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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> and right now at 11:00, we are tracking the next rainstorm coming in for the bay area as we give you a live look at our radar. good morning, everyone, happy friday. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> let's give you a live look outside, there's san rafael, dublin, san francisco, san jose, looks a little tame right now, but in just a few hours, the scene is going to change. >> we're certainly going to activate our microclimate weather alert to prepare you for that storm. meteorologist anthony slaughter tracking that system from our weather center. good morning. >> good morning, showers do continue to form off the coast of california right now, even some thunderstorms beginning to form. this activity is not expected to move through until this afternoon, but you can see the
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radar is starting to light up and those lightning strikes are becoming more numerous and widespread, especially over the last hour or so. just off the monterey coast this activity is trending to the north, so the north bay, you're going to see the shower activity first. it's going to be very light and spotty, and as i mentioned around this afternoon it's going to move through. you can see the timing on this, north bay and the santa cruz mountains, include it there, you'll notice 3:00 that's when the heavy rain pushes in and after that, it's going to rain everywhere pretty much for about an hour or two and be very heavy rain. we are still talking about the potential of ponding on the roadways and even the potential for downed trees and power lines. what you don't see here are the extremely gusty winds that are going to move through. we'll time line the storm and when it's going to move out and our next system, the chance to move in sunday night. we'll talk about that coming up in that next report. guys, back to you. >> anthony, thank you. over in florida earlier this morning weather cooperated for the new era of space
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exploration. orion spacecraft launched this morning, came back to earth already, making a slash down in the pacific just a few hours ago. >> nannette miranda joins us now. it ended in the ocean, but lots of orion started right here in the bay area. >> yeah, and that orion debut was very brief, taking only four and a half hours from launch to splash down, two orbits around the earth, hitting a peak altitude around our planet, 15 times farther away than the international space station. by all accounts, orion aced its first test. >> five, four -- >> reporter: a ball of fire. >> -- two, one. >> reporter: and a blast of smoke. >> and liftoff at dawn. >> reporter: just after 4:00 a.m. pacific time, orion pushed into the history books. a nasa manager called it day one of the mars era. eventually, it will fly astronauts to that planet some time after 2030. it was a perfect test flight,
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providing a stunning view of earth from space and a big boost to the bay area space program and tech industry. at lockheed martin in sunnyvale, they made the 14-foot panels that protected orion as it climbed into space. >> it's a pride we take in a company and on this grand of scale and such massive implications on humanity, you know, you can't help but be a little excited. >> reporter: over at nasa ames in mountain view, orion's heat shields were made. the craft's aerodynamics were tested in a wind tunnel in speeds of up to 20,000 miles per hour were simulated, preparing orion to come back to our atmosphere. all that was tested in real life when the spacecraft made actual re-entry as everything passed with flying colors, ushering in a new era in the american space program. >> pride, excitement, excitement for nasa, we're getting back into the human space flight program. >> reporter: the splashdown was perfect, too, an old fashioned
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parachute landing hundreds of miles west of baja california, mexico. engineers will now analyze the data to see how orion did in deep space, helping prepare for the next unmanned flight in 2018. astronauts are expected to climb aboard in 2021. this test flight, get this, costs $370 million. kris and scott, back to you. >> when i was a kid, you were far too young to remember. thank you, nannette. happening today at levi's stadium, college football fans will flock to santa clara for the pac-12 football championship game. oregon ducks from northern division will face the southern division arizona wildcats. the cats are number seven in the college playoff rankings. oregon is in second. with a win, oregon would seal one of the four spots in the college playoffs. that kickoff, later in the newscast, we'll give you a preview from very special guests.
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>> i can't wait for that one. more football now, this weekend oakland police are beefing up security ahead of the big battle of the bay. there's concern that raider fans and 49er fans could take the battle off the field and into the stands as they did three years ago. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang joins us live at o. co. coliseum in oakland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott and kris. i spoke with the alameda county sheriff sergeant who says he is confident that this game this sunday here at will be just fine. here the sheriff's office will be fully staffing this game. the same level as any other sellout game. he adds that the previous battle of the bay games never resulted in that level of serious violence. the two teams last met at candlestick park in 2011 during the usual preseason exhibition game, but teams agreed to stop that tradition after brutal attacks in and outside of that stadium. there was a vicious beating in a bathroom that knocked out a
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26-year-old man and multiple people shot in the parking lot, including a 24-year-old man who had reportedly had a shirt on that put down the niners. and a 20-year-old man suffered superficial gunshot wounds to the face. it's tough to see the games in person when a few violent bunch ruin what could and should be family fun. >> at the end of the day, it's still just a game, you know, we want to be able to come out, enjoy it, you know, the team that we love, you know, there's got to be a winner. there's got to be a loser. >> especially 49ers, you know, a lot of people drinking. a lot of broken windows in cars. people don't have respect. >> we expect people to have a good time, enjoy the game, but if you are going to come down there to the coliseum thinking that you're going to cause
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trouble, be in a nuisance, be a problem, you'll end up here at santa rita. >> reporter: and shortly after the last battle of the bay starting in 2012, the nfl required all 32 teams to put metal detectors outside every entrance gate. a couple of fans hurt during the 2011 game even sued the niners, saying the team should have done more, like check vehicles coming into candlestick park, but so far the courts have not sided with them. sunday the security will come from oakland police, chp, alameda county sheriff's office. that's in uniform and also undercover. now, sergeant nelson says he believes there will be a similar number of ejections this sunday, the same number, about 70, as there were in 2011, but he, again, does not believe that level of violence will reach what it did back then. the last regular season matchup between the raiders and niners, 12 years ago, and the series actually tied at six apiece. you know fans will be pumped up to see what will happen here.
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kickoff is at 1:25 sunday afternoon, but the tailgates happen much earlier. beefed up security will start early in the morning. live in oakland, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope for a new tradition. >> peaceful and good football. thank you much. new details now on the san francisco doctor who went into liberia's ebola hot zone. he is back and he is monitoring -- his monitoring period is nearly over. we talked with the doctor via skype from his home this morning, where he is checking his temperature and watching for symptoms. he returned the weekend after thanksgiving from a village three days' travel outside monrovia, liberia, where he trained local personnel on how to prevent the spread of the disease and also how to put on and take off protective gear properly. he's said he only had one contact with an ebola patient and his quarantine period for that is now over. he was asked to monitor for 21 days upon his return by the
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health department and he is doing that at his bay area home, where he feels he is of no risk to his wife and 2-year-old little girl anna. >> i can't deny that i hug my daughter, but i've also made sure to check my temperature many more than two times a day and had absolutely no symptoms, not even a runny nose, since i've been back at all. so i feel pretty good. >> he says that because he recognizes the difference between the actual medical risks, the scientific part, and what is the public perception of the risk, he says he will remain out of public spaces, like the train or movie theaters, until his monitoring period is completely over. luckily for him that ends december 19th, in time to spend the holidays with his family. hundreds of homeless in san jose forced to find a new place to sleep last night. the camp along coyote creek is off limits.
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police and cleanup crews cleared the homeless encampment named the jungle yesterday. for those who lived there, they filled the streets looking for another place to settle. now the city has set up transitional housing for some, but a group that's trying to clean up coyote creek says most of the residents will move to a different part of the same creek. >> this doesn't deal with the homeless problem or the trash problem, it doesn't deal with the fact that human waste is being discharged to coyote creek. it's a nonsolution. >> for now many who lived in the jungle are simply camped out on the sidewalk near their former home. president obama is calling ashton carter one of the nation's foremost national security leaders. the president nominated carter this morning as secretary of defense. he was deputy defense secretary from 2011 to 2013, and previously was the pentagon's technology and weapons buying chief. carter would replace chuck hagel, who resigned last month under pressure from the obama administration.
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he is staying on, though, until his successor is confirmed by the senate. startling news this morning in the gang rape allegation that rocked the university of georgia. the magazine that first told the world of the alleged rape, "rolling stone," now says it has serious doubts about the credibility of the woman who made the accusations. the managing editor of the magazine says, "the trust in that woman was misplaced." the original article caused the school to suspend all fraternities for a semester and caused outrage and protests against sexual violence on campus. years after attack, silicon valley is still hanging on the words of steve jobs. coming up, what we could hear from the late ceo at a court hearing. plus, the million dollar plan to protect wildlife on a busy stretch of bay area highway.
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and welcome back to you. holy cow, new records on the dow and the s&p 500. this morning, this after we get phenomenally good news about the american economy and the number of jobs added in the previous month. more than 300,000 jobs were added to the american economy. the unemployment rate sticks to 5.8%, a huge number. now, we were expecting this morning maybe to hear in the ipod trial a testimony, a taped testimony, from steve jobs, but instead there was an incredibly bizarre twist this morning. now, in a class action suit, a few plaintiffs represent the class, a huge crowd of people, in the case of the ipod suit, the plaintiffs who alleged apple treated them unfairly might not own the correct ipod.
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and so the whole case is in jeopardy. apple lawyers had asked to see the ipod and the receipt from the woman on the left there. they told the judge the ipod she owned falls outside the time of purchase in question. the mercury news reporter who's in the courtroom says the judge seems very annoyed. this case has been winding its way through the courts for ten years. it is very peculiar that the issue was not noticed until now. kris? >> that is interesting. the land trust of santa cruz county hopes to raise $1 million to pay for a rather unique project to help wild animals get across highway 17. according to the santa cruz sentinel, the land trust and caltrans wants to build a tunnel underneath the highway so the animals can cross safely. the sentinel says in the last seven years alone, 13 mountain lions have been killed by cars on the highway, along with countless deer, bob cats,
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coyotes, and other smaller critters. experts say because there are narrow shoulders and no turnouts, it's hard for traffic to stop when the animals dart out and most animals do try to cross the road at the same spot, so they hope building a safe crossing point at one of those locations might help with that issue. animal crossing guards maybe? the gaping sinkhole in san francisco's richmond district will take a few more days to fix. city work crews say they want to have this 20 by 20 foot hole patched up by tuesday. that's the hope. the massive hole at sixth avenue and lake street developed on wednesday after heavy rain. the city's public utilities commission says the rain, coupled with a broken water main, caused the street to crack open. everyone living in the area does still have water, sewer, and gas service. >> so hard when you don't have water, even for just an afternoon. well, let's get a lot of water from the sky, let's check in with anthony. >> that's right. in fact, the showers that we're
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tracking right now off the coast, but they are going to move through this afternoon. you can see our developing storm system, the center of it right there just off of the california coastline, but the lightning strikes with this system have started to increase really over the past two hours. you can see just off monterey bay, those showers moving to the north, northeast. i want to show you where this particular cell is headed. in fact, it's moving to the northeast and will eventually be near daly city by 1:50. it's still a ways away, two hours away, in fact, for most of us, but the first beginning rounds of the shower activity is expected to move through just after lunchtime. you'll notice the highs going to be cool, only in the 60s across the board, but in the peninsula we're starting to see a few raindrops on the lens from our weather underground camera. you can see there, but overall, cloudy skies do exist across the bay this morning and will continue into the afternoon hours. in fact, you'll notice by 11:15, 11:30 you'll notice the showers
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start to move through. then by noon and points thereafter, we'll start to see a lot of this activity develop by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. then after that, showers will start to taper off and we'll eventually see skies become more cloudy, but we're not talking about a whole lot of sunshine today. it will start to dry out, especially if you're headed to the pac-12 championship game against oregon and arizona. heavy rain to start the game by 6:00, but by 7:00 and 8:00, the showers will start to taper off at levi's stadium, but the thing you don't see here is the wind. i want to show you what's coming our way. in fact, we're going to get the rain first, but the wind is going to come in after that. by 6:00, 7:00, our winds are really going to start to pick up out of the southwest. look at the key down to the south. we're talking winds in excess of 30 to 40 miles an hour. now, the system that moved through earlier in the week, that produced wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour at some of our highest peaks. not as strong, but definitely something that could take down a few more trees and power lines,
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particularly if our ground is still saturated. tomorrow when you wake up, a few lingering showers in the area, cold front making its way off towards the east, but we're going to get a small window of dry time this weekend. saturday afternoon will be dry. sunday morning will be dry, but then sunday afternoon, here comes our next storm system. if you have to get out and do anything this weekend, saturday afternoon to sunday morning is your best time frame to get into the dry time. friday forecast keeps the showers in place. today, tomorrow, dry time for sunday before the next system pushes back in sunday night into monday. overall, not as impressive, that's the good news. don't want too much flash flooding, but today with the rain moving through, we could see ponding on the roads, especially about a quarter inch in upwards especially near an inch in the north bay. of course, you can always go to for your very latest weather forecast. back to you guys. >> all right. you have the window to rake up the leaves before they get really soggy. >> probably missed that window.
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>> compost, right? >> pretty small window. still to come this morning -- >> he said, thank you very much. and i can't say anymore. >> they pour their hearts into their craft. in this workshop that's far from the north pole in today's bay area proud, the wishes they are granting for wounded warriors. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live, followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m.
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when we talk about honoring veterans, it's usually young veterans, young people honoring the older ones. >> our next story goes the opposite direction, no loss of respect in the process. here's garvin thomas with today's bay area proud. >> it is for the most part veterans in the wars of iraq and afghanistan who have been on the receiving end of the heartfelt gift from some east bay folks old enough in some cases to be their grandparents, folks who just want to say thank you for your service and sacrifice. looked at one way, the craft of carving wood is all about taking things away. removing pieces of wood, bit by bit, until a finished shape is revealed. but look at it through the eyes of the tri-valley wood carvers,
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meeting every tuesday at the pleasanton senior center and you'll see just the opposite. for the past four years, with every bit of wood they have removed from the 55 eagles heads they have carved, something has been added. a piece of themselves. >> it becomes a piece of love. i had no idea i even had it in my hands to do that, but it comes from some place else. >> reporter: bob, like many of his fellow carvers, is a veteran, and like other members of the group, bob jumped at the chance when asked if he'd like to help make personalized ceremonial canes for wounded vets. personalized, not just because symbol representing the vets' military history are etched into the staff, but personal because before the first cut is ever made, the carver contacts the recipient to discuss the cane and their story.
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>> it's always heart wrenching to talk to these guys and find out a little bit about what they've been through. it just -- overwhelming at times. >> as a nation we've asked these people to do a lot. >> it makes them feel good that somebody out there is really acknowledging them. >> i was really pleased that i was able to do that for one of our heros. >> and i think that this matches a lot better. >> reporter: in the hours upon hours of carving that go into just one eagle head, these men and women can't help but think about why they are doing what they do, the carvers, not too proud to admit that more than a few tears have hit the ground along with their wood shavings. >> i've had a couple of people call back and ask for me and i answer the phone and here's this fellow, and he said, thank you very much. and -- i can't say anymore.
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>> i will stop, shed a few tears, then go back and work on it some more. >> reporter: and continue to work, they promise to. as long as there are vets willing to receive, they are more than happy to give. the 55 canes the carvers have done over the past four years have gone mostly to wounded veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, but with wars in those countries winding down and the carvers still wanting to help, they've now reached out to local vets homes and are doing canes for veterans of the korean war and world war ii, even carving one recently for a 100-year-old veteran. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know someone who's doing something nice for others, garvin and the rest of us would love to hear from you. go to our website,, and search bay
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area proud. of course, you'll tell garvin first, then he'll tell the rest of us. still to come -- >> i know that sounds leieu da chris, but that's what's happening. >> we investigate the threat workers say they face if they call in.
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well, we first told you about the 911 policy for the postal service that may have led to the deadly delay in a facility in oakland. the employees are instructed to call security, not 911. >> last week the union for the postal workers took its concerns to national leaders. investigator vicky nguyen broke the story and is back with us after more employees stepped forward. >> reporter: we've learned employees have expressed their concerns for years, these
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grievances from 2005, many document multiple incidents where employees say they needed emergency medical care, but it was delayed. james terry remembers what happened the day his friend died. >> he had a heart attack. >> reporter: he and lionel hankins were at work here, the postal processing center in west oakland when hankins collapsed. terry says 911 wasn't called right away. >> laid him on one of the tables in the break room and called the nurse and the nurse had the postal police come down and look at him. >> reporter: he's sharing his story after learning of a similar delay in calling 911 this summer, two decades later. in the early morning hours of august 8th, sam was at work. >> we have an employee bleeding from the mouth. >> reporter: no one saw what happened to sam, but coworkers reported finding him on the floor bleeding and unconscious, some time between 3:00 and 3:30
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a.m. but records show 911 dispatch didn't receive a call until 3:53. sam's wife. >> i know he was -- these people around me are wasting their time. >> reporter: according to an internal postal service investigation, instead of calling 911 immediately, employees first called their supervisors, who called additional managers, they eventually called the on-site postal police, who then called 911. the report concluded the employees followed procedure exactly and their response was excellent. sam died ten days later. the coroner concluded he suffered blunt force trauma to his head, likely from a fall. no one knows if sam would have survived had 911 been called sooner. >> how can you leave somebody laying there? >> reporter: debby neely has worked for the postal service for 26 years. she's a steward for the american postal workers union.
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in 2005 she submitted this memo about an employee who suffered a seizure at work. three witnesses said 45 minutes after the incident, no emergency personnel had been contacted and a supervisor dismissed them, saying it's just a seizure, go back to work. >> when you see someone hurt, bleeding, passed out, the proper response is to dial 911 and then inform your supervisor, not the opposite way. >> reporter: months later, debby's memo became part of a national grievance citing delayed medical treatment, including a worker who became temporarily paralyzed and another whose emergency help was delayed 45 minutes. neely and terry are speaking out after sam's death to expose how long they've been fighting outdated rules that prevent employees from calling 911. >> do you think this policy makes sense? >> it makes sense. >> reporter: augustine is a communications manager for the usps in northern california. he says the policy is intended to get help on the scene quickly
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and it allows postal police to direct paramedics. he denied employees are instructed not to call 911 in a medical emergency. >> there's nothing that precludes somebody from actually using their own cell phone and calling 911 themselves. >> reporter: but we obtained a copy of the policy in oakland and that's not what it says. it clearly states, only postal police are to initiate the 911 procedure. what's more, the national policy says to notify the health services office, then notify security, who calls 911. employees say managers have even warned they'd have to foot the bill if they called 911. >> we would be responsible for paying. >> that's one of the things management does state fairly regularly, who's going to be responsible for the ambulance? >> reporter: union president fred jacobs -- >> who's going to pay for them coming out here? i know that sounds ludicrous, but that's what's happening.
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>> if you call 911, you are not responsible for any kind of a bill. it's as simple as that. >> reporter: he says policies like this put people in grave danger and waste time. >> the sooner that we have the ability to have someone communicate with us directly next to a patient, the better. >> would an employee get in trouble for calling 911? >> no, no. >> fired? >> no. >> would they have to pay the cost of the ambulance? >> no. >> why do you think employees have that impression? >> i don't know. could be a misunderstanding. i do know this, that we give training to our ples on a daily basis. >> do you think that training is as effective if there's so much confusion when it comes to calling 911? >> it's effective. >> he says the postal service is revising the policy in oakland after we exposed the delays in getting help for sam. he promised during our interview in october -- >> i can tell you i'll be addressing this tomorrow. >> reporter: but more than six weeks after that promise, the clock is still ticking.
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no policy changes and employees tell us they haven't received any new training on what to do in a medical emergency. as for what happened to lionel hankins, ruiz says his district doesn't maintain records beyond five years and can't comment, but in response to the 2005 grievance, the agency agreed the lack of prompt attention, even to slight injuries, could lead to more serious complications. and now in the wake of sam's death, the question remains, will the postal service empower employees to call 911 first? >> you hope nothing happens to you and you're around decent people that will get help for you. >> reporter: it's a question james terry first asked in 1994 after his friend died, a question he hoped he'd never ask again. >> they don't care about human life. they only want to get the mail out. >> reporter: the postmaster general has not returned our calls or e-mails for comment on the national policy, but this is an issue that thousands of postal employees are waiting for
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answers on aerowe're going to keep asking. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit. bart is running on time after a busy station was shut down overnight because of protests. this is the picture from the fruitvale bart station, which was shut down for almost an hour last night as people protested the chokehold death of eric garner in new york. trains did not stop at the station and police stood guard while protesters chanted. they also held a moment of silence for oscar grant, the man killed in the same station by a bart police officer in 2009. that officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. tense moments in new york city as protesters came face to face with police in several instances. the protests were mostly nonviolent, but dozens of people
11:37 am
were arrested. else where in the city, die-ins, where a horde stormed the bridge. the death is now being investigated after a grand jury decided not to indict the officer who put him in a choke hold, killing him. tensions over deaths in ferguson and new york continue to mount, one man who's seen situations like this before is hoping to reach young people in the bay area. andrew young, former congressman, former mayor of atlanta, helped martin luther king jr. strategize. he said jobs helped restore calm in the '60s and he thinks jobs could help ease tensions again today. >> kids who are normally in the street doing nothing ended up putting on a shirt and tie going to these corporations, but you know what they learned there? they learned that they were just as smart as these rich white folk. >> young says those part of a
11:38 am
community are less likely to destroy it. the latest information from the labor department reached this morning says unemployment for african-americans has gone up to 11%. national unemployment is 5.8%. new jersey lawmakers say they have no evidence linking governor chris christie to those politically motivated traffic jams last year, but they do say christie's two former aides acted with little regard to public safety when they ordered the lane closures. lawyers say several critical witnesses have not testified, leaving many important questions unanswered. critics say christie and his administration orchestrated the traffic, crippling construction on the george washington bridge to get back at a political opponent and then tried to cover it up. christie denies he had any role in the lane closure. health officials say california is experiencing its worst whooping cough epidemic in years. the vaccine is to blame, apparently. according to the cdc, almost 10,000 cases have been reported so far this year. health officials say parents
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were upset about some of the side effects of the older vaccine, it could be painful and cause seizures, so the new vaccine is weaker, so its effects wear off more quickly. wrapping paper is pretty much synonymous with the holiday season, but it's time to find a different way to wrap our gifts. the bay area air quality management district say that wrapping paper causes a lot of environmental trouble. the agency say the paper is often burned in fireplaces on christmas morning, leading to toxic fumes then polluting the air and even the water. they are now urging people to adopt other tactics, like reusable gift bags, maybe use some boxes instead. well, the pac-12 champion will be crowned tonight in the south bay. coming up, a preview of tonight's big game between oregon and arizona, including some special guests. >> yeah, i think one has a bone to pick about this rain. we're talking about showers approaching the coastline right
11:40 am
now and even some lightning strikes. we're going to let you know when the heavy rain is due to arrive here in the bay area.
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the pac-12 title will be decided in the south bay tonight, the first time levi's stadium will host the game. >> it is between oregon and arizona. joining us for a preview are the mascots from both schools, the oregon duck wilma and wilbur from arizona. i was getting a duck massage earlier, that's very nice. lathen from the pac-12, as well. we're going to start out with where did you go to school? >> went to school at the university of arizona. but i'm very neutral. >> how about this, our boss went to oregon. >> we visited him before we came on the show. duck went and visited. got a nice picture. i love you, duck, i do. >> at levi's stadium tonight. are there still tickets available? >> there are. >> holy cow, for the championship? >> we have tickets available, all you need to do is go to the box office at levi's stadium or
11:44 am
go online to >> on paper oregon is supposed to win, but my understanding is, what, last two times they've gotten together, arizona has been the spoiler. >> this is going to be the biggest conference championship in the country. we have number two oregon going against number seven arizona. no other matchup is like that this week at all, so it's a big deal. fighting for the college football playoff spot. >> oregon only has been beat by arizona this year. >> it's a rematch between the wildcats and the ducks. >> you would think arizona would have the advantage, but here's the other twist, oregon has played at levi's stadium before. there's only been, what, one other college game, right? >> oregon/cal played early on in the season and oregon had a very successful day. >> nobody has home field advantage, but oregon has at least seen the field. >> levi's stadium looks unbelievable.
11:45 am
it's been transformed. college championship game atmosphere, great signage everywhere. we highly encourage people to come out. >> i often say sports aren't totally about what happens on the field, it is about the drama and story line, so even if you don't care much about college football, it's a great way to, you know, see levi's stadium, get out with the family, and the tickets are still available. >> we really want this to be a bay area event. we're going to be at levi's stadium for the next three years, so we're really excited to grow here and get the fan base to come out and support whoever is in it. this year arizona and oregon, but if you're a college football fan, you don't want to miss it. >> well, thank you. go ahead. >> you did have one last question, is the rain going to hold off for kickoff. >> i think the duck doesn't mind. >> never rains in austin. for us, doesn't matter. football is all about having fun. if you get a little wet, bring your ponchos. we're going to be ready for it. >> i'm the mascot.
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anthony slaughter, we're worried about the rain at kickoff, anthony. >> you know, i knew that was coming, but the showers are on their way and, in fact, i'll have the forecast for you in just a minute. i do want to show you the satellite and radar picture and show you the impressive storm moving into the bay area, because you can see the moisture tap that it's connected to and that's all that white down off the coast. those are clouds building and that's what you typically refer to as that atmospheric river. that's going to continue to form as we head through the day and with the help of the heating of the day, we are going to see some showers and even some thunderstorms as we head towards this afternoon. little closer look, showers just now right off the coast and i want to do a storm track to give you an idea when the timing of the storm will move through. in fact, it's moving pretty quickly, but dumping heavy rain as it moves through. you can see really about an hour or two we're going to be looking at the showers pushing into the bay area. storm track on once more and you'll be able to see that for yourself and there you go. right at half moon bay by 1:56.
11:47 am
san francisco by about 2:30, then eventually in the east bay we'll see the shower activity, as well. that's not going to happen until about 3:00, so you've got some time before the shower activity does come. look at what's coming our way. in fact, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, very heavy rain, this hole line is going to move in. 5:00 and 6:00, even 7:00, still looking at showers across the bay area and that does include san jose, yes, levi's stadium, all the mascots are going, no, no, no! all right, let's look at those highs. you'll notice temperatures in the 60s, yes, it will be cool and need the poncho as mentioned earlier if you head out towards the game. we will the potential for thunderstorms, here's our wind catch. i want to show you extremely gusty winds, by 3:00 you'll notice the key, 30 mile an hour wind gusts at the coastline. that's going to move through. once we get the rain, then the wind, we could see winds exceed 40 miles an hour across some of our valley and at the hilltops we could be looking at winds up
11:48 am
to 50 miles an hour. here is the all-important pac-12 championship forecast. as i mentioned, heavy rain will be with us to start. ponchos, right? then by 7:00, 8:00, get rid of that, but the winds will be gusting, so it will be windy, once we get rid of the rain, temperatures back into the 50s. it could be worse, we could be talking about snow and cold. no, no! i wish you could see this, this is awesome having a live audience here. tracking more rain into next week, if you are trying to get out this weekend, we will have a little bit of a window for dry time. saturday afternoon, sunday morning, drying, but then look at this, sunday night here comes our next chance of rain. that's the duck giving me the little quack, yeah, i know. rain arrives today and on sunday. all right, i got it, yeah, you don't like it. back to you. >> it's your turn to pick up the bill. >> we'll be right back.
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
mike here, and let's start this off with a little refinement, yes, the city of martinez has been home to the shell oil refinery since 1915, but from 1:00 today it's the weekend home for the holiday frolic and snow park. they'll have 25 tons of real snow and ice-less skating rink. you can meet one of santa's reindeer, visit a gingerbread house and end the night with a tree lighting and children's light parade. everyone's invited to participate in that. martinez is just south of the strait. and just off the oakland water front, at the foot of broadway you can join in the fun as they light up the square with a 55-foot fir tree covered in 600 ornaments and 5,000 sparkling lights. more reindeer there, as well,
11:52 am
along with sugar plum fairies doing ballet, a jingle bell dance contest, i don't know what that is, and for your shopping pleasure, a pop-up market with 90 local artisans selling their wares. instead of the east bay, go west to the coast side hamlet of half moon bay and a night of lights. old fashioned holiday get together with main street decorated for the season, parade of lights, tree lighting ceremony, music, carollers, even roasted chestnuts, though it's a quieter town, many stores will be open until 9:00 p.m. for you to shop some of their unique and independent stores. yes, it's friday, so get out and enjoy and be unique and independent, just like everyone else. back to you. >> thanks, mike. if you're looking for a movie to watch this weekend, there are certainly lots of new releases to choose from, including one turn around story for a california woman. >> here's a look at the box office preview. >> do i have to walk a thousand miles?
11:53 am
>> happy trails. >> reese witherspoon walks away from her life in "wild," who loses the only thing that's important to her, her mother, so the inexperienced reese buys a monster pack and decides to hike the pacific coast trail over 1,000 miles of agony, tears, and forgiveness. "r." >> this is the find of the century. >> crazy if you think i'm not going in there. >> just because they are archaeologists doesn't mean they are smart. american explorers crack open a crypt and are surprised to find an ancient spirits do not want them there. it's a double header weekend. first up, the former "gossip girl" falls in love in "by the gun." she also appears alongside "community" cast member in "life partners." they play best friends of
11:54 am
different sexual orientations, but still find that a guy can ruin everything. both films are on demand and in select theaters. that's the box office preview, nbc news. >> i'd watch one of those. >> i would, too. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
well, if you're just joining us, you missed the duck and lion, but we have pandas for you. >> fourth seen panda in two
11:57 am
months. they are rarely seen because they are endangered. a patrolman found the baby sleeping in a pit earlier this week. back in october, cameras captured a wild giant panda carrying her cub in her mouth. cameras also caught another one weighing nearly 200 to 300 pounds during the same month. >> you don't see pandas, pictures in the wild. it's always a zoo. >> always rolling around with a pumpkin or ice cube or something. >> and a pit. >> and rain for the pac-12 championship. >> yes, it is going to be coming down heavily, especially 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. probably should start to let up by about 7:00, 8:00. end of the game will be good. saturday morning showers, then monday, more showers to start the work week. we need the rain, happy about it. we're getting it, so it's all good. >> bad news, rain at kickoff, good news, there are still tickets for kickoff. >> cool. >> get out and have some fun this weekend. we'll see you back here monday.
11:58 am
11:59 am
♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl.
12:00 pm
yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! today on "access hollywood live", right out of the door. a natural, right. monday morning quarterbacking on peter pan. what people are saying today. >> i loved it. and we announce the grammy category right here and first time nominee megan train or will joins and the surprising hollywood guy who is wearing eye liner will reveal who it is next. >> people say you are very kin kind. not all the time. "access hollywood live", starts right now. "access hollywood live", starts right now. >> i like the look ♪


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