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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  April 5, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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sierras. that is what we are expecting. >> fantastic. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. and more local news here on nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> see you then. on this sunday night the war of words over the nuclear agreement with iran. the president feeling the heat from both israel and congress while iran is issuing a new threat. easter plea. pope francis prays for an end of growing persecution of christians world wide and condemned the deadly attack on college students. an nbc news under cover investigation, convicted killer caught on camera trying to deceive. navigating the sahara with little more than a mask compass is a drive to win.
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this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt" substituting tonight, savannah guthrie. the president is putting it on the line the deal to halt iran's nuclear ambitions in an interview published today calling it a once in a lifetime opportunity to resolve peacefully. what is coming now may be harder. the president has to sell the deal to multiple deeply skeptical audiences, lawmakers in both parties in congress u.s. allies in the gulf and israel whiez prime minister came out swinging against the deal. we begin with john yang in washington. good evening to you. >> reporter: this deal with iran is intended to bring peace and stability to an increasingly unstable region but quickly become a war of words among the president, the israeli prime minister and members of
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congress. from washington and tehran two views of the framework agreement. president obama in an interview posted today on the "new york times" website. >> there is no formula, no option to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon that will be more effective than the diplomatic initiative and framework that we put forward. that is demonstrbal. >> reporter: in tehran continue their nuclear activities if the united states and the other five nations violated the agreement really outlined to be filled in by june 30 is drawing blistering fire. >> the best deal comes with a new president. hillary clinton would do better. everybody on our side except maybe rand paul could do better. >> leaves our time with a vast
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infrastructure. it's a dream deal for iran and nightmare deal for the world. >> reporter: benjamin netanyahu said he had spoken to about two-thirds directly lobbying congress. >> this can back fire on him. i wish that he would contain himself because he has put out no real alternative. >> reporter: as final negotiations get underway administration officials must try to head off congressional attempts to force a tougher stance. backers of the idea say they don't want to kill a deal. they want to make it stronger by nailing down more specifics. >> set in place a process to ensure that if there is a deal it's a deal that will stand the test of time. it will keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: analysts say the lack of specifics may have been intended to give u.s. and iranian officials flexibility at home. >> this seems to be designed to create enough space for each side to build the political
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support it needed to get us to a final agreement. >> reporter: in his interview the president says israel is right to be concerned about iran and pledges if anybody as he puts it messes with israel america will be there. >> john yang at the white house. thank you. that draft agreement with iran made its way to the pope's easter sunday message. pope francis spoke to thousands in a soggy st. peter's square condemning persecution of christians world wide. ♪ >> reporter: on the cold wet sunday in front of tens of thousands in st. peter's square pope francis praised the nuclear agreement with iran urging world leaders to follow through. it may be a definitive step towards a more fraternal and secure world.
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it was a somber easter message for a violent time. in kenya armed guards watched over worshippers after the massacre thursday that claimed 148 lives many students killed because they were christians. >> not because of fear but because of something else. >> reporter: kenya begins three days of mourning this easter sunday. and just like those in rome and around the world people sought comfort in their faith. the sad reality is that kenya is not the only the pope named where faith puts them in danger. the list is long and getting longer. in libya the pope called for an end for barbarous acts of violence. he also singled out yemen where eight agencies are warning of a humanitarian crisis. and the holy land where peace
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process is stalled. above all pope francis prayed for peace for iraq and syria. that the roar of arms may cease, the pope says and that peaceful relations may be restored in these beloved countries. in damascus war is creeping closer. isis took over a refugee camp in the edge of the city just a few miles from where christians held a peaceful easter mass. there was some hope. back in kenya in the face of a young survivor of the massacre finally home with her family and in a country determined to heal. nbc news london. in this country we have new pictures of a plane that went off the tarmac and wound up in some mud in columbia missouri. it was getting ready to take off for chicago when it got stuck yesterday. 35 people were on board.
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the flight was cancelled and the passengers were put on other planes. in boston the fate of accused marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev could be in the hands of the jury by this time tomorrow night. closing arguments are set to start in the morning after the defense rested last week. pete williams has been covering the trial for us. tsarnaev's lawyers admitted his role in the bombing in the get go. a guilty verdict seems all certain but some are wondering why go through the trial. >> by having two trials means the jury has to issue two separate verdicts. tsarnaev faces 30 counts and 17 are punishable by death. if he is convicted on any one of those and there will be a second trial in which the jury will decide between life without parole and the death penalty. his lawyers thought the jury would have a chance to express his anger by finding him gate
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and then in the second trial his lawyers argue the role was secondary. >> we now know that tsarnaev did not testify in the first phase of the trial, the guilt phase of the trial. any chance he testifies in the second phase if we get there? >> his lawyers haven't said. we don't know for sure if he does take the stand then it seems like the focus of the defense case in the second trial would shrink to his demeanor on the stand. if he does testify the government can cross examine him. there are big risks. but the job of the defense lawyer is to try to humanize him and they think the best way to do that is for the jury to hear from him directly they might put him on the stand. they thought the second trial was the one where that was more likely for them. >> critical call for the lawyers. a big week in another boston area courtroom.
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former nfl star aaron hernandez gets his chance to tell his side of the story. nbc's ron allen has our report tonight. >> reporter: after nearly two months of testimony from more than 130 witnesses lawyers for aaron hernandez will lay out his defense tomorrow. the former receiver faces first degree murder and weapons charges. he is accused of killingoden lloyd who was dating the sister of hernandez's fiance. among the final witnesses, patriots owner robert kraft who said he spoke to hernandez two days after lloyd's death. >> what did he say when you asked him whether he was involved in this manner? >> he said he was not involved. >> reporter: prosecutors say hernandez was angry with lloyd after a dispute.
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days later security video allegedly shows him getting into a car with two other men, both set to stand trial for murder. prosecutors say they met lloyd and drove to a park where he was killed. this video prosecutors say shows hernandez at home carrying what they call the murder weapon. >> you have a marijuana cigarette linked with hernandez's dna at the scene and also a shell casing found in his rental car also with dna evidence of hernandez. >> reporter: no eyewitness has come forward, no murder weapon found. >> you never know what the jury is thinking. >> i think it could go either way. >> reporter: regardless of the outcome hernandez faces murder charges in a drive by shooting that left two men dead in 2012. he pleaded not guilty. a former star now accused of also being a cold blooded killer. ron allen, nbc news new york.
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sports now, no doubt you have heard kentucky's hopes for basketball immortality are over after its dramatic loss to wisconsin. the wildcats hoped to be the first team since 1976 to take home the ncaa title with an undefeated season. winners and losers aside says last night's game was the most watched college basketball game ever on cable. here is nbc's carey sanders. >> reporter: it was the most unexpected and joyous of celebrations at the university of wisconsin. no one thought it likely. >> it's going to be a good one. >> reporter: not analysts not vegas odds makers, not even the president believed between good friday and easter sunday a saturday miracle like this was possible. >> unbelievable stretch drive to the championship game. >> great to see wisconsin do
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that. >> reporter: the badgers surprised the kentucky wildcats and everyone watching with a shocking upset. what has been the wildcats marks to a perfect season and what was supposed to be a story book ending at the buzzer evaporated. 38 wins and now home. >> i wasn't thinking 40-0. i was just trying to win the game. i would hope my team was that way. but they are 18 and 19 year olds. >> reporter: some fans expressed themselves violently setting fires in the street. more than 30 people were arrested and several hospitalized. >> i'm really sad. i'm not going to lie. they beat us. >> reporter: for the 11 million plus brackets registered only 4.4% predicted wisconsin would play duke in the final matchup. the blue devils dominated michigan state yesterday and is now vying for the fifth ever
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title. >> i have been with the blue devils for so long. >> reporter: tip off for the national championship tomorrow night. nbc news miami. it was a white easter today in rochester, new york where it was colder today than on christmas day. on december 25 the high was 52 degrees and raining. fast forward to today the high was expected to be only 40. forecasters say up to an inch of snow could fall before the day is over which could make the easter eggs a little harder to find. when nightly news continues we go under cover and inside the dark world of adoption scams preying on the hopes and pocket books of would-be parents. women with drive navigating the harsh sahara all in a day's work.
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for some couples adopting a child is a long emotional road that ends with joy. for others the road ends in betrayal when it finds out they were scammed. adoption experts say this is on the rise. >> reporter: you're watching on hidden camera as two couples meet to discuss adopting a baby. >> how do you feel about giving up the baby? >> i can't feed the baby. i can't do anything for this
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body. so why not give it a better life. >> this woman who is calling herself michelle says she is 8 months pregnant and will let this couple adopt her baby if they agree to pay her living expenses. paying the birth mother's living expenses is perfectly legal in most states. michelle may not be who she says she is. the couple she is talking to are actually nbc producers posing as perspective adoptive parents. >> have you ever been in trouble with the law? >> i got a ticket. >> reporter: turns out michelle's real name is heather burgess including convictions for taking money from perspective adoptive parents. she took $9,000 from this couple. she doesn't know it but they are watching our meeting from behind the scenes. >> it's sickening that you know
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they're preying on people the way that they are. >> reporter: we are not sure heather is even pregnant. look at the video of her in the car we sent to bring her to our meeting. she appears to be adjusting something under her sweater. >> i am a correspondent for date line nbc. are you pregnant? >> yeah. >> is that a pillow? >> it looks like a pillow. do you have anything to say? >> are you going to call like -- >> how many healthers are out there? >> she is probably not the only one. >> i know of a few others that scam regularly. >> reporter: a adoption professional has tips for perspective parents to protect themselves. she says never send money to a birth mother directly and be suspicious with someone who doesn't want to work with a professional. heather got out of prison after serving a little over a year on drug and theft charges in
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another case. and you can watch the hour long hidden camera investigation into the world of private adoption scams tonight on date line. we'll be right back.
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you are looking at newly discovered etching made by world war i soldiers. the encryptions were under covered in a small town north of paris. a photographer says at least 55 of the 2,000 messages were written by americans. the soldiers wanted to be remembered as they went to battle. late news tonight of a columbia journalism review. the results address the questions of ethics raised by the discredited piece. >> reporter: rolling stone is apologizing after an independent review by the school of journalism calls the fallout from a rape on campus a
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journalistic failure that was avoidable. imagine being asked for the review after publishing a bombshell story which revealed horrific details of a gang rape of a woman named jackie. news outlets quickly uncovered inconsistencies and police say they could find no evidence the attack happened. the review finds better and clearer policies about reporting practices, pseudonyms might have prevented the magazine's errors and added senior editors are unanimous in the belief that the story's failure does not require them to change their editorial system. the author is apologizing tonight in her first public statement in months saying i allowed my concern for jackie's well being, fear of retraumatizing her and my confidence in her credibility to take the place of more questioning and more facts adding these are mistakes i will
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not make again. a condensed version will be published in its print edition out wednesday. when we come back another competition heats up as two moms trade montana for the sahara desert and embark on the ride of their lives.
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finally tonight recently two american moms ventured out for a spring break like no other. they joined about 300 other
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women from more than a dozen countries who navigated their way across some very tough terrain. all they had with them were old maps, a compass and a whole lot of drive. >> reporter: rhonda cahill and richelle croft are plotting their next expedition. >> there are valsies. >> reporter: the two working moms are embarking on a unique adventure as they trade the mountains of montana for this, morocco's sahara desert. >> the long estest all female road rally in the world. no gps, no electronics. >> reporter: armed with a compass and maps from the 1950s hundreds of women compete in this annual race. this all-female motor sport
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competition is in its 25th year and the only one of its kind. they are part of team usa. >> i am driver and she is navigator. i spent three or four months going over maps and practicing calculations. >> reporter: teams must navigate their way across the sahara over nine days driving the shortest distance between a series of check points. >> there is a point where sometimes you have to go over something. >> reporter: the teams face some of the most treacherous terrain in the world. if they break down there is no aaa out in the desert. >> sounded like a clamp was stuck on the tire. if you look the shock is not right here. >> reporter: no prizes but for these fierce competitors the race is more about finishing than who wins. >> i am so glad we pushed through it because it is good to know you conquered something that was really really hard.
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>> she is trying not to cry. >> something that i realized about the rally is it's not about teaching you new skills. it's about untapping skills you didn't know you had. and i feel like i'm going home like a full tool belt. >> a journey like no other on the face of the globe that is empowering women one dune at a time. pretty cool. the montana moms finished 14th out of 125 teams in their class. that is "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. lester will be here tomorrow. i'm savannah guthrie reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news have a good evening.
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right now at 6:00 rain in the bay area. and soon snow. in our local mountains. we have team coverage and weather that's making the headlines across the area. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peg by gunker. take a look at this as heavy rain earlier around noon. this is 101 near sfo. take a look at this really coming down. as you might imagine this storm ruined several easter egg hunts. if you were trying to get that done it was a bit wet in spots. we do have team coverage on these spring showers. marianne favreau live in san jose, fans were sticking out the rain. firs