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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we begin with our meteorologist, and jeff, where is the storm right now? >> it's moving off to the east but we're still finding significant amounts of rain falls all the way down towards san jose and you can see some yellow popping here obviously an indication of heavier pockets of rainfall. i do want to take you to heavier pockets impacting the southern peninsula. you can see stanford also woodside, some areas of yellow strong downpours. this also goes for los gatos just in the last 18 hours alone. you have rainfall an inch per hour. los gatos, be very careful if you're doing any traveling that way tonight even through the santa cruz mountains. back here across morgan hill we'll continue to see heavy rainfall track here across 101 as we head through the next 10 to 15 minutes. maybe on top of that the next hour or so. we take you to the 24-hour
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rainfall totals. impressive throughout the north bay. our weather underwater rain gauge is showing 3.81" in approximate vasterks rbule. it really has been an all or nothing storm system. we're still adding storm totals. that heaviest amount of rainfall you're up to nearly 2.5 inches. we'll have the timeline of not only the rest of this storm system but the one expected for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. some impressive numbers thus far. it's not just the heavy rain and the wind. we saw dozens of accidents today, but one really catching our eye. robert honda joining us on highway 17 near los gatos. an incredible story here. >> we were talking to one family who say they are lucky to be alive. when you see the pictures you will probably agree. the pictures are simply
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astounding. this is a picture of the way the car looks right now. as you can see, the branch from a large tree basically impaled the dodge caliber while the family was inside. it rammed right through the passenger's side windshield and rammed all the way through to the backseat. liz booth of montez said she was driving her kids to school on glen arbor road. when the large tree fell it went down by some power lines by the strong winds. these are pictures she sent us when the tree crashed on her car. and she said that she was very lucky because that tree and that branch could have crushed her family and impaled her daughter vanessa who was in the passenger's seat. >> the kids were screaming, and i'm hysterical trying to make sure the kids were in one piece. vanessa said she felt something go through her hair and now
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that i'm looking at t how lucky was that? this could have easily gone right through her head. >> reporter: she was a very lucky person and so are many of the victims. there were about 2300 people without power, and pg&e said they have now restored power to most of the neighborhood. however, the rain is still coming down and still coming down very hard. live in the santa cruz mountains, robert honda, nbc bay area news. falling trees as you saw there also a big problem in the north bay. this one came crashing down in mill valley blocking part of the street. luckily nobody was hurt. the biggest problem now is flooding like we saw back in november. jodi, some businesses there were so hit hard in sonoma county a month ago. how are they faring today? >> so far, so good.
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it's definitely soggy out here but nothing like we saw last december. we are stand oging on a frontage road along highway 101. you can see pools of water out here but so far this storm doesn't seem to be causing any major problems. >> it's my everything. it's my livelihood. >> she said, holding her breath hoping her hillsburg business holds. in december it got hit hard. >> it really got hit hard last december. the sandbags are placed kind of like a brick house. >> reporter: she prepared this time. she's got her sandbags properly in place, and as falls creek rises, she's ready. >> i hope today the rain doesn't come down as hard all at once
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and that everybody is prepared and the sandbags are done correctly so that we don't get water in the salon. >> reporter: while a steady sheet of rain has been following in sonoma county there have been only minor problems. some streets are a bit flooded, but nothing people here can't handle. >> it's a pain but it's a good pain because we need it. >> reporter: and the rain continues to come down at this hour. as you can see, it's actually coming down at a pretty good clip. folks here again are happy to see this rain. they just don't want to see a repeat of the flooding. reporting live in sonoma county i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay jodi thank you. really raining across the bay area as we've seen from our live reporters. a live look now in san jose where it is a wet friday evening commute. earlier it was all about chain saws and sandbags. danny trujillo continues our
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coverage in san jose. i believe that store is still closed behind you after that roof collapse from the last storm. >> that was in demcember and this store remains boarded up since then. there was nothing that bad this time but there was one close call. workers brought this birch tree home. a homeowner didn't want to risk it after a bigger tree landed on her neighbor's car. >> i didn't want to take a chance. but that one looked like it's okay but i didn't want it. >> the larger one had what's called oak tree fungus a common occurrence with the drought. >> a lot of the trees due to the drought the last couple years have been stressed out, so because of that the root systems are weak. >> in south san jose kristin cape also didn't want to take a chance. the last storm cost thousands of dollars in floor damage to her
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home. today she relied on sandbags to fend off the rain. >> i know we need it but i want it to come you know in slow patches where it's not going to damage our house versus just two days of madness. >> reporter: back at the safeway store where the roof collapsed in december's storm, the fire department keeps warning business and homeowners with flat roofs to make sure they have a good drainage system just in case. there was some ponding, some puddling in different parts of san jose but at this point no major emergencies. we're live in the south bay, i'm damion tra hee oeujillo nbc bay area. >> we've been warning about power outages, and it could still happen in the area downed lines snapping trees. at one point as many as 54,000 people in the bay area were in the dark. right now that number is down to about 14,000 people. most of them are in the north and east bay at this hour. more than 1100 pg&e crews are on the clock as we speak trying to
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get everyone back on line. >> ffo is expecting more delays and cancellations in the next few hours, rain and fog being blamed already for 160 flight cancellations since this morning and delays of up to 90 minutes. here's a live look at oakland international airport where one flight was canceled today due to bad weather. and there were no cancellations reported at san jose airport. delays are expected until about 10:00 this evening. you can stay on top of the storm with our weather app. all you do is select weather in the drop-down menu. that will show you forecasts for your own neighborhood.he realtime radar. the app is free if you have an iphone or you're an android user. it's been more than a decade since a college student was shot and killed outside a palo alto nightclub. she was celebrating her 21st birthday when she was gunned down. michelle, an unusual tactic here the police are using in this case. >> reporter: yeah they're
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trying to retell this horrific story hoping it jogs memory and somebody comes forward. for the last 13 years, there's bain reward of $100,000 for information that leads to an arrest. >> i'm sure someone saw something. >> reporter: and after more than 13 years, andrea shau was hoping that person would come forward with that information. >> we didn't expect this to happen. >> reporter: in an interview done by the paloalto police department she describes her sister with a big heart and big dreams. those dreams were cut short. >> the shot came from within a close area in the front of the nightclub. >> reporter: lieutenant zach prone was the first responder to the scene. 21-year-old marie shau was shot in the head. she was celebrating her birthday with friends. >> we've reached largely a dead end. we need that extra bit of info to try to help us solve it.
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>> reporter: investigators interviewed hundreds of people who were in the area. no one admitted to seeing anything suspicious. today police released this video detailing the tragic night and asked for help finding the killer. >> we haven't forgotten this case. we haven't forgotten maria. >> reporter: police do believe this attack was random. maria's family has set up a scholarship fund for children interested in art. reporting live tonight in palo alto michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. coming up new urgency in the fight against measles. the change coming for uc students also. and trees down on parked cars and power outagesoutages. some of the problems brought in by the storm. we'll show the latest problems in the east bay. coming up lost time. is today's storm making a difference for our record low snowpack? we'll check in with our team of meteorologists.
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. a stunning revelation tonight from police. that body found outside of a car involved in a hit and run was a 14-year-old girl. the medical examiner's office has identified her as cynthia romero bersado. they think she may have been driving a cad lablg thatillac that hit the garbage truck. the truck kept on going and the teen was dead outside of the car. they're trying to figure out if she was a driver or a passenger. students will soon have to be vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and a number of other viruses. the move is made after an outbreak of measles have left more than 150 people sick. the plans have been in the works for a year and will go into
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effect in 2017. there will be exceptions for religious and medical reasons. a live look at 80 in emoryville. it's always a tough road but now it's slow going and that freeway very very slick. our meteorologists have been tracking the rain and wind. our reporter live. >> people say they were busy and they heard a loud crack. that was the tree branch you see over there. they say the branch fell over several parked cars. this is what's left after firefighters came to cut it up. there was wind and rain about 1:00 this afternoon in a shopping center along danville boulevard. store owners out here are telling us that as far as they know no one was hurt. we do have calls in to firefighters, but one woman who runs a salon nearby said that her client's car was actually parked right outside. she told her to run out and check it after they were rattled
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by the sound of that falling branch. >> all of us inside stopped and we heard the sound again. we saw a branch fall over the car. and we said my god, i don't believe it. >> and on la borna road the wind actually took out a fence. a tree toppled over taking utility lines with it. pg&e saying they're dealing with multiple small outages here in the diablo area. also today a little earlier in the oakland hills, part of a tree snapped in the storm. power was knocked out to a few hundred customers before repairs could be made later in the day. the tree is cut, it is here it is out of the way, but boy, i have to tell you, we checked in at 5:00. it was raining and it is still raining right now. reporting live in alamo, kristin smith, nbc bay area news. all reporters as we bring in
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our team of meteorologists, jeff ranieri or chief meteorologist. a lot of rain on their lens. it's happening right now across the area. >> yeah you know and sometimes we know it's hard for rain to get picked up on camera but when you can see it come down as hard as we have tonight, there's no doubt it's coming down so fast here that a lot of folks are having trouble navigating this. our first storm in 44 days. this is the crucial point of this storm. rain is the hardest, the wind is gusting the most. if you're thinking of heading out in the next 24 hours, you may want to postpone your plans because it will be slick out there. 24-hour rainfall totals impressive. yes, it's way up in the hills, but venado 7.68", for windsor, close to 3 inches los gatos, near 2.5. lafayette, 1.35. not as much in the marina
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district of san francisco but we do think your numbers will get based boosted in the next 24 hours. in san jose is where the heaviest rainfall is right now. los gatos, lexington hills, right through highway 17 is the most treacherous commute, so watch out there tonight. in terms of snowfall it's happening, but as meteorologist rob and i have been talking about, it's not as much as we want. >> they're really fueling those high rain rates across the bay area. we're seeing steady winds across the high areas. unfortunately, snow levels are running high. warm air is great for being a big atmospheric sponge. what is falling right now for the most part is snow but way up above 7,000 feet. notice the appalachians below 6,000 feet. not seeing a lot of accumulation between now and sunday. echo summit is where they do the
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snow surveys of snowpack throughout the year. down on interstate 80 it's heavy rain from blue canyon to colfax. that's the other side of the coin. the heavy rain at times will be filling some of those reservoirs in the sierra and northern california, but increasing the risk for localized flooding. the backdrop of this right now statewide, the snowpack is 21% of average. this is certainly where we could seeçó 3 feet of snow. you want to see much lower snow level skpland warmer weather like we're seeing right now. >> as we get over the weather trend, those winds will begin to calm down. maybe 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the south. for sunday that next storm moves in. that will be a wet day mainly in the morning. then by monday morning we'll hold onto a few showers. we'll see this trend replicate itself across the peninsula and also for san francisco. once we get over tonight, really sunday mark on your calendar where you need to watch across the bay area.
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for the tri valley right on sunday, then by monday we'll begin to clear out. it looks like next tuesday is our first dry day in the forecast, at least immediately. we'll talk more about the rain totals on sunday coming up in about 20 minutes. still ahead, a security breach that could affect how you file your taxes. want the latest on this internet glitch that has roots in the bay area? getting to the bottom of why this east bay lake is so toxic, the problem being blamed for the deaths of three dogs.
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as tax time approaches someone tried to hustle turbo tax. a security breach partially shut down the popular tax site. scott sheer with new details. scott? >> on the heels of the anthem security breach stolen numbers may have led to a problem with the much used turbo tax software, which was disabled for about a day. >> it was a shutdown of about 24 hours. the silicon valley software company responsible for how a huge number of people file their taxes, but it's turboorture its turbo tax software was not filing state tax returns because of people caught filing fraudulent returns. >> those two have stolen identities. the bad people.
6:23 pm
they're hoping to get that tax refund. >> it's more of a glitch. it wouldn't stop me from moving toward the future but maybe more this year we're definitely taking a tried and true format. >> h and r block or something? >> yeah a tax person. >> it's actually recommended to go on line. now that you say that now i'm kind of getting worried. >> by late friday afternoon, they said turbo tax could once again process your state return. but san jose state professor and cpa dr. a net nellon said some damage has already been done even though there is plenty of time to file. >> because it's still april 15 that your returns are due. >> good point. now, we reached out to intuit. the company declined to talk. security experts we spoke to said this issue is not likely to go away any time soon because
6:24 pm
cyber security breaches are just too common. more evidence tonight in the surge on jobs. the labor department releasing the latest jobs report and it's strong. american businesses added more than 250,000 new jobs last month. the country's unemployment rate actually ticked up slightly to 5.7%. more people are saying they're on the sidelines looking and selecting at the jobs out there. a toxic algae bloom on an east bay lake is getting aggressive attention tonight in an effort to keep more pets from dying. a grieving dog owner was passing out flyers this week at lake chabeau after her dog died from exposure to that water. east bay mud is hiring a like biologist to investigate the situation. that green bay algae bloom is seasonal but the drought could be making it more toxic than usual. three dogs have died after drinking or wading in that water. just after 6:00 giving back
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to a whole new level of donation. the building you'll soon see mark zuckerberg's name on. hazmat spills happen on a daily basis in california. up next we investigate which bay area counties rank highest when it comes to toxic waste. riding with a chp on a dangerous day in marin county. that story coming up on nbc bay area news.
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drive home and more rain to come over the weekend. a live look right now at highway 101 in palo alto where you can see traffic is moving slowly and cautiously as it should. meteorologist barry matthews has been watching. but we begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and jeff we're going to see this rain continue for the next few hours. >> i think over the next three to four hours we'll stnto see the worst of this storm moving off to the south. the other thing we want to show on you the doppler radar is up into marin and napa county we still have rainfall but it's not the heaviest of it. that's down here across the santa clara valley right now. the worst rainfall down across downtown san jose down to saratoga. lexington hills, also los gatos. that's where we've seen a tremendous amount of rain in the past three hours probably picking up about an inch. it's raining in the hills there,
6:29 pm
close to three-quarters of an inch per hour. anyone thinking of highway 17 traveled tonight may want to think twice. we know what can happen in this kind of weather. tractor-trailers roll over. highway 17 very critical that if you have plans to travel, you may want to think twice. the commute on highway 101 down to gilroy some heavy areas of rain and there's another heavy batch to the west moving over you. about two more hours of consistent downpours expected for you. now, oert problemthe other problem today at hand has been the wind. we've had over 2700 power outages. we'll still see wind gusts 16 to 40 miles an hour and it begins to gradually step down by 2:00 a.m. and then saturday morning by 8:30 we'll start to see the gustiest winds subside.
6:30 pm
if you have trees in your yard you'll be happy in the morning if they haven't shaken too much. the talk about heaviest rainfall begins right now. then by 11:00, you'll see it's starting to break up a little bit. there's still some instability on the map, but it's a sign of this activity beginning to weaken. by saturday morning watch as that pushes off to the south gradually. we'll gradually see a break here as we head throughout saturday's forecast. but we have a new storm system on sunday. we're tracking the potential totals of that coming up in about 25 minutes. >> okay, jeff, thank you. among the many close calls on bay area freeways today, this area on highway 87 just south of 101 on san jose. this car you see there spun out and flipped over. a family of four was thankfully no injuries. all this rain and all the accidents making this a hectic day for the chp. mark matthews continues our coverage outside the 101 near mill valley. mark? >> reporter: we have not had a whole lot of rain but we have
6:31 pm
got very gusty winds, and on the freeway, it has had a real impact. we are rolling code 3, lights and siren, to a spinout on the 105. the wind and rain combine to make a mess of the freeway. >> hello! did you spin out? >> yes. >> are you okay? do you need an ambulance? >> officer andrew barkley thought he was taking us out for a quick interview about driving in the rain. instead it turned into one emergency call after the next. >> i have one vehicle where 70 just cleared that 1183. >> three spinouts and a roof rack blowing off a car meant back-to-back traffic brakes. >> we're going to run back. >> reporter: that means slowing the traffic by weaving back and forth, giving some protection to officers and accident victims who were stopped in the middle of the freeway. >> it's nerve-wracking in the
6:32 pm
rain especially. >> it's dangerous on the best of days, but on a day like today? >> it's definitely in the top two most dangerous parts of our job. >> reporter: give yourself an extra cushion of space around your car. >> having that cushion around you to be able to maneuver if you need to to avoid a vehicle, avoid puddles, avoid debris. >> reporter: today drivers needed to avoid all three of those things on the 101 in marin marin. thanks to andrew barkley for taking us on that ride-along and our understanding after what happened today, he was only half-joking when he offered never to do it again. mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> indeed a busy day for all those men and women. thank you, mark. this is the time to get the nbc bay area app for your specific neighborhood and our radar. the app is free for iphone and android users. on average there are 19
6:33 pm
reports every day of hazardous materials spilled across the state. we're talking about everything from gas explosions to even sewage leaks. >> so how prepared are we? vickie nguyen has more. >> reporter: tonight we look at the challenges facing first responders when they're called to protect people from hazmat disasters. >> they're flying off the freeway. >> whether it's an overturned gas tank or spilling thousands of gallons of fuel -- like the one that melted the mcarthur maze in 2007 -- or a chemical spill like this one last fall on highway 280 in san jose, hazard under the circumstances
6:34 pm
material spills happen more often than you might think. we analyzed the data since 2014. we found not a single day passed without a spill. with so many hazardous chemicals moving through the bay area on roadways railways and waterways, the federal government requires local emergency planning committees or lepcs. they come up with an emergency response plan review it every year and inform people about the chemicals in their community. >> we really want to focus on all of them. >> reporter: tim zagares is the fire chief for the california office of emergency services. his office oversees lepcs and emergency training statewide. they're divided into regions. the bay area is in region 2 which runs to monterey county. nearly 1400 calls came into our region in 2014 everything from sewage and petroleum to radio radiological spills. alameda county topped the list with 299 hazardous spills last
6:35 pm
year followed by contra costa county with 226 and sierra county with 93. the most common chemical spilled, petroleum, followed by sewage. nationwide more than 7,000 spills were reported. that's an average of 19 a day. >> those are just the ones we know about. i'm sure there's many out there that nobody understands there is a threshold to report or somebody that's not reporting because they're trying to stay under the radar screen. >> at the roadside fire training center, our cameras take you inside what happens when a train derails and jumps highly flammable liquid petroleum gas into the community. first responder statewide training snartrain ing scenarios like this several times a year. >> there's a lot of things in
6:36 pm
california, a lot of different companies that have chemicals that we have to be prepared for. >> chief zegarus admits the state faces challenges mainly manpower and money. for example, the chief of region 2's lepc also works full-time as a chp investigator. but first responders today are better trained and equipped than they were before the terror attacks. >> of 911. >> they would come in four or five giant boxes with the computer that was actually running it. now everything is down to one small unit we can actually take into the fire zone. >> he's a coordinator for the santa clara county. in 2014, santa clara county received $350,000 from a grant,
6:37 pm
allowing it to purchase a program firefighters can use to pinpoint the direction of a chemical plume. it's something they trained for in silicon valley. >> we can actually plume a projected model of when that gas or chemical will dissipate, how long it's going to stay how to protect people downwind. >> what do you think people's vulnerabilities are when it comes to hazmat responses? >> there are a lot of challenges. >> yguyen says while smaller counties may not have as much money to work with they benefit from aid training meaning first responders even in rural areas practice with those here. they say geography remains the biggest challenge responding to a hazmat scenario. if a tanker turns over in a remote area no amount of training or technology can shorten the time it takes to get there. important because it's not a question of if another chemical disaster will happen it's a
6:38 pm
question of when. >> 911 emergency, what's your complaint? >> you can find out what spills the most often in the county you live. that's on our website, >> if you have a tip for our investigating unit give us a call at 1-888-996-tips, or you can send an e-mail directly to take a look at your public schools. would your child be safe if a tornado hit the school? we found a decade of failures inside the classroom, chaos that experts say could be deadly. so the question is why hasn't anything been done? that answer might surprise you. you'll hear it tonight at 11:00. just ahead here at 6:00 uber has a new safety feature: a panic button. highly skeptical but deeply concerned. the u.s. is investigating a
6:39 pm
claim by isis that an american hostage was killed by a jordanian air strike. why experts believe isis is lying after seeing this evidence. the story coming up.
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a new safety feature for uber. it's a panic button. this comes after a passenger in india complained that a driver raped her. this panic button will allow riders to notify the police in case of an emergency. it will be part of the app right there on your phone. another new feature allows you to share your location with as many as five people. the new features will be available next week only in india. as of now, no word whether this panic button will be implemented here in the united states.
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dr. priscilla chan is donating $75,000 to united general. that money will be used to make upgrades and for doubling the size of the hospital's emergency room. the new acute care and trauma center is scheduled to open in december. this is a big deal. it's all about beer and it's back. and nothing will stop these folks from having a pint of climy deyounger. people braving the storm to get a taste of what a lot of people say is the best in america. it's a triple pale ale. a limited number will be sold in the next few weeks. >> not rain not snow not sleet can keep people away from their beer. >> apparently not. we are so busy. had a snack in between shows.
6:43 pm
have plenty of fuel to get through this rain. yes, while we have rainfall today, we have another storm for this weekend. we'll have the full report on that in just a few minutes.
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6:45 pm
new details tonight on what may have called the trans asia airways plane to fall from the sky. a taiwan aviation official now says one of the two engines went idle for 37 seconds after the plane took off. and the pilots apparently shut off the other engine before trying to restart it. investigators still don't know why the pilot shut it down though. authorities are now looking into whether the pilots made a, quote, professional error. flight 235 plummeted from the sky and crashed into a river in taipei wednesday. 38 died eight are still
6:46 pm
missing. another twist in the war against isis. the terrorist group claims another young woman was killed but not by them, by a jordanian airstrike. so far no proof this. >> right, jordan claims this is just more isis propaganda. the u.s. and families of the hostage hope so too, but admit they are deeply concerned by this claim. isis claims 26-year-old cara mueller is buried in this rubble, killed this week in a jordanian airstrike. tert the terrorist group also claims she was the only one in the building no guards nearby and no one else hurt or killed making experts highly skeptical. but the u.s. is investigating. >> i cannot confirm those reports in any way. >> reporter: mueller's family said kayla was taken captive by isis in 2013 while leaving a doctors without borders hospital in syria. the timing of today's claim is cause aging a lot of skepticism.
6:47 pm
this week jordan stepped up its airstrikes against isis after the terror group issued a terrifying video of a pilot being burned alive. others claim it was just a stunt. >> i wouldn't put anything past isis. it's possible they just moved her as a human shield to another building. >> that's what this is designed to do to doubt our own resolve and doubt rhettthe oe solve of other countries in this alliance. >> but u.s. and jordan remained at war with other allies. >> the state department today acknowledged a number of americans are being held by isis right now, but would not give any details. it would only say secretary of state john kerry and working with other countries to try to locate these hostages and bring them home.
6:48 pm
jessica? >> okay thank you, janelle. we've been talking about the rain all day, but it's because we haven't had it for 43 days. today our drought problems got washington's attention. the federal government offered $50 million for california and other western states. california was called the drought ground zero. almost half the money will go to the central valley. farmers and other water departments can apply for financial aid for programs to reduce water use. let's get back to our weather and what's going on right now around the bay area. nice live look right now. jeff ranieri joins us. what's going on jeff? >> you can see the wind still kicking around our cameras. anywhere from 15 to 40 miles per hour tonight. i thipg thenk the worst of the rain will be over in three hours. it's the first of rain in 43 days the first overall storm since in 44 to move and rake across california. waves on the coastline 18 to 24
6:49 pm
feet. if you have any desire to go to the coastline, today or tomorrow is not going to be the day for you. let's get another perspective on how all this rainfall played out for today. that's going to be in our time lapse network and also data. at 8:00 this morning, sonoma didn't have any rainfall. it took quite a while until early afternoon to pick up on it across the time lapse. then this afternoon we had a nice blast of warm weather that boosted totals to a quarter of an inch by 2:00 p.m. and then as we headed to the evening hour we did get close to three-quarters of an inch. much higher totals up in the north bay. check it out. venado 7.68", healsburg. a lot of activity remains across the east bay and the south bay.
6:50 pm
the worst is moving through. after this we'll still have some rainfall for tonight, but i don't think it's going to be as bad as what we've experienced the past couple hours. right now some of the worst rainfall continues across portions of the santa clara valley, including san jose and also for the extreme south bay. as we get a look at your forecast as we continue throughout tonight, what you're going to find here across the bay area is yes, we are eventually going to see conditions clear out throughout the region. by 10:00 and 11:00, that rainfall is going to begin to wind down here across most of the region and then we'll start to see a little bit of a break as we head into saturday in the forecast. that's going to be some of the good news coming our way. as you've been mentioning we another storm system as we head into sunday. it looks like by sunday morning, also sunday afternoon, we'll begin to see that rainfall pick up on a clip as we head throughout 8:00 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning.
6:51 pm
as we head to sunday overall rain will be an inch to an inch and a half with that storm system. on sunday we could still pick up 2 to maybe 3 inches in the extreme north bay. for the east bay, anywhere from 1 to 2 inches. for san francisco and pet nins la anywhere from 1 to 2 inches here as well. once again, we have that storm system coming on sunday. we'll while we'll be done with this rainfall tomorrow morning, we have another round of rain coming our way. guess who is back in town. the champs will check in with the giants today at at&t park. what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned.
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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from our comcast sports net studios. were they playing today or were they just kind of hanging out at the ballpark? >> no they were returning. >> just kind of hanging out, yeah. are you guys ready for baseball is this it's practicallybaseball? it's practically here. >> she wants to go tomorrow. >> give it a couple months. it's right around the corner. as the giants gear up for runs at back-to-back titles having matt keane in the mix will certainly help. he told team members today he has the same range of motion in his pitching arm now as he did when he was 17. the giants celebrate their first world trophy in five years tomorrow with the fans at fan fest. last year was their first without the help of cain who threw today for the second time this winter and is excited to get back to work after surgery to remove bone spurs from his
6:55 pm
elbow last august. >> you miss the guys. after so long you miss the cameraderie being around the guys. all the nonsense starts up right from the first minute you step on the bus. it's full bore. >> this is a fun time for all the players. we have something really special here and this gives us a chance to spend some time with the fans and thank them. when this is over they know it's time to get after it. new raiders head coach jack del rio has turned to a familiar face to fill his position. ken norton jr., most recently the linebacker coach. he went to the dallas cowboys in the early '90s. he will be with the silver and black defense. this is norton's first defense gig. both he and del rio will design
6:56 pm
the tag team of this team. in an espn interview published the day before the championship game rice admitted to using a banned substance on his glove when he played stick 'em. so many are now pointing out the hypocrisy of the hall of famer's statement. early possible nba finals. best of the west against the best of the east. tompkins firing from downtown. crazy play here. hawks with lots of hustle. a triple 5-point swing. this game was tied at 52 at the break. in the third, warriors down 3-6 and the bank is open. right now warriors trail 120-112 very late in the fourth quarter.
6:57 pm
we'll have the highlights and post game for you coming up tonight at 11:00. this series right here possible match-up of the nba finals. west best best of the west best of the east. >> amazing. >> it's a maze to go me how jessica is always able to come up with all this before everyone else. >> she's dialed in. she's dialed in. >> thank you. for a full half hour of area sports coverage you can watch the sports special on comcast at 10:30. jeff ranieri, one final word on what's going on with the timeline of this storm. >> we did want to give viewers that added information. you can see we have areas of some scattered rain across the bay area. by tomorrow morning that storm system begins to push down some scattered showers in the forecast on saturday and then as we head throughout sunday's forecast, we have that next round of rain coming your way. of course, we'll have more coming up tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> bye bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
interview about bobbi kristina. >> don't cry, oprah. we're here for you. >> now, on "extra." >> she comforted bobbi kristina after whitney's death. >> i'm dealing as good as i possibly can. >> now, oprah's prayers for a miracle. >> what are your wishes? >> the latest on bobbi kristina today as an ugly family brawl breaks out. plus whitney's "bodyguard" co-star, kevin costner speaks out. grammy host ll cool j with last-minute secrets from sunday's show. >> we have rihanna, we have kanye west.


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