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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 20, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's monday april 20th. coming up on early today a massive rescue is under way for hundreds of migrants that capsized. the longest wait for the attorney general nomination maybe over. severe weather is headed up the east coast, and a big night in dallass mir lan dah lambert cleans up and early today starts right now. good morning. as the sun rises here in the u.s. a grim and disprit search for survivors is under the way in libya. hundreds are missing after a migrant boat capsized to europe.
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so far 20 people have been rescued and 24 bodies recovered. it's the latest tragedy in what's a crisis. 10 thoracic outlet people were rescued last night alone and 30,000 this year and a half million are waiting to cross. pope francis lead thousands of people in a silent prayer and just coming in to nbc this hour yet another boat has crashed off a greek island. 80 people rescued and three confirmed daedsead including a child. we will bring you the latest as that comes in. the mayor of baltimore is asking for an investigation. freddie gray died yesterday a week after the encounter with
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the police. at this point there's no reason why he was arrested. we have to warn you that it maybe considered graphic. it shows them placing him back down in a van according to the families lawyer his spine was 8 o 0 percent severed at his neck. the lawyer says that he was healthy before that incident and later died in the officer. four officers are on administrative lead. the city prosecuteors also will investigate. six men arrested in minnesota with possible links to isis. accord to go the u.s. attorney's office, there's no threat to the public safety.
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minnesota workers have told nbc news that isis has been actively recruiting in their area. >> this problem is affecting our lives and families and communities, so we have to sting. >> the u.s. attorneys office is expected to provide more information about the arrest later on today. this morning two years after the terror attack runners are lacing up for the boston marathon. jay is live at the race site. jay, this comes one day before the phase start sns. >> reporter: yes, it's on the celebration and the race. it's ran on patriots day. this town determined to keep it that way. a strong police presence. 30,000 runners here and 30,000 fans expected. the officers say that they feel very confident that today is
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going to be a great day and no major problems here. there's no major threats lead b up. it's the 120th boston marathon and as the city celebrates there are 18 people that the judges told to stay away from the race. that's the 12 jurors and six alternates. they found him guilty of being part of the bombing here and now they will determine if he is going to spend the rest of his life in prison or face the death penalty. the penalty phase is expected to last two to two and a half weeks, and then the deliberation begins begins. president obama nominated lynch back in november. now one republican says that they think that it will take
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place this week. tracey is live in washington. >> they are making it clear that they want something in return. they have said some of them that this is about race. lynch is african american. she would be the first one in this job. others here on capital hill say that it's not about that but plan politics. >> what are we doing here? >> president obama calls it embarrassing. >> it's gone too far. enough. enough. call loreta lynch for a vote. >> nearly two months after the judicial approved her, there's no no vote. they want the democrats to move forward on a bill that restricts some abortions. until they do the lynch vote is on the back burner. that could change this week. >> my sense is over the next
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48-72 hours, that's going to be resolved. >> there's a deal in the works that would allow it and get the human trafficking bill done. >> it should not be connected to any other issue. >> it's not about politics but they won't allow them from allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the u.s. >> still it looks like the biggest hurdle to the nomination could fall this week. >> now, if you're wondering 54 days and that's how long it's been and is really that long from the approval and the vote consider what's happened with the last seven nominees and lynch has waited twice as long as all seven of the nominees combined. hopefully they can wrap it up this week. >> tracey thank you. hillary clinton is visiting
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new hampshire today. it comes on the republican summit featuring several candidates and many of them brought up clinton in their speeches. >> when i listen to this and people like hillary clinton, i think that they have it backwards. they think the way to grow washington is to grow washington. >> i too have travelled around the globe but i realize that it's an activity and not an accomplishment. >> i was starting to worry when hillary travels there's going to be one for her and then for her baggage baggage baggage. remembering a strategy. hundreds came out to remember the 128 victims killed in a terror attack 20 years ago. he set off a truck bomb in front of the federal building.
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bill clinton was president and as a grandfather he understanding the death of loose even more. >> i looked at her in that grib so i could remember how you felt. >> timothy was convicted and executed by lethal injection. his partner remains in prison on multiple charges. if actor has reportedly asked not to reveal -- this information was revealed from a series of e e-mails published. between pbs host and jr. and sonny pictures executive in one exchange gaits said for the first time someone asked us to edit something out. the fact that he owned slaves. in the end the episode did not
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include the slave owner ancestor and decided to focus on the war ancestor and a cult and his mother that marched for civil rights. there's extreme weather in the deep south and georgia a tornado watch and left behind a mess. this tree was uprooted and left sitting inside a home. in alabama the same thing blue several cars off a track and it snapped phones and power lines. at one point thousands were left without power. the severe weather threat is not over. >> yeah, you have the trains blowing over. think of the weight behind the train. the force:now yesterday we had hundreds of reports and we showed you the wind damage and we had hail problems and wind damage. it's not as severe this morning.
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this morning philadelphia and new york city a lot of rain. a lot of people wondering about boston. we have the marathon and the elite runners are taking off around 9:00 a.m. and there are severe storms there. slight risk for all of the east coast. 44 million people for the chance of the bad weather and for the forecast we're looking for rain. 1:00 p.m. is when it will move in and that's when the runners are done. if it was me we're going to be up there and a little cooler on the coast and temperatures in the 60s 1k37and 70s. >> what you're not an elite
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like it used to? new neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena. just as the supreme court begins to tackle a case they find that there maybe no turning back on gay marriage. more than half surveyed and say that it's no longer practical to ban it because so many states legalized it. could bobby christina brown be awake? that's what bobby brown said and telling a cheering audience that she was watching them. an attorney say that is he is aware of the reports but there's
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no comments right now. now to some disturbing video in china. a car barrelled over two men. look what is scattered around. two remarkable things happened. they were not injured and people helped to pick up the money and give it back. chlths police in ohio pulled over a van that was carrying a cage of four puppies on the roof. the family says that there was no room inside and they took the dogs to the animal shelter. over the weekend shoppers were looking for lily. many items are on ebay and double or triple the target price. it's big from the fbi and why 46 starts were just alerted. which nfl team is ready to
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now let's get the latest in sports from my friend betty nguyen. >> good morning. irving had five three-pointers to lead all scores with 30 and james added 20 and cavs had an
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easy win. tim tebow is return to go the gridiron. he has reached an agreement and is expected to sign with the philadelphia later today. he has not play in the nfl since 2012. casey delivers a pitch and a message to oakland and drilling to third baseman before being ejected. this is the second time to get hit over the weekend and he had some stem to let out. >> when you go like this next time in the head that's some bull [ bleep ]. that's not okay. this is a game. this is not going up there and trying to hurt people. he does not throw 85 miles an hour he throws 100. the country music awards were held last night and it was
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only right to bring out tony romo. he decided to show off his arm and take a shot at an organization. >> all right. luke you ready? you guys ready? >> wait a minute. give me that. give me that. i am going to make sure that this is legit. this is not one of them deflated balls, is it? >> blake, we're the dallas cowboys we have real balls. >> just another reason why you do not mess with texas. melissa, back to you. >> betty, thanks. he is bringing baby back. the first look at justin and jessica's newborn.
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i will live the life of now with the skin of then olay total effects vitamin-enriched. to fight the 7 signs of aging. in 4 weeks skin looks up to 10 years younger. 7 in 1 from the world's #1 olay. your best beautiful now for some entertainment news. magic mike star chatum asked his followers for help. he said that he left his black bag in a cab. he tweeted late last night and the god person that found my
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bag. >> you can keep that bag and auction it for a lot. >> the guy did not ask for anything and he said thank you and thank you all. justin timberlake shared the first video. look how great. he is sporting a shirt in his arms and j strks an owner of that team. blake shelton and luke bryan hosted and taylor swift's mother presented her mother with an award and gave her daughter a speech. >> i have watched this artist when he was a tangled hair little girl and growing up on the farm and full of imagination and creativity as she prepares for her next world tour i am a very proud mom. >> obviously a touching moment
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more that young star. >> ♪ >> guess what? you can't ride in my little red wagon. >> miranda lambert red hot and gorgeous of her song little red wagon. >> she had eight winning and four awards and female vocalist of the year. luke bryan took the top prize for sper taker of the year. >> it's weird to not hear carry under wood for not dominating. well i am melissa and this is early today. we hope that this is your first stop of today on nbc. fame change me? not so much. i have to stay true to who i am. almay smart shade makeup gets me. and my skintone. perfectly. underneath, i'm still carrie from checotah, oklahoma. smart shade's biggest fan!
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leading the news in the washington post fbi admits flaws and hair analysis and the fbi added prosecutor in 257 criminal trials. defendants in 46 state itself are being notified to see if there are grounds for appeal. on hundreds attend a lonely's birthday party. in minnesota crazy that suffers from a mental disorders received no from all of the classmates. isn't that horrible. after an out pouring at least 500 people showed up for the
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party and the mayor declared it makenzie day. in 2010 more than 210 million barrels poured into the gulf of mexico after an explosion. the platform sank into the gulf for 87 days before the well was finally capped. at the time it was one of the deadliest and mass shootings this the u.s. now moreover a celebration than a political movement. and in the philippines hundreds gathered to celebrate the 80th anniversary and it was also part of a world record attempt for the most people dressed as heros in a 24 hour period. a drag race in key west but
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not the kind that you're thinking of. con tes tants in the race were using heels to make it down. they took on a tire path and pushed shopping carts and tested the balance in shoes. they were in a minimum of three inches heels. now a trial begins for the last florida hayesing case. the drum major was beaten to death on a bus. president obama welcomes to ohio state buckeyes to the white house and happy birthday to victoria secrete model and actor and model and academy award winner jessica language is 66. i am melissa and thank you for watching early today. have a great monday.
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breach in our nation's capital. how the secret service reacted when someone else now scaled the white house fence. the bay area buzzing over a big name. why oprah winfrey will be on the peninsula later today. plus it's a pot party in the city by the bay. thousands of smokers planning to fill up a popular park to celebrate 4/20. live look outside this monday morning. overlooking san jose. it is april 20th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have a lot to get


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