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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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amplts bay air police officer on the other side of the law. why this officer is appearing in court this morning. and after a series of controversial police shootings nationwide, san jose again considers equipping its officers with body cameras. plus, cutting back on water use. the latest water district that's now talking about raising rates and fining water wasters. let's look outside on this tuesday morning. it's april 14th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning on a nice tuesday for you. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast.
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rob in. >> breezy conditions you're going to notice this on the morning commute which we might keep a close eye on. wind speeds, 10 to 20 miles per hour. it will feel extra chilly outside as you head towards the lunchtime. low 60s. highs today, only in the upper 60s but some 80s in the forecast later this week. a look at that in a few minutes. a check for your tuesday commute, mike? >> wind is one of the factors that rob and i talked about before this show started. dublin, traffic flows nicely westbound coming out of the altamont pass. watch it through that area. looking away from us is the taillights. look at your map though. a few are slowing as you pass by greenville. the earlier crash cleared but there's slowing. may be flashing lights and distraction, maybe debris clearing. all lanes are reported open over the last few minutes. we'll track that out of the tri-valley. meanwhile, the bridges at the top of the screen and bay bridge got official wind advisories
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from the chp but rob is telling me that should just extend over to the richmond bridge. we'll watch as the conditions continue to build. we'll let you know if ch prks gives new updates as well. bay area police officer accuse of buying drugs with a 2-year-old girl sitting in his car is due back in court this morning. last week san francisco police arrested kenneth white shortly after they say he bought heroin and cocaine from a dealer in a south of market area. white is a san pablo police officer. police are not saying who the 2-year-old girl is. he's already pleaded not guilty to drug, weapon, and child neglect charges. friends and family dismayed by the deadly deputy shooting of a mentally ill teen able eager going to address san mateo leaders day. a deputy shot and killed 18-year-old garcia. garcia in half-moon bay in june of last year. that deputy responding to a call from the home when garcia lunked
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at him with a knife. the officer has been cleared of wrong doing. today friends will join garcia's brother to speak to supervisors ant policy changes in the sheriff's department. more proubl for pg&e and the cpuc. new aut awdit shows that state regulators are not doing enough to make sure they are safe. they failed to give clear direction on maintaining natural gas pipelines. it also found there's an average eight-month delay in processing pipeline inspection reports. utilities commission says it's working on solving the problem. protesters will march in a number of bay area cities later today. this is part of a nationwide black lives matter rally. the marches planned at sproul plaza in uc berkeley, outside of city hall in san francisco, outside san jose. all of them trying to bring attention to police killings of unarmed people. san jose police are planning another pilot program for officer body cameras.
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this afternoon the city council will review a report from the police department on the progress of the body camera program. the police chief says he's still working with the police union to address officers' privacy concerns. in the meantime, the city may adopt a new rule banning tobacco companies from handing out free cigarette samples and coupons at local bars. today the meeting starts at 1:30. the palo alto city council is going to vote this evening on whether to allow the city's last mobile home park to close the. last night they heard from rest departments of the buono vista mobile home park. they say they couldn't afford to livni where else in the city. the owners of buono vista have been trying to close it for years. the owners have also offered to compensate residents for moving out. council members will hear arguments this evening. it's 4:34. san mateo county leaders want you to know how safe and clean their restaurants are.
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they will consider a program to label restaurants with red, yellow, or green placard to show how they scored. green means the restaurant passed. you've seen them around santa clara county already. if approved the placards will start going up in january. we're getting a better look at how crews are cleaning up a cement spill at east bay creek. last week they accidentally dumped 12 truckloads of cement into the glen echo creek. that's near oakland's clairmont hotel. this happened after cement poured out of an open valve inside a pipe that crews were just trying to fill. they'll take crews another few more days to clean up the spill. east bay water users may soon have to pay dearly for their wasted water. east bay is recommending the board to declare stage four drought measures for customers. there's a hearing on the issue this afternoon. the new restrictions will target people using the most water. >> people who are are flagrant water wasters. people who use 4 1/2 times more
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than the average customer will be paying additional charges. >> for example, the average water customer who pays about $50 a month may see an increase of $11. the board may also consider restricting lawn watering to twice a week. major water restrictions will soon be hitting the south bay as well. next week san jose city leaders are expected to approve a plan to cut water usage by 25%. the plan also calls for limiting lawn watering to two days a week. if approved, the restrictions will be in effect until march of next year. all right. we may be praying for rain right now but we're getting this morning is a whole bunch of wind to start out your morning. rob, making it feel cold outside. >> it is. windchilled the north bay. wind speeds at about is a to 20 miles per hour. yes, the winds part of a weather system that didn't bring much rain to the bay area. snow showers around lake tahoe. that could slow things down on
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highway 50 over the next couple of hours or so. you can see the weather pattern here is the cold one with that airdropping in out of the northwest. wind speeds right now 10 to 20 miles per hour. it's going to stay breezy throughout the day as you can see the wind gusts from 20 to 30 miles per hour. highs today, windchill temperatures of the sunshine. temperatures in the upper 60s in san jose. numbers in the low to mid 60s in san francisco. santa rosa may be close to spent degrees today. we head towards tomorrow and the ebbs tended forecast. numbers back into the 70s in san jose. and then mid 80s come thursday and friday. less wind at that time but for today though the big story, those gusty winds which could throw a wrench in your commute, especially on the mid spans of bridges. as we look over toward oakland, first warming that just popped up and then talked about what rob talked about about the breezes across the bridges. oakland, 880. chp had nothing to report on the
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issue. traffic break did clear. must have been debris. all traffic once gaen moving smoothly. you see that group of cars traveling north through downtown. there will be some slowing heading up toward that area. the other live shot from emeryville. this is what rob was talking about. the wind kicking in and shaking the camera. it's going to be an issue as you cross the bridge. that will be one concern for the bay bridge and east/west bridges, san mateo, dumbarton, but also for the other bridges. no real issues at the bottom of the screen. let's zoom out. we'll look at the richmond bridge. they all move smoothly. very light volume of traffic. that wind could play a factor. be cautious of that as you travel over the water this morning. looking over toward the tri-valley. we did have the slowing continuing now condensing around greenville. the scene of an earlier crash. . it looks like things are roring. westbound, yellow coming off the
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right side, speeds are slowing a tad bit out of the altamont. nothing unusual about that pattern. at the bottom of your screen the south bay moving smoothly. we'll watch as the people make their way over the breezy bridges later on. used to be a star for the 49ers and now former 49er michael crabtree he's headed across the bay. wide receiver just inked a new deal with the raiders. one-year deal worth $3 million. also has an added 2 million bucks in incentives. crabtree spent his first six seasons in the league with the 49ers but his production fell off last season. the a rz back in houston for another game against the astros. oakland's lineup continues to produce early in the new season. the newly acquired billy butler hit a monster home run last night. actually left the stadium. as won it, 8-1. tonight's game is at 5:10. a live look outside at at&t
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park this morning. it will be the first home win of the season. they lost their home opener to the rockies last night. despite the loss though fans are still buzzing after celebrating last year's world series victory. >> it was super fan seeing bumgarner on a horse. i think he was always talked about doing that. >> there were several people in the stands saying, i wish he'll would get on one of those horses and then he did. >> now, are the horses country? tractor trailer or something. there were world series trophies on the field. the triplets, as they're called, all three of them, also replicas on top of the fans head. fans have a financial interest in the giants season. >> giants baseball is kind of what we wait for all winter long. >> fans of tonight's game will get a special treat. most will receive a madison bumgarner bobblehead doll. the best price may be free. we'll tell you which ice cream shop giving away free ice cream today. a plane forced to turn
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around after they hear someone pounding the cargo hold. hear from some people onboard that flight next. new plans to create a mega ski resort in the lake tahoe area. the two major ski resorts that could soon combine.
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you. live look outside. this is up by san bruno mountain this morning. see the lights glistening from the distance. a will wind shake ourg camera. rob is in for christina. he'll have a look at that forecast. look at this, eerie may be words for this video. a small robot shot saturday inside of one of three fukushima reactors that melted down four years ago. the robot was able to capture the images before it stopped working. now engineers are trying to figure out if excess i radiation levels stopped it in its tracks. workers decided to leave the robot inside the reactor. plane trouble in seattle yesterday. this one entirely manmade.
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talk about a bad place to sleep. airport baggage handler took a nap in the cargo hold of an alaska airlines jet and woke up after the plane took off. here's a video of him beinges kored to an ambulance. that hold is heated and pressurized. the passengers on the l.a.-bound flight could tell something was wrong from the banging and the screaming. >> just loud pounding. it sounded almost like -- like there was something stuck in the wheel well of the car or something. it was just him pounding to get the plane to stop. >> the baggage handler is not facing any discipline. 4:45. ibm and apple are teaming up. landon dowdy live at cnbc headquarters with a look at what's bringing the two companies together. good morning, landon. >> hey, laura. good morning. ibm is talking a partnership with apple and johnson & johnson. ibm pushed into digital to help people who monitor things such
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as heart rate and cholesterol to upload the info to the cloud. they will also personalize health apps for patients who use j and j medical devices. checking the markets. pointing to a lower open today after stocks faded on monday. snapping a three-day winning streak streak. closing at the lows of the session as investors begin to fret about earning season. retail sales and inflation and results from jpmorgan chase, wells fargo, and johnson & johns johnson. the nasdaq slipping 7 to 49.88. and a ben and jerry's is celebrating free cone day at scoop shops worldwide. you can get a free cone or cup until noon from 8:00 a.m. it's a company's way of thanking customers going back to 1979. each shop will make donations to a local charity. it's one of my favorite days to get that mint chocolate chip. >> free cone also includes free ice cream? preparing, okay. >> technical. >> exactly.
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ibm famed artificial intelligence project watson is now getting into the kitchen. watson has team up with bone a teet magazine in new york's institute of culinary education to create its own cookbook. belgian bacon pudding and austrian chocolate burrito reportedly well received at south by southwest last year. the book titled "cognitive cooking with chef watson" goes on sale today. it will cost about 22 bucks on amazon. >> interesting combos there. it's 4:47. let's get a taste of what's cooking in the weather department this morning. >> right now kind of chilly outside right now. so hot beverage for you to step outdoors at least for the morning. you've got wind speeds 10 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures in the mid 40s around napa. 50, closer to san jose and palo alto. san mateo bridge bouncing around due to the gusty winds. temperatures in trucky, 32 yeast degrees. mid 40s in santa rosa.
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the bay area not seeing precipitation. sierra, few snow showers there. cooler air following the system down into northern california and the bay area today. going to help keep temperatures running fairly cool. we're talking 60s for highs today. temperatures this morning mostly in the 40s as we approach lurchl time. temperatures in the sun having a tough time climbing through the upper 50ed and low 60s. later on today, upper 60s, maybe near 70s around the bay area. los galos close to 70. 67 in san jose. low 60 nasdaq san francisco. north bay temperatures upper 60s to near 70 in santa rosa. pleasanton and livermore. after today high pressure will strengthen and story of the second half of the workweek, temperatures soaring. look at san jose. the roller coaster ride. mid 70s tomorrow. 80s thursday and friday. san francisco may not quite as warm. 70s as we finish off the week. look at the tri-valley. livermore today upper 60s.
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close to 80 tomorrow. mid 80s as we head towards thursday and friday. never too early to look at the weekend forecast. we're going to see numbers cooling slightly toward sunday after today. the last of the cool days, warm temperatures lasting from wednesday all of the way through next sunday. back to you. >> thank you so much, rob. it's 4:49. new claims south carolina police officer accuse of murder used excess i force in previous arrests. this dash cam video just released shows julius wilson be arrested last year. he says during the arrest officer michael slager tased him even though other officers had already pinned him down. this is the second accusation levied against slager. last week a man came forward saying slager used excessive force by tasing him as well. slager is charged with murder, accuse of shooting walter scott in the back. in the meantime a man sitting inside the car when scott was pulled over has issued a statement through his attorney. fulton says he does not know why scott ran but says scott did not
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deserve to die. moving to decision 2016 and the race for president is starting to pick up a little bit of steam with the latest major campaign announcements. one day after democrat hillary clinton threw her hat into the ring republican senator marco rubio from florida yesterday also announcing his run in miami. going head to head against his mentor jeb bush. clinton is already trying to make inroads in iowa. rubio is the son of cuban immigrants and at 43 is the youngest candidate to announce so far. >> i live in an exceptional country, the son of a bartender and a maid, could have the same dream and same future of those who come from power and privilege. >> clinton made headlines for her stealth stop at a chipotle on her way. food power there. she ordered that food with a few aides and absolutely no one seemed to notice, xebt for the blackberry. 12:50.
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new plan in the works to plan a mega ski resort in lake tahoe. they announce a plan to build a high speed gondola linking the two resorts. the plan is in the initial stages but could be presented to the u.s. forest service later this year. the plan is to create a gondola line to carry 1400 skiers every hour over the nearly two miles between the two resorts. both resorts fell under the same ownership four years ago. 4:51. unexpected visitor at a southern california home. this mountain lion just hanging out in a crawl space. what wildlife officials are hoping to do to coax it out. oakland, things are back to normal for the speed on the nimitz. we'll show you what's going on close to 880 in the south bay.
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. we are coming up on 4:55 on your tuesday morning. rise and shine if you are a very early riser, a live look outside right now downtown san jose darkened but we know that sun is coming in a couple of hours. we'll wait for it. wildlife officials are hoping a southern california mountain lion will get hungry overnight and leave his spot beneath the southern california home. >> the big cat named pete 22 was discovered in the crawl space in a home near l.a.'s griffith park yesterday. wildlife officials left the crawl space door open hoping he will leave when he gets hungry.
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pete 22 is actually famous. three years ago he traveled from the santa monica mountains crossing two freeways and made it into "national geographic" magazine. little kitty under the house. check out this video from the netherlands. chimpanzee was not pleased when the zoo threw a drone into its enclosure and down goes the drone. as it passed by the chimp, swats out out of the air with a stick. a couple of the chimps on the ground pick up the drone and checked it out. some of the whiskers there. before they ultimately lost interest and walked away and needless to say that drone was destroyed. not very effective. >> good for the chimp. >> oh, boy. okay. mike, how are you this morning? >> was tlnt a big kerfuffle because of a drone going over white house, you know, airspace? maybe the secret service should just get some sticks. >> or chimps. let them run around. >> exactly.
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all right. we'll see how we can expand a team over there. over here in the south bay. i was watching flashing lights right there as you travel north 280 towards us where the new transition ramp is. that just cleared up. a little camera shy but that's good. look at your map. no more slowing in the area although i did see some right around the interchange. you see a smooth drive. smoother than yesterday evening when we had the traffic tieup. all clear this morning. no problems. let's move across the bay. watch situations like this. bay bridge. tower from emeryville. our camera is shaking. rooftop camera. breeze will catch it across all over east/west bridges. hitting the folks on the roadway. no slowing in san francisco. better news. back to you. >> thank you. unforeseen side effect of the self-driving car, it could make you sick. new report relesion bid the university of michigan transportation research
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institute says autonomous cars could trigger motion sickness. 6% to 10% of americans will constantly suffer some degree of motion sickness. the degree of motion sickness will depend on what the rider is doing. maybe don't read? dramamine. >> keep your focus on the road. or dramamine, good advice. 4:57 right now. shooting in east palo alto overnight. what police are telling us this morning. plus -- >> the pain never stopped. the beating might have stopped but the pain never stopped. >> a man at the center of that horse chase and disturbing beating shares his side of the story. why he says it was even worse than the video shows.
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san jose city leaders get ready to take up the issue of police body cameras. plus, cutting back in the midst of the drought. the latest water district to talk about raising your rate
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hikes. >> and we're seeing 40s and 50s outside right now. but we'll probably get your attention more, the wind speeds 20 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts in the hills. the latest in your forecast coming up. if you're eating breakfast don't watch this or at least if you're not getting motion sickness. we'll show you what's going on around the road and across the bay. live look outside willie mays plaza. san francisco's at&t park, big home opener yesterday. we'll show you the highlights, low light, yeah, that's okay. let's win one at home, boys. it's tuesday, april 14th, this is "today in the bay." >> very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> should san jose police be wearing body cameras? it's a question the city council will debate again today. >> marianne, police body cameras are becoming a hot button issue


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