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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 11:00 steer clear, one of the busiest streets in san francisco is partially shut down this evening. good evening, everyone i'm jessica aguirre. this avenue here between post is closed.
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getting around the city could be a little tricky. >> reporter: it's going to be tricky, now, if you can avoid the area between post and gary do so. as you can see there is major construction going on right now already starting and ending midnight on sunday. now, they're working on a pedestrian tunnel. and i learned tonight with progress you have to have a little pain. the pain comes in the form of a major construction project that will cause some major inconvenience. >> i hope it's not too loud. but i'm not too worried about it. it's a city so it should be loud and crazy. >> reporter: it should be a little crazy at gary and van vanness, all the traffic here would be rerouted to franklin or gary. >> reporter: that tunnel will connect california pacific medical centers under-construction hospital to an office building that will soon be under construction
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across the street. in the end, san francisco will get a new 240-bed facility that can't come soon enough for this sandwich shop located on the corner. >> i have to do some re-stocking, but when when my wife told me in the morning you could just drive up gary boulevard, and there is no problem. i expected everything to be closed off around here. and it was not. >> you can see people using their smartphones to get around the construction. he is visiting from france. >> seems like the uber is too much of a mess. >> reporter: eventually the car service found him in this mess. those who live in the area just want to get through the weekend. >> you're catching it at the beginning. so ask me on monday when traffic is a little bit of a mess this weekend. >> so i'm told all of this heavy equipment will be gone on monday, just in time for the morning commute.
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it will be back in two weeks for three days and then it will be back again on labor day. for another three days. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl herd nbc bay area news. >> so practice run after practice run. for more information, go to, you can find more on the latest on the traffic conditions. go ahead and click on that tab. now, traffic is continuing now after a shutdown most of the day. things were not back to normal until 7:00 p.m. this evening. the mess started when a ups delivery truck crashed near the san quentin prison. one of the big rigs caught on fire. hundreds of packages were destroyed. remarkably, nobody was injured.
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now the san raphael department posted this picture soon after the firefighters arrived. remember if you have pictures of breaking news you can always send it to us at ic at nbcbay area, or you can mention it on twitter. new at 11:00, she was left for dead on a street. more on the suspect. kendra gonzales was shot and killed on tuesday, police say she got in an argument with the father of her children while driving. andrew butler is accused of shooting her and leaving her body in the area of the high school. he also allegedly forced two people in the back seat out of the car along with his 1-year-old son. butler is believed to be in the sacramento area or in monterey county. a scare at a local college,
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tomorrow, cal state will increase the campus security. somebody overheard a conversation about a possible shooting. tonight, the campus is reminding everybody to be aware of surroundings and report suspicious activity. and last week a federal judge ruled that not allowing a gender reassignment surgery would be a violation of constitutional rights. ms. worthy was born a man but identifies as a woman. she has been treated for 20 years for the illness, they blocked papers to block the surgery. if she gets the surgery it would be a first for california. well an historic moment tonight as president obama and cuban president raul castro
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shook hands. the event happened in panama city. tomorrow they're expected to have a private meeting which is considered to be the first extended conversation between the leaders in cuba in more than 50 years. the goal of the meeting is to talk about improving relations and removing cuba on the terror list. and tonight, the trip to oakland earlier today is raising eyebrows, he visited a pg&e center and praised their programs. this comes just a day after pg&e was fined $1.6 billion for the san bruno explosion, mr. joe biden made no mention of the explosion, instead stuck with his agenda. >> what you're doing here at pg&e, to train veterans for specific skills the company needs is exactly what companies should be doing everywhere. >> the oakland mayor was also on hand. the pg&e job program has
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graduated 600 students half of them veterans. the vice president also surprised the lunch crowd at a san francisco sandwich shop. he stopped at the melt on front street and ordered a grill cheese sandwich and a chocolate shake. and hillary clinton making another run, expected to kick off her new campaign for the white house sunday through an on-line video. people close to mrs. clinton say one of the issues she will focus on in the video is middle class wages which have been stagnant for 15 years. the low-key campaign launch will be in primary states including iowa and new hampshire. okay friday night, the weekend is here. plenty of indoor plans for everybody, a live look now in san jose pretty cool out there, our meteorologist rob mayeda joins us what is in store for the next 48 hours? >> right now we see clear skies for san jose temperatures in the mid-40s for most of the bay area and as you make plans head
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to lake tahoe we saw two new feet of snow. temperatures in the 50s and 60s around the russian river valley we'll see temperatures climbing. close to 80 by sunday if you head down the coast temperatures in the 70s, you may notice at least early tomorrow morning increasing clouds and for parts of the far north bay, slight chance of some afternoon showers. we'll have a complete look which you can expect for the saturday and sunday forecast and a big-time warmup in the seven-day forecast ahead. back to you. thank you, back to where it all began, the grateful dead returning to the bay area. >> they will play in santa clara, dead heads will be out in full force, so will scalpers. will it work this time around? >> that is a good question, raj, one thing that is certain, those two shows here will sell out very quickly.
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the band is promising that they will do all they can to make sure the tickets go to fans and not the scalpers. the grateful dead wrote in a letter to fans they want one more run in the bay area where it all started. fans like mike glove, and campbell were thrilled. >> probably going to be a very big thing at levi stadium, it will obviously be a big thing. >> reporter: but the legendary band brings legendary prices the stop at levi will be the first before their stop in chicago, hundreds of thousands of fans couldn't get tickets there and turned to the second hand market where tickets start at $500. >> demand is what is expected. from the opportunity of getting these legendary musicians together for one last weekend of music. >> reporter: the band is known for selling tickets the true old fashioned way, through first come, first serve mail orders fans hope they will be selected
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and score seats before the on-line ticket sales. but for the concert at levi they wrote, quote, we're using an on-line ticketing platform for the levi shows that will help ensure that the tickets for these shows will get into the right hands, the hands of our true fans. >> i think it's a good idea the ticket outlets charge way too much. >> it's probably a good way to approach it. but scalpers are still going to get the tickets somehow. >> mike glover hopes other bands will look at them the same way and hope it brings new light to a new trend. >> i can see other bands doing this for things such as a record release show or anniversary show. >> the two shows are june 27th and 28th. the prices start at about 60 to $200. however, that is face value. reporting live at levi stadium,
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ian cole nbc bay area news. thank you, ian, next at 11:00, apple now on the clock, you can see a look at the watch. but it could be a while before you get one on your wrist, we'll show you the rush to wait. and can your smartphone detect an earthquake. the high tech new plan to help people. >> plus leaning forward to relax, the bizarre new idea that could change the way you sleep on a plane. we'll be right back in a moment.
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a lot of hype and true app style. the time has come, pre orders for the app watch has come, and they sold out in less than 24 hours. many excited fans just rushed out to the stores to try them on. >> it does allow you to do the quick pick and go away without getting sucked into the device. and it's a good companion to what we already have. >> it will take getting used to. i haven't worn a watch in 20 years, it will be nice to carry
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it around in my back pocket especially as a woman. the app will start to ship later this month but some orders are already backed up until july. so it will be some months before you can actually get one on your wrist and taking it home. predicting an earthquake there is an app for that. earthquake experts are testing your smartphone to turn it into a life saver. >> it's not the first time we heard about it for a quick warning device but there is a twist. >> it moves from the way it was before. that is exactly what your cell phone is going to measure. >> she is a scientist looking at a system to try and create an earthquake early warning system. >> the movement on the phone is good it can detect movement displacement with great
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accuracy. >> gps is just one feature, the other idea is crowd sourcing literally using thousands of cell phones to determine an earthquake's location. >> it can detect the earthquake they all see the same thing, locate it send the warning to people farther away. >> a simulation looked at a big quake along the hayward fault and found an alert came within seconds, enough time to duck or brace yourself. right now the system only looks at large quakes magnitude 7.0 or higher a pilot program has been funded in chile, where several quakes have been detected. >> most areas have no protection, but cell phones are you helpful. >> california is testing a warning system called shake alert, but scientists say this could be a supplement. >> a few seconds is enough time to stop doing something you don't want to be doing during an
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earthquake. >> that was nbc bay area kristi smith, the research in chile will take about a year before the results are in. and the feds looking into a civil rights investigation of a controversial beating of a suspect captured on video. the exclusive video was obtained in los angeles, showing the arrest and san bernardino sheriffs hitting and repeatedly punching the man. now they put ten deputies on administrative leave. he led officers on a chase that ended when he fell off a stolen horse. the deputies made threats against him after he was arrested. the fbi is also investigating troubling allegations that san francisco sheriff deputies forced inmates to fight. four deputies are accused of arranging and betting on inmates at the hall of justice. the allegations came to light last month. the sheriff said the internal investigation could be finished within the next two weeks.
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work will continue through the weekend to clean up the cement spill at an oakland creek. today, the crews said the spill was a little worse than previously thought. a subcontractor dumped about 12 truck loads of cement into the water earlier this week. had he was filling an old pipe earlier. the cleanup is expected to be finished sometime next week. all right, it is turning into saturday let's turn to rob mayeda for the forecast. >> the forecast looks good last weekend we had had showers, probably not going to see that this weekend. really can't see low clouds around san francisco, 54 degrees, right now, mostly clear skies in the bay area. we'll have mid-and high level clouds a gorgeous sunrise, probably not bringing us any rain or snow. thanks to the weather we had on
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tuesday, we're looking at the snowpack looking better than a week ago. some of the resorts still opened. many locations are benefitting from the tuesday storm, which in the higher peaks dropped about two feet of snow. in the sierra forecast 50s for the highs tomorrow temperatures in the low 60s by the weekend, cooler early next week. we'll see a big-time warmup in the bay area, the sierra, too, starting thursday and friday with temperatures soaring in the high country. not much in the way of clouds clouds on the north coast will continue to slide to the south as the moisture here which is the pacific northwest and fortunately is not going to get much further south. like ukiah for tomorrow hill county the future cast not doing much more than bringing in high clouds for the morning. by 5:30 in the afternoon, a few
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hill top showers there, everything from santa rosa south looking dry and sunday we'll see clear skies and very likely warmer temperatures here to finish off the weekend. not many clouds there on sunday and we'll see the temperatures climb on out. one thing to watch, for tomorrow afternoon, the wind speeds we'll see the speeds picking up gusts, if you have plans around half moon bay, things will be a bit breezy for saturday. morning temperatures starting off in the mid-to-upper 40s, with clouds on the increase moving from north to south, probably looking at hazy skies around 11:00 to noon tomorrow the afternoon highs in san jose livermore, upper 70s for tomorrow, we'll see temperatures around san francisco in the upper 60s for the north bay, low-to-mid 70s and mid-70s out towards the tri-valley. so if you head to san francisco for the cherry blossom festival
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pretty comfortable, cooler highs in the low 60s, mid-60s come sunday. the weather trend here as we go through the weekend, warming up a little towards sunday cooler monday, tuesday, speaking of monday the giant's home opener at at&t park 1:35 in the afternoon, temperatures in the mid-60s, with no chance of rain for monday. the only chance we had was tuesday, looks to be about the north bay, very quickly, the one chance of shower leaves high pressure builds in. we'll keep an eye on this. the extended forecast for places like san jose by next week could be reaching the mid-80s. so nice and comfortable this weekend. stay tuned. could get a preview of summer there later next week as the temperatures soar back to you. >> okay, good gardening. up next boeing's unique idea to help you sleep on a flight. and we have jimmy. >> hey, roz and jessica and
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everybody in the bay area thank you notes, you got to watch, we're on next.
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we're following some breaking news now in san francisco, a police chase through the city. now, this chase, the police chased the driver in san francisco after that driver hit a pedestrian and kept going. it happened around 10:00 p.m. near the corner of post and powell streets. officers gave chase but they lost the suspect near a bay bridge on ramp. the person that was hit is
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critically hurt. he or she has been rushed to a local hospital. we'll bring you more as we have more information. and enough of the antibiotic s s. groups are calling on the white house to curb the use of the antibiotics in cows or chickens raised for food. the sales have jumped from 2009 to 2013. in fact a huge amount was sold in the u.s. in 2013. the drugs are used to make the animals grow faster. critics say it's creating super bugs and is robbing people exposed to the antibiotics when they eat the animals ability to fight off serious infection. so here is the plan lean back, not forward, boeing is trying to revolutionize the way we fly. they are trying to create this backpack, that has you falling
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asleep leaning forward. think about it, it is like the massage chair you see at the mall. >> i'm not doing it. up again, doing it again for the a's, stay with us.
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good evening throughout monterey here in the comcast sportsnet studyiostudios, runs in the first two games, the g-men had a pitching battle tonight at petco park. tim lincecum on the mound, making his first scores aoiki on the first allowed seven shutout innings, clint barmes running on fumes, the relay is good hector sanchez can't hold on, the padres get by with a 1-0 win. a's at the coliseum, bottom second 3-0, mark tanna, getting
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the start, he continues to shine. monster two, 5-0, oakland, first career home run. drew pomeranz on the mound bringing his a-game. austin jackson taking the long walk, a swing and a miss in the seventh, nasty high heat at 89 miles an hour, pomeranz 12 runs, no strikeouts. tiger woods short game looking good this week putting for birdie on seven, up the hill nice line in the bottom of the cup woods shot three under today, tied for 19th. everybody is chasing 21-year-old jordan spieth. he made the birdie like everybody is.
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hoffman at 14 under for the tournament, the lowest score in master's history. and inconsistent offense didn't sit very well with colin kaepernick the red and gold fielding inging voluntary workouts today, working with veterans like kurt warner, has the quarterback impressing both his coaches and teammates. >> when i saw him yesterday, i didn't even know it was colin, no seriously, he was working on his dropback i thought who is that? >> this is a guy that went out and busted his tail. he took good and made better. that is what he did. >> i just want to doñi everything i can to make sure, i get better and doing my part to help this team win. >> all right, finally in honor of national siblings day, hunter pence posted this fun-loving picture to instagram. seems par for the course for the free-spirited outfielder.
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pence will be reevaluated. not far reportedly from swinging a bat. that is it for sports. have a great weekend, more news coming up after the break.
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we want to update you on our breaking news in san francisco, these are live pictures now in the financial district. the high speed police chase after a hit-and-run happening
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about 90 minutes ago, 10:00 p.m. on the corner of post and powell streets, officers gave chase but lost the suspect on the on ramp. the person is critically hurt. in the financial district a hit-and-run, and the high speed police chase, the suspect is apparently heading toward the bay bridge as far as we understand at this point. we'll continue to follow the story through the night and update you on our morning show tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. with cara clapper. >> and that will do it for us we hope you have a great and safe weekend. a that will do it for it. good night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin james, vanessa hudgens,


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