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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. march madness. winter weather making a mess of yet another weekend from the midwest to the northeast. snow freezing rain and unbearable cold hitting tens and millions. your calendar may say march today but this morning spring feels very far away. high anxiety. happening right now, a dangerous spacewalk outside of the international space station. nasa says the astronauts are good to go even after a technical problem with one of their helmets. we'll take you 200 miles above the earth, live. star trek's leading man under fire this morning saying he can't make it to the memorial. the reason shatner says he can't be there and why fans are so
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angry. and funny or truthful? a controversy over a "saturday night live"'s parody. is anything fair game when it comes to comedy or did the late-night show cross the line? a growing debate today, sunday march 1st 2015. >> announcer: this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm craig melvin. good to see you. >> thank you. >> i see you on tv all the time. >> good to see you. >> right now, several hundred
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miles above us we have cool things happening. here is the international space station. the stays walk is under way. >> this is the kind of stuff i feel like i can watch nonstop. it's fascinating. >> i'm always fascinating by the strength of that live signal that we get from space. sometimes we get a live shot from jersey. >> i can't even get cell phone signal in my house. >> we'll get to that in a moment. >> our top story this morning is that unbearable threat of cold weather. march holding true to the saying. as if boston hasn't had enough trouble this year by the time this storm is over the city could set a record for its snowiest winter ever reported and it isn't just massachusetts that could get hit. the latest round of winter weather has alerts over dozens of states. you get to deliver the good
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news? >> unfortunately, happy march, everybody, but it's the same old weather pattern. we have the snow and rain and ice. we've seen this picture before. winter weather advisory. it's stretching all the way from the midwest through new york city and boston. yet this could put you over the edge in boston. record snowfall for the season. several inches of snow in indianapolis. here's the freezing line. we're watching out for a potential of ice. a dangerous situation in north carolina. driving will be very difficult there and the snow gradually works its way into new york city and new england. at 10:00 this morning, the snow is continuing to spread on east and we set this into motion. ice across d.c. and philadelphia by 7:00 tonight roads are treacherous across much of this region. snow in new york city to boston later on this evening. it winds down overnight so by tomorrow morning, not much is falling from the sky but still
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roads will be treacherous in many spots. you can see we're expecting 3 to 6 inches of snow from new york city to boston. if we get over 5 inches of snow in boston that will put us in the record -- or put them in the record books for the snowiest ever. might as well go for it at this point. >> should get something out of it. >> there you go. >> thanks. let's get back to the incredible scene that is happening hundreds of miles above us. a live look outside the international space station where american astronauts are in the middle of a very tricky spacewalk that's expected to last several hours. nbc's kristen dahlgren has been following this for us. good morning to you. >> good morning, craig. we have terry virts and barry wilmore out there. you can see exactly what they are working on right now. this is one of those things that you really need to trust the smart men and women on the ground because there was a little extra high drama when
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water was detected in one of the astronaut's helmets after the last walk. nasa decided it would be safe to continue with this walk but engineers are watching closely. >> everything is clear and i'm ready to go. >> reporter: this is no walk in the park. it's more like a carefully choreographed ballet more than 200 miles above the earth. engineers watching every move to make sure seals on terry virts' helmet holds. there was a small amount of water following wednesday's spacewalk but experts have seen condensation like that before and they are sure he will be safe today. >> if the astronauts report that something is building up in that helmet they stop the spacewalk right there. >> reporter: during the almost seven-hour spacewalk, the astronauts will roll out more than 400 feet of cable and install a communications system to help guide future space taxis
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as they park at the iss, all towards a push for a space flight a dream alive in spite of recent setbacks. this shows the falcon 9 booster crashing back to earth in january. but today the countdown is on to another falcon 9 launch late tonight. while sir richard branson admits he considering scrapping the program after the crash of spacex 2 last year. he said he will stick to the plan to send paying customers to space. >> we won't just be visiting the planets. we'll be staying. >> reporter: the pull of the final frontier as strong as ever. leading astronauts terry virts to tweet this to a man who inspired it all, star trek's
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leonard nimoy. >> no problems with virts' helmet. they are getting everything done that they need to. the parking spaces are going to be ready for all of us. >> i love that. >> when i first heard that i thought i misread that line but i'm glad we're ready to go. kristen, thanks. controversy is growing ahead of benjamin netanyahu's address to congress. he left tel aviv a few hours ago. this is already a divided nation's capital. kristen welker has more from the white house. >> reporter: good morning to you. the relationship between president obama and benjamin netanyahu has been frosty but according to policy experts, this visit marks one the lowest moments between the united states and its closest ally in the middle east. when benjamin netanyahu addresses congress on tuesday, he'll face major boycotts vice
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president biden and 30 others plan to miss his speech. they say he snubbed the president by accepting an invitation by the house speaker. >> this is a dysfunction that we've seen in the modern period. >> reporter: the white house says the president won't meet with netanyahu because of the upcoming israeli elections. top officials here are still fuming over what they call a breach in protocol. >> there has now been injected a degree of partisanship which is not only unfortunate, i think it's destructive of the fabric of the relationship. >> i couldn't disagree more. american people and both parties in congress i have always stood with israel. nothing and no one should get in the way of that. >> reporter: at the heart of the dispute, the president's efforts to strike a deal with iran over its nuclear program. netanyahu saying it puts israel in mortal danger. the president recently tried to
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downplay the rift between the two leaders. >> i talk to him all the time. our teams constantly coordinate. >> reporter: this comes a the a critical time as the u.s. faces new threats at home and abroad. >> even after invitationgate or even in the face of the u.s./iranian agreement, these two countries are going to have to restore some sense of trust in their relationship. >> reporter: benjamin netanyahu will speak and national security advisers and ambassador to the united nations samantha power will also speak, adding to the mounting tension. back to you. >> kristen welker thank you. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. on a scale of one to ten with one being terrible and ten being fantastic, how would you rate the relationship between the united states and israel? >> between the united states and
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israel i would say it's an eight. between president obama and benjamin netanyahu, it's a zero. that's what is getting lost here. the relationship itself is fine it's strong. when you think of iron dome, the security system that has helped israel protect its citizens in a way it has never been able to do before was mostly funded by the united states and the pentagon. the relationship between the two countries is fine. it's the personal relationship that has gotten dragged into the partisan fight. the fallout now is i think the obama administration is more determined to make an agreement with iran the more that netanyahu complains about it. >> let's turn to congress. as you know a setback for john boehner two nights ago. >> yeah. >> lots of people in his own party not voting for the three-week extension of the homeland security funding. they got the one-week instead. how real is the danger to john
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boehner? >> if not him, who? there is nobody if you somehow dump him. remember he's still had the majority of the republican conference side with him, whether it was the three-week or one-week deal. it is a vocal minority inside the republican house that is upset with john boehner. but he's going to be walking a line this week craig. what he desperately hopes is that the federal courts tell the president he cannot start implementing his immigration decision until the supreme court rules. he hopes he hears about that this week because it makes his life easier at the end of the week to fund this thing. >> chuck todd thank you. always appreciate you. we'll opportunity in to "meet the press." new video surfaced the of the three missing teenagers that are believed to be on the run with isis. sheinelle has more on that.
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>> there is a video of them waiting at a bus station in turkey. it's time-stamped on the same day that they left london. intelligence officials say they have already crossed into syria. now to moscow where demonstrators are mourning the death of boris nemtsov. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was supposed to be a rally for peace, protesting the war in ukraine led by boris nemstov. instead, it's turned into a memory march. some people are holding pictures and signs saying i am not afraid. nemtsov's death has come as a shock. he was at a radio station on friday night promoting today's rally. he was very critical of putin's ukraine policy during that interview calling it unbelievably aggressive. just four hours later, nemtsov
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was shot four times in the back a few hundred yards from the kremlin walls. police have recovered the car that they believe was used in the shooting but, sheinelle, so far, no arrests. >> kelly thank you. the city of cleveland says a 12-year-old boy fatally shot by police caused his death. in november, tamir rice was killed after he was holding a pellet gun. club goers captured a video featuring t.i. and young jeezy. flames tore through the stage area of it's a the texas nurse stricken with ebola on the job is
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reportedly set to file a lawsuit tomorrow against the hospital where she caught the virus. the dallas morning news says the 26-year-old plans to sue texas health hospital on grounds it failed her while caring for thomas eric duncan. she still has nightmares body aches and insomnia. william shatner has defended while he won't be able to attend his co-star's funeral. he's in florida were a previous commitment and says quote, i feel awesome. here i am doing charity work and one of my dearest friends is being buried. fans also questioned how captain kirk can miss his memorial. shatner says he'll take some time today to celebrate the life of his friend. due to scheduling conflicts, he can't make it back in time. rafael is back and we're
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looking at showers down south. >> snow in the east. there's a rain threat through the afternoon, houston, new orleans. could have strong to severe thunderstorms there. that will be a problem through the day on monday. it'll be soggy for our friends in the south. look at the national picture. 30 for chicago. snow tapering off and moving into the northeast. rain across the good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. clear skies, patchy fog. no rain being detected by the doppler radar. just like what we saw yesterday. let's talk about our forecast for today. you will notice temperatures back into the low 60s. no hailstorms today. lots of sunshine. clear skies, south bay all the way into san francisco and the north bay. temperatures again today right near average back into the low 60s. >> that's your forecast.
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proving that the only way to caribbean is with royal caribbean. call 1-800-royal caribbean today. . . . emotional day for prince william, meeting with japanese residents who survived the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. ian williams is in beijing, the next stop of the prince's asian tour. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. this was the fourth and final day of prince william's visit to japan, and the one he said to have been looking forward to the most. they call it the bay of destruction. today, william paid his respects near a shrine overlooking the barren coast. nearly 19,000 people died in the march 2011 earthquake and tsunami. the second in line to the british throne that insisted of visiting japan's disaster-ridden areas. he was given a warm welcome in devastated communities that are still struggling to survive. thousands still living in temporary housing and dependent on handouts. it was his first visit to japan. his very pregnant wife the duchess of cambridge, remaining at home. the japanese media have drawn comparisons to his mother who visited two years before her death. with the japanese prime minister he visited a
6:19 am
children's playground, 40 miles from the fukushima nuclear plant, where the kids got a little carried away. william seemed to understand. after all, he has a toddler, too. william finished his visit by ringing a bell that survived the tsunami, the chime of hope. groups expressing gratitude for highlighting their struggle. he could have a companion when traveling the world. his brother harry will leave the army later this year giving william's little brother more time to dedicate to charity as well. prince william arrived in bay beijing a short while ago. he's expected to be somewhat more diplomatic than his father prince charles, who once described china's leaders as wax works. >> didn't go over very well did it?
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now get the moen oxby faucet for $89 at lowe's. there is talk about a "saturday night live" parody featuring dakota jones from "fifty shades of grey." >> it's raising questions about whether comedy can go too far. sheinelle is live innge room. >> this is a dad saying good-bye to his daughter as she leaves home but there's a big twist. >> hey, dad. >> yeah? >> thanks. >> you bet it kiddo.
6:22 am
looks like your ride's here. you be careful, okay? >> dad, it's just isis. >> take care of her. >> as you can imagine, reaction in the twitter world was pretty immediate. "how is it funny for snl to depict such a skit? is isis funny? is it funny that thousands of people have been killed?" and "izesis will take it from here dad." hilarious. should the topic be off limits if you will? tweet us using the #orangeroom.
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>> sheinelle thank you. still to come here on "today," hab happy birthday justin bieber. he turns 21 today. is he ready to start acting like an adult? >> that would be fun to see. plus the big, are you ready to feel the difference of truly hydrated skin? new neutrogena hydro boost water gel. discover our newest breakthrough
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good morningment the time is 6:26. a live look at the golden gate bridge absolutely clear skies. you no he what that means? it is quite chilly out there. hi there, i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter. woke up this morning. went down stairs. the house was a freezer. so cold. >> clear skies. no fog at night acts like no blanket at night. you get the fog, you get the blanket. it is clear this morning. i want to show you the doppler radar. we don't have any rain like we had yesterday. i don't know if you heard. we had a freak hailstorm in son jose yesterday. it was blowing up all on twitter. clear skies this morning means
6:27 am
sunshine all day long. even into the afternoon hours. 64 north bay, 62 for this afternoon. 61 south bay. overall, temperatures right near average for where they should be for today. it will be chilly but, it is the first of march. believe it or not, the first day. we do have rain in the forecast for tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up at 7:00. >> we've had such nice, warm temperatures. when it is typical weather for this time of year, we all this that. >> 70s and 80s, not where we should be for this year. >> all right anthony. it is beginning to look a lot like winter in the bay area. made it look like the cierras in the south bay. they welcomed some rain. the san jose hills got a dose of hail. incredible video from one of our viewers. many people thought it was snow. the hail covered lawns, streets and car windshields. the roads were slick. that didn't stop folks from
6:28 am
enjoying what mother nature had to offer. >> a lot of lightning and thunder. it started to rain where we are. we saw this one hill covered in snow. >> some kids took advantage of the winter weather by building snow snowmen. police in palo alto are searching for a man that exposed himself to a young girl as she walked her dog. it happened last sunday on south court. the girl's mom tells police her 11-year-old daughter passed a white man in his mid-40s driving a black volvo. he wasn't wearing anything from the waist down. the man took off before the girl could get the license plate. investigators plan to release a sketch sometime today hayward firefighters get an unusual call for help. pore ta porta potties on fire. investigators expect transients set one on fire. it spread quickly to 100
6:29 am
portable toilets. firefighters put out the flames in 20 minutes. fire investigators say they believe whoever set the fire lived at that facility. that person was long gone by the time crews arrived. no injuries were reported. we will have all of your top news stories coming up at 7:00 and our anthony slaughter will be back with a complete look at the forecast right here on "today in the bay." for now, back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
♪ baby baby baby ♪ jam right there. >> bring it. >> we're back on a sunday morning, the first day of march 2015. also happens to be justin bieber's birthday. >> it was marked on craig's calendar. >> finally turning 21. >> he's a man. >> that's up to interpretation. >> we're going to take a look at some of the biggest milestones of his young life so far. meanwhile, outside here at rockefeller plaza. incredible crowd braving another chilly winter day. came by to say hello. >> we have folks from norway this morning. i haven't seen people from norway at the plaza before
6:31 am
which we love. >> good folks from columbia, south carolina too. they're from lexington. >> i love you, too. >> lots to get to this morning. let's start with the headlines. march coming in with another round of winter weather, making a mess or millions. winter storm advisories stretching from the midwest into new york and boston. american astronauts are outside of the space station installing a communication system for the international space station. there had been condensation in one of the astronaut's helmets, but all good to go. they are doing that. new video shows the three teenage girls who were believed to be joining us with isis. this shows the british teenagers waiting at a bus station in turkey. we're going to introduce you to a cross country coach making huge strides with his team of high school athletes. they've won multiple national championships over the years. what's the secret to his
6:32 am
success? here's one little tidbit. nothing to do with the fastest runner. >> all right. also ahead woptuldn't you love to take out the stress of planning your wedding? i'll take you to a huge wedding that doubles as a bridal show. >> brilliant idea. i love it. >> fun, too. later, the published author who is out with her first book is being compared to j.k. rowling. she isn't out of high school yet. we'll meet her coming up. >> we'll all feel accomplished at that point. >> so much to get to. we'll start this half hour with a frightening scene that's becoming, unfortunately, far too common throughout the country. cars out of control and slamming into buildings with devastating results. a little florida girl would have turned 5 tomorrow but she was killed when a car came crashing into her day care. a solution is being worked on.
6:33 am
>> reporter: is that tiststatistically, florida is the worst in the nation with these accidents. in orlando alone in the last two years, there have been more than 70 cases of panicked motorists who lost control of their vehicles and went into building walls. it is a deadly accident that has parents demanding a first in the nation, mandatory protective barriers. ♪ call me maybe ♪ >> she was only 4 years old, when a car blasted through the classroom wall. >> the car drove through the building and kept going, until it basically accumulated enough children and debris to where the car couldn't go anywhere. >> i was screaming, where's my daughter? help me find my daughter. they tried to calm me down. don't worry. the only parent who has to worry is whoever belongs to the skinny blond haired girl. i said, i have a skinny blond
6:34 am
girl. >> reporter: lily died that day. 12 other children were seriously injured. according to a new study, 60 cars crash into buildings every day, resulting in nearly 500 deaths a year. >> that's more than get killed in private plane crashes, more than tornadoes, more than get killed in earthquakes and more than get killed when struck by lightning lightning. >> reporter: the surprising statistics were enough for engineers at texas a&m to create a national standard for a bar your -- barrier to stop a car. florida may be the first to adopt the standard for daycare centers. >> we're not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. it's a low cost solution. >> reporter: the driver who caused the accident in orlando was recently sentenced to 40 years. for the family the pain is always there. >> i don't want anybody else to ever have to feel that. because it hurts every day.
6:35 am
>> reporter: those pushing for barriers say like air bags in cars, where once considered un unwarranted, barriers like these could become the standard everywhere. back to you guys. >> thank you. this happened outside of a store near us. i thought it was part of a decorate. when you hear the numbers, if it's that the easy why not? >> exactly. raphael miranda with us with a check on the forecast. >> dry now but snow is moving in. i know we've seen it so much this year. the cold continues. this is only one storm. later on this week check out the west coast. march is coming in like a lion for sure. heavy rain in the southwest. several feet of snow in the rockies. this is our next storm, and it addresses through the southwest into the middle of the country by tuesday. this is a problem for the south, heavy rain. the ice threat returns for dallas memphis, tennessee and
6:36 am
the ohio valley. ice for tuesday into wednesday. it looks like it should be plain rain by the middle of the week in new york city. little bit of a warmup over the next few days. >> i'll take rain if it's warmer. >> dylan dreyer spent time at snl last night. >> we'll see that in a minute. first, we'll check the good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. clear skies. no rain across the board. doppler radar scanning clear skies. you can see that from our live network. the north bay, san francisco and the tri-valley, all clear. the temperatures go up a little bit with full sunshine. still, close to where we should be for this time of year 61 for the south bay, 60 for the peninsula, 62 for san francisco today. that's your forecast. as we mentioned, dylan at
6:37 am
snl last night. she tweeted this picture. she can't remember the last time she's been up this late. it was a good night to go. >> she said i'm off tomorrow. you were here checking out things in the studio. i said where are you going? sleeping in? she said going to snl. super excited. today is a big day, not just for dylan to sleep in, but for justin bieber. he turns 21 today. the major milestone comes with a lot of new responsibility. ♪ i'd like to be ♪ >> reporter: really, justin bieber is 21, huh? >> happy birthday justin bieber. >> i'm his number one fan and i love him very much. >> reporter: seems like only yesterday, he burst into our collective memory discovered by usher. bieber released his first hit single at the tender age of 15.
6:38 am
♪ let me tell you one time ♪ >> reporter: fame and fortune followed. eventually, so did trouble. there was the infamous egging of a neighbor's house. then the cheery mug shot after last year's dui arrest prompting the canadian citizen to be a trending topic on social media. #deport bieber. he's a target of saturday night live. >> there hasn't been a lot up here right, but so much in here. i want to get it out, girl. >> reporter: through it all, he's has a loyal fan base. the only 21-year-old with more than 60 million twitter followers, second only to katy perry. he's a worldwide pop superstar, though he hasn't released a studio album in three years. >> did he make mistakes over the last few years? yes. he can rebound from it. he has more than enough time. >> reporter: what does the future hold for him? who knows. maybe a star on the hollywood walk of fame. the sky is a limit. at least now he can legally
6:39 am
drink. he seems to be turning over a new leaf. >> i didn't want to come off arrogant or conceded. >> reporter: being a good sport as he prepares to be roasted on comedy central. ellen and his fans are egging him on. >> oh my gosh! >> bumps in the road is something any teenager would hit. he happens to be in the public eye. >> reporter: 21 years old, hard to believe. nbc news los angeles. >> it is hard to believe. i can't believe he's 21 already, and on the other hand i can't believe he's only 21. >> they played the songs in the beginning. they're catchy. >> i like them. >> the roast is going to be hilarious. >> brutal. >> we won't play the clips here but hilarious. just ahead, a wedding extravaganza where the invited guests are brides and grooms to
6:40 am
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planning a wedding can be very stressful, no doubt about that. every little detail right up until wedding day. you're laughing because you don't think i was involved in the planning -- >> no not at all. i just remember how stressful it was. i hated it. >> i like going to weddings. >> yes, i like going. >> let's talk about it shall we? planning a wedding can certainly be stressful. you cross your fingers, you hope the band the deejay is good that the flowers look great and the decorations are perfect but really you don't know what will happen until the big day. that's why this company is changing the way future brides and grooms prepare to celebrate happy ever after. >> reporter: photos yep. table settings emotional ceremony dancing, drinking eating celebrating, this
6:43 am
wedding is in full swing. except there's one thing -- >> i have to tell you, i've never been to a fake wedding before. yes, you heard that right. we were invited to a fake wedding here in new york city. what's the deal? well the 200 so-called wedding guests in attendance are brides and grooms to be. this is their chance to see the florist and entertainment in action. >> the wedding is really important. >> it's totally different than anything else i've ever heard of. >> reporter: kelly murray the brain child of this launched the first of it in atlanta. >> in 2008 i was thinking about ways to market my own business and i knew when people saw me in action it was easier to book the wedding and those were the weddings the most fun to shoot.
6:44 am
>> reporter: today, she hosts up to 30 fake weddings a cross the country but stresses everything is not fake. >> we always use a real wedding couple. >> wherever you go i will go. >> reporter: even though we call this a big, fake wedding, in some ways this is really special for you guys isn't it? >> yeah. >> but it's a really vulnerable thing. we used these at our wedding to have strangers be there -- >> reporter: so intimate i forgot everything was just for show. >> it makes it authentic, rather than just getting a flyer, you're able to hear the musician see the cake the florist. there's something about building a relationship. >> reporter: and the vendors say there's nothing fake about the real connections they make. >> this is awesome to actually be in action and capture the scene and actually meet the bride. at an expo, you're going to not see what your table would look like at a wedding.
6:45 am
this is great because you see the practical elements. >> reporter: and while the elements of this wedding might be fake they can certainly help couples plan what they hope will be truly a special day. it's a really neat idea. i had to leave early at the reception because i had to work the next morning. i wanted to stay and dance. the appetizers were amazing. >> and you really felt like you were at a wedding. >> reporter: they were renewing their vows that they actually wrote. >> brilliant idea. let's go over to raphael who is in the orange room with the fan of the day. >> we are here with laurie and family and friends from clearwater florida. any way, lori take it away. >> one man who never left their side. but first, these messages. >> nice. buying a used car can be a scary proposition. you walk onto that lot and immediately you are surrounded
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6:48 am
for a spectator, cross country may seem like a solo sport. long runs on tough terrain. look closer and you'll find a tight knit team of determined athletes.
6:49 am
especially if you look to the 2014 national champions. >> a few miles outside of syracuse new york, the hornets are known as powerhouses in their sport. if you ask anyone what their secret is chances are, they'll point to their coach. >> reporter: pounding the pavement in single digit temperatures isn't supposed to be this fun. >> who wants to be my partner? >> reporter: in days like this, it builds stamina and helps a small team from central new york become national champions. >> witnessing this specktacle, it was worth every trophy in the world. >> reporter: bill started coaching as a volunteer in 1992. he never left. he's built up a powerhouse program. nine national wins for the girls, and in december both the boys and girls teams came in first. stocking the trophy case and shattering stereotypes along the
6:50 am
way. >> runner up in 2010. i try to transcend the sport. the selflessness is a key to our success. >> bringing out the best in everyone. whether they're at the top or the bottom. >> reporter: for these runners, the only place that matters is the one earned together. >> i don't know my personal best on any course. the only thing that keeps you motivated is trying to do the best for my team. >> reporter: that dedication begins with the slowest runners. >> can you team speed, if your body isn't built that way? >> you can't. but you can impress upon them that you can be the best version of yourself. >> about to fall off. don't let the chain break. >> reporter: lessons learned on the road but also in these halls. >> you're ready to compete for each other and for yourselves. support each other. >> every workout is a progression. every talk every chat every
6:51 am
phrase that he uses is a progression. him building them up to be outstanding athletes toward championship season. >> reporter: as evidenced as nationals, where five girls finished within 12 seconds of each other. a nearly unheard of feat. >> i turn around at the finish and see a sea of red coming. i was, like oh my gosh. it was crazy. >> they knew their one path to success was going to be being inseparable. they beat teams far more talented than they were. they did that because they were selfless. >> reporter: that selflessness makes for humble champions. >> to be celebrated for a day or two, but you have to keep motivated for other goals and other things. >> planning to run in college next year? raise your hand. >> reporter: there's been interest for the coach to move to the college level. >> are you concerned you're going to lose him? >> every day. >> i like what i'm doing here.
6:52 am
>> we all go out at the same time running the same route. >> reporter: the family he created likes it too. if you were to describe him in one word what would it be? >> dedicated. >> second father to all of us. >> looking good. >> we caught up with a dad whose daughter is the third child to go to the program. his two older sons ran in college. i asked him, what's his magic? he said none of us can put our finger on it. it's how dedicated he is to the kids. how he gets them to be dedicated to each other. the wholistic approach. spend time with family eat right, the whole package. >> hopefully become healthy adults for life. >> he's an incredible guy. >> thanks for that. ahead, the young author still in high school and already being compared to j.k. rowling.
6:53 am
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back now on a sunday morning with a story of one teen who is really shooting for the stars at a young age. >> she became a published author at 13 and already some people are drawing comparisons between her and some pretty famous writers. nbc's kelly caught up with her. >> reporter: first, there was harry potter. twilight came to stephanie meyer in a dream when she was in her late 20s. susan collins created ""the hunger games"" in her 40s after
6:57 am
writing for tv and now helen and her new book, "the catalyst," written when she was just 13 years old. >> i mean you're a published author. >> i know. i can't really -- i'm an author. i have to tell myself that. i can't believe it. >> reporter: the book has magic, like harry potter and is set in her favorite city london. a futuristic london. there's war, a horrible secret and a teenage heroine. >> i wanted to create a precedent that says that girls neither cared about being attractive or getting boyfriends or being transformed in that way could see someone who didn't care about that who had bigger worries, like saving the world. >> reporter: she wrote the book during lunch breaks.
6:58 am
her dad showed it to a publisher and before she knew it she had a book deal. is it the next "harry potter"? one viewer seems to think so but she's playing it cool. >> i will be perfectly open to the idea of it coming to the big screen. you may as well try and plan for pigs flying. >> reporter: besides, she has bigger worries right now. the sequel has been written but studying for school exams, that's a whole other story. for "today," nbc news london. >> tune in to "meet the press" this morning. the guest is kevin mccarthy. they will talk about the fight over the homeland security budget. >> that will do it for us today on a sunday morning. craig melvin and raphael miranda, thank you for joining us. see you back here tomorrow mo
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. i'm vicky nguyen. coming up parts of the south bay turned into a winter wonderland. a rare occurrence had many families scrambling to the hillside. the earthquakes opened their new stadium with a win on the field. did they win over the fans off the field as well. one of disneyland's main attractions is threatened by fire. we'll tell you how it happened. you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning. i want to give you a live look outside at san francisco from our cameras on the san bruno mountain. just a touch hazier than it was earlier this morning. crisp, cool mostly clear across the bay


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