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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunk ser off tonight. we're learning new details about a deadly police chase through san francisco last night. it started around 10:00 when police tried to pull over robbery suspects. they took off, hitting and killing a woman and hitting another woman a few minutes later. christie smith is in san francisco with the latest on the victim and the suspects. >> reporter: good evening. the suspects still haven't been caught tonight after setting off a wild and deadly night here in san francisco. a woman died from her injuries after she was hit by a car that contained a number of robbery suspects. tonight, that woman has been identified as 42-year-old bridgette collector of san francisco. she was in the crock at
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california and kearny. a second person was hit at a different location by the same suspects but is expected to survive. san francisco police say this started around 10 pp when three men committed an armed robbery, the latest in a series that had been going on in recent days including twoié earlier that night. an officer spotted the suspect car, a toyota corolla, the driver took off and hit klecker. the driver hit a car. witnesses say it was unbelievable in the streets. police are now asking for the public's help. >> the pursuit started over here at california and kearny. ended up in treasure island. so if anyone has any information, it was a pretty hectic scene here in the city, give us a call. >> reporter: now, the car was found abandoned on treasure island. police say it turns out it was stolen. no sign of the suspects but officers did recover two guns
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they believe were thrown from that stolen car. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie.&áñ$ disturbing news out of milbrae. the sheriff's office is investigating a disturbing peeping tom incident happened yesterday at taylor middle school. the 12-year-old victim says he was using a urinal when a teenage boy came up and took pictures of him. investigators say it is possible the suspect did not attend the school. no arrests have been made. stepping up security. police are out in full force today after a threat at cal state east bay. someone overheard a conversation about a possible shooting plan for today on that campus. the university immediately reached out to students and staff through social media and called and sent e-mails reminding everyone to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activities. this is the first time the school has issued a warning over a possible threat of violence. history was made today as president obama and cuban president raul castro sat down
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for avixd to face meeting. the leaders of the u.s. and cuba have not had a formal meeting in 350 years. chris jansing has more. >> it was a candid and fruitful conversation between me and raul castro. >> reporter: it is indeed a historic day here in panama city. a long awaited meeting between president obama and raul castro. >> but i think what we have both concluded is that we can disagree with the spirit of respect and civility and that overtime it is possible for us to turn the page and develop a new relationship between our two countries. >> reporter: i think that everything can be. >> a tremendous symbolism last night even when the two came face to face is, shook hands, had a brief conversation. long negotiations have led up to and now the hard work begins.
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protection, the removal of cuba from the list of state sponsored terror(g,lq%=9m9ñ they're also looking to open embassies both in the united states and cuba. when will there be a turnover in the military base at guantanamo bay? and congress also eventually have to act if they're going to lift the embargo on cuba something that is of tremendous financial importance there but also for the united states. >> we have very different views of how society should be organized. and i was very direct are w him that we are not going to stop talking about issues like democracy and human rights. >> while today is a tremendously important and symbolic day, it's really the start of what will be a long road to normalizing relations with cuba after more than 50 years. chris jansing traveling with president obama in panama city. back to you. >> a tense few hours at the u.s. capitol today. it was locked down after reports of gunfire. police now say it was an
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apparent suicide. police were investigating a report of a suspicious package. congress has been on recess for two weeks. it will return on monday. hundreds of people turned out in south carolina this morning to lay the man shot and killed by a police officer to rest. that officer has been charged with murder. a cell phone video of the shooting prompted demonstrations. nbc has the story. >> reporter: one week to the day after walter scott was shot and killed by a north charleston police officer friends, family and those moved by his story said good-bye to the 50-year-old father of four. >> it is just horrible. >> last saturday he was pulled over by officer michael slager. it seed routine till scott suddenly bolted possibly according to his family because he owed more than 18,000nd chide support. there's no video showing what happened in between the dashcam where where where cell phone video picks up with the officer
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firing eight shots at slager's back. he's seen picking up an object and dropping it at scott's body. scott's supporters believe that object was a taser. >> all of us know that planting weapons on victims happens in places on television. >> slager has been charged with murder and fired from the force. his actions notice cell phone video scrutinized by investigators and the public. >> for the first time the whole world got to see exactly what's been bothering a whole race of people. >> but at the church saturday, the focus was on walter scott. his death now a rallying cry in the national debate on race and police tactics. nbc news. >> now to an nbc bay area follow-up. a judge will consider sending the pillow case rapist back to a california mental hospital.
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christopher hubbard was released from the state hospital back in july. he admitted to raping more than three dozen women in the '70s and '80s including here in the bay area. hubbard has been living in southern california with guards posted outside his house where there have been protests over his release. southern california prosecutors quds the hearing because they feel he remains a threat to the public. hundreds of guard members teamed up with local law enforcement for an elaborate exercise today. the training. >> in richmond tested how prepared agencies are to deal with the discovery of a dirty bomb that will combine radio active material with explosives. they practiced ó[f?tt(jztamination, medical aid and disposing of the bomb. first responders from richmond as well as other parts of the county took part, as well. >> it's not so much the world's getting so dangerous we need to do the dirty bomb exercise. we want to be prepared for any incident that might occur. we know there's folks out there who have ill intent and we want
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to make sure the cooperation is there that we can respond in a quick fashion. >> the military police brigade that led the exercise is also home to a fema homeland response force. they're trained to respond to any large scale emergency in california nevada or hawaii. >> will he step back or step back. bill clinton speaks about his role in hillary clinton's expected run for the white house. plus ticketing drivers for using their cell phones behind the wheel. why a lot of drivers may be getting away with it. >> right now we're seeing temperatures close to 70 in san jose. a windy evening in san francisco at 65 degrees. we're tracking the increasing sea breeze this evening and showers in the north bay. the rest of your weekend forecast when we come right back.
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earlier today president obama said hillary clinton would make an excellent president if she indeed decides to announce her second run for the white house tomorrow. and if she runs some of the attention will undoubtedly be focused on her husband, former president bill clinton. so what role will he play in her campaign? here's nbc's and dresia mitchell. >> we will grow again. >> never known to shy away from a campaign bill clinton now vowing to step back when his wife runs in 2016. telling "town and country" magazine, my role should primarily be as a backstage advisor to her until we get much, much closer to the
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election. but still offering advice even before she's formally announced her campaign. i think it's important and hillary does too that she go out there as if she's never run for anything before he said. the former president was hardly the perfect advocate in '08, sharply criticizeing his wife's opponent barack obama. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i've seen. >> now the man who won the white house twice. >> if that is what you believe. >> and won rave reviews for his convention speech for obama in 2012 says he doesn't think he's good at campaigning anymore. explaining i'm not mad at anybody. i'm a grandfather. i got to see my granddaughter last night. i can't be mad. instead, the former president tells town & country he'll focus on the clinton mobile initiative. even at this event last month, clinton was a magnet for reporters. >> president clinton, what's2f( your opinion? >> i shouldn't be making news on
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this. >> deflecting questions whether his wife would even enter the race. >> i have nothing to say. >> i think i know which way you would vote. >> no, you don't. >> i don't yet know which way i would vote. >> but now even just saying he'll be a backstage advisor has landed bill clinton right back on the front page. for$ç:÷ today andrea mitchell nbc news washington. >> still ahead, sleeping on a plane isn't always easy but there could soon be an unusual new device that could help. we'll show. >> you i'm tracking high clouds breezy conditions. gorgeous. >> you from belvedere. those clouds tossing some showers to the north. do we have any chances of rain ahead for this weekend or the next seven days? a look at that when we come right back.
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one of the biggest cherry blossom festivals in the united states kicked off this weekend. it's right here in the bay area. hundreds of people showing up in japan town today to enjoy japanese culture and as you can see, some live music. very well orchestrated i might say. this festival is free. it's happening it next weekend, as well. meteorologist rob mayeda with occur microclimate forecast. >> whenever you have a cherry blossom festival it says springtime. >> it does. the weather living up to expectations right now. breezy, san francisco 65 right now.
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if you're heading out to the events tomorrow should see temperatures warmer. we could get close to 70 briefly during the afternoon. today no problem. hitting the 70s earlier. san jose up to about 73 degrees. now 70 as the sea breeze starts to pick up a little bit. around the east bay, dublin close to 68 degrees. you can see here high clouds going by with sunshine out towards the coast and we'll see more sunshine tomorrow. the sea breeze which is pretty strong right now from the 15 to 20 miles per hour less so during the day tomorrow. winds may turn slightly out of the north setting the stage for warming here to wrap up the weekend. right now, high clouds going by. the showers we've been watching for today have been staying north of men so chino county up towards ureka, heading up towardsíhtñ portland and seattle. jet stream too far to the north to bring rain or snow. we'll see high clouds at times heading into tomorrow morning. patchy low clouds to start the day. throughout the day similar to
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today. we'll see mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds passing by to the north. our temperatures starting to climb up. a cool evening for this evening. notice the wind speeds begin to drop off as we head towards midday tomorrow. a hint of an offshore breeze or a north wind instead of sea breeze helping to boost our temperatures. yao see our temperatures 40s and 50s to start. as early as about noon livermore and morgan hill closing in on the 70s and finishing the day for places like livermore, morgan hill and san jose mid-70s, close to 80 for the afternoon. los gatos close to 80 tomorrow. 78 for san jose. san francisco briefly close to 70 before the sea breeze returns rrns around 3:00 in the afternoon. north bay, highs mid-70s. upper 70s to near 80 there in pleasanton and livermore. the extended forecast notice the brig drop of almost 10 degrees. monday into tuesday, cooler
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weather. the numbers to the right jump out at you. here's the reason why we'll see cooling. a few showers possible in the north bay. very early tuesday morning. then behind the system high pressure really gets going ñ. ere. almost a summer like pattern possibly with offshore winds. our temperatures will beiws climbing up. we're thinking 80 starting thursday. over the next six days from monday to the start of next weekend, going from cool and breezy to start. numbers in the low 80s around san jose. quite possibly mid 80s inland towards the tri-valley. that's typical of the spring. almost summer-like towards the end of next week. >> thanks very much. we'll be right back with a unique new idea to help you sleep during a flight.
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some surprising new data about cell phone use while driving in california. the mercury news reports tickets for illegally using phones behind the wheel are down 25% over the past three years. safety officials say that doesn't mean we're talking any less while drive. they believe people are getting better at hiding it so police can't catch them and write a ticket. they also believe there aren't enough officers on the road to chase down cell phone abusers behind the wheel. don't lean back lean forward. boeing trying to revolutionize how we fly and sleep. the manufacturer patented this upright sleep support backpack. it positions you to fall asleep
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by leaning forward. resembles a massage chair but no massage. boeing is not saying when it will roll out the proposed sleep system. and you kind of saw it here first. back in a moment with sports. we've got giants a's masters and sharks.
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>> x fin noit "sportsdesk." it is a pleasure to see once again the man who i thought was missing in action henry wofford. >> is that you? it's been a long time man. refresh my memory. do i do news weather or sports? i forgot. >> you're so good we leave it up to you. >> okay. i'm going to do sports this time. i'm more comfortable doing weather, just for the record. the champs are just minutes away from getting back on the diamond and they'll have their best pitcher madison bumgarner on the hill when he this he face the
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padres. brandon belt has missed three consecutive games with a groin injury. bruce bochy gave us an update when belt could return. >> belt doing better. we talked about him yesterday. no news. about 60 yesterday. he'll increase that today. and then just wait and get him okay. we'll put him out there. but he is okay to pinch hit. >> let's stick with baseball. green and gold style now. a's at the coliseum taking on the mariners. top of the eighth mariners down 2-1. cruz is going to put it into cruise control. three-run homer to allow lou seattle a 4-2 lead. ben zobrist doubles to right field. that will bring in a run. lead cut to one. later runner on third.
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bret lawrie deep fly ball to left. ball goes up against the wall. zobrist turns on the jets. we're tied at four. now we head to extras top of the 11th. brad miller liner to left field. logan morrison comes in to score. mariners take the lead and go on to win. 5-4 in 11 innings. moving day at the masters. the overnight leader jordan spieth was: yer rory mcilroy on the second. he will drain the long eagle putt. mcilroy sits at 6 under. then the four-time masters champion some guy named tiger woods still has the heart of a tiger, makes a move on 13 after a terrible tee shot tiger sinks the birdie putt. then to celebration. he's also at 6 under, 4 under on the day. not to be outdone by lefty.
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phil mickelson gets in on things. 16th hole it, five-time major champion. 40-footer, talk to me! yes. he's in third place. justin rose playing with mikkelson, by the way. so far, smelling like roses. on 16 the reigning u.s. open champion pulls out from the bunker and sits in second place at 12 under. they're all chasing a 21-year-old tex and, jordan spieth. on 13 this is his birdie putt. go ahead and find the cup. then on 16 spieth looking for another birdie. no problem closing in. but spieth still leads by 4 heading into the final wnñround. todd mclellan and the sharks wrapping up their season much earlier than expected. taking on l.a. less than two minutes in. sharks on the power play. jo pavelsky finds bret byrnes. his 17th goal of the season.
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but no more for the sharks. third period tied at one. kings power play winding down. mcnabb on the slap shot. three minutes later, marian gaborik with the deke and the goal. 3-1 l.a. his 27th of the year. later in the period jonathan quick. go ahead and zone melker karlsson. kings would add an empty netter. sharks drop their finale, 4-1 is the final. another team doing very well in the bay area. the warriors on the court later tonight taking on the minnesota timber would he haves going for their 65th win of the season. you know what, thank you so much for letting me do sports instead of weather. rob, that's your job. let me stay away from the weather stuff. >> head right over there. >> you know about high pressure systems. >> i know absolutely nothing. >> thanks very much had enry. great to see you again. >> you got it. great here. take care guys. >> thanks for joining us.
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we'll see you back here following nbc's boxing coverage again tonight at 11:00. have a great evening. intercepted at the goal line. >> the following is an a presentation of nbc sports. >> tonight, prime time boxing comes to brooklyn. undefeated andy garcia takes on lamont peterson but up first, hard hitting irishman andy lee against


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