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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj ma they. it happened on rock avenue between south capital expressway and white. jeanne, what do we know? >> we know it is active investigation, and there are half a dozen police officers here collecting evidence. they are in front of a sports bar and restaurant where someone shot two people inside of the restaurant. so far the police are not releasing any information about the condition of the victims, and they have not released a a suspect description. they are collecting evidence and people are sitting down in front of the restaurant, and police are talking to them and collecting photos and a map, and in the very early stages of the double shooting which a happened at 10:00 inside of the desio's
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restaurant the and sports bar. when we have a description of the suspect and more on the suspect, we will bring it to you. >> so it started with words and ended in bullets. an argument nearly ended in death in san francisco. police say that at 7:00 the victims with were stand thing on the corner of 17th and cap in the mission district when they got into an arghument with another man who pulled out a handgun and opened fire. so far no, description on the u suspect. >> in the south bay, a man is found dead inside of his home. two women are found on surveillance using his credit card. what is the connection? here is ian kole. >> reporter: gilroy police believe that howard hizer was murdered. a neighbor called police at 3:00
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a.m. to report a loud noise and another neighbor said that the victim's garage was opened with when the officers arrived. >> e preliminary, it does not appear to be random, and we don't know why mr. hiz erer would have been targeted specifically targeted. >> reporter: today, the police released this surveillance video from a convenience store with the two women entering using his credit card, and now persons of interest interest. >> we cannot speculate of how they have his credit card but we would like to speak to him. >> tragic and frighten inging. >> reporter: the neighbor says he went by bob, and went to santa clara university and had older children and grandchildren. >> which is the reason that he bought the house, because he has a pool and wanted the family to come to visit and enjoy. >> reporter: and he even saw him saturday anheiser check himd to see if he needed help with the yardwork. >> he was a fantastic neighbor
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and we will miss him. >> reporter: they are hoping that somebody can identify these two women and help. >> hopefully they can connect the dots, a find out a what happened here. >> reporter: ian kole. there was a massive explosion at the california oil refinery in the city of torrance at the exxon mobile.. you can see the ash. assay that could dramatically push up oil prices. an earlier refinery shutdown because of a worker strike. the two process 1/6 of the state's total oil production. is it church indock trimation? tonight, there was a rally
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against the catholic church. they say they are trying to force them on high school teachers and students. barry mcsweeney is joining us from st. mary's cathedral, and the new regulations are not going over well. >> no, the archbishop has put together a new document he wants to include in the teacher's new contract and it is included in the handbook, and he says that at least publicly the teachers cannot go against church doctrine such as no contraception, and no gay marriage. >> reporter: they lined goff street to demand tolerance from the archbishop of the diosese. and teachers with more than 40 years of experience came up to demonstrate. >> the archbishop, i respect, but i want to listen to pope and the gospel. and there is a conflict. >> reporter: the archbishop is
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including a new document in the teacher's handbook that restates the social issues positions, contraception, and sex outside of marriage are evil and gay marriage. >> just as someone who works for coca-cola can expect to not go to the work with pepsi s aed sing the virtues of pepsi, so we expect our teachers not to be speaking against traditional catholic doctrine. >> reporter: some say that the policy will restrict teachers from sign inging petitions or speaking their position if it is against the church. >> our position is one of love, and that is not being respected by the archdiocese. >> reporter: there was a surprise by the bishop that
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there would be such a pushback. >> some people would like us to get with the times. >> if they want to see change they need to e teach no matter the religion or the nationality they are. >> reporter: so we know that the policies that the arch p bishop wants to enforce, but we don't know what happens if p a teacher disobeys. terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. a priest is apologizing for a pamphlet handed out to kids. the grade schools were given this pamphlet of a sexual nature and the father say ss he regrets giving the material to the young children, but he stands by the message. >> well, it is inappropriate and didn't think that one closely, and the question of marriage, and he has always been clear that marriage is between one man and one woman, and that homosexual acts are intrinsically evil.
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>> reporter: many parents are upset about the position. and they don't allow altar girls, but only altar boys. >> and a bold and timely and personal revelation by mike honda, congressman. he says she a grandpa of a transgendered grandchild. he represents the freemont valley and he tweeted this picture with his grandchild and says i hope she can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied. honda has been recognized as a long time supporter of e equal rights for lgbt communeity, and this is amid a long conversation about equality. >> and now, scam artists could be targeting vulnerable undocumented people. >> reporter: mario gutierrez and his wife alycia want to apply
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for deferred action under president barack obama's executive order. >> if you want the credit, you have to have social security. >> reporter: p but a texas judge's decision to halt the program and an appeal for the proxwram puts gutierrez and many o other immigrants in legal limbo. >> i want to know if it is going the pass or not, and if we have to fill ut out now or wait, because it is confusing. >> reporter: that confusion may be why there are so many empty seats at the community meeting in san jose about how the apply, and how the avoid being scammed. the santa clara district attorney's office says that the ability to obtain a social security number is now susceptible to scamming.
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>> reporter: he says that earlier the meetings were crowded, and now scammers have a new angle. >> this is one angle where they say, if you pay me extra, i know a guy who knows a guy, and we will get it in early and it is not true. >> reporter: gutierrez is ignoring the way. >> no, that is the wrong way. you have to wait. >> bay area news. it turns out a mistaken case of mistaken identity. this is how an unsolved murder was being investigated. the shooter was after someone else, someone involved with a marijuana grow operation in the house next door. the investigateors hope that the $25,000 reward will lead to the break in the case. so far they don't have suspects. they say that ramirez was a fun
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and jovial 21-year-old. unconventional getaway. police say that this man robbed a cvs on blossom and snell the, and a security guard tried to stop him, but that is when the robber hit him with a skateboard and took off. three teenagers in jail after a hit-and-run in san francisco at a walgreens. it start ded with an argument this morning at a walgreen's at union scare. square after a teen stabbed the manager, and the victim is expected to survive after three people were arrested. and now, insooidide of a jambajuice in dapville, the burg burglars made a huge mess before a taking off with two of the cash registers. and zeroing many on the origin of the measles outbreak, and why travelers are on the
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alert when traveling. >> and now, why will is a phone shall -- potentially super bug. >> and the analytics that is helping high school athletes play at a higher level. >> and i'm jeff ranieri, and cloud cover increasing here across california. we are tracking the fog forecast for tomorrow and we will let you know how much sun we will get on the thursday forecast. >> and we are following the breaking news as police are on the scene of a double shooting outside of a sports bar. we will have more tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. on "today in the bay." fallon has andy cohen. free ice cream samples. >> try it again. >> and also kathy griffin.
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it really is a small world. tonight, new information tracing the disneyland measles outbreak to a meezle strain prevalent in the philippines. the real scientific work begins of how it got here, and how to keep the travelers e headed
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overseas safe. and now, at the airport, are some travelers concerned, cheryl hurd hurd? >> well, when i mentioned the word measles, almost everyone i talked to said hay were concerned about it. >> yes, i'm concerned. >> it is one disease that i thought that it was eradicated. >> reporter: and now, this man is about to board the philippines for a month and a half-long visit, and he knows that the measles may have originated in the philippines but he feels that he is safe from getting the highly contagious virus. he mows that getting the vaccination is the best defense but for julie ann whose mother is headed overe sea, it does not mean that you won't worry. >> especially for the kids. >> reporter: measles is a big problem in the philippine, and more than 50,000 people were
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diagnosed with the virus and more than 110 died from it last year. in december a measles outbreak got the at the tension from health officials last year when a dozen people came down with it at a disney resort. and now the same mutation in the philippines is the same one here p in the california outbreak. now california officials are go ging beyond warning parents about the vaccination. >> it is a danger to the children. >> senator barbara boxer was in emeryville to propose a law for every child in head start to be fully immunized. >> it should be the model por every state to follow that kids should be vaccinated unlesz sits it is a a proven medical reason for them not to be. >> reporter: last year, there were some 644 cases of measles reported nationwide and that is
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a huge spike from the 200 cases reported in 2013. reporting live in sfo, i'm cheryl hurd in bay area news. >> and thank you, sarl. near lyly 200 people have been exposed to a deadly super bugt a medical center. they are blaming tainted medical equipment. seven people have be been infect and two people have died and 170 patients have been notified about the exposure is, and the exposure happened since last october and this january, and they say that this bacteria can kill if it spreads into the bloodstream. beautiful here, but for millions of american the new low is reaching new extremes. and niagara falls is going to a new low. roofers are working overtime in the northeast, and in the south, ice is pulling down power line
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and record lows are forecast across the region tomorrow, and in the morning, here are a few example, and in lexington, kentucky nashville, tennessee, minus two. and i know that you have a map with all of the temperatures on them, e jeff ra neri. >> yes, when you factor in the temperatures and the chill factor, it is going to be 27 in daytona beach. so a lot of the east coast down to the gulf coast will be very cold. most recently this front has given us record highs. we have had 71 innapa. and 70 in pleasanton the and down right hot compared to the
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east coast. we had sunshine this afternoon, and low clouds for tomorrow, and patchy earareas of fog and a real mix in the south bay, and so for the san jose the east bay towards san francisco, the area of fog and to san francisco and 46 expected in the north bay, and as we head through the microclimate forecast, thursday once we hit the noon hour, we should see a lot of sunshine built into the forecast, and that is is going to catapult the forecast forecast, and we could see the numbers jump 5 to 10 degrees. looking tomorrow at san jose morganhill and check it out, 70 tomorrow and possibly low 70s all of the way down the gilroy and cooler here to 61 and when you head over to palo alto to san francisco, 64 in the maria na and sillma and the temperatures in the 60ed and the
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north bay and the east bay and the tri valley the spots are into the 70s and that is where the north wind is going to be built into the forecast, and stronger, and the temperatures are going to be bumping up and 72 in nappa and 70 in vanville and pleasanton and 70 in livermore and the extended forecast for the next couple of days, smooth sailing, and dry weather, and carbon copy on saturday, and the upper temperatures of 60 to south bay, and even on sunday's forecast you can't really see a weekend like this in february across the bay area, and these temperatures are 10 degrees above average, and also san francisco will be warmer. and continuing through monday and even though it is nice to enjoy, the chances of rainfall, and you can see the long range forecast
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forecast, and still chance of precip as you head through the 28th of march, and also, through the rainfall and we will have to wait and see but all eyes are on the 28th for some rain coming the bay area. >> did he say minus 20? >> yes. >> and thank you, and he said 55 here. >> yeah beautiful. and maybe the best video here. and a bird making a appearance and it is going viral. >> and sigourney weaver is my guest, and we are on next, so you have to watch.
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they start them young now, data analytics for the high school athletes and just like the pros, thaey are logging on before they hit the court. >> and if you don't use the technology, you are a step behind. here is ian kole. >> the monarchs basketball team from archbishop mitty high school starts like any other team. stretches, drills and any drill
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that a player would know, but they are led by sue philips who coached the u-17 basketball team last year an senior taylor tod, but one of the biggest weapons is not on this court, it is in a small room where phillips and the players watch game film. >> that is why four became the primary ball handler. >> and a it is done different lyly than years past. >> i would spend countless hours editing to add a good eight hours a week. >> reporter: and now crossover does the work for her, and the coaches send the video of the game to company, and they will get a complete analysis back. and right now, coach is showing the turnovers are from the last game. >> we have to close out with the knees bept. matty, matyou have to get the knees bent. >> reporter: you can see the same opponents for the stats,
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and the monl monarchs when they made and missed shots so they know what they have to work on. >> i know the mistake, and what to grow upon, and whether it is game to game. >> and you have to see it with the players, and when you click on the shot, hit will provide a five to seven-second clip of how the shot was made or missed. >> reporter: coach philip said it is easier to provide recruiting film for the college coaches who want to recruit her players. it is $1,200 per team per season and the coach says it sis paying off. they are the 7th team ranked team in the country, and without crossover, they could be any other team. ian kole bay area news. >> that is fascinating how they can use that information, and so quick quickly. >> that is exactly what the pros use. >> and now, geraud moncure will
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take you down to the spring training. >> and the redesign bay area news for iphone has it all. top story, and individualvideo, and the ground-breaking investigation, and ground-breaking news breaking now. download the iphone now. when martin cooper invented the mobile phone in 1973 -- connectivity took a leap forward.
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studios. the giants' pitchers and catchers arrived in scottsdale today. and bruce bochy saying that tim lincecum will return to the starting rotation in 2015 with ryan vogelsong as well. and now, joe panik is the second second-year veteran who returned like a veteran player, and it is time for new leather this spring. >> trying to break it in and put a new hammer to it. >> really? >> yes, i have to get it game readily. >> do you put a ball in and there string around it, and put it in the mattress some. >> yes you have to beat it up. >> really? i did that in little league. >> yes, you have to beat it up and teach the ball a lesson. >> reporter: and now the culinary program, and now, the the children from the boys and girls club and ymca are will go the garden to learn about
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preparing healthy food. and now, 18th ranked stanford and cal in the battle of the bay bay, and mercedes to mikayla coulding for three, and now the cal run, and second half, here come the stanford cardinal. and now finishing 13-0 stanford cardinal, and the cardinal win, 59-47. today, colin kaepernick is tweeting out the arizona workout, and one fan said, ab workout would not help him find an open receiver. and his response was, hey, you have eight followers bro and your own family don't want to know what you are doing. get better at life. so now he has about 8,000 followers. and this is the first fan for the stadium series matchup for the sharks and the kings. it is not the best selection of the house for seats, but the
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book your low fare now at and from a one-hit-wonder to reality star to accused burglar. vanilla ice has been busted. new video here shows the former
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rapper leaving jail. his real snam robert van winkle and the crime is linked to the reality show where he renovates home. they say he took furniture and a pool heater and bikes next door to the current project. he said that he thought that the home was abandon and nobody would mind. >> what happened to the blond spikey hair? >> well, it was a good song. it was. oh, what is it going to be like tomorrow morning, jeff? >> no ice, ice, baby? >> well, maybe on the east coast, but for us, upper 40s, and good clouds in the morning. we will be back with more in the morning. jimmy fallon is up next. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." toni


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