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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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scary situation. >> really didn't register. i couldn't believe it. some of the staff teased that we now had a drive through emergency. wasn't anything we were planning on. >> police don't believe drugs or alcohol were involved and they are investigating if the accident was driver or mechanical error. today united vet clinic is cleaning up. they replace ad few doors as well as a wall. but the good news is nobody was injured including that dog who is doing okay tonight. that's good news. just into our newsroom a new turn into the investigation of murder this gilroy man. police have arrested and charged a second suspect in the case with murder. you may remember r- robert heiser he was found dead in his home last month. the second suspect a woman who police arrested last month. she was caught after police released surveillance video
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showing her and another woman using the victim's credit card. >> it's as bad as we think maybe even worse. the third snow survey of the season reveals the sierra nevada snow pack is far below normal. lowest snow pack in 25 years. our chef meteorologist takes a look at the extended forecast but we begin with jodi hernandez in petaluma. >> reporter: farmers and rancher are very nervous. we're on the grounds of the petaluma creamery. the cows drink 75 gallons of water. without enough water the creamery is in a tough spot. >> farmers will be out of business if we don't get rain pretty soon because cost of living is so high. >> reporter: folks who run the petaluma creamery are looking at another tough year. the creamery produces about 100,000 pounds of cheese a day but faced with a fourth straight
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year of drought, feegd and watering the cows that make the cheese's main ingredient is a challenge. >> this water is what the cows drink for them to make it through the year. >> reporter: today sierra snow survey didn't deliver a lot of hope. the snow pack is far below normal. in fact one of the lowest on record. creamery owner has a lake on his ranch that's only half full and the grass that his cows feed on won't last long. he's praying for a march miracle. >> all you can do is pray for rain. and live with passion. and just keep being as positive as you can to get through it. >> reporter: we're back here live at the dairy. the cows are having their dinner. there's not enough grass on the hills to sustain the skous the owner has to supplement them with feed and in the middle of the drought that's very
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expensive. everyone out here is praying we'll get a good dose of rain. reporting live in petaluma i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> a beautiful backdrop. jeff is with us. any chance of a rainy march here? >> there's a possibility of getting rainfall over the next two to three week period. we thought we would break down the sierra snow pack numbers. most of the sierra around 20% of average when you take another closer look at this it's only .9 of an inch of water/snow equivalent. only 5% of average. we're now nearly as dry as march 1991 which is the old record. let's compare this snowfall. from the east coast back here to the west. milton massachusetts, 140 inches on the ground. again, remember that's just a city there right near boston. we'll take you to a ski resort and only 82 inches at alpine meadows. way up at 8,000 feet. so right now we have more snow 58 inches more in milton mass
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than our ski resorts up here across the sierra. as far as that rain outlook goes it's not great over the next couple of weeks. we likely could have rain by the 11th 12th and 15th. more on your forecast in about 15 minutes. rain or shine you can download our free nbc bay area app to find out what you can expect in your specific neighborhood. also look at real-time doppler radar. now to a follow up on the jahi mcmath case. the family announced it is suing the hospital where she was declared brain dead. the lawsuit was filed against children's hospital oakland. mcmath 13 at the time went into surgery in 2013 for sleep ash pnea. in a hospital statement it said in part we're not aware of any litigation filed by the mcmath family but it is our policy not to comment on any litigation
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that might be pending. the mother of a student murdered in the isla vista rampage said it was preventage and she and two families of two other students killed have filed a lawsuit. >> killing of innocent lives is the lowest of all lows and the darkest of all. >> many stages along the way that this could have been prevented. >> elliot rodger killed six students before he killed himself. it's claimed warning signs were ignored. a traffic jam on highway 1 today because of a protest pup see it here. uc santa cruz students blocking lanes which then blacked up traffic to highway 17 interchange. uc students were protesting tuition hikes and police brutality. six people were arrested and the lanes were re-opened.
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>> ferguson, missouri is back in the hms. today a federal probe revealed a pattern of racial bias. the investigation was in response to last year's fatal shooting of michael brown. he was killed by a white officer. u.s. law enforcement says the probe uncovered a pattern of unfair traffic stops, questionable arrests and unreasonable use of force and interference with free speech. a grand jury declined to indict darren wilson who was the officer who shot brown. his speech was controversial even before the israeli prime minister showed up. benjamin netanyahu addressed the house and was invited by the republicans. >> i know no matter on which side of the aisle you sit, you stand with israel. [ applause ] >> the israeli prime minister argued president obama's proposed deal with iran would allow the country to build nuclear weapons. the white house is calling the speech a distraction from the ongoing negotiations with iran.
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congresswoman nancy pelosi sharply criticized the speech. nbc bay area mark matthews joins us from her district with more. >> reporter: this is a speech that benjamin netanyahu wanted to give. he's less than two weeks away from an election day in israel. he said it was never his intent to make the speech political it's become that. >> i know my speech -- >> reporter: as israel's prime minister speaks take a look at congresswoman's nancy pelosi reaction as the house rises to applaud. she dent get up then she does and then turns her back and starts speaking to someone else. at the time he says america stands with israel but said the united states is making two major concessions to iran. >> one, leaving iran with a vast nuclear program and two, lifting the restrictions on that program in about a decade.
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that's why this deal is so bad. it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it paves iran's way to the bomb. >> reporter: the democratic leader of the house had this reaction. >> i went. i listened. i was disappointed. >> reporter: nancy pelosi says the u.s. does not need benjamin netanyahu leaks turcture on nuclear nonproliferation. the speech drew a lot of applause but key democrats seemed unmoved. >> the prime minister really didn't come up with any solutions. >> reporter: contra costa congressman said it was clearly a political speech. >> two weeks before the israeli election. i've been a politician a long time. i don't find that to be coincidence. >> reporter: and perhaps no
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coincidence that a large number of bay area lawmakers that we asked for reaction declined to give us one. we'll have that coming up at 6:00 tonight who spoke out, who didn't. we'll also speak with an iranian expert who will tell us natural netanyahu started out with some good premises built his conclusions we'll have that four at 6:00. from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> senator feinstein is vice chairman of the intelligence committee and we'll hear more from her and find out why president obama's negotiations with iran are working. that's coming up at 5:30. less than two months after a shooting at a party in san jose the singer returns to san jose this time to perform at sap center. coming up i'll take a closer look at security. also could the force be with oakland? what the city is doing to convince george lucas to build a museum there in oakland.
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>> she turned some christmas money into a small fortune for charity. >> when we see pictures of all the kids who need help i just think like wow. >> what this teenager did just with $100 that will make you bay area proud. >> at 6:00 female officers quitting at an alarming rate. >> when i wrote my resignation letter i cried. >> this 17 year san jose police veteran explains what drove her to leave the force. >> i feel almost cheated. >> that's new at 6:00.
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singer chris brown is bringing his high octane to show san jose this friday night and it comes with a lot of controversy. this week's concert comes less than two months after this some seven video of a shooting at his last performance in san jose. you see chaos erupting during
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that concert. mary ann, as you know, security is a big concern. >> reporter: it certainly is and i just talked with san jose police. they say they plan to meet with s. a.p. management to go over the security plan before the concert here on friday. the electronic billboard outside s. s. s.a.p. center says get your tickets now. it's predicted the concert will sell out. some worry about security. especially after five people were shot january 11th at fiesta nightclub in san jose where chris brown was hosting a party. the victims were treated for nonlife threatening injury. in august of last year in west hollywood, three people were shot at a party also hosted by chris brown. the past violence is enough to make some pass on the concert. >> should consider about your
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safety first. don't go to the concert maybe. don't risk it. >> reporter: we asked a spokesman about security for the march 6th concert he declined to discuss specifics and issued this statement saying s.a.p. says her management works closely with agency including the san jose police department to develop and maintain security measures that are appropriate for the various types of performances. he added that s.a.p. center has a history of hosting safe events and will maintain a high level of security. san jose police say they still have not determined if they will need to beef up security for this concert. the city of chicago is accusing the stiff oakland of theft. specifically trying to steal the lucas museum from chicago. a live picture of oakland where organizers sent a letter to george lucas inviting him to build his proposed art museum in their city. lucas, originally wanted to
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build it in san francisco but it was rejected. so the filmmaker accepted an invitation to build the museum in chicago's lake shore. park supporters there filed a lawsuit to block him. oakland seeing an opening is jumping in and the new mayor likes the idea. >> let's go back in time. what did you learn in sixth grade that changed your life? that might be hard for most of us to answer but not this young woman. >> she took a simple fact about recycling and is turning it into a world of good. here's tonight's bay area proud. >> when people talk about investing in youth it's usually a euphemism. but they haven't met this woman. she got a bit of money and a bit of knowledge and with it she's doing remarkable things. at san jose's delmar high school there are a whole bunch of after school activities a new student can sign up for.
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collecting the recycling is not one of them. this freshman came up with that one all by herself. you see, while the school is new to her, the job isn't. with the help of older brother, she has been collecting bottles and cans since the sixth grade. ever since she got a certain christmas present from her mom and dad. >> my parents gave me and my brother each $100 for christmas and they told us use to it make a difference in someone's life. >> reporter: she said to to use the known help smile train a nonprofit that provides cleft surgery to children around the world. problem was, a single surgery cost $250. she was going to need more money. it just so happens her earth science teacher was doing a lesson at the time on recycling and she learned that recycling centers paid money for bottles and cans. she took that little bit of
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information and has since turned it into a whole lot of cash. >> 34,000 today. yeah. >> reporter: it's the kind of money that gets a 14-year-old noticed. and she has been recognized at the highest level for her work. there are, for sure other volunteer opportunities that are less work and not quite as smelly. but she says whenever she feels like stopping she will get a picture of just one of the many children she is helping. >> when we see pictures of all the kids we've helped i just think that like wow, like it just makes me happy to think wow what a difference we've made in their life. >> reporter: frankly, what a difference it has made in other lives as well. for one simple lesson she learned in sixth grade, is teaching all of us a little something about helping others. so $100 as a christmas present
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from mom and dad saying do something good with the money and that got the ball rolling and now she's $34,000, all in recycling from friends and neighbors and collecting at school and every week she shows up at the recycling center turns it in and gets the cash. she expand beyond smile train and finds a whole bunch of charities. she finds one she wants to help she sends them some money. >> doing lots of good and saving the environment. >> that was the other half of the lesson from earth science. you just don't put it out on the curb, take it somewhere and get money. >> thanks. >> we got to send our nbc recycling over to her. >> we do. >> look behind you. wow. >> it was beautiful today. see in our weather under ground ocean beach. blue skies at 9:30 this morning. a little bit of cloud cover. nothing came of that. eventually high clouds spilled
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here across the bay area and a little bit of fog is building at the coastline but that's just about it. you'll see right now mainly clear skies. temperatures for the most part here in the 60s. as we head throughout tomorrow morning expecting mainly clear skies. that will enable temperatures to drop for tomorrow morning. check it out in the north bay down to 36 degrees important,ly some patchy frost for the east bay 39 degrees and south bay 42. no doubt the weather picture this week will be ruled by high pressure. with this sitting on top of california, rain track lifts off to north. no rain expected over the next seven days. we'll take to you the microclimate forecast. another beautiful day for wednesday. the only thing you'll notice is increased sunshine. temperatures only warming up one to two degrees from what we experienced from today. that pushes san jose up to 69. morgan hill los gatos up to 64.
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for san francisco 65. for the north bay east bay and tri-valley temperatures close to 60 degrees. by all accounts a gorgeous day. for oakland 68 degrees. likely for the tri-valley danville is the warmest at 70 and back by livermore 68. wednesday's forecast looks fantastic. as we head throughout thursday we're still looking at this easterly wind flow building in. that's the big change on thursday's forecast. when you get this easterly wind flow moving across the bay area it cuts off any colder pacific flow from moving in. we lose that cool ocean influence. even though the wind on thursday is not going to be overly governmenty five to ten miles per hour that should be good enough to bump temperatures up on the forecast by thursday. check this out. from 69 degrees on wednesday in san jose to 73 by thursday. easterly dry winds stay with us on friday for 74 degrees.
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and that dry wind stays with us on saturday warmest day over the next couple of days at 76. that pushes san francisco's temperature into the 70s through sunday. the big question is there any possibility of any kind of rainfall? there's not a huge hope here. possibly the 11th 12th maybe the 15th of this month chance of rain and also hope it brings sierra snow. mother nature is in control. we'll see what he with can do about it. >> very dry. thank you. drivers are signing up to become organ donors. >> what's taking so long the construction snag that has kept silicon valley's highly-anticipated patent office from opening?
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san jose long awaited patent office is overdue and over budget. construction is just now beginning. the plan was to shoe horn the office into an under used wing of city halibut transferring city workers is becoming more expensive. the construction cost to create this office has grown and is now three times its initial estimate. the federal government will pay for that part of it.
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>> i think that in any project there are things that you didn't anticipate. there's a lot of requirements you know when the patent office moves in here various kinds of requirements for the kind of business they do. we got shuffle some employees around. >> so the feds will pay for the cost overrun but san jose is spending $5 million on relocating workers. city leaders say they will be reimbursed in seven years through rent payments when the office opens later this year. >> undocumented workers are getting recognized. the dmv said the number of donor registrations so far is up 30% over last year. that increase coincidence with california's new law allowing undocumented workers to apply for driver's license. this is possibly a life-saving development for the 23,000 californians waiting for organ transplants. >> they got a pay raise but not as much as they were hoping for.
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the contra costa county board of supervisors approved a 7% pay increase for themselves. board originally want ad 33% raise but that was repealed late last year due to public opposition. supervisors created a new committee to handle all future salary changes. those committee members will be chosen by different county departments. up next a cat lover's paradise. the remote island that's crawling with kitties.
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tonight at 6:00 from amateur the world famous. >> i feel really humbled and what am i doing up there? >> apple chose her and now she's getting a lot more attention. we'll meet a bay area woman whose picture is going worldwide. >> all the cat videos you ever need in a single clip. this remote japanese island is crawling, crawling with kitties. they outnumber the people six to one. yes the island's nickname cat island. cats even hang out at the dock to greet cat loving tourists. people come from all over japan to see tan malls even though there's no shops or hotel there's. the cats were originally brought there to hunt mice. now a kitten neutering program is under way to keep the cat population under control. >> i can't believe that's real. >> that's crazy. >> hopefully you're not allergic to cats.
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>> maybe i would be willing to suffer. >> thank you for joining us here at 5:00. "nightly news" is next. >> good night folks. see you at 6:00. on this tuesday night, nuclear warning to america. the prime minister of israel before congress slamming what he calls a bad deal with iran, and tonight president obama fires back. scathing report. after the fatal police shooting of michael brown in ferguson ignited a movement tonight the feds find a pattern of racial bias and extensive force. private e-mails. were hillary clinton's official e-mails official enough? questions tonight over whether she broke the rules while secretary of state. the crackdown on birth tourism. for years businesses bringing pregnant women to the u.s. and sending them home with their newborn american citizens. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york,


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