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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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things fairly light but it is friday. >> a live look at san jose, good morning to you south bay. it's friday, april 10th. this is "today in the bay." well good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura and sam are off this morning. new this morning officers in the east bay are looking for a man who crashed his car during a chase. after the crash, officers say he abandoned the child and other person trapped in the car. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live in hayward. do we know how the baby or child is doing this morning? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, kris. the good news is remarkably, the woman in her 20s and this child only suffered minor injuries. you'll see the aftermath of this crash in just a little bit. that's the good news. i just got off the phone with chp. the new detail this is morning we're just a few blocks from
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where two chp officers made the initial stop for vehicle registration and someone throwing a cigarette out of the car. the car took off and ended up crashing here just after roost road, this stretch is still closed where pg&e is on scene working to restore power. what the actual crash happening just down the road from here, but check out the aftermath of all this. the black sedan it looks like with the rear end mangles and torn apart, the front bumper is destroyed. the door is ripped off. the chp says the two officers didn't have time to engage in a pursuit. the crash happened just seconds later here on tennison. the officer stayed on the scene instead of going after the driver in order to help get the woman in her 20s and the child we understand is under 10 years old out of the car. the kid was in some sort of booster seat. they are at a local hospital for minor injuries. the male driver still outstanding but the chp working on tracking him down. it is unclear at this point what the relationship is, if this is two parents and their child, but
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pg&e is repairing again the two power poles knocked down. at last check pg&e says there are 121 customers without power at this point, but they are working on it right now. there's one pole completely down and one that's kind of leaning. pg&e estimates it will be around 9:00 when this is all cleared and the power is restored. again this is between roost road and huntwood, but when you look at the video pretty amazing, just minor injuries suffered this morning. live in hayward, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> so fortunate the child was in a booster seat because that makes the seat belt work the way it's supposed to, hopefully that's the reason why. thank you. oh, he's over, he's over! go, go, go! >> a terrifying moment on video from powerful tornadoes touching down in northern illinois. winds near the tornado so strong it flipped this truck. no word on the condition of the driver. the storms caused at least one
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death and there's at least one more person unaccounted for. the tornadoes in this video touched down in tiny fayerdale, the population 200. most of the town is said to simply be gone. at least seven people were hurt. the family of a motorcyclist who was hit, rather killed in a hit-and-run crash is asking for your help. police say larry pack hit a concrete barrier on the connector ramp from southbound 101 to eastbound 92 in san jose last week. witnesses say a dark colored suv or jeep stopped briefly at the scene, and then took off again. police say that car may have been a factor in the crash and it may have front end damage. happening today, vice president joe biden will be at pg&e center in oakland. he'll be focusing on job training and the development of the workforce. "today in the bay's" bob redell is also in oakland. good morning to you, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. the pg&e center here in oakland just off 880 runs the kind of
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job training program that vice president joe biden and the obama administration wants to promote when he arrives here later this morning, mr. biden will meet with students at pg&e's so-called power pathway program that teaches people the skills they need to get an entry level job in to the utility industry. the administration is highlighting power pathway because of its 80% hiring success rate since '08. mr. biden arrived in the bay area last night for a fund-raiser for the democrats, while his wife, dr. jill biden, visited deanza college in cupertino. dr. boyden who is a community college professor herself has been meeting with students throughout the country like those last night at deanza to find out what works and to see those ideas can be implemented at other schools. >> we came to see what you're doing at your college and what makes you special and different
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from other colleges. >> she asked really good questions. she wanted to know about us, and our clubs, what we do, what's working for us. >> reporter: dr. biden is also pushing community colleges because of their affordability. considering community college tuition averaged around $1,400 last year, not including books or boarding, cal state runs around 7,000, uc schools arminging around 13,000. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob, thanks. sfo is on top of an unenviable list. it has the most security breaches of any major u.s. airport. there have been nearly 40 breaches since 2004. most of the incidents involve homeless people. airport officials have made several improvements and are confident in the airport security. mineta san jose has the fifth highest number of security breaches. several made national headlines including a teenager who stowed away in a wheel well on a flight
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to hawaii. meteorologist christina loren joins us on a friday with the forecast. good morning. >> you can call me crustina okay, not the first time, in school, you know, kids can be cruel. >> they really called you crustina? >> my last name is richie really so can you imagine what i was called? 45 degrees in san martin to kick off the new day, mostly clear and cool to start. sunrise at 6:43, and your temperatures are going to be comfortable out there as we head throughout the day today. one of those days you really don't want to fly out of town because beautiful conditions are expected across the board. fog free tonight. your sun will set at 7:40 in the evening so comfortable conditions will persist all day long. then we have that pattern change just around the corner so enjoy this warmup. it will be short lived. 70 degrees on the peninsula.
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degrees for the east bay and 74 degrees in the tri valley. we want to get you up to date with what's happening on the roads. here's anthony slaughter. >> i was thinking about what i was called in elementary school, woo, the days, oh, man. kids can be cruel. come on, kids, lighten up. let's talk about the traffic, 580 coming through dublin. we don't have any accidents but the traffic flow is starting to slow just a bit as more cars are getting on the road. we switch over to the maps, you can see what i'm talking about, lots of green livermore, dublin and past that down towards sunol, 84 looking good as well, 680 no problems there. 880 still wide open down from hayward into fremont, newark and up towards the bay bridge approach, where we had a couple of earlier accidents, not really causing any problems. you can see that there, your hercules impacts one on the eastbound side before highway 4 and another one right on the westbound side. as we take you outside and show you what it's looking like, traffic is moving but we don't have any big concerns. just some small accidents,
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fender benders so things are moving smoothly. here toward the bay bridge toll plaza wide open roads so no problems here. it's early though and we'll continue to track that drive for you, guys, back to you. it's 5:07. if you hated school, maybe they called you names, your kids could, too. recertainers are telling us that this morning. >> sticks and stones. plus apple responds to criticism of its hiring and firing policies. what the cupertino company is now saying. and we'll take you out live to the bay bridge, never tire of this wonderful picture. the sun is about to come up. we'll be back in just a minute. ♪
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good morning to you. looking live at downtown san jose on what will be a very nice day, temperatures in the 70s. it will be nice to get out and do whatever you have to do. walgreens will plan to close 200 stores nationwide in an effort to cut costs and streamline business. the company says the closure also take place over the next three years. no word if any of those are in the bay area. in a statement, the company's acting ceo was quick to say he's optimistic about the future of walgreens. walgreens has more than 8,200
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stores nationwide. apple has responded to criticism over its hiring and firing policies. some people said construction applicants were turned away because of past felony convictions. in a statement the company said "we recognize that this may have excluded some people who deserve a second chance. we have now removed that restriction and instructed our contractors on the project to evaluate all applicants equally, on a case by case basis, as we would for anyone we hire at apple." the workers were applying for construction jobs on the new apple campus project in cupertino. let's get a quick check of the markets this morning. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hey scott, good morning to you. futures are pointing to a higher open today. market rose for the fourth time in five sessions thursday. the dow has gone three straight days without a triple digit move for the first time since late february. we see data on import prices.
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the nasdaq up 23 to 4974. scott back over to you. >> landon have a great weekend. this sunday on "press" the reporters and i will talk about the drought and it may be time to change what we're eating, fewer almonds, more canadian peas which needs less water. the show is dry from time to time but this week we also talk to venture capitalist and author ben parr will people, companies and how to get attention in this busy world and he got our attention. >> you break it down to seven key aspects, right? >> can you brief my run those by? >> first one is automaticity, how they react to automatic sounds and senses. >> whoa! can i point out the last time you were on this show, you wore google glass and now confetti. ben parr if you weren't such a
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nice would, i would -- oh, continue your point. >> if you look carefully there's still confetti up in one of the light fixtures. >> that's so funny. i can't believe you call it dry. i feel like i got invited to a cool party, i don't completely understand or fit in with. >> we call it the cocktail party without cocktails. let's bring in christina loren this morning who has a wonderful weekend mapped out for you. >> throw in some confetti. >> i got some here. i was here when the commotion took place. >> everybody peeked in. >> what's going on in there? 5:14 now. so we are excited about this episode of "press here." temperatures are going to be really nice all weekend long, and i can tell you right now it's one of the weekends you might just kick yourself in you don't get outdoors. afterall it's spring. we're tracking more spring showers as we head throughout early next week, a cooler pattern as well and this weekend
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will be nice and comfortable. 40 degrees in the north bay to start. 51 degrees in san francisco. still have that good air quality and lower pollen levels courtesy of the rain that came through earlier this week. temperature also round out in the 70s. 70 degrees on the peninsula. 74 degrees, what a beautiful day in the tri valley and 71, just under room temperature here in the south bay. so you can expect things sunny and mild. by monday into tuesday temperatures drop off, we are expecting some light shower activity by tuesday, let me show you your futurecast. we take you into tuesday morning, i stop the clock at 7:00 a.m., showers rolling through the greater bay area. we are not expecting much, maybe 0.05 of an inch, up to 0.1 of an inch in the north bay where we usually get the most. santa rosa to san francisco only about 0.05 of an inch to a tenth and maybe trace amounts of unmeasurable precipitation in
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the south bay. enough of the steady drizzle to keep our hillsides nice and green and nice and moist and hopefully postpone that fire season. we have a better chance for rain getting into the 20th and the 21st. all the models have been in agreement on this round, so we're going to keep you up to date on that as well. looks pretty good right now, another core of low pressure headed toward the bay area. temperatures this weekend into the 70s, as we meet back here next week we'll fall into the 60s. don't forget that giants home opener is on monday, thousands of people headed to at&t park. we'll have the forecast for that coming up. right now we want to check your drive with anthony slaughter. >> remember, mass transit on that day. it always helps, right? let's take to you fremont, where we had an accident, mission boulevard not sure if it was an accident or a stall but apparently one of the cars lost its rear wheel so that is in the road along with the stalled out car. this is from 880 southbound. switch over to the maps, there it is there, probably the tire
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and then the car so it's right on 880 southbound right at mission and also towards 101 and lawrence expressway there was an accident about a half our ago at east dwayne. 'not on the highway, it's on lawrence expressway so if you use that route you may have to find an alternate this morning. 101 looking good no, accidents there, same for the east shore freeway hayward toward oakland. as you get into oakland we have a couple of accidents north of there near el cerrito. coming through hercules around theber cl the berkeley bend. right at highway 84, not causing any slowdown. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights not on just yet so folks are getting through without any problems. guys back to you. all right, anthony, thank you. new this morning a suicide car bomber targeting u.s. troops killed three civilians in afghanistan. another four people were injured. no american soldiers were hurt in the bombing but it happened as u.s. convoy drove past the gates at its military base in ja
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lalabad. the taliban is claiming responsibility. no clues why a south carolina police officer gunned down an unarmed black man. south carolina's law enforcement division released this dash cam video, shows north charleston police officer michael slager stopping a car driven by walter scott. he goes running. he died during the stop when slager shot him in the back in a field nearby. slager is now facing murder charges. jury selection is almost complete in the trial of the man accused of going on a shooting spree at a colorado movie theater. today is expected to be the final day of individual questioning in the jury selection process. it's been going on since january. james holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, for that attack in 2012. opening statements are scheduled to begin at the end of the month. we are talking about this earlier, almonds, california drought forcing farmers to cut
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back on irrigating their crops. one group of farmers says their crop's getting singled out. almond farmers are facing more criticism about the amount of water they use to grow their crops. it takes one gallon of water to produce a single almond. the group of growers are having to make tough cutbacks using just enough water to simply keep the trees alife. some almond shamers are not convinced that's enough. >> the almond farmers are taking a lot of the underground water completing that and we don't know how long it's going to take to restore that. >> over the last two decades almond growers in particular have actually reduced their amount of water usage by 33%. and that's by using other forms of irrigation methods, drip irrigation, microsprinklers. >> the almond hullers and processors association points out almonds make up just a small fraction of irrigated land in california though it is a good
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portion of water. when the smoke clears there is a lot of money uncollected money but now the city of san jose is fighting back. medical marijuana at the center of a major turf war between city leaders and two of the largest pot sellers in the area. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski has new developments in a series of reports on the local pot business. >> good morning. maybe you've noticed perhaps it's gone under the radar, at one time more than 100 medical marijuana dispenries called san jose home. now the number of pot shops in the city has shrunk to about 25. and san jose mayorsome liccardo wants the number to drop by at least two more. two owners in two facilities have not paid a single dime in marijuana business tax. since our last investigation the city has become even more aggressive, sending a cease and desist order to one of the non-compliant dispensaries and a $30,000 citation for code
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violations against the landlord of the second location. well now you could expect it to get even more interesting as maymay y mayor liccardo promises to keep the pressure on while one of the pot shop owners say he's not going anywhere until "the tanks roll in." with the nbc bay area investigative unit, i'm tony kovaleski. >> if you have a tip give us a call at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at studies suggests a child's dislike for school could be genetics. they studied 26,000 twin pairs asking them their enjoyment of academic activities and subjects. they found genetics explained 40% to 50% of the twins' differences in motivation. different teachers or schools explained the rest. >> it's also what you say in front of them. >> you like school because you got no choice.
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yet another event is saying no to the selfie stick. >> the kentucky derby released its security no-nos for this race. no selfie sticks or controlled aircraft, you know the drones. organizers say a month ago they weren't even thinking about selfie sticks but the recent addition has been changing their policy. just hand the phone somebody else. >> i find this a little hypocritical, the kentucky derby, all those hats obscure your view way more than selfie sticks. giant hats. >> i like big, puffy hats. 5:22, madison becaumgrner teaming up with "game of thrones."
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and looking live at right now, busy day yesterday,
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and a tough start for a's newcomer kendall braveman. the rookie pitcher gave up eight runs to the rangers yesterday and the a's fall 10-1. they face the mariners tonight at, first pitch 7:05. for the giants a nail biter in san diego, took 12 innings just to get a score. it was the giants bringing the go ahead run across the plate, crawford scores and the giants win 1-0. we'll take it. madison bumgarner is teaming up with some of the cast of "game of thrones." >> he is one of a number of celebrities joining a movement against the construction of a massive telescope in hawaii. the 30-meter telescope set to be built on one of the islands. critics say it would damage numerous say create historic sites. here is where the "game of thrones" is connected, one of the actors, many of them you
5:26 am
know as cal drogel, emile yo clark plays denires leading her support to the cause. he is joining their cause for the telescope, thus there you go. >> we pronounce a lot of difficult things in real life and now we have to add in "game of thrones." >> which i haven't watched yet. i will watch but haven't yet. >> i won't, i think it's too scary. i watched ten minutes of it and i almost cried. 5:26. here's meteorologist christina loren. >> a bit of a softie, huh? i didn't know that about you. yes, i really think it matters what the hawaiians think about all that. today we'll have a really nice day, temperatures pretty much on par with what they will experience in places like maui. 74 degrees humidity in the tri valley and 71 degrees in the south bay, beautiful conditions for today that will persist into tomorrow and as we head throughout early next week, still looking at the chance for
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showers, we'll tell you where and when coming up in moments. checking your drive here's slg sl anthony slaughter. >> every time i go to hawaii i try to pronounce the street names and mountains. i'm with you, scott, it's hard. the bay bridge metering lights are just about to get turned on in the next ten minutes. we're starting to see the backup begin as we switch over to the maps, things moving pretty good with the earlier accidents, starting to get cleared out near hercules. as we hop down towards fremont on 880 southbound, we had an accident, a car lost its wheels. debris in the roadway and the stall there as well. south bay 101 looking good moving through san jose. guys back over to you. >> thank you much. it is 5:27 right now. coming up a chase and a crash in the east bay, and a child left behind trapped in that car. we're live with new details from the investigator.
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devastation in the midwest,
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two massive tornadoes plow over illinois and one person is ted, but many more are missing. plus terrified and trapped in her own home. surveillance video shows a harrowing ordeal for a south bay woman. and good friday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. beautiful conditions for today, that will extent until tomorrow and then sunday into monday a pattern change headed our way. details in just moments. and i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye this morning, tracking your morning drive. things starting to stack up at the bay bridge approach, otherwise looking good here for friday light drive. >> all right, at the bay bridge dark from this camera on san bruno mountain looking at the city this morning. sunrise still about an hour and a half away, but when it comes, it's going to be glorious. it is friday, april 10th and this is "today in the bay."
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good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. laura and sam have the day off. new this morning a driver is on the run after chp officers say he crashed a car and took off leaving a woman and a child trapped inside that car. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live right there at the scene in hayward with details. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. we are about a few blocks away from northbound 880 at tennison where this original car stop happened. chp saying two officers walked out to stop a car for vehicle registration issues as well as the passenger that threw a cigarette out. the car ending up here just down the street here on tennison after roost road. the car was just towed away but the debris is still there. pg&e crews are still on scene because he crashed into two power poles. you can see the aftermath in the video from earlier, the black sedan with the rear end mangled and torn apart. the front bumper is clear off, the door ripped off. the two officers stopped the
5:32 am
driver northbound 880 adding they didn't have enough time to engage in a pursuit with the crash happening just seconds later. the officer stayed on scene to help get the woman in her 20s and the kid under 10 years of age out of the car. the kid was in a booster seat. the two are at a local hospital for minor injuries while the male driver is still on the run but the chp working to track him down, it's unclear what the relationship is among these three people, if it's mom, dad and child. pg&e crews are here, it's estimated about 121 people without power at this point and that tennison between roost road and huntwood power will not be restored until 9:00 this morning. the road closed here until 9:00 this morning. live in hayward, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> so scary. if you find out how that baby is doing, let us know. thank you. we are following a developing story in the midwest as a major storm tore through the region, at least one person was killed when tornadoes touched down in central and northern illinois overnight.
5:33 am
at least seven more people are in the hospital. in a small town of rochelle a restaurant took a direct hit. firefighters rescued 12 people who were taking shelter in the basement there. >> i looked out the window and i saw and it was huge. you know, it was huge and it was coming right for us, and at that moment ava just grabbed me and she -- avaa is the owner, grabbed me and said "just get to the basement the." >> as many as 50 buildings have been destroyed. this weather system is expected to move east today, bringing the potential of severe weather to the east coast as well. well obvious surveillance cameras all s a loud house alar wasn't enough for a burglar early tuesday morning. the homeowner was home and locked herself in the closet. she said this burglar forced his way through the back sliding door. he looks around, he tried opening the bedroom door.
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>> this is when i got scared because i thought he was going to come in, right here is where i yell, i ran to the door and just started hitting and screaming at the door telling him get out of here, the police are coming, they're going to shoot you. >> the man escaped through the back empty handed, still on the loose. if you recognize this fellow right there, certainly please call the police. police are releasing surveillance photos of two people they believe are connected to the killing of a popular musician in oakland. the man and the woman, here on your screen, are believed to have been with the suspected gunman early sunday morning. police also released pictures of the suspect's vehicle which appears to be an early 2000 model mercedes. stray bullet hit emile yo navarez after he performed at the golden bull bar near oakland city hall. he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. we could learn more today about how long it will take to clean up a cement spill in an oakland creek. wildlife officials and east bay mud will meet today to discuss that spill. it happened on wednesday at glen
5:35 am
echo creek. subcontractor filled an old pipe in the creek with cement but didn't know a valve was open. the cement flowed into the water posing a hazard of course to woould li wildlife. >> looks like a sidewalk there. vice president joe biden is waking up in the bay area this morning and he is pushing for more job training while he's here. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in oakland and bob, we're just hours away from the vice president's speech. what do you suppose he's going to say? >> reporter: well, he's here to promote job training. he arrived last night, attended a private fund-raiser, democratic fund-raiser in san francisco, kris, and in a few hours he'll make his way over to oakland to this pg&e center just off 880 to promote the obama administration's commitment to job training. mr. biden and the administration chose pg&e to highlight its power pathway program which gives people the skills they need to get an entry level job in the utility industry. since 2008 the program has
5:36 am
helped almost 500 people get a job. now the vice president's wife, dr. jill biden, accompanied her husband on this trip to meet with students at deanza college in cupertino yesterday. dr. biden, who is a community college professor herself in virginia, has been meeting with students nationwide to promote higher education and to remind people how affordable a community college education can be when you compare it to let's say a four-year college education. california community college tuition can average less than a couple thousand dollars whereas cal state averages several thousand. you see armings around you see arnlgz around 13,000. >> a lot of students don't even know scholarships exist or how to go about it and write that essay. lot of times money goes unused. >> dr. biden also as i mentioned met questions about what works at their school. she'll be reporting back to the administration to see if any
5:37 am
ideas can be implemented at other community colleges throughout the country. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we're waiting to hear the specifics of it all. thank you, bob. 5:36. let's check in on your weekend forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> beautiful bay area weekend, good morning to you, scott, kris, everybody at home. 46 degrees in oakland, 48 degrees to start the day. if you are headed off to work this morning, or maybe your kids are back in school, i know a lot of kids are still off for spring break, you want to bundle them up for the first part of the day but make sure they have something they can take off later on. temperatures are going to be very comfortable, in fact warm in the tri valley. we'll climb from 66 degrees at noon to about 74 degrees there. meanwhile, low to mid-60s for all of us at lunch time, then as we head throughout this afternoon, 70 on the peninsula. little bit on the cool side today right at the immediate coast but even so, we're talking about temperatures in the upper 60s which is why i want to show you your beach forecast, even warmer as we head throughout your saturday, pacifica today 66
5:38 am
degrees, not a bad beach day there, and look at your water temperature, very, very mild out there, 57 degrees in the water, 10 degrees warmer on the sand. 67 for half moon bay, down in santa cruz this is where we're seeing the warmest ocean water, look at this, 59 degrees out there. almost 60 degrees in the water. this has something to do of course with that mild el nino taking place. i like to look at all the climatological data and next year is actually looking very promising for a strong development of an el nino and for us that could translate to a lot of rain as we head throughout our next rainy season. this one has actually been pretty good to us as well. we have another round of light showers in the forecast. we need the snowpack is what we really need so we're going to examine the conditions and what could occur as we head throughout next week, tracking another system towards the 20th, as we head throughout the morning together i like to keep you up to date with what's going on when it comes to the drought, on the forefronts of a lot of
5:39 am
people's minds, including anthony slaughter. he is our weekend morning meteorologist. >> i'm all on that el nino. i saw that post yesterday on twitter, that would mean great news for us as we move towards next year. let's focus in on the traffic. i want to show you what's happening outside in dublin, where we have traffic starting to build but no major concerns coming through this freeway. looking pretty good especially for friday, lots of grown on the map from livermore, dublin, toward hayward. moving north we show you the antioch drive, we have a stall just before concord and you get past that and things are starting to slow on 4 approaching highway or right at the 80 and 4 connector, there was a stall on the westbound side. not really causing any problems. as we get down towards fremont, this is where i'm starting to see some big time slowing because as we told you earlier, a car lost its tire so the debris in the road and also the stall there. you can see the red tick marks denoting stop and go approaching this location. let's show you, i'll turn the camera so you can see for
5:40 am
yourself. there is the stall just ahead, you can see the backup continues and now everybody really starting to hit those brake lights. again, right at mission boulevard 880 southbound where we had that stall causing the backup. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, anthony. there is also a very important traffic alert van ness avenue is closed in both directions between now and sunday. only commuter buses will be allowed through. california pacific medical center is building a new camp us right there at that spot. this weekend workers are constructing a pedestrian tunnel. the street will reopen before midnight on sunday but van ness is crazy busy all the time so you have to make a detour. it is 5:40 right now and a possible new candidate for the race for president. we're live in washington with the details next. plus an internal investigation under way after southern california deputies caught on camera punching and kicking a suspect. what the sheriff thinks about all this. and looking live at downtown san jose this morning, things
5:41 am
moving smoothly in the south bay, and the weather forecast is good. the news not too bad either. we're back with 15 minutes of it coming up after the break.
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welcome back. the moment that many democrats have waited for may finally be on the verge of happening. we are hearing that first major democratic player is about to announce the run for president. you may have heard of her, hillary clinton. "today in the bay's" trausie potts live in washington to tell us what the insiders are saying inside the belt way. good morning to you. >> good morning. the insiders are saying this is probably going to happen sunday and probably on social media first. they're trying to crash an image of not so much the big campaign rally that we've seen oftentimes in the past with democrats kicking off their rallies among thousands of people but something a little more intimate showing hillary clinton with people, so we may get the
5:44 am
official word first via twitter. she's been pretty active there and according to our sources it's off to iowa, which is the first caucus date of course, and an area where we've already seen a lot of candidates, and potential candidates, people who called this the worst kept secret in washington the fact that she's running. she's rented office space in brooklyn, apparently where her headquarters is going to be. there are numerous reports she's been siphoning off people in the ready for hillary pack, the superpack to work on her official campaign. they've been building a ground game especially in places like iowa, where if you recall last election she came in third and some of the recent polls are showing even though she is a front-runner for both the democrats and the republicans, rand paul, who also just announced, is also running pretty close to her, so it will be an interesting campaign for the democrats we believe it will kick off sunday, that's what sources are telling us. >> i know you'll enjoy the whole season. tracie potts, thank you very much. new details on a wild
5:45 am
kidnapping car chase and shooting that left a census bureau guard dead yesterday. authorities identified the gunman as lawrence bunkner, suspected of kidnapping his own wife in washington, d.c., then headed to the census bureau in suburban maryland where he shot and killed a guard. after a high-speed chase police cornered the gunman, he was shot and injured in a gun battle that also injured an officer. >> i thought somebody was shooting a movie at first, i said no, this ain't a movie, this is real life. so i said okay, let me duck down. >> the kidnapped woman was not hurt but police are calling this a domestic dispute incident and they say it was not terror related. it is a somber day in texas, more than five years after the terror shooting rampage in ft. hood, those who were wounded or killed in the attack will receive a purple heart. 13 people were killed, another 32 wounded in the deadliest attack on a u.s. military installation in history. the gunman is now on death row.
5:46 am
get your cameras ready, president obama and cuban president raul castro will meet today, maybe even share a handshake. president obama is in panama for the summit of the americas, and he's expected to encounter castro and this will mark an historic moment as the u.s. and cuba try to restore ties. the two have no formal meetings scheduled but they are expected to cross paths and i'm sure it will be carefully choreographed. some alaska airlines passengers are relieved to be in san jose, though they did arrive hours late. according to flight aware, flight 336 arrived at san jose just before 1:30 this morning. the flight initially left seattle at 8:50 last night but it hit a bird. the pilots turned around out of abundance of caution. 112 passengers put on another plane and arrived in san jose safely. no word on the bird, but i'm thinking it's probably not good. >> i'm thinking it's a goner.
5:47 am
meteorologist christina loren is here, and not surprisingly that was not a weather event. >> yes. no, definitely not surprising but i can tell you make sure you have extra time planned in case something happens. you never know when you fly. good three to five-hour window. 5:47. if you're watching a flight headed out of town why would you leave this weekend? it's going to be beautiful out there. we have warm spring conditions coming your way as we get into this afternoon. what a beautiful day ahead, with temps in the 70s and everything will change as we head into your weekend, and this sunday. so i want to start with what's going on for this weekend in the south bay, 72 degrees for tomorrow, similar to today, just a touch warmer, 71 for your peninsula cities. 67 in san francisco, and 69 degrees on the east shore. so we're expecting a little bit of patchy morning drizzle and then afternoon clouds from time to time. we will see the intervals of clouds and sun by sunday, but look at your temperatures, it's going to get nice and warm and
5:48 am
comfortable on sunday, 79 degrees is the high. then as we meet back here early next week, we are expecting some light shower activity, not going to interrupt that home opener at at&t park. conditions looking good for that. but by tuesday, 7:00 to 8:00 we have a chance for light precipitation, it's going to clear out as we get into your wednesday, and then looking good for a better chance on the 20th and the 21st of this month and i'm going to continually let you know about that chance because right now it looks like we could receive an inch of rain in some cities, if everything stays organized. so we've got a pretty good handle on that forecast. for now we'll keep you updated. right now a check of your drive with anthony slaughter. >> the fremont stall, the chp report said all lanes are open but it does not seem as though all lanes are open. 880 southbound at mission boulevard really slow because of a stall, a car lost its tire so the debris in the roadway and of course the stall out there as
5:49 am
well. let's switch over to the maps, this is coming towards just past the richmond bridge, there was an stent and now a sig alert issued for 580 westbound. all lanes are closed headed toward san quentin. avoid the richmond bridge this morning headed into the north bay because all lanes are closed here. as we get outside and show you the bay bridge toll plaza, yep, no big surprise here, the metering lights are on and traffic is starting to back up just a bit. guys back to you. >> thank you very much anthony. another weekend closure, this one in fremont, work continues on the b.a.r.t. warm springs extension. the area at south grimmer and warm springs boulevard will be closed for a little more than 48 hours or so, and that closure starts at 10:00 tonight. a follow-up from news we brought you thursday, some of the smart parking meters in san jose turning out not to be very smart. city leaders say the meters on st. james street have been resetting before their time is
5:50 am
expired. that's causing some drivers to be wrongly ticketed. officials say vibrations from large trucks on the street are causing that reset, but they think they solved it. they turned the reset feature off. a follow-up this morning, pg&e will pay $1.6 billion for its part in the deadly san bruno gas line explosion. the blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes in 2010. the utility responded saying it will do what it takes to make sure thisser in happens again. pg&e does not plan to appeal that penalty decision. an internal investigation is also under way after a disturbing video of an arrest in san bernardino county. this happened yesterday when a man tried to get away from police in a car, and then tried to escape on a horse. chopper video shot by our sister station in los angeles shows that man falling off the horse, he's on the ground and then deputies hit him with a stun gun then they start punching him and
5:51 am
kicking him in the head. the suspect's girlfriend says that use of force was unnecessary. >> this guy comes out of nowhere and he feels it's necessary, i might as well get my kicks in, too, i don't understand why, why is something like that necessary? >> can certainly understand the concern in the community based on what they saw in the video. i'm disturbed by what i see in the video. look, i don't need to jump to conclusions at this point until we do a complete and thorough investigation and as i indicated if our deputy sheriffs did something wrong they'll be put off work and dealt with appropriately in accordance with the law as well as our department policy. >> the suspect is now in the hospital with unknown injuries. three deputies were also injured in that chase. we may get some answers today, the recent allegations against the san francisco sheriff's department. one issue, accusations from public defenders office that the deputies forced inmates to fight each other gladiator style and the officers would bet on the battles. another recent black eye, the
5:52 am
escape of a detainee taking out the trash at the halls of justice. the sheriff will present the findings from an internal review and announce changes in that department. two san jose police, and in her final report the department's top watch dog says the department operates under a cloud of racial bias and needs more transparency. the independent police auditorish eyed her final annual report before she retires in july. according to "the mercury news" she is urging the department to expand its racial accountability especially in how it responds to complaints of racial bias by officers. administrators for the troubled heald college are rallying to save their schools. it's owned by the for-profit company corinthian colleges. state attorney general harris suing corinthian accusing it of deceiving low income recruits
5:53 am
and leaving them deeply in debt. kriptian schools are facing eminent closure due to financial and legal trouble. the forecast for the weekend is beautiful but you may not care because now you can get "star wars" on your ipad. >> don't make me cross eyed he says. "star wars" available in digital hd. you can download it for any of your devices as of this morning. we checked amazon this morning and you can get the whole digital movie collection including all six of the movies for 90 bucks. that collection is expected to include a number of bonus features as well. well, keep an eye on shares of apple this morning. the much anticipated apple watch went on sale on apple's website overnight. most of those models already sold out. delivery dates for the new orders are june or later. if you're still on the fence, you can check out the watch at apple stores, but you cannot buy it at apple stores.
5:54 am
the watch starts at $349. apple reportedly spent $38 million on its tv ad campaign for the watch since it first debuted or was unveiled last month, a little less than it spent on the iphone 6 advertisements over the past six months. amazon gets the green light again from the faa to test drones to deliver packages. the government approved amazon's prototype drone last month. the company said the process took so long the device, the drone is already obsolete. amazon wants to use drones to deliver items within ten miles of its warehouses, which would require them to fly autonomously, using sensors to avoid collision with other aircraft. well, meteorologist christina loren has been watching a forecast that started with rain on monday and ending with sunshine today. >> yes, and throughout the weekend as well. good morning to you, kris and scott,er at home. temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. we are on our way to the low 70s just about everywhere, with the
5:55 am
exclusion of the immediate coast and the inner bay. 66 in san francisco, 72 in the north bay. right around 74 degrees for us here in the south bay. also expecting that for the tri valley. we always like to keep you up to date with what's going on. pretty cool, cardinalpalooza at stanford. they'll have games out there, tennis, football, track and field, softball, somy ball, even water polo and all free. you have opportunities as well to meet student athletes after each event. this is also happening nbc a proud sponsor of the 48th annual cherry blossom festival in san francisco. temperatures are going to be comfortable for both saturday and sunday, and that is always a good time. let's check on your drive, see if that sig alert is still an issue. here's anthony. >> unfortunately it is. making your way over the richmond bridge in the next hour or so, keep in mind it is closed. we're talking about westbound lanes where there was a car fire, a big rig actually caught on fire on the bridge, and it's right before san quentin so all
5:56 am
westbound lanes are closed. eastbound lanes are closed as well now. they are actually diverting traffic off of san quentin there just to keep folks away from the area. if you're using the richmond bridge this morning, i would say avoid it at all costs over the next hour sore. all westbound lanes are closed and eastbound lanes as well. back to you guys. >> thanks, anthony. one of america's biggest music festivals is breaking new ground. for the first time in history of coachella it will be broadcast on the radio and it all starts today on sirius xm channel alt nation. among the performers lined up for the festival, ac/dc, drake, florence and the machine and turn the clock back a little bit to steeley tan. the warriors set a franchise record for the most wins and now the team's best player setting his own record. >> seth curry scored 40 points in last night's win over the portland trailblazers, but the real headline here is that he drained eight three-pointers, breaking his own nba single
5:57 am
season record for three-pointers. he now has 278 for the season. warriors win 116-105 and there are three games left before the playoff. i think i hit eight in my entire high school career. eight three-pointers in the entire four years. >> that's amazing. >> no, four years? >> more than i did. 5:57. a surprise on "press here." coming up. and a dramatic chase and dramatic crash overnight. child left in the car trapped as the driver takes off. we're live on the scene with the latest. oh! he's over, he's over! >> go, go, go! >> plus a tornado cause a big rig to tip over and it is all caught on camera. the latest on the certain for people still missing. ory. it's your all-access binge-watching pass to tv's hottest shows,
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free with xfinity on demand. xfinity watchathon week. now through april 12th. perfect for people who really love tv.
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right now at qualify, a surprise discovery at a crash site, what chp officers found in the back of a car involved in a chase and a crash overnight. a tornado touches down in the midwest, leaving a trail of destruction behind. and a big announcement on the way, why this weekend to be a game changer in the race for the white house. we've got another beautiful day on the way this afternoon, looks good, highs in the 70s, but a pattern change less than 72 hours out. full details in just moments. i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye this morning. we have a stall that's creating some problems on the 880 southbound side and also a sig alert to get you up to speed with over the richmond bridge. let's take you out live to san jose, good morning south bay. it's going to be a great day. it's friday, april 10th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, thanks for jo


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