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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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just want to see what this is all about and pay their respects in any way they can. such an incredible shot here. you have the flag over the s.a.p. center and hundreds of officers are going in. many different colors. you have the black and blue for the san jose police department. but you have sailors, and you have people from all over the country as well as the bay area here to pay their respects. we'll send back in to you now. >> i don't think you can overstate how powerful that human chord was, seeing all of the officers lined up outside of the s.a.p. center and now returning and filing back inside as they carry his body inside to begin this ceremony. just words can't do that justice. >> no, very much so. this is a live look inside s.a.p. center where many dignitaries will gather as well. the bishop of santa clara will be leading prayer as well as the amazing grace we'll hear. we're curious to hear from the chief of police who is set to
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share stories about the officer as well. >> i think a funny story or two might be nice for the audience there. you actually saw his squad car spotlighted in the center of the arena as well. a very nice tribute there, physical tangible tribute to him as the ceremony get under way soon. >> exactly. all of these officers the chp officers interesting for michelle to note as well as far as she could see, naming all the different agencies. just that her naked eye could see, morgan hill and santa clara and this and we have heard from texas, from oregon from los angeles, from new york. just a sea of blue a sea of tribute from throughout the country. >> yes, one community of people all getting together to celebrate officer johnson's life. now, while today is the official memorial for officer johnson, the community support has poured in for san jose police over the last week. >> a memorial for johnson was held late friday on senter road and more than 100 people showed up for the vigil.
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the deadly shooting. another memorial for johnson took place the same night in the courtyard at san jose city hall. it was hosted by star of david ministries and dr. martin luther jr. association. >> and you'll see the flowers and notes of condolences, all of the people that came in last week leaving these things in front of the san jose police department administrative building with a picture of michael johnson in front of them. it's not just members of the community. it's other bay area police departments contacting sjpd to find out whey they can do to express their sentiments. they have been dropping off items all week in honor of officer johnson. >> also several smaller tributes, including at san jose regional medical center where all of the emergency room lights are blue. a way to show solidarity and support for the officer's family. >> one of the biggest ways the san jose police department is getting support right now is from oirt agencies. this is a subject that michelle
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roberts touched on a second ago. sjpd said every single law enforcement agency in the bay area is offering to staff the streets today, allowing the officers in the department to attend this morning's memorial service. a touching gesture. >> a former san jose shark is leading his support. >> owen nolan, part owner of the brittania arms holding a fund-raiser at the almaden location as well as the one on santa clara street. the fund-raiser runs all day and all the proceeds will go directly to the johnson family. >> the san jose earthquakes also showing their support for officer johnson. the team will hold an easter egg hunt after this sunday's game. families taking part are asked to make a donation to the san jose police officer's association and they're going to set up donation bins up during the game and all of those donations will be matched by the san jose earthquakes fund up to $10,000. >> of course the history of
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what's happened here, so important as well. so officer johnson's death marked actually the first time in the state of california this year that a police officer has died. 32 across the country so far this year have died in the line of duty. that's the more overarching perspective. now, san jose as well. this is the first time that a police officer has been killed in the line of duty in 14 years. >> you may recall the name jerry fontana back in 2001 jeffrey fontana, shot in a high-risk vehicle stop. the gunman was convicted in the case. very hard coincidence. fontana and johnson were actually in the same police academy class. johnson is the 12th officer to be killed in the san jose police department's 166-year history. >> here is a list right now of the other ten officers who have died. officer desmond casey died in an aircraft accident in 1999. officers gordon silva and gene simpson killed by gun fire in 1989. a year before that officer
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robert wurths died in a vehicle pursuit. >> and henry bunch killed by gun fire in 1985. the same year robert white was elect rocuted. in 1970 officer richard huerta was shot and killed and 20 years earlier, john cuvola was killed by gun fire. >> so was officer john bach. bach's death in 1933 and the thirst death of the san jose police department morris hubbard. a look back at all the people who have served the san jose and bay area community and sacrificed their life. >> sadly, officer michael johnson's picture will also adorn the halls of the san jose police department where they show the pictures of the officers that have been killed. a live look from inside s.a.p. center this morning where we're waiting the actual memorial service to start. they were giving a chance for all the officers to file in.
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of course, the patrol officers as well. more than 200 motorcycle officers who followed the procession in so they're getting them a chance to get in, settle in so everyone is able to take part in this muemorialmemorial. >> a slow solemn walk you see right now. all of the san jose police officers and their brethren coming into the s.a.p. center, getting ready to start off this ceremony. we're pauls going to give you a little bit of background as well on officer johnson. kind of to have some context. we saw the family pictures. very touching. you saw more sensitive side the smiling personality. he was tlathd years old at the time he died. he was a son of a military police officer for the u.s. army who later joined the calaveras county sheriff's department. this was almost in the bloodline, if you will of his family. he ended up moving to south san jose in 1998 did officer johnson, at the age of 11 or 12 right before high school. >> fun to see a few childhood
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photos of him. they'll continue to show them at the ceremony. he once delivered newspapers by bicycle for the mercury news. remember the newspaper boy? he was one of them. he also attended gunderson high school in san jose. he was a 1995 graduate. and he was also captain of the chess team when he was in high school. >> i love that. strategy. >> he was also a black belt in jujitsu and he loved it so much i believe he was certified in 2008 he became a sen say, a teacher at a dojo to keach other kids their craft. just another area of his personality. >> married for a few years to his wife nikki in a civil ceremony in august of 2013. this is sad. they were planning a formal wedding and reception in august in santa cruz. so it's got to be so tough for his bride, who will always be his bride, those plans are now over, and now she's got to start
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a new process, a new life and that includes grieving but hopefully they will help her along, and no doubt, all the sea of officers and just the department as a whole. they're really unified, of staying with the family and doing whatever they can. >> the moments of silence that continue now speak more perhaps, that words would have. a little more background as well on officer johnson. when he was with the san jose police department, we mentioned he became an officer in 2001. and he held numerous hats there. he was a patrolman, a court liaison, a prescription drug fraud specialist. and most recently he was a field training officer, part of the covert response unit and i think we touched upon this earlier, but all his colleagues talking about the fact he had a very unique skillset specifically for that position. he was able to create a sense of trust and connection with people when he was out on the street when he was working in tense situations and he was able to
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defuse things maybe others could not have because of his sensitivity and how well he connected with people. >> he was said to have such a great balance of the traits as well, sam. considered a skilled markman, but his colleagues describe him as brave, sensitive, so dedicated to his job. he was known for his calm demeanor very warm presence. responded to victims with what they literally said quote, an incredible level of sensitivity. >> and everybody, it seems like had something to say about him, and a department that is fairly large, there was a lot of personal connectivity to officer johnson. no one could say anything except for the fact that this man was an ultimate professional, never complained, but his number one goal was to serve the community in which he lived and planned to stay and have a family in and now that is cut so short. and that is of course the occasion for this people coming in from all over the country to express their grief and their gratitude for what he did. >> which is wonderful to have that tribute.
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hopefully the family sees that as well. he's said to have put people at ease with his kindness, shelf-assurance. often really de-escalated the situation, which is a talent. some of the officers and what they walk into it's so much of the unknown, but they have many positive outcomes. >> only 38 years old, but he's left a lifelong impact on the community. we mention in the san jose police department there have been 12 deaths in 166 years. our great folks here did research to find out specifically what the history is in respect to officers who have died in the line of duty. in california's history there have been more than 1500 such deaths since the records have been kept. in the bay area about 250 such officer deaths. most of those have come from san francisco and its police department. >> exactly, more recent history since 2000 184 officers have been killed in the line of duty
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sadly, across the state. this is a look inside s.a.p. center, where everyone is still coming in trying to find a seat. outside the s.a.p. is our own kris sanchez this morning, who has been anchoring from the field, giving us the perspective from all the people out there. kris. >> well, unbelievably laura, you can see from the feed from inside the s.a.p. center that people are still trying to find their seats, but outside, there are still folks waiting to get in. you can see the folks who are still lining the streets. the motor cycle officers some of the military personnel who are out here as well. and they're waiting to get inside so that the ceremony can begin. we're about ten minutes behind schedule, which gives you an indication of how much support there was along the route that they took. by the way it was no accident that the route from los gatos to the s.a.p. center was all surface streets. a couple years ago, we saw two police officers from santa cruz
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county, they were killed in the line of duty. their memorial service was held here at s.a.p. center as well. they came in by freeway, but police chief said they wanted to make sure that this was on surface street so that anybody who wanted to show their respects could do so. and it is an especially poignant thing seeing as michael johnson, mike johnson, was a true local here in san jose. as soon as folks are able to take their seats, we're going to hear from the assistant police chief. he's going to ask folks to take a seat and then the ceremony will proceed. we'll have that for you live for the duration. we'll also hear from bishop patrick mcgraph. he's going to offer a prayer for the family and also the one thing that usually no one can get through without a dry eye, "amazing grace" is going to be sung inside as well. and then police chief larry esquivel. he's not a man of not a lot of
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words. he's been private in his grief, but he said this is really a difficult day for him, that he never thought he would lose an officer in the line of duty though he knows it could happen at any time. i did ask him, in this time when recruitment and retension is such an issue for the police department, does it hinder that process? does it make it harder to attract officers to be police officers? he said it really does make people stop to think about the sacrifice that they may have to make in the line of duty but he said it also really does cement for people who want to serve their communities, something like this really cements their drive to do it to protect and to serve. and so he thinks that you know this will not have a negative impact on getting other officers to join this force, a force that mike johnson was so proud to be a part of for 14 years, and that he served so well. looking inside once again, we will hear from attorney general
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kamala harris and talk about the loss, not just for this community but for the state as well. and what a lot of folks are looking forward to is hearing from jamie radek, that's mike johnson's sister. she's going to speak on behalf of the family. they just could not get the -- they could not find it in themselves to speak to the media. we expect that. we completely understand that but we're hoping to hear something more about mike johnson from inside that memorial service as she speaks about her brother today. maybe shed some light on some of the pictures we have been seeing in the slide show from him as a little boy, as a teenager and as a young police officer as well. something that's also going to happen is a moment of radio silence, all of the radios in the county are going to go quiet, and it's not that we will not be able to hear -- rather it will be a moment of silence. and that is something that you
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don't realize how powerful it is until it actually happens. and certainly, we heard some silent moments out here as officer johnson's body passed under the flags. once that ceremony inside is over the officers inside will all file out and once again, they will line the route shoulder to shoulder in that honor chord move they call it and they'll see the procession off at that moment. it will become a private matter for the family. they have asked they have their time to say their good-byes to him and have him buried just alone with their family and their friends. and of course we would do nothing other than honor that. so things a little behind schedule inside s.a.p. center but as soon as they get started, of course, we'll let you watch and listen for yourself uninterrupted. >> so kris we're seeing pictures from inside. are there still a lot of people who need to move into the
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center? or are most of the officers inside? >> from our vantage point, we can see the escalators if you have been in the shark tank you can see the escalators and they have cleared. s.a.p. center opened up a side door to let more of the police officers in their dress blues into the arena so things could get started. we see all of the motorcycle officers, you can see to my right here all of the motorcycle officers have finally parked. we still see them though streaming into the s.a.p. center. and we suspect they will have to look for a seat because this is very well attended. >> most definitely. kris sanchez thank you so much. hankering from the field outside of the s.a.p. center where we saw countless hundreds thousands, like expecting 4,000 people to attend. >> and who knows what multiple of that in terms of people outside on the route, on the procession route, actually watching it.
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we're taking a live look from inside the s.a.p. center. we watched that procession start just after 10:00 or so this morning, and move from los gatos through campbell up through san jose and ultimately to the s.a.p. center as folks continue to take their seats there, and rist rr mentioned we're expecting to hear from officer johnson's sister and that will be kind of a neat thing to get that familiar perspective, maybe hear childhood stories to help supplement the pictures and the other pieces of his personality we're learning about. >> because so many people know him as officer johnson, but of course, she grew up with him. hopefully, she can share some stories. we have tried to be very respectful to the family as they privately need to grieve understandably, but the community wanted to gather and say good-bye as well and see all of the countless law enforcement authorities from throughout the country. we have heard from new york from texas, from southern california, from oregon. just really a sea of blue that we have seen out there. that's his patrol car that is
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parked there in the middle of the stage. >> sure. and it's not just law enforcement as well. and other community groups that are here but our state and local leaders have made an effort to come as well. we should mention, actually as you take a live look outside from outside of the s.a.p. center, excuse me, this is recorded video from earlier outside of the s.a.p. center that governor brown and lieutenant governor gavin newsom were expected to attend but both have experienced deaths in the family and will not be able to be there, but congressman mike honda, jim biel the mayor and council, the boerld of supervisors in santa clara, attorney general kamala harris will address the people in attendance of the ceremony and representatives for u.s. senators barbara boxers and dianne feinstein also at this service. >> and the bishop of the diocese expected to speak as well as chaplain from the police department as well jim beckinal, oftentimes giving
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moments of peace and understanding to the families as well. these are some of the pictures that the family shared so we could see more of officer johnson's life before he was officer johnson. >> when he was baby johnson. >> when he was teething. >> i don't know if you saw there was a picture four or five ago of his holding a gun when he was younger. i guess he was an expert marksman on top of everything else and has won accolades for the police and fire games and is going to go into their hall of fame at some point soon and here he is as a kid. a love to protect and also just to be kind of involved in law enforcement from a young age. >> the parents asleep and baby is always awake. you see a glimpse of his childhood, his teenage years as well. surrounded by friends and family. we see, you know the charismatic grin. you feel like you get to know him better. >> a high school picture, looked
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like, on the right side. on the left is a live feed from inside the s.a.p. center as we wait for the ceremony to start. he was a local kid, moved here in 1988 to south san jose. went to gunderson high school. >> 11 or 12 years old when he moved here. liked to travel. gives you a little perspective. >> absolutely. you wonder if the high school picture was before or after he joined the chess team, which is something we learned about officer johnson as well. >> we have seen that elderly woman in particular in many of these pictures. i can only guess it's a grandmother, but he seemed close to her. of course as grandmothers do serving him cake and surrounded by smiles. >> he had his parents living here his step parents, his sister nieces and nephews. a lot of people directly connected with officer michael johnson, and they had some very terse words to say but emotional words about his passing. they said we love you mike. our husband, son, brother,
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uncle, and hero. we cannot express how deep of a hole in our hearts we're left with by his passing. of course your heart goes out to the family at this hour as we await the ceremony. >> very much so because for many people they're beginning to get to know him through the pictures, but for the countless people who are in the s.a.p. center today, they knew him. they worked alongside him. you know they went on these calls together with him as well. >> a live look outside of the s.a.p. center now. of course, the american flag. that was above the human chord. all of the police officers lined from the s.a.p. center out, the flag of course remained. fire department involved as well as many other agencies and departments and local governments, community agencies just trying to take part in what is going to be a very memorable event for honoring someone so important. >> most definitely so. getting a chance to know him a little bit better. we expected the ceremony
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original plan was that it was going to start at 11:00, but it seemed like the motorcade itself, there were so many officers and law enforcement that showed up for this that they wanted to get everybody a chance to get into the s.a.p. center. >> you don't notice a lot of talking going on inside the s.a.p. center. much like during the motorcade when people were just observing the moment. right now, you have officers and as our reporter michelle mentioned, sailors park officers coming in from all capacities and all places to be a part of this. just observing the moment taking in the moment. it's really quite stunning. >> there you go michael johnson, badge 3718. this is a live look from outside the s.a.p. center. what has been nice is to see the different, even police chiefs, the leaders of all the different departments in tfficers would want to attend this but their job never ends. they nideeeded to patrol the streets, make sure everything is safe, but they're picking the patrols up themselves so
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everyone who wanted to who needed to attend the ceremony they would be able to do that. i love that camaraderie of working together and that sense of community despite the fact of how large an area we live in as well, it doesn't matter. we work together. >> it's saying i'll pick you up. whatever, however i can do that if it's doing a patrol during this ceremony let me do that. we saw a lot of those local agencies wlrk it was mountain view or sunnyvale or millpitas or san leandro tweeting out pictures of how they were able to participate and help out the san jose police department. it's a collective effort. >> you lend a hand you raise people up and support them any way you can. >> a couple fund-raisers going on as well. really important to boost the family. we would be remiss if we didn't mention. former san jose shark owen nolan is lending his help. he's part own of the brittania
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arms and holding a fund-raiser all day to raise as much money as he can, at al muden and santa clara locations. as we see pictures of officer johnson with his wife smiling. >> i can't imagine the pain she must be going through today. it's wonderful to see the show of support, as you mentioned. the san jose earthquakes are going to have a special easter egg hunt this weekend. fun for the kids but they're taking donations of which they'll match up to $10,000 as well. so going into a foundation for the family. >> you saw the pictures a second ago of officer johnson with his wife. if you looked at the adjectives to describe him, the ones that popped up most commonly among his colleagues were things like brave and sensitive and dedicated and kind of unflappable, that nothing really kept him from his mission. he didn't get upset very often. he was just a very calm steady extremely dedicated police officer. and you're seeing that now
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return to him with the outpouring of all these people. we watch more folks still filing into the s.a.p. center right now at 11:25. >> i think this could be the family coming in. it looks like many of the people have been seated, and as they slowly solemnly walk toward the front of the s.a.p. center close to where his own patrol car is parked this morning, giving them the best vantage point for the many speakers, the many dignitaries that will be there, that are there already, who have speeches prepared but could be the moments for the family to grieve, to start the grieving process, to know it could be tough. it was touching to hear the police chief as well, recognize that and recognize that his people out on the streets are going to need that. they have lost not only just a friend but a colleague and leaving a big hole. that's part of it. and that's a good thing to talk about as well.
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>> yeah to hear firsthand from the family and from his colleagues about what sort of impact he had on their lives, and ristkris did a great job of outlining for us what we would expect in the next five or ten minutes once the ceremony starts, who is going to be talking. we'll hear "amazing grace" and the police chief is going to talk about officer johnson's royal on the force, and he said he'll offer some lighter moments as well kind of funny stories about officer johnson, and we'll hear from his sister too, about childhood. >> which will be nice as well. there are those moments of humor that somehow come out, but you know you saw some of the personal pictures they had there, some jovial moments of his life as well. taken so young. he was only 38 years old. he found his true love. they were able to get married. they were planning a more formal wedding, sadly, this summer planned in august. but they did have a civil ceremony in august i believe,
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of 2013. >> and it's amazing. we saw the family pictures of course and we know the dedication and the obligation that police officers feel to go and serve, but there's so much that kind of lies beneath the surface. we saw the family, saw grandma, the childhood pictures and a cat, seymour, and a pug, willy, and i don't know if we have pictures of the local pets. >> they're part of our lives, too. >> they are. they are. it humanizes a situation that a lot of people are trying to come to grips with. >> he was a baby. he was a baby once you know? someone's little boy. >> maybe sucking his thumb there. it looked like he could have been. so we're looking at his childhood. we're watching directly the impact that he's had to people that he never even met before. >> that's what's so amazing to see that. just with all the people, the community, you know? of how they have come out, how they supported it.
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i was touched by the people who stopped by the side of the road. you know the traffic moving one way with the funeral procession with the hearse itself stopping or getting out. and you saw the construction workers and what not taking off their hats and stopping for a moment of peace. it's a community in mourning here. >> we saw the karate black belts there a second ago, too. jujit sue. he was a black belt in jujitsu, a gentle soul but a good outlet for him. he was a teacher in that capacity as well as training recruits at the san jose police department, too. clearly had kind of a mentor-like attitude toward the people in his life. >> i think i saw a picture in there as well he may have been a boy scout. we knew he was a newspaper delivery boy for the san jose mercury news when he moved here around 11 12 years old. you can almost picture the little boy riding his bike around the narp in the days when they did that. look at the crowd there. amazing to see.
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>> unbelievable. just the personal layers of his life there and we should be starting here with the ceremony in the next couple minutes. we mentioned the fact that the entire community poured out its heartfelt condolences and feelings right away and there were more than just this memorial. immediate responses to what happened. a couple vigils that happened at the end of last week. one on senter road near where he died. more than 100 people showed up to that vigil to express how they felt to leave flowers and notes. that was the very beginning. >> you saw flowers. notes, children leaving balloons or whatever they could as well. and it was interesting in this day and age of social media as well, how many of the icons, profile pictures were changed to the badge with the black bar across it that i noticed or putting a picture of the memorial. many thousands of those, that their job is to serve and protect. this hits them hard as well.
11:30 am
every day they live from their home, that's a day they don't possibly know if they're going to see their loved one once again. >> sure. and as we talk about the other forms of memorial and remembrances that took place recently the san jose regional medical center had blue lights in the emergency room. >> i thought that was nice. >> you don't really see that often, and it showed the interconnectivity of all these different parts of our community coming together to remember the life of officer johnson. >> big or small, tributes that we're hearing that have come in. in all different ways to really show the solidarity of this community as well in mourning the loss of officer michael johnson. >> and on the right-hand side of the screen you're seeing pieces of the procession that we watched basically from 10:00 on. started in los gatos and moved north, and all of the hundreds probably well into the thousands of people that were lining those
11:31 am
streets, and as you observe, laura, just stopped what they were doing to watch the officer go by. the motorcade the patchwork of police officers from all over the country. >> look at that. rolling in with the flag draped casket. and where believe that's a bagpipe player.
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uniformed personnel, please remove your covers and please all take a seat. >> good morning. my name is eddy garcia. i'm the assistant chief of police for the san jose police department. and it will be my honor to guide us through today's service. to all our distinguished guests thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to help us honor our hero, michael johnson. for all the law enforcement agencies in attendance thank you for your support in these
11:36 am
very difficult times. we may wear different patches but we're bound together by our sacrifice in service that we fearlessly perform for all of our communities. we want to particularly thank many of our neighboring agencies. it's your assistance that has given every member of the san jose police department the opportunity to attend and honor michael. to the members of the community in attendance today, your continued outpouring of support and sympathy and condolences has been overwhelming and felt by every member of the san jose police department. we know that when an officer loses his life in the line of duty, it simply isn't a department loss but a community loss as well. you are the reason we do what we do. you are the reason why michael died honorably serving the community he loved dearly.
11:37 am
martin luther king once said only in darkness can we see the stars. well, in this time of despair your steadfast support has shone brightly, and truly is our only needed reward. to the men and women of the san jose police department both sworn and nonsworn it's been a long nine days since mike was killed. your actions on that fateful night and in the days following have exemplified what this city has come to expect from its police force. today, we will honor -- our fallen brother officer. today, we remember a brother, a son, a husband. a san jose police officer that was michael johnson. to mike's family we cannot
11:38 am
begin to imagine your anguish and loss however, we do all feel your pain. we speak openly about being part of the police family and this is not cliche. i hope you truly know and feel that you are part of our family and we will always be here for you. i had the honor of spending last friday afternoon with mike's family. and what started out as an understandably somber afternoon soon turned into a celebration of mike's life. stories told throughout that lunch filled the room with laughter. it made us all think that although we knew it was okay to cry, it was equally okay to laugh. because mike's life and his ultimate sacrifice merit a great deal of both. as an example of the moment that started changing the mood that afternoon, i was surprised to
11:39 am
learn that the tough cop who enjoyed die hard movies was a gun collector, a black belt a scuba diver, and as we saw photos up there of him playing with his guns as a child, also liked to bake. one of my favorite stories is when his mother told us when mike was 16 years old, he had some friends over for a birthday. and moms get what kids really want so in front of his friends, she gave mike an air baking cookie sheet. which i believe his friends found a little amusing. when we left that afternoon, i was simply astonished by their courageous strength. the dictionary defined hero as a person who will be forever be admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. a person who is greatly admired. well katherine, dan, dan,
11:40 am
francis, susan, and thelove of his life nikki, thank you for allowing your hero and our hero to proudly wear this uniform. please stand as bishop patrick mcgraw from the diocese of san jose leads us in our invocation.
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good morning. we gather now this morning to give god thanks and praise for all of his gifts, most especially this morning for the gifts to michael, the gift that he has been and continues to be to so many. michael is not with us for any great length of time but he was like one of those meteorites that flashes across the sky from time to time. they don't last long but those who experience their light reman remain forever dazzled. and that is true of mike. as we begin now this service of remembrance and thanksgiving to god for michael i want to just
11:42 am
reiterate again the sympathy that has already been expressed to nikki to his mom, grandmother, his sister and all of the other members of the family as well. and to assure you that we are not only remembering you in prayer today but also in the very very difficult days weeks, months, and years ahead. i also want to extend sympathy to our chief and to the women and men of the force. you have lost a friend you have lost a brother. and i thank you and i know i do this on behalf of many, many people. i thank you, who like michael, placed yourselves each day, each and every day, in harm's way so that we might live in safety and
11:43 am
in peace. we are truly, truly blessed in all of you. now, we have no fear for michael. we know that he is with the lord. we don't know much about heaven. we were not told much about heaven in the scriptures but we do know that now that michael is there, there will be karate and dancing and i can't help but feel a little sorry for jesus. he's going to have to deal with mike. but he is safe in the lord's arms now and forever. and we ask that same god now who gave michael to us in the first place to take him to himself, to hold him close and to give him the reward of his great, greatness.
11:44 am
so let us pray. father in heaven we thank you because you made us in your very own image. and gave us gifts in body mind and spirit. we thank you now for michael and what he meant to each one here present and to many others. as we honor his memory make us more aware that you are the one from whom comes every perfect gift. including the gift of eternal life shared now by mike and we offer all of this in your name. amen. michael may the angels lead you into paradise may the marchers come to welcome you and take you to the holy city the new and eternal jerusalem. may choirs of angels welcome you
11:45 am
and lead you to the bosom of abraham, and for lazarus is poor no longer may you now find eternal rest. god bless you, michael. and thank you, thank you, god.
11:46 am
thank you, bishop mcgraw. as mentioned earlier, the outpouring of community support has been incredible. our next presenter was one of those who reached out the question that so many of you have asked. what can i do to help? it is my pleasure to introduce to you angela teratto who will help honor mike by singing "amazing grace." ♪ amazing grace
11:47 am
how sweet the sound that set me free ♪ ♪ i once was lost but now i'm found ♪ ♪ was blind but now i see ♪ ♪ 'twas grace that taught my heart to fear
11:48 am
and grace my fears relieved ♪ ♪ how precious did that grace appear the hour i first believed ♪ ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪
11:49 am
thank you, angela. that was beautiful. you may all be seated, please. >> we will now begin to hear about the man that was mike johnson, and what he meant to us and to you. chief larry esquivel will start us off with thoughts and reflections. chief?
11:50 am
>> good afternoon. you know i have been with the san jose police department including reserves almost 31 years now, and been involved in numerous critical incidents, officer-involved shootings, from officer on up in various capacities. so i tell you what. this here is the toughest thing i have ever had to do. and those chiefs that have lost an officer in the line of duty can truly understand. in law enforcement public safety there's a brotherhood that is unmatched, especially in a time of crisis like this. just look around. it's incredible officers
11:51 am
personnel, people from across the nation. thank you. i want to begin by saying a few additional thank yous. first and foremost, to the police chiefs sheriffs officers, and deputies present at the command post on the fateful night, i can't thank you enough. including all the neighboring agencies offering support and resources today, by allowing our officers to attend. our briefing this morning was absolutely incredible with the shared resources from all our officers within the county. to our fire department for being a true partner in resource to those police chiefs officers citizens, faith community and city leaders and members that called or stopped by our department offering support delivering flowers, messages, pictures, and food. your encouraging words have been inveliable knowing that we're not alone.
11:52 am
to our ad hoc memorial service planning committee, knowing the magnitude of this event, meeting daily, working through all the logistics to pull this off. to our police officers slgz ss position for our partnership and incredible sgren rosry to the family. to the s.a.p. management for allowing us to hold the ceremony today. to those attending today to honor our fallen hero to the bishop our attorney general, chp commissioner, other state and county officials, our mayor, city council, chiefs sheriffs all other law enforcement sworn and non-sworn personnel from throughout the country, state, and county. friends and community members, and all our san jose police department members, current, former, and retired. and last but not least, michael's family for allowing us to honor michael here today.
11:53 am
thank you, all. on a nation level since ferguson and new york city incidents, there's been much debate and discussion about police seeking procedural justice, bridging gaps and building community trust. but unfortunately, it's been marred by violence and protests throughout the country. recently attended law enforcement executives summit future without violence panel discussion in san francisco. a couple takeaways were one, measuring a police department's effectiveness and success. the police department should not be judged or evaluated based solely on crime rates. without factoring in community relations and trust. and i will say this. and moreso now our community partnership in san jose is strong. because of relationships being built by officers like michael. two, the perception of law
11:54 am
enforcement, there was a general discussion on police mentality, that of being a warrior to being a guardian. michael was both. a warrior when the situation called for bravery and the ever-present guardian watching over providing guidance to our citizens when called upon. you know we often send our honor guard to other memorial services in support to show respect for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, but on march 24th the epicenter was here here in san jose. it's been 14 years since the last san jose police officer was killed in the line of duty. on that day, officer fontana similarly was robbed of his life while doing his job. many of us here today were there that horrific morning and part of that extensive manhunt. for us there was no closure until that person responsible for jeff's death was
11:55 am
apprehended. as now, something we will never forget. as a major city, tenth largest in the united states we have the side to become indifferent and apathetic. this has galvanized and strengthened our community and police relationship throughout our city. made that nameless large city feel more like a close-knit town. since that dreadful morning, the outpouring of public support has been indescribable, in part because of the caliber of officers we have like michael, and their ability to bring about change to those who need it engaged officers forging relationships. when that horrific incident like that occurs many thoughts run through your mind. tactics, could we have done something differently, lack of equipment, shortage of resources, inadequate training
11:56 am
the list goes on. however, that tragic incident appeared to be truly about the mentality of an unstable person with absolutely no regard for life. the arriving officers did everything correctly by taemptd attempting to resolve the situation without forcing a confrontation. the officer played like he practiced and trained. stayed focused, returned ground and returned fire. he and the other on-scene officers showed unbelievable valor and grit doing their job in the most extreme of circumstances. what it does highlight, though is the danger our officers face every single day. even when doing the right thing and trying to avoid a confrontation. outside of the military this job is like no other. our men and women truly put their lives on every time they answer the radio call for
11:57 am
service and for help. our men and women that wear the uniform need to feel and be appreciated and acknowledged accordingly. as they protect and keep our neighborhood safe. we need to heal as a department in so many different levels. as a police chief, you never want to get that call. on tuesday, march 24th 2015 i got that call. the day i will never forget etched in my mind forever. some chiefs know that feeling and they remember that call. and i want to thank santa cruz police chief and b.a.r.t. police chief for taking the time to come to our department recently to express their condolences and offer their support. these men have gotten that call and know that pain. i remember exactly what i was doing when i got that call.
11:58 am
the call was from my assistant chief. i figured it was probably note fxz. i answered and said hey eddie. he said worst possible news ever. my heart just sank. there was a pause. i was hoping he would not say what i thought he was going to say. took a deep breath and quickly said what? he told the circumstances and what he knew at the time. i was sickened i was angry, and i felt helpless heart and thoughts were just racing. felt like i just got hit with a sledge hammer. raced home went to the command post. i had to put all those feeling aside and focus on the mission at hand managing all the components that go along with such a nightmare. just ask all of the on duty on scene officers were doing that day, focusing on the unresolved
11:59 am
incident doing their job. throughout the night, many of the officers arrived either at the command post to assist with the incident or to assist patrol when answering calls for service. they were there to stay to be counted, and be a resource when needed. example including our community service officers who were supposed to be off duty at 9:00 that night. they were told by the supervisors to secure at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. they replied, no we're not leaving. what do you say to that other than, okay, carry on? i cannot say enough about the true courage, fortitude, commitment professionalism and humanity our support staff, our officers communications staff, showed that night. everybody stepped up. words cannot describe how proud i was and am of all our men and
12:00 pm
women that night and here now today. the very thirstfirst thing we did is take our chaplains to michael. we gathered and prayed. since becoming chief, i have visited the families of homicide victims, over 70 families since the beginning of 2013. always a possibility in the line of work i hoped i would never have to make that visit to an officer's family. and on wednesday, march 25th, i did just that. something i hope i never have to do again. and i want to say thank you to the family for allowing me into their lives that morning, at their most vulnerable time. just a little bit about mike.


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