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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's been like an hour now. >> how long does it usually take? >> like ten minutes. >> right now at 11:00, a traffic nightmare. that's what thousands of people experienced on the way home in the south bay. tonight, things are finally getting back to normal for drivers. good monday evening. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. there was no rush during rush
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hour. traffic backed up for miles and for hours after the chp shut down a major freeway interchange before 1:00 this afternoon. the interchange of 101/280/680, and that mess caused by one man perched on the overpass. ian, nearly seven hours of stand still traffic is what we're talking about. >> jessica, traffic was especially bad southbound 680 to 101. those 20-minute commutes turned into two-hour drives. >> reporter: just before 1:00 p.m. a man stood on top of the southbound 680 to 101 interchange, threatening to jump. traffic swells into surrounding neighborhoods and froze the freeways. >> about an hour and a half. >> where are you coming from? >> free mont.
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>> it's been like an hour now. >> how long does it usually take? >> 5, 10 minutes. >> the freeway shut down the roads snarled, the southbound traffic maps showing miles and miles of red. this couple gave up on driving for the day. >> so we figured might as well leave the car at home and walk to the store. it's faster. because it's crazy all around. >> reporter: and the martinez family's 20-minute trip from sunnyvale to allen rock took two hours. >> it was frustrating. but at the same time it's sad. >> the primary goal of all law enforcement personnel on scene at every one of these incidents is safety it's the safety of the individual themselves and the safety of the motoring public. >> caller: it's the third time in the last several months a single person has impacted the commutes for thousands. in some cases that even included delays for emergency responders. >> to my knowledge, nothing major, significant, but to the individuals who are involved
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obviously always a big deal we want to make sure we take every incident that happens out there very seriously and give the people that are affected the right service that they require. >> caller: that man who police say was carrying a knife turned himself in to officers. at 7:20, he was arrested and faces charges of brandishing a deadly weapon. >> thank you, ian. if you know someone who needs help there are plenty of resources available including the national suicide prevention life line. that number is on your screen. now to our continuing coverage of the drought, drastic times call for drastic measures. tomorrow the board of directors for east bay mud will be asked to declare a stage 4 drought levels the highest level possible. we have live team coverage
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tonight. chief meteorologist is tracking any chance of rain in the foreseeable future but first live to walnut creek with more on the possible new restrictions. cheryl? >> caller: businesses . >> reporter: businesses here are already conserving. there's no grass in sight. the recent snow pack report was dismal. so if you've been conserving it hasn't been good enough. >> this is a work in progress. >> reporter: susan and pete have been ahead of the curve for a long time. >> this has been here 20 years. >> reporter: that's when they ripped out their lawn and put in drought resistant plants. >> there wasn't fantastic lawn here when i moved here. >> reporter: they say they're ready to cut back even more if they have to. >> we have already cut back since '95, so it's even more difficult to cut back 20%, if that's what they're going to ask. >> reporter: tomorrow the board will make a decision on what
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level of drought the east bay is in. >> water supplies are critically low. >> reporter: so low they're expected to ask customers to cut back from 15 to 20%. here's a picture of the commanchee reservoir taken last week. a shocking reminder that the reservoirs are half full. >> people who are flagrant water wasters, using four and a half times than the average customer will be paying additional charges. >> reporter: water waste reports have sky rocketed in the past six months. so they're taking a more aggressive stance when it comes to conservation. jenna loves her lawn but has a conservation plan. >> it's shocking already, to see how much is used just to warm up the shower. >> reporter: so tomorrow the water board will be making some really tough decisions.
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it's a real serious situation. they want to make sure that customers have water in the future. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. major water restrictions will be hitting the southbound. next week san jose city leaders are expecting to have a plan to cut water. it involves watering lawns two days a week. if approved restrictions will be in place until march of next year. and jeff, we thought maybe something was coming our way. >> yeah at least tonight. but it's so minuscule, that i even combed everything for the next two weeks to see if there was anything substantial. at this point, there's nothing over the next two weeks. so we've been talking about this storm system off to the north. all we're getting is the bottom tail end of this. it's only providing some isolated drizzle reports. and san francisco, also the
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bottom edge there of the north bay as well. this cold front losing steam by 1:00 in the morning, gets down to san jose. the cloud cover with this only picking up one green speck near mt. hamilton and maybe a couple of drops in san jose but nothing to quellch the fire threat. that brings up the next point. people who have lived here for a long time by april, we typically tend to see that rainfall average dramatically drop off. only average an inch of rainfall for this month. may, june and july less than quarter inch. now is the time to conserve. we'll talk more about the gusty winds we had today and how long they last through tomorrow in about ten minutes. >> we'll see you then. and remember you can always track the weather in your neighborhood with our nbc bay area app. you can download it for your iphone or your android device and remember it's free. new at 11:00, more hot water for pg&e and the cpuc a new audit shows state regulators
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aren't doing enough to make sure natural gas pipelines are safe. the state commissioned the audit and it blasts the cpuc for failing to give clear direction on maintenance of the lines. it found there's an average eight-month delay in processing inspection reports. the commission is working on solving these problems. the audits comes on the heels of the cpuc's billion-dollar fine for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. a san pablo police officer charged with buying cocaine and heroin is due in court tomorrow morning. san francisco police arrested kenneth white after the alleged drug sale. he has plead the not guilty to drugs, weapons charges. >> san pablo police department is handling the internal affairs investigation and san francisco is handling the criminal investigations. >> officer white was already on
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administrative leave when he was arrested. white's bail has been set at quarter million dollars. >> an escaped inmate will be brought back to the bay area after being captured in mississippi. he's being extradited after the d.a.'s office obtained a warrant. they caught him last week he escaped in march after overpowering a deputy. no word on when he'll be returned to local authorities. >> it's not the ending giants fans hoped for, but it was an exciting day. >> yes, it was. a live look at at&t park and mccovey cove. you can see things are quiet tonight, a far cry from earlier, when it was buzzing from celebrating last year's world series victory. terry mcsweeney joins us live from at&t park with all the craziness. any strag lers out there? >> reporter: i'm proud to say, i'm the last of the strag lers. not the first time that's happened.
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but earlier tonight, the fans weren't that upset. you don't want to lose the home opener. the team did. not that upset because before the game as you mentioned, we were celebrating the third world series championship in the past five years. and it could be a lot worse than that. >> reporter: across the street from at&t at a new place known as the yard we found giants super fan logan drinking a beer but not drowning his sorrows in it. >> trying to enjoy as much of the day as i can. >> giovanni was there too, looking at the ballpark. >> everybody's vibe is so positive, everybody's happy. a lot of faces familiar faces, new faces, working with people its great. >> reporter: it was a tough game, not lots of highlights, but what happened before the game had people gushing. super fun seeing bumgarner on a horse. i think he's always talked about doing that. >> there were several people saying, i wish he would get on
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one of those horses and then he did. >> reporter: and a world series trophy on a fan's head. >> we genuinely want to lose so we can get better and be better. >> giants baseball is kind of what we wait for all winter long. >> java house manager says there are a lot of reasons for that. >> it's great. it's basically pays all our bills. >> reporter: in fact logan knew there would be another game like tomorrow night. >> bumgarner bobblehead yeah yeah, yeah coming out for opening night. >> and the next night? >> triplets snow globe, yes, coming out for that. >> and then comes the weekend game. >> yeah ring ceremony that's the best one, yes, yeah. >> reporter: and that doesn't even tell you about his plans for next week when the dodgers in town. and if a giants die-hard isn't upset, we can't be upset either. terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry.
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coming up in sports jared moncure has more sports. and you can check it out on our website, find the slide show, with fan pictures, lots of fun things there at nbc bay >> it was crazy, i didn't know what to think. it was a shock. a bay area commuter stranded. still ahead, the troubling trend we uncovered and the specific car targeted by thieves. plus peek-a-boo. that's a mountain lion you're looking at. the tricky effort to evict this cat that's lurking under someone's house. also -- >> the pain never stopped. the beating might have stopped, but the pain never stopped. >> the man at the center of the horse chase and disturbing beating shares his side of the story. why he says it was even worse than this video shows.
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some new video to show you tonight. that's a big cat trapped in a southern california home's crawl space. it's not just your run of the
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mill mountain lion. he has a name. p 22. traveled from the santa monica mountains crossing two freeways before making itself a home. pictures of his journey were printed in national geographic. earlier today, workers installing a home security system found the intruder. despite efforts to coax him out, he's entrenched in the home tonight. >> he thought he was being beaten to death. that's what the man at the center of a violent arrest video in southern california told nbc news in an exclusive interview. >> i just felt hits everywhere. all over my whole body, and they weren't stopping. i was wondering when it would stop. >> francis pusok led deputies on a wild chase near apple valley. it ended when he fell off the horse he allegedly stole and deputies converged, shooting him with a stun gun several times and then repeatedly kicking and
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punching him. tonight he's free from jail and speaking out. he says what you can't see in the video said that most of the blows came after he was handcuffed while he was struggling to breathe. >> they were pushing my sand into my face i had to keep finding pockets of air underneath my chin in the sand to be able to breathe. >> originally the sheriff's department announced he ran from them after they served a warrant for identity theft. but his attorneys say he had nothing to do with that investigation and was never the target. now his family is filing a lawsuit. meantime prosecutors haven't decided whether to file formal charges against pusok. the fbi has launched its own investigation and ten deputies are on administrative leave. turning to decision 2016 marco rubio announced his candidacy today by painting hillary clinton as a leader from the past and himself a leader of the future. >> we must change the decisions
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we are making by changing the people who are making them. that is why tonight, grounded by the lessons of our history but inspired by the promise of our future i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> rubio made that announcement from the freedom tower in miami. it was the first stop for tens of thousands of cuban exiles in the 1960s and '70s including his parents. he's the third republican to announce. >> a day after, hillary clinton is already on the campaign trail. after a long road trip she's in iowa tonight. show you a surveillance picture of where she stopped for lunch. it's a chipotle near toledo. she ordered a chicken bowl with guacamole guacamole.
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>> let's get a check of our microclimate forecast. chillier and windier. jeff? >> caught out with the wind kicked up, you felt the cold. all from a cold front that's beginning to move into california. there's some rainfall with it but just as so many of the other storms in 2015 have done, this is also continuing to fall apart. so some reports of drizzle in marin, also nofado towards san francisco. but that's about it. we expect drizzle overnight for the next three to four hours. with that system moving in uniform temperatures. south, 55. double fives in the peninsula and east bay as well. also noted chance of drizzle happening for san francisco and the north bay. it's been like this all day long. it continues, gifts upusts up to 25 miles per hour. looking back to san francisco, just continuing to jostle. i wouldn't be surprised if by tomorrow morning we lose some of
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that signal because it's been so strong. so again, for tomorrow morning, expect the wind. when you factor in the temperatures we'll have it's not going to be a biting east coast windchill, but you certainly will feel a chill in the north bay, 46 in the peninsula and 45 in the south bay. definitely a light jacket for tomorrow. when you wear layers it traps your body heat next to your body and keeps out the cold. get a look at the wind gust potential. at 5:30 any kind of early commuters, 26 miles per hour wind gusts. 26 in orinda. half moon bay, could get up to 32 miles per hour. and back here towards san jose, about 20. it's going to stay gusty through about 9:30 and 10:00 in the morning. when we get past that to the afternoon, it will be breezy, but we should begin to see winds step down. so we'll go from the 20s and 30s in the morning. down to about 11 miles per hour in napa. the overall climate looks pretty good if you can get over the
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windy conditions. we'll have 70 and sunny in san jose tomorrow. real close in morgan hill as well. the peninsula, keep some clouds in pacifica 64 degrees. and all of san francisco in the 60s. that's where the jacket's going to come in handy. and for the north bay east bay, and trivalley, sunny conditions expected across all of these microclimates. 69 in napa. trivalley, the warmest here with all close to 70 in liver more and danville. the trend gets hotter. yes, the rumors are true. if you haven't flipped open the phone to peek at the weather, you'll see here 77 on wednesday. 82 on thursday mid 80s on friday and saturday. 70s wednesday into thursday, friday and saturday as well. the only thing you may find a problem with is the pollen. gonna crash your party. weather looks beautiful, but if you suffer allergies, limit your rout door exposure this week.
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that's what we have for you right now. let's hope for freakishly wet weather within the next six weeks, somehow, some way. >> okay we'll hope for freakishly strange weather. >> i'm hoping. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, the mysterious screams that forced a plane bound for lax to make an emergency landing. and we have jimmy. >> tonight we got christina aguilera, jeff probst and a performance from kid rock 37 it's a great show you got to watch. we're on next, it's great!
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not the car, just the wheels. a disturbing trend that appears to be growing nationwide. this is what one driver came back to after parking at the mill valley park and ride. police say cars parked in long-term lots are easy targets. thieves are going after honda fit for their wheels. officers say they are used on low riders and street racing. chp suggests buying locking lug nuts to avoid being a victim. chilling streams for help forced an alaska airlines pilot to make an emergency landing. the flight had just taken off when the pilot heard screaming and banging from the cargo hold. crews found a ramp worker inside the cargo hold. the worker said he was in there and he fell asleep. he's fine but an investigation is now under way. we'll be right back with sports and one big night for a bay area team.
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♪ good evening, jared moncure in the comcast sportsnet studios. nothing on the line for the doves except win number 66 on the season. don't tell the grizzlies who
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needed to prove they could compete with the nba's best team on their home floor. seems like the splash brothers take turns buysing the opposition. tonight was klay thompson's turn. how about that finish off balance, and off the window. open beyond the arc and the floodgates are open. 18 points in the quarter with 4:30 left to play thompson drops in two more of his 26 points second quarter. finished with 42 on the night as the warriors win in a game that wasn't as close as the final score. let's take you out to park. giants versus the rockies. tim lincecum bruce bochy, and buster posey walking out with a triplet. madison bumgarner on a horse. bottom four 1-0 rockies. two on for pagan. grounds into a double play. giants stranted 12 and for 0 for
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7 with runners in scoring position. pitch gets away from posey. play at the plate. nick hundley initially called out and then called safe. got the tag down in time but couldn't hang on to the ball. 2-0, rockies, the final. a's and astros kevin costner taking this one in. he's a baseball guy. top first. shop down the line just fair. sam fuld hustling home. 1-0 green and gold. next frame, brett lowry providing the pump billy bean hoped for. 4-0 athletics. two men aboard billy butler a little extra gravy on those mashed potatoes. a monster three-run shot that left the stadium. a's win 8-1. on the local prep and college hardwood martin lands
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his first big one. bishop o'dowd staying home. the 6'10" center announced today he will attend cal over arizona. he was courted by three others. part of his decision to keep his career local, familiarity, both on and off the court. >> the reason why i decide cal was, i mean i just felt the most at home like it was family from day one. i think that was one of the most important things for myself and the people around me. i just wanted to feel like if anything goes wrong, i'll still have fun and enjoy my time of campus. finally wide receiver michael crabtree is moving across the bay to the silver and black. according to espn he's agreed on a one-year deal worth $3 million, with another $2 million possibly in incentives. that's it for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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how bad are the roads where you live? bay area cities get their annual scores on road quality. the yearly survey finds brentwood and dublin streets are in the best condition with scores of 86 out of 100 points. san francisco roads got a score of 66, considered fair. san jose in the same category with a score of 62. oakland, score of 59 putting its roads in the at-risk category. alburg received the lowest score
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with 40. apple is having a watch party, they estimate nearly a million apple watches have been sold in the u.s. alone. the company says about 957,000 people preordered last week. a lot of people bought more than one. the average person is buying nearly 1.5 watches per order. the most popular is the apple watch sport for about $350. >> every time i see an apple watch, it's like new features i didn't know. >> i did see them in person this past weekend. it's kinda cool. >> all right, hope to see you tomorrow. bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- christina aguilera jeff probst, musical guest, kid rock


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