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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. clear and cold to start this morning. a nice warm sunny finish and then we bring on the rain and potentially quite a bit of it. more on that in just moments. >> we know we have quite a bit of commuters driving around the bay. we'll check out the slowdown that's there as well as farther west. >> let's go south as well. the entire bay area covered. live look outside downtown san jose. it is wednesday, march 4th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news. san francisco police on the scene of yet another smash and grab style break-in. stephanie chuang in the pacific
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heights neighborhood. you just talked to the owner of this store? >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, laura and sam. the owner here, of music lover says he's already dealing with the loss of $20,000, as the store was hit about a month ago, and now he may consider putting metal bars on his window. the last time he says two thieves broke into the window next to the one that was broken overnight. this time it happened at 4:00. one man says he saw almost the entire thing unfold. this time around after he woke up to the sound of a crash and breaking glass noise. >> it was three men in long overcoats. they had ski masks. little winter hats on. and they were just basically just hopping through the window, pulling things out, loading up their truck.
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>> reporter: there have been other high end electronics stores targeted. the latest one was less than a mile away at audio vision san francisco where criminals crashed a pickup into the store on california near polk and stole and estimated $100,000 worth of electronics. that was also around 4:00 in the morning. again, the owner here at music lovers audio and video saying he's trying to figure out what was taken this time around. they do have security cameras inside and he says they captured images of the thieves last time and again he's hoping that police can move forward with that information. this trend of crash and grabs, as well as smash and grab, there have been five others in recent months going back to november, so police studying this series of similar crimes. live in san francisco this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> they all seem to happen in the early morning hours, too. interesting trend. thanks a lot, steph. new this morning, an overnight fire threatening a michelin star rated restaurant in san francisco's knobb hill.
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that broke out below the aquerello restaurant around 1:30 this morning. crews had to break down the garage door to put out the fire, but they quickly extinguished it. there was no damage to the restaurant itself. the family of marcus west is demanding justice this morning after the young father gunned downright in front of his home in the oakland hills. bob redell joining us now from police headquarters there. police have not said much about this case, but local politicians are talking. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you there, sam. larry reid questions where's the outrage, where's the anger over the fact that now 18 people have been killed within his city over just the past couple of months. the most recent killing taking place just under 24 hours ago. marcus west, a 21-year-old father with a 2-month-old baby, was shot and killed yesterday morning outside his grandmother's home in the oakland hills. his family had the painful task of removing the blood from the
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spot where he fell and died. no arrests so far. police are still trying to figure out what led up to his killing. >> he was a bright young man. he was trying to change his life and turn it around. >> we think that it's not a drive-by kind of relationship. not a drive-by way in which he changed behaviors. >> reporter: that's alameda county supervisor keith carson, who is declaring 2015 the year of the african-american man in response to the recent killings in oakland. he met last night with ledders of local organizations to figure out ways they can help young men in their community stay out of trouble, whether that involves mentoring, job placement or therapy for drug and alcohol abuse. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. and for the family to have to be so directly exposed to that crime, it's just really heartbreak. thank you. it is 6:04. pet lovers say they'll give $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of whoever threw a dog and her puppy from a moving
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car in santa cruz county. the reward has been set at $6,000 last week, but nearly quadrupled with a recent contribution. the puppy didn't make it. the mother is recovering in foster care. deputies in marin county looking for a bicyclist who got into a fight with a hiker. park officials say 65-year-old woman was hiking in the sleepy hollow open space preserve last week. a man on a bike grazed her going the opposite direction. she went after him, exchanged heated words and then got physical. the woman went to the hospital with bruises on her arms, legs, and head. happening today, opening statements set to begin any moment now in the high-profile trial of the accused boston marathon bomber. as the jury listens in, their decision could be less about whether he did it and more about whether he should pay with his life.
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"today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with what we can expect on this first day of a very long trial. good morning. >> three to four months, laura, is what we could be in for. families of the victims arrived earlier this morning for the opening statements that were to begin just a few moments ago. this is expected to be one of the most watched terror trials in history. the images of the boston bombing were so graphic and they were live on the air around the world. analysts say prosecutors were focused on that horror and on how many innocent people died in the bombing planned by the tsarnaev brothers. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces 30 charges, 17 of which are punishable by death. there are ten women, eight men making up the jury pool and the alternate pool. while three of them did tell the presiding judge that they believe dzhokhar tsarnaev is guilty, they are willing to listen to the evidence and that may not be easy during the government's case. >> the first part is going to be all the and i
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don't think we've heard how horrific it's going to be yet. >> the team of attorneys working for dzhokhar tsarnaev are expected to paint him as just a 19-year-old following his 26-year-old brother's lead. the two bombs went off at the end of the iconic boston marathon on april 15th, 2013. three people were killed and more than 260 others were hurt. tamerlan there on the right, he was killed in a shootout with police after he shot and killed a police officer on the m.i.t. campus. today is the day for opening arguments. the whole trial is expected to last three to four months and this is a trial carrying out live on social media. just saw a tweet from a boston globe reporter who says there has been no sign yet of the judge nor of tsarnaev. >> all right. we'll continue to follow as well. meantime here in the bay area, a legal victory for the victims of the deadly asiana plane crash at sfo.
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72 of the victims reached confidential settlements in their lawsuit against the airline. it also includes compensation from boeing and the company that made the faulty evacuation slides. three people died in that crash. time to check our microclimate forecast on this midweek, wednesday morning. taking a live look outside. bright blue hue this morning. >> christina loren joining us with your microclimate forecast. >> good morning to you. hello there at home. temperatures are nice and comfortable out there. it is a little chilly in the north bay. 36 degrees there. elsewhere, not too bad. not too cold out there. as we get into your noon hour, temperatures at lunchtime in the mid 60s.
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67 in san francisco. 69 degrees for today out in the north bay. highs come in at about 3:00. we're going to get even warmer as we head throughout tomorrow and then look at these weekend numbers. this ought to help you get over the hump for wednesday, and looking forward to just a beautiful weekend, with temperatures in the mid 70s, just about everywhere for saturday and sunday. and then we've got some big-time changes coming your way. but the good news is, you wanted to hit the beach this weekend, you can do so. if you wanted to hit the slopes, also looking pretty good up there because of the recent snowfall. we're going to talk about how much we accumulated in your next report, but you've got to love california. one of those weekends where you can take your pick, hit the snow or hit the surf. mike inouye, looks like you're running in. you've got something big to report. >> it's not a big deal, but i do have to show folks. thank you for holding for it for just a couple seconds. this smoke right here, i was trying to figure out what it was. you see the little fence there,
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a golf course nearby. this is just off 101. just north of mckey. got word of a fire. turns out that it's just a trash fire. no structures involved here. this is just north of mckey. sounds like between 101 and 680. there are no closures from what i understand, but i understand this just came into our live shot, so i wanted to let you know about it. you might see it from 101 as that schmo starts to spread out. looks like they have things under control. but that smoke will be a distraction. out to the maps, we show you that area, 101 a little easier build. i told you i'd give it a couple minutes to clear up. things did kind of calm down. we'll see it build again over the next 20 minutes, but nothing dramatic. a very smooth flow. anywhere north of milpedas. this is where we had the overnight road crew. your traditional slowing for the east bay. 880 starting to build. that pattern is pretty normal.
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over here in westbound 580, we have had, up until just about a half-hour ago, a wohl bunch of lights and crew blocking part of your roadway. we'll show you the map. we just had one on the scene. there you go. just one set of flashing lights. i think that one truck there is waiting for that pavement to sort of clear the area after that. a mild distraction there. back to your maps, we're talking about the rest of your day. it's an easy drive. look at the north bay. it's clear through san rafael, approaching the bay bridge. just a little slowing through berkley, typical through the area because of the volume and the bay bridge metering lights are on. that's the only really slow spot we have. >> yeah, look at that. >> the morning commute will change monday. >> hopefully we won't all be late. coming up next, a paralympic hopeful's plea to whoever stole
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his prosthetic leg. an important moment in a silicon valley trial. and are there too many people in san francisco trying to make your life easier?
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police investigating a smash and grab burglary at a music store in san francisco. witnesses say three people broke in, grabbed whatever they could and got into a red pickup truck. >> the thief stole a paralympic hopeful's prosthetic leg. a new one could cost about $30,000. opening statements begin in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. he faces 30 charges, 17 of them punishable by the death penalty. a warning for parents before your put your baby down for a nap. the company dream on me is
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recalling about 13,000 bassinet products. the wires on both sides can disconnect. companies worry that babies could fall out or become trapped or suffocated. you're urged to contact the company for a free repair. oakland international airport sets a new record today for the most nonstop destinations in its history. the airport adds its 46th nonstop flight tonight to tijuana. it takes off from oakland for the first time just after 9:00. scott mcgrew, now we're getting to the part where some people actually wanted to avoid. >> yeah, this is sort of the inside nitty-gritty of silicon valley's most storied venture capital firm. tuesday was the most important day in the trial so far, as john door, the person in charge of kleiner perkins, took the stand to defend his firm in a sexism trial. former employee ellen powell has
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brought suit against the firm, claiming both sexual harassment and gender bias. it was a case court observers expected would settled privately to avoid spilling these secrets in public, but kleiner perkins has vehemently denied the charges and says it's willing to go nine rounds. the nasdaq will do this morning what it's done for years, open below the magic 5,000 mark. we do get the february jobs number on friday. maybe a little less breathtaking than past numbers. here's an interesting idea. it's a service called magic. the idea is you sign up and text magic what you want. so, for instance, i want a pizza and a diet coke. they say yeah, we can do that for $19.61. they already have your credit card number, so they order the pizza for you. or as you can see there, i need a flight. you text that. this is catering to people who have more money than time.
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this is one of several services in san francisco that sends a guy to wait for you to drive up with your car. he parks it for you somewhere for about half as much money as it would cost to do it yourself. and recently, a company called alfred was named a top disrupter. that's a big honor. it helps you coordinate your maid and dry cleaning deliveries. it doesn't do any of those things. they coordinate these things. and you can see what i'm about to say. and that is we've got this whole level of brand-new companies that are doing services or even sitting on top of services that may not be making any money doing this. >> contracting it out. >> and you think hey, i need a kind bar, they charge you $2, $5. it doesn't matter. there's no way they are making money on bringing you that candy bar. it's costing them $20 an hour to have that guy bring you the candy bar. >> getting into the specifics of
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the actual business model. >> we've been here before. >> thank you very much, scott. californians didn't do nearly as much to conserve water in january compared to december. new data shows californians cut back less than 9% in january compared to january 2013. that's way down from december's 22%. state officials now considering tougher water restrictions as we head into a fourth summer of this historic drought. state water resources board will vote on restrictions in two weeks. time to look at your microclimate forecast. this as we give you a live look outside san jose. cool, but a very nice start. >> very nice start to spring-like temperatures out there. >> it's going to be lovely out there today. i actually have some good news for you. if you wanted to head out to tahoe, we're going to start with your ski report for squaw and alpine meadows. this is one of the first times this season that i've been able
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to bring you an update. they have 58 inches. almost five feet at the base of snow. and that's for squaw and alpine. so if you're going to be headed up there this weekend, temperatures will be chilly out there. you won't need to bring your chains. but the good news is, we are watching another storm system, so if you wanted to go up not this weekend, but the following weekend, you likely wouldn't need those chains. we're going to add to this tally with another storm system on the way. looks like next week could be pretty rainy, so keep that in mind. we'll talk about that in just a moment. want to start with the day and of course the weekend, which is just a couple days away now. mostly in the 40s to start the day. couple 30s out there, still lingering. later on today, it's beginning to be just lovely. about five degrees warmer than yesterday. 68 on the peninsula. 68 degrees for today in the tri-valley. so here we go. taking you into thursday and friday. temperatures warming even more. a return of the 70s, not just here in the south bay. also to san francisco. saturday into sunday,
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temperatures will peak. really lovely weekend to hit the beach, if that's something that you're looking to do. but remember, you're going to lose that hour as we head throughout sunday. we spring forward. you lose an hour of sleep. don't forget to set your clocks ahead. probably only have to change the clock maybe in your car. you also want to do this. this is something that's really important. we like to look out for our local heroes, the firefighters. make sure you check the batteries in your smoke detector. it's always a good idea to do this when we hit that time change. the sunrise, 6:39 is your sunrise. about 19 minutes away from that. 6:07 p.m., sun will set. we'll have to wait until 7:11:00 p.m. for that sun to set. it is free science sunday at the sausalito marine mammal center.
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then everything changes. big pattern change. we saw that for you tuesday. 1:00 p.m. shower starts to move into the bay area. we get a better chance wednesday into thursday. it looks like that activity will linger into your weekend, potentially measuring up to half an inch of rain right here in san jose. closer to an inch up in the north bay. so this rain does look good. not the fake rain. the real stuff on the way as we head throughout next week. we're really looking forward to that. >> i like that fake rain. what do they call that, sprinklers? we have a smooth drive right here. this is the real stuff. also look at the map. this is a real situation. just the backup of the toll plaza on the approach out of the maze. that's the worst commute of the day. we're looking at an easy drive down the east shore freeway and the approaches coming up through the maze. just that 580, 24 slowing.
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over toward concord and pittsburgh bay point, but the walnut creek interchange just starting to build there. we'll show you typical patterns as well for the tri-valley. over here, the dublin interchange. typical out of pleasanton and the same parallel nor hayward in toward union city. that's your morning commute building over here, folks. no problems in the south bay. we did have that fire reported. there's still some smoke barely visible, just north of mckey. no stretches involved from what i'm understanding. and there's your little build. 85 and 280 not a big deal. we'll show you foster city coming off of that high-rise. you have a lot of company. no big delays. the volume really building. we'll expect slowing traffic on the approach the next couple of minutes. and in the north bay, an easy drive as well. here's southbound 101. a nice clear drive. and across the golden gate bridge, you tap those bricks just a couple of times. back to you. >> a little advice for you.
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right now it's 6:22. still ahead, a woman crashes her car into a busy animal hospital. but it's what happens next that will leave you talking.
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a live look right now from the very top of san bruno mountain. your wednesday morning just getting under way. new concerns this morning about the quality of the air surrounding our schools. researchers in spain are linking air pollution to memory and attention problems in kids.
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researchers tested elementary aged kids for a year. the study found less cognitive development among children in highly polluted schools than those in less polluted areas. soc socioeconomic status did not enter play. a dog doing fine this morning. >> this story from yesterday, an elderly woman accidentally drove straight into the lobby of the united emergency clinic. her dog was in the car too suffering from seizures. the staff at the clinic did not miss a beat. the woman passed the dog through the car window to be checked out for its condition. no one was hurt and the driver said she hit the gas instead of hitting the brake. >> she was probably just so panicked taking her dog in. >> terrifying. still ahead, will the nasdaq once again creep over that 5,000 milestone? we're going to check in with scott mcgrew. he's got his tabs on the numbers coming up. plus, a supreme court ruling could cause the cost of health insurance here in the bay area to skyrocket. the details as to why in a live
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report next. taking a live look outside, keeping track of your traffic and your forecast as well, as we take a live look outside. the iconic golden gate bridge. a lot more news ahead.
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the health care hearing in washington that could impact how much you pay for insurance. >> good wednesday morning to you. clear and cold to start. but a beautiful warm finish to the day. rain moves into the picture. we'll talk about that in moments. plus, tracking a crash on
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the peninsula and the fire now having an effect for you freeway in san jose. we're looking ahead to the jobs number come friday. let's take you out to the nyse as they ring the opening bell. over to the nasdaq, yes, it is under 5,000 this morning. but we'll get back there, as business gets under way. markets hopefully rising, just like our temperatures will be on this wednesday, march 4th. live look outside right now. you're watching "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. today's a critical day for while we don't use that insurance exchange here in california, a supreme court decision could impact how much we pay for our health insurance. tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning. please break it all down for us. good morning. >> reporter: sam, good morning.
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it's because most people in this country don't have a setup like covered california, so they're using if all of those healthy people lose their subsidies, can't afford insurance, and they're taken out of the system, experts say that the prices are going to go up for all of us, including those in covered california. the case before the u.s. supreme court today looks at a few specific words in the health law that says people who are eligible for subsidies have to sign up on a state-based website. a state marketplace. that's not most people in the country. and so they brought this challenge to obamacare to see if the justices will roll it back. and again, it would for the most part dismantle the funding mechanism that makes this work. the obama administration thinks that the law is on their side. that people who sign up through their states, but on the federal marketplace are eligible for those subsidies, those tax credits. and let me tell you, we've been talking to people who are here
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to protest this today. in some cases, their insurance costs a thousand dollars a month. they're getting $700 in subsidies and tax credits. so a lot of people, millions of them are not going to be able to afford that insurance without it. >> all right. obviously, as you said, if it gets rolled back and this raises the cost for everybody, that would be a pretty tough pill to swallow as well. tracie potts from washington, d.c., thank you very much. time to check our microclimate forecast as we take a peak outside. we have a haze out there. this is looking from emeryville to the bay bridge. >> clear skies hopefully on the way. we are getting pretty excited, even though yes, it's only wednesday. two or three more days left and we're at the weekend. >> good morning to you, sam and laura. we have a really lovely day ahead. that ought to make it a little bit easier for you to head out the work. temperatures are mostly in the 40s. we had widespread 30s earlier, but those numbers are actually
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looking pretty good right now. 34 degrees. just two degrees above freezing, though, in the north bay. look at the difference, though. ten degrees warmer in most spots. you're starting out the morning at 45 right here in beautiful san jose. 47 to kick off the day in san francisco. and this is where we're going to be at lunchtime today. 62 on the peninsula as you break for lunch. you can start to see the sun coming up over the horizon here in the south bay. we'll be at 69 degrees later on today. 67 in san francisco. 69 degrees for today in the north bay. we do like to get you thinking about that weekend and tell you what's going on around here. free admission day on friday to the santa cruz museum. you can check out the beach after you check out the museum. they've got a really cool exhibit called nature's fury. you can learn about volcanos and earthquakes and temperatures will be really warmer as we get into that all-important weekend. this ought to make the workweek a little bit easier for you to
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get through. 75 degrees on sunday. no need for the ac or heater. we're talking about room temperature readings, even in san francisco, for your all-important weekend plans. and i really want to make sure you're aware of the fact that we've got a big change coming your way. as of monday, into tuesday and wednesday, temperatures drop like a rock and we bring in some showers. we'll talk about that in my next report. right now i want to check in with mike. you always make the workdays late bit easier. >> thank you, christina. but i'm just wondering how am i supposed to get through the workweek when you have that awesome temperature showing the weekend. i can't even concentrate on what i'm saying right now. i do need you to focus on this for san jose. we'll show you the overview. san jose and silicon valley. a typical pattern. not so bad. 680 southbound at mckey, that off ramp closed.
6:35 am
a vegetation fire or a trash fire. let me show you the fire. there was a plume of smoke for a short period of time. southbound 680 out of pleasanton off of 580. for 880. typical pattern for hayward slowing now, approaching the san mateo bridge. we're also looking at the upper east shore freeway. that's the pattern we often see. there's no drama for the north bay. i want to show you oakland as well. look here past the coliseum northbound. easy drive right now. just a little haze. and not a problem for visibility. >> all right. let's see how clear the markets
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are this morning. >> yes, we are looking for clarity. it's been open for a few minutes. >> let's check the numbers now with scott mcgrew. think we'll hit 5,000 again? >> well, at least not today. i'm sure we will. it will become routine at some point. the nasdaq has lost another 24. we are looking ahead to friday and the big jobs number. we'll get that friday at 5:30 our time. looking back at february. we were talking earlier, guys, we've had some numbers that are absolutely left us slack-jawed as far as how good they are. we are look at early private numbers that say maybe not quite as good, but that's not necessarily bad news. you can find the silver lining in just about anything. >> there you go. that's what we like. still ahead, a train crash in southern california turns deadly. the impact this new development
6:37 am
will have on the investigation next. taking a lye look outside. city by the bay, san francisco, a little haze, things clearing up. a lot more news ahead.
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new details about last week's commuter train crash in southern california. the train's engineer has died. he was one of 30 people injured last tuesday when the train hit a pickup truck on the tracks in oxnard. he's the first victim to die. police initially arrested the truck's driver but released him without any charges. oxnard's assistant police chief says the death changes the entire nature of the investigation and could lead to vehicular manslaughter charges. the homeless man killed by lapd officers on skid row was a convicted bank robber living in the u.s. under a stolen french identity. the man who was shot sunday was actually from cameroon, but investigators have not identified him. he was convicted of robbing a bank in thousand oaks in 2000 under a stolen name and released in 2013. officers shot and killed him after they say he reached for one of their guns. in national news, the u.s. justice department today will release a scathing report exposing the history of racial bias and racial from filing in ferguson, missouri. if department launched that probe in response to last
6:41 am
summer's deadly police shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. nbc news has learned that investigators found ferguson police habitually violated the civil rights of african-americans. investigators uncovered a pattern of unfair traffic stops, questionable arrests and unreasonable use of force. up next, flames erupt just feet from a famous san francisco restaurant. plus, targeted once again. a music store burglarized for the second time in just weeks. live with the breaking details just next. >> a young father gunned downright in front of his oakland hills home. the family's desperate call for justice this morning. >> a live look outside right now at golden gate bridge. it's 6:41. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather right after this break.
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mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon, because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world, and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet, see them all.
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now, 15 minutes of continuous news, weather, and traffic on "today in the bay." >> time to check your microclimate forecast, as some people are probably feeling a little bit of stress about the backup to the bay bridge, but i'll tell you what will not be bringing you stress is the weather. >> it's been pretty nice lately. >> more of the same today. in fact, if you like temperatures a little bit warmer, that's exactly what we have in store for you today. happy wednesday, thanks for waking up with us. it is a little chilly to start the day, but rapid warmth later this afternoon. you can take your jacket, throw it in the corner and get on out there and get some vitamin d if that's what you're looking for.
6:45 am
temperatures are beginning to rise by a good three to five degrees from yesterday's highs, and then we'll get even warmer as we head throughout tomorrow and the upcoming weekend. right now, widespread 40. we're at 34 degrees. the only place in the 30s on your microclimate map right now is the north bay. 45 degrees to kick off the day in the south bay. you head out of the office, temperatures will be in the mid 60s. look at the warming trend coming your way for today, out of the 30s, into the 60s by lunchtime in the north bay. closer to 70 degrees to finish off the day out there. so temperatures are looking good. as we head throughout the next couple days, watch where we're headed. into the mid 70s all across the board.things change. significant rainfall. at 1:00 p.m., continue the future cast, getting into your thursday, potentially measuring up to half an inch right here in the south bay. we'll talk about this a little bit more as we head throughout the week together.
6:46 am
right now, want to check your drive. >> we're starting in the south bay. we did have that fire. the southbound 680 is closed, but you can use the other onramps there. not much of an issue. that smoke completely gone now. down here, despite the rest of your normal commute, northbound 85 really jamming up. and the last few minutes, we had a three-vehicle crash, which from what i understand quickly moved to the shoulder, but that was enough to cause this big backup coming basically off the 101-85 split. it might make more folks hit blossom hill road heading back over 85 or possibly 101. we'll track that little shift to the south bay. the rest of silicon valley not a big deal. i was supposed to tell you about a crash i was monitoring on the san mateo side. it wasn't a big deal. it cleared up 92 at 101. let's look at the live cameras. the approach off of the high-rise. we have a smooth, lighter drive. just starting to see more cars filling in. a little breeze. but over on the hayward side,
6:47 am
the big backup. jammed up westbound. there may have been a stallout that was going on and may have just cleared off. i'm watching the trend here. no reports from chp, but that's why we have the live cameras. a smooth drive, a typical build in toward union city. here, the east shore freeway, a typical build. no drama. a slower drive because of that volume of traffic. getting closer to the maze, west 580, still jams up from 24. and now that overcrossing approaching the toll plaza. we have everybody waiting here and that's causing a slow drive. if you car pool, you've got a big break. back to you guys. >> that was laid out there for you. breaking news. san francisco police on the scene of yet another smash and grab style break-in. this at a high end music store. stephanie chuang just spoke with police. she's live in front of the store in the city's lower neighborhood. steph, what did you learn?
6:48 am
>> good morning, sam. overall, learning that place are on alert. taif got e-mathey've got e-mail about what is happening with these smash and grabs. you can see where the thieves broke in this time. the owners saying the window just to the left of that was where they broke in the last time, a month ago. $20,000 worth of things stolen. he says the alarm did go off. the company called to let him know. the owner says that there are several things that have been stolen. speakers, high end equipment. one man we spoke with says he saw almost the entire thing unfold after he woke up to the sound of a crash, making noise, three people grabbing what they could out of the store. >> smash and grab. they definitely knew what they were doing. >> reporter: there have been other high end electronics stores targeted. the last one was just less than
6:49 am
a month away last friday where criminals crashed a pickup into the store, stole an estimated $100,000 worth of electronics. that was around 4:00 in the morning. this one again also 4:00 in the morning. we've had trends of other stores targeted, including gonia, chanel. also the wells fargo bank museum very recently. police are studying to see if anything is linked, but so far, no indication of that. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> and some tough luck for that music lovers store getting hit twice. thank you very much, stephanie. new this morning, an overnight fire threatened a michelin star restaurant in san francisco's knob hill. the fire broke out in the parking garage below the aquerello restaurant. around 1:30 this morning, crews had to break down the garage door to get to the fire, but they put it out quickly. firefighters evacuated the apartments above the restaurant briefly. there was no damage to the restaurant itself. happening today, opening statements under way in the
6:50 am
high-profile trial of the accused boston marathon bomber. as the jury listens in, their decision could be less about whether dzhokhar tsarnaev did it and more about whether he should pay with his life. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here with what to expect on the very first day of what is expected to be a long trial. good morning, kris. >> good morning to you, laura. dzhokhar tsarnaev is in the courtroom already this morni gm. he's wearing a dark jacket, light shirt, no tie. reporters in the courtroom say he really hasn't shown much emotion on his face. victims of the families are there as well, including a father whose 8-year-old was killed, 7-year-old daughter lost a leg and wife lost her sight. the images were so graphic that they were seen all around the world. analysts say prosecutors will focus on that horror, on how many people died in the bombing planned by the brothers. the surviving brother, dzhokhar tsarnaev, faces 30 charges, 17 of which are punishable by
6:51 am
death. the judge just read those in the courtroom this morning. ten women, eight men make up the jury and the alternate pool. they got their instructions this morning. while three jurors previously told the presiding judge that they believe that dzhokhar tsarnaev is guilty, they say they are willing to listen, which may not be easy during the government's case. >> the first part is going to be all the horrific stuff, and i don't think we've heard how horrific it's going to be yet. >> the team of attorneys working for dzhokhar tsarnaev are expected to paint him as just a 19-year-old kid following his 26-year-old brother's orders. however, the judge did caution the jury that they are not to consider whether or not he is more or less responsible. his brother tamerlan tsarnaev there on the right was killed in a shootout after he shot and killed a police officer on the m.i.t. campus. two bombs went off near the end of the iconic boston marathon back on april 15th of 2013. on that day, three people were
6:52 am
killed. more than 260 other people were injured. many of the family members are in the courtroom this morning. today is just the opening statements. the whole trial is expected to take three to four months. which means that it will be likely going on during this year's boston marathon. >> of which so many people still proclaim boston strong. thanks a lot. some tragedy here at home, too. the family of marcus west is demanding justice this morning after the young father was gunned downright in front of his home in the oakland hills. bob redell joins us from police headquarters. do police have any leads on a possible suspect here? good morning. >> reporter: they're not saying much. good morning to you, sam. no arrests so far. and as far as we know, the investigators here at opd are still trying to figure out why this young man was targeted, yesterday morning around 24 hours ago, someone shot and killed marcus west outside his grandmother's home in the oakland hills. this 21-year-old man was the
6:53 am
father to a 2-month-old baby, was on the way to visit his mother when he was gunned down. his grandmother heard what she describes as just one boom. that was the gunshot. she ran outside to find her grandson in the middle of the street dying from a gunshot wound. >> i told him, marcus, you know, we love you. everybody loves you. pray. are you praying? and his face just sort of -- the muscles sort of relaxed. he couldn't talk, of course. and i said pray, marcus. and i prayed, and then he did that, and that was it. >> and marcus west became the 18th person to be killed in the city of oakland over just the past couple of months. last night, alameda county supervisor keith carson along with leaders of local organizations met to figure out how to help young men in urban communities stay out of trouble, whether that involves mentoring, job placement, or therapy for drug and alcohol abuse. carson believes the crime
6:54 am
problem has gotten so bad that he has declared 2015 the year of the african-american man. reporting live outside oakland police headquarters, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> so many lost lives. thank you very much, bob. police in gilroy searching this morning for a teenager in connection to a homicide investigation. and they have just arrested a second suspect. investigators served a warrant for rodrigo bejarano's arrest while he was in custody on an unrelated case. he is accused of killing robert heiser. heiser was found beaten to death in his gilroy home last month. his house had also been ransa ransacked. investigators are looking for a third suspect, a 17-year-old girl shown in this picture. she's believed to be one of two people caught on camera. accused of using the victim's credit cards at an east san jose convenience store. the other person in that video is already facing charges in that case. pet lovers say they'll give $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of whoever threw a dog and her puppy from a moving
6:55 am
car in santa cruz county. the reward had been set at 6,000 last week, but nearly quadrupled with a recent contribution from an anonymous donor. on february 20th, someone put a chihuahua mix and her young puppy in sandbags and just threw them out the window of a moving car. sadly, the puppy didn't make it. the mother is recovering in foster care. deputies in marin county are looking for a bicyclist who got into a fight with a hiker. parks visuals say that a 65-year-old woman was hiking in the sleepy hollow open space preserve last week. a man on a bike graze her going the opposite direction. they exchanged some heated words before it then got physical. the woman went to the hospital with bruises on her arms, legs, and head. a legal victory for the victims of the deadly asiana plane crash at sfo. 72 of the victims reached confidential settlements in their lawsuits against the airline. the settlements also include compensation from boeing and the
6:56 am
company that made the faulty evacuation slides. three people died in that crash. a paralympic hopeful had his prosthetic leg stolen right from his car. the man runs for city college of san francisco. he finished third in the 200 meters at nationals last year and he hopes to compete in the 2016 paralympic games in brazil. somebody stole his prosthetic running blade. yesterday in the mission district. he's hoping someone is going to return it so he can live his dream. >> right now i'm just waiting for that and then i'll continue my season. you know, whenever the time comes. >> that prosthetic leg costs around $30,000, but it's specific to its runner. steiner's next meet is this weekend. he says that this will delay his training. the number of jobs that were created in february shows fewer americans were able to find work. >> but scott mcgrew, as you were saying, fewer than last month, but relatively speaking still a lot. >> oh, still a lot. we're still expecting a very solid jobs number this friday,
6:57 am
above 200,000, just maybe not the blowout numbers that we've seen in the past. the markets, keeping an eye on that. investors got a peek as we look at some of the private payroll data today. the nasdaq opened below 5,000 today. as it has for years and years. but it's trying to crawl its way back to 5,000. santa clara's invidia has a new box, it's like play station and apple mixed together. weirdly, they have other completely unrelated products also called the shield. other news, apple says it will hire its security guards as full-time apple workers, giving them the same benefits as other apple workers. currently they're contract workers. there's been a push in silicon valley, a long push over the last 15 years or so to give employees like security guards and drivers and maintenance workers some of the same benefits, if not the same pay that engineers have. >> that makes sense. so much welfare, obviously.
6:58 am
time to check a final check of the day's top stories. an early morning smash and grab. the high end electronics shop in san francisco. a witness says he saw three masked men looting the store and driving off. >> san francisco's famed aquerello restaurant not damaged after an early morning trash fire in the building's garage. no word yet on a cause and nobody was hurt. >> opening statements start today in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the 2013 bombing killed three people and injured scores more. we do have a nice day in store for us, but if you're first getting up now and going outside, a coat wouldn't be a bad idea. >> yeah, it's actually a great idea. you want to probably dress in layers. i want to start this live picture here. crystal clear start. temperatures are chilly because it is so clear out there. take a look at half-moon bay. very light fog. not much to show you in terms of the marine layer.
6:59 am
temperatures are going to end up in the mid to upper 60s. right now we're all over the place. 34 in the north bay. 47 in san francisco. 43 in the south bay. on our way to the upper 60s. so we're starting out all over the place. we'll all end up just about uniform. >> hopefully traffic's not bad all over the place. >> it's kind of like that. all end up in a few key spots. south bay, we do have a pretty normal commute, but the big backup north 85, slowing in both directions. it's off to the slower. southbound just south of highway 87. toward the peninsula, south 101 at wood side, we do have a crash currently in your middle lane. chp still on the scene. you see some slowing already out of san mateo and down toward menlo park. of course, the slowing drive westbound across the san mateo bridge. a little bit of orange just showed up. low cloud maybe in the north bay. >> we're all big dog lovers on
7:00 am
this set. this one, though, is huge! a huge pit bull. he's going to be a reality tv star. >> is that for real? look at his head. meet hulk. he weighs nearly 180 pounds and he's less than two years old. hulk has been getting a lot. o'attention ever since his owners have been posting videos. good morning. day one. the long-awaited trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect begins today. a key question, will the wife of the other suspect killed by police be called to testify? >> dot controversy. hillary clinton facing a congressional is inquiry. clinton avoiding the issue completely while offering her strongest hint yet about her future plans. >> don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> 1600 miles of misery, the new


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