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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a a. he's not going to be happy among other people not going to be happy when he comes to the conclusion she's not coming home. >> family and friends struggle to come to terms with a sudden tragic loss. thank you for joining us. peggy bunker has the night off. we begin in san francisco where we are learning more about the woman killed by robbers fleeing police last night.
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christie smith spoke to those who knew her and is joining us with the latest. >> the search is still on for those robbery suspects trying to get away from san francisco police as the car they were in the suspect's car hit bridget klecker. now tonight, we had a chance to speak to her roommate who's grieving and can't believe she's gone. >> it's surreal. if i focus on it i get upset. >> reporter: sam says bridget klecker was not just his roommate but his friend. a facebook picture shows her smiling face. >> wonderful friend. it's a huge loss for everyone that knew her. >> reporter: the 42-year-old was hit and killed in a crosswalk in the financial district last night. friends say she may have been out to dinner. >> i can't focus on it because then i can't function. i like to get her car home. i want closure and her car home. it will help me. >> reporter: san francisco police say it started after they tried to pull over three men
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suspected in a string of armed robberies including two that evening. >> they did attempt to do a traffic stop at which point the vehicle took off. the vehicle was pursued and it came to this point here where the suspect vehicle did strike a pedestrian. [ sirens ] >> reporter: this is video posted on twitter. the pursuit continued. the car hit another person who survived and hit a car. the suspect's stolen car was later found abandoned on treasure island. friends say bridget klecker managed a tech company and enjoyed reading, taking ic churs and spending time with friends. >> bridget klecker was the most wonderful, nicest person ever. never got angry. firm believer in turning the other cheek. she was so nice. >> reporter: now i had a chance to speak briefly with brigitte's mom by phone in north carolina who said she was numb but described a kind funny, loving
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daughter. meantime san francisco police say her father has asked them to do everything they can to catch the suspect. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. at 11:00, a car ended up embedded in the side of a building in san leandro this afternoon. it took 20 minutes to d get the driver out of the car. the 76-year-old man was unconscious with moderate injuries. luckily no one else was injured they brought in a search dog. they weren't sure if someone was buried in there. no one was. it is not clear what caused the crash but police ruled it an accident. in morgan hill, strict new water restrictions in effect in the latest effort to combat the drought. this is something all of us will have to deal. we have a live report from morgan hill with how people are scratching their heads at cutting back more than they already have. >> reporter: that's right.
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if you have really cut back your water usage it will be harder to do more but that's what it has come to. it's so dry everywhere. the morgan hill city council moved from a level one water shortage declaration to level two starting today. >> i sort of wonder how i will cut back. >> reporter: morgan hill residents have done well throughout the drought conserving 20%. garth gilmore let his grass die and saves the water while the shower is running cold in a barrel and still that's not enough. according to a notice from the santa clara water district. >> we were at 240 gallons a day and we were still higher than the average that they were comparing us to which sort of blew me away. >> reporter: starting today a level two water shortage means you can water two days a week. repair leaks within 48 hours of discovery and refill pools and spas to one foot. it also bans new pools. >> they should halt all new
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construction. >> reporter: glenn ritter thinks the stricter water cutbacks are not enough. he wants a moratorium on new home build sfwlg my concern is if there is not enough water for the existing residents why are they allowing thousands of new residents to come in to this town? >> reporter: life could get harder. morgan hill along with hillsborough menlo park and others is among the high water usage cities that could be forced to cut back 35% when state officials vote next month. 35%. >> it's going to be pretty tough, but we'll do the best we can to make those sacrifices. >> i think it will have to be the kids that will stop taking showers. spray them out here. >> reporter: if the state does act the 35% mandatory reduction will be based on your 2013 usage. you can't blame state regulators for contemplating this step.
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the average statewide conservation rate for the month of february was just barely 3%. so hardly enough to make a difference. live in morgan hill nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. speaking of water, farmers along the san joaquin delta are the prime suspects in the mysterious disappearance of huge amounts of water. this according to the "san francisco chronicle." the state department of water said it has had to release a lot of water from storage because of the drought but it quickly disappears. here's where it gets complicated. under a centuries old system farmers have the right to use as much water as they want. they say they are only using as much as they need but the state is skeptical and they are calling for an investigation. delta farmers are asked to report how much they are pumping in to prove their rights to that water. now for a check of the weather. i don't think there is rain in the forecast. i would be too good to be true.
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here's rob. >> we had a good week for it on tuesday. right now we are seeing a few patches of low clouds. 57 right now in san jose. few patches of clouds in the morning. 56 degrees. winds more or less off the ocean. northwest at times but during the day tomorrow we will see changes in that. that will allow our daytime temperatures to warm up. 50s outside. as you wake up tomorrow morning around 7:00 40s and 50s to start with. patchy low clouds and a roller coaster week in terms of our temperatures getting back to the start of the workweek we will see the sea breeze win the battle with areas of drizzle along the coast. as we go to the extended forecast, next five to seven days, off shore winds set up. summer like temperatures arrive for parts of the bay area. we will show you that in a few minutes. in sonoma county two bats tested positive for rabies. the cases are the first of the year for the ounty.
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health officials found the bats. it is spread through bites or saliva and almost always with spread to people and animals. make sure pets are vaccinated. a stab land addison in-- he was take on the the hospital and is expected to survive. the man's son anthony was arrested for the stabbing. it's not clear what led to that attack. four teenager boys are behind bars after allegedly robbing a man and then threatening to shoot him. the robbery happened at a school on holly drive. the victim says the boy stole his bicycle and iphone at knife point. two hours later, the victim saw the suspects at a nearby apartment and approached them. that's when one of the suspects allegedly pulled out a sawed off rifle and threatened to shoot.
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he ran away and police booked the boys in a juvenile hall on several charges. now an nbc bay area followup. six students arrested after blocking highway 1 for hours in march have been given a ten-month suspension and community service. the students chained themselves together to protest uc tuition increases. the two men and four women faced up to 18 months in jail and potential restitution of $19,000. instead of that or expelled they will be allowed to return to campus next january on the condition they don't violate campus policy. coming up next at 11:00, the pope calls an emergency holy year. we will show you what's behind the move. it's not just van ness avenue shut down tonight. we will show you what part of interstate 80 to avoid the next few days.
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back to basics. that's the message from pope francis today as he announced the next holy year will start on december 8th. he says he wants the catholic church to focus on being more merciful, less judgmental. he said the church's credibility is at stake here. holy years happen every 25 years unless the pope declares an extraordinary one like this one. the last was held in 2000.
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a turning poinl and new beginning is how president obama summed up his meeting in panama today with raul castro. it the first meeting between the two leadsers of the country in 50 years. it took place at the summit of americas in panama. the two leaders are attempting to restore diplomatic ties teen the former adversaries. >> we are not in a position to move on a path toward the future and leave behind some of the circumstances of the past. >> translator: our countries are a long, complicated history. we are willing to make progress in the way the president has described. >> president obama is expected to take cuba off the list of the nations that sponsor terrorism. that paves the way for the countries to open embassies in washington and havana. drivers have just one more day to detour around a
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construction project that's having a major impact on san francisco. talking about van ness avenue between post and geary. it is closed through tomorrow night because of construction on california pacific medical center state of the art hospital. crews are working on a pedestrian tunnel. in oakland, prepare for a detour on i-880 starting tonight. all northbound and southbound lanes will be closed between 23rd and 29th avenue. the closures are planned from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. that's tonight through thursday. crews will be there to remove the 29th avenue overcrossing. detour signs and construction workers will be in place to help drivers get around that spot. but heads up there. san francisco's mountain lake took a step toward restoration this peek week. they released the native species
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back this week. after an extensive project to improve water quality and eradicate invasive species. lake merced and pine lake are the other natural lakes. one of the biggest cherry blossom festivals kicked off this week in san francisco. thousands showed up to enjoy japanese culture and live music. the festival is free. it continues next weekend. as well as our only three japan towns remaining in the entire country. in case you are wondering where they are, they are all in california. for a check of the weather, and see how the weather will be for tomorrow's cherry blossom festival. here's rob. >> good timing with the weather. temperatures a little warmer tomorrow. in san francisco right now, 56 degrees in san francisco. bit chillier around the north bay. napa down to 51 degrees. mostly cloud free. patches of low clouds around the
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coast of san francisco and for our rain and snow concerns that continues to stay way off to the north. we had that nice storm come in on tuesday. for now the jet stream is too far north to bring us anything in the form of rain or snow. as we head through the night, patches of low clouds. tomorrow morning clouds passing to the north. as we go through the day tomorrow winds turning from the north. it will help the sally temperatures especially to the try valley to climb up. we had a strong sea breeze. seeing wind gusts up around 20 miles an hour in the east bay hill and closer to san francisco. tomorrow the winds turn off shore and what light out of the northeast. you can see this through napa around 1:00 in the afternoon. by mid afternoon and evening, typical of almost a summer-like evening for the bay area we will see the sea breeze pick up tomorrow evening. starting the day off, patches of low clouds. around lunchtime some 70s to the
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trivalley. south of san jose will warm up. highs tomorrow close to 80 degrees for places like morgan hill and livermore pleasantton, too. will see temperatures close to 80. that is not the warmest we'll be as we get to the next seven days. tomorrow's high 78 in san jose. 80 los gatos. san francisco upper 60s to low 70. foster city 75. north bay highs in the mid-70s near santa rosa. dublin 77 degrees. closer to 80 by livermore. temperatures short term will cool down. the sea breeze will be stronger for san jose and san francisco. monday and tuesday, the temperatures cool off. to the right side of the screen temperatures will start to climb up. the opening day for the giants coming up early in the afternoon. monday will be cooler day. temperatures in the low 60s. as we go through tuesday, that's the one slight chance of a few north bay shower. the reason the sea breeze will be stronger. no measurable rain out of the
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system. most of it to in the north. high pressure build ing in for the second half of the week. thats the reason the temperature s will climb in places like san jose. 80s by thursday and friday. san francisco close to 70 by thursday and check out the tri-valley here. highs approaching 85 degrees on friday. >> thank you. a look at sports bring it back with a warm bay area welcome, henry wofford has been missing in action. comcast sportsnet. hello. >> anytime i can work with you, man, i won't be missing in action that long. i'm ready to work. >> good. >> i was in prison but turned out i didn't do the crime. i'm out. i'm out. hey, jam-packed day of sports. the sharks season is mercifully over while the ducks is winding down. baseball is just fwe ginning. oakland continues the hot and cold start.
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gum baumgartner taking on former kansas city royal. we will have highlights next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. game one of last year's world series was billed as a top pitch ing matchup between james big game shields and madison baumgartner. big game james didn't last the past the sixth inning and let's get to the action. big game james is a padre now looking for revenge. top of the first, mcgee flies to center. why are you showing this? he is on the ground in pain. he would not return. gianting calling it a left knee strain. results tomorrow. bottom of the third, padres up.
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will middle brook's double to center. justin scores. next batter singles to left. the former a was at home plate. baumgartner three innings pitched. five earned runs. giants lose 10-2. mariners at the a's. umbrella out there. bottom of the eighth down two. double to right field. looet lead cut to one. later two out. deep fly ball to left. ball goes against the wall. tied at four. let's get to extra innings. top of the 11th, miller says it is miller time. logan morrison will score. mariners take the lead for good. a's lose 5-4. looking to win the 37th home game of the season. curry with the reverse layup. warriors up 12 over the
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t-wolves. curry, back at me. step back three. one of his five triples of the night. warriors win 110-101. moving day at the masters. tiger woods out of all guys, yes, he makes the move on 13. tiger says look at this baby. for birdie. celebration. tied for fifth. the leader jordan speith on 13th. other contenders are closing in but they have to catch the 21-year-old who's leading by four heading in to the final round. by the way the warriors lost two games at home all season. in other words they are pretty stingy at home. i can relate to that. a lot of guys at my house. they are very stingy. believe me. >> i appreciate the insight in to your personal life. fantastic. >> thanks a lot. good to see you again. coming up next how these elephants helped to bring in the new yore in thailand and how not
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everyone wanted a front row seat. plus -- >> i'm hosting "saturday night live" with musical guest mumford & sons. >> and we're on next. >> so excited.
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ready, set, splash. thailand rang in the traditional new year with its annual water festival. you have to check this out. there it is. elephants a big part of the celebration. they are dishing out the water and getting it back from the tourists. beautiful brightly-painted elephants spraying the tourists. the animals very popular and credited with a 40% jump in attendance to the water festival.
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they are from a preserve north of bangkok in case you have been to that preserve and think they look familiar. that's them. >> thank you for watching nbc bay area news. "saturday night live" is up next. you probably knew that. have a great night.
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you're finally going to announce that you're running for president. >> oh, my gosh. i do


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