year away. raider have now lost 15 straight games, almost a full season. the second longest streak in franchise history. you wore the silver and black. you did it proudly. >> yeah. >> how likely is it we see a winless 2014 for the raiders? >> you know, the way it looks right now, i think they could go winless. and it kills me to say it. you know, because i'm passionate about this team. i want them to win. you know, i'm a fan. i was a raider. you know, on some level, i feel like i bleed silver and black because of how bad i want them to win and be good, and they're just not.
10:23 pm
>> well, look at what they have coming up the rest of the way. they've got the toughest schedule in the nfl. not only do they have to play the nfc west, they have to play the afc west. that means they have the 49ers. they have already lost to seattle. they get to go to st. louis, who defeated seattle and the 49ers. >> yeah, they're playing good football, st. louis is. >> yeah. you see buffalo on that schedule? >> that was one of those games that when you looked at the schedule in the beginning of the year, you're like, you know what? i think that one is a win. but i don't know. the way they're playing now. >> you thought cleveland might have been one. but cleveland probably turned around and said -- >> you thought the jets might have been one. >> opening day. >> you thought the browns might have been one. >> but all of a sudden, you're 0 for the season in 2014. more to come. we'll switch sports. the warriors off to their best
10:24 pm
start in 20 years but faced a tough challenge in the desert. could they remain undefeated? highlights ahead. and the sharks blew into the windy city after a comeback win last night in texas. they look toothless early. we hit the ice for a showdown in chicago, next.
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an exclusive sitdown interview, splash family. a half-hour special providing an intimate look at the curry and thompson families. it debuts tuesday, november 11, 6:30 p.m. on comcast sportsnet bay area. the warriors were the last team in the nba without a loss, and headed into a tough
10:27 pm
back-to-back in phoenix. they had to do it without clay thompson. could the doves move to 6-0 to start the year? let's get it rolling. there's clay on the bench. so you need super steph, steph curry to the rescue. curry picks plumly's pocket. and he does it again. flash a three. and then catch the suns napping on the inbounds. out of nowhere. then up and under the lay-in. that's five points in nine seconds. curry, 22 points, seven assists first half. and the warriors are up 11. but then the tenor shifted late in the third. steph going for the steal. his fourth foul of the night. warriors end up leading by eight after three. fourth quarter. the suns get the runs. from down eight, a chance to
10:28 pm
tie. greene with the game-tying three. suns up one. greene with the quick release. now off the rebound. greene and his highlight reel continues. greene with 14 in the quarter. warriors fall apart in the fourth. they turn it over 26 times on the night. suns win 107-95. >> you're not going to win in this league turning it over 26 times. i thought we lost the game in the second quarter really to be honest with you. we could have been up 20 at the half. >> played well enough, i think, in the first 36 minutes to win the game. we just made a lot of stupid plays that gave them life. as opposed to, you know, trying to put a nail in the coffin when we had the opportunity to do that. and that was the difference. >> let's hit the ice. the sharks fresh off a four-goal third period in dallas to win on saturday. they visited the madhouse on madison street on sunday in chicago. taking on the blackhawks.
10:29 pm
could they make it two wins in a row? sharks, the only visit to chicago this season. that's a this one tipped in by po veil ski. second period. forden to pavelski. his second goal in the game. bickel will change the tide here. spin-a-rama. he shoots and scores. blackhawks win it by a final of 5-2. 49ers are back in the win column. but how did their rivals in the nfc west fair on sunday? behind enemy lines when "xfinity sports sunday" continues. over the next 40 years
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the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people and almost all the growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity?
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what we have found is that if that family is moved info safe, clean, affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then neighborhood begins to thrive and really really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities so we are now working in chicago, and in washington d.c., and newark. it's amazing how important safe affordable housing is to the future of our society. check out this can't miss video in seattle today. they were playing the giants.
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but during the pregame, the mascot gets a blow to head. that does not look good. make friends, not enemies. >> nice sea hawk. [ laughter ] >> you are right. i would make friends right there. they did play football. seahawks welcoming the giants. marshawn lynch full beast mode today. 140 yards on the ground. two of his four touchdowns in the fourth to put this game on ice. seattle franchise record 350 on the ground. when they run, they are hard to beat. >> beast mode was on fire today. running like a man on a mission. >> 38-17 the final. 49ers get the giants next week. nfc west matchup. rams in arizona. cardinals took a major hit in the fourth. quarterback carson palmer had to be carted off. but arizona defense steps up. just over five minutes left in the fourth, cardinals up by
10:33 pm
three. patrick peterson snags a deflection and returns it 30 for the score. defense creates offense, bill. >> that's why he is one of the best dbs in the national football league right there. plays like that. >> cardinals go on to win 31-14. what does it mean for the standings in the nfc west? cardinals 8-1. seahawks just ahead of the 49ers. 49ers keeping pace at 5-4. they get the seahawks twice this year. >> they do. >> how crazy is it looking in the nfc west? >> well, it is. but now carson palmer goes down for arizona. so can drew stanton do what he did early in the season and win some football games for them? who knows? this is not -- this is good for the 49ers and the seahawks. but not for phoenix. >> no. the cardinals played big in the fourth quarter. stanton was a piece to that puzzle. he has played well at times. it is a dropoff. but you look at where the
10:34 pm
playoff picture would stand if you started right now, 49ers and packers outside looking in. but there is still some room. the saints in first in the south. that could hurt somebody trying to get a wild card. >> exactly. because the 49ers could have a better record than the saints, and not get in. >> how wide open is the nfc right now with that injury for the cardinals? >> you know, i think it is wide open. bottom line is for the 49ers, you know, it's in their hands. they have to go out there and do it. they have to win in new york. they have to win at home in washington. and guess what? seattle comes to town. and they -- >> thanksgiving, baby. >> yeah. >> that's going to be a lot of fun. >> and then they play the raiders and then up to seattle. >> it will be fun. thank you for watching "xfinity sports sunday." sunday night football next week, bay area ties. andrew luck, tom brady. we'll see you after that one as
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well. good night, everyone. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from
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renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. >> they said, chudako, go, junior high, junior high. i take that as oh, she's at the junior high. >> so zack sprinted there, made his way to the teacher's room. >> and i asked them, you know, have you seen georgia?
10:37 pm
and they said they hadn't, had not seen her, and i kind of lost it a bit at that, at that point. >> zack staggered outside, out of options, his despair now total. what was happening in your mind in there? >> just, just feeling so lost, that feeling that i've been trying to suppress the feeling of she's not all right. it began growing in size immensely, as each minute went by. >> one of the teachers came outside to comfort him with a cup of tea. >> telling me, you know, "it's okay. daiju rud," it's okay, it's okay, hugging me and patting me on the back as i'm crying, so, yeah. >> then out of nowhere, a van pulled up, two men hopped out. zack recognized one as a
10:38 pm
colleague of georgia's. they didn't look happy. zack tried to ask them. >> georgia, you know, where is she? where is she? and they didn't say, because they spoke no english and i spoke no japanese, just pretty much, like let's go, pointing to the van, and just kind of pushing me into the van. >> they were taking him to city hall. as you were being driven in that van, did you have any idea what they were driving you to see? >> no. >> did you know that they had been taking bodies to the city hall? >> no. no, i -- no. >> you didn't know that? >> didn't know. >> city hall had in fact become the temporary morgue. was that where he'd find georgia? >> coming up, the news everyone had been waiting for. >> he was very brave for what he did, very brave, that you'd do that for people that you love. >> when "dateline" continues. my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because it was too expensive. as a professional dancer, i tend to beat up my body a lot,
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engineers build, farmers grow, artists create, but teachers, they do it all. they build minds, they help children grow and they create leaders. make an impact on a child's life. get into teaching. the more you know. two men had pushed zack branham into the back of a van, which was now picking its way through canyons of urban rubble, apparently toward the noda city hall. had zack known the place had been turned into a temporary
10:43 pm
morgue, he'dhave understood the meaning of the looks on their faces. the van stopped. the men got out. >> they said don't get out, you know, like, like motioning for me to stay in the van. that was it. >> he steeled himself for whatever was coming next. what he did not expect was what he saw. >> around the corner walked out georgia. >> and i saw this baseball cap over by a car, and there he was, the last person in the world i expected to see, trudging across the mud in his gum boots. there was zack. >> how was that? >> it was a pretty awesome moment. after the absolute insanity of the last 24 hours, it was surreal, but it was an amazing feeling at the same time to see him there. >> her hair all frantic, you
10:44 pm
know, like she had had no sleep, like the rest of us. >> big hug. >> yes? >> of course. >> she cried and i cried, and just one of the best hugs ever, you know? knowing that she was safe. >> nice to know there's somebody that will go through the barricades, do whatever is needed to get to you. >> yes. i just couldn't understand how zack had arrived with his baseball cap in the middle of all this. >> yes. >> it was insane. >> well, that's the way to a little girl's heart. >> yes. yes. >> and georgia's story? well, if zack had been ringside, georgia was center stage. and although she'd been through earthquakes before in new zealand, this one was much, much different.
10:45 pm
>> it was the first time i found it hard to walk or stand in an earthquake. >> still, everyone around her seemed okay. she thought it was all just kind of exciting. [ siren ] even when the tsunami siren went off -- >> it was like, oh, cool! this is really exciting. >> but others knew better. and georgia soon learned this was very, very bad. >> they said you need to go upstairs, so i followed everyone. we went upstairs. looked out the window and noda was gone. >> this is what georgia saw captured on her cell phone camera. much of the town of noda flowing by the window. you were standing right here looking out there. >> this exact spot, yep. >> it's just quite awesome, like half the town is up there. >> yes. >> there's a roof here. >> yep, there's a roof, there's
10:46 pm
actually a house wedged in under the entrance. >> oh, my gosh. >> almost broken in half. >> unbelievable. there's another house. >> yes, another roof. this house is not usually there. that's just in the middle of the car park. >> just phenomenal. wow. she felt safe up here, somehow detached from the horror she was witnessing. and then it hit her. >> there was this moment where it was absolutely silent and could you hear a dog barking off in the distance and occasionally there'd be a shout, but other than that, it was so surreal, so silent. >> wow. >> yes. i won't forget that moment. >> water and debris piled up almost to the second floor. no one could leave. what was that like? >> that was the worst night of my life. >> a sleepless night, huddled in her boss's office, missing zack, but thinking he was okay further inland.
10:47 pm
and the next morning, a jolting aftershock, and more tsunami sirens. but then zack found her, and together, they looked at what was left of the town. georgia took these pictures. 38 people lost their lives in noda, a tiny percentage of the more than 18,000 who died up and down the coast, but half of noda was simply gone. >> it was like someone had just driven a bulldozer through and it was all gone. there was -- how a wave can do that, i don't know. >> lifting complete houses up off their foundations, so all that was left was the shell. >> or the front stairs leading up to nothing. >> yes. >> and then they went to the safest place they could think of, their mentor kenji's office in kuji, where the other teachers had gathered. >> and he knew, kenji being kenji, he found all the food that he could find in his house, anything that we could eat,
10:48 pm
which included, you know, lots of beer and sake on hand. >> and music. ♪ zack and kenji got out the guitars, tried to shut out the world. >> to kind of give ourselves some sense that everything was all right a bit, you know? >> and then cell phones chirped baaing to life. >> everyone frantically had their phones with frantic e-mails telling them that they're okay. >> back in indiana, zack's parents finally got the news they'd been praying for. >> it took me hours and hours but i found her, and she's alive. and so the first thing i did was call brenda, georgia's mom, and she was in bed, she wasn't asleep, she was trying to sleep, but i said "zack found her. she's alive." >> she started crying. >> she just screamed and started crying. >> mom came in and told me that
10:49 pm
zack had found her and she was safe and she was alive, and it was the most amazing feeling i've ever experienced. he was very brave for what he did. he was very brave, that you'd do that for people that you love. >> the danger wasn't over, of course. we all know what came next. so you find out that he's okay. she is okay. now what? i mean -- >> fukushima. >> coming up, a different kind of aftershock. >> he said, have you checked your e-mail yet? and i said no. he said why don't you guys look at your e-mail together. and so i said oh, zack, what now? at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies.
10:50 pm
that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. yeah, citi mobile. pay the dog sitter? and deposit that check? citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app.
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10:53 pm
the fukushima nuclear disaster. >> we are covering a full-blown nuclear scare -- >> it filled the airwaves, potential meltdown, nuclear armageddon. the president was calling for americans to get out. >> yesterday we called for an evacuation of american citizens who are within 50 miles of the plant. >> we were seeing on the news that it's melting down.
10:54 pm
it's just a matter of time. they can't stop it, and -- >> and could affect the the entire country, the entire region of the earth. >> right. zack had thought the worst was over. >> you never think you experience a tsunami or earthquake and now experiencing a meltdown of a nuclear power plant. >> but we wanted him to come home. we wanted him -- >> yes, we wanted him. >> here we were the ones saying we wanted you to stay, you made a commitment. >> it's time for to you come home. >> but there was no travel, of course, anywhere. >> then zack got a call from a u.s. air force officer. >> said we'll take you to the air force base and we'll fly you to a safe location. >> so what'd you say? >> well, i said, you know, i actually lied and said georgia was my fiance. i said my fiance is a new zealand citizen. >> can i bring her along? >> yes. and he said i'm sorry, we can only offer this to u.s. citizens at this stage, and i can't leave
10:55 pm
her behind. >> zack and georgia were 200 miles north of fukushima and as the days passed they began to feel the danger from the radiation at least where they were was subsiding. so they stayed. even helped with the cleanup. and then about a month later, funny how these things go, zack and georgia got another shock. another one of those life-changing developments. zack told his parents about it during one of their regular sunday phone calls. >> and he said, have you checked your e-mail yet? and i said no. he said why don't you guys look at your e-mail together. and so i said, oh, zack, what now? >> after all the worry and dread they'd experienced over their son's time in japan, zack branham's parents weren't quite prepared for the next bit of news.
10:56 pm
>> we opened the e-mail and there's an ultrasound picture. >> a baby was on the way. >> we were literally speechless, one of the the few times in my life i've been speechless. >> we nicknamed it baby bean because it looked like a little bean. >> it just -- it felt right in a way. we were obviously, are obviously in love and the timing wasn't amazing, but it had happened, so let's just go with it. >> still, it was one last step. zack hadn't been quite ready to take it before but when he came home to indiana to see his family -- >> while i was in indiana in june, my mom and my sisters went with me and we went engagement ring shopping. >> what, did he intend to do that? would he have done that without a little push you think? >> i don't know. i know that i said, would you marry her if she wasn't
10:57 pm
expecting a baby, and he said yes, and i said then she needs to know that. she needs you to ask her to marry you, not just it be expected that i'm doing the right thing, so yeah, maybe, i did push him. >> when zack went back to japan, he was ready. or so he thought. georgia met him at the train station. >> as we're walking to the car, i, i don't know, i just, i said, you just have to stop. >> i was like, what are you doing? it's freezing. let's get in the car, let's go. and he said, just wait, and then all of a sudden he turned around, and he's shaking, but he's holding a ring box. >> and i got down on my knee and i just said "i love you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you. i don't care if it's in japan or new zealand or in siberia. i want to spend the rest of my life with you, and will you
10:58 pm
marry me?" >> and i said yes, of course. i had to put him out of his misery. he looked like he was going to collapse. >> so i was engaged, and we didn't really know what we were going to do or where we were going to do g but we were having a baby and we were going to get march iried. >> in fact you got ma areried twice. >> yes, we did, twice. >> they did. the first in indiana, the second one in new zealand, and there was a special guest at that one. 2-month-old sebastian. >> yeah, getting good distance. >> after promising his mother it was never going to happen, sure enough, zack and his family now live in new zealand. he works for the government, georgia at a tv company. we brought them back to japan for the first time since it all happened. >> my name is georgia. >> georgia! georgia! oh!
10:59 pm
>> this teacher and her students knew about georgia and zack. many here looked upon their story as one positive thing that came out of that horrible tragedy. do you ever, and this say is a totally unfair question do you ever sit together at night and say boy, if it hadn't been to are that day, would we be here, would we have sebastian, would we be in this life together? >> all the time. >> if someone would have told me two years from now you will be living in wellington. >> married to an american. >> married to a kiwi with a 2-year-old son. >> i would have said you were crazy. >> i would have thought they were crazy, you know? so i could never have imagined this. >> helped along by an earthquake, a tsunami and god knows what else. >> yes, yes. yes.
11:00 pm
>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks f nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, thousands of votes still to be counted. days after the polls close, the next mayor of san jose still has not been officially decided. why our political expert says low voter turnout may have helped one candidate. plus, a tech worker mysteriously disappears on halloween. now there is an intense search to find him. hear the family's emotional plea for his safe return. and a deadly plane crash in the south bay. the fellow pilots stunned. what we know about the investigation. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. there are a lot of questions why a small plane crashed near


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