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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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so hard drivers putting on their chains. earlier today the storm pounded santa rosa with hail. it didn't stick, though because the ground was too warm. but our viewers did capture this video. and this morning the storm created a pool of water on 280. the driver even got stuck. caltrans crews showed up to unclog the drain. the driver turned out to be fine. we have team coverage tonight. terry mcsweeney is up in the sierra. rob mayeda is tracking the storm. but we begin with mark matthews. and mark rather managers in marin county are set to implement new restrictions tonight. they weren't exactly expecting a fight, but it sounds like they going to get one. >> reporter: they may. the water board meeting begins at 7:30. expected to approve the state water board's request for cuts by limiting landscaping to three days a week. the rub here is that in marin county water levels are actually above normal and some residents are wondering why they have to cut. marin's water is largely dependent on its reservoirs. 75% comes from these lakes.
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another 25% from the russian river. and right now levels are actually above normal. >> we're a little bit above normal for this time of year yes. >> reporter: but the district's chief engineer is confident the new restrictions won't bother marin residents. >> i don't think we're going have any issues. i think people will be very supportive of us providing more incentive to do conservation here. >> reporter: after all, marin has cut back 12% from 2013. and if the district raises rates for big users, well, surely that will make a difference. >> yes, it does. >> yeah our customers definitely respond to pricing signals. >> reporter: we were talking to the chief engineer in the lobby of the headquarters where customers were coming in to pay bills. and a couple of those customers could not hold back. >> you guys go along with this. it's craziness. we have this water up there. it's ours. we paid for it. we paid for the infrastructure that created it. they have no way to steal it from us once they truck it out of here. >> reporter: the man talking did not want to give us his name.
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but he lives in a very upscale neighborhood in tiburon. made his money developing silicon valley real estate. >> i don't have you a two-year water supply up there that i paid for through 15 years of paying your bills. i pay a lot too. >> reporter: when another customer chimed in the chief engineer decided to take it outside, away from our cameras. >> there is going to be a lot of anger in this county if they try to come down on us and say well we're going to folgerry brown's restrictions. it doesn't apply to us. >> reporter: it's true there is plenty of water in marin reservoirs. a two-year supply. and as the chief engineer tried to explain, the 25% cut ordered by the governor won't be as drastic in marin. >> what i explained was that the governor's executive order recognizes or asked the state board to recognize what different water agencies have done in terms of conservation. >> reporter: and in marin county residents have been able
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conserve 12% from 2013 levels. so do they have to squeeze out another 13% in order to meet the governor's request for a 25% cut? water water authorities are waiting for clarification. mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we are not done. storm clouds still looming over the bay area. our live cameras, you see the goldengate bridge and dublin on the right side of your screen. let's check with meteorologist rob mayeda. pretty interesting. we got good numbers out of this. >> we had heavy rain. it made a mess of the morning commute. but the evening commute not bad. san jose off to the east with the clouds building over the hill tops. we just showed you dublin. chilly temperatures right now. 55 degrees. breezy. and we did have some light rain out by livermore and east of the sunol grade. another shower coming off the santa cruz mountains rolling into saratoga and out near campbell. you're seeing some pretty good downpours and still possibly hail. and a few more down towards morgan hill and gilroy.
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as we take a look at the wide view a lot of the toward the central valley. that's where the thunderstorms have moved on. look at these rain totals. probably the most we've seen since february, for many locations. almost an inch and a half there in napa. as you saidhead into the south bay, you can see santa clara picking up almost 3/4 of an inch of rain. a different story in the sierra. that's a welcome sight. north star, you have snow there. looking down towards lake tahoe. you can't see it right now as the snow continues to fly. and a winter storm warning continues in the sierra. if you're heading to sierra tonight, you're going want to take your chains with you as we continue to see the chances of heavy snow at times. too late to put a major dent in the drought. but it is a welcome sight for folks heading to the high country tonight if you can get there with the chain controls. terry mcsweeney joins us live along highway 50 at the sierra tahoe ski resort. >> reporter: where it looks like january up here. almost 7,000 feet up here, i've been standing out in the snow. you can see my jacket. i've only been out here for about ten minutes after getting
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out of the car. you see the snow on my jacket even the top of my microphone a little whitecap. check this out. this is april. and this has been coming down. we've got more than a foot of snow up here right now. it is some good news for some people, like people who sell chains. for the ski resorts, it's a mixed bag. >> all right, go ahead. drive safe. >> reporter: it's a good day for chain monkeys on u.s. 50. you know the people who put chains on your vehicle for $40. and there really haven't been that good days for the monkeys this season. >> we did all right the last part of december early part of december. it can happen in the sierras any time. >> reporter: the chains an inconvenience for truckers. are you loving it? >> well, this is the second time. i chained up just out of auburn and we didn't hit any snow at all. >> reporter: now we got the snow for ski resort, there is good and bad. here at tahoe closed down march
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15th. operators said they would need 2.5 feet of snow in order to reopen. that's not in the vo aking off of tears if we had the weather. it was a tough one. a lot of employees that unfortunately had to call their season off a little early. >> reporter: but for some of the resorts that did not close for the season already, like squaw valley, the snow is extending their season by at least a couple of weeks. and you remember those pictures from just last week? governor brown making an appearance at the snow measurement in the sierra but no snow none. none whatsoever to be found. now take a look at that exact same meadow today. a solid foot of snow covering the ground. a late season bonus that must be kept in perspective. >> just happy to see moisture at this point. you know, the news is pretty out there that we're in a drought situation. so any precipitation is good precip for the state of california. >> reporter: again, at least a
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foot of snow here on 50 at sierra and at tahoe. and we're getting a report from kirkwood on highway 88 that they have 12 inches at the base and 16 inches at the top. and as you can see, it's still coming down here in the sierra. live on u.s. 50, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. new at 6:00 gusting winds created products for a homeowner in san francisco tonight. fire crews had to be called out after scaffnéding collapsed. this happened in the laurel heights neighborhood. no one was hurt luckily. but it did take firefighters nearly an hour to dismantle that crumbling scaffold. we had some severe weather in sacramento. take a look at this funnel cloud this afternoon. around 2:00 p.m., the national weather service issued its first severe thunderstorm warning for a handful of counties in the central valley. now, despite the warnings and funnel clouds, there were no confirmed touchdowns of any tornadoes. our drought coverage continues online, right on the front page of our website. that's at
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a peninsula house fire sends one person to the hospital. flames breaking out just before 4:00 p.m. at a home on helen drive near the green hills country club in millbrae. i want to show you some video. the crews finally got the upper hand on to the fire. investigators think the flames started in the garage. at this point we have no word on who the burn victim is or their condition. we just learned that a cable car operator critically hurt after being struck by a car is in stable condition. a driver hit 53-year-old sandusky santiago montoya yesterday morning while he was working a switch outside of that cable car down below. it happened on powell and washington in chinatown. we're now told the driver who hit montoya was a tourist. crews say they're working on safety improvements and also want to remind drivers not to pass the cable cars. a driver is not facing any charges at this time. the mug shot has been released for a former bay area football star.
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this is stanford alum kwame harris who played for the 49ers and raiders. police arrested him on sunday for dui, aggravated assault and hit-and-run. surveillance video seen right here from a local car dealership appears to show harris driving the wrong way on a one-way street. he is seen crossing the street but police say he was back in the car and unconscious when they arrived. a few blocks away a car owner told us how her parked car was hit. police say harris struck two cars without stopping. he is also accused of biting the police officer who handcuffed him. uber picking up business there is new numbers tonight that show that business travelers are skipping the cab and hailing an uber car instead. travel and expense companies show their numbers show 47% of their members choose uber over taxis. the ride share service is increasingly topping taxi service in cities like san francisco, dallas, l.a., and washington, d.c. well aloha from virgin the only california-based airline announced today it is expanding
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its service to hawaii. flights to honolulu begin in november. and then in december virgin will launch service to maui. in order to celebrate, the burlingame airline will offer special prices of $199 each way. tickets are on sale now. i'm kimberly tere live at the san francisco international airport with the story of a bay area man who was trapped in yemen. how he was able to escape the country where violence continues to escalate. i'll have the details, coming up. also the size fooled no one. the so-called mrs. doubtfire bank robber wanted by police. plus, a massive die-off in the pacific ocean. scientists mystified as to why millions of starfish are dying and how it's changing the ocean's food chain.
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it does sound like something
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straight out of a movie. a san francisco man says he dodged bullets and bombs as he worked to escape from a country on the brink of war. tonight he is back in the bay area, and he has a troubling message about more americans he says are still trapped in yemen. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live at san francisco international with more on how he says he escaped and what he has to say to u.s. leaders. >> reporter: jessica, it took this man almost four days by boat and by plane to get out of yemen and get back here home to san francisco. he says something has to be done to get the american civilians out of that country. mokhtar al kanshali works in yemen. his job involves helping coffee farmers cultivate their product and access western markets. he was in the capital when a saudi-led air bombing campaign began, and sectarian violence broke out. >> it felt like armageddon. all hell broke lose. planes dropping bombs. >> reporter: hundreds have been
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killed including more than 70 children. >> with aircraft you don't know what is happening. you don't know if it's going to hit you because you don't see them. it was horrible. you know what? i got to leave here. >> reporter: but with the airport bomb and most ports shut down, he says he knew options for leaving were limited. especially because the u.s. has said it had no plans to evacuate its residents in country. >> we were trapped in yemen. >> reporter: eventually he says he was able to make a seven-hour journey to the port of moka where he took a boat to africa and then made to it amsterdam, where he boarded a plane back to san francisco. >> the whole -- the whole journey i had a lot of close calls. >> reporter: he says he is happy to be home but worried about family and friends he left behind. >> i got lucky. i got very lucky. >> reporter: al kanshali says he hopes the state department reconsiders and goes into yemen to get americans out. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly thank you. alaska airlines is
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apologizing to a northern california cancer patient. alaska airlines kicked her and her family off of a local flight. a recent flight i should say. elizabeth sedway of placer county put on a surgical mask before boarding her flight home from hawaii. this happened yesterday. since she is getting chemotherapy she wants to avoid colds and other germs. minutes later she used her cell phone to record the flight attendants forcing she and her family off of the plane. all this because she didn't have a doctor's note saying she was fit to fly. even a text from her oncologist failed to persuade the airline employee. >> i was crying, you know. i was missing chemo. my children were sitting there, and we were being pulled off an airplane like we were criminals. or you know somebody with some contagious disease. >> we are very sorry for the experience that our customer had today. we really regret the inconvenience. >> alaska airlines has refunded the family's airfare and paid
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for their overnight stay until the family could fly out today. a familiar name and hopefully a familiar face. santa cruz police are calling this bank robbery suspect mrs. doubtfire. they say he dressed as a woman and robbed a u.s. bank on morrissey boulevard on friday afternoon. they also say he was casing another bank on mission drive. a mysterious disease is killing millions of starfish, and it's having a profound effect on the food chain. scientist says the sea urchin population has grown and they cover the sea floor off the coast of monterey. starfish used to prey on them and kept the numbers in check. sea urchins will soon mow down giant kelp forests which are home to other ocean creatures. sea otters could also help. they're the only predator right now to keep the surplus of urchins in check. the two busiest people in the newsroom are rob mayeda and poor terry mcsweeney who is stuck in the snow in the sierra. >> that was a sight.
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we got the snow flying there in the sierra. right now windy around the bay area. down to 52 degrees. actually in north bay towards napa with light rain. rainfall totals which fell an inch, inch and a half towards napa. an inch and a half in oakland and more than 3/4 in santa clara. and there is still the chance we could see a few more showers heading into the night. you can see most of the action now is headed off towards the east. but as we take you down into san jose earlier, right around campbell and saratoga we saw the cell come off the santa cruz mountains, weakening now, south of downtown san jose and heads out towards south of livermore, heading towards the east. out through the central valley, as we've been seeing severe thunderstorms throughout the day today. and a very interesting pattern setting up for the way the winds were aligned across northern california. for us westerly winds. but once those winds hit the central valley and run up towards the sierra, winds turn up the valley up towards redding. and when you get the rotating of the storms out there, the
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rotational updrafts cannot only drop larger hail but they can also produce some funnel clouds like we saw earlier around south sacramento. again, as the sun sets the atmosphere should begin to stabilize. still a few hilltop showers possible. as you head into tomorrow morning, you notice some of those around the santa cruz mountains and east of san jose. temperatures tomorrow should trend a little bit warmer. still the slight chance of a hilltop shower near morgan hill. mid 60s in the forecast near san jose. low 60s in san francisco to the north bay. you can see the tri-valley the highs in the mid-60s. one more chance of showers. but then another rapid change in our welcome as we finish off the workweek with some warmer temperatures on the way. we'll have a full look at this coming up in our next half hour. back to you. >> okay thanks rob. also ahead, a big perk for your local barista. what starbucks is offerings employees. and i'm janelle wang. the race for the white house. another republican throws his hat in the ring. what sets senator rand paul apart from what is expected to be a large field of gop candidates? that's coming up.
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we take you outside for a live look at oakland, where it is now sunny and clear skies. today city officials there and in san francisco listed the city employee travel ban to indiana. the ban was originally passed in response to the governor's indiana governor's religious freedom law. that set off a backlash nationwide against the hoosier state as critics claimed the law would legalize discrimination against the lgbt community. this past week the governor passed an amendment clarifying that discrimination could not be tolerated. are we immigration friendly? while congress remains deadlokkdd, the state legislature is making bold proposals for immigrants. larry gerston joins us now. are we staking out our own policy away from the federal level? >> pretty much. the latest proposals include a proposal of ten bills offered by several democrats. these bills would make
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california the most immigration friendly state in the union. here are some of the most important elements of what is sure to be controversial, if not here, certainly elsewhere in the nation. medical coverage for those living in the country illegally. a new anti-drizzle protection for those undocumented residents. a state help for immigrants to apply for legal status if they have beenu)(urs of crime. and by the way, there is also other proposals to help undocumented residents understand the consequences of court police and creation of a state agency to assist newly arriving immigrants in california. >> okay larry, is this the state level just trying to be more relevant here their evolution so to speak? >> it is an evolution. let me tell you, certainly with respect to recent legislative efforts. you may remember that california recently passed the dream act for undocumented immigrants which permits them to attend state universities and provides
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financial statisticsassistance. it also allows undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's licenses. by the way, a half million have done so since that law took effect in january. but all of these efforts stand in stark, i mean stark contrast to just a quarter century ago when at that time the voters make english the official state language. you imagine that? they ended affirmative action, and they even tried to deny government benefits to undocumented members from other countries. undocumented workers, okay? it's highly doubtful that any of these things any of these things would pass today. >> okay. these recent proposals that we're talking about, can this actually pass? >> it's likely most will pass in one form or another. they're likely going to pass for two reasons. first, the demographics.
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demographics in california a lot different today than a quarter century ago. and guess what? now that there is a majority here majority of democrats means a lot. and the immigrants, they vote democrat. and they vote increasingly so. and second we get to the democrats. democrats have large majorities. both chambers of the legislature large majorities. and most of these bills need only a simple majority to pass. you know, all that remains to be r&háhp &hc% seen given all these conditions is whether this kind of action taken in the nation's largest state will ripple its way to washington. and if it does it won't be the first time. >> okay. very good insight. a lot of people, a lot of lives and livelihood depends on this. thank you, larry. well coming up targeting toddlers. the complaints advocates are making about youtube for kids. i'm terry mcsweeney live in the sierra where two days after easter it looks like christmastime. some ski resorts happy. some are not. very strange sights up here, as we show you, coming up.
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take a look. fresh snow where there was bare ground just a week ago. on the left last week's sierra snow survey. which with straight çdirt. on the right side the same piece of land just today. the storm that drenched the bay area today is blanketing the sierra as we speak. how do we know that? well terry mcsweeney is our
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proof. he is live off highway 50. and terry, it looks beautiful where you are. >> it really is. and it's got that nice quiet feeling up here. we're about 6900 feet. the temperature is about 21 degrees. and i want to show you something very dramatic presentation for you right here. how deep is the snow. i put my foot right there. right there. and that is just in the past. when did it start snowing a few hours ago. maybe 11:00 this morning or so. it started coming down up here. and it is absolutely gorgeous. take a look at the video works you, of what it looked like up here a week ago. governor brown was talking about it. he was out here to show us how much into the drought we really are there was no snow none zero. this is right across the street from where i'm standing. at the same spot today, a winter wonderland. here we are three weeks into spring. other strange sights on the way up here today, chain controls on highway 50 are still in effect.
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people inconvenienced by that, a little irritated. but the youngsters that we ran into not irritated at all. they were loving it. they're from mexico. they had never been in the snow before. if you want to remember what it's like your first time in the snow, here is an example. >> amazing. feels fun. [ laughter ] i'm very happy. right now. >> reporter: every time i hear her laughing, i start laughing. it makes you feel young again. but it certainly doesn't make everybody feel that way. a mixed bag for ski resorts. up here at sierra, at tahoe, they shut it down for season. they were ready to reopen if they could. they shut it down on march 15th. but they need 2 1/2 feet of snow. and that's not something that is in the cards. kirkwood is talking about 12 inches at the base 16 inches at the top.
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at squaw valley they're going to extend their season another couple of weeks because this snowstorm. it's at least a foot now, still coming down like crazy, as you can see. and feeling like december feeling absolutely great. but remember december? it was like this january, february, and march let us down. live on u.s. 50 in the sierra terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. >> terry you need a hot chocolate, pronto. and some gloves. thank you. >> i'd love one! let's take you outside with a we don't have snow. these are our traffic cameras showing what the skies looked like over the golden gate bridge. san jose and sunol. rob, skies seem to be clearing. >> that's the trend we're seeing now where terry mcsweeney was on highway 50. probably more than halfway through the snow falling in the sierra right now. that's the view looking towards lake tahoe and north star we have seen showers at times. a foot plus and still counting there, as jessica pointed out. we're starting to see clearing
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skies around the area. san jose partly cloudy skies. 57 degrees. dublin, a chilly 55 right now, and still a few showers out by the lexington reservoir and a few more near mt. hamilton and towards morgan hill. as the sun begins to set, the intensity tapers off. to the east hail a quarter size falling down east of modesto. that's where the active weather has been throughout this afternoon. now, as we transition into tonight, we will see rain falling. very interesting today. we had enough rain to nearly match the monthly average in san jose. as you can see some of the totals from the north bay to the south. more than an inch and a half in napa. closing in on an inch of rain near santa clara. and we still have a chance of a few more showers coming in later on tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll talk more than in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> let's keep our fingers crossed. we want more. thank you, rob. kim yonenaka has the flipside of the storm. we're talk about our lingering drought. when it comes to conservation kim, californians are going in the wrong way. she joins us live from san jose. clearly lots of people ignoring
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the governor's call for conservation. >> reporter: that's true. well, the rain we got today is a step in the right direction. no one should be watering their lawns for the rest of the week. san jose city and water officials are putting together a broader plan in an effort to get more people to conserve. >> this is drought resistant new zealand grass. >> reporter: for someone like michelle dungeon, water conservation is a part of her lifestyle, which is why today's news that californians only reduced water usage by 3% in february is nothing short of disappointing. >> i am very surprised. the drought has been going on for a while. so i think it should have been mandatory a long time ago there is no need to have water spent on lawns when we need to have it for drinking water. >> should be standing in five feet of snow. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of governor jerry brown's mandate for residents to reduce water usage by 25%.
6:33 pm
san jose water company officials say they are hiring more staff to do water audits ramping up communications through social media and reaching out to the 100 largest residential water user abusers. they're working with san jose city officials who are building a proposal this week on how to better enforce water restrictions that framework goes before the city council on april 21st. >> for some people it could be that they're just not going to do anything until they feel the hurt. until they have the threat of a fine or not following the water restrictions in their area. >> reporter: now water officials say the general public plays a big part in enforcing these water restrictions. all anyone needs to do is look up and down any neighborhood street and see who is making an effort and who isn't. now, if you want to report someone, you can call the san jose water company, or you can e-mail them and you can remain anonymous. reporting live in south san
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jose, i'm kim yonenaka nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you, kim. you can download our nbc bay area weather app. that means you can track the storm and the weather in your neighborhood. find out when it's coming in, if more is expected. it is free if you have an iphone or and destroyed device. the man accused of hitting and killing another driver is behind bars tonight. investigators say he was under the influence while driving northbound on 101 in san jose just after midnight. police say he slammed into a car which ran into a truck. the car then burst into flames killing that driver. the suspect is currently facing several charges, including dui and vehicular manslaughter. now to decision 2016. another republican officially joining the race. kentucky senator rand paul announcing his presidential bid today. he is already setting himself apart from the other projected gop candidates. janelle wang joins us now with more. janelle? >> reporter: yeah raj, one thing that sets him apart is he calls himself a libertarian. he has strong opinions that stray from traditional republican beliefs.
6:35 pm
rand paul's presidential campaign officially begins today. >> the washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms and invades every nook and cranny of our lives must be stopped. >> reporter: the 52-year-old is an eye doctor and senator from ]5áuu()v he inherited his presidential ambition from his father former congressman ron paul who ran for president three times. political experts say the younger paul appeals to younger voters and his campaign ads indicator to that demographic. >> it's time for a new way. a new set of ideas. >> he is a very talented guy politically. and he speaks the language particularly to younger voters that older republicans won't even recognize. >> reporter: paul has an isolationist view on foreign policy. he is opposed to most foreign aid and wary of u.s. military intervention. and unlike many republicans, paul believes on giving diplomacy a chance when it comes to iran and its nuclear program,
6:36 pm
putting him at odds with gop leaders. >> i think everybody on our side except for maybe rand paul could do better. >> reporter: paul is the second republican to formally announce a presidential run. first in the ring was texas senator ted cruz. florida senator marco rubio is expected to be next along with former florida governor jeb bush. on the democratic side hillary clinton is expected to announce her second run for the white house in the next week or two. jessica? >> all right, thank you, janelle. meanwhile, joe biden and his wife expected to visit the bay area this week. the white house says the bidens will be here thursday and friday. among the stops, at pg&e center and oakland to talk about job training programs. and dr. jill biden will visit deanza college to talk about the obama administration's commitment to community colleges. youtube under fire tonight. advocate says children are complaining that youtube is targeting kids with ads. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is live with what the advocates are asking the s.e.c. to do about
6:37 pm
it. >> reporter: so jessica, it's because they say the advertising is so closely ingrained with the programming that the kids can't tell the difference. so they filed a complaint today. and youtube responded. as the wheels on the bus go round, advertisements below the bus come up. this"o for a video game. we're watching youtube for kids and the group consumer watchdog says there are too many ads here for a channel aimed at young people ♪ the wheels on the bus goes round and round, round and round, round and round ♪ . >> much of the content, which people would think ought to be unbiased is really disguised commercial messages. and that's just unfair when something is aimed specifically at young children. >> reporter: consumer watchdog someone of several groups filing a complaint with the federal trade commission against
6:38 pm
youtube. specifically, its kids app, which they say targets young people with ads sometimes inside the shows themselves. ♪ i reached out to youtube for comment. the company says it strongly disagrees with the charges and points out that youtube content is free unlike netflix, which charges a subscription. yes, it's free but there are ads, lots of them. >> we're saying that there is a great confusion between advertising that is shown on the various channels on kids youtube and content. >> reporter: if you're old enough you may remember a similar charge againw television. and yes, many families think of this -- ♪ spider ♪ the new conversation. and like the television we've become used, to youtube is free. it's advertising supported and
6:39 pm
like television it is competing against subscription services like hbo and netflix that we pay for. back to you. >> okay thank you, scott. still to come here at 6:00, microsoft thinking outside of the box. the plan to hire people with autism. stay with us.
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software giant microsoft is rolling out a pilot program to diversify its workforce. the company says it plans to hire people with autism for full-time positions at its headquarters in redmond. microsoft says the candidates add a particular strength to the staff. they say people with autism have an amazing ability to retain information and excel in math and coding. the program kicks off in may with ten full-time positions. a new perk for thousands of
6:42 pm
starbucks employees. the coffee chain will now pay for all four years of an online bachelor's degree from arizona state university. previously starbucks only reimbursed employees for the last two years of the program. to be eligible a starbucks employee must be working 20 hours a week or more. nearly 2,000 starbucks employees have already enrolled in this online program from asu. well we've seen snow. we saw some rain. can we expect to see more in the next couple days? >> and some hail at times. we're starting to see the storm leave the bay area. showers east of san jose. the north bay starting to clear on out. but don't pack away your umbrellas just yet. we'll show you why in the forecast, coming up.
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it's a waiting game. there has been no word yet from the jury in boston.
6:45 pm
after the first full day of deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces 30 charges in that attack and could be sentenced to die. nbc bay area's jay gray has been following this trial and join us this evening from massachusetts. >> reporter: deliberations start at 9:00 a.m. in the eastern time. this trial began with the defense team saying he did it. though there are many here who don't really believe guilt or innocence will be the most difficult or pressing decision this jury has to face here. after weeks filled with emotional testimony from survivors and family members of the victims, and graphic images of the deadly blast, today the courtroom is for the most part silent in boston as jurors met behind closed doors to determine the fate of accused marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> it was a crime that was proven quite clearly in all aspects in terms of the involvement of these individuals. so i don't suspect there is
6:46 pm
going to be any real difficulty in a jury reaching a verdict on many of the charges. >> reporter: there are 30 charges in all. 17 carry the possibility of the death penalty. a guilty verdict on just one count would trigger a second penalty phase in the case. more evidence more testimony, perhaps an opportunity for jurors to get a closer look at tsarnaev. >> if he wants to spare his life i think he is likely going to have to testify, express real remorse and beg for forgiveness. >> reporter: after a month of sitting stern-faced and emotionless in front of the men and women who will ultimately decide his fate. those men and women on the jury their deliberations not expected to last all that long. maybe a couple of days here. if he is found guilty on at least one count, the penalty phase of this trial will likely start the first of next week. that is the latest live from here in boston. >> all right, thank you, jay. the white house and congress among thousands left the dark by a major power outage in washington, d.c. this morning.
6:47 pm
the outage also managed to interrupt oprah winfrey, who was giving a speech about a new postal stamp honoring the late maya angelou. >> forever stamp. >> not only did the lights go out on oprah, but her microphone went out too. luckily she kept going. she's got the powerhouse voice to do it. she did that until a backup generator restored electricity. the outage also sent thousands of government employees out into the street unable to work. they were in the dark. even the u.s. energy department had no power. >> some parts of the white house complex did have to go on to backup power. but some of the issues have been addressed in such a way that we're now back on the -- back on the regular power source. >> the cause of the blackout attributed to a fallen transmission line and subsequent fire at a maryland power plant. >> that's one thing we didn't have too much around here. we'll bring in our meteorologist rob mayeda. a lot of wind and rain but not
6:48 pm
too many power outages. >> not too much in the way of wind damage. we did get much needed rain. north bay almost an inch and a half in spots. still a few isolated showers out there. including off to the east of san jose. this is the view from mt. hamilton through the day. 37 degrees. just a little too warm to fall for snow right now. but tonight it's possible that could change over to some light snow by tomorrow morning. right now the wind speeds fairly gusty. 20 to 30 miles per hour. we should see the wind speeds start to slow down a little bit as we start to head to tomorrow morning. it appears we're not quite done with the rain yet. we'll show you coming up. rain totals north bay, almost an inch and a half into napa. south of san francisco, areas out towards the santa cruz mountains registering about 2 inches of rain. you see closer to san jose about 3/4 of an inch. and that is really nice to see this time of year. considering that it's january, february and march really the end of the very rainy month for us then as we get into april, for a month we average about an
6:49 pm
inch of rain. for most places we saw that come down in the last 12 hours or so around the bay area. lingering showers by mt. hamilton and the santa cruz mountains for now. most of the action is going to continue to head towards the sierra where we'll continue to see snow flying as low as 3500 feet to 4,000 feet tonight. and for the day tomorrow we'll still see what with the cooler air aloft a chance of seeing a few showers at times. into the morning commute, especially around the hills of the south bay, temperatures again tomorrow a little on the cool side. but warmer than today. not the mid 50s we saw today. we should see temperatures climbing into the mid-60s. expected to be much for tomorrow with the brief showers less than .500 of rain you. might want to keep the umbrella on standby for tomorrow. starting thursday and beyond you will not be needing the umbrella for sure as temperatures start to climb up again. tomorrow morning cool start. mostly mid-40s. slight chance of isolated showers. and by noon especially in the hills of the east bay, north bayhill tops down towards the santa cruz mountains, you might notice some showers building
6:50 pm
towards the higher elevations tomorrow. high temperatures for tomorrow about 5 to 7 degrees warmer than today. low to mid-60s around san jose. a chance of a few sprinkles around pacifica san francisco highs in the low 60s for tomorrow. and as we head into the north bay, you'll see highs in the low 60s and low to mid-60s out towards the tri-valley. where most of the action should be tomorrow even though the winter storm warn shotgun end by midnight tonight, we'll still see snowshowers in the sierra where the snow totals adding up just checked in with kirkwood at the higher peaks. 16 inches of snow so far. we add another 6, and we're closing in on the 2-foot snow totals we suspected we would get in the higher peaks. snowshowers will continue throughout the day. if you're going head into the high opportunity tomorrow around the sierra. the weather trend once we get past tomorrow and the slight chance of seeing some showers is much warmer and dryer. we're going to see temperatures climbing into the low 70s around san jose. san francisco staying in the mid-60s. high pressure n the weekend high pressure should hold on strong enough that even though we're going to have a system approach the west coast, it's going split
6:51 pm
apart. some diving to the north, some to the south. mild conditions, temperatures in the 70s and no signs of any strong storms like the one we saw today over the next five to seven days. back to you. >> okay thanks, rob. coming up the news not so good for giants star matt cain. as for the a's, can they top what they did last night? we are live at the coliseum. geraud moncure joins us next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
geraud moncure joins us in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. why aren't you out at the coliseum? that would have been fun, the a's. >> it would have been fun. other things i had to take care of here in the newsroom.
6:54 pm
so i'm going to present all this good stuff to you from the comcast sportsnet newsroom today. when billy beane went mad scientist with the a's in the off-season, question marks on his thought process were flying all around the bay area. tonight one of his pickups, jesse hahn takes the mound in his oakland debut. our mindi bach has more. >> reporter: jesse hahn picked up this spring right where he left off at the end of the 2014 season. as a rookie with san diego, he had a 2.96 e.r.a. in 12 starts with the padres. in his last two starts with oakland this spring he only aloud one run. and his coaches say he has a solid four-pitch repertoire. >> we saw a really good pitcher in spring training. i mean commands the fastball pretty well there is down hill plane to it. some movement. really good curveball. working on his other offspeed stuff. but if he is commanding his fastball and getting ahead, he is a tough guy to deal with.
6:55 pm
>> he's got a power fastball and has some good movement on it. a good change-up. he knows how to pitch and throws hard and his ball moves a lot. it will be interesting it will be interesting. >> fox sports is reporting that the a's will add add outfielder cody ross after he clears waivers. you'll remember ross was the 2010 nlcs mvp for the giants the year they won their first of three world series titles in san francisco. in oakland with the a's, mindi bach, nbc bay area area. >> thank you. we'll have the story tonight at 11:00. while the giants are breathing a sigh of relief matt cain will not need tommy john surgery, the horse will hit the disabled list for the fifth time in the last three seasons. he has a strain and is expected to miss at least two weeks. on sunday, the dubs matched
6:56 pm
up tonight against a possible play-off foe. half a game out of the eighth play-off spot in the west. first quarter time rung out. never fear steph curry will here. dubs up-1 in the second. curry toying with the defender. the stepback part of a huge first half. time running out. curry toniu owe. and the fadeaway is pure. right now, though they trail 88-82 in the fourth. finally, tiger woods ready to go after a fifth green jacket when masters play gets under way thursday at augusta national. woods is back after dealing with numerous health issues and problems with his game that have kept him away from the pga tour since february 5th. >> people would never understand how much work i put into it to come back and do this again. it was sun-up to sundown. if the kids were asleep i'd still be doing it. when they were at school i would still be doing it. it was lot of work. >> tiger, by the way, will participate in tomorrow's par 3 contest for the first time since
6:57 pm
200 his kids daughter sam age 7 and 6-year-old son charlie will caddy for dear old dad tomorrow. >> that is so cute. what a great idea. >> and he is acting like a dad now because he has a sore back, like most dads. >> is that how you act, raj? >> absolutely. thanks geraud. >> okay. >> for a full 30 minutes of local sports coverage you can watch sportsnet central on comcast bay area tonight. we could see a couple of showers even into tomorrow around the hills of the east bay or north bay. the trend here once we get past that forecast on wednesday, we're going to see temperatures starting to climb on up into the 70s thursday and friday and into the weekend. it was great. we got the inch of rain here. more than a foot of snow in the sierra. probably not going see a storm like that for a while. >> thank you, rob. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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