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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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damian joins us live from police headquarters with a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. >> reporter: i can tell you the brass upstairs is not happy. they trained a cadet who graduated on friday and by saturday he's on his way to hayward. >> raise your right hand and repeat after me please. >> reporter: they took an oath to protect and defend on friday. 19 san jose police cadets. but one of the 19 apparently were focused on protecting the citizens of a different city. hayward. >> we have no desire to be treating hayward's finest. >> reporter: the mayor said he was disappointed when he heard what we first reported on saturday. >> and you're choosing to serve in san jose. >> reporter: that one of the cadets was planning to move. chief urban confirmed the new hire to nbc bay area. >> it's simply not fair for our residents to be paying taxes to support the education and
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training for someone who is going to take that training and go to another department. >> we know this has been an ongoing problem. and we know with even new recruits we're always at risk of losing them to other departments that are paying better and getting better benefits and disability. >> reporter: this councilman says he's disappointed but not shocked by the news. >> you may now pin the badge on your officers. >> reporter: past efforts to encourage if not force ka detss to stay on the force for a few years after graduation have been unsuccessful. the mayor hopes to include some language to address the issue in the current labor negotiations with the police union. >> a mechanism that ensures that officers we train will serve. >> reporter: serve in the city that pays roughly $70,000 in taxpayer money to train each cadet. and here is part of the statement by the hayward police chief. it says quote, the hayward police department does not specifically reach out to any san jose academy trainees.
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singh was previously in our process before starting the san jose academy and reached out to personnel to didask the he could resume the hiring process with us. in fact all of the san jose academy graduates we hired initiated the contact with us. you can read the entire statement on our website i can tell you it is a must read. we're live in san jose, damian trujillo. right now a chopper over berkeley. hundreds of people urging fast food companies like mcdonald's to raise the minimum wage. they want $15 an hour. thus far this is a peaceful protest that started on the cal campus. they're now at the mcdonald's on shaddick avenue a few blocks away. this is tying up traffic around the berkeley area.
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coming up at 6:30 we'll have more on the motivation behind the protest. emotional, controversial, and divisive. should the state force parents to vaccinate their kids? today the proposed measure faced a key test as hundreds of people showed up to make their voices heard. nbc bay area's jodie hernandez is live. what happened today and what's next? >> reporter: i'll tell you. the fourth floor of the state capitol here was at near capacity today. families as far away from as the bay area and los angeles came to the capitol today to speak out on this vaccine issue. but lawmakers had so many questions at the end of the day that they decided to hold off on their vote for another week. >> we will be forced to remove them from the public school system and forced into isolation and legal segregation by the state. >> reporter: that's the fear that this mother and others
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expressed today. families lined the hallways of the state capitol to tell lawmakers how they feel about a controversial proposal that would force parents to vaccinate their children or home school them. >> i think it's frightening that this state would try to take your rights away. and they say well you still have the right to home school. but, you know many people cannot home school. >> reporter: while the majority of the parents who lined up for hours are opposed to mandatory vaccines supporters of the measure came out too. among them 7-year-old rhett. a leukemia survivor who spoke out for kids who are put at risk for those who choose not to get immunize immunize. >> i had a low immune system and couldn't get vaccinated. >> we do not need families worrying about having their children exposed to a preventable disease. >> reporter: but members of the senate education committee didn't seem sold on the bill. >> i have a real concern about the education piece. >> i'm looking for the
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compelling state interest here in doing something as draconian as i read this bill. >> reporter: they postponed their vote until next wednesday. leaving both sides of the debate holding their breath. now, aopponents of the measure say they're encouraged by the delay, they see it as a small victory. supporters say they are confident they'll be able to answer the lawmakers' questions and concerns and get the votes they need to move this out of this committee, on to the next committee, and on to the full senate. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. not turning the other cheek. bay area catholics are going public with their complaints about archbishop. more than a hundred prominent catholics have signed a full page ad asking pope francis to remove the archbishop among the consultant.
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they're all upset with his stance on same-sex marriage and other traditional catholic ideals. in response the archdiocese argues the ad does not reflect the city's entire community. it will appear in tomorrow's san francisco chronicle. it's rush hour and a major accident is slowing traffic in the east bay. the chp has shut down three lanes of westbound 80. it started when a motorcyclist you see the bike there was thrown off. the motorcyclist is dead. the drivers are slightly injured. now, this is just before central avenue on the albany/richmond border. officers don't know when the lanes of 80 will reopen. another deadly accident. this one on 101. we just learned the name of a construction worker is killed. a huge pipe rolled off of a forklift. the worker tried to stop it and that pipe crushed and killed him. the pipe weighed several tons.
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that worker 28-year-old jared overfield lived in nevada. overfield was employed by san rafael construction company. netflix added 4.9 million subscribers in the last three months thanks in part to a new international audience. the subscribers bring the number of people up to 62 million people. it comes as netflix announced to split stocks. >> on behalf of aduro, we're pleased to ring he opening bell. thank you. >> shares of a local company whose mission is to fight cancer got a huge reception on wall street today. shares of aduro biotech soared on its first day of trading on the nasdaq. company is based in berkeley and makes cancer therapies for human trial. the stock jumped 147% today giving aduro a market cap of nearly $2.5 billion.
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the a's want to move to san jose but will it ever happen? there's new life in this long battle and it's all about the supreme court. scott budman is in san jose this evening. scott, we've been doing this for so long. when will we get a final answer? >> reporter: it may take awhile raj. we do have a new legal move trying to change the way baseball operates by getting the supreme court involved. even as the new season gets underway in oakland, there is still hope that some day the a's will move south to san jose. >> we keep hope alive. >> reporter: new hope from a legal challenge focusing on the giants and their claim of territorial rights to the south bay. >> the only two-team market in baseball where ter torritoryies are not shared is the san francisco bay area.
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>> reporter: because of its long standing antitrust protection that allows for such territorial rights san jose may get another swing at the a's. >> we believe a judge and a jury will decide that baseball is being irrational and allow -- in preventing the a's from moving from oakland to san jose. >> the a's want to be here. we want them here. it's just the major league baseball powers that be that are keeping it from happening. >> reporter: the game it seems, isn't over yet. even if it feels like extra innings. that petition was filed today with the supreme court. we will soon find out if they decide to take the case. reporting live in san jose scott budman nbc bay area news. check this out. a rare event has marine biologists flocking to the pacifica beach. they spent much of their trying to understand what killed that sperm whale that washed ashore.
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mark matthews is in pacifica with more on what scientists have been able to uncover. have they figured out what killed the whale yet? >> reporter: they have not, jessica. this whale washed up on the beach yesterday morning. they worked almost all day long on this whale. and what killed it remains a mystery. the first thing investigators are doing are cutting away the blubber, six inches of fat that covers the muscles and organs. >> you need to get through the front space to get into the heart of why the animal passed. >> reporter: marine veterinarian katelyn brown is with the marine animal center but there are researchers here from the golden gate research california academy of sciences and los landing marine labs. >> we're looking for bruising that would indicate he suffered trauma while he was alive. >> reporter: it is rare to see a sperm whale wash up in the bay
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area. this is only the 17th in 40 years. small animal vet rob west came down to volunteer. he got assigned to knife sharpenings. >> i'm interested to know myself. so i'm here to sharpen knives and help out a bit. >> reporter: it's not how most people would choose to spend their day, but it's relatively fresh. this family is on vacation from their hometown of india. >> what intrigues us is the care that they take when something like this happens. you know? so much care and trouble is not taken back home. this is amazing to see. >> reporter: the life span of a sperm whale can be as much as 60 years. figuring out what killed this one could help us understand what is happening in the ocean and if it was a ship strike or other human interaction. hopefully lead to measures that would help protect other whales.
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the last time a sperm whale washed up on a bay area beach, it was in 2008. scientists found 450 pounds of trash in that whale's stomach. in this whale's stomach, they found squid beaks indicating the animal was feeding. they say it's thin. there is no sign of blunt force trauma. they do not believe it was a ship strike. at the end of the day all they'll be able to tell about this whale, they said is perhaps its age. they are taken away the lower jaw to investigate the teeth and hopefully find out how old this animal was when it died. before i go they're still trying to find the city to find out how to get rid of this whale. whether they're going to bury it or cut it up and take it away in sections. that has not been determined. that, too, a mystery tonight. reporting from pacifica mark matthews nbc bay area news. another san francisco business has been hit by thieves. this time an antique store was
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the target. coming up hear what the store owner is hoping that the public can see tonight. and good evening. a warm day today with 82 in santa rosa and 76 in menlo park. and get your kitchens ready. a popular reality tv show is coming to the bay area.
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take a look. an antique owner in san francisco hopes someone recognizes the man who stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from his store. michelle, there's a lot of surveillance video here to review. >> reporter: that's right. this is a busy street. i'm here on valencia. they have about 40 cameras. two of them pointed in this direction. it didn't seem to slow down the
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people who busted in the front door. >> they were in and out quick. >> reporter: in less than two minutes thieves broke into this antique store in san francisco and took off with thousands of dollars of merchandise. >> it's really sad to see that they just don't even care about that. you know? and it's disheartening. >> reporter: the owner says just after 4:00 a.m. the security alarm went off. >> they broke in the front door ran in. >> reporter: one man wearing a hat and a surgical mask grabs two tvs off the wall while the other three focus on the display cases. >> and they just swept it clean. >> reporter: the suspect stole more than $3,000 worth of jewelry from his collection. >> it's something that we just have to absorb. it's just part of the business now. >> reporter: one suspect rode away on a bike carrying a bag full of stolen property. the other three took off in a black truck. >> you just hope they get caught and things change. >> reporter: this is the latest in a string of more than a half dozen similar burglaries in the
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past few months. san francisco police are investigating if any of the suspects are linked to other smash and grab cases. meantime, james is hoping this surveillance video will lead to an arrest. >> i just think it's really sad that you know they think they can do this and not be bothered at all. and it really affects a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: since december there have been eight smash and grab burglaries in san francisco. they've targeted jewelry stores audio stores and now an antique shop. reporting live in san francisco michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you michelle. a debate over the judge will be the next issue in the ongoing sierra lamar murder case. three years after the teenager disappeared, the case against her suspected killer still hasn't gone to trial. they ask a sole judge is assigned to the case. they say it will expedite the death penalty case.
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the defense attorneys say it's too early to make that request. in baseball stealing bases is part of the game but not stealing money. some local little leaguers were robbed in hayward monday night. someone broke into the snack shack bar and stole the safe. inside of that safe 7,000 bucks which was raised by the tennis and american little league. the cash would have paid for field rentals and other operating costs. >> i tell you, it's a pitiful situation that someone would steal from kids like that. it's horrible. it's horrible. >> indeed it is. the league though is accepting donations if you'd like to help defray the loss. anyone with information on this crime, contact hayward police. it's been nearly two years since the curtain went down on the san jose wrap but the theater may get another run. it has been closed and empty ever since. now two groups are vying for a
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chance to give the theater new life. san jose state wants to manage the venue which could be used for student productions. they would also rent it out to performers. the city council has the final say and could vote on the issue as early as june. how about this? remember this? nine years ago a new show called "top chef" was filmed in san francisco. it was an instant hit and since then it's traveled all over the world. this fall it's coming back home. the hosts will take the popular cooking competition to six california cities. that includes san francisco, oakland, l.a. santa barbara, and palm springs. >> you know who's sharpening his knives jeff ranieri. this is your shot. you could get on the show. >> i know. nine years ago i wasn't thinking about cooking at all. but now i'm going to be all about that show. you know starting to kind of learn the kitchen myself.
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we had a lot of blue sky here in ocean beach. fog free all the way through the day. only had a few high clouds passing by on the time lapse. let's take you outside right now. the biggest story at this hour is how mild it remains. 70 degrees in the south bay. and the north bay, still holding onto 69 degrees. that's an indication of how hot this dome of air is that's sitting across california. it stays with us as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. and then we're also going to add some drier easterly winds. that's going to help to boost our temperatures. let's take a look at that thursday forecast. you can see, yes, it's going to be warmer here. in the north bay, closer to 90 degrees tomorrow. mid-70s in san francisco. that also goes for you in the marina. so is it going to get hotter than this? that's the big question. take you into the temperature trend. and you can see we're not
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expecting 90s but it will be in the mid-80s in the south bay. then some cooling for sunday. for the peninsula, we'll stay in the 80s through saturday. and then by sunday we'll get close to the 70s. again, a cooling trend here as we head throughout sunday's forecast. and we'll see the same trend here expected in san francisco. so as you can see by sunday's forecast, it will be near 60 in san francisco. that's when that onshore wind that's going to be coming back. also for the trivalley, hottest day will be here on fridays. then numbers also begin to go down. the only hitch in the forecast besides the larger problem that we can't get any rainfall is going to be the pollen. we haven't seen too much fluxuations in this. it still looks like it's maxed out at the high category. if you suffer from allergies, it will be a tough go over the next few days. more in 25 minutes. up next he had a message for politicians and he delivered it. but his tactic landed him in trouble. from a $40 million football
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contract to life in prison. an nfl rising star convicted of murder. no murder weapon found or clear motive. the reason why jurors found aaron hernandez guilty. that's next.
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we're following some breaking news in the east bay. our nbc chopper is there. there's a heavy police presence in oakland right now. police say a san leandro police officer shot a suspect. they were conducting an investigation at the time. the shooting happened at 105th avenue and creekside. this is near the san leandro border. paramedics did take that suspect to the hospital. there are no reports of any injured officers. you see a lot of officers gathered down below now. we'll continue to follow this breaking story and bring you more information as it becomes available. from nfl star to convicted murderer, a massachusetts jury today found former new england patriot aaron hernandez guilty.
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ja janelle wang joins us now. >> reporter: after deliberations, the jury reached a unanimous decision. >> what say you madam foreperson? not guilty? guilty of murder in the first degree? or guilty of murder in the second degree? >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: and with that a judge sentenced 25-year-old aaron hernandez to life in prison without the possibility of parole. the former new england patriots tight end shook his head and sat back in his chair as the verdict was read. after the nine-week trial, jurors were convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that hernandez murdered odin lloyd in 2013. the body was found in a vacant lot near the football star's home. >> we followed the court's orders. assumed the man sitting in that seat was innocent until the prosecution proves he's guilty. that's what happened today. >> reporter: jurors reached
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their verdict despite having no murder weapon no witnesses to the shooting and no clear motive presented to them. but prosecutors were able to tie him to the crime scene through surveillance videos and records. there was also another gun near the scene that was linked to hernandez. >> he is a citizen who was held accountable by the jury for his depraved conduct. >> reporter: the hernandez defense team plans to appeal. hernandez is also charged in a 2012 boston double murder. that trial is expected to begin later this year. raj? >> janelle, thank you. an illegal stunt years in the making went off almost exactly as planned at the u.s. capitol today. >> what just happened? what is happening? >> it was alarming for capitol police. a florida mailman ended a
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gyrocopter. he said he did it to bring attention to campaign finance reform. he landed carrying letters addressed to all 535 members of congress urging them to cut the government off from the influence of big money. the secret service interviewed hughs about his plans last year. apparently that didn't stop him from following through and possibly facing both civil and criminal charges. ahead, on the loose. an overturned big rig overturning spilling thousands of california's finest. an officer accused of ramming a suspect with his car being defended. california is juggling firefighter training and schedules because of the escalating fire season conditions. i'm live in los gatos, a look at how crews get ready for the unexpected.
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right now, 6:30. preparing for the worst. cal fire rushing to make sure its troops are ready for what could be a historically dangerous fire season. red flag warnings are already up in southern california and the bay area is starting to heat up. these conditions have cal fire making big changes. we have team coverage this evening of the growing weather worries. jeff ranieri is tracking the elements but we begin with robert honda in los gatos. among the many hot spots in the
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bay area. >> reporter: that's right. cal fire says because of the drought it's almost as if the entire state could be considered a hot spot. that means fire crews as well as incoming seasonal firefighters will have to do everything earlier than expected. the seasonal firefighters rejoining are already in full training mode. the helipad crew were well aware they could be heading out. >> we have some prepositioning of strike teams that have been moving through southern california. it's kind of a hot spot for this week right now. >> reporter: the bay area situation is only slightly better. >> the grass is extremely dry. all the fuels are dry right now. we did get a little bit of rain. the crop is higher than it has been the last four seasons. >> reporter: as we reported the first academy group trained and were assigned last week. the current academy of 26 firefighters are testing today
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and are scheduled to be assigned monday. but cal fire says it could happen earlier, as early as tonight depending on conditions or a sudden fire. starting early would be right in line with this year's preparations. >> prepositioning down south. that's when it happens later on. staffing arrangements will be at peak staffing here in about a month. that's about 60 days earlier than we normally have. >> reporter: and getting ready for the unexpected means getting up to speed as a unit. >> we're going to be away from home for sometimes three, four weeks at a time. and you really need that support. >> reporter: and cal fire says so far it is pleased with the progress of the academy. now it's a matter of keeping an eye on the progress of the weather. live in los gatos, robert honda, nbc bay area news. live look outside in san jose now. our warm and dry winter setting the stage for a dangerous spring and summer. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the immediate forecast here. >> it is going to be into the 80s here throughout the next two
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days. and the larger thing we really want to tell everybody is the fact that yes, it was dry in winter. if you remember back there were storms in december and february where we did get a lot of rainfall. and that rainfall was good enough to get us into the average rainfall season despite the drought we're in. so in the short-term there's been a lot of fuel that's been able to grow across the area. lot of vegetation on the hillsides. all you need are a few components to help ramp up the fire danger. tomorrow we are going to have at least one of those. that's a drier off-shore easterly wind. it is not going to be extremely gusty, but winds as high as 16 in napa will help increase that fire threat. it will only stay gusty through thursday. then the winds will calm down right into this upcoming weekend. again, it's going to be mainly high temperatures in the 80s and the low humidity. we'll have details coming up in
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the next 15 minutes. here's a good resource for tracking the weekend warm-up. download our free nbc bay area app. you can check conditions in your specific neighborhoods. palo alto cops say they tracked down a man accused of exposing himself to several people last month. 36-year-old israel sandoval jr. faces charges of misdemeanor indecent exposure. back in march he exposed himself to at least three people at the stanford shopping center. investigators say more people could have been victimized by sandoval. specifically visitors to a nearby coffee shop. they're asking who may have information or have been flashed by him to call police. an arizona police chief is backing his officer's decision to run down a suspect with his patrol car. a warning, we're about to show -- what we're about to show you is graphic. incredibly the suspect survived. this is that dash cam video.
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now the police chief in marana, arizona, says he thinks the officer's actions likely saved the suspect's life. that suspect was carrying a rifle stolen from a nearby suspect. he had come face-to-face with an officer, then they likely would have shot and killed him. the suspect and his attorney disagree and are filing suit against the city. thousands of protesters gather across the bay area and around the nation to demand an increase in the minimum wage on this tax day. this is what it looked like in san jose where protesters demonstrated outside of mcdonald's and did it for hours. thousands are rallying for better wages. conservative lawmakers are fighting to cut taxes for the wealthiest residents of the country. steve handelsman has the tax day wrapup from washington. >> reporter: about 35 million americans are filing on this deadline date says the irs.
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many by mail most online. but 43% of americans owe no federal income tax. many who work in low wage jobs. like christine weaver who has to bum a ride in every day. >> i don't currently have a car. it's a little under five miles to get to work. >> reporter: rallies demanded a minimum wage of $15. this was new york at mcdonald's. and in raleigh today, some of these workers get government assistance welfare. so do some at a rally near the white house. >> and if they've got a fair wage, they would be able to contribute opposed to taking. >> reporter: president obama could not get a $10 minimum wage passed. >> we got a bunch of members of congress who don't get it when it comes to raising wages. >> reporter: republicans were arguing today that the richest americans need help. they'd end the estate tax for families whose net worth
6:37 pm
averages $100 million a year. >> this is morally wrong that the federal government taxes people on their death. >> reporter: a liberal mocked republican priority. >> it's not to feed the hungry not tho create jobs but it's a give a tax break to billionaires. >> reporter: taxes and income big issues on april 15th. but the nation is in different brackets about what to change. both issues look certain to be factors in the 2016 election. i'm steve handelsman washington. >> thank you. hillary clinton is now calling on the supreme court to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. the presidential hopeful called it a constitutional right in a statement released by her office today. the position seems to be different than the one clinton took last year when she told npr it should be up to each state to make the decision. still ahead, prepare to get closer. the airlines' new plan to
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squeeze even more passengers into its planes. and a safer place for sfpd. the addition of the new city's headquarters. plus going public what's normally done in secret. the website trying to turn a profit off adultery.
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you're not imagining it. airlines are jamming more seats to planes. the airplane manufacturer airbus revealed this image of its latest seating arrangement. in this case 11 people sitting across the plane. each seat only 18 inches wide. this allows airlines to fit more people in economy class. that means more frustrated fliers and more cases of air
6:41 pm
rage. the layout is expected to hit the skies in 2017. a dating website for married people looking to cheat on their spouses is looking for a lot more than just love. it's looking for investors. the website is called ashley it markets itself as a place for people who want to have an affair or hook up. according to bloomberg, the company is going after an ipo in london this year. the company says it's looking to raise as much as 200 million bucks. bucks. a couple the proud parents of the first all-girl quintuplets. they came early, 12 weeks in fact. each have their own team of doctors and nurses taking care of them. daniel and adam busby describe the incident as crazy and surreal. >> what a legacy we're going to have you know to grow up with five little girls everywhere we
6:42 pm
go. it's going to be fun. >> two of the quints are identical. all of the girls will join sister blake at home. she's 3. as soon as they're able to leave the hospital. so in total, they have six little girls under the age of 3. >> they need name tags or something at this early age. >> yeah. all right, jeff. how we looking here as we head through the week? >> pretty good. temperatures will be warming up the next couple of days. take you outside to the live cam. clear skies to san francisco. we'll talk about how hot it's going to get in your microclimate zone in just a few minutes. also the playoffs begin this weekend for the warriors. stephen curry breaking more records. we have the practice footage that's pretty incredible. stay with us.
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we are getting our first
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look at the man accused of violently grabbing a little girl in san francisco this morning. this man grabbed the 5-year-old girl by the neck lifted her up and then pushed her against the building. she was just walking with her mom when she was suddenly attacked. it happened near the corner of union and octavia a few blocks north of ft. mason. she was taken to the hospital with scratches to her neck. he is being charged. new at 6:00 sfpd is moving. their new home complete with a view of the ballpark and arts. it's about time. >> reporter: we like things that are old. things that survive changing times. then there are places -- >> it was probably a great building when it was first designed. >> reporter: like the hall of justice that seems to overstay their welcome.
6:46 pm
>> it was good probably for 1960. it was terrible for 2015. >> reporter: the hall is the long-time home of san francisco's police department jail, district attorney. it even had a part in the film "dirty harry" way back in 1971. >> it hasn't changed probably before it was filmed and certainly didn't change much after. >> reporter: but like anyone who outgrows their home moving day has come to the hall. this week the police department is packing up and moving to its new home. the brand new $243 million public service building in the growing mission bay. retired police captain john goldberg helped design this building. >> all new computers, speed, connectivity wireless. >> reporter: the new headquarters has all the high-tech bells and whistles. even has a deep left field view of at&t park. >> watch really close. you can see a ball coming over. >> reporter: the thing it has
6:47 pm
the other building didn't is art. >> i found that every fire engine has a bronze bell. great place to listen to the bell. >> reporter: this artist was tapped to design the corner plaza of the building. >> i thought a good curve to add would be a bell. my bell has a voice and she can sing out daily 20 seconds before noon and 20 seconds after noon. i think once you hear the bell, you'll never forget it. >> reporter: and the building's art also includes a memorial to fallen police officers called the spiral of gratitude. >> it is a glass cylinder inscribed inside the cylinder is a poem that was written based on interviews and feedback from families of fallen officers. >> reporter: the shadows of the new building fall on historic fire station 30 which was restored and incorporated into the new space. >> it'll give the building a sense of life. >> reporter: but the old hall of
6:48 pm
justice won't be handing in its star just yet. it's still home to the courts and district attorney. just don't expect those moving out to shed many tears looking back. >> tear it is will be shed for those who have to stay. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. the ditches ran red today with smashed bottles of zinfandel zinfandel. this is on highway 32. a big rig carrying about 12 tons of wine overturned after it was cut off by another car. now, the chp says the driver of that big rig and his quick action was heroic. he likely saved the lives of the men in the vehicle that forced him to overturn. let's talk to jeff. talk about the weekend. it's almost here. we're going to see some changes. >> i wish we could erase this region of high pressure off the map and get us some stop activity but this is the same exact pattern that has been causing our drought.
6:49 pm
it's nothing more than high pressure sitting across california. storm track goes way off to the north and it's going to be persistent again as we head throughout the next couple of days. let's take you outside the sky network right now. you felt the beginnings of that today. the heat associated with it. it's like a big dome moving in from southern california and just parking itself on top of the bay area. 70 right now the the south bay. 74 in the east bay. and we are still checking in at 79 degrees throughout the north bay. san francisco, no sign of any fog at all. even though we have a slightly cooler wind in san francisco. you can see blue sky well off towards the distance. that warm air on top is so overridingly hot we won't have a chance for fog to form. tomorrow morning it will start off clear for us with temperatures going off in the north bay. and for the south bay, 48. throughout the day, there are going to be some subtle changes. that's all it takes in the bay area. a subtle change in the wind and you'll see some dramatic
6:50 pm
differences. today it was more about a milder northerly wind flow. slightly cool at the coastline. and then for tomorrow here's the key change. it comes more out of the east. there is no, of course cold pacific air back here in the valleys. when that air comes from the east, it's drier and hotter. that's why temperatures will be warmer for us throughout our forecast. you can see the results of that drier easterly wind. instead of 70s in san jose we're going up to 83 degrees tomorrow. likely 85 in los gatos. pacifica, yes, going into the 70s tomorrow. palo alto, 83. san francisco in the 70s. 79 in soma. north bay, east bay, and also for the tri-valley some of the hottest temperatures. that's with that wind coming out of the east will move across the higher elevations. the air molecules will get excited, rub against each other so to speak, create friction. then you get the hotter temperatures.
6:51 pm
88 expected in santa rosa. 86 in napa. across the tri-valley some of the warmest here across. does it get hotter than this? we don't think so. we're going to average mid-80s here through thursday friday and saturday. tomorrow's your warmest day in san francisco, so take note. and the numbers will be dropping into the weekend as well. what about that next possibility of rainfall? we still have that thankfully in the forecast. the gfs, the american model shows the possibility of showers by 11 a.m. next wednesday. it's still early out. but here's the new information we're getting. the european model now has the possibility of showers next week. that's good news for our confidence. we'll see what tomorrow has to bring us. >> okay. thank you, jeff. guess what tonight is. the final regular season game for the warriors before this weekend's playoffs. steph curry making headlines for what he did in practice. you got to see it to believe it. next.
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we're joined from the comcast sportsnet studios. you have cleared out your schedule for this weekend? >> yeah. >> i know i have. we don't know if it's going to be new orleans or oklahoma city yet. but it is going to be a saturday afternoon game. win one more minor goal in sight. the dubs can become just the tenth team in nba history to reach the victories over the nuggets. the list is long and distinguished. we're talking about michael's
6:55 pm
bulls, jerry west's lakers and the first championship shaq team. now, if you think steph curry is something to see night in and night out at oracle watch him in practice. during tuesday's workout, the most likely nba mvp of 2015 knocked down 73 three pointers in a row. 77 connectin a row. that is insane even without defenders. >> it's remarkable his hand/eye coordination. i would guess if steph decided to be a golfer at a young age he would have beat jordan spieth the other day. >> highlights of the game at 11:00. april 15th is the most important day in baseball history. on this date 68 years old jack
6:56 pm
robinson made his debut with the dodgers. the 28-year-old rookie played first base in front of 25,000 as the dodgers faced the boston braves. it's a moment that all major leaguers celebrate with great pride. >> he went through a lot of struggles for a lot of people. to have him represented on a day like this across all of major league baseball is exciting. this has been maybe 13 or 14 i've been able to take part of. every one has been special. you look forward to these days because they don't come very often. a's in houston taking on the astros. all teams across baseball wearing the number 42 in honor of robinson. bottom first, altuve taking on for a ride into the center field gap. just like that, houston threatening with a man in scoring position. two hitters later, former athletic jed lowrie haunting his own club. his third of the season. 2-0 astros. right now in the sixth inning
6:57 pm
the a's trail 4-1. finally, while the sharks cleaned out their lockers today, there was no house cleaning of the coaching staff. todd mcclellan and doug wilson spoke of needing more time to make decisions on the future direction of the franchise. there was no firing but mcclellan himself might not want to return despite having one year left on his current contract. now, he did say he expects the uncertainty of the situation to be removed before he leaves for the czech republic on april 24th. so obviously more to come on the sharks situation. back to you, guys. >> thanks. for more coverage watch comcast sportsnet. >> thanks for watching at 6:00. have a great evening.
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bruce jenner for the first time in his own words about his sex change. >> before a sit-down with diane sawyer, the clues to his new name and what he's been secretly doing for a year, now on "extra." bruce jenner finally speaks. as the first video from his tell-all interview emerges. who's been counseling jenner for a year? his new female name starting with a "k." plus, kim's book of selfies. it was a prank after all. de


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