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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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two fires in livermore and why investigators say an arsonist may be at work. >> and the sierra getting a small dusting of snow, but it's not over yet. we'll talk about what is in store this week coming up. that's right. i'm all over that. plus, we could pick up an additional 2 feet of snow up in tahoe. for us, more hilike 2 to 3 inch in the north bay. a powerful storm system on the way. i'll have the details in just moments. and tracking your morning commute, we'll get you up to speed with what's happening on the roads. >> looking live this morning at at&t park where the season gets under way, though not technically at home. we'll explain how you can still watch with your fellow fans on this monday, april 6. this is today in the bay.
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good monday morning an tanks for joining us. i'm chris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. we'll be talking baseball and also rain is on the way. let's get a check of the forecast with christina. >> snow down to 3500 feet in the bay area, 1 to 2 feet likely up in tahoe p. and let's me break it down for you via your weather headlines. clouds today, rain arrives tonight heavy at times. tomorrow also expecting thunderstorm formation. i'll give you the latest on this plus we have a chance for rain again as we head through the end of the week together. so stick around, your microclimate forecast moments away. takes two pronged weather event. rain here, snow in the sierra, and that has sparked optimism where we continue to face a devastatiing drought. that nanette miranda, good
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morning. >> reporter: this can help later on in the fire season, but for now, break from the same old same old as we welcome a storm, rain later on today. when we can expect pod ratley strong storm. yesterday the weather seiztease with some light rain forcing drivers to turn on their windshield wipers. but it wasn't likely to stop easter egg hunt wills or church services. the raindrops also weren't enough to put a accident in our drought. san jose firefighters were called to a blaze on mclaughlin avenue late last night. more than fire hours later, crews were still on the scene checking out hot spots. fire crews say to help them, they need residents to make sure they have defensible space around their home.
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>> grasses are already dry, so now is the time to do the clearance at least 100 feet around structures. p if you're on a slope, 300 feet. >> the latest storm is great news for the mountains when while we are expecting -- while we saw a light dusting yesterday in the sierra, 1 to 2 feet of snow is expected there later. the snow pack helps supply our drinker water later in the year. and 48 hours after significant rainfall, residents are not supposed to water their lawns. nanette miranda, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. conservation techniques so important right now and some of california's wealthiest cities scrambling to come up with stricter laws to rein in use. new report malibu and new
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port beach use three times more than other cities. malibu used more than 150 gallons per capita in january compared to 38 gallons per cappa in santa ana. that's after the governor called for volunteer water restrictions. more rain is coming tonight and you can track it every step of the way with our nbc bay area app. you can download it directly on your phone for your iphone or android devices and it's free. a firefighter tackled a woman trying to set a person on fire and now investigators are wondering if she's behind a number of other crimes in the north bay yesterday's attack happened in mill valley just off panoramic highway. officers say an off city firefighter saw the woman throwing lighter fluid on a 50-year-old victim. the firefighter tackle that had woman before she could set that person on fire. >> sheriff's department has taken some samples and they're going to be pursuing -- see if there is a tie between the
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assault and a fire at the bottom of the driveway. >> not only was there a fire on the property, the house was also vandalized with rapist and murderer scrolled. investigators think she may also be linked to other fires in the area. this morning investigators say it appears two fires that broke out at the same house just hours apart were no accident. livermore fire department says now investigating both of those fires as arson. the first one broke out on friday night at the home on kenity street near i-580. and is second one reported within 12 hours. nobody was hurt, but there was extensive damage. happening today, takes whole new ball game for the as and giants. >> hoping to start the season on
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fire, stephanie, giants on the road, but still we could watch them locally. good morning. >> reporter: they can, yeah. giants are in fee thiphoenix, be is an opening day viewing party here at at&t park. it starts at 6:00, the gates are open then, and then 7:05 start. and it's free. of course over the weekend, we have the bay bridge series and giants won three to win the series at 2-1. preseason, giants lost to the as four times. matt cain says it's how they enter the regular season that really counts. >> everybody feels good. and it's always a little skewed in spring training. but guys have been playing good at the end, which means they come in and start getting it going. getting ready for the season.
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>> reporter: barry zito got 9 standi sta the standing o there the crowd. he was back in green and gold. zito for now is headed to aaa nashville. both games start just after 7:00 tonight. of course the as at home and viewing party here at home, as well, could be pretty windy and of course rain may be on the way. christina loren will have details throughout the new cast this morning. stephanie chuang, today in the bay. >> we'll go to christina right now. >> good morning. yeah, hopefully you had a great weekend, easter sunday. i was up late watching the bible right here on nbc bay area last night. you pay have the same story to tell this morning. if you're a little groggy out there, good news is this morning not expecting weather to impact your drive all that much. tomorrow morning completely different scenario. 36 degrees in the north bay.
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temperatures in the low 40s out there right now. in the south bay, as we head throughout the morning hours, grab that coat. it hasn't been this cold in over a month. and we could see some tros formation up in the north bay. by this afternoon, temperatures will rebound nicely. we will end up in the 60s. this is what you can count on as you head outdhoors monday. your sun will rise at 6:49. you'll need the jacket. then the clouds thicken up this p.m., really between 12:00 and 4:00, becoming mostly cloudy. scott mcgrew is back, there is my distraction. showers start in the north bay late afternoon and into this evening. and then will everybody expecting that rain as we get in to tonight. and thunderstorms are likely, as well. these thunderstorms could produce lightning, pea sized hail, very gusty wind and brief heavy downpours. would tell you if your microclimate is fair game for this activity in my next report. right now, a check on your
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drive. that's right, we can't say we weren't warned. no freak hail storms this time. you warned us. let's talk about the traffic. coming through dublin, in is e altamont path. heavy, but no accidents. we actually don't have any major accidents across any of the area freeways. you can see some red coming through livermore, but pretty light once you get past even on 84, a little slowing there. hayward towards fremont, 880 looks pretty good a little construction on the san mateo bridge, but no problems. even 101, 280, no problems there. no accidents really anywhere. south bay look good this morning. lots of green, so all good to go. but of course still early. just take it easy out there. >> be a glass half full kind of guy. 5:09. kenya fight back after that troubling terrorist attack at a university.
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plus new details we're burning will a roof that collapsed during and he easter service in new jersey. looks like a rough open on the markets and an end of the tradition at apple.
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researchers say breast milk is best for babies, but not necessarily if it comes from and online seller. a new study claims some of the milk isn't even human. researchers at nationwide children's hospital in ohio analyzed 102 samples purchased on the internet and they all contained some portion of human breast milk, but 10% also had evidence of large amounts of cow's milk. >> it's more than just incidental contamination. it really looks like evidence of deception and adulteration of the milk. >> researchers found three quarters of the samples were also contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria like e. coli. 5:13. the stock markets look like they will have a rough start as investors reacting to the first time to friday's jobs report. scott, hair first reaction, markets were closed for the holiday on friday. >> that's right.
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so we got the jobs number, with you traders were staying home and those numbers were lousy. 126,000 jobs added in the month of march. when you realize that we've had month after month after month of plus 200,000, that really is a sudden shock. so let's right to the landon dowdy. this could be a tough open. >> it sure could, scott. welcome back. we have missed you. and the markets are coming under pressure like you said as investors get their first chance to react to the did go sappoint jobs report. it's also prompting many economists to push out the forecast when teds will start raising interest rates. the dow closed up 65, nasdaq ending 6. futures are sharply lower. furry 7 races to p the top of
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the box office. with a record for the april debut. the movie earned $240 million overseas, so analysts think this could be the next to join the billion dollar club. scott, back to you. >> amazing. landon bei landon, thank you. on friday, apple will start pre-orders for the new apple watch. prices as you know range from a few hundred dollars for a rubber sport version to many thousands of dollars. pre-order this friday, and then they're delivered toward the end of the month. what you're not going to see is lines outside stores when the watch is finally available. here is tim cook welcoming in a bunch of people for the phone. apple says it will not sell the watch directly, at least not to begin with. you're just going to order it online like you do most things. you don't have to go to the store. and then john oliver interviewed edward snowden. oliver has become quite a
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journalist. take a look. >> they're using these capabilities to make us vulnerable to them, and then saying, wow, i have a gun pointed at your head, i'm not going to pull the trigger. trust me. >> sam oliver has started to a . newspapers begin to follow up. he's doing a great job. >> i know you're a fan. >> amazing access, too. where was that, in russia? >> yeah, i believe it was russia. some people go on vacation. or people go there to work. >> landon missed you, christina missed you. i didn't want you to position t can't miss you. nice to see you. >> happy to have you back. and we're also very happy to hear about the fact that we'll be getting another round of rain later tonight. >> here is christina are loren. >> what am i, chopped liver? i'm always here. and i'm happy to be here. but we sure did miss you, scott
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mcgrew. 36 degree this is the north bay to start. we're at 42 in the tri-valley and 43 in the south bay. and i would not miss that storm for my life. as you know, fwheed the rain so desperately here in the bay area. so this is a friendly reminder to turn off those sprinklers. probably want to turn them off in the north bay because you'll see shower activity as of this evening and then tonight, make sure you have them off for the south bay peninsula, tri-valley, even san francisco, we're expecting an inch of rain in your metropolitan cities from one round. so p temperatures for today in the mid-60s, showers starting on later this evening in the north bay. i take you into this afternoon and stop the clock on futurecast, you can see just light activity mostly in sonoma county. we stop it again for you at 11:00 p.m., that's when the heavier moisture comes through amend you can see we're not just
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talking about green, we have the yellow and orange. that's moderate to heavy rainfall. we continue futurecast, stop it again for you at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, so before you leave for work, a lot of this rain, the heavy stuff at least will have already come through p. doesn't mean it will cease, though, when you hit the road for your morning commute. by 5:00 a.m., still getting rich moisture. and at this point, this is the coldest point of the day, so we could pick up a little bit of snowfall on monthhamilton, 2 maybe 3 feet a of snow. and it's a cold system, so snow levels will fall to about 3500 feet with 6 inches or more accumulated over 4,000 feet. so do keep that in mind. i'll show you your snow map coming up, who could see flurries, but first i want to focus in on your thunderstorm chance. tonight into tomorrow, the coast and higher elevations, highest chance is in the santa cruz mountain. we'll extend that for the north
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bay mountains, as well. but associated with some of these stronger storms, could see pea sized hail, gusts to 50 miles per hour and brief heavy down pours. we'll see a nice dry break wednesday into thursday. by friday, our next rain chance moves in. so how much rain are we expecting in your microclimate? i'll answer that in the next report. right now, he's manning your drive, anthony slaughter. >> both hands on the wheel. and let's talk about this drive. want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. cars are starting to stack up but no problems once you get at least coming through the maze. this tells a better story. you can see lots of green. not only through the east bay, but down the peninsula, as well. even down throughal p palo alto. let's show you what it looks like and you can see for
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yourself, lots of light car, roads still wide open northbound and south poubound, # 80, yo880 more add are car, but great news, no accidents this morning. back to you. >> very nice to hear. this morning kenya is launching a coordinated military response to the college has kerr. warplanes fired on islamic militants at two strongholds in somalia targeting al shabaab, the group that claimed responsibility for last week's attack on garissa. 148 were murdered, most were christian students. one person has tidied, four others injured after a car slammed into a tour bus in southern california. witnesses report the car veering into the bus and the driver of
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that car died, as well. four bus passengers were treated for minor injuries. the cause sis under investigation. more than two dozen recovering after a roof collapsed at a new jersey church. witnesses say the con gra con gra gags was singing a him as they heard loud cracking noises. 14 people were hit with debris. 13 of them suffered minor injuries. but one person is in serious condition at the hospital. starting this week, prince harry's military swan song of sorts is playing out down under. harry has embarked on the final mission of his decade long military career. he'll be stationed in australia for four week of training. harry visited the tomb of the unknown soldier upon his arrival and he'll leave the british army in june. a happy reunion with man's best friend.
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and the moral of the story, get your pet micro chipped. >> this started when sweetie here escaped from her family home outside tucson, arizona in 2012. somehow sweetie ended up 15 miles away. find by workers inside a warehouse this past week. they took her to the humane society. >> we scanned the dog for a micro chip and it did come up with one. it was registered. so we were able to get in touch with the owners. >> sweetie and her family are now hopefully reunited. how she ended up so far away is still a mystery. >> with a physical like that, they didn't need a dna test to make sure it was suitesit iswee. sbig changes could be in store for the sharks. they might be looking for a new coach even if they want for keep him. and we'll talk about weather and traffic coming up.
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wrapping up against the stars and it could be the last time as head coach. >> hard to believe, team all about out of the playoffs which puts the general manager's job on the line and according to canada shorts net, if fired, mclellan has the opportunity to opt out of his remaining year. sharks have three games left in the season. puck drops 7:30 tonight. >> from the ice to the hard wood, warriors have locked up home court advantage throughout the playoffs, but it looks like the team still hasork to do. its win streak snapped at 12 games last night at the hands of the defending champion san
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antonio purchaspurs. warriors lost 107-92. and the loss comes just one night after golden state made steve kerr the winningest rookie coach in nba history.three wins season, biggest wins coming on easter and christmas. >> they are on a roll no question about that. 5:26. we'll check in with anthony slaughter -- no, let's check in with christina. excuse me. find out about the rain totals. >> it's chilly out there. i'll show you every single microclimate. but if you are leaving right now, a couple things to point out. we hahave that patchy frost wit temperatures at 36 in the north bay. we have not yet hit the coldest
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point of the day. so please take it easy out there. we did have some moisture to freeze. after all, we picked up over a poa 0.4 of an inch of rain. we could see 2 to 3 inches from the next storm. right now anthony and your morning drive. let's show you the dublin area. you can see cars moving pretty good coming westbound side of 580. looks more daunting than it is because you can see on the maps lots of green. slowing through livermore. san jose, lots of green continues. outside, we show you 101 northbound, it does show traffic starting to build, but no big concerns here. just typical slowing that we see this time of morning. back to you. closing arguments ca today the boston marathon bombing trial. we'll take you live to boston.
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sdwrirks. saying good-bye to a bay area icon. a look back at how lon simmons impacted a number of bay area teams. plus firefighters respond to a late night fire near kelly park. why the crews say the drought is impacting how they fight fires. and good monday morning to you. we have a little bit of rain to helpcan tell you inches of rain expected right here in the bay area. thunderstorms, and low level snow, all the details in just moments. and we'll let you know if there are any accidents out there on the roads this monday morning. and looking live at 101 through san rafael, one of the spots that will get the best part of the rain on this monday, april 6. this is today in the bay.
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good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm chris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. we begin with a live look outside at san jose this dry rt that will change by this evening. let's get a look at your draft. cold temps to start. >> it is chilly out there. make sure you bundle up the little ones if they're head back after spring break. some kids just kicking off spring break today. so you might find a lighter drive. do have a little frost out there this morning. the rain moves in as we get into tonight. and we're sxenlti iexpecting qu of it. thunderstorms also possible tonight into tomorrow morning. and then we'll get another chance for rain as we head into the end of the week. so we have a lot to go over as we meet back this monday morning. let's talk about what is happening when it comes to the totals expected.
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over an inch in san jose, over an inch in santa rose. i'll give you the time line coming up in the next report and a lot will come through while you're sleeping. but still expecting kind of a dangerous commute tomorrow morning. more details coming up in moments. rain are wind, chilly temperatures and snow. breaking up the recent weather pattern in the bay area. >> nanette miranda is live in san jose. and while it won't put a dent this tin the drought it could help in other ways. >> reporter: certainly. firefighters are expecting a rough fire season and a dry one and early one at that. because vegetation is so dry and flammable right now. p take a look around me, look at these weeds as an example of dry conditions. yesterday's rainfall was hardly enough as you said to make a department in the drought. it was really just a teaser.
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in some spots, it was enough for drivers to be forced to turn on their windshield wipers, making for a somewhat wet easter sunday. firefighters could have used more rain, though, last night to help them dampen a building fire. crews say this may be a preview of things to come. >> we'll have a heavy fire season with a lot of our one hour fuels, our tall grasses that are kind of the tinder that helps start the bigger fire. so we'll be -- >> reporter: and investigators say homeless people were likely living in the boarded up building and may have started the fire. the building is owned by the st. clair are a water district. hopefully the storm will improve things. firefighters want to remind people that make sure you have a
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defensib defensible space around the home. and make sure your address is visible from the street so they can attack a fire if it comes to your property. nanette the miranda, today in the bay. >> and you have for turn off the sprinklers for 48 hours after rain. and more wet weather coming tonight and you can track it with our weather app. download it for free on your iphone and android device. a touch of sadness, mourning the loss of a familiar voice in bay area sports. >> that one is way back, way bay, way back. number 600 for willie mays. p. >> lon simmons died yesterday at the age of 91.
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simmons spent years broadcasting, not just for the giants, but also for the san francisco 49ers and later in his career simmons switched over and called games for the as. but no matter which team, simmons was loved by fans for his voice and for his deep knowledge of the game. >> he had that baritone voice characteristic of baseball. it was great. >> simmons became a giants announcer during the team's first season in san francisco back in 1958. his career spanned six decades until he retired in 2002. >> so clearly lon simmons' death is affecting a number of bay area teams. 49ers released this statement saying much more than an iconic voice in the great history of bay area sports, lon shared his passion for the region's teams with generations of fans. for more than two decades, 49ers fans were treated to the great talents of a man of high integrity and tremendous
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humili humility. and giants said like many fans, my he williest giants memories were listening to lon and russ on my transistor radio. he will be deeply missed by all of us. and the as released this statement on saying his humility and humor made him one of the most beloved figures in franchise history. he was an incredible broadcaster, and his personality and wit set him apart. our coverage continues online. go to you can find more about his life's work. >> lon would no doubt be excited about today because today marks the start of a new season for the giants and as. they both at that time field ta opening day. >> stephanie chuang is live pve
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us. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, giants are on the road in phoenix tonight, but fans can come here to at&t park for a free opening day viewing party. so you can come and mentiingle g one another. giants won the weekend series. preseason, giants lost to the ass four times. but the giants say it's really about the momentum moving in to the regular season. >> i don't think the numbers are necessarily important. as long as guys are feeling good. i think the last week or so, guys started to feel like they were getting ready to go and that's the most important thing. >> reporter: now, it was barry zito who stole the show saturday
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for game three pitching for the gra green and gold. he's heading to aaa, but he did get a standing o. he was with oakland back in 2002 and left that club in 2007 for a nice paycheck to join the giants. back here live with you, it's opening day viewing party, gates open at 6:00. whether heads to the as or giants, bring a jacket. we've heard christina talk about how it could be windy and rainy. >> all right. thank you very much. we're paying attention and taking notes of course. and christina, we have a rain window. it started yesterday. >> yeah, the rain will hold off until overnight. so if you are heading to the viewing party, i think the wind will be the biggest factor and cold because as the storm system comes in, we have a lot of instability associated with if. and that will translate to gusty
5:39 am
south wind. this morning, it is chilly. we're at 48 degrees in san francisco. 36 and dropping in the north bay. and 43 degrees right here in the south bay. let me take you through your day forecast. maybe you have the kids heading back to school. temps in the 50s as of lunch time. so you'll need your jacket just about all day. north bay, you'll probably pull out the umbrella between 12:00 and 4:00 with temperatures only climbing in to the low to mid-60s by this afternoon. so i promised you the time line for showers. we take to futurecast. i stop at 4:00 p.m., live activity in the north bay. that's the case until about 11:00 when the heavier rain starts to push through. a lot will come through overnight while you're sleeping, but by 3:00 a.m., still getting rich moisture over morgan hill all the way south into the santa cruz area. getting this to tonight and tomorrow, you will notice the
5:40 am
wind picking up, but like i said, the rain doesn't start until mostly after 11:00 p.m.. i'm getting the big wrap. i'll finish the time line for you coming up in the next report. but first, want to get you out the front door with anthony slaughter. >> emeryville through the maze, the cars are still moving approaching the maze. lights not on just yet, but we're all moving. lots of green on the map. south bay, remember sharks game this evening, 7:30, but outside right now, looking pretty good. just typical slowing. no accidents from 101 northbound. thanks swrech. 15 minutes of nonstop new, traffic and weather coming up.
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guilty or not guilty? the jury in the boston marathon
5:43 am
bombing trial could begin deliberations as early as today. chris pollone has been following the trial and he joins us live this boston. >> reporter: good morning. 0 or 30 minutes from now, closing arguments will get under way. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces 30 charges in relation to the boston marathon bombing. shoot-out with police and the killing of an m.i.t. police officer. 17 of those charges could bring the death penalty. after testimony from 95 witnesses in the dzhokhar tsarnaev testimony, the only word that matters will soon belong to the jury. guilty or not guilty. attorneys for the government and tsarnaev make their final pleas this morning in closing arguments, 12 out of the 18 jurors will deliberate. it's likely tsarnaev will be convicted. during opening statements, he admitted through his lawyers that he did take part in the bombings that happened at the finish line of the 2013 boston marathon. those blasts killed three
5:44 am
people. more than 240 were injured. from the beginning, sar nez's defense team has said its goal is to keep him from being put to death. they called just four witnesses in his defense pinning the blame on his older brother, tamerlan, as the mastermind. establishing that dzhokhar's fingerprints were forpt on some bomb component and that he was not present when the bomb components were purchased. to the septembtep extent they ch tamerlan was the leader, that leads into their defense to establish that dzhokhar was radicalized by tamerlan and least culpable. >> reporter: defense laying the ground work for the next sfphas if it gets that far. if the jury convicts sar nez on a any of the 17 charge, it will launch a second trial. both sides will be able to call witnesses and argue to the jurors whether joe sar tsarnaev
5:45 am
should live or dry. >> one of the days this country will never forget. thank you very much, chris. new englanders also have their eye on a high profile legal case also entering its final stages. defense attorneys are expected to rest their case as soon as today in the aaron hernandez murder trial. hernandez was an all-pro tight end for the patriots when he was arrested for murder in 2013. the prosecute spent two months laying out it case. the against defense is expected one day. "rolling stone" issueded an official retraction at the same time as a blistering new critique is out examining m missteps "rolling stone" made when it published a 2012 story about a gang rape that never
5:46 am
happened. police have now cleared everyone. 5:45. president obama intensifying his push to get lawmaker ares on board to agree on the deal to limit nuclear's program. the president called it a bounce in a lifetime opportunity. but his efforts are met with skepticism here and abroad. >> the best deal i think comes with a new president. hillary clinton would do better. i think everybody on our side except maybe rand paul could to better. >> it leaves the pre-imminent terror state with a vast nuclear instruc stru structure. it's a nightmare deal not world. >> iran's foreign minister says iran may still abandon the deal if there are any violations by any of the six nations involved in the talks. june 30 is the deadline to get a deal done. a look at what we're working on for 6:00.
5:47 am
>> john oliver sits down with edward snowden asking him the important questions, did you read those documents before you released them. we'll hear snowden's response. plus san jose firefighters responding to an overnight fire at an abandoned building. they tell us they expect to see a lot more of this in the coming months. and bay area air quality management district moves forward with its plan to require homeowners revamp their fireplaces or get rid of them all together. how you can weigh in. may need some heat right now. 5:47 on your monday. coldest temperatures we've seen in a month. >> coldest temperatures we saw pretty much all winter long are occurring in springtime. only hit the low to mid-30s a couple times which is the reason why we did not get a lot of snow in the sierra nevada. every single storm system that came through, they were warm systems. let me show you what we're, w
5:48 am
working with. the temperature is 43 on the peninsula, 36 in the north bay and those numbers will continue to drop off as we head throughout your morning hours. but let me take you through your day part forecast. mid to upper 50s by lunchtime. that's when you might be pulling out your umbrella in the north bay. just 56 degrees out there for today. you'll round out about 62. 63 in the south bay. as promised, here is the time line for the shower activity. i stop the clock at lunchtime. showers through the north bay. we continue futurecast, stop it again for you getting in to 10:00 p.m. tonight, that's when the heavy moisture starts to arrive. please turn off your sprinklers. let mother nature water your lawn for you. and hills are still nice and green. this will keep those hills nice and glean as we head throughout the next couple weeks. we are expecting up to an inch of rain even right here in san jose. the time line for our heaviest
5:49 am
round will be at about 2:00 a.m., and that is areas south of highway 92. i continue the future cast, i take you into 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, still getting that rich moisture. and this could definitely slow you you town tomorryou down tom. so keep that in mind headed back to work or school. stop the clock again for you at 7:00 a.m., heavy snowfall expected at that point in tahoe where we could accumulate 2 to 3 feet from just a single round of precipitation as we head throughout tomorrow. as we head through 1:00 p.m., things starting to let up a little bit. an then we'll see a little light wave of moisture come through between the overnight hours of tuesday and very, very early wednesday morning. i stop the clock one last time at 2:00 a.m., and still getting light rain. is this the kinds of storm system is that we need. we need several more obviously to maintain our seasonal averages as we head throughout the next couple months. and we're actually doing okay. we're still at the about 90% of average in places like mountain view for the year, 2015 has not
5:50 am
been that bad when it comes to rainfall. as we head through tonight into tomorrow, we could also get higher accumulations courtesy of strong thunderstorms developing especially at the coast and through the higher elevations. best chance looks like the santa cruz mountains, but i won't rule out the north bay mountains. midsection of the week, temperatures starting to climb. we get another round of rainfall potentially friday into saturday. but we'll focus on one storm at a time. this looks pretty powerful. let's check your drive. >> we'll focus on one car -- well, never mind. a let's talk about all these cars. this is dublin, it looks a little worse than it is. there are no sdwepts coming through here, but lots of traffic comings through the altamont pass. on the maps, it was really slow coming through livermore, but our cameras near dublin, you can see every now and then, you get slowing. even pleasanton p. 84 look slow from time to time.
5:51 am
and south bay, not too bad. the lots of green on the map, but coming through the bridges, 880 and is san mateo, a pair of buckets on 101 2340northbound, saying no problem. but watch out for the buckets. back to you. and in the east bay, b.a.r.t. tracks are open again after big delays for passengers prepared for more long rides. yesterday workers shut down tracks between coliseum station and fruit vail. riders faced delays of up to 45 minutes. they were having to use a bus bridge to get by. this is video of the crews working to make the tracks safer. maintenance will continue only
5:52 am
on the weekends through august. earthquakes were able to raise thousands for the family of the officer killed in the line of duty. a special heeaster egg hunt and ways raised able to raise $10,500. and last week a fund raiser collectively raise northern of more than $25,000. and the police union is still collecting donations. you can get details at and just search michael johnson. public safety will be the focus of a gathering tonight in the south bay. san jose city leaders will host a forum to address safety concerns including burglary, gang crime, even illegal dumping. the meeting a is the 5:00 at the pavilion at mexican heritage plaza. over the next four days, people living in three bay area
5:53 am
counties will have a chance to chime in on the new fireplace ban. they want to ban all wood burning fireplaces expect difference this november. tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at the redwood city public library. napa and al immediate todameda follow tomorrow and thursday. mickey mouse is getting inf. in return, draft kings will spend a lot of money on n. ads on espn. comcast, the parent company of nbc universal, backs rival fantasy site. ellen powell, the woman end will the lawsuit against perkins has given her first interview. scott mcgrew says she'll fight on. >> that's right. hoe not in court. powell does say gender issues in the workplace are not going on go away.
5:54 am
and though she lost on every count in court, she says she's taking kleiner per continues to tri perkins was worth it. she's currently in a job she'd like to have permanently. now, powell gave the interview to the "wall street journal" and the reddit bit of news is new. she was p a pointed interim ceo when the last ceo quit partly over an argument as to where to locate offices. looks like if could be a tough morning on wall street. traders will react to friday's jobs numbers. markets closed for good friday. labor department says the economy added just 126,000 jobs in march, well below the 200,000 plus we've seen for many months previous. and dish is mole guiapologizing hiccup in sling tv. you saw an amazing game, sling
5:55 am
tv customers saw buffering, buffering, buffering. y sling says it was too many subscribers, though they really should have planned for that. >> with an undefeated team no less, a lot of interest in that game. >> it was fantastic. let's check that forecast. christina loren, this will be a very bad day for your computer to be buffering, buffer, buffering. >> good thing is we still have the old school tools, as well. easter sunday showers, we had just under half an inch in pacifica. but areas to the south of the golden gate bridge did not get much at all. san jose just 0.02. but we're expecting an inch right here in the south bay from this upcoming storm tonight into
5:56 am
tomorrow. some thunderstorms and even a dusting of low level snowfall. we'll give you all the details as we head throughout the 6:00 hour together. right now, let's check on your drive. mike has the day off, anthony in the house. >> let's talk about the buckets we were mentioning. pau palo alto area, northbound 101, a pair of buckets reported in the road. you can see traffic still light, but as you move through the area, keep in mind there is debris in the road. south bay, slowing through the typical spot 101. let's take you ultimaoutside. more cars, but no accidents. more company will continue to join you. but otherwise, no major accidents. we're tracking something on the bay bridge, we'll talk more about that coming up. well, we have not your average arrest.
5:57 am
police in new jersey have a goat in custody. it was nabbed saturday night after receiving calls about the goat head butting the door. the goat was caught nearby and was not hurt. police position it escaped from fr a loc from a local home and will be cared for until its owner comes to get it. >> are goats typically domestic animals? what do you think the goat whether do? >> ram the door. p. >> seems natural enough. >> what is he going for use the door bell? 5:57. get your orders in. how you can get your hands on the new apple watch coming up. plus a new dusting of snow in the sierra, more on the way. christina talking measurements possibility in the feet.
5:58 am
5:59 am
baseball is back.
6:00 am
both giants and as kicking off their seasons. how you can take in the fun. and rain is here bringing snow to the sierra. the impact next. and we have heavy bouts of rain on the way. could produce localized flooding. and we use see snow right here in the bay area. that's all coming up. and i'm anthony slaughter p. tracking your morning traffic. we have an incident on the bay bridge. we'll get you up to speed. things moving pretty smoothly otherwise. looks good from this vantage point. the wind will be a factor. we'll tell you when. as monday, april 6, this is today in the bay.


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