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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we'll look at the major security changes that every fan will have to face when the by visit this season. >> a very special hat the giants will be wearing when they receive their world series ring. plus, a look at some of the special events the giants have planned for fans this season including a tribute to the, quote, chairman of the board. >> that's going to be fun. before we get to all that we want to get you started with a top news stories of the day. >> for that we're going to send you now to our "newsroom" where "today in the bay's" weekend anchor kyra is standing by. good morning. >> good morning, sam and laura. good morning to you. it's a switchup this morning for the morning commute in the south bay. the last of the new flyover ramps opens today at the 288-80 interchange. it connects 280 northbound directly to northbound 880. crews were hoping to open the interchange just moments ago. did that happen? >> yeah, that's right, kyra.
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we're seeing a couple of cars on that flyover behind me. still see some of the work lights from the crews who are going to remain out here for the foreseeable future. yeah, 5:00 a.m. this morning they were scheduled to pick up those cones here on northbound 280 to northbound 880. once they clear the lanes it should be smooth sailing for commuters. in the past those traveling northbound had to mix it up with drivers exiting on stevens creek boulevard. now, they broke ground only this project about 2 1/2 years ago. the chaos during the holidays had cars lined up on the highway just waiting to get to the mall and santana road. this new flyover should him mate that problem. now there are two separate exit ramps off op 280. one will take you on to the flyover. the other is the exit for stevens creek boulevard. that gets you of course to valley fair and santana road. this is one of the biggest highway enter changes here in san jose alone.
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so the news is good for those who travel across the south bay. we saw crews working on the signage above the highway just when we drove up about 45 minutes ago and so it seems like they have picked up the cones. there are cars right now on this flyover. great news for those coming to the mall or those trying to avoid the mall. live in san jose, i'm damian, "today in the bay." >> great news, indeed. a man behind bars this morning accused of shooting the mother of his child and dumping her body in the san jose street. police arrested this man, andrew butler, in monterrey over the weekend. he's been booked on the murder charge. last week police believe butler got into an argument with kendra gonzalez while driving and shot her. the couple's 1-year-old daughter was in the backseat along with two other people. police say butler dragged gonzalez' body out of the car and then kicked everyone else out and drove off. san francisco police are looking for the armed robbers who killed the woman and injured another during a chase friday
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night. a memorial is growing for 28-year-old bridget checker at the intersection of california and kerney streets. the robbers hit and killed her as she crossed the street and they drove away. minutes later they hit another woman who survived. police say they're looking for three men linked to a string of armed robberies. in the east bay, people have gathered to grieve another hit and rund victim. 24-year-old anthony wynn was struck. police arrested this man, 21-year-old perez on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter while under the influence. police say they initially tried to stop perez for speeding but he took off and they couldn't keep up. they eventually found his car involved in a crash where he hit another car, killing wynn and seriously injuring two others. a journalist originally from marin and detained in iran is facing espionage charges. he works for the "washington
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post." he, his wife, and two photo journalists were detained last july in tehran. all were later released except risan. iran now claims he obtained economic information and sold it to unidentified americans. "the washington post" called the espionage charges absurd. all right. that's what we have going on here in the newsroom. sam and laura, back to you. >> we're going to be checking back in with you, y.n. a little bit. today's game starts at 1:35 but you can get fans will file in early to make sure they are in their seats for all the open day festivities. nothing will be more anticipated than the flag raising ceremony. the giants getting ready to lift the 2014 world champion banner next to the 2012 and 2010 banners. the giants staying tight lipped about who will raise the flag. >> they're going to run out of room for all the flags. we do know the marshall tucker band will be there to perform the "national anthem." >> a lot of banners going up today, the players will not
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receive their world series rings until saturday. but we know they're champions. >> always. when the giants take the field that day they're going to sport a different look, too, laura. check these out. the players will wear special baseball caps with a gold sf logo on the front and a gold championship trophy on the back. >> very cool. >> all right. one of the things the fans are going to run into when they get to the park, new security measures. >> today bob is live at at&t park as well with a look at what fans need to expect when they actually arrive here. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you, laura and sam. getting into at&t park is now going to feel a little bit more like airport security. major league baseball is requiring that any person that enters their venues, including at&t, to be screened with one of those magnetic wands. something you would see like at an airport. it's a new measure designed to improve security. it could lead long lines as thousands of people try to get through the gate pop to help alleviate the backup the giants
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are testing an express lane called clear that would allow prescreened fans to zip through. you might recognize the clear name. that's the same company and technology that tsa uses for the prescreening of passengers at ten airports including sfo and norman taet international. >> there will be a set up for clear and the people that are designated can walk up and put their fingerprint on it and they in effect will come up that they've been prescreened essentially and they will be able to walk through. >> the giants have already run a lottery to select 300 season ticket holders to use the clear lane, to be eligible they had to submit their driver's license and fingerprints in advance. the clear lanes will go into effect may 1st. this will be at the willie mays gate. if successful they will install ittal all the other entrances as well. reporting live not too far from you guys here at at&t park, sam, laura? >> thanks, bob. well, while today is all about the world champs, there
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will be several other special events throughout the season. >> let's tell you about a few of them. may 7th is frank sinatra night. celebrating the 100th birthday of old blue eyes. sinatra family will be in-house in attendance. first 30,000 fans will receive a giants sinatra themed poster. >> and on july 7th the giants will celebrate the 75th birthday of the san francisco native and martial arts master bruce lee. >> and on september 12 the giants will hold the team's first ever lego day. life size lego model of a giants player is going to be constructed at the park. which player will it be? we'll have to find out. >> it will be okay to be a block head. >> smart block head. what's the weather like today? we're bundled out here right now. meteorologist christina loren is outside willie mays plaza. how is it looking? good morning. >> good morning to you, laura and sam. good morning to you at home. it is a little chilly out here but we're all being warmed up by the excitement of this home
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opener. and i can tell you there's already people slowly but surely filtering in here at willie mays plaza. after all, mefr and mack are going live, knbr, right inside the public house starting at 5:00 all the way through 9:00 this morning. and we do have a lot of people on the way, even at this very early hour. now, obviously first pitch doesn't occur until 1:35. but between now and then, we are expecting thousands of people to pass right through willie mays plaza to get their seats anxiously awaiting the return of their world champion san francisco giants. let's look at your forecast for today. if you are not coming out here to the game i do want to make sure you're aware of the fact that temperatures are going to be much cooler as we get into this afternoon. a good ten-degree dropoff. right now 40s and 50s to start. on our way to the upper 60s later on this afternoon. you hit about the peninsula today. 69 in san francisco. meanwhile, a little on the cool side here in france. grab that jacket if you're going
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to be headed outdoors today. city by the bay. temperatures only into the low to mid 60s. getting into this afternoon i believe wind will play a large factor in today's game. watch for the flags to blow out toward center field. could be strong enough to pick up and carry that ball. and, yeah, grab that jacket for the first part of the day. you might be able to ditch it later on in the trivalley with temperatures in the low 70s. that's the only place we will hit the 70s for today. weather headlines tell the story as we get deeper into your week and more of a change. weather whiplash, isolated showers for tuesday morning. we'll show you the future cast and give you the timing in a moment. and then we are talking about the warmest air of this season so far as we get into the end of the week. the 80s and the 90s move in. so a bit of a roller coaster ride when it comes to where your temperatures are headed. we'll keep you updated and show you all the excitement as people slowly start to make their way into the public house this morning. really excited to be out here
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with you guys this morning. right now, back to you, sam and laura. >> okay. if you decide you want hot chocolate, coffee, you've got your covered. swing on by. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> thank you. also keeping an eye on the roads this morning. mike inouye back in the newsroom tracking our traffic. good morning, mike. >> good morning, sam. good morning, laura. looking great out there. traffic because of that game will be one factor. right now looking at san jose where there's an easy drive for 101 northbound. let's look at your overall silicon valley map because damien just told us we had that expected opening for 280 at 17. that transition ramp looks like it's completely open for traffic. slow but there is still a crew there with bright lights. we'll watch as the morning commute changes. this should be an easier drive as the overpass is opened but folks will have to adjust. we will track it there. 280 at 17 and 880. no real problems as the crews move, slowing but that has cleared. over here, 82 shows as a burst
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traffic through livermore and the altamont pass. typical pattern for the trivalley and no drama as you approach the dublin interchange. walnut creek. easy drive highway 4 out of antioch per usual schedule. upper east shore, just a fender bender reported on 580. i'm trying to get the direction, whether or not it's toward or away from the bay bridge. we'll track that. no slowing shows up just yet. live look at the bay bridge. remind you we will have a midday build as folks head towards at&t park where laura and scam are broadcasting inside the park, but around the park before and after the game which will blend with your evening traffic flow. that will be an issue today. back to you. >> thanks. a lot of excited fans out there. 5:11. coming up next we're going to look at the new faces on this year's giants roster. >> plus, giants ceo larry baer explains the one intangible that helps the giants win three world
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series titles in the past five years.
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so used to seeing the guys in uniform. well, they will be all suited up. the giants back home getting ready to play at at&t park since the first time since winning the world series. that was one of the commercials the team is running here to give you a feel of the team, a little background look as well. >> how about those dapper suits. buster posey, matt cain, dressing to impress. >> slick. good portion of the 2014 world series winning roster is still intact but they are still some new faces. >> among them is justin maxwell, power hitting outfielder who earned a spot on the roster right after hunter pence went down in spring training. his biggest moment as a giant came on thursday when he knocked in what proved to be the game winning rbi in the 12th inning against the padres. a fun fact here. maxwell's first career hit came as pinch hitter for the nationals. that hit turned out to be a
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walkoff grand slam back in 2009. so he is clutch. >> there you go. even with the new faces on the roster the giants are pushing for a fourth world series title. pundits don't think this is their year. >> did they think that was the case for three years. >> we can do it. they say the dodgers are touting serious talent while the padres have made off season moves that have some analysts calling san diego favorite. larry baer is saying a lot more than just player personnel to win it all. >> people ask as we went through the postseason last year as they did in to 20 12 and 2010 what is the secret to the giants' success? i think that so much of it does have to do the one clause chemistry. that's something that's hard to put your fingers on but you know it when you see it. >> majority of the world series winning roster will be returning this season. some new faces on the team roster, a friendly and familiar face this morning. christina loren arnold
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schwarzenegger -- at at&t park. windy conditions but things are going to be windy for the game today. >> i do think that wind is going to make it feel awfully chilly inside of at&t park. also known as the yard. i can tell you out here willie mays plaza it's pretty busy so far this morning. merf and mack from knbr are going to be broadcasting life. i think they've got that broadcast going. that will last until 9:00 a.m. this morning. temperatures are definitely chilly out here for now. if you are planning oncoming to this game, it is going to be kind of a cold one. i think that weather is going to play a factor. but the giants know how to use the wind here at at&t park to their advantage. we have 40s to start. 50 nasdaq some isolated spots. especially around the inner bay. we're at 48 degrees to kick off the new day in san martin. temperatures running two to three degrees cooler than yesterday morning. keep in mind the chilly start to
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the day. kind of a chilly finish as well when you put things in perspective. we're going to be running five to eight degrees cooler on average than where we ended up yesterday. for today's game, temperatures in the mid 60s. looking good. stay pretty cool. you want to bring your jacket out here with you if you're heading out. will be the coolest day of the week. afternoon clouds increasing. temperatures at noon. day park forecast shows you upper 50s to low 60s. you will need your jacket through the first part of the day. you can ditch it in the north bay and the tri-valley as temperatures do reach into the low 70s. upper 60s for everybody except for san francisco, low 60s. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, expecting a few showers, a little bit of drizzle to start the day. and then everything changes as we head deeper into your workweek. offshore flow means a big-time warmup. and temperatures into the mid 80s in san jose. we could easily hit the 90s as we get into your friday. in the north bay and the tri-valley temperatures are going to be the warmest.
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just want to show you how the cool week plays out monday here in the south bay. temperatures nice and comfortable. 69 degrees. you can see your san jose trend shows you 72 for your tuesday. and then the heat cranks towards the end of the week. but back out here live at at&t park, people are coming in. we're going the get to talk to a few giants fans as they slowly make their way into the public house. game time, 1:35 first pitch. they are asking everybody to be in their seats though. by about 12:00 today and there's going to be quite an opening ceremony. so we're really looking forward to that. you can still get tickets on stubhub. plenty of seats available. although they are rather pricey. good thing is you two have the best seats in the entire house right now. back to you, sam and laura. >> yeah, i know. no kidding. probably going to get kicked out before then though. thanks a lot. >> looking good next to willie mays out there. also keeping an eye on the roadways. mike, we know you're in the
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newsroom right now but with us in spirit. >> of course. >> tracking the traffic. >> that's right. with you in spirit and wishing i was there in person. folks, let's look out to our maps and live cameras across the bay. we're talking about the bay bridge and westbound heading in towards san francisco. a lot of folks heading in there i'm sure to see if they can catch a glimpse of sam and laura. christina is out there so swing by and say, hey, by the public house. smooth drive. no real backup at the toll plaza. over here just off the bay bridge maze we had issues. earlier crash on ashby. it looks like it's clearing up. no lanes blocked. we'll track that. nothing unusual for the maze or the approach to the bay bridge. upper east shore. over here, north bay. the traffic flow will go into the city for the home opener, 1:35 game, but they're hoping folks will get in their seats by noon. slowing over here toward the
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dublin interchange. typical build. no drama. crash off the 205/580 merge. w westbound holding steady with your typical speeds. get damien's report out there and over here toward the peninsula. palo alto, easy traffic flow here. shops will i think at least coffee will be available shortly warming folks up here and sam and laura, of course, trying to keep warm with their great seats at at&t park. back to you, guys. >> great seats and kind of many layers this morning as well. thanks a lot. we will have more from at&t park in just a few minutes, but we want to keep you up on the other day's news. >> for that let's send it to the newsroom where "today in the bay" weekend anchor is standing by. kyra? >> good morning to you. today palo alto city council will hear new arguments from people living at a mobile home park that's going to close. the city and santa clara county
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set aside millions of dollars to try to buy the buena vista mobile home park property. but the owners of the park have been trying to close it since 2012. the mobile home park serves mostly low-income families and the residents appealed. now the city and county are trying to pull together enough money to buy the property to preserve affordable housing. local lawmakers also have asked the state and federal agencies for funding. air quality leaders in the north bay will get feedback tonight on a plan to ban wood burning fireplaces. the bay area air quality management district wants to ban wood burning fireplaces in all new homes. homeowners looking to sell or rent would be required to replace wood burning fireplaces with ones that burn gas. tonight's meeting is in marin at san rafael city hall. it starts at 6:00 p.m. and that's what we've got going on here in the newsroom. sam and laura, back to you. >> we could use that heat, actually. coming up next, hunter pence, we know he's kind of a
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unique individual. turns out he has a unique season training -- off season training regimen. plus, how does this sound? an entire pizza delivered directly to your seat? the new food options at the park this year.
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the giants world series trophy did a lot of traveling in the off season. real coast to coast tour. >> racked up the air miles. in all the trophy visited 36 different cities and towns all over the u.s. the farthest away, new york city where fans of the new york giants stopped by for a quick look. more than 50,000 fans took pictures with the trophy during its tour including some fans right here at nbc bay area. that tour officially ends today at at&t park. >> pretty cool to see. who knows how many stops
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will need to be on the next trophy tour when that inevitably comes. the giants popularity growing. >> facebook came out with a map of baseball fans. color-coded based on which official facebook team page gets the most likes from people in the area. you can see the giants orange spreading down into dodger territory. the giants between 2014 and 2015 expanding in hawaii, oregon, nevada. it also spread into idaho for the first time. >> funny how that works when you win world series. fan base tends to expand. >> yeah, i have seen a lot of orange and black. the giants are hoping star hunter pence is healed up and ready to hit in the next few weeks. >> during the off season pence gave us an insider's look at how exactly he spends his off season training, eating right, and of course gaming. >> i beat these guys up. you take out the bombs. >> to me gaming is working on
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the coordination hnd i like to think of it that way. i know video games get a negative connotation a lot of times but they're extremely good for your motor skills, good for your focus. i put pac-man out and now i'm working on this. that's the difference. not only in video gaming but in all sports. the difference between really good and the best is knowing how to anticipate, same with hitting. when you're hitting the ball is moving faster than you can see it and hit it. so you have to anticipate. >> whatever eases your mind, hunter. now, pence says he's been a gamer since he can remember. the first game he played was kbert on the atari system. >> now all the kids out there are saying i need a game, mom, just to be like hunter pence. all right, top stories of the day is coming up next.
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a couple live ones. >> here we go. it's time to welcome home the reining world champions today in the bay is inside at&t park where just a few hours fans will watch as the 2014 banner is raised. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we do have a lot in store this half hour including a look at the rookies pitcher getting the nod today from skipper bruce bochy. >> and the food options including how you can use your phone to get an entire pizza pie delivered to your seat. >> let's get to the really important stuff like the food and the weather for the game. let's check in now with meteorologist christina loren. she has close tabs on that. good morning. okay. >> i'm here instead. >> there we are. that's fine. before we get to christina we want to get you started with the top news stories of the day. good morning, kyra. thank you for holding down the
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forf for us. >> i wanted to be a part of everything so i jumped right in here. the race to become the next president is getting crowded fast. florida republican senator marco rubio is set to announce his candidacy this afternoon. he's holding a special event at miami's historic freedom tower. rubio will be the third republican to officially announce. he joins fellow senators rand paul and ted cruz. wisconsin governor scott walker and florida governor jeb bush also are expected to run. well, if you heard that thereafter years of speculation hillary clinton made it official yesterday. the former secretary of state announced her bid for presidency through a video released on her website. she said in part that, quote, everyday americans need a champion, and i want to be that champion. clinton tweeted shortly after the video's release that iowa will be her first stop as a candidate. she's on her way there now. and new this morning. police are investigating a double shooting at a busy
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intersection in berkeley. berkeley police say two people were shot a little before 2:00 this morning. it happened just outside the gas station convenience store. if you can see there, there are bullet holes in the windows of the store. no word yet on the extent of the people's injuries. divers will be out in the san joaquin river today searching for a motorcyclist believed to have fallen off the antioch bridge. the contra costa department said the motorcyclist collide with a car before falling into the water yesterday. rescue irs searched the water for about three hours last night. the driver of the car did stay at the scene and cooperated and was not hurt. the first pitch at thursday's san jose/giants home opener will be an emotional one. it will be made by bryan stow. stow is the san francisco giants fan who was attacked by two men outside dodgers stadium in 2011. he suffered head trauma and permanent disabilities. his two attackers eventually did plead guilty.
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on thursday stow plans to get up from his wheelchair and use a walker to deliver the first pitch from the mound. all right. that's what we have going on here in the newsroom. wish i were there with you. what do you have out there at at&t park? >> you're certainly here in spirit, my friend. >> thank you. >> all right. let's tell you a little by about the details. today's game starts at 1:35. fans are going to be getting here early as they should to take in all the pre-game festivities. >> fans are encouraged to be in their seats by 12:45 to see the full pre-game ceremony. that includes the raising of the 2014 championship banner and the ceremony much like this one just two years ago. the first 40,000 fans at today's game will receive a world series champion pennant of their own. getting the starts for today's game is a rookie, kris heston called upon to replace the injured matt cain. >> the jins joots are whipping up new dishes for fan at the
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ballpark. >> "today in the bay'"''s" bob ridell is live at the park with a menu that is more than just beer and hot dogs. what are we talking about here, bob? >> good morning. i'm directly behind you, behind the center field back wall. you might recall last season the giants installed the new bar at the garden. the garden table, they've expanded this concession area. you can see what i'm talking about. theyded a new doggy diner with a world famous sheboygan bratwurst. i want to point out the tony's pizza. if you're not floamiliar with tony, he's come a long way since opening his first location. i did a story with this guy 15 years ago when he just had a location in castle valley many years ago. since then he's won the world pizza tossing championship 11 times. and now with two locations just at at&t park alone, you can now order a tony's pizza without leaving your seat. >> i don't know if it will be ready for opening day but very
5:35 am
soon thereafter you will be able to go on a major league baseball online. and through their app be able to order a full pizza to go out to your seats. we're calling it pizza party in the seats. >> come from one of my two spots in the ballpark. it will come right to your seat. 20-inch pie. whole pie. it's a big one. >> are they pizza prices or ballpark prices? >> ballpark prices. there's no better pizza than this. >> everything is ballpark prices. other foods that the giants will be offering throughout the stadium. now will be serving up oero c r churros, fish tacos and pork skins. how is that for breakfast. >> pork chins, they sound good. >> so many good options, bob. garlic fries, though, will always have a special place in our heart. thank you very much. there aren't many new attractions inside at&t park this year but there is a major one just outside of the park.
5:36 am
>> you must be talking about the yard at mission rock. it's going to have a pop-up village made of recycled shipping containers. it's home for food, shopping shs and community events based right inside the giants parking lot. giants president larry baer says this is just the beginning of something wonderful. >> the yard is going to morph into a permanent retail. over the next few years you will see a tremendous development that's going to be exciting for the community, for our neighbors. it's going to be a whole new neighborhood. >> now, over time baer wants the yard to become a broond new neighborhood with residential and work spaces to go along with all of that retail. what is the weather going to be like? they've got very excited about this earlier in the show. so excited i asked too early. >> hopefully to warm things up a little bit. let's check in with christina loren outside at&t park in willie mays plaza. good morning, christina. how is it going to look? >> it looks pretty good. it will be nice and clear, but
5:37 am
pretty chilly, as you two both know. you're out here live just hundreds of yards away from me. and, yeah, you can definitely see your breath this morning. i am joined by the number one giants fan of all time. this is clark. and clark has some collective memorabilia on this hat. tell me about your hat. >> i've been collecting pins since over 50 years. and this hat has been with me since 2000. i have two others i retired. i even still have a piece of confetti on the hat from the parade, which i've held on to. and i keep thinking it needs retired but it's become such a big winner for me i got to keep wearing it. now i have some i attached to the back with more pins hanging down. but seven pounds to start the day is good enough. and then by the time the game starts, i'll attack the back and wear the back. >> where were you when the giants won the world series last year? s. >> i at my house and my neighbors are royals fans. yeah, dividing deal.
5:38 am
and i was doing the champagne. i thought, you know what, if they can do the beer, i can do the three champagnes. and i drank my champagne because, you know, i want to taste it. but i have to say i got the dribbles down, you know. kept it out of my eyes and i didn't start yelling until i was in the car heading down to the parade and i'm ready to see another one. >> we are as well. this hat is going to hopefully get heavier and heavier as the years go by. >> you've got to get all the world series buttons on it. i have to wear a second hat, attach another head and have that be all my world series pins. >> that's something i want to see. i encourage that. >> maybe a puppet there moving the head. three a three-time world champion. that's right. yes, yes, yes. >> you know what, i -- it was a privilege talking to you last year. getting a chance to see you again is wonderful. >> same to you, too. >> hopefully next year we'll do it again. >> that's right. keep warm if you can, guys.
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layers in san francisco. yippie! >> weather today is going to be cold to start. even if you not coming to san francisco, temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. grab that jacket. about ten degrees cooler later on today. you might want to pull out a hat just to keep warm. 73 degrees in the north bay later on. 64 in san francisco. 68 degrees on the peninsula today. giants home opener looks good. temperatures, even though they say here mid 60s, going to feel more like the mid to upper 50 was that windchill factor. and wind playing a big role, you will see the flags blowing out toward center field, strong enough to pick up and carry the ball. the giants know how to use the wind to their advantage. weather headline tell the story. temps plunge eight to ten degrees today. tomorrow, a few showers in the north bay. at the end of the week, the heat will crank. so we're going to take you into a big warming trend.
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we'll talk about that in your full forecast. you've got to love the giants fans that come out here live. we are right now, willie mays plaza. anybody can come out here and you never know who we're going to get a chance to talk to this morning. so stick with us and we will keep you updated with what the fans are excited most about this year. right now back to you, sam and laura. >> that is dedication. eight hours to go. the fans already out there. thank you very much. >> i would say. we're also keeping an eye on the roads this morning. mike inouye in our newsroom tracking our traffic. good morning, mike. >> good morning. you know, we're looking at the roadways. clark was talking to christina. we don't have as many pins but we have the cars. looks like the metering lights just turned on. look at your map. no drama right now. smooth flow of traffic. buildover at the incline. that will build farther over toward late morning because folks will be heading in toward the home opener.
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5:40 in the morning. slower drive developing for 580 and the dublin interchange and south 680. dublin camera shows you the vol couple starting to kick in. no unusual flow though. back to you. >> thank you very much. our giants coverage continues next. how buster posey taught veterans pitcher jake peavy a thing or two. >> plus, the vet that cost jeremy affeldt his truck. coming up next.
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that's pretty awesome. the giants coming out with a new series of advertisements for the season including that one that was featuring madison bumgarner. he can fix it all. bumgarner getting attention lately. after all he is a word sr.ryes mvp. >> back in october he was handed the keys to that 2015 chevy colorado for the world series performance, stellar performance, but he did not stick with the truck long. hard to believe but bumgarner decided that truck was not big enough for him so he rolled into spring training in ford f-450. they're truck guys. buster posey, matt cain and jeremy affeldt, all have trucks, so cuss hunter strickland. >> young kid needing a truck and i made a bet with strict. i tell you what, if we go to the world series i'll sell mimi truck. we agreed on a price. we went to the world series. i had to call my wife and let
5:45 am
her know that i had lost the bet. i'm not sure she was really smiling about that. >> forgot to consult with the wife. interestingly, tom brady also received 2015 chevy colorado when he was named super bowl mvp. he didn't get the truck either. he handed it off to patriots defensive back malcolm butler who had that key interception in the super bowl. >> looks like we've all got to get some trucks. we want to check the forecast right now with meteorologist christina loren. a cool start out here. but we are out here early. anticipating today's big game. good morning, christina. >> good morning to you, laura and sam. everybody at home, this is in the getting into that time frame for the coolest temperatures of the day, so wherever you're heading make sure you have that gentleman jacket ready to go. might want to pull out that giants jacket. temperatures right now mostly in the 40s and 50s. we're at 48 degrees in san mar inthe. 48 degrees in concord. getting into this afternoon,
5:46 am
temperatures are going to be chilly out here first pitch 1:35, tickets still available on stubh stubhub. you can actually get some tickets for just under $100 if you act fast. of course they've got so much more extensive tickets available as well. but temperatures will be chilly out here so if you are going to be headed out make sure you grab a coat and probably want to tie up your hair as well for today's game because it is going to be a blustery one. very gusty winds kicking up. area of low pressure could bring us shower activity. we're going to show you the future cast for that coming up as we head throughout the 6:00 hour today. right now, back to you, sam and laura. >> sounds great. thanks a lot, christina. >> a good idea to bundle up. thank you. we're also keeping an eye on the roadways this morning. mike inouye is in the newsroom. you don't have to bundle up. >> yeah. it looks like i'm outside. don't be fooled, folks. it's technology. over here at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have the backup. it is actually moving and this is standard at the toll plaza as
5:47 am
the metering lights are on. the backup on the nap because the toll plaza is full. slowing off the berkeley curve. that's a pretty good build and we're looking at the maze though. no problems. you're at speed. reminder there's a 1:35 game where at&t park where laura, sam, and christina are reporting this morning. bob as well. we're talking about crowds getting into the city late morning. that will be a late burst over towards the bay bridge as well as across the golden gate bridge moving smoothly as now. no slowing on the north bay but the orange for chance of fog and along the coast, highway one and farther north from what vot as look out to your maps again, anywhere north of 92 on the peninsula moves at speed. and no real build through oakland just yet. we'll see 880 and 580 showing slowing at bit overtime. the burst of traffic heading westbound now. nothing unusual there or for the south bay, a smooth drive.
5:48 am
back to you. >> thanks a lot. we'll have more from at&t park in just a few minutes but we want to keep you up on the other news of the day. >> for that we send it to our newsroom where "today in the bay" weekend anchor is at. >> good morning to you. five men accused in the shooting death of a young mother in oak had are expected to enter their plies today. the men are charged with murder. police say they got into a fight in the west oakland neighborhood last month and someone started shooting. a stray bullet hit and killed pierce as she tried to rush her children to safety. today a judge will determine if there's enough evidence to try a high-end call girl charged in the death of a google executive. 27-year-oldal li al lika 27-year-oldalix tichelman. she faces felony manslaughter charges as she left the boat as
5:49 am
hayes lie dying. tichelm tichelman faces up to 15 years in prison. the last of the new flyover ramps just opened at the 280/880 interchange. dayian, how does it look out there this morning? >> good morning, kyra. looks like traffic is flowing smoothly here. they opened this flyover just around 5:00 this morning. and, boy, what a big relief this is for commuters. those here in the south bay traveling on to northbound highway 880. it should be a smooth sailing for them on this busy part of the south bay here in san jose. in the past those traveling northbound from 280 to 880 had to mix it up with the drivers on stevens creek boulevard. that is the exit to valley fair mall and santana road. they broke ground on this fro je project 2 1/2 years ago. there was chaos during the holidays.
5:50 am
cars had to line up the highway waiting to get to the mall or santana road. the new flyover should eliminate that problem now. now there are two separate exit ramps off of 280. one will take you over to the flowover and the other one is exits for stevens creek boulevard. that of course gets you to all the shopping areas in this part of town. this is one of the biggest highway interchanges here in the south bay, this project should ease up some of the congestion here along this part of san jose. again, a lot of smiles on this part of town because this flyover is now open. we're live in san jose, i'm damian, "today in the bay." >> damian, it looks good. thanks so much. necessarily is under investigation here in california for bottling water without a permit. the u.s. forest service says the company had a permit for drawing water out of a national forest in southern california to sell it as who tled water, but that permit expired in 1988. the company company says it will work to renew the permit but critics say california can't
5:51 am
afford to grant water permits in the middle of a drought. all right. 5:50. that's it from the newsroom. sam and laura, what's going on out there? >> let's get you filled in. thank you very much. nice to hear the festivities today to include a special tribute to late hall of fame broadcaster lon simmons. >> simmons started calling giants games in 1950s together with fellow hall of fame broadcaster hodges. he was voice behind the era of mace, mccovey. he also announced games for the oakland as and san francisco 49ers during his career. simmons died just last week at the age of 91. >> okay. just a week now into the season and the giants are already dealing with a string of injuries. the injury bug has hit. but it looks like most of the players are on their road to recovery. casey mcgee expected to be back soon after bruising a bone in his left knee over the weekend. >> travis is recovering from
5:52 am
back issues. >> pitcher matt cain is on the dl right now with an arm strain. we don't have a word yet on his return. as far as we know he's yet to pick up a baseball. >> the giants are hoping to get hunter pence back in may but that will depend on how his forearm is healing. you may recall he broke it during spring training. all right. a lot of big names out right now but know who is still there and very much present, buster posey. this hasn't exactly been the start that giants pitcher jake peavy was hoping for. >> yeah, that's right. peavy missed his first outing because of a back issue and he gave up a grand slam yesterday. but the veteran hopes the new pitch will help him fool some of the hitters. four-seam change-up. buster posey suggested the pitch to peavy after buster was impressed by change-up. he saw at the play during spring training. peavy says he's excited about the new weapon saying he's always looking for any new tricks to have up his sleeve. >> buster, what can you do?
5:53 am
since the giants are world champs their off season was a relatively short one. that's a good thing. the players won't complain at all. less time for their bodies to recover from a rigorous off season. >> no one knows this more than superstar bust ter posey. during the postseason post he got every inning of all 17 games. for him this off season was all about resting those tired knees. >> i think the only time i got in the crouch was to bend down and talk with my kids occasio l occasional occasionally. it wasn't to catch any baseballs. >> now when asked how long he wants to stay behind the dish, posey said he wants to catch as long as he physically can and as long as the giants want him to catch. they want him to catch. >> yeah, no kidding. such a talent and such a nice guy, as well. >> full package. >> no kidding. what's the weather going to be like today? want to check in with meteorologist christina loren outside at&t park and willie mays plaza. you say there's already peep
5:54 am
gathering and excited for the giants to come home. >> yeah. they are. in addition to that, there's a lot of people trying to get to work already. the city is buzzing this morning. i think a lot of people are excited just to get a chance to walk by out here. off in the distance we have kate scott from knbr. you can see her down the way. they are broadcasting live out there this morning. you know what, they're going to be doing it live all of the way until 9:00 a.m. look at this. she's going to run in to our shot. let's talk to her this morning. are you excited or what? >> oh, my gosh. today is one of the best days of the year. so good to see you. it's like a family reunion every year. i'm glad you got the leather jacket, orange and black. >> what is this an't. >> i wasn't sure you got the e-mail but i'm glad you did. i love today. so much fun. >> who are you doing in the public house? >> in the public house, live knbr broadcast until 10:00 a.m. merf and mack are on right now and listeners come from all over the state. somebody drove in from paradise, tracey, up from fresno.
5:55 am
and it's like a family reunion. everybody brings food. they come to listen to the live broadcast. we give away tickets, t-shirts and just go into the game and have a blast. >> and free prizes, right, all day long? >> yes, lots of free prizes. we start with the tickets. awesome books celebrating the world championship from last year and maybe some other stuff that you will get to see if you come down to the public house. >> thanks for running? >> good to see you. >> you know what, you can catch her sports broadcast on our station, nbc bay area. when? >> on saturday nights at 6:00 and 11:00. i'll let you get back to work. >> we love you. thank you. >> you know what, weather is going to be nice. we've got our leathers on for good reason out here this morning. it's a little bit on the chilly side. a chilly morning with patchy fog developing, especially at the immediate coast. temperatures are going to be chillier today than they were yesterday. this will be the coolest day of the week. by tonight, clouds will increase. we have a few showers on the way for early tomorrow morning. your day park forecast looks like this. upper 50s to low 60s at noon
5:56 am
today. up to the mid to upper 60s for most of us. couple isolated 70s out there. as we get into this afternoon for the trivalley and the north bay. look wrat we are headed. big-time warming coming your way. towards the end of the week. you might actually have to use that ac. we've been able to give it a break for quite some time now. for thursday into friday some very warm weather. getting a few honks out here for at&t park and the giants. you never know who is going to show up. stick with us this morning and we'll continue to bring you live broadcasts from live out here in front. we're completely out in the open so you never know what's going to happen. >> and everybody is pretty energetic although it's early on a monday morning. >> it is. hompg honks of support. >> speaking of honking, hopefully people are on their best manners as they hit the roadways. mike illino'l inouye is in our
5:57 am
>> as we look at the san jose area. nothing unusual about this at 680 but the map will show you the slowdown north of 680. a break and burst of traffic will kick in. sunnyvale schools are off as well as of couple others. there's a bill build there. same there for the trivalley. san mateo bridge as we look back at at&t. no problem across the bay and nice view from inside the park with sam and laura. back to you. >> thanks, mike. all right. insider perspective. 5:58 on your monday morning. back in two minutes with more details on the giants upcoming season, home opener including some of the giveaways the fans want to mark down on their calendars. >> new security measures fans will run into this season. >> and top stories of the morning including the new face jumping into the race for the white house. all that and much more.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
all right. a live look. it's 6:00. the bunting is up. the field is prepped. the orange and black are back. sounds so good. the giants have seven games under their belt so far this season but for most sfans today is the day they've been waiting for. it's the opening day at home. good morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have a ton of stuff to get to. how some fans are bypassing long security lines. >> and a new eats that foodies are going to love. >> and later, all access as we take you inside the giants newly renovated clubhouse. >> all right. all those stories and much more, but coming up first, it's not just us out here. we've got an entire team contingent at at&t park this morning. bob ridell is here roaming around somewhere and


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