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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. good evening, everyone i'm jessica aguirre. >> that breaking news in san francisco, a desperate search for an escaped inmate. that inmate escaped while being transported by a sheriff's deputy a few hours ago. it's a coordinated search by the sheriff's department and sfpd. we i have crew on the screen and we'll continue to update this breaking news throughout this
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newscast. . [ shouting ] >> protesters angry about last week's officer-involved shooting in san francisco disrupted a community meeting this evening. this shooting resulted in the death of 24-year-old alice brown. police say two plain-clothed officers were investigating a stolen car, paed at a gas station when they approached her car. they say she took off crashing into buildings and cars. officers say they shot her to protect bystanders. but the family's attorney may believe she was the one in danger. >> there's some suggestions that the officers had not identified themselves as officers and were plain-clothed officers and thus coming upon the car, frightened her into a frenzy. >> some witnesses have questioned the police department's version of events. others say brown was recklessly putting people and police in danger. this just in police have arrested a man after he allegedly tried to abduct a
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teenage girl as she walked to school about a block away from deer valley high in antioch. officers spotted javon allen's car. and he suspected of another attempted kidnapping last month. heart break, a young girl has lost her mother and a man, his fiancee, when a truck overturned on her in her car in the driveway. terry, that dump truck just sat on top of the woman's car for hours this afternoon. >> yeah. from about 1:00 in the afternoon until 6:30 quarter to 7:00 this evening. the truck was on top of the car. the family was out here. it was a heart-wrenching scene. tonight, friends, family neighbors coming to this spot to look up at the area where this woman's life ended so abruptly. in the darkness tonight, people came to the scene of the accident to pay tribute to this
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woman. 32-year-old lindsey combs. some of those out here grew up with her. >> she was a very sweet, loving person. she really loved her daughter. she was always posting pictures and talking about her on facebook. >> reporter: for five years, regina simmons worked as a hairstylist with lindsay at sport clips in pleasant hills. >> she was a beautiful mother and she was very happy and at a very good place in her life right now. this is very tragic. >> reporter: about 1:00 today, they were delivering gravel and the driver checked to make sure the car was a safe distance but jjr construction said another worker asked her to move her car further away. she had just backed up a few feet when the trailer full of gravel and high in the air came down on top of her vehicle. several people tried to free her. >> one of the workers on the sidewalk was already trying to dig the girl out from the car.
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so i started helping him dig her out. i told another worker to grab the tractor. tried to use the tractor to lift the trailer off the car, but it wasn't strong enough. >> family members say the victim's 4-year-old daughter saw it all. >> i don't think the daughter knew what was going on. >> the little girl was her world. >> caller: combs' fiancee was in the house at the time of her death. the driver said he's been delivering gravel 30 years and has never had a trailer tip over on him until today. cal osha is investigating this accident. the family may release a statement about the death sometime tomorrow. terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. suddenly the ground fell underneath them. tonight a local preschool is mourning the death of one of its teachers. nancy blum died over the weekend when part of the trail collapsed in marin county. it's a popular trail.
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blum and a friend fell nearly 70 feet. they were airlifted out after some good samaritans pulled them from the rubble. this is video of the trail today. most of it is gone. this trail is now closed to hikers. blum worked at the sarah preschool in san francisco. a tense afternoon in palo alto. the s.w.a.t. team and bomb squad surrounded a home on els nor drive for several hours off oregon expressway. they trapped a burglary suspect inside of that home. that man released a woman in her 90s who lived there. he was finally caught when a k-9 unit found him inside the garage. mountain view police are looking for two men who attacked another man flying a remote controlled airplane 6:30 last night an monta loma elementary. the man was punched several times. the men did run away. investigators are asking anyone with information to now come forward. security is tighter than normal at tonight's ncaa women's
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basketball game in maryland. president obama's niece who plays for princeton, got a death threat this afternoon. undercover officers and the secret service monitored the game. was president was at princeton's first round game on saturday but he was not at tonight's game. first with twitter and then before a crowd of thousands, tea party senator ted cruz announced his bid for the white house today. the freshman texas senator has the support of many conservative activists, but remains a divisive figure even within the republican party. cruz spoke today at an excited crowd at jerry fald wel's eevangelical university in virginia. >> i believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to re-ignite the promise of america. and that is why today i am announcing that i'm running for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> cruz is the first candidate in either party to announce his
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presidential run. hillary clinton, jeb bush and many others are expected to soon follow suit. no get out of jail card. multimillionaire robert durst denied bail today and tonight he's being investigated for another disappearance. prosecutors argued he's a flight risk. he's being held in louisiana awaiting extradition to california. police are investigating his connection to the disappearance of a college student in the 1970s. a documentary brought light to his potential link to three murders. "rolling stone" magazine may be facing a lawsuit after an article in the magazine detailed a rape of a student during a party at a frat house. today an investigation found nothing to support the allegations and that the alleged victim wasn't even cooperating with police. "rolling stone" issued an apology this year admitting it
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never corroborated the woman's story and never spoke to the men accused. the fraternity says they're now looking into legal options again the magazine. an sfpd shooting is being reviewed by the supreme court. at issue, how the police deal with mentally ill patients. in 2008 officers shot theresa shin after she came at them with a knife. she's schizophrenic and had threatened to kill her social worker. she survived that shooting and her lawsuit is being held by the supreme court, accuses police of violating her rights as a disabled personalurpose. amy's kitchen and voluntarily recalling 74,000 cases of organic products. among the dozens of products recalled amy's vegetable lasagne, enchiladas and spin ash pizza. the supplier told them the greens could be tainted with
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listeria. it could cause serious and deadly infections. you can see complete details of the recall on our website, nbc bay selling or renting your home could come with a new proposal. it would require anyone with a wood-burning fireplace to replace it before putting it up for sale or rent. it's good for bay area air quality, but a non-wood burning insert could set you back thousands of dollars. critics say it's an unfair expense. if adopted, the new rules will be in effect in november. and good evening, we're tracking rainfall just off to the north. we'll have the full timeline on this and what our best chances of showers will be. plus a major warm-up this week and when we'll hit 85 degrees. also ahead, some potent pot. the new report on marijuana that has some people concerned. and the stars of one of tv's biggest shows walk the red carpet in san francisco as-game
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of thrones debuts its new season. we'll tell you why the show chose the bay area for its premiere. and you don't mean many boys as disciplined as this young boy. the world record he just set and what he's trying to do next.
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it may be spring but winter is coming to the bay area. hbo premiere "game of thrones" season 5 in san francisco tonight. nbc bay area ian cull joins us with the details. >> jessica, not only is there a large fan base in the bay area tonight's premiere is also about what happens next for the show. not in the episodes but how those episodes are shown. from the red wedding to the red carpet a show known for twists gives fans another one. >> for tonight's -- >> reporter: hbo hosting and streaming the event leading up to the san francisco premiere on facebook. >> we have a facebook question for you. >> reporter: fans given the chance to ask their favorite stars questions on social media. >> sonya asked, do you think
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your character is ready to take the throne or does she still need some more lessons before doing so? >> i feel like she's getting closer with every episode, let alone every season. >> reporter: show-related selfies gracing the red carpet with the stars, exclusive behind-the-scene content over the stream. >> finally the stories that never overlapped before are overlapping. >> reporter: and if the event needed a more technology connection, it comes weeks after hbo now is announced. it will be exclusively available on apple tvs, a stand alone streaming service for people to access the channel on mobile devices is available in three weeks, just in time for fans to tune in to the game of thrones television premiere. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: if the 14 million likes on the show's page or tens of thousands tuning in tonight are any indication, the season
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premiere is sure to draw a crowd online. >> hbo now will cost you $15 a month. season five of "game of thrones" premieres april 12th. >> i got to start watching the show now. your twitter feed is going to get more animated. they're testing a new strategy for videos. soon videos will play automatically on your feed. facebook has been doing this for a couple of years. twitter hopes the videos will increase ad revenues. the private actress angelina jolie is again sharing personal news tonight. you may remember that two years ago she underwent a double mastectomy. joely now says she's had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed as well. she's making the announcement in tomorrow's "new york times" just as she did last time. she said she under went the procedure last week and tests showed she had an increased
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chance of ovarian cancer which killed her mother. she's undergoing hormone replacement therapy but says she's experiencing early menopause. she's making the news known so that other women will step forward and get checked as well. a new studyy shows marijuana to be a lot more potent. scientists compared it to marijuana from a decade ago. they say the thc, the chemical in pot which makes a person high, is more powerful than ever before. while the chemical which has therapeutic value, is going down. doctors worry the stronger weed is the reason they're seeing more people in emergency rooms with adverse reactions. silicon valley had a lot of people at the white house today. of the 35 young science fair winners showing off their research two of them from san jose. 19-year-old natalie and a freshman at stanford. it's a diagnostic tool to help
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doctors customize treatments for breast cancer patients. >> it's a surreal experience to be here. i could never imagine that all the research i did in high school could have brought me here. >> the president, also impressed by the biocensor, invented by a student from lin brook high the single drop of blood can test for particular cardiac biomarkers speeding up the diagnosis of some heart conditions. another student recognized for i her work on fabric strength which has hazmat applications and spacesuits. >> this is what they do for their homework assignments on the weekend. >> completely outsmarting us in every respect. >> and now our own nbc scientists, you can run with these young people. >> every time we do stories like that, i got to hit the books again. these kids are smart. you can see here, we get a look at the radar picture. we had some rainfall not 24 hours ago. and we're still looking at a storm system off to the north.
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that main branch of the jet stream which brings the storms in is just here over the northern california/oregon border. for us it's cloud cover at the moment. we'll get a closer look at what's happening. you can see it's trace amounts to about .007 inch per hour. so it's not a lot of storm system, but anything is better than nothing. we think we'll eventually get a small slice of this as we head through tomorrow. more coming up in just a minute. you can see it's 55 degrees in the south bay. uniform in the peninsula and the east bay. as you look at the microclimate. the north bay, 53. everyone dealing with cloud cover now and that's not going to change for tomorrow. do not expect to wake up and need your sunglasses for the morning commute. it will be a mainly cloudy start
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for tomorrow morning. temperatures, not overly cold. 51 in the peninsula, and 48 in the east bay. san francisco and north bay to focus on a slight chance of showers in the forecast. i want to detail that possibility of showers. a little bit better for you. because we're not looking at an extreme wet day for tomorrow. the future cast is the best tool for this. it shows the rain and the clouds. tomorrow morning you see the time bar on the top of your screen we'll pause it at different variations through tomorrow. throughout 6:00 a.m. a little bit of activity bubbling up from the storm system that we highlighted up to the north. as we head to 7:00 in the morning, this is where i think golden gate bay bridge commuters maybe the san mateo bridge could see a few showers. intermittently, 7 to 8:00 again, not expecting heavy totals trace amounts to .07
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inch. we'll keep the clouds through the day but i think we'll get sun breaks in here for partly sunny skies for the peninsula, south bay, and east bay. we'll show you that better on our microclimate forecast for tuesday. daytime high a little bit above average. san jose 70 degrees. morgan hills, 69. peninsula, cloudier here especially in pacifica and foster city. in san francisco, again, we have the best possibility of showers. and mid 60s. now let's take you to the north bay, east bay and trivalley, there's just two locations expecting the chance of showers. it will be up into napa and santa rosa. temperatures in the upper 60s. oakland, 69 degrees. or inda, temperatures in the low 70s and for the trivalley 70 in pleasanton. it's looking a little bit like bring, but don't get used to it. a region of high pressure for wednesday, thursday and friday.
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you can forget about spring. this is more of a summertime ridge of high pressure that's building in it will boost temperatures extremely strong. in fact so high we're looking at record-setting heat by thursday and friday. 80s returning in san jose. 70s in san francisco. maybe a chance of showers in san francisco by saturday. but really the bottom headline as we head throughout the week is it's going to be another warm one. we may actually get some beach weather by thursday. if you have thursday off, that's going to be the day to play on the beach. >> should we take the day off? >> maybe. >> at the same time? >> yes. we'll need a hall pass from jim. a 10-year-old boy from the south bay just set a world record. coming up we'll show you his claim to fame. >> also, jimmy. >> hey, everyone in the bay area january jones and bubba watsoner here. and music from brandon flowers. you got to watch. we're on next.
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er here. and music from brandon flowers. you got to watch. we're on next. r here. and music from brandon flowers. you got to watch. we're on next. ar here. and music from brandon flowers. you got to watch. we're on next. e here. and music from brandon flowers. you got to watch. we're on next.
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he's cold and he's injured, but he's alive. a uc santa barbara student missing in yosemit was found today. michael doll and his friends arrived on saturday. after a short hike his friends reported him missing, launching a search and rescue mission from 50 people from five different counties. 11 this morning, he was recognized from flyers posted across the park. he was in a boulder field near the lower yosemite falls. he was hospitalized with head injuries and hypothermia. no other details have been released. a rock n roll hall of famer hit and injured a jogger in southern california this weekend. california highway patrol said david crosby was driving his tesla and struck a man jogging. the man suffered broken bones, but it expected to make a full recovery. the chp said crosby stopped to help the jogger and fully cooperated with officers.
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they say neither drugs nor alcohol were a factor in the accident. a lot of vips showing up at the game in oakland. we'll show you who next.
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♪ hi issue everybody, i'm dave
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feldman. tonight the warriors welcomed their lone bay area championship team back to oracle and looked very much like a team that could join them come june. warriors/wizards and the 74-75 warriors commemorated their cinderella championship on the court on monday. third quarter. harrison barnes steals and steph curry for three. washington held 11 minutes without a field goal. next warriors possession curry sinks another three. he was 5 of 8 from three-point range. and the warriors win another lapper. 107-76. women's madness. stanford taking on oklahoma. second half stanford up two. amber from deep. the senior had a game-high 24 points. later, the drive and the kick. robberson caps an 11-0 stanford run. bonnie samuelson from the
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corner. sanford wins and plays notre dame on friday. sharks and senators. san jose in serious need of a win. second period tierney skates in front and finds the net. sharks take the lead 2-1. third period now. sens get off a flurry of shots and it's hit home. at wa ottawa takes the lead. sens scores four in the third and win 5-2. the nfl owners are meeting and one of the biggest things so far, the suspension of blackouts for the 2015 season. the rule was past and blocked the broadcast of games. in recent years, the raiders have avoided blackouts by cutting down on the number of available seats at this year that won't have to happen. spring training action a's
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and indians. bottom three. carlos santana, bam. a two-run home run. it's 5-0 indians. rough day for the a's reliever ryan cook though. gave up three runs in two innings, an e.r.a. of 16.88 this spring. a's fall 8-3. giants hosting the royals. pick it up bottom two. adam duvall hits one to left. alex gordon can't get it. brandon crawford scores. duvall ends up at third. seventh inning 4-3 giants and cuban prospect danielle car bow homers to left giants win 8-3, snapping their 4-game losing streak. somber note long time baseball writer nick peters has passed away at the age of 75. peters retired in 2007 and mostly covered the giants over his five-decade career and was
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inducted into cooperstown in 2009. he's a native of san francisco, grew up in china basin long before there was a ballpark there. more news with raj and jess coming up after the break. stay with us.
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today elementary school tomorrow maybe the olympics. a 10-year-old boy from south bay just set a world record at yesterday's oakland running festival. elliot daniels broke the record
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in the half marathon. he ran 13 miles in less than 90 minutes, nearly two minutes faster than the previous record. >> the last three miles, my legs got tired but i still broke the record and i felt good at the end. >> i can't push him because i can't catch him. so i don't push him. he runs because he loves running. he would cry if he didn't train and didn't run. >> dad can't even keep up. he looks like a star, doesn't he? even has a special diet. no processed sugar. just vegetables and meat and a processed beet juice. >> wow, that's good. >> bye-bye. n rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- january jones, bubba watson musical guest brandon flowers,
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 230! mauritius, madagascar! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! that's a hot crowd tonight! hot crowd! welcome! welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome! thank you for being here. thank you. welcome to "the tonight show." thank you for being here, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] oh, makes me feel good. i'm happy you're here.


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