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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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us i'm raj mathai. >> expulsion from one of the most elite universities in the country, and that is what stanford students can expect if they are convicted of sexual assault. it is a bold move and one that has students asking what took so long. and ian, why now? >> well shgs, jessica, now a lot of students were confused about this. this change would make stanford one of the few campuses to make a move like this. >> reporter: 16-member task force made up of students and faculty released their report today. >> it reflects the values and a result of the fair process. >> reporter: in it more education on students for sexual assault and streamlined investigative process and resource for vicktims, and if a student is found responsible of sexual assault, the result is
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expulsion, and they can be expelled if they are not kon convicted in criminal court. >> there is precedent and there will be big changes across the country. >> reporter: some students are surprised it took so long. >> i thought that it was in placer years past and then it blew up this past spring with the poster case for the entire university. >> reporter: she is talking about leah francis who says that she was sexually assaulted while school break. >> i want to know that no survivor at stanford is going to be treated the way i was treated. >> reporter: soon after, stanford was added to the list of 100 schools across the country under federal investigation for how it handles sexual assault cases. since 2005 nine students have been convict and one expelled and now that would change. >> it is something that is
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practical, and i think that it makes a lot of people feel safe. >> the new changes are set to take effect in the fall, and this comes on the heels of another sexual assault case here at stanford involving a swimmer. that student voluntarily left campus, and that case is still in the courts. reporting live at stanford ian kole, nbc sports. we want to show you video just in to the newsroom. it happened near the 280 connector on i-88 00. two lanes were shutdown while the crews put out the flames. new at 11:00, she left mountainview, but never made it home to santa cruz. a young woman killed on a party bus, and now she have the owner
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go g going to prison. the girl fell out of a faulty door. she was returning home from a concert when two people in the back got into a fight, and she fell out of the door which the owner knew about it. and now, there is a new law that if alcohol is consumed on the buses, i.d.s must be checked. and a young victim is innocently hit by a stray bullet. nbc cheryl hurd this is not the first first time that we have heard this kind of story. >> that is right, jessica, a packed house tonight, and people concern concerned just what about you are talking about. people have live ed ind in this area for over ten year, and club owners, and of course, the family of the unintended vicktim e emilio na var rez, and they wanted answers, but i i am not
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sure that anybody got what they wanted to hear. >> you could be in the most exclusive part of town or you know, the other side of town, and it could happen to you. >> reporter: emilio's mother got emotional when she held up her son's picture tonight, and the standing room only crowd listened to her and others. the people who live downtown are fed up with the violence that happens when the clubs close. club owners is a say they want safe streets, too, and so does elijah wan thornton. he is the head of security at club venue in downtown. >> i noticed a bicycle guy who drove up on the sidewalk. >> reporter: he watched what may have sparked the deadly shooting. it start ded with a man standing on the sidewalk. >> the motorcycle drove past him, and he stepped back as the motorcycle drove by, and words were exchanged.
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>> reporter: about an hour later shots were fired and a stray bullet hit na varez. >> sam martinez mett him in first grade and watch ded him realize his dream as a musician in a local band. >> he didn't to the wrong thing, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: and his friends end ended up at the community public meeting and thornton was there to support the family and give a simple solution to the problem of gun violence. >> if you were born with a mouth, you have an issue with somebody, talk it out, and don't resort to grabbing a gun. >> there have been three murders in two years in the downtown area, and that is disturbing for the people who live around here. the folks tonight were demanding more police foot patrol, but i am not sure they will get it. reporting live in oakland, i'm
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cheryl hurd. >> thank you. we broke this story last night, and tonight, a new information and information of john knell carter. he was caught in mississippi after he escaped march 6th, by overpowering a deputy in san jose. then carter's brother drove him to reno where he used his brother's name to catch a greyhound bus to mississippi. and he had family there, and they were under surveillance and now he is going to be extradited back to san jose. today, a robbery suspect was shot and killed. you kcan hear the tension in the emergency dispatch call. >> he is refusing to comply and he has a knife, and he is standing still. >> the officer was the first to respond to the liquor store, and on the call, you can hear him calling for suspect to put the knife down. moment s lat
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moments later, he tells the dispatch that shots were fire and the suspect is down. the man died on the way to the hospital. >> in boston today, jurors declared declared dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty of 30 counts. some of his victims say that he should pay the ultimate price for killing four people during the boston bombing at the boston marathon. >> i think he should be held accountable, and i am thankful for the jurors that are making him do that. >> i am so upset for what they have to go through that day, and for me i speak for myself, i want the death penalty. >> the trial now moves to
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penalty phase and the same jury will decide if he should be put to death by lethal injection? indiana or serve life. and now, in south carolina all police will be outfitted with body cameras this is after the disturbing video of the officer gunning down a black man. the officer has been fired and faces murder charges. this is after he fired eight shots shots in the back of a man running away from him after a traffic stop. the police chief says he is sickened, but the people in the community say it is a reoccurring problem. >> no more. no more. >> and plenty of protests but the family says that if there were no cell phone video, the officer would be a free man. >> and the man who shot the video, he spoke to lester holt
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about what it was like when he hand ed handed the video over to the victim's family. >> it was like, like you say, very emotional when that happened, including me also, because like when i turned it i felt, i felt that you know, i felt like his position, and their situation. you know i think that if i had a family member that happened, i would like the know the truth. >> and you can see and hear more of the interview tomorrow morning on the i to"today" show. parents may not have a choice anymore. a bill that would require nearly all kids here in california to be vaccinated before going to school passed the first hurdle today. the senate health committee voted to approve the bill to re remove the so-called california's personal belief exemption. it came after four hours of emotional testimony, and they say that the vaccines have not been linked to any major health
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problem, and proponents say that it tramples parents' rights. >> vaccines are not related to sids or immune function and no evidence, quote, no evidence of major safety occurrence with the child's immunization safety concerns. >> my son had a severe reaction to hepatitis c vaccine and he is now going require lifelong care. >> and there is a similar bill that recently fail eded in oregon and the state of washington as it heads to the senate floor. >> and now, the white house is now backing efforts to the ban the practice of gay conversion therapy. it is damaging to minors. in the new addition to the white house, obama's staff and visitors can use a jendgender neutral restroom coming as an executive order took effect to
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ban discrimination gainsagainst transgendered people who work for the federal government. >> and if you have this in your fridge, a popular hummus is under recall. >> and will time be on the apple side? experts weigh in on the apple watch and if it is a must-have gadget. >> and tightening the rules. the changes to urinals and fawcettfau faucet faucets that could save thousands of gallons of water each year. and chilly start in the bay area, and in the valley and maybe some showers to the bay area by the weekend. we will look at the forecast when we come back.
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you might not need one, but will you still buy one? we will find out beginning this friday when apple, the new watch is released. tonight we give it a test drive and talk to the people who have the new gadget. nbc bay area's terry mcesweeney is in the apple store with the review and terry, what time is
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it? >> according to the folks at apple, it is time to buy a new watch and in fact that new watch, the apple watch. check it out. it is a lot smaller in person of course but they handed out several of these to tech re reporters around the country, and the reviews released today, and most of them saying it is a peace of piece of work and fantastic, and o others saying it is more of a accessory than a needed piece of technology. the time has come for the apple watch, and the first new product since the death of steve jobs. >> it is beautiful and fancy, but it is not essential, and it does not enhance anything that you do right now. >> and for starters you have to sync it with the iphone 5 or newer and it won't work with any other phone. solid gold runs $17,000, and the tech report scott stein wore one for a couple of weeks. >> it is a feature packed ambitious watch, but it is the expense of price and battery
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life. >> the battery lasts one day, and other smart watches lasts up to seven. and the reviewers seem to have a love/hate relationship with the watch. "the new york times" said that the watch was something like a natural extension of my body and a direct link in the way i never felt before from the digital world to my brain end quote. but farhat manju said that it has all of the quotes and limitations and flaws that you would expect from brand new technology. and this from the bloomberg business news, it is the most advanced technology that you can wear today close quote, but then he says who needs one? >> i think that it is beneficial for the women who put the phone in the bag and always shuffling for the phone and instead, that i can do it on the wrist. >> reporter: the apple customers seem divided. >> i can't believe i need one more unless it can do something that the other people can do. >> i have the iphone and the
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ipad and people need to break away from all of the techie stuff sometimes, and enjoy life. >> check the e-mail, and browse the internet and take pictures. no other watch does that. >> so this is the apple phone and i like it. this is the watch that i can see jessica wear inging this one, and if you want to get one, you go on sale and you get fitted to try one, and you don't get the watch, because they are not relees d released until the april 24th. terry mcsweeney nbc news. thank you, terry. are you tired of watching the ads on youtube? well there is soon a new subscription service to watch without ads interruptionng. there is no word on how much it will cost. and if you are going to be flying out of s.j.c. there is
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new construction going to be starting at the airport to replace 55 panels to ensure that the pilots will have a new smooth takeoff and landing. it is not to impact flights, but we will will see what happens. and now, with the drought, urinals are in the spotlight. today, there is a vote for stricter standards for faucets and urinals. starting january 1st, they are limited to 0.20 per flush. and now in california, they must have a limit of 1.2 gallons were per minute and right now the standard is 1.1 gallons per minute. >> let's change the subject. >> you don't like that subject?
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>> no, i don't. >> and hopefully we will have enough rain so that you don't have to worry about water inging any lawns. and right now, there is a view from at&t park, and san jose, fog-free, and 53 e doe degrees, and out to the east bay and dublin current cannily 52. we will see the temperatures in the tri valley dipping into the low 40s. a cool start in the morning, and the winds slightly out of the north. a sign that we have high pressure about to build back in with the turn out of the north. it will be breezy along the coast which will keep the temperatures running cool. the satellite has dried out, and the temperature that brought the sierra snow is headed off to the rockies, and contributing to the severe weather across the plain, and for the next couple of days the weather pattern will calm down. toward s towards the weekend, hardly anything with sierra snow pack and we have seen the improvement of the sierra and from average going up to 8% from the two
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systems, and it is looking better there, but we can't make up for the winter and the spring missing there in terms of the snow pack but that little bit did help. tomorrow partly cloudy skies on the coast, and high clouds drifting up from the south, but if you have hiking or travel plans towards sierra it is that time of the year with the heating in the day, and we will see afternoon showers and a chance of thundershowers near lake tahoe, and also near lake county but rainfall wise, that is it for now. we are seeing the clear skies and the warmer temperatures for the next couple of afternoons. tomorrow, the temperatures are low 40s and perhaps upper 30s in the sheltered valleys of the north bay. and at noon upper 60s, and around 3:00 closing in on 70 degrees, with a little bit por at san jose which is going to be warmer than we thought. mis in the mid-60s and mid-60s in san francisco and patchy clouds in the morning, and around north bay and santa rosa
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you can see the tri valley with the temperatures climbing up a little bit more. and for the weekend, you can see the partly cloudy skies even though there is a chance near san santa rosa saturday a few light showers passing to the north bu but the weekend is looking dry. we will give you a closer look at the systems coming up tuesday, and right now, that is the next best chance for showers as you can see getting into the weekend this system is goging to be falling apart, and the weekend is looking good and potentially more snow in sierra going into tuesday and it does not bring rain into the bay area, but this time next week, we will see the snow in the high area, and rain in the bay area next week. >> and snow would be great. >> and looks like spring has arrived. >> thank you, paul. >> and we have a recall of hummus. >> and we have jimmy. >> and look julie luis dreyfuss
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is my guest and flo rida. ♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive.
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if you have hummus in the fridge, you might want to check the label. sabra company is voluntary recalling the product because of list tear ya contamination. the possible containers have best used by may 11th stamp.
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you can get a full refund if you take it back to where you purchased it. research er sers at usf think that the new research of the wasabi receptor believes that it can improve pain medication. they believe that our pain receptors help in wasabi and pain medication to better map the protein, they are experiencing with blocking the pain receptor's response. pain medications, and anti-itch medications could become more effective as a result. all about the wasabi. >> yep. >> and he was a star in high school, and tonight he made a debut with the a's, and he was sparkling. we will show you that. tonight, fallon and julie luis dreyfuss. >> hoda kotb. >> oh god, help me.
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>> and he was the russian bieber.
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good evening. geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. with matt cain on the disabled list bruce bochy had to turn for a 26-year-old to make a victory. he made the second career start and the first of 2015. bottom of the fifth, and a dirty breaking ball to chris owen s tos
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to end the inning. and bottom of the sixth, jhonny peralta was fooled badly. he gave up six hits and two unearned runs with five strikeouts. and top of the ninth, 3-2 game giants and kaycasey mcgehee adding the insurance, two-run bomb to left, and the first home run as a giant and the g-men win, 5-2, victory. brandon belt receiving good news from the mri, it is a mild strain and he is listed day-to-day. and the update of jake peavy is solid. he tossed a solid bull pen today with no pain in the back and he could make the first start sunday at san diego. rubber game for the rangers and the a's at the coliseum, and fresh faces in the oakland lineup. man aboard and tyler landendorf in the first at bat, and then marcus simeon goes to first with
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the rbi triple. and now, cal product mark hannah with the first at-bat goes to deep right center and it is clearing the bases, and he thought that he was out, and he goes 3 for 5, and four rbis in the debut, and the a's win big 10-0. on the eve of the masters, magic on the par 3 contest. tiger woods participating for the first time since 2004 and final hole daughter sam tapping in the par with a big hug from dad. nice moment at augusta. and the gold enen bear, thrilling the crowd. watch the shot land 15 feet behind the hole and plenty of back spin and sending the ball into the bottom of the cup, and this is an ace at the age of 74.
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everybody tipping the cup with respect. that is nicklaus' first hole in one at augusta. and this is a tweet, the golden bear hit a hole in one at the mas masters par 3 and that is a dope moment right there, and #legend. the golden bear called the hole in one today in an interview before the koncontest. that is it for sports, and more news coming up after the break.
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on extremely rare site of the mediterranean island of cypress there, and look closely there, a black flamingo and the environmentalists spotted it in a flamingo count in salt lake and it is thought to have a genetic disorder called melon melonism. there was one spotted last year, and it is wondered if it is the same as the one spotted there. and there is a urge to make your ground less thirsty and the prize is to make your ground less thirsty and if your ground
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is in the running, maybe you can make your yard less ugly. >> and a chilly start with 40s in the morning, and you mentioned it jessica, the best chance of showers is tuesday. that is another cold system which is the good news here, more snow for sierras as we head for the middle of next week. >> thank you, rob. thank you for joining us here at 11:00. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- julia louis-dreyfus, scott eastwood


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