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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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d police helicopters and k-9 units. we'll continue to follow this story. in less than an hour the streets of san francisco will be filled with dragons, firecrackers and also thousands of people. the annual chinese new year parade in chinatown is one of the largest across the country. that's where we find nanette miranda. it's the year of the ram. >> reporter: yeah, year of the ram. very exciting. take a look at all these people. with the weather so nice here in san francisco, a large turnout is expected tonight. that's a high school marching band from alameda starting at the beginning of the parade. those kids are excited to be in it this year. parade watchers are really excited. many got here early to get a
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good spot. veterans are used to watching this parade in the cold. so many brought blankets and jackets. they might need it later when the sun goes down. but there will be 90 attractions. lots of red and gold which symbolize wealth in the chinese culture. there will be 100 pounds of glitter and a few miles of decorative paper. we found folks in the parade for the first time and watching it for the first time. >> very excited. because you can say hi to everyone and you can dance and sing. >> i figured it was going to be a long day so we'd get a spot. it was going to be three hours, i think. so we figured, be smart, sit down, enjoy. >> reporter: it's the year of the ram. and i'm told that people born in those years are said to be tender polite and kind-hearted. back here live near market and
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kearny the parade is expected to start at 5:15. once you hear the firecrackers go off, that means the parade will start shortly after that. >> exciting night in town and perfect weather. thank you so much. appreciate it. it couldn't be better out there. checking in with meteorologist rob mayeda. he has a look at the forecast. pretty good for a parade. >> probably one of the warmest starts to the parade around san francisco with temperatures still near 70 degrees. high earlier, 74. stkz kzanta cruz up to 81 today. closer to the embarcadero, closer to 70 degrees. still near 70 degrees right now in san francisco. san jose 73. some of our south bay temperatures just to the south of downtown, you'll notice here numbers in the upper 70s towards santa teresa. highs close to 80 degrees. right now in oakland, we're at 69 degrees. a little further inland out
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towards the tri-valley that's where we saw some of the warmest temperatures around the east bay today. around double lynnublin and livermore, upper 70s. we're beginning to see changes. right now, 70s outside. clear skies through the evening. as we head towards 11:00 tonight, we'll begin to see coastal low clouds return hinting at changes by tomorrow morning. we lose the hour of sleep as we spring forward overnight. but you'll see the low clouds on the coast possibly bringing misty skies along the coastline and the inner bay. we'll have a look at your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks a lot. the warning is going out to car dealerships across the bay area. be on the lookout for a group of thieves after two break-ins last night. take a look at some surveillance video from a break-in early this morning at phantom motors on thornton avenue in fremont. ten people broke in and stole cars.
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thieves also broke into nearby lucky motors last night. all told six fremont dealerships have been hit recently. and police know all about the crime spree. it's opened surveillance video can identify those responsible. a huge fence is going up around the south bay pg&e substation the same station that may be the site of an attack. an investigation found two facilities appeared to be unmanned. at seven others security guards failed to guard the perimeter. pg&e says this new fence at that substation is part of a $100 million security improvement for all of their facilities. the metcalf facility is the first one where they're making improvements. the metcalf improvement should be finished by the end of the month. pg&e hoping to have all security
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improvements finished in the next three years. newly released surveillance video has led to the suspension of two security guards at an oakland high school. there's a possible criminal investigation now. take a look at video shot at fremont high school back in january. in the top left corner you see a student confronted by two security guards in the doorway there. then they put him in a chokehold and drag him into the school's office. off camera one of the officers punches him several times. after the incident the student was suspended for five days. you see them dragging the student across. they take him off to the right side of your tv screen. the security officers received no disciplinary action at first. the student's family is now looking into legal action despite an apology from district leaders yesterday. in boston, the first week of the marathon bombing trial has come to a close. but there are new questions about whether such an emotionally charged trial is the best way for the city to move on.
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peter alexander has been following the trial all week and has this review. >> reporter: for a city shattered on a day of celebration celebration, the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev is forcing victims and their families to relive the carnage and the chaos from that terrible day. among those killed 8-year-old martin richard. on thursday his father talked about rushing his daughter jane to safety after he realized his son was going to die. i needed to act quickly, bill richard told a hushed courtroom, where we might not only lose martin but jane, too his 6-year-old daughter lost a leg but lived. shown in this photo, dzhokhar tsarnaev. bill martin said he never saw him until today. a boston cop testified he tried cpr on 29-year-old crystal campbell.
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jeff baumen entered court on prosthetic legs. 21-year-old dzhokhar pleaded not guilty. but his lawyer conceded in court it was him. still they insist he was under the influence of his domineering older brother, tamerlan. for rebecca gregory, finally getting a chance to confront her accused bomber face to face has allowed her to overcome her fear. you want him to have to see you? >> i really did. i want him to look in the eyes of the people that he hurt that day rsh day. >> reporter: gregory lost her leg. but when the marathon is held next month, she's running. what's that moment going to mean? >> me taking another piece of my life back. >> reporter: but with emotions so raw and dzhokhar tsarnaev admitting his role in the attacks, many are wondering whether this trial will help boston heal or cause more pain. peter alexander, nbc news, boston. coming up next why this afghan woman strapped on some
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armor and took to the streets all to make a point.
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iraqi government forces continue their fight against isis. they have launched an assault and recaptured the city of tikrit in the anbar province. the iraqi defense ministry released footage of its air strikes. shiite militia members are helping in the effort.
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but progress has been slow. tikrit is the first major city that iraqi forces have attempted to recapture from isis in northern iraq. the militant group took over that region last year. a woman who took to the streets in afghanistan to protest sexual harassment is now afraid for her life. this afghan performance artist says she's been molested many times. the first time she says she was just 4 years old. to protest how women are treated, she wore a suit of armor in a short demonstration. that demonstration not well-received. but she's not keeping quiet. >> if i am a good girl i shouldn't say to my mom or my brother or say anything in public. >> despite efforts to raise awareness, women are commonly victims of abuse in afghanistan.
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some girls are still sold into marriage. tomorrow marks international women's day. the world health organization began large-scale testing of an experimental ebola vaccine in west africa today. doctors plan to vaccinate as many as 10,000 people. it's developed by government researchers in canada. the vaccination strategy is used in guinea. the west african nations have been hardest hit in the year-long outbreak. coming up how some folks in the pennsylvania poconos took to the slopes in a pretty unusual way. look at that. the lamp. these sleds made out of cardboard, coming up.
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it is that time of year again, time to spring forward. do not forget to set your clocks one hour ahead when you go to sleep -- >> ahead. >> ahead. something also to mull over while doing it the benefits of daylight saving time. >> reporter: time for something we can't see, we sure do worry about it a lot. >> 3, 2, engine starts 1. >> reporter: nothing would ever get into space without a lengthy countdown. and what fun would moving from one year to another be if we don't have a ceremony to mark
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the exact moment when it happens? but turns out, there might be some benefit to losing an hour of sleep, getting a little more daylight in your life could be good for you. >> we benefit from being near daylight. it lowers our blood pressure, spruce produces seratonin and melatonin. >> reporter: any symbol of spring will certainly be welcome in places like here in boston where some of the biggest snowbanks might not melt completely until may or june. >> our bodies are designed to be in the outdoors. so when we sit all day at a cubicle, it's not good for us. >> reporter: daylight saving time no "s" on saving if you want to sound smart, has been around for about 100 years but became widely adopted in the u.s. during the '60s. it's been argued it helps cut energy consumption.
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research has shown some people report feeling groggy or disoriented for days after adjusting their clocks. if that's you, take comfort. we fall back to standard time in november. and with that you get some of your time back. >> and don't forget this weekend, a pretty good time to check the batteries in your smoke detectors as well. and with kids they don't recognize that -- they're still up just at the regular time. >> which way do we set our clocks? >> spring forward. >> we lose the hour of sleep. right now, still in the 60s and 70s. speaking of time changes. it still feels a bit more like a summer evening around the bay area. still close to 70 there in san francisco. san jose 73 degrees. lots of sunshine. hazy skies in dublin. hills still green, 73. cooling there.
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the sea breeze starting to fire up leading to a little bit of cooling. right now, 67 down from a high of 74 degrees today. we'll begin to see some cooling in san francisco and along the coast. the clouds that have been offshore begin to head back in. right now, sea breeze picking up which is typical when you have the warm afternoon and the ocean air conditioning turns on. and there will be low clouds along the coast. the winds staying more onshore during the day tomorrow leading to cooling and misty skies, too, out along the coast. the coastal cooling we'll see in the form of low clouds will bring in a little bit of mist at times for the morning. if you look across the central bay very briefly in the morning, as we head through the afternoon and evening, the low clouds coming back in to san francisco and out towards the salinas valley. low clouds streaming in. for the morning, we'll see temperatures in the 40s and 50s. heading towards lunchtime, middle temperatures inland.
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san jose towards livermore and morgan hill, notice these temperatures by mid afternoon still reaching the mid-70s but a little bit cooler across the central bay and the coast as we see those low clouds and the onshore winds leading to cooling closer to san francisco but mild around san jose. temperatures in the north bay tomorrow, upper 60s closer to mill valley and still 70s for napa and santa rosa. pleasanton and livermore, upper 70s and another warm day into monday. but we could see, we hope a little more than just a slight chance of midweek rain. but given the weather pattern, that seems to be about the best we can do right now as this high will temporarily weaken late tuesday into wednesday. you'll see a chance of showers coming in mainly for areas north of san francisco. notice the second half of the week, that high starts to build back. your workweek forecast will include that one chance of seeing some showers and a slight cooldown of the temperatures around wednesday and thursday into friday. high pressure builds back in. if you're making early plans for next weekend, for now, looks like saturday will be mild but perhaps by next sunday another
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chance of seeing a few showers coming back in. it's getting very late in the rainfall season and snow pack season. so hopefully we can get the showers by wednesday and maybe next sunday. >> any thought of a shower is -- >> we get excited. >> yeah. now taking a look at look at what's coming up in sports, kate is cool to have around. we like to have her here. >> hi, you two. giants in action today. and one michigan man stirs a stir in oakland. the full story coming up next in sports.
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after a debut against the a's this past tuesday, madison bumgarner got a chance to redeem himself. runners at second and third in the second bum gives up a run. both runs would score and that would be all she wrote. but he says he felt much better this time around and his delivery is locked into place. then, tim lincecum's turn. lincecum against derek norris. then he ends the inning. gave up a pair in the win as a
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couple of fans sent out get well wishes to hunter pence. and get a load of this. jim harbaugh was the a's' guest first base coach. he put on the green and gold and called it a dream come true. >> how does it get any better than that? beautiful day for baseball. get a chance just to put on the uniform. haven't had a baseball union on since the american legion. >> he's an inspiration just walking out here. he's got that air about him. he's always been quite the competitor, everybody knows that, and a winner. whenever you can have guys like that around, guys benefit from it. >> the warriors benefited from their home court advantage last night, cruising past the mavericks and improving to a best at oracle this year. while blake griffin is doubtful
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golden state says they would love to see him play. >> hopefully playing well tonight. >> i would say there's absolutely a possible we can play him. but we're playing well. and in college hoops, stanford looking to upset arizona. but the wildcats not having it. york from way downtown. zona ends the 18-4 run and more of the same in the second. there's the jam. arizona wins that one big, 91-69.
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arizona state, first half tied at 28 when atwood puts the sun devils up three. that's the difference at the break. second half cal rallies to pull within one on this wallace three. wallace having a pretty good year. cal down three. matthews for the tie. not so much. arizona state survives with a 74-70 final. full highlights from tonight's sharks game as well as a look at the earthquakes' season opener down in dallas coming up tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to that. >> i want to say i'm rather pleased with madison's comeback. >> me, too. everyone was worried. should we trade him? >> exactly. >> he's headed in the right direction. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back.
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a legendary rummage sale back in the bay area this weekend. take a look at the white elephant sale under way today in oakland. shoppers roamed a 96,000 square foot warehouse filled with vintage clothing collectibles, furniture, sporting goods, books, the list goes on. this annual sale benefits the oakland museum of california. shoppers say they're happy to help contribute to the cause. >> from what i've been told it's a very expensive dress from a very expensive lady. i'm going to happily wear it at the anniversary of kansas city where it's nice and cold. >> folks, the sale's not over. it continues tomorrow. organizers suggest shoppers take b.a.r.t. to the fruitvale station and then a complimentary shuttle to the sale. admission is free and raises millions every year. some folks in pennsylvania found a way to celebrate the seemingly never-ending winter
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that they're enduring. take a look. >> wow, it's coming down! >> giant nutcrackers, all sorts of different -- look at this one. i love the lamp. all sleds made of cardboard launched down this mountain. that's up in the poconos. not all of the sleds were functional, as exhibited there. but they were certainly elaborate and very entertaining. the poconos had a lot more snow than usual. the cardboard challenge has been running now for ten years in a row. >> i have to say, the effort they put into that -- >> it's amazing. all made out of cardboard. some fared better than others. >> we didn't hear anything about injuries. >> that's a good thing. >> yes. >> possibility there on some of those. >> we do not have weather that looks anything like that. >> no. temperatures tomorrow morning, 40s and 50s. lunchtime, climbing into the
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60s. and highs close to the mid-70s around san jose. >> boxing is next. former division champion robert guerrero set for his bout


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