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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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i'm janelle wang. jessica aguirre is off tonight. a final salute for officer michael johnson, the san jose police officer killed last week in the line of duty. officers from around the country gathered outside the s.a.p. center in san jose in formation to salute honor, and pay their respects to the fallen officer. it was a poignant and emotional day. nbc bay area's michelle roberts was there as thousands of people made their way into the memorial service. let's begin with robert handa. he is live at the s.a.p. center with more for us. robert? >> reporter: well janelle, the family and the police department said they wanted to make sure today's ceremony conveyed not only sorrow and respect, but also an appreciation for michael johnson, the man outside the uniform. hundreds of officers from departments all over the state escorted the procession, bringing michael johnson to the s. s.a.p. center. it was gathering of his personal
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and professional family. >> i think it will be very cathartic for them and us as well just to mourn together. ♪ amazing grace ♪ >> reporter: inside the arena was filled. and although the mood was understandably somber speakers emphasized the positive impact johnson had on the community and reached out to his family. >> michael is what we stand for. san jose officer prototype. >> the california department of justice and the state's entire law enforcement community are here for you. >> reporter: fellow academy graduate david solis called for a moment befitting a sports arena, a standing ovation, saying johnson was probably watching. >> anything you want to say, that you love him, you miss him, whatever, say it out loud, and let's rock this place. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: johnson's center jamie capped the public ceremony with a heartfelt goodbye. >> mike loved his family with his entire heart, and he expressed his love by being present. and now that he was gone, we
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know it was truly a gift. >> reporter: afterwards, the family held a private ceremony at oak hill cemetery. dave cortese spoke of the service and compared johnson's values to cesar chavez and said johnson's death also left millions broken hearted. live in san jose robert handa, nbc news. >> showing the procession passing through the thousands of officers. it was gripping to see it from the ground level, even here from the chopper level. it was their way, the officers to unite and to honor and really to move forward. this procession started in los gatos, went through campbell and ultimately right there out of the front door of the s.a.p. center in downtown san jose. it was also an opportunity for regular people in the community to show their support for officer johnson and all officers. a bit like the july. people waving their american flags, saluting the procession and placing their hand over their heart. nbc bay area's michelle roberts continues our coverage from the san jose police department. michelle, you saw all of this
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firsthand? >> yeah, that's right. it was such an emotional day. and for many out there who couldn't make to it the memorial, some came here this afternoon to drop off flowers and cards. in fact two of his friends stopped by a short time ago. and they trained martial arts with him. and they said they were sharing stories. they even called him shrek in the ring. and now he will be missed by all his friends and coworkers. >> from the bottom of my heart my deepest condolences. >> we're a family, and if one falls we all fall. >> when you suffer a loss like this it's very hard to take. >> reporter: it was a day to say goodbye to san jose police officer michael johnson. and for many it was an opportunity to return a favor in some small way. >> they're always there for us. and today i'm there for them. >> reporter: hundreds of law enforcement officials, fire officials and local residents stood shoulder to shoulder on local streets. as the motorcade drove by a final salute to the man who gave his life to make this city
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safer. >> it's a very sad reason to come together but it's also very beautiful ritual. >> reporter: she snapped pictures and mourned the loss of a man she didn't know but will forever respect. >> it brings tears to my eyes. >> reporter: today brought tears, but also a little joy, as many celebrated the life of officer johnson and the community he brought together. >> good to feel as though we're part of a larger family. >> reporter: a family ken kenmas says will be united forget. >> these are our brothers. >> reporter: in honor of the men and women who continue to protect san jose. >> they put their life on the line every day. >> reporter: the police department flags are half-staff and there is a donation page set up for his family. and that is listed on our website, reporting live in san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. law enforcement from around the state and the nation came to show their support for officer michael johnson, his family, and the san jose police department.
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doug johnson whose father was a 30-year veteran of the sjpd travelled from l.a. for today's memorial service. >> to tell you the truth, i would have traveled much farther for this. this is one of the things we all do out of solidarity. a tragedy for everybody in the community and everybody in law enforcement at large. we want to come support that. >> meanwhile, officers from other bay area agencies stepped in to cover patrols in san jose so all of johnson's colleagues could attend today's service. 13 surrounding agencies helped with mutual aid. >> if you weren't able to see our live coverage it's worth checking our website. one of our most personal tributes came from officer johnson's sister. >> when mike and i were growing up together i knew he would grow up to become a cop. for one thing, mike always looked up to our dad, dan johnson, who was in our minds the most bad ass cop ever. >> she was wonderful to hear. she shared so many memories, family memories.
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we thank her for that. to watch her entire speech and over tributes go to the front page of our website, now to other news tonight. california's drought crisis. if your summer plans include adding a pool you may want to think again. the deepening drought has a few bay area cities putting in new restrictions for pool owners. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live in morgan hill where new rules were just passed by the city council last night. kimberly? >> reporter: janelle some cities across the state have actually banned building new swimming pools. now morgan hill isn't going quite that far. you can build it. you just can't fill it up. california's severe drought is putting backyard pools under a microscope. a handful of cities have now stopped issuing permits to build new pools. others including novato and morgan hill have restrictions in place to keep residents from filling them. >> if you have a pool and it's already filled you'll still be able to refill it up to a foot of water.
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and that's a nice option for people. but it's not a year to build a new pool most likely. >> reporter: governor jerry brown has ordered the strictest crackdown on water use in state history. he says we need to change the way we live. but in a state with 1.8 million swimming pools that's easier said than done. >> and you're not going get people to stop you know filling it and doing whatever they think is the best for their pool party or for the kids to swim. but there are ways that they can prevent using as much water. >> reporter: drew owns freedom pool services and says he has been trying to get customers to conserve water for months now. >> it actually disappoints me a little bit that people aren't trying a little harder. i feel like i'm still getting requests for people can you come drain the pool? how much would it be to drain and refill it. >> reporter: he says there is almost always an alternative to wasting 30,000 gallons of water. he says there are other ways to conserve as well like finding and repairing leaks and adding products that reduce pool
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evaporation rates. a california pool and spa association is pushing hard against these new rules, saying most backyard pools use less water than a traditionally irrigated lawn. live in morgan hill kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. so no one or no industry is spared in this drought. the wine makers also feeling the pinch. grapes are drought tolerant. it's a drought tolerant plant. but they're not invincible. vines extended to long periods of high stress can stop producing fruit. that's a problem for vineyards facing a fraction of their usual water allotment again this year. experts say it's getting more expensive to produce cheaper wines. but on the other end, high-end producers say they often get better flavors when the plants get less water. just ahead, governor brown taking that unprecedented action yesterday to deal with this drought. but will it really work? our political analyst larry gerston reads between the lines and joins us later in the newscast. just in to our newsroom san francisco police are looking for
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a man who beat a homeless man out of nowhere. we want to warn you, this video is graphic. san francisco police just released this surveillance video. you can see the victim just sitting on the street, then the suspect comes up and hits him with a bat or a pipe. this happened near the intersection of market and geary last night. no word on the condition of the victim. the suspect is seen just walking away. we're going to have more on this disturbing story tonight at 11:00. a peninsula high school evacuated today. the san mateo county sheriff's department says someone called in a bomb threat to woodside high school just after 9:00 this morning. students were let out. the bomb squad was called in. it took about three hours to go through the large campus. police gave the all clear about noon. classes will resume tomorrow. in the east bay, a house under construction collapsed today. the home is entirely flattened. this happened just before noon on 46th street near the mcarthur bart station. thankfully no one was hurt.
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but when the house did come down, it took power lines with it. no word yet what caused the collapse. i'm scott budman with a different way to broadcast. this one is periscope. it goes from your smartphone to the rest of the world. >> we're going to show you how this works, how it works instantly, and why some people say this could change the way we communicate. plus planning a trip to cuba just got easier. a san francisco startup is leading the charge on tourism on the island. and guess who is back in town, the giants and the a's. a live look at at&t park here. the bay bridge series about to get started. we'll tell you about the big changes that fans will see this season heading to the ballpark. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll have the forecast for that coming up. otherwise, a lot of blue sky today as the sun begins to set on our weather understood ground camera here in sun sunol. we'll talk about our rain chances as well.
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it's the hottest thing in the silicon valley right now, a new way to stream your life to the rest of the world. periscope is a bay area app, and it's kind of like the next big thing. scott budman did his entire report on periscope, using only periscope. scott, i'm not a techie but i'm geeking out here. i like this thing. >> reporter: it's fun for a lot of people. when you're talk about periscope, and we're broadcasting live, it joins sites like meerkat and instagram. takes whatever you're doing and sends it out to the entire world. it comes with big possibilities and some risk. ♪ it's a way to share your newest song or recent dog walk with the world. periscope, the latest company to let you broadcast live from your smartphone. >> well i think the biggest part is being able to see what is happening anywhere in the
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world. >> we have been in protests for a while now. >> reporter: and like the web itself, there is no limit to the reach in realtime. >> something like periscope will take all these people that you know that are in the far reaches of the twitter verse, and kind of like shrink all of those distances and bring all those connections closer to you. >> reporter: thanks to apps like periscope and meerkat, anyone can follow and stream your every move. in this case we're showing you periscope. and the numbers for periscope have been especially high these days because the service was recently bought by twitter of san francisco, which as you know has tens of millions of people broadcasting every minute. but it's not just cute pets there is a risk in live broadcasting of indecent exposure or bullying. >> i think the big negative is a combination of controlling and the lack of control over some of the things that happens in live
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streams. i think you'll see something bad happen at some point. >> reporter: so stream with caution, and maybe more followers will want to stay. one thing. one thing we should say about periscope. like many apps it was built first with the iphone in mind. we contacted the company, and they say indeed they do have a version for android coming very soon. 10 that's where we stand. and live on a couple of different way i'll send it back to you in the newsroom. >> scott, we're over here. put periscope down for one minute. >> thanks a lot. ian cull sat down with the man who created it about what is being done to reduce the risks and the future of the app. airbnb is expanding to new territory. it is now doing business in cuba. starting today, you can find more than a thousand homes there listed on airbnb. this is the most significant u.s. business expansion to cuba
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since the obama administration eased travel restrictions last year. small but many felt it. an earthquake rattled the east bay overnight. the usgs says the magnitude 6.3 quake struck just after midnight and was centered near san ramon there are no reports of any injuries or damage from this small earthquake. happening now guess who is back in town the giants and the a's. the world series champs the giants are about an hour away from playing ball at at&t park. they're hosting the a's. it's an exhibition game. the real season starts on monday. the crude is already gathering. for many fans getting into the ballpark this season it's going to take just a little longer. >> kim yonenaka is live to explain why and to show us how some fans could skip the long lines. kim? >> reporter: janelle and raj, the giants' first priority is of course fan safety. but they also want to keep the lines into the ballpark moving. they think the answer to that is a fast lane.
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the new mandate from mlb directs every single person who comes into a ballpark to get screened. the heightened security increases safety, but can clog up the line which is why the giants are installing a fast lane to help prescreened fans get through the lines quicker. >> there will be a setup for clear. and the people that are designated can walk up and put their fingerprint on it. and they effectively will come up that they have been prescreened, essentially, and they'll be able to walk through. >> reporter: it's called clear. it's the same company and technology that the tsa uses to prescreen passengers at ten airports, including sfo and san jose international. the giants tested it out last september. this season the giants used a lottery to preselect 300 season ticketholders to use this fast lane. signing up includes submitting a drivers license and fingerprint. each preapproved fan can bring
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up to three additional fans that will either need to sign up for clear or be screened right there on the spot. also anyone who already uses clear to get through airport security can use the lanes at the ballpark. >> we usually do the field club seats just for that reason so we can. we have easier access to get in and get out. i guess if you are stuck in the line, the clear would be the way to go. >> reporter: the fast lane will be open for business located at the willie mays game. the giants' long-term plan is to get as many fans possible prescreened and to install fast lanes at every gate. reporting live in san francisco, i'm kim yonenaka nbc bay area news. >> basically, just plan ahead. thank you, kim. we continue our giants coverage right there on our website. just click on to the top story box to find out what is new this year at at&t park. some new food items as well. that's at a beautiful night for baseball. let's get a check of our microclimate forecast with jeff
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ranieri. >> that's right. if you're heading to the game no matter where your seat is located, we're going to have some awesome weather this evening as we get under way with first pitch tonight. we're looking at temperatures that will be in the 60s to start. sunny skies around 7:00. but of course the sun is quickly setting, and temperatures will drop. a few winds out of the northwest, 5 to 15 miles per hour. and 59 by the fifth inning. and 57 towards the end of the game. if you're going to be heading out for a late night to one of the bars or whatever you're going to be doing, you're going to need the jacket here, if you're still heading out in just a couple of minutes. get you outside of the sky camera network. north bay at 69. the best view from our weather underground cameras from half moon bay. as the sun sets it's looking spectacular. now, as we get you into tomorrow's forecast, it still will stay mild. 74 expected in the south bay. 75 for the tri-valley and 70 in san francisco. but we're going to undergo some big changes in the forecast. so we'll go ahead and get you toe that. you can see this region, a high
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pressure. that's producing the warm weather again for tomorrow. that will fade by saturday's forecast. and then we're going to see a cold front begin to push in to the west coast. that's going to increase our chances of some rainfall. looks like saturday still stays dry. but as we head throughout easter sunday, everyone will have a chance of showers. and it also looks like right now that possibility of showers is pushing more and more into the morning hours. so anyone doing any kind of easter egg hunts in the south bay, let's say, 66, expect wet weather in the morning. 62 in the east bay and the north bay 61. if you're heading up to lake tahoe, also expect snowfall and 30s there. >> nice. >> snow? >> i love spring skiing. thanks. >> on the eggs, no. coming up the drought changing the landscape across california. formally green hills turning brown. we're going to show you why nurseries are busier than ever. also it's a disappearing act. the demolition of candlestick continues. we'll show you how far the workers have come. stay with us.
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happening now, a live look at the port of oakland. work is back on schedule. this is big news. the offshore traffic jam is cleared for the first time since january. now for months giant container ships were essentially parked in the bay or outside of the golden gate waiting for a space at the oakland port. it was the same story up and down the west coast. management blamed the backlog on a slowdown by port workers. a contract agreement, though was reached with oakland's employees back in february. the port director warns there could be future slowdowns because of southern california ports. they're still backed up causing a ripple effect. let's go back to the california drought. one day after the governor ordered a 25% cut in water use, questions remain can it be done, and should the governor do more? political analyst larry gerston is here to help answer the questions. larry, let's start with the basics. this be done?
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>> meeting the governor's goals will be no simple task. to begin with some cities and counties have already reduced some water use. so the question for them remains whether they need to cut back by another 25%, or they just have to cut back the rest of the way to meet the 25% goal. but the bigger question janelle, centers on california's woefully fractured network of 300 different water districts serving anywhere from a few dozen customers to millions of customers. now the governor expects these districts to comply with his order, but it's going to be very hard to make all these 300 march in lockstep. simply put, a policy like this is only as good as the extent to which it is carried out and that will be difficult. >> yeah that's team work there. what has the governor left out? are there any holes here? >> you know probably the biggest area of uncertainty has to do with wells. in recent months some farmers have drilled wells as deep as
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2,000 feet. now in the process, they've lowered the water table to unprecedented depths. depths by the way which may not go back up any time soon. now the governor wants an accounting of these activities. but no one knows how that will be done, and what if policies will take place. this is critical. because even though farmers are not getting water from federal sources for the second straight year they still use 80%, 80% of the state's total supply to produce half of the nation's fruits and vegetables. >> so this is going to impact really going to impact california's agricultural industry. it's going to take cooperation. what happens if this program doesn't work? >> oh, boy. well short-term even more stringent mandates for conservation. no question about that. but look the state's long-term future is what is most important. our problems are not going to be solved without undertaking three major changes. more rigorous conservation
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costly foundation plans and the reassessment of the crops we should and should not grow there are different ones that may work better or worse there are a lot of changes here. and brown is going to have to use all of his wits to get all of those pieces to fall into place. >> yeah, a lot of cooperation. okay, larry gerston, always nice to have you here. thanks for your insight. coming up, indiana is backing down on its controversial religious law. but it's too late for one bay area company. how salesforce is helping its employees relocate. i'm robert handa live in san jose where family and friends of fallen officer michael johnson said goodbye to him today. coming up scenes from the memorial that many hope will lead to community healing. donating clothes, furniture or other home essentials has never been so simple. how you can help others with the swipe of your smartphone.
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♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier.
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ we know that when mike loved, he did it with all of his heart. and he showed it by being at every family event he could. >> attention all units, please observe a moment of silence and honor of officer michael johnson, badge 3718. >> some incredible moments today. the bay area coming together to honor an officer who gave his life to serve and protect. even if you weren't in san jose you might have seen the procession across the south bay. you could also see hundreds of
6:30 pm
police cars along 101 and 880 as they drove to the sap center. everyone uniting for michael johnson badge 3718. robert handa is with us this evening. it's been a powerful and touching day. >> well that's right. and inside you could really see and feel the mixed emotions. friends and family of michael johnson expressing their feelings of love and loss. >> reporter: the procession of hundreds of officers bringing michael johnson and his family to the sap center began at a los gatos funeral home wound its way through campbell and into san jose. a way to let the public pay their respects before the memorial service. >> we're going to honor michael and what he means to our organization, law enforcement, and our community. >> reporter: inside the arena was filled with law enforcement officer, families and the general public. assistant chief eddie garcia said the service was going to be like his visit with the family a somber event that turned into
6:31 pm
a celebration of johnson's life. >> although we knew it was okay to cry, it was equally okay to laugh. >> reporter: the service began with a somber and sober tone as officials, including the san jose police chief and state attorney general kamala harris conveyed their sorrow and respect to johnson's family. the undercurrent of sadness remained. but fellow academy graduate from 2001 david solis had the crowd laughing as he described johnson as the cadet who often new more than the instructor. >> and that's who i realized at this very second who mike was. he was yoda. i want to give mike a standing ovation for the awesome life that he gave for us. one, two, three. [ applause ] >> reporter: johnson's sister jamie also offered a few funny stories about her brother, but ended the event with a message from the family's collective
6:32 pm
heart. >> mike we will not only miss you, you have left an emptiness in our lives that cannot be refilled. >> reporter: and again, the family was able to hold a private ceremony later at oak hill cemetery. live in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. well as thousands gathered to mourn and remember officer johnson at the sap center law enforcement from all over the area stepped in to protect the streets of san jose. every agency in santa clara stepped in to patrol the city so every member of the san jose police department could attend today's memorial service. officers say providing mutual aid is just part of the job and the culture of law enforcement. >> it's a testament to how everybody within the public safety environment really feels a sense of family amongst each other. >> the mutual aid officers not only help protect the city, they lined the procession route in tribute to officer johnson.
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the outpouring of support from the community continues at this hour. this is a live picture of a fundraiser being held at the britannia arms restaurant in almaden valley in san jose. the restaurant even set up tent as you can see, to help accommodate the overflow crowds here there to help support the fundraiser. the fundraiser has been going on all day. 100% of the proceeds will go to the johnson family. the britainnnia arms is a frequent hang out for members of the sjpd. the mayor also stopped by today. the fundraiser will continue until closing time 2:00 a.m. at the almaden location and the downtown san jose location on west santa clara street. we have more coverage on our website. you see photos from the memorial service and watch the poignant and moving speech by officer michael johnson's sister. that's at i want to get back to our continuing coverage now of the drought. a live look over san francisco. clear skies. and with each dry day, our drought deepens. governor brown's order conserve water has a lot of people mapping out how they're going
6:34 pm
cut back. nbc area's jodi hernandez is in the east bay. jodi people taking drastic steps, i can see behind you the proof. >> raj they are. we're in walnut creek where many folks are simply letting their yards go. take a look at how dry and brown this line is. well, the folks next door have taken it as a step further. as you can see, their lawn is gone. now, with the governor demanding cutbacks, expect to see more scenes like this as folks find new ways to save water. >> we hook the hose in to here and you just turn this on. >> reporter: earth science teacher jason mccabe shows us the water catchment system he and his students installed at st. patrick st. vincent this week. these 12 barrels are set up to collect up to 660 gallons of rainwater at a time when the governor is ordering everyone to conserve. >> it takes times like these for people to set the alarm bells going. it's a perfect opportunity to
6:35 pm
really teach children and adult ace like that this is a real problem in california. >> reporter: as the drought deepens, many people are deciding to let their lawns go. after maintaining a backyard lawn for 46 years, janet and bruce riggs decided to replace it with a drought resistant design. >> it's getting harder and harder to keep looking good. so we just decided to take it out. >> we can take your ugly half dead looking lawn and turn into it a drought tolerant butterfly paradise. >> reporter: blair nicholson with air says he is busier than ever converting lawns into drought friendly landscapes. >> and we're so busy. i mean, in the last two weeks i've had one day off. it's just crazy busy. >> reporter: high schoolers at st. patrick st. vincents are learning how to do their part. they hope their school garden will flourish from their fortunates. >> i know even when i'm not here it's going to affect the garden in a positive way for the school. >> and we're back here live
6:36 pm
where it turns out the only green lawn in this neighborhood isn't a lawn at all. you're looking at artificial turf. the homeowner tells me he spent more than $20,000 to replace both his front yard his front lawn and his back lawn. east bay mud tells me so far this year more people have converted their lawns than in all of last year. many water districts are offering rebates for qualifying lawn conversions. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. we have new details tonight regarding the controversial religious freedom laws in indiana and arkansas. lawmakers in both states have modified legislation now, and both governors have signed the new bills, hoping to ease the anger that is being directed at both states. people across the country rallied against the original laws, which allow business owners to deny service based on their religious beliefs which many fear means discrimination against the lgbt community.
6:37 pm
the backlash pushed indiana's governor and republican lawmakers to add anti-discrimination safeguards something they initially insisted they would not do. but democrats say doing the right thing now doesn't erase the damage done. >> i want to hear somebody say we made a grave mistake, and we caused the state tremendous embarrassment. that will take months and possibly years to repair. >> some companies, including the ncaa which is headquartered in indiana, applaud the changes made to the law. but other indiana companies, including angie's list call the fix insufficient and want to see the law scrapped altogether. meanwhile, one san francisco company is taking aggressive action in response to indiana's new law. salesforce ceo mark benioff says he is giving $50,000 relocation packages to his employees who ask to transfer out of that state. several of them say they are uncomfortable with the law that potentially allows discrimination. benioff says he wants to invest
6:38 pm
in states where there is equality. it looks like a deal. in switzerland today, iran agreed to limit its nuclear weapons program in return for the eventual lifting of sanctions. nbc's brian mooar has the story from washington, d.c., where president obama is calling all of this a good deal. >> reporter: after a final marathon bargaining session in switzerland, iran announced that it had agreed to scale back its nuclear program in principle. but it's far from a done deal. >> no agreement has been reached. so we do not have any obligation yet. >> reporter: iran and western powers including the united states, signed off on a framework for continue talks. and a formal agreement that has to be put in writing by june 30th. iran would have to give up more than a third of its 19,000 centrifuges. but not its nuclear facility. >> the proud people of iran would never accept that. >> reporter: president obama hailed the deal as good for the united states and israel because it exposes iran to more
6:39 pm
stringent inspections than any other nation. >> even if it violated the deal for the next decade at least, iran would be a minimum of a year away from acquiring enough material for a bomb. >> reporter: the united states and united nations would drop their sanctions, but not until iran complies with its commitments. >> if iran cheats the world will know it. >> reporter: while negotiators began writing a formal agreement with iran president obama has to find a way to sell the plan to congress and the american people. president obama says nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. and that includes the word of lawmakers here on capitol hill. brian mooar, nbc news washington. well coming up going back to nature. it was a bold move poisoning an entire bay area lake. coming up, how the action actually saved it in the end. also you stuck in traffic? we'll show you how an app lets drivers know exactly how long they'll stuck in that gridlock. this could help you, next.
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want out of a traffic jam, the popular waze app has added a new feature to help you with just that. it has added a real-time traffic mapping feature that can estimate how long it will take for a traffic jam to break it up it does it through realtime gps through its community of drivers. it includes a time in traffic bar that describes how far your car has progressed through the traffic jam and when you will get out of it. no more lugging the bags or boxes there is a new service in town that is making it easier to donate. in san francisco there is a startup called ship. it's teaming up with goodwill to collect items. it's an at-home pickup service.
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people can take a photo of what they want to give and upload it on to the ship app. then shyp comes in picks it up from your front door or driveway when it's convenient. >> shyp is the easiest way to send anything anywhere in the world. most of the people use us for gifting, selling online ebay, itsy and online returns as well. >> so you don't have to nag your friend to help you move stuff. here is the deal. the service will be free this month in san francisco as a kind of bonus, a trial for everyone to get used to. well it's a beautiful day outside, jeff. >> you're welcome. all right. >> can i thank mother nature too? >> yes, you should. i can't be greedy and take all the credit. nice weather coming throughout this weekend as well. we'll also talk about the chance of rain and much colder temperatures, in just a few minutes.
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okay, ever heard of a three-spine stickleback? >> no. >> it's a good thing. psychologists in san francisco poisoned a city lake in order to save it. >> one year later, nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. looks at how the experiment is turning out. >> reporter: at the western edge of san francisco's presidio -- >> probably 30 to 50 maybe now. >> reporter: in the winding lobos creek, a fishing expedition of sort. >> we're trying to get a thousand before the end of the year. >> reporter: presidio ecologists comb the creek with nets. sifting through the debris to find their prize catch, a three-spine stickleback. >> they were historically the only fish found in mountain lake. they would come up lobos creek and had gotten into mountain lake at one point in the past. >> reporter: you won't find stickleback on any menu but
6:47 pm
presidio ecologist jonathan young treats each one as if it were precious. >> every individual fish we had to measure to get an idea of average sizes. >> 4.8. >> i took a lot of macrophotographify so we can go through and sex them for males and female. >> reporter: the destination home is mountain lake one of san francisco's few fresh water lakes. the lake experienced a 50-year decline following the construction of highway 1 in the '30s, and the introduction of nonnative species. >> the invasive bass and carp basically drove the stickleback to extinction in the lake. >> reporter: two years ago the presidio used a toxic solution to wipe out the nonnative fish. >> get the fish in now. >> reporter: on thursday for the first time in decades. >> just dump them in and they'll swim away. >> reporter: stickleback were going home. >> this is the first official wildlife reintroduction in mountain lake. >> we have a big pregnant female here whom.
6:48 pm
wants to do the honors? >> reporter: while stickleback are the first native species returning to the lake they'll soon be joined by chorus frog western pond turtles and mussel. >> fresh water mussel requires this fish to complete its life stichle. >> lots of babies. >> reporter: the project is a bold experiment to try to undo more than 50 years of environmental damage. >> it's sort of a new 21st century concept of restoring an urban ecosystem. people should not release unwanted pets in lakes. >> reporter: of course any journey into the unknown starts with a fearless explorer. >> any more fish that need to be released? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: in this case it's a tiny fish with a very strange name. joe rosato jr. >> step on up to the plate. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> i feel like i was right there with the three spine stickleback. >> good job. first time seeing that little fish. let's get a check of our forecast. jeff changes on the way? >> we definitely have some dramatic changes.
6:49 pm
hopefully you were able to enjoy some of the glue bleu sky today across the oakland hills, looking magnificent for tonight. you'll be able to see as the scrolling ticker populates at the bottom of the screen we're not only introducing colder temperatures by easter weekend, but also the possibility of rainfall. right now outside holding on to the 71 degrees throughout the east bay. all other areas have dropped into the 60s. out in san francisco, a beautiful night as the a's and the giants go at it at at&t park in the bay bridge series. so if are still on your way out there, yes, bring your jacket. for tomorrow morning it stays clear and cold with the trend of temperatures right near the 30s across the north bay. and we can expect 46 in the south bay. let's go ahead and take you into the microclimate forecast as we head into your friday. 74 degrees in san jose and sunny skies. no big changes up or down in the temperatures tomorrow. it's going to stay very stable for us. the peninsula, 67 in foster city. 61 in pacifica. warm spot be l be palo alto atherton los altos in the low 70s. san francisco for the most part
6:50 pm
99% of telephone city will be in the 60s. but throughout soma also the mission district we should top out at 70 degrees. only for a couple of degrees in the afternoon. and it's going to drop back down for you. let's get you into the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. heading up to napa tomorrow, three-day weekend, lucky you. look at this. 76 degrees. 74 in santa rosa. oakland up to 70 tomorrow. even back towards lafayette, low 70s. in the tri-valley warmer spot will be danville coming in at 76 degrees. check out the pollen levels. high levels of everything still remains. pine alder, ash andjuniper. it should help to stick the pollen down to the surface and make it a lot better. let's get a look at the extended forecast. you'll be able to see saturday numbers go down. sunday even cold were rainfall expected in san jose also san francisco. and that possibility of rain for monday and also tuesday. so how much rainfall could we
6:51 pm
pick up as we get that three-day potential of wet weather? about a half inch possible here in the south bay. also for the peninsula and for the north bay, we may get about 3/4 of an inch. so great news as we head from sunday to wednesday of next week. you may need that thing, yes, it's called an umbrella. >> i can't wait to pull it out. it has cobwebs on it. >> spring showers in the spring whom. would have thunk. thanks. >> we need it. >> we do. okay. here we go. warriors basketball with eight games left in the regular season. the warriors are tuning up for the play-offs. we're live at the oracle. before tonight's tip-off against the suns. stay with us.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
geraud moncure joins us now from our comcast sportsnet studios. here is the warning for everybody. start saving your money now. the play-offs begin in a couple of weeks and they're going to cost you some money. >> they're going in as the team to beat. so it's definitely exciting. they keep playing well. after steamrolling over the recent four-game with wins in portland memphis, milwaukee and l.a., no freebies there, the dubs bring it back to oracle tonight, hosting the phoenix suns. steve kerr's squad doesn't seem to be pumping the brakes at all. live from oracle with more on tonight's game. hello, fallon. >> hey, geraud. the warriors have won and don't plan on slowing down any time soon. they already lost to the top seed in the west. earlier klay thompson said the warriors need to establish a
6:55 pm
high level of play every night so that it becomes second nature. so with the final eight games left including tonight against the suns they're really going to use them as tune-up games to build some momentum for the postseason. >> they like winning. pretty simple. they're very competitive. they like to win. and i think also at this point in the season, moment plays a role. you know we're playing for something bigger you know. we're playing for the postseason. and our guys understand the idea that everything that leads into that is important. and so we're playing with a purpose. we have an idea of what we're trying to accomplish from one night to the next. >> we need to play. we need to keep working on things our executing and half-court and certain defensive schemes that we want to try out going into the play-offs so we can rely on those if we need them. all that stuff is something to play for if you think of it
6:56 pm
that way, as opposed to we can play well lose a game and it might not mean much. but it's how we played going down the stretch, it's going to really matter. >> now have i an injury update for you. for the third straight game, the warriors will be without their emotional leader in draymond green, who is still suffering from inflammation in his shins. good news, another day off he should be good to go. but they'll reevaluate him tomorrow. geraud, back to you. >> fallon great job. thank you very much. enjoy the game tonight. baseball is back in the bay. giants and a's getting ready for game one of the exhibition bay bridge series at at&t park. jake peavy and scott casskazmir on the mound tonight. they'll play one more tomorrow before heading to odot cotomorrow. >> i think more than anything it gets us closer to regular season. so it gets the guys kind of
6:57 pm
geared up for the season. it's a trigger for them to say you know what? opening day is just around the corner. so it's a good series. >> we'll have a game one story tonight. and those highlights. the warriors and suns as well. raj, janelle? good sports night. back to you guys. >> we have the a's and giants. we got the warriors. we got a lot of tvs up tonight. we're going to be busy. >> watch loofgt sports. thanks geraud. one last before we head out. >> why not. i have a 12 plex back in the weather center. >> really. >> you guys got to come back. look at the weather trend. we have sunny skies here as we head through tomorrow. 74 in san jose. 70 in san francisco. then the big changes by easter sunday. only 66 in san jose. 60 in san francisco. chance of rain sunday monday and tuesday. best possibility for accumulating rain. quarter inch or higher would be on next tuesday. so we're gearing up for that you guys. >> thanks, jeff. >> thank you for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening.
6:58 pm
>> have a good night, folks.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
a mega celebration of paul walker as the stars of furious 7 take over hollywood. >> the moment that brought vin diesel to tears. now on "extra." diesel. >> oh! >> johnson. >> daddy's gotta go to work. >> statham. >> here comes the bad guy of the movie. oh, oh! >> mario in the furious 7 mania. vin's emotional tribute to paul. >> last year, it was hard to come back to work. >> the stories you never heard. >> is it true that you were hooking up with the same girl? >>. chris rock racially profiled?


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