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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> the precession bringing michael johnson and his family began at a funeral home and into san jose a way to let the public pay respects before the memorial service. >> honor michael and what he means to our organization law enforcement, and our community. >> inside filled with officers family and the general public. eddie garcia said the service would be like a visit with the family, a somber event, then a celebration of johnson's life. >> even though we knew it was tock cry it was equally tock laugh. >> beginning with a somber tone with the police chief and conveying sorrow and respect to johnson's family. the undercurrent of sadness remains but a fellow graduate from 2001 david solis, had the crowd laughing, as he described johnson as the cadet who often
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knew more than the instructor. >> that's when i knew who mike was, he was yoda. i want it give mike a standing ovation for the awesome life that he gave us. 1, 2, 3. [ cheers and applause ] >> johnson's sister jamie, also offered a few funny stories about her brother. but ended the event with a message from the family's collective heart. >> mike we will not only miss you, you have left an emptiness in our lives that cannot be refilled. >> now, the family left the arena for a private service at oak hill cemetery. coming up at 6:00 more on the public and private ceremonies for michael johnson. robert handa, nbc, bay area muse. >> there is a protocol that's very poignant. the radio message from the
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dispatch center. >> attention all units. please observe a moment of silence in honor of officer michael johnson. badge 3718. >> the end of watch message ended with the word officers johnson will always be remembered and honored for his service, bravery, and sacrifice. >> the tribute to officer johnson stretched beyond the sap center today. as the officer's precession made its way from los gatos to san jose. some saluted, others waves flags. nbc bay area michelle roberts is live at the police department where a memorial there has been growing all week. michelle? report>> reporter: report that's right. many people couldn't make it to the memorial but so they came by here instead. there were flowers and notes left for the family. friends who trained with him at the jiu-jitsu studio left this note in a belt saying rip, miky
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we will miss you forever, brother. law enforcement officials from all over the country stood shoulder to shoulder in san jose today. many saying good-bye with a salute to officer michael johnson. >> we're a family and if one falls, we all fall. >> janelle is married to a morgan hill police sergeant. she said today is about honoring a bay area hero and showing support to men and women who respond to emergency calls everyday. >> you just don't know what's going to happen when you send them off to work. and you just pray that they are going to be okay. >> today, the streets of san jose were kept safe with help. in fact every police agency in the county pitched in. allowing san jose officers who work side by side with johnson, to attend the ceremony and grief. >> when you suffer loss like this, it is very hard to take. >> santa clara fire chief said the crowds lining the precession route show the unwaivering
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support. >> it is a large family. >> hundreds of officers on motorcycles, many uniforms from different parts of the country, rode as one. >> these are our brothers. >> celebrating the life of michael johnson. >> a brotherhood, sisterhood and a family. and everyone comes together. >> the police officers association set up a donation page for johnson's family and that is listed on our website, we will have much more on the tribute tonight at 6:00. reporting live in san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> an outpouring support from the community, this is a live picture. you can see a lot of people are out there right now, a tent set up outside to accommodate a large group of people there to support a fund-raiser. this fund-raiser will be happening all day. 100% of proceeds go to the
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johnson family. this is a frequent hangout for members of the police department. the fund-raiser will continue until closing time. 2:00 a.m. at the almaden location and downtown san jose location on west santa clara street. shark nolan owen is part owner and we are told shark players will be there to take pictures with visitors. >> there were so many powerful moments today. we created a special section on our website which includes the eloquent eulogy by officer johnson's sister. heart felt and funny at times. >> whenever mike and i played cops and robbers as kids, he always insisted on being the cop and i always had to be the bad guy. it turned to be out fortuitous not just because mike grew up to become a cop, but i grew up to become a lawyer. >> very nice. to watch her entire speech and other tributes just go to the front page of our website. you will see our section right
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there at now two other news california's water crisis a live look at san francisco right now. you can see clear skies as the sun continues to shine. the drought continues to deepen. governor jerry brown's mandates to conserve water has a lot of people trying to figure out how to cut back from homes po schools to cemeteries. water saving plans are in the works. jodi hernandez is live in the east bay where people are take something pretty drastic steps. jodi? >> gentleman flel, we're in walnut creek where more and more people are taking drastic steps. can you see how brown this lawn is right here. next door the folks next door have taken it a step further. they have actually ripped out their entire lawn. now that gov floor is demanding cut back, you can expect things like this to become more common. janet and bruce are enjoying their new backyard makeover
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after maintaining a lawn for 46 years, they decided to do their part to save water and replace it with a drought resistant design. >> it was just getting harder and hardter keep looking good. so we just decided to get out of it. >> bay area landscapers say with more and more people letting their lawns go they've never been busier. and now that the governor is ordering a 25% reduction in water use, they expect the demand for drought-resistant landscaping to only grow. >> we're so busy. in the last two weeks i've had one day off. it is just krizcrazy busy. >> everyone is looking for ways to save. lawns at vallejo's all souls cemetery is turning brown. they expect to cut back on watering even more. >> i think people are going to understand. all of california is in the same situation. >> the rigs are hpappy they decided to get rid of grass. they say the savings is worth
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it. >> water and labor. can't beat it. >> we are back here live. the only green lawning to found around here isn't lawn at all. that is artificial turf. the homeowner said he spent about $20,000 -- more than $20,000 to replace his front yard lawn and backyard lawn. now east bay mud says more people thissier have decided to convert their lawns this year than all of last year. tonight at 6:00 we will hear from school children and see the incredible steps they are taking to save water. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks jodi. also tonight at 6:00 problems keep piling up in the bay area. we will show you how the draught is starting to drain the pool industry dry. >> new at 5:00 a house under construction in oakland collapses. our nbc chopper overhead. as you can see, it's entirely flattened. a big mess to clean up. this happened just before noon on 46th street near the mcarthur
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bart station. when the house came down it took power lines along with it. no word on what caused this collapse. >> school cabs elled. wood side high school evacuations. someone called in a bomb threat students were evacuated and sent home. the bomb squad was called in. police did give the all clear at around noon. classes will rezoom tomorrow. >> developing story overseas developing story of violence and terror today in kenya. death toll climbing to 147 in the college massacre committed by an extremist group. the attackers went room by room demanding to know if people were muslim or christians. christians were shot on the
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spot. al shabaab claimed responsibility. >> there are plenty of details to iron out but tonight there is framework for limiting iran's nuclear programs. negotiators in switzerland made the significant step today after weeks of late-night talks. under the deal iran will reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium by 98% and scale back its centrifuges. in exchange the u.s. and european union will lift sanctions that have crippled iran's economy. president obama calling the understanding it quote historic. a formal deal must be put in writing by the end of june. lester holt joins us in about 20 minutes at about 5:30. >> back in the bay area and with it changes on how fans get into the ballpark. live in san francisco, i'll have details, coming up. >> good afternoon, i'm
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meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking weather here in san francisco, right back towards at&t park. that forecast is coming up. we will also have details on the next possibility of rain fall as well. >> you always wonder do you make a difference in life while you're here on earth. you make a difference and i feel like i touched a lot of people's lives. >> finding comfort in the chaos of silicon valley. how this woman is using doodling to make a difference in her community.
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are you ready for some baseball? giants and a's are back in town tonight. giants hosting the a's at at&t park this evening. live pictures now from our exclusive ballpark cam. it is an exhibition series this evening. before the regular season begins on monday. now the new season comes with new security rules. that could also mean a slow down getting into the ballpark. nbc bay area's kim joins us from at&t park. kim, you know the ballpark very well. what is new this season? >> reporter: yes, i do. and as you know the last thing anyone wants to do is be stuck out here when you want to get into the game and they have found a way to keep the lines moving. screening every single person who comes into the ballpark is the new mandate from mlb. but it takes up more time which
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is why the giants are taking a cue from airports and installing a fast lane to help fans get through the lines quicker. >> there will be a set up for clear and the people that are designated can walk up and put their fingerprint on it and they will come up that they are prescreened essentially. and they can walk through. >> it is called clear, the same company and technology that the tsa uses to prescreen passengers at ten airports including sfo and san jose international. the giants tested it out last september. and this season by lottery, the giants preselected 300 season ticket holders to use this fast lane. signing up includes submitting driver's license and fingerprints. each preapproved fan can bring up to three additional fans who then either need to sign up for clear or be screened right there on the spot. also anyone who already uses
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clear to get through airport security can use the lanes at the ballpark. >> whatever expedites it i'm down for it. >> now the fast lane will be up and running on may 1st located at the willie mays gate. if it is successful, the giants will put fast lanes at every gate. in san francisco, i'm kim yonenaka nbc bay area news. >> we've got word from the port of oakland tonight, that the big off-shore traffic jam cleared up. you can see in this live picture the port of oakland is getting back normal. this week marks the first time since january that container ships weren't parked in the bay or outside of the golden gate just waiting for a spot at oakland's ports. the same story up and down the west coast. management blamed the backlog on
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port workers, a contract agreement was reached in february. >> okay, think about this one. you might have someone like this at your work. someone in the back or maybe in the front that doodles during the meeting. >> they say it helps them concentrate. according to one morgue al hill woman, that person is on to something, something that could help many of us. this is tonight's bay area proud. >> thinking that modern life, particularly here in silicon valley, has become a never ending assault on our mind with little or no downtown time. she thinks she stumbled on the perfect way to give our brain what it needs. if you just happen to be in need of a hobby, nancy says she's got a great one for you. one that won't empty your wallet or grow your waist. >> zero calorie hobby. >> reporter: report but nancy
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believes will do wonders for your brain. it involves letting a pen wander across paper in an unplanned direction. just not in the way most of us do it. mindlessly. >> that's just doodling. but then there is zen doodling. all you need is a paper, pen and pencil. >> reporter: zen doodling was developed in less than a decade ago by a husband and wife on east coast. by following a few basic rules like the size of the paper and use of repeating pattern, among others zen doodle turnes a simple art form into a meditative tool. something nancy thinks folks around here are in desperate need of. >> everything here is times and numbers and competition and money and fast fast, fast. people need time to relax. >> reporter: so nancy started teaching zen doodle. her students so enthusiastic, they started a club meeting once
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a month. they spread the word about what they discovered about zen doodling. >> we just discovered it today. 72 titles. >> reporter: the city of morgan hill needed a temporary art display to pretty up a plywood wall around construction. nancy and her team got busy doodling. >> it gives you focus and relaxation. >> reporter: the team is proud of their work and hope it inspires others to take up their hobby. >> it is very fun and easy to learn. >> reporter: to learn for themselves the benefit of focussing your mind by letting your pen wander. >> now the idea that head tags helps, what is interesting about this is it is a pretty low bar to get into it. you don't have to learn about yoga poses or do a lot. everybody can doodle at least a little bit. and nancy says within an hour
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and a half she can teach you the rules of zen doodling to get you going. it doesn't cost you any money. you can do it anywhere. and they believe it helps your brain. gives you down time helps your brain. >> we were doodling through the story. >> he always doodles his name. he needs branch out. i always doodle an amoeba. i don't know why. >> we need zen dool el. >> we will get her in here. >> baseball season giants and a's at the ballpark for exhibition baseball. >> that first pitch forecast. 62 degrees and sunny skies. winds out of the northwest 15 miles per hour. breezy but conditions expected throughout the game. let's take you outside of the rest of the network. still holding ton 70s across the bay area. east bay at 72. peninsula at 70. dropping town to 69 in the south
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bay. if you like at clear and cold start this morning, you're in luck. it is returning as we head throughout tomorrow. we head close to the 30s. i think overall the average is 40. east bay at 42. south bay at 46. let's dive right into the micro climate forecast as we head throughout friday. no fluctuations through tomorrow. i think the biggest thing you will notice is it is not as windy outside. more north by 15 miles per hour. some of the warmest temperatures in the south bay is up here in los gatos. a lot of 60s from pacifica to foster city. in that pocket near palo alto and stanford we should pop up into the low 70s. most of san francisco in the 60s. right towards soma, the mission district, should get to 70 tomorrow. napa expecting to hit 76 degrees. cooler there and 72.
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bit of a wind off the bay. we will help keep you are your numbers down. oakland at 70 degrees. tri-valley looks like they will do it again for tomorrow. some of the warmest weather. pollen count is high in all of the categories. best news is by sunday as we introduce the possibility of rain fall that is just what we need to take these pollen levels down. let's look at this extended forecast. and you can see once again, mild weather tomorrow. saturday still looking okay. clear here across san jose and also for san francisco. temperatures do drop and then even colder by sunday. now down to 66 in san jose. 60 in san francisco. that chance of showers for easter sunday. also the chance of rain for monday and tuesday as well. so three days of the potential of rain fall coming our way. i thought, you know, it is probably not too early to give you a good indication of what we are looking at. we may see this fluctuate but maybe a half inch for the
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three-day totals in the south bay. possibly more in the east bay and possibly close to three quarters of an inch here across the north bay. still time for this to go even higher. i'm hoping for that bet, you guys. >> the higher the better. >> still ahead, a stubborn stomach bug surfacing here in california and international destinations it is linked to. >> no video of what is left of the stick. two months after the tear down began. stay with us.
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small but powerful. a lot of people felt the earthquake that rattled the east bay early this morning. the magnitude 3.6 quake was just after midnight. people in dublin, hayward, walnut creek and martinez all reported feeling it. no reports of damages. a warning about nasty stomach bacteria that is drug-resistant. the shigella bacteria looks fuzz even and purple, and not very threatening. but the cdc says it is a nasty illness spreading easily causing stomach pain diarrhea and fever. it has been in massachusetts and
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pennsylvania. half of the cases were associated with people who travelled to india or dominican republic. the home rental service based in san francisco is doing business in cuba. you can find more than a thousand homes listed on air b & b. this is the most significant u.s. business expansion to cuba since the obama administration eased travel restrictions late last year. it is coming down, slowly but surely. bird's aview of what the candlestick looks like today. next.
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tonight on our 6:00 newscast, a game-changer. future of live tv is here. are you periscoping. we will show you the local new app that lets you connect to each other in realtime. >> raj already gave me a sneak peek. demolition of candlestick park began almost two months ago. we will show you the progress. a gaping hole on one side of the stadium bp crews are chipping away at the walls with giant cranes. one is used to bash the walls with a heavy weights and another one claws away the debris. team work with the cranes there. construction workers are dismantling the stadium piece by piece, spraying water as they go so the dangerous dust doesn't go into the air or nearby community. demolition is set to end in about a month. >> interesting to see that. in the 1960s they didn't have that outer outfield wall. it was an open ballpark. >> it was? >> yeah. with the fog they kept trying to
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raise the wall it keep it out. sad to see it go. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. lester holt joins us left for "nightly news." >> hope to see you back at 6:00. good night. night, nuclear deal. a historic agreement with iran. tonight, what's in it and what it means for iran's ability to make a nuclear weapon. campus massacre. at least 147 killed, scores injured as terrorists unleash a horrifying attack. shocking searches found in the co-pilot's computer. what investigators say he was looking for in the days before crashing that plane. nbc news exclusive, the father of american sniper chris kyle speaking for the first time since facing his son's killer at trial. tonight, why he feared more for his son at home than at war. and, that's a wrap. our cameras among the last ever on the set of "mad men." "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in


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