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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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says there has been no change made to the way deputies transport inmates around the county. >> we are always looking at our policies and procedures on it. however, we transport 150,000 people per year. we have not had anyone escape from our transportation unit. >> reporter: not in ten years, said the sheriff. not until john l . lee carter. and here in this county carter was facing five count of child molestation that could land him in prison for the rest of his life. live in san jose damian trujillo, nbc news. what a difference a storm makes. take a look at this before and after picture. satellite imams of the snowed in the sierra the one on the left taken four days ago. on the right, a whole a lot of blue. what it looks like today. it's obvious on the ground as well. this is video today from kirk wood ski resort. a lot of fresh powder as you can see. should be a good 48 hours for skiers and boarders. let's bring in our
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meteorologist, rob my yade d.a. how much if any did this really help us? >> it did statistically have a little pit of an impact up there. certainly, the visual reference from how the things look up saturday at done ridge. you can see a lot of brown there. compare that split screen with today. you can see the snow there, north star the same picture there, nice to have seep that throughout the winter and spring. so going in we had about 7.1% of the area covered, very minute mall there on saturday. then with the easter sunday showers and then the storm we had come in yesterday now, 55.8% of the area's covered. the average snow depth from an inch to five inches on average, however, here is the key statistic, went from 5% of the april average only up to 8%. so it looks good. it is nice for the ski resorts that are still open. you can see just how big a deficit we'd have to overcome. need about 20 of these storms to really make a big dent in the drought. right now, we have some clouds around the bay area. no sign of rain short term you the long-range forecast could bring a few more snow showers to
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the sierra. show you that in the full microclimate forecast in a few minutes. now continuing could have ram of the boston bombing trial. today, the jury found dzhokar tsarnaev guilty on all 30 counts. tsarnaev had no reaction today in court. he stood beside his attorney and simply stared straight ahead. >> we are obviously grateful for the outcome today. it is not a happy occasion but it is something that we can put you know one more step behind us. >> the jury returns to court next week to begin the penalty phase. they will decide life in prison or death. the defense's arguing tsarnaev's older brother, tam mer lap, was the master mind of the attack and dzhokar should not get the death penalty. the trial for dzhokar tsarnaev was closely watched in the bay area because people from here ran in that boston race. nbc bay area's mark matthews in the east bay neighborhood of brent wood where he spoke with a woman who crossed the finish line before the explosion. mark? >> reporter: that was megan
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fitz -- i'm sorry i just blanked on her name. she was running in the race on the day of the marathon megan faulkner, and had just finished was about a half mile away when the explosions went off. >> it sounded like something large -- huge had plowed into a building and it shook the ground. >> reporter:ing me.faulkner was posing for pictures with her family when the bombs went off. she is still shaken by the experience. the elementary school teacher told me she feels for the jury having to decide between life and death for dzhokar tsarnaev. the penalty phase of the trial could take several weeks. tsarnaev's lawyers say they expected the guilty verdict and are focus old saving their client's life. they will argue that the 21-year-old was merely following his older brother's lead and should not be given the death penalty. but faulkner is clear on how she would decide. >> death penalty. >> you would?
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>> yeah. i think i -- i think that's what i would do but it's -- yeah, i don't want him to ever hurt nip again. so that would be the death penalty. >> reporter: a few miles west of brent wood in the up to of martinez residents followed the trial with particular interest. 11-year-old aaron hearn, a martinez resident was critically injured in the explosion. he was standing just six feet from one of the blasts. hearn's father coaches football at alhambra high and the up to ral -- town rallied behind the boy with help to pay medical bills. most told us they would sentence tsarnaev to death. >> knowing what i know i would vote for the ultimate penalty. >> he should get what he gave. >> the death penalty? >> definitely. >> terrorist bombing. of course. if you were going to have a death penalty, this would be it. >> reporter: the herp family was unavailable today. we hoped to talk with them when
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the jury returns its verdict on the penalty fizz of this trial. reporting from present wood mark matthews nbc pair ya news. >> thank you xbroochl if there was no cell phone video, this would be a much different story, but that video has led to murder charges. a south carolina police officer faces life in prison for gunning down an unarmed black man. officer michael slager was arrested after cell phone video showed him firing eight shots into the back of a man who was running away from him. this was following a traffic stop. here's that video. the north charleston police chief says he is sickened pie what happened. the city's mayor is demanding all officers start wearing body cameras. the family of the map killed said it is thankful that video surfaced pause it is the only way the officer would have been charged, according to the family. tonight at 5:30 an nbc exclusive, the young man who recorded the video talks to lester holt. what he says we don't see in the video and yes gave the video to the victim's family. lester holt on location in south
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carolina on nightly news. closer to home an officer shoots and kills an armed robbery suspect. this time in sunny veil. it happened this morning at the dpree wall's liquor store on as itman avenue, down the road from levy's stadium. we are at the scene with the reveals audio from the emergency dispatch. kim? >> reporter: raj, investigators are still on scene, gathering what physical evidence they can find. what they have on audio is the officer confronting the suspect moments before he opened fire. >> got a knife. got a knife. i'm on the east end of the store. he is no the complying. get your happened out of your pocket. >> reporter: that is the voice of the officer first to arrive on the scene after responding to a call of a armed robbery in progress at the gray wald's liquor and grocery store on it is aman avenue. the officer is radioing into dispatch as he approaches the suspect. >> refusing to comply. he has the knife. he is about 50 feet away from me standing still.
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>> reporter: the confrontation happened around 11:00 this morning in the alleyway behind the strip mall. you can hear the officer calling in his location before he cuts out while yelling for someone to put the knife down. >> i'm on the east side of the subway, between the two buildings, facing north bound. he is walking toward me. put the knife down! >> reporter: homes later -- >> sunnyvale, 41 henry shots fired, suspect is down. >> the suspect was confronted in an alleyway around the corner from the liquor store and he was armed with a knife and the knife was recovered at the scene. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect died en route to the hospital. he is described only as a caucasian man in his mid-20s. he they wouldn't release whether or not anything was actually stolen from the liquor store. there is a camera facial the doors of the store and police are reviewing the surveillance video as part of their investigation. the last fatal officer-involved shooting that took place in sunnyvale happened in 2013. the officer involved in today's
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shooting has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation. reporting live in sunnyvale, i'm kim yonenaka nbc news. a man charged with murdering a morgan hill teenager faced a judge again today. a trial date was expected for garcia torres. the case was once again continued. there have now been more than a dozen delays in this case. may 13th is the next time garcia torres is expected pack in court, accused of killing sierra lamar after she disappeared three years ago. last month volunteers stopped their weekly searches for the teenager. they logged more than 15,000 hours look fogger her body. firefighters are trying to determine the cause for a fire that seriously dammed a san francisco home. you see the smoke there. it happened in the city's mission district around lunch time, 1:00 this after into. firefighters say the home's top floor and attic were most seriously damaged. thankfully, no one was hurt. almost five years after the
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san bruno pipeline explosion, a little closure is expected tomorrow. the california public utilities commission is set to vote on the finalized penalties and types against pg&e for its role in this tragedy. the commission is expected to approve one of two proposal each one totaling roughly $1.5 billion. the 2010 explosion and fire killed eight people and injured 66 others. two massachusetts democrats had some harsh words for their house leader nancy pelosi. step aside. representative steven lynch and michael capuano of massachusetts said on a boston radio station this morning they don't believe the california democrat will help them retake control of congress. congresswoman pelosi was in san francisco today to help with the ground breaking of a new public housing development in the bay view hunter's point district and she made a brief response. >> one of the concerns that some of the people you're talking about had, they think i work too
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closely with president obama and that's it. >> meantime congressman capuano has backed off from his comments this morning calling pell lows say fantastic public servant with many great accomplishments. just ahead here at 5, the first test for a controversial vaccination bill. the emotional debate in sacramento today that impacts parents across the state. also -- >> pretty emotional at that point pause it was humiliating. >> alaska airlines is apologizing after a cancer parent heading to san jose was kicked off the airplane earlier this week. i'm michelle roberts in san jose. coming up hear what that woman wants other airlines to know tonight. also, do you live in a hazardous spot? the new map that shows the locations along bay area faults that are most likely to rupture. then at 6:00 closing the runway at a major bay area airport for months. >> oh yes, you definitely know there's a dip there. >> we have uncovered exclusive new information the shutdown and
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how it will impact travelers. that's new at 6:00. chase cane robert happen dark he will lease kirchner gerard mon cure. gerard moncureud moncure geraud.
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a battle over whether you should be required to vaccinate your children intensified at the state capitol today. hundreds of people protestedsome b 277, which is a proposal that would remove the so-called personal belief exemption that
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many parents use to avoid vaccinations. if it passes nearly all children in california would have to be vaccinated before attending any school. the only exemptions would be for medical reasons. speakers on pot sides of this issue lob bid the legislature's health committee today. supporters of the bill say no vac vaccine has ever been linked to any major health problem and unvaccinated people put the entire population at risk. opponents say the bill tramples parents' rights that happened children with underlying medical problems can be negatively affected by vaccines. >> vaccines are not related to sids or to immune dysfunction. in fact there is no evidence "no evidence of major safety concerns associated with the adhere reps to the childhood immunization schedule." >> there is no current mandate to test each child for kbrunder like medical problems before we vaccinate them. we usually only see them after the damage is done. >> similar bills have recently failed in oregon and washington
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state. we will have a live report from sacramento coming up on our 6:00 news. new at 5:00 they call him the clean cut bandit and they say he is armed and dangerous. san francisco police and the fbi are looking for this man who they say is responsible for three bank robberies. they all happened in san francisco in the past two weeks. he pulled a knife in two of these incidents. nine months after brian stow won a multimillion dollar jury award he hasn't seep a dime. stow watched his civil trial against the l.a. dodgers last year from a wheelchair. he successfully sue the team for negligence after he was nearly beaten to death at dodgers game four years ago. experts estimate medical care over his lifetime will cost $30 million. the jury awarded him nearly $14 million. that's when stow's family learned of a new term sub subpro-gauges claims, insurance companies seize money awarded to victims as reimbursement for
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treatment costs. between daughter and lawyer payments, stow's jury award will be less than $6 million. hawaii was relaxing but the return to san jose was not. yesterday, we told but a cancer patient who was removed from an alaska airlines flight and was told she needed a doctor's note to fly. tonight, she is hoping her story will help change policies for all airlines. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is at mineta san jose airport where that family landed just last night. michelle? >> reporter: yeah elizabeth and her family are home tonight but it was a very long journey. she says one of the main reasons she is telling her story, making it u.n. is she wants other air lines to be more compassionate. elizabeth and her family are back in california with stories of their hawaiian vacation what she calls an unfortunate delay getting home. >> i felt indig nant. i felt hurt. >> reporter: elizabeth shot this cell phone video on board an alaska airlines flight heading to san jose on monday.
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>> i'm being removed as if i'm a criminal or contain joyce. >> reporter: elizabeth has been fighting cancer is the last five years. she says because her white blood cell counts have been low, she wore a surgical mask at the airport for protection. before boarding, a flight aten dant asked if she needed anything. >> maybe a little extra time down the gang way would be nice. sometimes i get a little weak. >> reporter: before the cabin doors closed elizabeth says play attendant and airport security said she had removed from the plane because she was deemed up fit to fly without a doctor's note. >> i have multiple myeloma. they are making me off the airplane because i don't have a doctor's note saying i can fly. >> reporter: in the video, elizabeth apoll zwrisz other passengers for the holdup. as she walks down the aisle, some passengers share third support. alaska air lines has since apologized for how the situation was handled. company officials say the tickets will be refunded and their overnight hotel costs in
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hawaii will also be covered. elizabeth is grateful for the public apology and she hopes her story will help protect other cancer patients from a similar situation. >> i think it all boils down to poor execution of what was intended to be a good policy on the part of alaska airlines. >> reporter: eliz pet says all the money refunded from alaska air lines she will donate to cancer research. live in san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. a new map is answering the question how likely is a major earthquake where you live? the map was just released by the usgs in men low park. here's how you read it. the faults in plow and green have a very low rupture hazard over the next 30 years. the yellow faults have a 6% risk of a 6.7 or larger quake in the next three decades. the orange and rid lines have a nearly 25% of a major quake in the coming three decades, one of
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those faults, as you can see, is the hayward fault, runs along the east pay foothills in a densely populated area. >> through the backyard of a lot of people. our meteorologist, rob mayeda with us now. talking about the weather we head toward the weekend, rob? >> seeing the trend that should take us into the weekend, clearing skies, things calming down after showers early this morning for the morning commute, clearing skies, breezy, show you san francisco there, clearer than yesterday at this time. 61, clear companies, san jose, clouds building up over the hilltop, 63 now, around the trivalley, out there around the 580 interchange there, bless sap ton, dub lip, 62. partly cloudy companies for the moment. winds out of the northwest, these will be a little blustery at times around the coast tomorrow. see these winds the same range tomorrow. 10 to 20 miles per hour keep our temperatures on the coast running fairly cool. this morning, we did have showers around the south bay, seeing now are these fair weather cumulus clouds happen
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as you get the ground below, air rise and create the nice puffy clouds seeing around the hills now. the system that brought all the rain and active and severe weather across california now heading through the rockies. on the east side of that severe weather outbreak up and down the midwest, you will be hear on "nbc nightly news" later on tonight. rainfall totals have come up a little bit from that one inch or so of rain we saw around the south bay yesterday. you can see only mountain view sitting at 100% of a ram. most of the bay area close to 75% of a ram this time of year the snow pack those you saw earlier in this newscast at 8% of the april average despite the fact that she had one to two feet of snow come down yesterday. sos here the story the next 24 hours. partly cloudy skies at times and notice we have entered the time of year, if you are going to head to the high country, up toward the sierra the hills here north of santa rosa during the afternoon, could see instability showers around some of the hilltops around lake tahoe and down to yosemite no showers the bay area tomorrow a
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chilly start to the afternoon. see around napa, the north bay wind-earthed valleys, upper 30s tomorrow morning, low to middle 40s, wake up tomorrow morning, toward lunchtime, a few high clouds the times, clouds around the hills, temperatures in the upper 50s by noon san jose, parts of the south bay, trivalley, will have a chance at getting close to 70 degrees. 50s yesterday, 60s today, low to middle 70s around the santa clara valley. mid to upper 60s closer to san francisco highs near 70, santa rosa, temperatures in pleasanton and livermore close to 70 today, should warm up more as we get into friday. seat temperatures here, the low 70s for san jose and weekend right now does look pretty good. dog see some clouds at times be nice if we could get some showers in here but up fortunately, looks like most of those showers are going to stay off to the north of the bay area as we go through the weekend. the timeframe to watch though, tuesday of a next week we could see a pattern change which will
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bring storms which will for the most part miss us through the weekend, maybe close enough as we get into monday and tuesday, though the bay area may not see a lot out of this this will be a colder system, by next tuesday, maybe could bring us a chance of more sierra snow. this is the outlook going all the way too this time next week not a lot of rain out of the system, unfortunately, but something to watch for, we head toward next tuesday that appears tonight best chance of seeing more spring showers around the bay area. back to you. >> the fact we are talking about it is good news. thanks, rob. still ahead at 5:00, the search for san francisco's ugliest yard. the city hopes this unusual contest will make a difference during our drought. plus bart ride letters soon need extra change. the fare hike in the works and how bart will spend the millions of dollars in extra revenue. binge-watching pass to tv's hottest shows free with xfinity on demand. xfinity watchathon week. now through april 12th. perfect for people who really love tv.
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fatally shot and shoved out of a car on the road police haven't identified this victim except that she is 33 from the sacramento area and she knew her killer and the attack wasn't rap dom. investigators say they found the car in which she was shot and are processing it for evidence. it happened about 10 last night
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on pass come avenue south of stokes street. bart is making a change. bart fares will increase by more than 3% next year. the price depends on the distance of your trip. for instance, if you're going a short way from berkeley to oakland it will cost you an extra 10 cents. going a longer distance like from hayward to san francisco, it will cost you 15 cents more. the hike is ex-specced to bring in millions in revenue which will help pay for projects like expansion and new rail cars. it goes farther and get there is faster.the problem from tesla. the palo alto company is upgrading the model s. the model s 70 d features a larger battery pack for longer driving range and all-beale drive. those are the two big new additions. the new ride comes with a higher price tag, of course about 76,000 bucks, excludeing the federal and state electric car rebate. the ugliest yard in san francisco is about to get a drought tolerant makeover.
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first, the judges have to find it. if you think your yard should be in the running, upload a photo to sf the contest is san francisco's way of encouraging everyone to conserve water by making their grounds less thirsty. the grand prize is a landscaped makeover, three runners up will get a landscaping consultation and a gift of native plant seeds. >> ugly is good. >> ugly is beautiful. one of the techiestets tickets in town. the robot block party next.
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form at 6:00 no pain no gain, what researchers are learning from wasabi that could change the future of pain medication. one of the oddest sights in silicon valley today was a cluster of stuffed olives navigating a maze. well, that's how it looked like us to. it is really a colorful little robot. i don't think it looked like stuffed olives either. anyway, among many on display at the second annual silicon valley robot block party, the row pots aren't all about fun. some are serious work like helping those with disabuilts. many of the row pots are made by high school students and this event, they can show off their work to a range of tech people from founders of startups to big shots with fortune 500 companies. even the military is there checking out these row bought. >> i recognize r2-d2 in there. >> you do? he needs makeover, around 30 years.
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classic. >> classic robot. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00, as a reminder, lesser holt is next from south carolina. >> good night, folks. major stories developing right now. guilty on all counts in the marathon bombing trial. the worst act of domestic terror since 9/11. tonight, the man who placed a backpack bomb behind children and walked away, will he live or die? shot in the back, the police officer charged with murder in the death of an apparently unarmed man. anger boiling over here in south carolina. an anguished family and protesters demanding answers. also, our nbc news exclusive. the witness who recorded that shocking video speaking out for the very first time about the deadly encounter. what he says we don't see on that video. and the tornado threat spinning across the country tonight. millions on high alert. "nightly news" begins right now.


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