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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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hill right now. a car fire on 680. we'll talk about the latest and i'll give you the status of that driver as well. meantime, taking a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge from a distance on this thursday, april 16th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock on this thursday morning. it is opening day for the san jose giants. they have a special fan throwing out that ceremonial first pitch. >> nbc bay area is live at municipal stadium in san jose. it will certainly be an emotional night with brian stowe at the ballpark. >> the san jose giants are calling this one of the most historic and memorable free-game ceremonies in the team's history. brian stowe will be throwing out the first pitch here at municipal stadium in san jose. you might recall he was badly beaten during the opening day in 2011 at chavez ravine in dodgers
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stadium. he's spent the last four years trying to recover that from beating. giants supporters have held fund-raisers in his name to help pay for medical bills and to help support brian's children. brian has a personal connection to the san jose giants. while he worked for the amr ambulance service, stow also worked here at municipal stadium for the san jose giants. >> brian used to be an emt here at san jose a number of years back. and when he was injured down in los angeles, we made a commitment to his children that when he got well that he could come back and throw out the first pitch and that day has come. >> there is a brian stow fund through the san francisco police credit union. so the san jose giants are asking fans tonight to make a donation to the family. gates open at 5:30 here this afternoon at municipal stadium. the first pitch by brian stow
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will will be scheduled for 7:00. and if you have not been to a game here at municipal stadium for the san jose giants, you are missing out. this is quite a carnival. live in san jose, for "today in the bay." >> i'm going this weekend in fact. 5:02 right now. a police officer is on paid leave this morning after shooting a woman in creek side circle just east of the oakland airport. the woman was allegedly driving a stolen car and rammed the officer's patrol car moments before she was shot. officer was not hurt. the woman was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. at least one other person was arrested. 5:02 right now. four east bay high school students are due in court next week in connection with an armed robbery. last week police say the 17-year-old put on masks and pulled a gun on a drug dealer and his friend taking marijuana and their cell phones. all four of them are athletes at concord's clayton valley charter high school. they are being charged as adults though. one of the teens is miles
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harrison, star oning back who made first-team all-state. harrison and two others charged could face eight years in prison if they are convicted. the alleged gunman could get 17 years. a san francisco homeless man is in jail this morning accused of attacking a 5-year-old in the marina district. offices arrested the suspect yesterday morning. police say the girl and her mother were walking past him when he grabbed her by the neck, lifted her up and pushed her into a wall. the girl was scratched and had injuries to her neck. police are not saying what provoked the attack. relatives of a truck driver who died in a fiery crash in the east bay are now suing his employer. 62-year-old uhl levy died a month ago when it was alleged his brakes and other mechanical systems failed and he plunged into a restaurant where the truck exploded. this morning some bay area catholics are reaching out to pope francis hoping he will remove san francisco's
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archbishop. "today in the bay's" rob redell is live in san francisco. i understand the group is upset by what they believe to be controversial moves made by the bishop. >> reporter: you are correct. this group of 100 catholics, some of whom are leaders in businesses and in the community, are trying to remove the man who is the head of the san francisco diocese with an ad they've taken out in this morning's edition of the "san francisco chronicle." you can see that it is a full-page letter that asks pope francis to remove the archbishop from his post in san francisco. they believe the archbishop's strict stance on issues like gay marriage have divided the catholic committee here -- community here in the city. they point to the way teachers and staff are treated at the city's four catholic schools. all employees there required to abide by a morality clause which this group argues not only violates individual beliefs but california state law as well. the letter alleges that the
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archbishop even disregards advice from other breepriests w regards to his action. the archdiocese argues this ad does not reflect the city's entire catholic community. the group behind the ad will discuss further at a news conference scheduled for later this morning. live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. it is a another smash-and-grab at a san francisco business. surveillance video from the stuff antique store on valencia street around 4:00 yesterday morning. four thieves broke in and took off with thousands of dollars worth of goods. in just the past four months, there have been at least eight smash-and-grabs in san francisco. no word if any of them are actually related. a plan to ban wood burning fireplaces sparking debate around the area. tonight the debate arrives in sonoma county. the bay area air quality districts wants to ban wood burning fireplaces from all homes. any one looking to representative or sell would have to replace wood burning fireplaces with gas ones.
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tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. at santa rosa city hall. golden state is just the tenth team in nba's history to finish the season with 67 wins or more. seven of those teams went on to win an nba title. >> golden state hoping to make it eight. it all starts saturday night against the new orleans pelicans. tip-off scheduled for 12:30. game two is 7:30 monday night at the oracle before the two teams head to new orleans for games three and four next thursday and saturday. the bay area has certainly caught warrior fever. we checked a couple of sites this morning to see what kind of deal we could get for tickets. ticketmaster's cheapest tickets, probably talking about the nose-bleeds here -- $187. on stubhub the cheapest ticket is about $183. again those are for the highest
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levels of oracle arena. good luck. those are only going to go up. >> all right. let's see the temperatures. they're going up today. >> exactly. >> good morning, sam and laura. good morning to you at home. want to get you prepared for the day ahead. it is going to be quite a bit different than where we ended up yesterday. right now we're starting out in the 50s. nice and mild out there. the wind has calmed down considerably. as we get into this afternoon, it will be about 8 to 10 degrees warmer, on average. 85 degrees in the tri-valley for today. 83 on the peninsula. right around 79 degrees in san francisco. so if you can get out there for today, beach conditions, just spectacular. 77 degrees in pacifica for today. little to no fog even getting into this evening. we do have some changes on the way. this heat is not going to last forever. very short-lived heat event here in the bay area. bup defini but definitely a noticeable difference. you might want to try to close your blinds and park in the shade today.
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beach warning. if you do want to hit the beach, we'll talk about a warning for beachgoers. we aren't expecting big waves but a really strong swell coming in. that will be the case as we head throughout the next couple days. we'll have that in my next report for you. plus, we'll talk about when these showers roll into the forecast. looking good for considerable rainfall by about tuesday of next week. more on that in just moments. right now want to check your drive, say happy thursday to mike. >> happy thursday. over here, not so bad as well. this car is not facing the right direction. it is also dividing lanes. chp doesn't seem to worry about it but i'll let you know if anything has to happen. so far the traffic flow is nice off of the overchange and off of the maze. the approach is also moving very well. a wide look shows you, including the north bay, southbound 101 moving very smoothly all the way down to the golden gate bridge and into the city. toward southbound 680, pleasant hill, concord, this whole area
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moving very well. this earlier fender-bender is a car fire, not a crash at all. the car apparently stalled, rolled off the roadway. the person is safely out of the car from what i understand. but there is at least some distraction. we'll track this, again. no lanes are blocked but there with a is at least an earlier car fire. we'll get the latest as chp gives us more details from that scene. meanwhile, westbound 580 at livermore avenue we had a crash that was in lanes, now it is completely cleared from their report. there's another slowdown starting out of the altimont pass, moving over by the time you get to airway, over to the dublin interchange. no real problems for the rest of the bay, though there was a crash -- sort of talk about a crash, 60 at mckey. i put it on the map. at 680 and 101 we don't see any slowing. we'll track that on 680.
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cal train hopes a new bike bump form will help bicyclists. the problem is people with bicycles getting bumped from overcrowded trains. they can now file a bump form online. cal train hopes it will help to monitor overall ridership patterns. 5:10 on a thursday morning. we know he is a rock star in the tech community. how apple's ceo tim cook beat out some of the biggest stars in film and music coming up next. plus, how a military helicopter ended up landing on the southern california beach. p.
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if oakland airport seems a little more crowded to you these days, that's because the latest numbers back that up. last month the airport saw an 8% surge in passengers over the same time last year. airlines seat capacity was higher, as was the number of seats filled. even cargo volume increased. oakland airport also says the in um ber of people taking the new b.a.r.t. connecter train was almost 40% higher than bus service it replaced. netflix stocks surged in
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after-hours trading after good news out of los gatos. the company reported revenue jumped 24% year over year and membership has now surpassed 60 million users worldwide. for a look at how the rest of the markets are doing, we turn live to cnbc world headquarters. goodlaura, good morning. a federal judge has ruled gm is shielded from hundreds of claims due to crashes that led to bankruptcy in 2009. gm not only lost billions of dollars in damages being sought by customers over defective ignition switches. plaintiffs can still file claims for accidents that happened after 2009. futures point to a lower open this morning. stocks close at a three-week high on wednesday as commodities
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rose and the dollar fell. oil closed at $56 a barrel, the highest we've seen this year. earnings from citigroup and goldman sachs today. the nasdaq up 33 to 5,011. back to you. turns out apple ceo tim cook is more popular than taylor swift and robert downy jr. combined. >> cookies drawing the most interest in the online auction to benefit the robert kennedy human rights center. with 20 days left in the auction, the top bid for lunch with cook at apple headquarters -- $165,000. >> wow. that's pretty cool. tickets and backstage passes to taylor swift's world tour have raised just over $2,000. kind of surprising. and a meeting with robert downey jr., just over $3,000. >> taylor swift of course the headliner, naturally. christina joins us now. how are things looking for the rest of the week? >> xwwhat a broad spectrum you could say.
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i like both of them. a big fan of taylor swift. and of course, tim cook. beautiful day in cupertino for today. want to show you a live picture of san francisco. pretty day shaping up for us. we're going to see warm conditions in the city by the bay. real lly nice day in the city. a little hot for us in your inland valley spots. you can see here, no fog to start the day. so here is the weather story. temperatures starting out in the 50s. you made it so close to the weekend at this point. today and tomorrow the hottest days. cool start feeling like summertime later on today. this is your lunch time temperature. 70 degrees on the peninsula. up to 83 degrees in palo alto later on. 83 for the east shore. 85 out in the tri-valley. upper 70s for san francisco. getting into the next couple days, temperatures are going to climb a touch more for your friday. then we'll start to gradually cool you off easing those numbers as we head throughout saturday, into sunday. by sunday, temperatures getting closer to average, especially
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city by the bay, little bit warm still, 79 for us on sunday here in the south bay. then by monday, everything starts to change. we bring in that slight chance for showers as of monday night. better chance as we head throughout your tuesday. we saw that clock for you on your futurecast at 2:00 a.m. you notice something we really need in the bay area, at least to keep our hillsides green, to keep things nice and moist around here. it is when woo he start to dry out we get those dry-sloping winds that our fire danger increases so this is a very welcome sign. also expecting some snowfall out of this system as we head into the upcoming tuesday and wednesday of next week. i want to stop the clock one more time. wednesday at 8:00 a.m., widespread shower activity. all across the bay area. but it doesn't stop then. we take you from wednesday at 8:00 a.m., into wednesday night at 8:00 p.m., and temperatures are going to be much cooler. we're going to potentially measure an inch of rain. so sunny and 8 to 10 degrees warmer for today but a big change on the way.
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we'll tell you how much we are expecting in your specific microclimate coming up in the next report. plus, there is a lot going on across the bay area for this weekend. a lot of free events you may not know about. we'll tell you all about those as we head throughout the next hour together. right now, want to check your drive. here's mike inouye. >> i want to first update you on 680. we talked about a fender-bender. it was not much of an issue. the reason why? it turns out there is a car in a ditch off the northbound 680 right around mckey but it is not a problem because there's not a person in or around the car and it is out of the roadway. it may be an abandoned vehicle. we'll track the report. so far the south bay looks great. no real slowing. this yellow at the 87/280 downtown exchange there is just down to 59, the very slowest i've been watching. right now, a nice easy drive for the nimitz through hayward, past san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. over in the tri-valley, you slow down. still over there at north
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livermore, nothing west of airway is showing any slowdowns, including the dublin interclang a and south 680 as well. a look over across the bay, san mateo bridge from the foster city side, a quick look -- westbound is moving smoothly. eastbound, i said it was down to one lane. the reason i know that is because of a bad traffic shot but it shows you the lane is closed just before you get on to that incline span and that construction crew is still there. a look off the in distance, it is so clear. back out to the map, the rest of the area, approaching the bay bridge from both sides of the bay, the peninsula moving. so is oakland and the approach off of the maze. upper east shore as well as north bay, navato. bay bridge plaza, no delays. easy drive, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. crews vouri iscouring the i ocean for the missing malaysian
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airlines jet. searchers have found nothing. the flight vanished more than a year ago, headed from skkuala lumpur to beijing. an emergency landing on a beach in north san diego by a chopper. it was on routine training when the crew received a low pressure warning. witnesses say they could see fluid and smoke coming from the aircraft before it landed. luckily no crew members or anyone on the beach were injured. an organic labeling for certain types of u.s. farm seafood is actually getting closer to reality. the agriculture department plans to propose new organic standards for farmed fish later this year. if the industry embraces the rules and organic labels for u.s. farm fish may be available as soon as two years from now. some organic fish products are
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already imported to the u.s. from other countries, including norway and canada. 5:20. to two texas officers saved a family from a burning building and it is all caught on camera. >> get out! get out! get out! get out! who else is in here? >> had those ft. worth officers were on patrol when they noticed heavy smoke coming from the house. everybody was okay. quick action. 5:21. just days after announcing his constituency, one presidential constituent may already have to change his campaign song.
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a live look outside this morning at 5:23. the golden gate bridge and a golden day awaits here. we'll try to get that camera shot fixed for you. in the meantime --
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♪ i see the dawn of a new beginning ♪ >> turns out senator marco rubio and presidential hopeful mr. rubio may have to make a campaign change less than a week after kicking things off. right before he announced his candidacy for president, rubio walk on the stage to the song you just heard, "something new." but he failed to ask the swedish musical duo that actually made that song if he could use it. the duo says it does no the want to be affiliated to any party during the presidential race. oops, new song now. >> would have been a good one. >> would have worked. a battle is brewing in upscale london neighborhood right now. >> take a look at this. a house painted in red stripes. it's apparently in protest of a local planning decision. the home's owner petitioned to make changes to his home but was turned down. days later the house looked like this. neighbors say it's an eye sore but there may be nothing they can do because no planning laws actually have been broken.
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take a look at this. four newborn white tiger cubs are now on display at a zoo in japan. this is just a test run to see how the cubs react before they have their official debut next week. all four cubs were born in late january. so far none of the cubs have a name. the public will be allowed to actually choose a name. if you have any good suggestions. >> they're beautiful. very regal there. 5:25. want to check the forecast. temperatures rising, christina. >> yeah, i think that's actually a characteristic of a came capr. 60 in the south bay. 50 degrees in the north bay no matter what sign you are, party is where you want to head to for today if you can. beautiful conditions at your location beaches. 79 in san francisco. 86 in the north bay. a little warm for us in the south bay. that means ac weather has returned. you can do yourself a service if you go ahead and park in the
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shade. peeking of which, you got to get to work before you can park that vehicle. mike will help you get there. >> christina, sam knows about the regal capricorn because i -- we -- are a capricorn. if you do have to drive yourself, we're having a smooth drive right past the truck scales. we'll show you the map. we haven't really seen any slowing coming into the south bay. a dramatic 59 throughout the south bay as more cars start to hit the roads. same thing on the peninsula. it is an easy drive. the san mateo bridge moves well. tri-valley no real slowing into dublin. moving north to north bay, upper east shore freeway is fine. the only thing on the grid of concern is that earlier car fire on the shoulder of south 680 at willow pass road. back to you. the giants are hoping another round with the diamondbacks will get them back on track. injuries have plagued the team and it's shown.
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they lost 4-2 yesterday to the rockies last night. their sixth straight loss. tonight the giants play host to the diamondbacks. first pitch at 7:15. show up early, it is irish heritage night. it was also not the best night for the a's either. the bats went quiet as the team lost 6-1 to astros. a big series with the royals is next. two teams play tomorrow at 5:10 in kansas city. the royals knocked the a's out of the playoffs last season winning that wild card game in extra innings. of course, they went on, the royals, to the world series. a's looking for some redemption. 5:25. the san jose giants home opener will be a special one. we'll tell you what brian stow is doing before the game. plus, the backlash against san francisco's archbishop just growing. bay area caucustholics are now asking the pope to step in.
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an emotional night expected in the south bay.
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big plans for brian stow at the san jose giants game. an amazing video out of san francisco after a car slams into a fire hydrant. we'll tell you what led up to the crash. it's hard to see that in the midst of a drought. we do have rain on the way, but not before we see temperatures near records for today. great beach weather out there. then, major cooling and some showers. your full forecast in just moments. look, there you go -- they just made it. the flashing lights clearing from the san mateo bridge. that's good news for your morning commute. we'll trooy to get tyou the clearest spot on the way to work. a live look at the bay bridge. it is thursday, april 16th and you are watching today in the bay. a good thursday morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. hardz to imagine there wil
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be a dry eye in the san jose giants game. that's because brian stow is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. a pretty special moment, no doubt, for stow and his family, and of course giant fans. >> reporter: yeah, it will be. the san jose giants have been waiting for this day for quite some time, especially since brian stow has a personal connection to the san jose giants. in fact, the giants organization here in the south bay calling this one of the most memorable and historic pre-game ceremonies in their history especially because brian stow used to be an emt here at the san jose giants games when he was working for the amr ambulance company. you may recall brian stow was badly beaten at chavez ravine and dodgers stadium on opening day in 2011. he was in a coma and still undergoes daily treatment and therapy four years later. tonight's first pitch is actually completing a promise the giants organization made to brian's children. they promised to bring brian
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back as soon as he was able to do the honors on opening day. >> it's a story of comeback and the giants come back a lot to win world championships and they love their fans. brian's been a great fan of the giants for his whole life. and to just see what he's come through and to be able to give him something back like this, a little excitement, it is just the kind of thing that really resonates with everybody. >> the san francisco police credit union opened up a fund for brian stow's family. the giants organization is asking fans to make a donation to that fund to help pay for continued therapy and for brian's children. the gates open at 5:30 p.m. today here at the san jose muni. first pitch is at 7:00. they made some renovations here to the municipal stadium since last year, so lot of exciting news coming from the south bay.
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>> the weather will cooperate as well. going to be a warm one out there tonight. thanks a lot. a group now of prominent bay area catholics are calling on pope francis to remove san francisco's archbishop. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live from san francisco. bob, the group is upset by what they believe to be controversial moves like the archbishop like those morality clauses. >> reporter: good morning, sam. what bhmakes this remarkable is that the archbishop is facing dissent from within his church from members of the catholic community. there are 100 catholics, some of whom are leaders in local businesses and the communities who put out this full-page ad. looking pat a full-page letter that they pub accomplished in this morning's edition of the "san francisco chronicle." in this letter they are asking pope francis to remove the archbishop from his posts here in san francisco. they believe that the archbishop's strict stance on issues like gay marriage has divided the catholic community in the city. they point to the way teachers
5:34 am
and staff are treated at the city's four catholic schools. all employees there are required to abide by a morality clause. this group argues not only does it violate their individual beliefs, but california state law as well. the letter also alleges that the archbishop disregards advice from other priests when it comes to what they're trying to advise him on with regard to his actions. now in response, the archdiocese argues that this ad does not reflect the city's entire catholic community. the group behind the ad will discuss this further at a news conference that's scheduled for later this morning. reporting live here in san francisco, bab bob redell, "today in the bay." police are trying to figure out what caused a car to flip over and land on the vta tracks killing two people last night on north capital avenue. police say five people were in the car, two of them died. a vta train was not involved. this morning a deadly house fire in san jose is under
5:35 am
investigation and it is being treated as a crime scene. that fire started on jeanne avenue around 7:30 last night a few blocks away from mckinley elementary school. a man took this cell phone video of smoke billowing out of the house. firefighters say when they got there the fire and smoke were pouring out. a man out front told them he'd been able to escape but someone else was inside. >> our crews were searching the entire building, the entire structure, all the rooms, as well as an active firefight that was in there. throughout that search they were able to determine and find that the one person that was still inside the building was in the room of fire origin. >> firefighters found a body in the back bedroom. neighbors say the victim is not the man who owns the home. no word yet on who he is though. a mystery in the south bay. a man severely beaten outside of his apartment complex after several months of investigation. police say they are at a dead end. it happened in mid-september near the intersection of winchester an payne avenue in
5:36 am
san jose not from the from the 287 interchange. the man just finished watching the 49ers/bears game. his mother said he walked to a nearby store but didn't come back. the next day neighbors found him beaten and unconscious on the sidewalk but he can't remember what happened that night. he suffered brain damage and lost vision in his left left eyey eye. now he is learning to walk again. >> it is very hard for my son who's in tuned in the body that's -- i'm sorry -- it's somewhat foreign to him. you know, he knows he's not the same person and it's very depressing and it's hard. >> the victim's cell phone was also stolen. investigativ detectives have not been a able to locate it. if you know or saw anything, call san jose police. all new this morning, it probably did not wake you up but a small earthquake hit overnight in the south bay. the 2.4 magnitude quake was centered just outside of
5:37 am
campbell. it happened a little after 1:00 this morning. no damages or injuries to report so far. a minor traffic accident overnight led to a major buescher in tbusgusher in the city's richmond district. a car hit the fire high duranyh. 75,000 gallons later firefighters were able to turn off the water. tough to see that loss. 5:37 right now. it is clear as a bell outside. we bring in the belle of the ball, meteorologist christina loren. >> fog-free start. lots of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures way above average for this time of yooer. as a result of offshore flow, we start out in the 50s. the tri-valley just two degrees away from 60 to kick off the new day. temperatures this afternoon will easily climb into the mid 80s. 83 for the peninsula even the tri-valleys at 85. 86 in the north bay.
5:38 am
the place to be if you can get out there are your local beaches. pacifica for today, 77 degrees. comfortable conditions for you. half moon bay, we expect 79 degrees. beautiful day shaping up there. looking good in santa cruz to get beyond that 80-degree plama. 81 degrees in the heat of the day. powerful waves on the day. they won't be huge for today. they will intensify and get bigger as we head throughout tomorrow. but if you are going to be headed to the beach, we are expecting strong rip currents out there. never turn your back to the ocean. turn leapt speeds with long period swells. by the weekend we'll hold on to some of the warmth and lose those dangerous waves. that's good news. you might be able to enjoy it. eight to ten degrees warmer. what a difference a day can make here in the bay area when it comes to your microclimate weather forecast. friday we expect big waves of until 6:00 p.m. then things will calm down, be a little bit more safe. there is a potent storm system though kicking these big waves
5:39 am
up. this storm system is going to make its way right here in the bay area bringing some showers with it as we head throughout the next seven days together. i will show you your futurecast in just moments and tell you how much we are expecting in your microclimate. some of these totals look very impressive for a late april system. right now, let's welcome in mike inouye for your drive. >> towards fremont, turning the cameras south, despite the trees in the way, the lights show northbound traffic flowing underneath that mission boulevard interchange. this is 880 at mission. the issue is not there, it is over at 680 and mission also moving down toward that fremont funnel we always talk about. a little slowing with a fend fender-bender. you see slowing coming down through the area. they may have move everything to the shoulder. we'll watch for more slowing around the bend over the next few minutes.
5:40 am
no delays out of sunol down into the south bay. other than that, a smooth flow of traffic. there is a little bit built now northbound 101. good look at foster city. we still have the road work, eastbound getting out of foster city but high rises clear. 5:40. the company that's trying to give apple's new watch a run for its money. plus, the man who flew a gyro copter in front of the cap capitol building. a live report is coming up. mike's got tabs on the morning commute. we're back with 50 minutes of non-stop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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this morning, the case of a gyro copter landing on the lawn of the u.s. capitol lands for the first time in court. this as investigators in washington trying to figure out how the pilot pulled off this stunt in the first place. a lot of people are shaking
5:43 am
their heads on this. wait a minute, a gyro copter landing in capital airspace in apparently he'd been planning it for a long time. >> reporter: exactly, sam. now it is the secret service that's taking the heat again because the agency learned back in october of 2013 that a man wanted to fly the aircraft to the u.s. capitol. they say they met with him and concluded that investigation, but that same man did what he said he would. >> one of the challenges here in congress is we're open to the public. >> reporter: the gyro copter with the postal service insignia landed on the west lawn of the us capitol nearly undetected. >> everyone was shouting, move! get down! move! >> reporter: florida letter carrier doug hughes was arrested for an act of civil disobedience. last year he told a "tampa bay times" reporter he planned to deliver the mail on an aircraft he described as a flying bicycle. >> i'll have 535 letter and
5:44 am
those letters are going to be addressed to ever member of congress. >> reporter: hughes was outspoken about his plan and was questioned by secret service agents in the past. >> they express his platform on campaign finance reform. it's bothered him for years and years that corporations can buy politicians. i think they might get the message. >> reporter: he took off from gettysburg, pennsylvania. police searched the airport there for clues on hughes' departure and action. >> he's a very, very, very good guy, but very, very committed to the concept of democracy and capitalism. >> reporter: the area around the capitol has a strict no-fly zone. >> of course, now lawmakers want to know how this a postal worker was a iable to get so close to the capitol building. hughes faces several serious charges under title 49. those are laws governing transportation. >> those are questions congress has to figure out. richard jordan, thank you. taking a very sharp turn
5:45 am
here. one of the world's most famous models just walked her last catwalk. brazilian super model gizelle bunchen retired last night. patriots husband tom brady was in the crowd for the final walk. bunchen wants to focus on her family. she and brady have two children. reports say she took home $47 million last year. still in sports now, because you saw tom brady there. it is official. the golden state warriors are going to face the new orleans pelicans saturday in the first round of the playoffs. >> last night the warriors beat the nuggets 133-126 to wrap up the season. it was also fan appreciation night. fans believe this team can go all the way. >> they're good because they have i think man for man the best team in the nba. >> we suffered through all the dark times so the last few years have been a lot of fun. >> they're amazing top to bottom. i mean no one has a deeper roster than us. every player can play first team on any other team.
5:46 am
they're just amazing. >> game one will be at 12:30 saturday at oracle arena. you can bet it will be another sellout crowd. >> they roar. more details this morning on what turned out to be truly a historic season for the warriors. golden state won 67 games. that sets a franchise record for most wins in a season. the team is also in the top ten all-time in the nba when it comes to wins in a single season. even more amazing, steve kerr's first year at the helm. kerr set a lead record by the most wins as a rookie coach and is on track for coach of the year. meanwhile, curry set a record making 286 three-pointers. he could be mvp this year. he broke his own record. >> wow. they are certainly hot. on a hot streak. >> yes, they are. could they somehow give off some of that warmth to the san
5:47 am
francisco giants? they have had a rough home stance. >> swept by the rockies. >> you were out there. >> yeah. you know what though? they are taking on the diamondbacks. hopefully we'll be able to swing that whole thing around. 5:47. as we always say, it is a long season. 56 degrees on the peninsula. 58 degrees in the tri-valley. 50 to start the new day. in the north bay, temperatures are pretty mild. as we get into this afternoon, it is going to feel like summertime in the bay area just for a few days, then things will start to drop off as we head into your weekend but we will be in the 70s. these are your lunch time readings for today. noon, 70 degrees. beautiful day for lunch outside. 72 on the east shore. 72 degrees in the tri-valley. typically when we have these big areas of high pressure built in you get that sinking air. we usually have that air quality but not going to be the case for today. we're in the good to moderate range all across the board, that's courtesy of the winds we've had over the past couple
5:48 am
days. temperatures will round out in the mid to upper 80s. 83 on the peninsula. 80 degrees right there on the east shore. and 86 degrees for the north bay. meanwhile, really warm day shaping up for you out in the tri-valley. i believe we will see a couple 90s out there. for tomorrow, a touch warmer. then temperatures will start to ease saturday. by sunday we're much closer to average for this time of year. then monday everything starts to change yet again, kind of a roller coaster weather ride we're going on. taking you into late monday night, tuesday, stop the clock for you on your futurecast at 3:00 a.m. expect showers to roll in at that point. we're going to see widespread rainfall as we head throughout your wednesday. stop that clock for you at 8:00 a.m. and again at 8:00 p.m. you can see lot of rain passing through the bay area for at least a good 12-hour period. then i take you into thursday. we're still getting residual activities. some cities expecting an inch of rain up in the north bay. that will extend all the way south into san francisco. here in the south bay we could
5:49 am
easily pick up after of an inch of rain. looking good for some snowfall as well out of this system. up in tahoe especially over the highest peaks which means all those resorts might be able to stay open. we'll have more on that in just moments. but this is such a welcome sign as now we are getting into the end of our rainy season. still tracking showers. let's check on your drive. here's mike inouye. >> good morning. snowfall. rainfall. everything is all affecting our economy throughout. looking over here, this also is affected by our economy. the volume of traffic around the bay. we have a back-up at the toll plaza. one issue on the map, we had a stalled report for about 90 seconds, one lane was blocked at interest he shall su treasure island. as quickly as it was reported, they had it moving again. those speeds approaching, no problem. a little slowdown north 880
5:50 am
approaching but that's cleared. n no slowing, no lanes blocked and no injuries reported there. looking at your westbound 580, slows over to about north livermore. eases up. by the time you get to airway, still in the 50s to the dublin interchange, through sunol. a little slowing south 680 in fremont all the way to mission. a quick look at dublin. we'll end with the dublin camera. volume starting to increase. you'll see more slowing, as well as heading toward the castro valley y. to another east bay water district has reportedly planning to hike rates and crackdown on water wasters. according to the "contra contra times," higher rates will
5:51 am
increase the average bill $7 a month. outdoor watering only allowed two times a week. if caught watering more than that, you'll be charged $250 for a second offense. we still don't know what caused the death of a sperm whale that washes up on a beach in pacifica. for now biologists are calling the cause of death a mystery but they don't believe a ship struck it. it appears to have been eating. marine mammal center says it's been seven years since the last sperm whale washed ashore on a bay area beach. we'll find out more today as u.s. marshals and other local law enforcement agencies conducted "operation violence reduction." today we'll find out how many suspects were rounded up, including the local results. the u.s. attorney's office will offer more information later this morning in oakland. we'll bring you details at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight.
5:52 am
legalization supporters may not think marijuana and heroin are the same type of drug but the federal government still does after the latest federal court ruling in sacramento. judge refused to take marijuana off the list of schedule 1 drugs which includes heroin, lsd and ecstasy. those drugs are considered to have a high potential for abuse and no excepted use for medical treatment. the national organizations for the reform of marijuana laws plans to appeal yesterday's ruling. >> it doesn't comport with public opinion. it doesn't comport with available evidence and it doesn't even comport with common sense. >> a group called citizens against legalizing marijuana says there's no scientific evidence for making a change in the federal status of marijuana. now to another divisive and controversial issue that hit a speed bump at the state capital yesterday. the senate education committee delayed a vote on senate bill 277. for those unfamiliar with the number, it would do away with the personal belief exemption for vaccinations. senators on that committee were critical of the bill. parents say it infringes on their rights.
5:53 am
the bill will be taken up again next week after the bill's author has a chance to talk to senators. it passed easily early month in the senate health committee earlier in the month. health officials say measles at disneyland will be declared over if no outbreak occur overnight. in total 131 people if california were infected by measles linked to disneyland. the voters' initial response for a shared l.a. stadium for the raiders was good. organizers yesterday turned in well more than the minimum number of signatures to place the stadium project on a special elect ballot. the stadium may help two tenants -- the raiders and san diego chargers. carson city council now can schedule an election or consider the plan without a vote. even if approved, the nfl would need to give the raiders a thumbs up to move. >> we still hope the raiders stick around. it is a big day for market
5:54 am
day bus debuts on wall street. shares of ipos will appear today. the makers of jaw bone is going to launch a new device this summer that lets users pay for items by tapping an electronic reader at the checkout. the bands will work at thousands of locations nationwide but unlike apple pay, will only work with american extress cards. bay area flyers can now get in the spirit if they're on their way to houston as in spirit airlines. oakland is 1 of 10 new destinations spirit's rolling out this spring with a houston hub. southwest in the meantime making a new move to make passengers feel a little more at home. stretch out. this week -- or check it out. they're introducing wider seats. these are the seats southwest
5:55 am
selected for the future planes. little sneak peek. they will add about an inch of extra width for passengers. southwest says the change will give it the widest 737 seats of any u.s. airline. the new coach seats will debut in about a year. >> welcome news for many passengers there. some friendly skies out there today. >> that's right. let's check the forecast right now. it's beautiful behind us. >> it really is lovely out there. i don't know why you'd want to get away when temperatures are going to be so perfect at your local beaches. but if you are catching a flight, no flight delays this morning. wind has relaxed significantly. and also we do have no fog to report. i mean zero when it comes to low visibility at this point we look spectacular. 50 degrees in the north bay where you can see for ten miles this morning. same for san francisco. 54 degrees there. later on in the city by the bay, we will be approaching some records.
5:56 am
this will be short-lived though and we have rain on the way. we'll give you a breakdown of that as we head throughout the 6:00 hour together. right now it is about that time traffic starts to pick up. let's check on that. here's mike inouye. >> yeah, let's go look at more cars. northbound 101, we're seeing that right here, just under 680, 280. but in the south bay, an easy drive. just slowing 680 to 880. 87 into downtown, about that time for the south bay. crash at mission still over on the shoulder south 680 at mission. no real slowing coming in to this area. we do have a crash on peninsula as we look the a the big view, north of 101 at candlestick. pickup and semi involved. back to you. a humane society in utah has found a new way to draw attention to the animals in need of a good home. >> instead of posting quick little candids of the pups, it's actually set up a photo booth in
5:57 am
one of its rooms. inside the dog gets a full photo session so he or she could put that best little face forward. >> when you see them barking in a kennel and trying to get people's attention, you often don't see those positive traits. so this just kind of helps portray them in a better light. >> the humane society says the photos have worked with families lining up to meet the dogs. >> absolutely. some professional head shots there, too. 5:57. a new push to oust san francisco's archbishop. some prominent church members writing an open letter to the pope. plus, a special tribute tonight to injured giants fan brian stow. how he will be honored coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a fire investigation turned crime scene as a body is found
6:00 am
inside a san jose home. and they want him out. the major move some catholics are making to try to get san francisco's archbishop replaced. good thursday morning to you. it is going to be hot out there for some parts of the bay area today. only to be followed by big cooling and some showers. lots to go over in your microclimate in just moments. big buildup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the latest on that as well as a crash on peninsula. a live look at downtown san jose on your thursday, april 16th. this is "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. emotions will certainly run high tonight at the san jose giants home opener. brian stow, giants fan brutally beaten outside dodgers stadium several years ago will stand from his wheelchair


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