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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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for all of us her at nbc news, good night. right now, 6:00. a life taken too soon. today, family and friend remembering a young woman who was killed by drag racers in san jose. good evening i'm peggy bunker. terry mcsweeney is off today. with balloons, hugs and of course tears loved ones came together today remember a 24-year-old woman killed by a suspected drag racer. her friends and family are working to keep her memory alive. marianne favro comes to us from the walk held in her honor. i know this was a tight community. >> reporter: yes, and it was an emotional day for family members. it was a beautiful day here at
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the park as hundreds came to participate in a walk to remember a 24-year-old woman who was hit and killed by a suspect suspected -- by suspected drag racers. it was more than just a walk it was time to demand safety improvements to protect pedestrians. this morning they released balloons to honor kiran pabla. in january, 294-year-old went jogging around noon by her home -- 24-year-old went jogging around noon by her home. two suspected street drag racers hit andcled her edd -- and killed her. today people walked in her name to raise money for children in india. her mother says the event also has another purpose. >> really want to make sure that the legislators, the government and the court system makes a point out of this and makes sure that people don't race in areas where there's pedestrians. that's what we're hoping for. >> reporter: two san jose men have been charged with vehicular manslaughter in connection with
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kiran's death. her aunt says she hope the men will receive the maximum sentence, to send a strong message to street racers and possibly prevent other tragedies. kiran's family had hoped to raise $6,000 at the event. by the end of the day the walk had raised more than $9,000 in her memory. reporting live in san jose marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> pretty impressive there. thank you so much. an investigation is underway in palo alto tonight after a big rig struck and killed a man there. this happened just before 4:00 this morning near the embarcadero on ramp to southbound 101. police say the victim was walking on the freeway at the time. they don't know why he was there in the first place. police suspect the man might have been drunk. two lanes were shut down during the investigation. they are back open this evening. now to a followup on the story that we first brought you yesterday, we know the names two of boaters found dead in marin county. the coast guard discovered the bodies of 61-year-old diane kelly and 59-year-old richard
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hargreve jr. yesterday near their overturned boat. four people were believed to be on the boating expedition when it disappeared from bodega bay on friday. the quart still searching for the other two victims. they are also looking into why that boat overturned in the first place. police have identified the victim of a deadly hit and run in oakland as a long-time bay area radio host. wesley burton died early yesterday morning after he drove home from hosting his side show radio show. that's a late night hip-hop show on kpfa. police say it happened just after 2:00 in the morning when a dodge charger was speeding down 60th street slammed into his car on mlk way, killing burton. officers are now asking for the public's help in finding the driver. burton had three children. the gofundme is set up to help the family. pg&e has hired an independent investigator to look into the fiery gas pipeline explosion that hurt nearly a
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dozen people friday. one person is constituent in critical condition after a blast at a sheriff's shooting range. pg&e workers believe a tractor was digging in the area and accidentally hit a pipeline. witnesses say they saw the tractor driving over the area when the blast happened. the pipe had been inspected earlier this month and had no issues reported. really a beautiful sunday across the bay area. let's take you out live and look at emeryville. a nice night as the sun's still shining brightly. warmer than usual temperatures to talk about. a lot of people headed outside to enjoy those. meteorologist anthony is here. temperatures changing? >> temperatures cooling because of the marine layer from the emeryville cam. 60 in san francisco. mid 60s today, even the mid 70s across the south bay. almost 66 in san jose. 73 now in livermore. it's all about the winds here when it comes to the weather in the bay area. today, those winds have shifted and are on shore. that's cool pacific air moving
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right over the warm california land. now because of the cold air that's in place, we've got thunderstorms starting to fire up across the sierra. we have thunderstorms for the sierra in the forecast for the next four days. so firefighters will be battling that at least hopefully they don't cause any more fires because with thunderstorms you get lightning. this next storm system is expected to move to the bay area toward the next few days. in fact as soon as tomorrow afternoon, the north bay, some places like cloverdale clear lake near -- over near north napa you could see a stray thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. same deal for tuesday. by wednesday, that's when we all have a better chance of seeing showery activity. we'll time out how much rain we're expecting for the brunt of the storm system. and you know what, we have another storm on the heels of this one. we'll talk about that coming up in my next report. >> all good news. thank you very much. more details now about the drought and also the restrictions that it's bringing along with. it many california rice farmers being hit with pretty big water cutbacks. some recently learned they'll
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only be getting 75% of the water they normally get. this will spark a lot of concern as less water means fewer crops. last year rice farmers planted 23% less rice than the year before. farmers say they're going to try to grow as much as possible with what they're given. >> about 40 different countries where rice is exported to. when we're growing a full crop, we have 50% rice. >> the cost of rice is expected to rise. ahead of earth day, the san francisco zoo trying to do something to stop the illegal trade of animal parts. ivory, mostly made from elephant tusks still a hot commodity in some places. so today, biologists at the zoo worked to raise awareness on how to do away with this ivory trade which, of course is damaging. nbc bay area's kristi smith is live at the zoo tonight. kristi, it's hard to believe we know so much about how bad this is for the animals, that it can kill them. still, we're dealing with an
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ivory trade. >> reporter: that's right. here at the san francisco zoo today, they've been educating people on a bill that they say would close a loophole of effective enforcement on a california law that prohibit the sale of ivory. now already of course there is complex federal law. this is about the state. a bill ab96. a decades' old state law prohibits the sale possession for sale, or importation for sale surrounding elephant ivory and horns from rhinos. apparently there's an exemption for items prior to 1977. and according to wildlife experts, it's really hard to show that something is an antique. you have to take the word of a salesperson often, and items can be made to look distressed. experts say l.a. and san francisco are among the top places for ivory imports. there's a push for change as demand is high. >> elephants have been declining for the past couple of decades. and those protections were in place in the '70s '80s, a lot
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of those. that opened up this trade that has flourished. >> reporter: so there would be more clear terms for state-led enforcement and penalties. wildlife experts also say that this could benefit whales and hippos whose product are sold as ivory, but they're not. the bill is similar to laws enacted in two other states. reporting live in san francisco nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you so much. we now have a followup on the wildfire that so far force good 200 families to evacuate in southern california. take a look at the situation here. hundreds of firefighters battling the chino hills blaze overnight. this burned more than 900 acres. tonight, it stands at about 35% contain. a bit of improvement there. the evacuation orders have also been lifted. you can see just a sea of red, a wall of smoke there. this is east of los angeles. the fire started yesterday afternoon. also following another developing story for you. searchers have looking for
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hundreds of people who are missing after a fishing boat capsized off the coast of libya. it was packed at the time with immigrants who were trying to make it to europe. nbc has the report. >> reporter: if it is confirmed, this will be the single deadliest incident involving migrants in the mediterranean on record. survivors say the boat of carrying as many as 700 people. only a few have been rescued so far, and the hope of finding more alive is dimming by the hour. this is the latest in a number of incidents involving migrants in the mediterranean. in the past week alone, 10,000 migrants were rescued by the italian coast guard. 900 have died since the start of the year excluding those who may have perished last night. these are record-breaking numbers, set to increase in the summer when good weather usually sees a spike in migrants crossing. the latest tragedy has reignited criticism toward how the european union is dealing with the problem. >> we've had 1.5 years now to talk about that and discuss that
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and plan for that. the e.u. and governments are all starting to discuss that and saying it's unacceptable. we have to do something. but something need to be done, it's clear. >> reporter: at the end of last year a wide range search and rescue operation by the italian navy credited with saving 170,000 lives was replaced by a much smaller and limited border control operation run by the e.u. today's rescue was among those who called for immediate action. sunday issued a heartfelt appeal to the international community to act decisively and promptly to prevent such tragedies from occurring again. nbc news, london. coming up next, police in los angeles are after a group of unusual thieves. one of those thing you can't make up. they stole a sea lion pup off the beach. we'll have the latest on this. also oprah making her way back to the bay area. we'll have a preview of her big talk at stanford. and take a live look at san francisco. a dubious title -- worst renters
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market in the country. look at the numbers on how bad it is.
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new at 6:00, who would do it? a sea lion pup kidnapped in california. a group was harassing two sea lion pups on the beach this morning. look at this little guy. then one of the suspects actually wrapped up one of the sea lion pups, took it off with the animal in their car.
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this is the video of the second sea lion that was left behind and rescued. experts say that keeping a sea lion is not only illegal but can be dangerous. they have a bietd ten times greater than -- bite ten times greater than a pit bull the differentiest mouth of-- the dirtiest mouth of an animal. >> you should not go near a sea lion or pup. suspects are looking -- investigators are looking for suspect. state officials cody lundin delta smelt fish during a four-day survey this month. the state department of fish and wildlife usually finds dozens of that type of fish. three years ago, they found 143 delta smelt. wildlife officials believe splelt movesmelt are moving farther east where there's more water, it's also where they're more likely to be killed by breddorspredators or be exposed to solution. today was the annual aids
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life cycle ride. today they rode about 65 miles starting in berkeley. the trip just a warmup for the cyclists planning to take part in a seven-day, 545-mile from san francisco to l.a. in may. the goal of the ride is to raise money and awareness for hiv and aids. >> the disease is still in need of help. people are still in need of service s services to prevent new infections and help people already infected. >> 2,000 riders will head down the coast in may, expecting to raise $15 million for the cause. 545 miles. mr. meteorologist anthony slaughter, you think you could do it? >> i don't know. i've got a few friends doing it. they're braver than i. i like to stick to the numbers on the computer. then only i know how far i can go. that's a long ride. in the forecast we have fog making its way through now.
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in fact, want to take you through the time lapse. we had low clouds drifting in. look at the high clouds moving the opposite direction. sheer shear -- shear in the atmosphere. we'll show you what we're talking about, showers showing up across the higher elevations. more virga falling from the clouds disintegrating or evaporating before it reaches the ground. we've got the cloud cover at the coastline moving in tonight and tomorrow morning. thunderstorms across the sierra. we are expecting thunderstorms for the next few days across the sierra. keep that in mind if you're doing any traveling that direction. now, you'll notice a mix of sun and clouds. mostly sunny in the south bay. peninsula, the tri-valley. again, up to the coastline, north bay through the coastal mountains, we have that fog starting to return to the bay area. temperatures cooling off now, already 60 degrees in san francisco. for tomorrow morning, when you start the day, cool, cloudi, it will be comfortable by the afternoon. temperatures by lunchtime 66 in
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the south bay. the peninsula 62. san francisco at 61. the tri-valley, 69. the thing you'll notice tomorrow is more cloud cover along with the marine layer. even by the afternoon, not overly warm. 74 for the south bay. 70 for the peninsula. in the north bay, that's where i think we'll have the best chance of seeing an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. north of santa rosa north of napa. 65 for the east bay. the tri-valley tomorrow warm, close to 80 degrees. as i mentioned, more cloud cover expected for tomorrow. same deal for tuesday. in fact the next storm system, that's expected to make its way in by wednesday. we're going through the transitional phase over the next couple of days just waiting for the next storm. in fact, fast forward and show what happens. tomorrow afternoon, system still out across the pacific. we'll have monsoonal moisture across parts of the california state, across the sierra. in fact the north bay mountains will see that, as well. tuesday, same deal. northern part of the state across the north bay mountains and coastal mountains, as well.
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by wednesday, that's when i think we'll have the best chance for everybody to see showers from the north bay down to the south bay. it's not going to be a huge system. in fact, tell probably be a few hundredths of an inch. a storm could produce a quarter inch. and that would be all. through the next few days, temperature will fall off from the 70s to the 60s by wednesday and thursday for the south bay. the north bay, the best chance of seeing more rainfall at least for the duration of the week. in fact, monday afternoon, as i mentioned, same daley for wednesday and thursday -- same deal for wednesday and thursday. friday, drying out. we're not done yet. next weekend, another storm system starts to move in. by sunday night into monday. so we're keeping our fingers crossed. more rain here in the area. >> looks good. exciting. good news. thank you very much, anthony. coming up next oprah back in the bay area. the former tv host talking at stanford. a lot of people looking forward to that. we'll let you know what her message will be.
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san francisco, there you are. beautiful city. we pay a lot to live here. it is official tonight. the city is the worst market in the country for renters. according to "forbes" latest list, the average rent in san francisco is over $2,800. the vacancy rate sits at 3%. that is only slightly better in the east bay and south bay, the average rent in oakland is about $1,800 per month. the vacancy rate there, worse than san francisco. and in san jose rent will cost you about $2,200 on average. still, "forbes" listed all three cities as the worst places for renters nationwide. nothing available, and when you find something, it's expensive. the bay area is buzzing over a pretty big name. oprah winfrey will be speaking at stanford tomorrow night. oprah talking about religion and
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also the meaning of life. some pretty heavy topics there. this is the first time the former talk show host will be on campus. she was the commencement speaker at stanford back in 2008. nbc bay area will have crews at stanford and also complete coverage of her appearance tomorrow. right now, though, another big -- another big fan. ours mindy back, a fan of yours, shall we say. we get excited when oprah comes to town. she gets the crowd all riled up. >> i know. that woman can do anything. i would like to hear her do sports i think she would be good at it. jumping into sports, pelicans with injuries in game two. which team will feel the bigger hurt? the as and royals have been, let's say, less than kind to one another this weekend. today, thins got even uglier. ejection after ejection after ejection. back with more.
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>> reporter: the warriors took game one over the pelicans and did it without a key member of their bench. david lee was out with a lower back strain hooemp also miss game two on monday. the warriors aren't the only team that may be shorthanded. is reporting that tyriq evans is questionable for game twotude a contusion to his knee. he had a collision in the second quarter of game one and did not practice today. evans called his status a gametime decision. here are the warriors' thoughts on game two.
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>> we have to be on the same page and committed to whatever -- whatever call we're going to make. we got confused last night and mixed up. and we watched theme -- i don't think anything would surprise us tomorrow night. >> it's given us motivation coming into today and making sure we focus on what we need to focus on and not make the mistakes we did yesterday and look forward to the game tomorrow. >> reporter: giants hosting the diamondbacks. tim hudson said he felt great and only made two mistakes. the first top of the first one on. paul goldschmidt takes the first pitch he sees and parks it over the chevron car. his fifth home run of the year. in the top of the third, bases loaded on a questionable call. then chris owing brought in two with the single to right. diamondbacks win 5-1. they take the four-game series. the giants final get a day off monday after playing 14
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straight. as, royals, bret lawrie talking pregame. then kazmir hit cane in the foot. he's not happy, neither is manager yost. he comes out angry and ejected. he's not the only one. payback finish the hard slide on friday that injured their shortstop. and herrera not done pointing at his head. and more on what he thinks happened in the second. in the bottom, tied at two. runners on the corner. and morales drilled it to the wall. both score. kansas city takes this one 4-2. and lawrie still fuming. >> when you go like this and walk away, next time i hit you in the head, that's [ bleep ]. he needs to pay for that. that ain't okay. this is a game. this isn't going up there trying to hurt people. this guy doesn't throw 85 miles per hour -- he throws 100. >> do you think there will be
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punishment for him? >> 100%. so how there not? you think he's going to get away with that? that's absolute [ bleep ]. you kidding me? >> wow. in all, five royals peggy, five royals royals ejected. the rematch between the teams is in june in oakland. i think you need to good night tickets now. a good one. >> i think i'm with you. could be drama. some fireworks for sure. mindy, thank you very much. we'll check in with you later. and also, a fashion feeding frenzy to tell you about. this collection at target so hot, so popular it sold out in minutes. we'll show you what all the buzz was about.
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a fashion feeding frenzy at target. the company launched its lipped edition collaboration with lily pulitzer today. it was so popular, it sold out in minutes. shoppers flooded the website so much it actually nearly crashed. the store is also busy with fashion lovers across the country. they waited in line for hours to get their hands on the lully pulitzer items -- lily pulitzer items. shefls shelves are empty, but item popping occupy ebay at double or triple the price. that negates that you bought it inexpensively at target. hopefully. >> i couldn't wait to get my hands on some of those items. >> i know you don't get it. i get it. if i wasn't work i would be there. how are the temps now is. >> looking good. i mean, the fact that we'll be looking at morning fog tomorrow same for tuesday.
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showers in the forecast this week. by wednesday, i think we'll see that. >> sounds great.
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[music] male: you're watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight, "class action." female: remember, you can take the sat more than once. male: high school juniors across the bay area prep for the sat. female: well, it's nerve-wracking, actually. male: but the old sat is on its way out. julie gopalan: sayonara. male: the new sat has lots of changes. julie: we're really excited about the one that's coming up. sal khan: and the students that i'm about to announce these are top 20 out of 50,000 students in the bay area. male: kids across the bay area are in the midst of a learnstorm aimed at making them smarter and tougher. zaria stevenson: i've failed a lot of times but i never give up. male: we'll meet the east palo alto students who top the list for perseverance. zaria: it just pays off at the end. male: plus two bay area school districts get statewide


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