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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the dangerous roadways out there. rain returning to the bay area overnight bringing with it some fog, wind and potential problems for your morning commute. good morning, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. the rain coming down, drive very carefully out there. christina loren has a look at how our day is going to shape up. >> we really need the rain, although the timing could not be
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worse. it's going to come in heavily for your morning drive and we'll have another wave of heavy rain as you try to make your way home from work. potentially an inch to 2 inches right here in the south bay, though the highest totals are expected in the north bay. we'll check in with mike, the only dry area i can find is gilroy to morgan hill and that's closing in quickly. have your umbrella ready to go, travel cautiously this morning and i'll show you how much more rain is on the way. >> let's take you out to the roadway. we're looking over here to the bay bridge. the oakland area, it has a very blurry shot. we also have the camera shaking around from time to time. look at, that the entire map is green here over in the east bay. we do have a crash at north 880.
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it does sound like a fender bender there. over on the left side we have the peninsula in blue. a single-car spinout often means a car was pulled over into a puddle or maybe hydroplaned. we'll giver you a look at palo alto, 101. tough traction for stopping in this type of weather and visibility could be an issue. so lower the speeds. they're definitely having the puddling and ponding. we'll track the east bay. >> the rain is already causing flooding in some areas and making for dangerous driving conditions. stephanie chuang is live where she experienced it firsthand. >> reporter: that's right. we're at 13th and folsom, where
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you can see the water is absolutely pouring down from that stretch of roadway. we drove this. i drove while photographer josh shot the video. this was just minutes ago. there are three large sections of standing water on that central freeway section where you drive on it and the water just shoots up and it's really shaky. the risk of hydroplaning is very high. chp says several vehicles have already spun out in this section. the good news is the vehicles have gone on and there have been no crashes. and at the 9th street civic center there are two sections of deep water the first one is especially large and anyone going too fast is at risk of losing control. it's raining consistently and from the 101 central freeway, it
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absolutely coming down hard. you can see how much water is flooding up there. the message is to be very careful. we have a report of ellis on-ramp redwood city up to 1 1, half of the ramp is flooded. so people out and about this morning must be very careful. of course mike will have all the details on that. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> good illustration. good lesson for everyone. >> pools of water to keep an eye on out there. the department of blackworks says 2,700 ficas trees are getting special attention. the weight on the trees has caused them to snap. the dpw just signed an order making it easier to have those
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trees replaced. >> the ficas trees, if it shows vulnerability, it may be time to take it out. >> of course we knew the rain was coming so lots of people prepared early. the ace hardware store was bombarded yesterday, looking for everything from tarps to rubber boots, drains and pumps. >> we have tarps here, some cinch so can you put it around a bicycle if you want. >> they are also providing sandbags for residents. >> christina loren is tracking any changes in the forecast. mike inouye shows us the impact on the roads and the best way
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around trouble spots. we'll check back in with them in less than five minutes. you can also get an up to the day look at the weather on our web site. >> two plain clothes officers were members of a nat cot iks teams leaninged to a series of raids at the city's public defender's office, later called illegal. they are charged with stealing money and property along with wire fraud and conspiracy to distribute drugs. another officer made a plea deal to testify against his colleagues. >> the city council will decide whether to ban bikes on sidewalks downtown. officials are pushing the plan to make sidewalks safer. many pedestrians have complained about having to dodge sicklers
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on sidewalks. cyclists say they're just trying to avoid traffic on the street. >> if it's crowded or there are a bunch of people turning right, i'll ride on the sidewalk for a while. >> most of the people getting hit are senior people with walkers, canes and so on and they cannot get out of the way. >> nearly one month after the election, it appears the mayor for san jose is official. sam liccardo won by just under 3,000 votes. in all there were about 180,000
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votes cast. >> the municipal transportation agency will discuss reducing fees for taxi drivers so they can better complete with uber, side car and lyft. taxi drivers have complained their fees are too high. last month they clogged the traffic loop at sfo, protesting the decision to allow uber, lift and side car to pick up there. >> steve jobs will be a witness in a lawsuit as the company heads to court today. a videotape deposition of jobs recorded months before his death will be played for the jury. that case is a billion dollar class action lawsuit over ipods that's been going on for nearly a decade. the plaintiffs contend that people were essentially locked
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into using ipods because they could not move their collections into other devices. it's been a long time since we've used the term ipod. >> got to go work out with one. it's going to be tough to work out this morning. it's 4:39. christina loren, that rain is really coming down. >> good morning, christina. >> yeah, we definitely need it as well. i want to show you a live picture here, 101 through palo alto. not a lot of commuters on the road at this time. the ones we do have are driving the speed limit or below. this rain just just started out over the past two hours or so. at this point you're still getting a pretty safe drive to
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work. it's about when this really heavy batch rolls on at about 9:00 that we're concerned for commuters this morning. you want to give yourself plenty of time and dangerous conditions to head throughout the door today. on the east shore you'll notice a lot of rain drops. we're looking pretty good for the 50s now to end up in the 60s later today. then we have some severe weather possible here in the bay area, heavy rain storm and a little bit of a praek as we head throughout your thursday but there is a lot of rain on the way to the bay area. even on friday be we're go it. >> in san francisco we have not seen 1 inch of rain on the floor
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at the airport, this is the most rain we've had since 2012. and there is more on the way. here's mike and your drive. >> there's going to be a lot of water heading to those drains on the side of the wall and they can't handle it all the time. let take you to san jose where we have a live shot. traffic is in a slight break -- there we go, kicking up behind these cars. because the center divide or the shoulder, that's where the puddling takes place, especially toward that center divide. there's flooding on the surface street there, not a problem for 880 or 280. a live look at the north bay 101, big glow to the light but a lot of wet roadways and standing water in budles. the toll plaza shows you we have
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water on the lens but puddling if the center. . back to. >> they're talking about julia. t the. for the first time he was cleared to return to the nfl, rice is talking about what happened in that elevator in another by. krin tina having a run and will
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look look
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k. . 4:45. welcome back to you. a live look at san francisco this morning. the rain causing puddling on the roadways. you will certainly want to watch out, leave a little extra time
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as you leave home this morning. mike will have a look at the roads a little later in this newscast. this is what the weather radar looks like this morning, that storm right on top of us. christina will have the latest in about three minutes. >> also a lot to discuss in the nfl and specifically with respect to ray rice, who is speaking out for the first time on his suspension from the national football league. >> a judge's decision last week means that rice can now play football again. he's just hoping to get that opportunity. >> i took full responsibility for everything that i did and the only thing can i hope for and wish for is a second chance. >> lauer conducted a two-part interview with janay rice.
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rice walked in at the end of the interview and answered some questions. >> an arbitration today may determine when adrian peterson can return to the league again. he's appealing roger goodell's decision to suspend him for the remainder of the season. >> the company behind that massive air bag recall is responding to a threat this morning. landon doughty has the new overnight developments for us. >> reporter: good morning. laura. lots of car news. is expected to expand its recall. currently it only applies to states with high humidity conditions. u.s. regulators had given the company till today to declare
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the air bags up be. chrysler could be the big winner here. on to the markets, stocks look to be rebound today as futures point to a higher open. the nasdaq snapping a six-day win streak with apple leading the dough klein. a lackluster start to the hot. >> the dow falling. >> and the cars are going to be slipping and sliding a little bit out there today, very wet conditions and christina loren says it going to get worse
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before it gets better. >> hey, good morning to you. we have a lot of rain on the radar. this is what you have to drive to work through. as you know, we're in an historic drought and we've already had record rainfall. and there's more on the way. we're talking about rain like we haven't had since 2012. as we get into this afternoon, we're going to trade in that heavy rain for thunderstorms. so it's going to get very active around here. we have this potent system out there, ample moisture available and the two combined are going to keep things very active for us. but this is the kind of rain that we immediate to tally up significant accumulations that can help get us out of this drought. this won't bust the drought, but it will take out aa.
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>> you can vividly see it here this morning. we take you to the 5:00 hour. 5 to 9 thengs start to really dissipate out there. we're going to come bit of a break and then the rain comes back by friday. right now back to you, sam and laura. sfwlp a down payment on our water debt. thank you very much, christina. a task force has in addition, he is asking president obama for
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overnight seven protesters were arrested in new york and others interrupted attorney general eric holder shouting "no why is, nos will. >> moon. >> five players came on to the field with their hands up in a don't shoot posture. >> the bay area super bowl can committee prepares to make a big announcement today. that's next. >> and richmond to san rafael,
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it's a bridge. we'll talk about your commute on the peninsula where things are getting a little however cl totally save magic. we may need a volunteer. >> can you just sign some stuff? >> just sign it. >> today at 4:00 on npc bay area.
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the money will be handed out through two new grant programs handed out today. super bow bowl 50 is not far aw.
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>> jon lester reportedly as two offers, $138 from the cubs and also from the boston red sox, who last week stole panda. >> got to get over that. >> it's not even 5:00 and we have a number of crashes report. the blue showeding puddling and ponding at the top of your
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screen. 101 will be an issue as the crowd builds. be careful and try to get around to the drier side if you can. we have a new crash now for west 24. more details coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. 4:57. mike just mentioned the roads very well this morning. the rain not about to let up either. >> we have a live look at the weather radar. all the green storm cloud moving over the bay area. pretty strong out there. we're going to check in with christina in just a few minutes. over a million californians have a gotten something that's beend. out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california.
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>> announcer: "today in the bay" begins with a microclimate weather alert. >> i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. rain across the bay area. let get right to meteorologist
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christina loren tracking a big storm heading our way. >> you know what, we have really heavy pockets of rainfall just starting to move onshore and treacherous driving conditions developing from marin county south of san francisco this morning. you want to take it easy wherever you're headed. this rain is going to stick with us. anticipated about 5:00 a.m. this morning until 5:00 p.m. this evening. we're going to see embedded thunderstorms today. pea-size hail, brief heavy downpours and potentially inches of rain just from the system that comes through today before we get another one on its heels tomorrow. so we're going to detail both systems to your doorstep coming up in just a moment. if you have to get out that front door, hold up one moment. >> folks, plan onei


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