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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a few showers more on that in moments. >> of course we have the backup at the bay bridge. all of these folks have left the house. i can tell you about the crash reported in the south bay coming up. a live look outside we'll check right back with you, mike. there is the bay bridge. kind of a halo effect this morning. you're watching "today in the bay". very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. today governor brown will announce he's ready to spend $1 billion, money approved from taxpayers to help people deal with the historic brought. kris sanchez has more with how this emergency relief will impact you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to u-sam. good morning, laura. the governor's relief plan comes days after the state water board
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focuses energies on how to restrict outdoor water we use. that's where the most households use the bulk of their water. what is happening is helping people suffering because of the drought. it is entering its fourth year and many reservoirs are below normal. snow pack will not pea enough to back phil and statewide only cut 10% and not 20% the governor asked for. while the governor has not revealed a lot of specifics about this billion dollar plan. here's what this year's plan included. $687 million to upgrade farm equipment and to provide food assistance for farm workers who can't work when there's no water for crops. also included funding for improving water supply projects. state water board is warning some conservation measures could soon be permanent. >> we are trying very, very hard to ring the bell, raise the floor, get some action but we are seriously considering permanent regulations as well as
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more drastic temporary regulations. >> the governor is unveiling his plan at 10:30 this morning. so far, his critics say one thing he's not talking about is mandatory water rationing. that's something that should be reality according to his critics but the governor said he's just not ready to do that to californians just yet. kris sanchez "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. we'll have another update from kris in the next half hour. meantime nbc bay area will be inside that meeting later this morning. we'll have complete coverage of governor brown's announcement at our 11:00 newscast. is there any relief in sight? christina loren is tracking any changes as we look live outside. we'll also check with her in a couple minutes. this morning a mother and her 1-year-old baby boy are in grave condition after they were
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hit by a car in a crosswalk. it happened in tennyson to the on ramp of 880. we're told the impact september the woman and her baby flying. >> yes. unfortunately. good morning to you, there. laura. the woman was inside that crosswalk right there pushing her 1-year-old baby boy inside the stroller trying to get across from one side to the other. this is on northbound 880 in heyward when a suv plowed into them around 7:00. the impact so strong it september the mother and child down the on ramp to the middle of the road where they lay wounded until paramedics arrive. both in the hospital with what chp describes as major striers. the driver did stop until officers arrived. >> the driver of the vehicle is cooperating with chp. alcohol and drugs have been ruled out at this point. however, the cause of the collision is still under
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investigation. >>. >> reporter: investigators will look into whether that burned out street light made it impossible for the driver to see the pair. as this woman was trying to cross with her child around 7:00 roughly around the time after the sun went down. chp saying she was in the crosswalk. they are investigating to figure out why this woman in the suv plowed into them. again they want to see if it had something to do with the fact she couldn't see them. reporteding live in heyward bob redell "today in the bay." >> tragic. meanwhile in san francisco a 5-year-old girl and her mother are recovering after they were hit in a crosswalk as well. this happened north of the san francisco state campus. we're told the little girl has serious injuries. the driver, an 86-year-old woman stopped and cooperated with
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police. no word of any charges at this time. this morning we learned a man who drown in the bay was a popular professor. anise' friend tried to rescue him but could not get there. he was not wearing a life jacket at the time. he was a life sciences professor at santa rosa junior college. five teenagers expected of gunning down a san jose man. are in court. they are accused of shooting juan luna on march 7th. following that they were accusedaccused on going on a three-day car industry that culminated with a po 30-mile-per-hour car chase that ended in livermore. >> san jose woman is look for this woman to robbed a store in
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january. police chief, september council members outlining plans for a pilot program said to kick off in september. that will revolver a dozen officers. today, the public safety committee will sus a roll-out. all officers are expected to have those body cameras by next year. >> it's 6:06, want to check the microclimate forecast as we take you live outside the golden gate bridge. >> a little cool and crisp but a warm-up on the way. let's check with christina loren. good morning, sam. >> good morning, sam. happy thursday. it looks pretty good for your outdoor plans and we have shower activity as we meet back here monday. wide spread, matter of fact. temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s to start. we'll end up in the 70s by lunch time. weather story of the day, cool and clear out there right now. very warm finish.
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ample sunshine and still in that good air quality range for the final day of winter. 68 degrees in the north bay at noon. 66 on the peninsula. meanwhile we're just one degree shy of 70 in the tri-valley and east shore as we break for lunch. tri-valley hits 80 degrees today. average high 69. much more than average. and san francisco as well, low to mid 70s coming your way for the first day of spring. temperatures take a tumble. by tomorrow your night and day will be just about equal. after that we start to see the days get longer than nights and temperatures warm up. here's the deal. tracking a couple spring storms. first comes through. saturday morning i'll let you know if there's a chan of shower activity. very specific and isolated to some parts of the bay area. then monday, we have wide spread rainfall on the way. more on this coming up. we want to check your drive. happy to be ending the week with
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you as we get into the next couple days. mike. >> to be quite frank, happy to be ending the week. i would stop it at there. san jose, we're looking towards northbound 101. here's the traffic flow starting to ease up a bit. there's a crash reported in the area as well. just outside camera view. show you on the map. north 101. watch that, folk, as you're approaching 101. tully itself, the onramp is unaffected. you seat traffic back to the normal commute. silicon valley, starting to build in the south bay. we're showing southbound slowing. 880, typical off 580. that's the direction we see the build moving westward on 580 crossing on the map. smooth drive north of san mateo bridge. a quick check of the san mateo bridge. we show you the volume. we have seen it slam down about
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6:15 every day. we're watching for that to hit as folks head over to the peninsula. no problems as we look at the map. north of 92 towards the bay bridge and we have a nice smooth flow through the maze and upper east shore. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. right at the richmond san rafael toll plaza looks like things are clearing up. everything looks fair again going towards the san mateo bridge. >> it picked up whatever was out there. >> that's right. >> up next, big brother at the zoo. not talking about the animals. new accusing as of spying. big move for apple and new ways to watch tv coming up. and big move for the giants this season. we certainly hope so. how does four championships in six years sound? let's not get ahead of ourselves but we're cautiously optimistic. >> we'll be right back after this.
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welcome back now. happy thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. clear and cool to start. a very warm finish to the day and things start to change for the first weekend of spring. some showers moving through. better chance early next week. we'll give you all of the details in your microclimate in just moments. and look at this live shot of oakland. 80 past the coliseum. northbound but southbound coming out of downtown we heard of about an incident. right through the downtown area.
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we'll give you an update in just a second. >> thanks so much. it's 6:12. here's the top stories. honda is recalling its recall on air bags it includes sieve vicks and accord and pilot. a woman and her 1-year-old son are in the hospital with major injuries after being truck by an suv in a crosswalk in heyward. it happened on tenny son word. >> and the governor announces drought measures. okay. a spying scandal at the san francisco zoo, of all places? at the so zoo we're expected to hear from employee saying management eavesdropped on conversations. the zoo had a response to this, stephanie. >> good morning to you, sam. radios are generally on zoo keepers at all times and that's really a big concern.
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the union represents the zoo keeper says it confirmed that newly installed technology on a new radio system has allowed two people, at least two people. >> including the executive director to secretly tune in to employees' private conversation. now, they are questioning the legality of this move again, it's responsible business practice to monitor communications through e-mail, even phone calls unless that call is personal. >> in california you have to inform the employee before recording it. they did issue a statement, quote, emergency monitoring was a vendor feature designed to assist with medical and safety emergencies when i was made aware of the the radio's capability this feature was disabled. the director saying this is all i great misunderstanding.
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the zoo keepers will hold a press conference after the zoo is closed. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang. "today in the bay." >> we'll have more on that later. 6:14 apple is joining a list of companies, the blue chips. >> scott mcgrew not many companies can play claim to that. >> a&t. apple is already the world's most valuable traded company. this is a little like awarding the boss, the employee of the month award but still, it's an honor. apple will not be the most influential member of the dow because of the way it's calculated. we'll talk more about that tomorrow. apple is still going to trade on the nasdaq. that's not affected. we associate dow index with the new york stock exchange. there are actually several companies measured on the dow that lists on the nasdaq. the markets roared ahead
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wednesday after the federal open markets committee once again made very dovish statements about interest rate hikes. we think it will probably come this fall. the fed looks at two different things, employment numbers say raise the rates and sony this morning started to offer this. the sony view tv service. in three cities. chicago, new york and philadelphia. will get it later. you get the tv you like without the table subscription. apple said it will create a similar service. dish offers one as well. sam and laura, a lot of people are cutting the cord using internet instead of cable. if you do, i encourage you to figure out how to keep your local channels. nbc bay area obviously. other guys, too. you can do that through an antenna, you remember those. there are some services, including sony's new one that will offer local tv that is
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obviously critically important to you, sam and i and everyone else. also to the community at large. >> exactly. to know what is happening in your community. >> thank you very much, scott. >> on the east coast, streets in new york looking a lot different these years thanks to a bay air company. uber black sedans outnumber yellow cabs in the city's big apple. there's now 14,000 registered uber cars compared to 13,600 yellow cabs. however, the number of people hailing a cab still trumps the number of uber rides per day and all of those little magnets they sell in the gift shop. >> a change in the balance of power. 6:17. time to check the microclimate forecast as we give you a live look outside. the result of that beautiful reflection. >> i never get tired of a look at that bay bridge. morning after morning. it's gorgeous.
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>> now covt covered in fog. >> beautiful day shaping up here. i want to start with the toyota ski report. for squaw valley and ail byron meadows, they are ophoping to sy open. >> one of the reasons they are outlasting some other report resorts because they have highly advanced snow make technology. you now have 41 inches at the base. we are still heading east light snowfall saturday morning and better chance throughout monday. >> look at this, 19 degrees in truckee. they will continuously make that snow until 9:00 a.m. when the temperature rises above freezing which is 32 degrees. 50 in san francisco, 50 to start the new day in mountain view and 49 degrees in beautiful san jose. a cool and clear start to the day. very warm finish coming your
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way. let me take you through your day. if you're headed outdoors, leaving the office beautiful conditions for you to do so. on the east shore 69 degree, north bay at noon, wine country in the low 70s. tri-valley is 69 degree at lunch time. we'll wind out the day with a few 80s. north bay, very close to 80 degrees right here in san jose. and every single day we have changes. today the biggest difference you notice from yesterday and today is 5 to 8 degrees of warming. open up those windows if you don't suffer from allergies, we have great air quality for you. high pressure firmly in control of our pattern. as we get to the next couple days, temperatures cool off as quickly as they warm up. that's courtesy of area of low pressure, bringing us light shower activity as we head through the first weekend of spring. new season provides the area north of the golden gate bridge light shower activity. >> morning clouds and comfy
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sunshine on the way for sunday with rain returning sunday night. let me show you your future cast. we stop the clock, even in san francisco, a little at the coast. stopping again at 9:00 p.m. sunday. look at this. we have a pretty good looking storm system for this time of year. moving into the bay area. that will continue to take you through the 9:00 a.m. hour right here in the south bay getting light shower activity. continuing from 3:00 p.m., could measure half an inch of rain if this slows down and keeps that track that we're forecasting right now. we'll keep you updated. right now let's check the drive. here's mike. >> all right. i want to let you know rest assured it's there. how comfortable. let's look at the map and see the approach. also very comfortable. just a little slowing on the east shore. west 580 not so bad. now we zoom into one incident. this is where the active itd
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started to flow. >> right around 60, disabled vehicle. we see that just starting to develop. hopefully that clears quickly. i'll follow that. meanwhile another crash report. >> just past 238. that has your middle lane blocked by two vehicles. seems that takes longer. this is the time they have the build for that commute. building past the san mateo bridge. through hayward. over behind me, this is the tri-valley. no concern, smooth drive. easy drive for the dublin interchange. and drive down 680. southbound you're moving smoothly into the south bay. south bay itself northbound continues to show typical pattern starting once again for that build, san jose. capital expressway. 87, 85, 280 starts to build coming up over the next couple minutes. so far close to the speed limit.
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easy flow of traffic. there's north and southbound around university and willow. no major concerns in the north bay. southbound 101. we have a build and slowing now through the bottom there. back you to. >> thanks, mike. >> time now 6:22. tesla taking on range an decide. what the company can do today so you drive further. taking a live look outside the weather as well. awaiting the sun's arrival. you won't have to wait for christina's report on the forecast. it's all coming up. 6:22.
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a very good thursday morning to you. these are the sunrise pictures we used to have. >> disappointing. >> it's still pretty out there. there's a lot of ice on bay area's tesla hoping to put an end to range anxiety. the update will reportedly extend the range of the model s by improving how the cars recapture electricity while breaking. >> to t could speed up charging process. it with k now go miles before running out of leng trisity. >> move over ice cream trucks. here comes ice cream tesla. >> voila, we're in business. >> the world's famous ice cream
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brand, ben and jerry's converting a tesla into a serving station on wheels. ben & jerry's said the rest of the world owes it to the u.s. to bring awareness to climate change. >> this is what the company calls "save our swirls" climate tour. >> president obama is preparing for a visit with british royalty. >> yes, prince charles will meet with the vice president. the prince of wales and duchess of cornwall arrived tuesday and they are slated to move tomorrow. >> hopefully a nice visit. >> wall street hoping to gain momentum after yesterday's rally. and a meeting on capitol hill. the details coming from a live report from washington.
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and coming up on this last day of winter, we'll check with christina and look at the morning commute with mike.
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mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing.
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whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon, because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world, and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet, see them all. right now lawmakers here at home learning about critical negotiations happening thousands of miles away. >> and we have a very warm day in store for you. good morning i'm christina loren. clear skies, 80s in some spots and then rain in your forecast for everybody. wide spread showers more on that
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in a moment. >> and we're looking at the nimitz, you have more traffic and issue through downtown oakland. historic day in oakland. apple joins dow 30 industrial. there's the ring. and speaking of the bell, the nasdaq. >> it was green early in the week for obvious reasons. >> that's thursday, a live look from san bernardino mountain, this is "today in the bay." >>. >> a very good thursday morning to you, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening a rare early morning session on capitol hill. legislators dealing with new
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developments. >> tracey potts. what are you hearing? >> republicans want to keep in place sanctions in iran. that's what john kerry is talking about negotiating out if iran agrees to curb their nuclear program over the next ten year. part of the issue going on right now, is whether they dropped sangs at the beginning. based on what iran pledges to do or whether they drop them over time and that's what they are trying to work out. the wild card here is israel. benjamin netteniahoo won re-election. he is against negotiations. state department said they don't think that will have an impact but they're waiting to see what happens today and tomorrow. after tomorrow if they announce more talks next week that's actually good news, could mean they are coming to a an agreement. >> tracie, thank you. >> back here, state attorney
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general said she used her personal e-mail for work but it only happened on rare oh cases. she said she does not use e-mail regularly anyway, but said she used her own private e-mail to reach top members of her staff harris said in rare cases she forwarded e-mails to co-workers with the words let's discuss. this comes after hillary clinton revealed she used her private e-mail while at the state department. and students were angry over a proposal to increase tuition over the next five years. governor brown said the hikes not necessary. but uc president janet napolitano disagrees. >> i would love to get back to where 90% came from the state and 10% from the students but we don't live in that kind of world. >> napolitano continues to negotiate tuition hikes but so far no break throughs.
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>> tuition rates have been rising and rising. onment rise temperatures for later in the day as we give you a live look outside. bay bridge and madness begins. >> that's right. if you're going out, we're getting heat, christina. >> and drop temperatures for the first day of spring. good morning to you, sam, laura. >> cool enough for a jacket but you want to peel it off. by lunch time temperatures climbing into the mid 60s everywhere at noon. even into the low 70s at noon. and temperatures round out in the 80s. warmest time of date as usual, 4:00. things will change by tomorrow we'll see day and light equal length. after that days get longer than nights and we spring into a new season with warmer weather. as a result of that new season and bay area in bloom we have high pollen levels to tell you about. today we're in the high range. tomorrow even higher. we'll peak friday the first day
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of spring and getting into the weekend, looking better as we head saturday, sunday and specifically monday with showers in the forecast. i'll show you a future cast and tell you who is expecting the most. there's another system on the way, monday we've got one and another wednesday. we'll give you details in a minute. right now check your drive with mike inouye. >> folks just joining us, everything was just on schedule. actually turning on metering lights. >> that's a pretty smooth drive and no problems. take a look at the map. a gradual build. east shore freeway showing speeds in the 50s. down toward the berkeley curve. we have no problems for 24 on the approach for 580 or 880. still reports of a slowing vehicle. no major concern but it does sound like the active id should clear very quickly.
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>> the other issue is further south. approaching the san mateo bridge and that has cleared from the roadway. there was a crash there but that quickly made its way out of the roadway. now you have typical slowing from heyward, freemont across 92, san mateo bridge. we'll give you a live look here. this is what we're talking about all week. things have really slammed down on the speeds, crawling towards the peninsula. that will kick in from 101 to 92 noon. westbound there's your commute. back out to the map. smooth flow of traffic to the tri-valley to the right. northbound 101, 87, 205 and 280 showing signs. as the drive builds. we get a live look to palo alto. middle of your screen this is no concern. this is north of ikea, the big
6:36 am
yellow and blue sign. >> and big furniture. >> hard to miss that thing. it's big. let's see if our money is building. let's check with scott mcgrew. good morning. >> we're watching apple. on the do you industridow indus. after a big run-up the fed add language to the interest rate predictions, looks like we'll not are have interest rates. apple announced it will split its stocks. the split means you own two shares with half as much. doesn't affect your wallet but makes it easier for new investors to come in because the stock will be cheaper. that takes effect at the end of the month. visa's four for one split was announced. if you don't get the stock split instead of double latte you have a single. but same caffeine.
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>> 6:36. still ahead a california law maker hopes to change the way america residues hostages abroad. we'll have details next. >> a quick look outside. starting to see the horizon. 6:36, we have a look at what the weather has in store for you. we'll give you another update on the roads. we'll beet bee righeel be right.
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welcome back. a california congressman would like to change how the u.s. deals with hostage situations and hoss stanls captured abroad. duncan hunter introduced a bill calling on the president to task one person to lead all efforts to free hostages. in arizona, police are trying to find a motive to a deadly shooting spree. mesa police say they don't know why a 41-year-old exconvict shot six people yesterday, killing one of them. the shootings happened in a motel, restaurant and apartment complex where the man was eventually arrested. >> today we could learn the name of the navy s.e.a.l. killed in a training mission. this happened in riverside county 75 miles south of l.a. military officials said that victim was one of seven s.e.a.l.s parachuting together in a remote training area. the victim's parachute malfunctioned and it's not sure
6:41 am
why. the boston bombing suspect has been indicted for the murder of miss. i.t. officer sean collier as tsarnaev killed him. the university of virginia students angry over the way a classmate was arrested. agents from the state alcohol control arrested martise johnson, it cell phone videos show him being roughed up by officers. he's facing charges of public intoxication. >> time 6:41. coming up next accusations of spying. plus a mother and baby boy hit in a crosswalk.
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the latest on the investigation next. >> $1 billion to fight the drought. details of governor brown's emergency relief plan. we'll have that next. >> and kind of crowded in the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the sun coming up. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after this break.
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yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. >> announcer: now 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." happening today, governor brown will announce he's ready to spend $1 billion to help people all across california to deal with this historic brought.
6:45 am
kris sanchez joining us live with more details on the governor's relief plan. a lot of money coming from taxpayers' approval from previous bond measures. >> exactly. we're talking about things like food for farm workers who have no work. and talking about water recycling. the governor has not put forth a lost specifics of his plan, but we expect to get those later on this morning. what we can tell you is that this comes about two days after the state water board called for mandatory restrictions for outdoor water use which is really where most people use the bulk of their water and we can tell you also that it is a plan much bigger than the plan -- the relief plan he called for this year and that included a number of measures as well that were intended to improve water use on farms, as well as to provide
6:46 am
some sort of recycling. this, again comes at the water board is warning some conservation measures really should become permanent. >> we're trying very, very hard to ring the bell, raise the floor, get some action but are considering permanent regulations as well as more drastic temporary regulations. >> now, the governor is unveiling his plan at 10:30 in sacramento this morning but critics really say the one thing he should be talking about is mandatory rationing of water. that's something the governor said at this point he is not willing to do. $1 million for relief in communities up and down california, we'll have to see how it shakes out for us in the bay area. kris sanchez in the bay area. >> thank you for that report. nbc bay area will be inside that
6:47 am
meeting. >> the drought is impacting the ski season. sugar bowl will end the ski season sunday because there's not enough snow. ski season usually ends in april, but, you know, it's been so warm up there. at a lot of snow. it's hard. they have snow makers but they can't keep it up there. >> that's what we like to call a bummer for some folks. time to check the microclimate forecast at 6:47. a live look as the sunrise just getting under way. joined the meteorologist christina loren. you say a couple resorts will try to push through to mid-april? >> we have a system headed that way as we get into monday. which is great news. we can take a look at where we stand in terms of statistical averages in one moment. that's not looking good. although the rainy season not bad. we're 100% of average in places
6:48 am
like mountain view when it comes to our rainy system. it's the snow back be need and systems have been warm. you see all facing east as we head west cause still dark. sunrise in the east, sets in the west. you know the drill. 80 in the tri-valley. meanwhile we'll be at 78 degree right here in the south bay. right now 19 degrees truckee. so they are trying to make that snow. so i can tell you, this is where we stand stadewide average at 12% for the year. yeah, we're looking pretty bad. nearing all-time lows below the 1976, 1977 drought levels. as we head throughout the weekend, mostly dry conditions. might get a little snowfall as we head throughout the morning. better chance monday. look at temperatures. in tahoe, 38 degrees as a high. they'll make snow all day long
6:49 am
squaw and alpine monday and getting that natural snow as well. i have to tell you as we head through the next couple days, temperatures will be pretty warm. a lot of snow will melt for the afternoon hours. 73 degrees for friday. looking really comfortable the next couple days although taking a nice dive between today and tomorrow. as we head through the weekend. temperatures stay pretty steady. we have a chance of showers mostly up in the north bay. a better chance as we get into monday. let me show you future cast what to expect. stop the clock at 10:00 a.m. saturday. even in san francisco at the coast getting light precipitation at that point. we continue to move you forward in time. by 9:00 p.m. sunday night, looking good for wide spread shower activity. that will continue overnight until 10:00 a.m. then we see that shower activity even go longer than that until 3:00 p.m. monday. a lot of rich moisture moves right over tahoe, so this could
6:50 am
end up being very beneficial for resorts that do stay hope. my note for you, make sure you turn the sprinklers off. there's another system on its tail as we head throughout wednesday of next week. more on that. right now, i want to check your drive. here's mike. we'll see you tomorrow with all of the latest. mike? >> we'll see you right now for what you might be late from. this is a slower drive through freemont. i wouldn't to show you some additional slowing because of the crash. south 80 between mallory. now it's rippling back towards dakoto. we'll watch that drive. right now nip cal build, hayward, southbound 880. and those folks heading west into n toward the san mateo bridge and peninsula. as we look here, nothing unusual
6:51 am
about that drive. showing the build towards pleasanton and heading over 24 through lafayette. no problems towards the bay bridge. earlier stall southbound cleared. we are looking at beth sides. anywhere north of 92. there's the peninsula drive, 101. south bay, i'll show you a typical build. west 237 slow as you would expect but another crash around laurence express way there into towards sunnyville. we look at san rafael. camera southbound shows a build. no surprises. back you to. >> thank you, mike. at 6:51 this monk a mother and her 1-year-old baby boy are in grave condition after they were hit by a car.
6:52 am
the mother was pushing her baby in a crosswalk last night. this happened on the tennyson off-ramp. >> we're told that impact sent the baby and the woman flying on to the onramp. >> that's something that chp is looking into the the young mother and her 1-year-old baby boy are in the hospital with what chp describes as major injuries. last night around 7:00 while it just turned dark, she was pushing the stroller with her 1-year-old baby across that crosswalk. they were in the crosswalk, crossing like this man is right here. this is the tennyson road on ramp in hayward. again, around 7:00, a woman, 22 years old in a small white suv came along and plowed into the mother and her son, knocking the mother and son into the middle
6:53 am
of the road on the on ramp where they lay wounded until help arrived. the woman, the driver of that suv, chp tells us she did stop and waited until authorities arrived and has been cooperative. they do not believe she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. one item that they might focus on is the broken street lamp. it was not on. it was dark out here. and they'll look into whether or not that might have played a factor. if the driver didn't see the mother and 1-year-old boy in the stroller because it was too dark out. reporting live in hayward. bob redell. "today in the bay." >> very sad. in san francisco a 5-year-old girl and her mother recovering after they were struck in a crosswalk as well. this happened north of the
6:54 am
campus. the driver, an 86-year-old woman stopped and cooperated with police. no word of any charges. >> this morning, we learned a man who drowned into the bay was a popular professor. 55-year-old was kayaking when he tipped over and fell into the water. he was not wearing a life jacket. he was a life sciences professor at santa rosa junior college. >> and it's 6:54, five takens are in court this morning. he shthey shot and killed juan luna. following that shooting they were accused of going on a three-day crime spree. >> 6:54 cal osha is investigating a construction accident in cupertino. a worker was hurt.
6:55 am
the ambulance took him to the hospital with nonlife threatening industries. no word if this sets back the project. apple's headquarters expected to open neck year. and police chief sent san jose counsell members outlining a plan for a pilot program to start in september that will involve a dozen officers at first. the public safety committee will discuss the rollout. all officers are expected to have body cameras pie neck year. a spying scandal at an unlikely place, the san francisco zoo. >> they're holding a press conference later in the morning. stephanie chuang is here to explain the and give more context. >> yes. the zoo keepers generally have radios on them at all times.
6:56 am
you can imagine the concerns here. the union local teamsters 856 says it confirmed that the zoo recently installed technology on a new radio system allow at least two people to perhaps eavesdrop. the director of i.t. management have been able to secretly tune in to what employees talking about and they are questioning whether it's a violation of state and federal law. late last night the san francisco zoo issued a statement saying once it discovered the monitoring feature it turned it off. zoo management has no interest monitoring conversations. safety is a top priority for the zoo and the new system was installed to ensure employees are working in the safest possible environment. zoo keepers and reps expected to hold a press conference here. we reached out to both sides and we hope to get the latest forred mitt-d mid day newscast later this morning. if you're in the market for
6:57 am
an electric car, a tesla, chevy? owners in california getting a sweet dig. >> thousands of dollars in tax rebates scott, maybe money from pg&e? >> that's right. they may give electric car owners a rebate. pg&e considering very big rebates for home owner who plug in scars. how much? that we don't know. add that to federal tax breaks, rebates, state breaks adding up to tins of thousands of dollars. speaking of people sending checks. hewlett-packard is raising a dividend by 10%. it's a share of profits a company pays shareholders. not every company does that, of course. i want to take you back to tuesday and the president's meeting at the prime minister of island. look at president's wrist there. right there, that is a fitbit. we have not seen the president wearing a fitbit before. we kind of wonder who is
6:58 am
tracking his data but we assume the first lady. speaking of wearables, intel, google and swiss watch maker tag heuer will make a watch that's less sophisticated. >> and you'll still be able to tell people what time it is. always a key feature. >> we have our phones for that. >> final check of today's top stories. target settling a class action include settling from the data breach. $10 million to be complete between 110 million people affected bite breach. >> and a 1-year-old and a young woman in the hospital after stuck in a crosswalk by an suv. governor brown will announce emergency brought relief measures today. that move comes days after the state water resources control board expanded emergency
6:59 am
regulations curbing water use. okay. take a deep breath, because we are mosley through the week. what is in store, christina? >> i can appreciate that. it will beet warmest day of the week. final day of winter. 40s and 50s to start. a few 80s out there. 79 in the north bay. >> wow. maybe a good day to head to the beach if you can make it. >> let's start with that unpleasantness right here. this is san mateo bridge. it's heavier than we're used to seeing. west 92 ahead of us. that's moving, though. look at the map. you see a slow drought. of course the usual suspects not so bad for a typical thursday. that's pleasant consider the maze is moving as well. bottom of your screen, down toward the san mateo bridge, and the tri-valley to the right side of the screen. typical pattern may be lighter
7:00 am
except for hayward. here's the south bay. nothing unusual. the crashes including 237 at laurence. >> that's a good deal. that's what is happening "today in the bay". uproar. angry protests angry protests from a university of virginia student. >> how did this happen? >> the governor calling for an immediate investigation. new revelations police say robert durst had a mask, a fake i.d. and $42,000 in cash when he was arrested for murder. will he be granted bail. the northeast set to get hit by another storm on the first day of spring. after that system drenches the south today.


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