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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, a developing story in the south bay. another security breach at the san jose airport and the fifth one this year alone. i'm janet wang in for jessica
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aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. cheryl hurd is there. >> and the big question is she was caught but how did she get beyond the secured fence and get beyond the secured perimeters in the first place. >> reporter: she jum pdped the secured perimeter of the southwest corner of the airport. >> she was spotted by an employee virtually at the corner and she was confronted and then they brought in airport operations people to contain her, and she was arrested by san jose police. >> reporter: she was combative and police had to subdue her before making the arrest. an airport worker was the first to see her. >> and they did what they were supposed to do.
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when you see someone that you don't recognize. >> reporter: police know about investigating the breaches at sjc, because there are five in 12 month, and the most notable is last april when a teenager scaled the fence and jumped into a wheel well of a plane and survived a five-hour flight to hawaii. in august marilyn hartman successfully boarded a flight to los angeles where she was arrested, and that is something that she had attempted at other airports before. and then in april a 39-year-old man was booked into jail and charged with stealing a truck apdnd taking a joyride from a parking lot to terminal b. in january, surveillance cameras caught a man wandering beyond the secured perimeter of the airport. this latest breach is under in investigation. >> our security staff will investigate and probably with be assisted be by the tsa and by police. police. >> reporter: we are told that
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airport operations went on without a hitch. travelers apparently had no idea that this was going on. reporting live in san jose i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. and now to another developing story, late tonight the l.a. county coroner left the home of andrew get ti the heir of to getty family and oil tycoon j. paul getty. >> yes, andrew getty owning this place here and tonight, the family with broken hearts.
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>> reporter: the family is staked out after his body was found in the west hollywood home. the los angeles times are report ing that the body was naked from the waist up, and found in the bathroom. >> he was not feeling good for the last couple of month and he had a appointment scheduled tomorrow with a personal physician. it appears it is natural. >> reporter: police say that a woman called 911 to report the death, and cooperating. the family is asking for the public and media to respect their privacy. he was the grandson of j. paul getty, with one of the richest oil heirs. and if america had royalty, to gettys would be it. they made numerous contributions to the arts and also to democrats like nancy pelosi and willy brown and gavin newsom. and andrew was a friend of gavin
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newsome. and when president obama comes to raise money, the mansion is a regular stop. >> i want to point out that the death is not foul play but ooet either accidental or natural. terry mcsweeney bay area news. >> thank you, terry. another strange twist in the vallejo kidnapping for ransom. the group claims that the kidnapping was a training mission to test methods on big biggerer methods and they ran the training out of muir island. the a's are kicking off the season next monday night at the
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coliseum b but the kon troe arecontroversy of gay rights has kicked up. there is a show of unity already displayed by a player's girlfriend. jean elle has the story. >> reporter: it is said that homophobia here in the bay area is not unusual, and they say that allies will stand up gains against the heat, and tonight, they have a high profile ally. the oakland a's announced the first pride night in june and the reaction is mixed. john doolittle's girlfriend is thrilled because she has two moms and a dad. >> well shgs, my mom came out first, and she told me about this woman that she was in a relagtsshiptionship
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with for two decades. >> reporter: and some of the negatives that were put out was very negative. >> and she was afraid and i said that some of the people going were not as nervous as she was, and that they would be proud. >> reporter: and showing the support for the lgbtq community, and so she is going to take it further, and making money, and donating money for the gay pride night, and she says that she will buy tickets, and the money will go to the groups living in shelters. and from the center where they were celebrating a day of free from phobias, the director said it is heartening. >> we would like to think that we don't have the problems, but
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we do as many in the country. >> reporter: for many it is a call of action. >> it will be a wonderful celebration. >> reporter: and in some, they were talking about showing their trans pride at an a's game. >> so we want to show the differences, and bring on the game, and truly say to you let's play ball. >> reporter: and ellen dolan says she will be there with her mom, and her dad, and she is saying that they are hoping that the pride night will be a successful event, and showing that the organization is welcoming of all fans. >> the city of oakland is also supporting the lgbt community by boycotting indiana because of the latest religious freedom restoration act. the new law will allow businesses to discriminate
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against people because of their sexual orientation. and because of this backlash the indiana governor say ss they are working to repair the back lar against this law. >> today, the german airliner of germanwings is saying that andreas lubitz the co-pilot who crash ed crashed the plane last week was undergoing treatment. he locked the pilot out of the cockpit last week, and crashed the plane into the french alps killing all of the 150 people aboard, and lufthansa, the parent company could face millions in damages. today is the first day of new members as new firefighters
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are being trained. 35 new firefighters are having trains two months ahead of schedule. the drills are set up so that the well water that is being used for the drills goes right back into the ground. well, the drought is not only impacting firefighters burk also bars. >> and it is called drought kon ser va igs -- conservation. >> reporter: today, if you ord ear drink without ice, you will get $1 off. >> it is the only thing that you can cut back on. >> reporter: it sis the only thing she says that she could conserve. she already composeepostcomposts, and now she is going to try to conserve with ice. >> we are trying to figure out how to cop serve in any way sfwlr if it is a lievation lacking ice, it isless.
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>> you come here to get beer anyway and the fact that it is a $1 off, and helping with the water conservation fine. >> reporter: she says that many of the cocktails call for ice, but if she can only use half of the ice it will add up. >> it is marginal gain and if you can get a lot of people to do a little bit, then maybe maybe maybe lit do something maybe. >> ian kole. >> i am paying emergency treatment care that i knew were not mine. >> next up at. 1:00, it is a new -- next up at 11:00, medical identity theft affected more than 2 million
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people last year, and we will show you how the protect your medical records. do you know what you are feeding your pet? surprising new research in pet food. i'm jeff ranieri, and gusty winds for today, and we are tracking the wind for tomorrow, and we will tell you how is it going to impact your allergies in a moment.
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here it is the next hot spot for hackers, stealing your medical identity. >> your health information is worth up to 20 times more than traditional credit card death. >> and we have to look at the cost of this identity death. vicki nguyen has a look at this. >> imagine using this information to get medical treatment, and thaey say it is tough to get your medical identities back, and it happened to 2.3 million people right here in the u.s., including the man you are about to meet. >> ronny vogel was on vacation in las vegas when he decided to splurge and apply for a credit card and he was rejected. >> i was really surprised by that because i had only had one other credit card and all of my
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payments were on time. >> reporter: when the automatic credit card showed up in the mail. >> it was pages and pages and upon pages of unpaid emergency care and unpaid medical treatments. >> reporter: it was a laundry list nationwide from florida to tennessee to colorado and washington. >> states that i have never visited, ever. at that the point i knew that something very, very wrong. >> reporter: he showed us some of the bills including this recent $728 at st. joseph's in washington. >> they are unpaid bills in the thousands of dollars. >> medical identity theft is when somebody else uses somebody else's identity to obtain goods and services. >> reporter: this woman leads the american alliance against medical fraud. this study found that vicktims
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had to pay an average of $13,500 to resolve the crime. so it is expensive when someone steals your identity, but it can be dangerous, because my blood type is a-positive and i don't have any allergies, but -- >> but wait i'm the real vicki nguyen and i have o-negative blood and i do have allergies. >> and when your information includes your date of birth and other information, you cannot shut them down, and issue a new one. >> reporter: just ask ronny, because it has been five years since he discovered this trail of medical bills and he is still battling the hospital, and what's more, he thinks that this is the pan who stole the his identity his long lost brother.
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we learn tad he worked for a carnival company, and we tracked him to washington and he has eight citations and most of them for drunken conduct, and it is in his ronny's name. >> yes, it is terrifying. >> reporter: and then we saw video of a cop car that was taken from the police car of him urinating, and showed it to the real ronny. >> ronny. sit up. >> when you see the officer calling him by your name? >> yes i am seeing some disgusting person handcuffed. >> reporter: yes, he gave the officer ronny's information. and it is common that 1 in 4 has their medical identity stolen.
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>> and you have to protect your identity. >> and now, in the fines unit he says that you vhave the benefits, and you have to read the treatment described it in and if anything is wrong, review it right away. >> you have a right to review your medical records right away. >> yes, and report it to the police right away. >> and a lot of times, people report it, and it goes into big black hole. >> well, we have to start somewhere and it goes with the report. >> and ronny can't comment on the report, but it is going to go further thanks to the information we uncovered. >> i deserve to face the person in court, and i deserve the piece of mind know-- peace of mind
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that he won't do it again. >> and he is hoping that his identity theft will come to an end. >> and if you get one of the identity theft files to be al alerted they also ask for the password, and then police will know they are dealing with the imposter imposter. >> and interesting how you were able to track him down in washington. >> yes, and now the santa clara d.a. is going to take some action and we hope to have a follow-up report. >> and if you are going to be investigating send us a tip, and e-mail at the newsroom. and jeff we can see the camera bouncing around. >> yes, it is windy and right now the winds are gusting to 25, and with the blustery conditions to night, it is going to be clear skies across the south bay
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with temperatures in the mid-50s and north bay checking in 53 and so with unlimited visibility right now, it is going to mean a sunny start tomorrow morning and also a few more changes besides the fact that it is going start out with the sunshine, and 45 in the south bay, and it looks like the coldest location will be the north bay with average of 40 degrees. we are counting on at least the sun in the morning hours to help the temperatures down in the cooler temperatures. and the 71 in san jose with sunny sky, and cooler in morgan hill, and for the peninsula, we will have 78 in palo alto and that colder wind ripping right through san francisco, and all areas are expected to stay in the 60s for tomorrow. and let's go into the east bay with the tri valley popping up for 71 and 69 in oakland and
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back to lafayette, and 70 in the tri valley and a low of 70s and with the winds staying in the forecast for tomorrow in the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour hour, it is a great day, and if you suffer from the allergies, check this out all of the irritants in the atmosphere pine and juniper and ash will be out, but the side effect is the pollen blowing around and the next change is blowing around, and the wind blowing around out of the north and the east and it is going to be taking some hotter air across the bay area and still breezing on thursday, and still the slight directional change will warm up and as you look at the extended forecast, you will see it getting around thursday and friday and not extremely hot, but you will see it in san jose 74 thursday and friday and 75 in
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sfranz and by saturday, we will cool down, and sheer the biggest change in case you haven't seen the weather at all, tuning in chances on easter sunday, not a big system and trace amounts at 0.10 and promising for more rainfall by tuesday and wednesday, and just because we have three more second, it is going to be sierra some snow possibly. >> we are still holding on. >> yes. >> and what is nin the pet food of yours? >> and we have jimmy. >> we have ethan hawk and cory and the puppys who will pick the final four.
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♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier.
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okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so what is really in your pet's food this is a new release in europe says that many pet food brands include animal parts not listed on the labels.
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they looked at labels of both dogs and cats and they did not contain elements on the label and they said that they don't apply to american pet food, but however, some of the brands studied are sold here. >> traveling with your pet is about to be less stressful at one airline. delta is going high-tech for $50 $50, yoepres can put their crate with a monitor and get dayta with the surrounding temperature and the position. and previously, you could only have data before and after and it is only for pets that travel via cargo flights. >> and it is amazing what they are doing. we will show you what the warriors have been doing.
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good evening, gerardr mon cure -- geraud moncure, and how good have be the warriors been? the clippers have a chance to do so in tinsel town, and the warriors with no draymond green in the second quarter, and here
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is the highlight tonight. breaking the ankles and insult to injury u and a filthy move and you have not seen cp3 shook like that, and clay thomklay thompson on the baseline and he fades and fires and warriors go on to win it, and curry 27 and thompson 25 and victory 97 on the victory. and now to madison square garden chaseson randle on this one, putting the cardinal on the his back, and great touch on the floater, and he had the cardinal winning to face miami for the crown. >> and the rockies and the giant s giants in scottsdale, and second to last outing for the g-men. >> and now, troy tulowitzki goes down swinging and one of the three hits.
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he went 3 for 3, and now just enough wood on that single and there is casey many mcgee and the giants win it 4-3, and final li finally the a's, and the angels are lighting up the scoreboard and that is a big fly. massive shot and the straight away center field, and 4-0, oakland, and however, barry zito got roughed up. collin cowgill leaving the yard and now david freese is heat inging up the two-run shot center field, and just like that, tie game. zito four innings, giving up eight hits, and seven earned runs and the a's survive though, 13-10. that is it sports wise. more news coming up after the break.
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pacman is ready to gobble up your neighborhood for real. you can play the '80s arcade favorite using googol maps and do it right now. i lost. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ethan hawke, willie and korie robertson


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