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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  April 18, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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on this saturday night, a matter of life and debt. dramatic body cam footage showing a murder suspect charging at an officer and his split-second decision. nightmare flight. travelers stranded on the tarmac for hours as conditions worsen on board. passengers told they could get off, but there was a catch. a mother's warning. after losing her son to isis. tonight her insights and her message to other parents. triggering debate. the controversial bills allowing students to carry guns on some college campuses. is it protecting a right or the wrong cause? and stealing the show. a young dancer who's making moves and defying the odds. this is "nbc
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nightly news" with lester holt. substituting tonight, peter alexander. good evening. it's a dramatic window into the dangers police face on the streets every day. a confrontation between an officer and a murder suspect charging at him, the entire episode caught on camera. in this new era we're seeing police conduct exposed as never gfr raising tough questions about police tactics, the use of deadly force and when it's appropriate. the officer's being commended for his restraint. here >> get down on the ground! >> reporter: this arrest in suburban ohio could very easily have turned violent. >> get your hands up! get your hands up! >> reporter: a man suspected of murdering his fiance and friend that same day charges a police officer who is wearing a body cam. >> i don't want to shoot you, man. i don't want to shoot you. [ bleep ] do it man.
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[ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the officer is 27-year-old jesse kidder an iraq war veteran with a purple heart, but a rookie on the force. >> i was trying to open a dialogue. i don't want to shoot you. just get on the ground. but he wasn't having it. >> do your worst. shoot me! >> get back. >> reporter: the murder suspect may try to get himself shot. and he may have a gun. >> stand by. subject possibly had a weapon under the seat and could possibly be suicide by cops. >> he put his hand in his pocket there. my eyes are watching that hand right now and nothing else. >> reporter: back pedaling the entire time kidder stumbles and falls. >> i'm thinking if he goes to attack me i'll have to use deadly force to depend myself. >> get down on the ground! >> reporter: backup arrived, is suspect was arrested and no one was shot. >> for him to make the judgment call that he did shows great restraint. this officer would have been justified if
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e t a shooting. >> reporter: the confrontation took than a minute captured on a body camera kidder started wearing on his own after the shooting of michael brown in ferguson missouri. that incident among a string of others since have put police tactics and use of force in the spotlight. >> the difficulty is that you've got hundreds of thousands of police officers in th country, some working under very difficult conditions. and for the most part they're doing a pretty good job. >> reporter: kidder said it was his time as a marine that helped him keep a level head. >> i wanted to we absolutely sure before i used lethal force. >> reporter: being sure can't be easy. stephanie gosk nbc news new york. now to what's being called a travel nightmare. dense fog caused dozens of flight delays into denver international airport yesterday. but passengers on board one jet fared the worse. they were stranded on the tarmac for hours. many recording their growing discomfort.
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>> reporter: anger and frustration boiling over. >> no that's not okay? >> won't get off the airplane for another two hours. >> reporter: united 4934 operated by republic left kansas city at 6:21 a.m. central time. circled near denver then diverted to colorado springs, g at 8:27 a.m. >> we were literally flying over denver and couldn't land. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a brief stop passengers say, turned into more than six miserable hours on the tarmac. >> they said we're stuck for an hour and a half. fine everybody's playing with their laptops or reading a book. then another hour and a half another hour and a half. they just wouldn't let us off. >> reporter: federal rules require u.s. airlines allow domestic passengers to deplain after a three-hour delay. the flight crew made that offer but wh a catch. >> passengers would to get off this aircraft and consider colorado springs your final destination. >> reporter: meaning those getting off would have to find their own way to
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denver without their checked luggage a few did get off. but most stayed on. passengers saying conditions quickly worsened. >> it smelled really foul. it was just bad circumstances. >> reporter: the airport says there n gates. the airline chose not to utilize. republic says it followed procedure and in a statement says it quote, apologizing for the inconvenience. >> tarmac delays have dropped from the hundreds per year down to about a handful per year. this case is very unusual. and i'm really surprised that it's happening in this day and time. >> reporter: passengers finally got off the plane around 2:30 mountain time after the flight was canceled. >> it's been a horrible day. we felt like we were hostages on this plane. >> reporter: and it still was over. passengers then boarded a bus for the trip to denver another 90 minutes. janet shamlian nbc news houston. we're learning new details tonight about what may have caused that massive explosion
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in central california yester authorities say a work crew may have accidentally struck a gas line triggering the blast at the fresno county sheriff's gun range. more than a dozen people were injured, many of them county jail inmates who were working nearby. some late images from massachusetts where a bus carrying students from the university of connecticut became engulfed in flames this afternoon. the students were headed to boston. police say the driver noticed heavy smoke coming from the engine while on interstate 90 about an hour west of boston. the students were able to get off safely before the bus -- excuse me the fire destroyed that bus. overseas now to afghanistan and the worst suicide attack that country has seen all year. afghanistan's president is blaming isis for the bombing that claimed the lives of dozens of people. this happened in jalalabad, about 100 miles east of kabul. >> reporter: in a crlalabad neighborhood a devastating scene. government workers and civilians lined up
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outside a bank at 8:30 this morning waiting to collect their monthly salaries when a suicide bomber on a motorcycle set off a massive explosion. killing at least 36 and wounding more than a hundred. it was part of a coordinated attack police said with at least two more bombs nearby. this one detonated by police. emergency crews blocked the streets in hopes to evacuate the casualties. there were so many the main hospital was overwhelmed. doctors desperately calling for donations of blood. afghan president ash raff ghani blames the bombing on isis saying these people want to destroy us. the taliban denied responsibility even condemning the attack. with most u.s. and nato troops out of afghanistan, the government is on its own trying to reconcile with the taliban and now facing a new threat -- isis.
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kelly cobiella nbc news london. thousands of miles from afghanistan the war against isis is being felt closer to home. tonight we're hearing from a mother whose teenaged son joined the extremist group. he has a has a powerful warning for o parents. >> reporter: seeing the world as a frightening place through the eyes of a mother who lost her son to isis. >> it's the same as any cult gang you know nazism any form of extremism. >> say cheese. >> reporter: her son damian starting shying away from his family. shortly after this middle-class boy from calgary in canada converted to islam. but it wasn't his new religion that worried his mother. it was that her son was being turned into an extremist. >> i couldn't see him hurting a flea let alone picking up a gun. sorry. >> reporter: what to him? >> they got into his
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head. >> reporter: damian vanished into sear ra where he went to this local mosque. but other forces were influencing him. a powerful web the terrorists use to lure young men and women over the internet. >> he wasn't saying he loved us any more. that little boy that i knew was gone. >> reporter: just over a year later, he was dead. and she says isis sent her an e-mail claiming damian as their martyr. isis suggest you, who had just lost your son, that your place was with them. >> yes. that i should be proud of him and i should join their cause. >> reporter: she was infuriated just like this chicago mother whose son was arrested on terrorism charges. >> leave our children alone! >> reporter: then she had a conversion of her own. call after call meetings with mothers around the world, starting a family support group. to keep other children out of the clutches of
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terrorists. you don't want another family to go through this? >> i'm going to make sure it's going to stop. and i don't care what it takes. >> reporter: a grieving mother's promise to her lost son. kevin tibbles, nbc news calgary, alberta. this weekend nearly ten months ahead of new hampshire's first in the nation primary, more than a dozen republican presidential prospects are aggressively courting voters in that state. the gop field, as you've seen is already as crowded as it is competitive. but all of the candidates do seem to have at least one thing in common -- sharp words for the democratic front-runner. nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker. >> reporter: good evening. with close to 20 republ hopefuls descending on new hampshire this weekend, the gop field is wide open. the goal in the granite state -- make a splash without . >> hi there, jersey. where from? >> reporter: it could be a new day for the republican party. >> i'm excited about the possibility of
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running. >> r for the t time in years more than a dozen potential candidates fanned out across new hampshire this weekend. courting voters in coffee shops, cafes, carving out their message on foreign policy. >> i'm not cheerleading for war. i don't want there to be the need to use military force. but a nuclear iran is an unacceptable risk for the region and the world. >> reporter: and defending their conservative credentials. >> my record is a conservative one. it's a i'm not kidding conservative one and it's a record of accomplishment. i did it i didn't talk about it. >> reporter: even taking some rare shots at each other. >> some in our party say, well let's just dilute the message. let's become democrat light and then we'll get more votes. i couldn't disagree more. i think what we need to do is be boldly for what we are for. >> reporter: but all these presidential hopefuls saved their sharpest jabs for the likely democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> and like hillary
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clinton, i too too traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe, but unlike mrs. clinton, i know that flying is an activity not an . >> i'm starting to worry that when hillary clinton travels, there's going to need to be two planes. one for her and her entourage and one for her baggage. >> i could have sworn i saw hillary's scooby-doo van outside. >> i think they real that beati up on hillary clinton thi p in time in the campaign is better than beating up on one another. >> reporter: the republican b is fired up. >> there's a lot of good candidates. >> i had to be part of it. >> they're all hitting the right notes. >> reporter: and these candidates are being reminded even in a race for the whourks all politics is still local. >> a young man all the way in the back. >> are you a boston red sox fan? >> how about this? i'm not a yankees fan. >> reporter: now, marco rubio, a florida senator noted that he is of course a marlins fan. as for hillary clinton, she'll
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campaign in new hampshire starting mo and will hold round tables with students and business leaders. >> the intersection of sports and politics. kristen welker at the white house tonight. thanks. tomorrow morning on "meept the press" chuck todd continues the 2016 conversation when he speaks to another republican thought to get into the race that's how governor john kasich. much of the nation is under the threat of severe weather. it will last for days. we want to bring in meteorologist kelly cass. what's it looking like? >> we've seen way too much rain in places like houston. several inches in a short period of time leading to high water on the roadways. all kinds of flooding issues there. flood watches are in effect east of there, across the mississippi valley. you can see the storms that are affecting houston, but severe storms from nebraska to kansas and oklahoma and texas. we're concerned about some of those storms rotating and becoming tornadoes. the red showing up out there definitely showing us where we've
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got the severe thunderstorms in our forecast not just for today but into the overnight hours as well. make sure you have a way of getting those warnings in case you live anywhere from wichita through oklahoma city down towards dallas and hughes over toward the southeast mainly a flash flood threat but some of the storms coul contain damaging winds as well as the large hail. there's a look at the forecast through the tennessee valley. a squall line is expected to set up move across memphis into nashville by tomorrow evening and down towards birmingham and atlanta. then we head towards monday. we're going to have to watch out in places like philadelphia baltimore and d.c. unfortunately, we can't rule out the possibility of tornadoes but the damaging wind threat that is really what's going to be the case here. so you could lose your power. definitely watch out if you'll do any traveling in these areas. airport delays likely from philly right on down to raleigh and jacksonville as well. a high wind threat, spotty hail possible. but we can't rule out the possibility of some twisters as well. >> kelly, thank you
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the issue reigniting debate over whether students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons in order to protect themselves. nbc's kerry sanders has more. >> reporter: college campuses are exposed to be hallowed grounds of higher learning but as we've seen like last year in iz la vista, california that peace can be shattered in an instant. now eight states are considering laws that would allow college students to carry guns on campus. seven states already allow students over age 21 to carry guns on campus in certain circumstances. >> it's in my purse. >> reporter: right now? >> i do. >> reporter: 21-year-old florida state graduate student rebecca hargrove can legally carry her pistol most places but not at school. she wants the right to openly carry on campus. >> this is a brita and in a clam-shell holster. >> reporte at lone c in houston. >> i'm for it. >> there's no reason for them to come with a gun. >> rep the proposed texas law
4:19 pm
that would allow students and university employees to carry concealed weapons on campus is a point of debate. >> there's so much violence alrea just give immature students guns is just ridiculous. >> reporte ie d so many stories of girls being assault and like robbed because they had no way to defend themselves. >> reporte there are now twi campaigns to stop the proposed campus gun laws. many universities are lining up to oppose it. and paid lobbyists are fighting the movement. >> this is really about the gun lobby pushing bills into places like florida and texas and other states pushing guns into places as many public places as it possibly can. it's not about safety. >> i don't think that people's rights to defend themselves should stop at the line of a college campus. >> reporter: he denies his bill was quietly written or even influenced by the gun lobby. you're carrying a pistol now? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> i always carry it for personal protection. always have. >> reporter: the questi triggering debate should that
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atomic bomb tests before being towed out to sea in 1951. researchers recently located the ship 2600 feet below the surface just off the coast of california. according to one of the people who found it the aircraft carrier still looks like it's ready to launch planes. a single engine plane made a rough landing on a golf course in california. it appears the plane had a mechanical failure, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing on e 8th hole of the golf course at the mountainview resort. even though the plane flipped over the pilot somehow managed to walk away without any serious injuries. now, to a dinner date that's gone viral. the video shows a rescue dog named bonnie that's her in the back the little one. she simply hates to eat alone. she's even learned to pick up her food dish so she can share her meals with clyde. given their names, bonnie and clyde, we're guessing the two will be partners in crime or at least dinner companions for a long time. and it wasn't exactly a high speed chase through the streets of brussels. but it certainly was a wild one. three zebras caused
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show and not just because of her dance moves pf after a devastating accident it seemed like this 8-year-old's dreams of performing had been shattered, but it turns out that she had other plans. nbc's hallie jackson ha >> reporter: it's hard enough for anyone to master moves like these. 8-year-old alyssa sizemore doesn't miss a beat even on a prosthetic leg. but it's what she does next that has everyone on their feet. did you think it was going to be a big deal when you took off your leg? >> no. ♪ you don't have to ♪ >> reporter: after all she'd been practicing for months ever since a truck crushed her foot in an accident just last year. her right leg amputated to the knee. but even after her third surgery, this budding ballerina only dreamed of one thing. >> she actually wanted us to record her on a
4:28 pm
video to send to her dance team. >> i can't wait till i go home because then i can dance again and see all my friends. >> reporter: four months later she had a new leg and a new routine. >> it felt pretty awesome to learn how. >> reporter: and pretty awesome to see the response after her mom posted video online of that first solo. >> it was like 5,000 views within a couple hours. and so it was like holy cow. >> reporter: did you ever think it would be this big? >> i never even imagined it would be like this. >> reporter: more than 2 1/2 million views. alissa asked to star in a music video. >> she did that solo and she's touched . >> reporter: so many people have watched that video. why is that? >> they said that i could still do things that i love without my leg. >> definitely been her that's given me strength.
4:29 pm
>> reporte s learning to dance and teaching the rest of us along the way. >> i don't have to be someone else. i can just be me. ♪ you don't have to try ♪ >> reporter: hallie jackson, nbc news vernal utah. >> good for you, alissa. that's "nightly " f this saturday. peter alexander reportg f new york. i'll see you t . right now on nbc, one game down on the road toward an nbv championship fans are celebrating. we have coverage of today's big game. also it's official.
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steep water cuts are here. some customers have to cut their water usage by 30% by june. stop right there! >> a man wanted for two murders charges a police officer. the officer refraining from opening fire. today he's being commended for keeping a level head. hello, i'm peggy bunker. we have nbc bay area's christie smith. first, let's go to kate scott. >> reporter: that's right. it's round one of a journey that the golden state warriors hope ends with a win. it started with a bang today as anthony davis shows how it is done. what can't