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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  April 5, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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malaysia's government is pressing for answers after the prime minister's senior aided and a former ambassador to the u.s. are killed in a helicopter crash. witnesses say they saw the helicopter explode in mid air before it plunged to the ground
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outside of koala lum purr. the helicopter was carrying guests back from the wedding reception for the prime minister's daughter. on board the helicopter the prime minister's chief of staff and also former malaysian ambassador to the u.s. meanwhile, in south korea today family members of last year's ferry disaster marched through the streets of seoul. the ferry sank in april last year while on a routine journey to a holiday island. students on a stool trip were on board. 304 people were killed. $400,000 is being offed for each student that died. families want an ininvestigation into what caused the ferry to sink. increased security for worshippers at churches in kenya after thursday's massacre that targeted christians.
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bill nealy is in nairobi. >> reporter: another shock for kennians today with news that one of the four gunmen responsible for this massacre was in fact not only a kenyan, but the son of a government official. kenyans reading this morning in their maine sunday newspaper about the slou slow response of the elite squad that was sent by the army. it took them seven hours to get a plane to go to the site during which time the paper says terrorists had a field day taunting their victims before that elite squad arrived. today is the first of three days of national mourning here. we've seen something in nairobi that you don't normally see, people's bags being searched before they was allowed into the cathedral and the churches here. the same thing in the university town where this massacre took place. people being searched armed troops on the doors of two
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churches that were actually attacked three years ago by islamist militants. >> remember what happened. that is still fresh in people's minds. >> reporter: the bishop at one of those services praising people for their courage in coming and asking them to remember the dead many of whom he said would have been at those easter sunday services. >> i can confess that these last two nights i couldn't sleep. not because of fear but because of sadness towards the victims. >> reporter: kenya's president, meanwhile, promising a clampdown saying this is an existential threat and promising a fierce crackdown. as i say, the shock news here that one of those responsible for the massacre here in kenya is one of their own, a kenyan citizen. back to you. >> officials say the gunman was a former graduate of nairobi university law school. his father reported him missing last year.
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the other three gunmen have not yet been identified. coming up grow crops or sell their water? a serious dilemma for california farmers. we'll tell you why many are simply deciding to let their fields go empty.
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faced with a puchbishing brought water agencies in southern california offering to buy water from farmers in the northern part of the state. >> that is presenting them with a unique dilemma, should they keep growing their crops or cash in? holly jackson explains. >> reporter: this dust will turn to mud in a couple of weeks when charlie matthews floods his rice foolds with millions of gallons of water. >> but some of his fellow farmers may stay dry. choosing instead to sell their water south, for more money than they'd make growing rice. doesn't this create an interesting dilemma for you? are you a water seller or are you a rice farmer?
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we primarily want to be a rice farmer but in order to be a rice farmer we have to have the water. >> reporter: matthews took us to the northern california district, which just decided to sell water to southern california. not an easy decision for him. >> if we don't find a way for people in the south to get water when they desperately need it they will attach our water rights. >> reporter: farmers like matthews stand to make 7 munds an acre-foot by not farming farmland and selling water 500 miles south to jeffrey's district. >> this is two and a half times more the normal market rate for water this year. >> reporter: his metropolitan water district imports two thirds of its water from central and northern california. >> that is water rich territory. and here is the people rich territory. and we are trying to match the two upr up. >> reporter: some folks worry
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that's a short sighted resolution that could eventually leave northern reservoirs high and even dryer. >> we have drought conditions here as well. somehow there is there belief they are not going to drain it like there is so much that they can't possibly droi it. >> reporter: this year with the drought so bad northern california farmers may have to call of a their deals any way if the heat waves and the low snowpack exacts their supplies. still, with no end in sight. >> there is 38 million other folks in southern california 200 rice farmers. we want to make sure we can get along with the other 38 million. >> mary'sville, california. >> on that note a little bit of relief on the way. rob is here to tell us the good news. >> we've seen rain around here. stronger systems soon to follow
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which will power up the snowpack levels. could see one to two feet across the higher peaks. this is a gift this late into april. you usually don't see storms and snow leflsz down to 3500 feet. but that's the story in the sierra and maybe even the bay area hill tops come tuesday. temperatures brisk outside, upper 50s currently. and wind speeds 10 to 20 miles per hour. wind will be a big part of the story tomorrow as those gusts get close to 45 miles per hour along the coast and hills. there you see the last few hours there in san jose. a few brief showers now heading off to the east. and still snow flying out towards the sierra. that's where our winter weather advisory continues as we are seeing more or less kind of a break between systems with our tuesday storm taking shape offshore. that's going to swing in late tomorrow into early tuesday morning. that will bring us wind rain and yes higher elevation snow for the sierra and maybe down to
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3500 feet. tomorrow a chance of showers around the north bay. san francisco south a few stray showers for the afternoon. most of the focus from 6:00 tomorrow north of santa rosa through the day. high with the winds changing direction coming up out of the south, mid 50s around san jose. sprinkles around ocean beach and pacifica possible. north bay, showers for monday. should stay dry around the east bay into pleasanton and livermore. tomorrow evening the oakland a's host their homeowner. temperatures in the mid 50s. wind will be a big part of the story in oakland. transition to the wind forecast. tomorrow out of the south and into tomorrow evening winds 20 to 30 miles per hour and approaching 40 miles per hour in the hill tops. the main weather system makes its punch into the bay area monday night at 11:00. maybe embedded showers. 2:00 that could wake you up in
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san jose still cooler. transitions to showers into tuesday afternoon. today we had a quarter inch of rain in most locations. look at tuesday into early wednesday. half inch to an inch of rain. good news for the bay area. sierra, from interstate 80 up to highway 50 up to two feet of snow. the system is cold enough to produce the snow. plan on winds and clouds tomorrow. rain heaviest at time monday night into early tuesday morning. chance of chilly air. low 70s thursday into friday. and at this point next weekend for now doesn't look like we will see more showers. temperatures in the 70s to mid 60s next weekend n. the meantime, between now and tuesday we hope we can get one inch plus of rain in the bay area and up to more than two feet of snow in the sierra. >> it's almost like mother nature heard us complaining about it. >> we need to complain more.
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>> that's right. >> and responded. thanks rob. coming up it is a new app that became a worldwide it in just a matter of days. our newsroom couldn't stop talking about it. >> still can't. >> still to that day. the cofounder of appearscopy coming up.
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>> if you have heard a lot about periscope this past week it is not in reference to sub marines. >> it is the bay area's newist contribution to the tech world. you can broadcast videos live around the world and receive feedback. >> like your own live truck. >> here's how it works. >> reporter: periscope is the newest way to see the world through a live stream on a stranger's phone. sign on and see everything from a barbecue in south africa to people boarding a ferry both in hong kong. even al roker getting ready for
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"nbc nightly news." >> our vision was it would feel like a teleportation experience. you could travel the world through someone else's eyes in real time. >> >> reporter: quitter acquired the app last month and launched of the last week. its popularity is exploding. >> it is a ringo starr was on periscope yesterday. and aaron paul, the actor from breaking bad takes us into his living room for acoustic guitar concerts. >> it's not on android phones yet. you can browse around and see who is doing what or go to a determined destination. >> seeing how users play with it has been mind boggling. >> with live streaming, know there are risks. >> the big negative is a combination of the trolling and the lack of control over some of the stuff that happens in live streams. i think you will see something
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bad happen at some point. >> reporter: if those were to happen, there are measures in place. >> periscope is not a place for harassment or abuse or pornography. we have tools in place and teams in place to help make sure that that policy is being adhered to as much as possible. >> reporter: they say they are working to improve the app, uses and options. for now he hopes people enjoy the sights, and sounds across the world. on your phone. >> in san francisco, ian cole nbc bay area news. >> so many cool ways to use it but also some alarming ways. >> the gentleman who said something could go wrong and cost someone their job. i say it's going to happen this week. >> hopefully not here. >> not going to be me, and not here. >> coming up next we are tracking storms in the bay area. >> you need to know where that next storm is coming. plus bart crews hard at work chltsds and it's creating a
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delay in the east bay. giants hall of fame broadcaster, lon simmons has passed away at the aiming of 91. reaction from the team and fans coming up.
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right now at 5:00 take a look at this. rain has made its way back to the bay area. we thought it was gone for the season. several cities getting hit this easter sunday. >> we have team coverage on this storm and another one that is coming later this week. >> good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. thank you for joining us. as we take a live look across the bay area let's take you to look at the golden gate bridge. >> that's our bay area. >> we've got you covered here. palo alto there, as well as downtown san francisco, and san jose. now a couple of clouds still hanging around but blue skies there as well. a big storm coming in tomorrow.
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meteorologist rod my eed as has been watching that. we were lucky to get raindrops today. >> the nice thing, the rain came and went fairly quickly so probably didn't get in the way of too many outdoor plans. necessary than a quarter inch in oakland, castro valley five 00ths of an rain. san francisco, breezy 67 degrees, and clouds east of downtown san jose as you can see here. on the radar we've been watching the south bay and the santa clara valley. the last to clear out of those showers. still showers off towards morgan hill. but now we are seeing this system winding down in the bay area. still tossing snow towards the sierra. winter weather advisories through 8:00 tonight. and more on the way in the next 24 to 36 hours. one thing you will notice tomorrow, a lot more winds. this time tomorrow gusts approaching 45 miles per hour. and the rain that comes in monday night and tuesday could also include some thunderstorms and small


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