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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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go for medical care. >> and get ready for a cool and cloudy day. patchy drizzle out there. we'll tell you how much longer this unsettled weather pattern will continue. >> big slowing for fremont after a couple of crash tones anymoni. wrong spot at the wrong time. >> there's the right spot downtown san jose right now. starting off your tuesday morning. april 21st. you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. startling crime on the peninsula. a woman says that she was attacked while just unloading her car in redwood city. kris sanchez is live at police headquarters. police are looking for two suspects. >> reporter: they're looking for at least two suspect, sam, but the good news here is that woman
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did manage to get away by fighting off those attackers. and also by screaming and yelling. scary thing is she was doing something that most of us do without a second thought running out to the car to grab something. this all happened in redwood city at the intersection of clinton street and lincoln avenue in a densely populated neighborhood. redwood city police say it was 9:30 when the woman went out to get something from her vehicle and while she was doing that she was grabbed by a man she did not know. she screamed and fought off that suspect who she told police she believed was trying to kidnap her. he got away in a dark colored vehicle driven by another man she also did not know. >> they say that if you know anything about this incident at clinton street and lincoln after they want you to give them a call. if you don't live in redwood city, the same safety tips apply. if you ro headed to your car in the dark, be aware of your
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surroundings and consider having someone go along with you. in redwood city, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." happening today we are expecting to hear from the 8-year-old fairfield boy who was kidnapped while sleeping in the family car. we told you about this story as breaking news yesterday morning. brock guzman's father says he was warming up the car early yesterday afternoon and he left the third grader asleep in the driveway. when he came back the car and his son were both gone. that's when brock's mother made a frantic 911 call. >> 911. >> someone stole my car and my son was inside of it. >> when he woke up the guy said he didn't know he was in the car. and pulled over, got out of the car. my boy frewent back to sleep. >> brock was found three hours later less than two miles from the phone. the suspect is being held on unrelated charges. uber driver accused of hitting a bicyclist on purpose in san francisco will be in court today. investigators say emerson of daly city got into a fight with
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a bicyclist near fisherman's wharf on sunday. the cyclist was cussing a the driver and hitting his car. then he reportedly hit the back tire of the bike. the cyclist had to be taken to the hospital with several broken bores. police in campbell need your help the catching a suspected arsonist. police believes he's the person responsible. they think he's in his 20s carrying a duffel bag and wearing a north face jacket. that man is suspected of lighting a work van on fire in campbell on march 30th. police believe the suspect may have hand and face injuries from the fire. the san jose police department wants officers track crime in the city. the department has been using software that analyzes crime reports and uses the data to determine where officers should be deployed. that software is about ten years old. tonight the department will ask the city council to buy a new crime mapping software.
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the new software would update crime reports in realtime compared to 24-lour delay if with a current software. in less than an hour a bed rock hospital in the east bay is going to shut doors for good. that will leave thousands of people wondering where they can go for medical wear. "today in the bay" stephanie trong is live from the doctors medical center in san pablo. stephanie, there's a new urgent care center moving in to help bridge that gap. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. conveniently across the street from the hospital on veil road but it won't be close to meeting the needs, this gap that is left here with the doctors medical closure at 7:00 this morning. you see the empty lot here. the hospital had a yearly deficit of 18 to $20 million serving low income and uninsured patients p the county is urging those without health insurance to call free 24/7 device nurse line for nonlife threatening conditions. the new urgent care center opened yesterday called lifelong urgent care, five exam room,
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x-ray room, and emergency services like broken phones and infections and the flu. lifelong is going to expand as soon as possible. last month the board of directors voted to shut down doctors medical after financial projections revealed they would run out of money to pay staff and basic operating expenses by early may. the impact is big. this is the only public hospital serving the roughly 250,000 people in the last contra costa area. live in san pablo, stephanie trong, "today in the bay." san francisco to become the largest u.s. city to ban performances using exotic animals. they are expected to approve the ordinance today. the ban would apply to large wild animals like bear, lion, elephants. seal, dolphin, and raccoons are also on the list. the ban applies to circuses, backyard parties and movie filming. a land dispute heads before the santa clara city council and pitting the 49ers against the youth soccer leagues. the 49ers want to buy the santa
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clara youth soccer complex to put in a. event facility and vip parking nearby. youth soccer group says the team hasn't gech ven them options for relocation. the council will review the proposal tonight and soccer groups plan to rally before the meeting. levi stadium is going to host super bowl 50 in february but most of the fun for the fans is going to be in san francisco. later today the super bowl committee will unveil designs and official name and location of next year's fan village. organizers will display the trophy to be handed out of course to the in the champs. if you were wondering how many days until the super bowl, the ou countdown is on. we are keeping track, day by day, minute by minute. 291 days away from the golden super bowl. stay with nbc bay area. >> that will be a huge event for santa clara. 6:06. time to check the microclimate forecast as we look outside this morning. look a little dots of cars. dots of lights crossing the bay
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bridge this morning. nice start to our day. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> it is really comfortable out there this morning. temperatures mostly in the 50s. thank you for waking up withes. want to get your day started on a good note. and we actually have a few showers in the forecast. that's inspiring when it comes to our drought situation. temps this afternoon are going to warm up pretty comfortably for most part of the bay area. i got to tell you though it will be on the chilly side out in san francisco for today. 60 degrees coming your way. meanwhile, low 70s in the tri-valley and north bay. we're looking towards 68 degrees right here in the south bay. cloudy with patchy drizzle. light showers as well. maybe some afternoon thunderstorms over our local mountain terrain. touch warm by tomorrow and more sunshine coming your way. if you want to go for a bike ride, tomorrow is much better in terms of weather conditions. then we've got a big change coming your way as you get into this weekend. here is the deal. always like to talk about the weekend. might help you get through the
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long workdays. by saturday, sun and clouds. inland, upper 60s, low 60s at the coast. that's going to be your better day for outdoor plans. sunday, we have a better chance for showers and that will continue into early next week. stay tuned. i'm going to show you our future cast. right now though, i want to welcome in mike inouye. you're doing radio. you're doing television. always watching you though. i don't want to toss to you if you're not there. >> waiting here, christina. over here we're looking towards san jose. i had a better face so show you the map. live shot. san jose northbound 101. i was very concerned about this shot right here. thought there might be backup. rb why, as you see on the map, crash north of our camera. cameras at 101 and 680. hasn't turned out to be anything major for the south bay. initial slowing. sounds like the activity is off to the shoulder. silicon valley. good drive right now. very bad drive getting into silicon valley through fremont. nimitz freeway jams up south as you head out of hayward and
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union city. you head toward the dumbarton bridge toward mallory avenue. we had one crash. sound like there was a secondary crash. total of five vehicles were involved and blocking your fast lane. a lot of spectacles and slowing as more folks head through that area. very popular. 880 itself and 680 to the right, two areas that are slow, south of 580. we will move your map and show you also farther north. we had an earlier crash at bailey that cleared. another crash, third incident of the area for bailey and highway 4. the second crash for westbound highway 4 which is your commute direction. slowing through bay point. concord maintains a smooth drive down toward the dublin interchange for 24 -- for 24 and 680. now, no other drama for the north bay or east bay. look at that vat to on your left and golden gate bridge, 101
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moves smoothly. it's just the bay bridge approach, maze, and lights because the metering lightses are on there. let's get you a look at the northbound. 101 southbound through san rafael. smooth drive. more company now down through this area. curves. once you pass by lincoln avenue, better toward the watunnel. >> thank you, mike. 6:10. >> still ahead, life in prison or death. the next phase gets under way in a matter of minutes. >> new developments in genetic testing means more protection for women and breast cancer. a live look outside downtown san jose. just a hint of sunlight starting to come through there. it will be much more evident in the next 10, 20 minutes. we'll be tamping back outside giving you live looks. getting your latest weather and traffic reports.
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happy tuesday. thank you for waking up with us here on "today in the bay." it's going to be cool and cloudy with a little bit of drizzle out there as we head throughout your afternoon. then as we get into the next couple of days we are expecting some mountain thunderstorms. we'll tell you who has the best bet of that kind of activity, plus a sneak peek at what's happening up in the sky. we actually have a meteor shower that will peak in the next couple of days. >> wonder what that looks like. over here, haze. not a concern. bay bridge, look at that beautiful tower. and, yes, that's a beautiful flow. uninterrupted on the span but we
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have problems for the east bay as well as new crash in the south bay we'll talk about. >> thank you very much. coming up on kf 14 on your tuesday. look at today's top stories. convicted boston marathon bomber enters a sentencing phase now of his trial today. the jury that convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev of murder will decide whether he should receive the death penalty or life in prison. a woman in redwood city was able to fight off a kidnapping. police are looking for two suspects. san jose city council will discuss drought measures. the city wants to declare 25% water reduction and limit outdoor watering. 6:14. big news if the fight against breast cancer this morning. a new test will find genetic markers and do it cheaper than ever before. >> scott mcgrew, those markers are not new but the price is. >> sure is. $250. not affordable for everyone. but we are getting there, sam. $250 is amazing considering tests can run into the thousand
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of dollars. you just spit into a test trub at home. send it to help in burlingame and they tell you whether you carry the markers which are associated with a significantly higher risk of breast cancer. the brca markers became relatively household words when angelina jolie found she carried them. again, you've been able to test for these for some time. until now, you needed a hollywood budget to do it. this is the test that you get in the mail. you can buy them now from color genomics. this is a big disappointment for other google funded companies. they've been work og the same thing but the fda told them to stop because they essentially turned themselves into a medical device company. color learned from that and was able to get approval. the pressure is on for meyer this morning. she's been able to keep margins high by losing employees and
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cutting costs but that's not what she wants to do and it's not why yahoo! hired her. but it is what investors seem to want. google will make changes to its mobile search today promoting websites that are easy to use on phones and tablets. lowering the search ranks of those sites that aren't. when you -- where you hit in the google rankings is really important. being number two gets you a fraction of numbers of visitors that number one does. so guys are calling today's move mobi mobilegeddon. >> that's right. where people try to keep up as well. thanks. >> sounds dramatic. thank you. what a roar of the crowd. 2-0 oracle arena rocking last night as warriors beat the pelicans 97-87. they now take a commanding two-games lead in the first round of the playoffs. >> the birds took a dive.
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okay. golden state will rest up today before heading to big easy tomorrow. if necessary, game five would be held at oracle on tuesday. if you're bleeding blue and yellow we want to see it. send your pictures toic toic >> fans are out there showing their support. from the hardwood to the diamond. the struggling giants are going to come back here, welcoming the red hot l.a. dodgers. first pitch is tonight at 7:15. okay. time to check the microclimate forecast this morning. it is 6:17. as we look live outside, a look at the bay bridge this morning. christina joins us with a look at the changing forecast. >> warm and a little bit misty out there? >> that could carry into tonight's big game. 7:15. at&t park. if you're going to head tout to that game make sure you have your rain gear ready to go. i think wind though will likely play a bigger factor.
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for today, weather story. temperatures mostly in the 50s to start. very mild out there this morning as we get into your afternoon. at lunchtime, low 60s just about everywhere. that's where you're going to stay for today. in san francisco, overcast skies. 70 degrees. meanwhi meanwhile, for you in the tri-valley, just about 70 degrees in the south bay. we're looking good to hit the 70s up in beautiful wine country. let's talk about our best chance for showers. i stopped that clock for you. today at 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. area, that's where we're going to see a little bit of active 2i rolling down the peninsula on the east shore, nothing heavy. watch what happens as i take you into late wednesday into thursday. and really i want to draw your attention to what we're expecting in tahoe. we could actually see some very strong thunderstorms fire off along the sierra nevada. keep that in mind if you're trying to get over to tahoe. this is a component of two different systems working together. this is what we're expecting. two competing systems. high pressure pulling up subtropical moisture from the
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south. that's going to be working against an area of low pressure that's cold and dry. two competing air masses, equate to thunderstorms. and so look at all of this moisture. we need the rain. more importantly, we need the snowpack. not expecting a lot. it is mild out there. look at this. flash flooding. definitely a possibility along the spine of the sierra nevada. let me bring you back home here to the bay area and show you when we might get thunderstorms. we have a chance for today. a better chance for tomorrow. and then by thursday, we're actually expecting that activity. we could be tracking it for you right here on "today in the bay." i stopped that clock at 3:00 a.m. it does look like we're going to see some mountain thunderstorms at that point. so just want to keep you privied to everything that we could occur around here. by friday, 3:00 a.m., showers continue across the bay area. we take you to your sunday and monday and we keep that chance going. so we need the rain very much so at this point. our rainy season coming to a quick close. hey, this is what we are really
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excited about. you want to look directly overhead through your wednesday and thursday. we're talking about the meteor shower. you're going to see lots of shooting stars if you head out there in the predawn hours. best location to view this is in the east shore. we are expecting marine layer out there as we head through the next couple of days. inland and east bay hills. best viewing. look to the hills. look to the east. here's where we're headed in thursday and friday. temperatures will stay steady. cooler for friday. and then by saturday into sunday, a mix of sun and clouds. showers returning. by sunday, monday, and tuesday of next week. we're going to keep that chance going. right now he's a big warriors fan. i know you've been keeping up to date what's going on when it comes to the warriors, mike i bet your excited right about now. >> i am. i'm tired because i was falling asleep despite the excitement of the last couple of seconds but i made it. so did the warriors. looking over here. we have the camera, see a lot brighter now. the car fire reported.
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my buddy tim at the desk passed by when we talked about it. it is, again, not an issue as far as the last camera goes. swept the area. this smoke, don't worry. that's from a business. this is not anything on fire that shouldn't be on fire the rest of the roadway moves smoothly. look at the maps and we'll show you. in fact, south bay, 101 past that crash at mckee. slowing at the scene over on the shoulder. now, move you out because there's a big deal going southbound 880. union city jammed past dakota. dumbarton bridge. the first crash happened at mallory. both scenes are now fully off the right-hand shoulder. i should push it that way. traffic flows a little bit better now but there's already a big slowdown. that is a focus point for your morning commute. on the other side of the bay, san mateo bring and dumbarton bridge to the peninsula. 101 not yet seeing any slowing. 280 as normal moves nicely through that stretch. anywhere north of 92 moves well,
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pretty predictably. highway 4, extra flow. couple of earlier crashes. upper east shore. there's your north bay, 101 smooth. down in toward the golden gate bridge. i will give you a look at the foster city side of the san mateo bridge. we talked about a lot more cars heading over there. we are getting a lot of volume. no problems on the span. the san mateo bridge of course a little slower than the dumbarton right now. back to you, guys. >> mike, thank you very much. 6:22. still ahead on "today in the bay," taking matters into his own hands. san jose top cop jumping into action to take down a suspect who is getting away.
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before you fight that breakfast this morning check your refrigerator. two popular brands of sausage are being recalled. am foods is recalling 12 ounce packages of sweet apple chicken sausage. a brand sold at trader joe's. also, eight-ounce packages offal fresco apple maple breakfast chicken sausage. in all, some 59,000 pounds of sausage being recalled. both products may contain pieces of plastic. for more information on the recall and used by dates on the products head to our website san jose's top cop got his hands dirty all in the name of justice the police chief tackled a murder suspect trying to get away. >> the chief gave us the photos last night. you can see his torn shirt and small bruise.
6:26 am
they say the suspect arias was brought in for questioning yesterday when he made a run for it. while in handcuffs. the chief saw him and then sprang into action taking him down. chief said, quote, i was just doing my job. here's a look at the suspect. police say arias had been a fugitive for murder since 2009. >> not on his watch. okay. time is 6:26. the opening bell just a few minutes away. scott mcgrew is back. he's going to break down the numbers for us firsthand next. the captain under arrest for what's being called the worst disaster ever in the mediterranean sea. live look outside. that's the bridge that needs no description. bay bridge, of course, this morning. a little bit misty outside but fairly warm as well. christina keeping a close eye on what's going on on the weather front. 
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guilty, of course, but what's his fate? the penalty phase now of the boston bombing trial under way. and good tuesday morning to you. cool and cloudy. a little bit of drizzle out there as we head throughout the next couple of days. we're actually going to see some thunderstorms here in the bay area. details in moments. and this morning, couple earlier crashes cause a big problem. jammed for the nimitz freeway through fremont. >> looks like a good day for your money. live to the new york stock
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exchange as they begin to ring the opening bell getting trading under way this tuesday morning. a big rally yesterday. looks like we will continue today. now over to the nasdaq as well as business gets under way. lnchts there's the bell. they're off. live look outside. overlooking downtown san jose this morning. tuesday, april 21st, this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now, the jury that found dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty of the bombings of the boston marathon finish line must now decide his punishment. life in prison or the death penalty? tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. the families of the victims are asking the jury to spare tsarnaev's life. >> exactly, laura. they don't all agree. just in the last few minutes or
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so we're getting an update on what exactly is going to happen today. opening statements from the government, we don't know if the defense will do theirs now or they have the option to delay and we're hearing there will be witnesses and probably photos and video entered into evidence on this first day as the jury decides whether or not -- or whether he gets life or death. the jury that found dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty must now decide whether he lives or dies. >> i want the death penalty. he stootd there five minutes. he saw so many people. he could have walk away but he chose not to. >> not everyone in boston agrees. >> it doesn't seem to deter anybody from doing what they're going to do. >> the parents of 8-year-old martin richard are asking federal prosecutors to spare tsarnaev's life. in a statement they said, the continued pursuit of that punishment, the death penalty, could bring years of appeals and prolong reliving the most painful day of our lives. >> i do believe he should be held accountable. so whatever they is, i believe
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that the true judgment comes after he dies anyways. >> many survivors could be dad to testify. >> i think their point of view and their perspective should be taken into account by the jury and by the feds. >> polls show a slight majority here against the death penalty. prosecutors balancing the community's opinions with the mandate to punish terror are unlikely to take the death penalty off the table. now it's tough to get the death penalty in a federal case like this. one juror could make the difference. they've been death penalty crawl qualified but if one decides it's not warranted in this case then he gets life in prison behind bars without parole. >> wow, so much emotion behind it as well for the victim's families. thank you very much, tracie. >> sure. ride now authorities have arrested the captain and a crew member aboard a boat that capsized in the mediterranean killing as many as 900 people. this happened just off the coast of tripoli on sunday. that boat was carrying migrants
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from the war torn country of lippia. only 27 people have been rescued. the eu says it's going to expand its effort to prevent immigrants from fleeing to european shores. time to check the microclimate forecast. let's take a peek outside this morning overlooking san jose. the sun is up. i want to check the forecast now. meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, sam, laura, everybody, at home. check that forecast again. a couple of things to point out. the you're making your way out the front door you might have to use your windshield wipers. drizzle out there. that is for most of us in the bay area. low 60s at noon. rounding out the day in the low 70s out in the north bay. 66 on the peninsula. and we do have low clouds and drizzle right now throughout our hillside. that's where we could see thunderstorm formation. as we head throughout the next couple of the days this is going to stand until friday afternoon. each afternoon when we get that daytime heating. that is one of the ingredients for thunderstorms.
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we have two competing air masses right now and so it's actually very unstable out there in terms of our atmosphere. as we get into the next couple of days we're going to track this for you. let me show you the weather headlines and give you an idea of what to expect. cloudy with pockets of drizzle for today. getting into tomorrow. touch warmer. more sunshine. plans and then as we head throughout your all important weekend, unsettled weather will continue. so i'm going to show you your weekend forecast coming up in my next report. right now though you've got to work for the weekend and can help get you there on time. >> a lot of people going to work. this is oakland by the coliseum. a lot of folks worked it out last night. warriors, i mean. working over here northbound. tail lights move smoothly. southbound. that's where you have a problem. not at the coliseum. not until you get to 238 where you have your traditional slowing through hayward. look, speed sensors turn from orange to red south of whipple and down toward union city. jammed solid to thornton for the
6:35 am
second of two crashes occurred. first one one farther south that set things off. very slow drive for the nimitz down toward the dumbarton bridge. both of these crash rest now over on the right shoulder. still a distraction. you see thornton was the latest to cause that backup. south of fremont, you're fine into the south bay or northbound routes are your slower drive. look at san jose, 101 from capital expressway and the earlier crash at mckee out of the roadway. 87. slows a bit. volume just playing a factor. it's tuesday. we expect a good volume of traffic through the area. not for another few minutes kicking into san jose. let me give you a look at the other rest of the bay as we zoom up north to -- north of the san mateo bridge and you have a slower drive now to the upper east shore but nothing dramatic. highway four had a sticky point through bay point but things are clear now heading over towards concord. novato in towards san rafael. at speed down toward the golden gate bridge and 101 this time
6:36 am
from the peninsula. we kipd over that with the map because it's moving very smoothly. i want to report you're getting more traffic off of 92 so san mateo will see slowing at 101. >> you make it sound positive. >> it is positive because i made it to work already. >> i cannot believe you watched the warriors game last night. >> i did. >> what time did it end? >> i don't know. i couldn't see the clock clearly. >> they won. >> luke my dad, i was watching with my eyes closed. >> you still delivers a mean traffic report. thank you. >> thank you. markets have been open for a few minutes. >> let's check the numbers with scott mccrew. >> i watched about the first four minutes and went to bed. let's check the markets out in the nyse. dow industrials up 46 points. 1879. building on a rally we saw yesterday that brought us back over 18k and making up to a lot of friday's losses. yahoo! reports its profits today on monday the company said i'd renegotiated that famous contract with microsoft that allowed microsoft to provide
6:37 am
yahoo! search results. yahoo! has been able to tweak its numbers by cutting costs. something that really can't last forever. so we will be watching that company carefully and another test for ceo melissa meyer. >> you're right. >> thachings. follow-up now, stricter, greener building codes are coming to palo alto. t it will require new buildings to accommodate solar panels and run irrigation systems utilizing secondhand laundry water. >> remarkable things in that city. 6:37. still ahead, forget back in black. orange may soon be the new color for the drummer of legendary rock band a cdc.
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a former auschwitz guard is strand standing trial accuse of being accessory to the murd is
6:40 am
of 300,000 jews. 93-year-old does not deny serving as a guard at the notorious concentration camp but he says he committed no crime. this marks the first trial in which a former nazi has been charge with being an accessory to murder even without evidence that connects him to a specific death. 6:40. new this morning, former egyptian president mohammed morsi will spend the next 20 years in prison. a judge in cairo handed down the sentence this morning for the former president and 13 others. morsi's charges including inciting the killing of protesters outside the presidential palace in december of 2012 military leaders ousted morsi in july of 2013. great song but forget "back in black." orange may soon be the new color for ac/dc's drummer phil rudd. in new zealand rudd pleaded guilty for threatening to kill a man along with possessing meth and marijuana. the plea could send him to prison for seven years. attorney believes there's still a possibility his client won't
6:41 am
go to jail at all. rudd is scheduled to be sentenced in june and ac/dc will tour with a new drum there summer. 6:40. coming up, an attempted kidnapping on the peninsula. how a victim managed to fight off her attackers. closing its doors for good. where a quarter million people in the bay area will have to go for medical care. live look outside from the south bay this morning. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather after the break.
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at 6:44, new this morning. police in redwood city are looking for two suspects they say tried to kidnap a woman late last night. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at police headquarter in redwood city. the woman was able to get away? >> reporter: she was able to get away. that's the good part of the story. she was attacked just as she was doing something many of us do, running out to get something out of the car at night. this all happened in redwood city at the intersection of clinton street and lincoln avenue. in a densely populated neighborhood. redwood city police say it was about 9:30 last night that the woman went out to the street to get something from her vehicle and while she was doing that she was grabbed by a man she did not know. she screamed and fought off that
6:45 am
suspect who she told police she believed was trying to kidnap her. he got away in a dark colored vehicle driven by another man she also did not know. now, while redwood city police are not releasing more suspect or vehicle description yet they say if you know anything about this incident at clinton street and lincoln avenue to give them a call. meantime, if even if you don't live in rewood city, the same safety tips apply. you're headed out to the car at night pick make sure you're aware of your surroundings and consider asking someone to go with you. in redwood city, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. college student suspected of trying to kidnap three teenage girls is expected to be in court for the first time this morning. patel faces three counts for the incident that took place in february and march. he's also under investigation for a fourth incident in unincorporated hayward. tells a student at cal state east bay. happening today, we're expecting to hear from the 8-year-old fairfield boy kidnapped while he was asleep in the family car.
6:46 am
brock guzman's father says he was warming up the car and left the third grader asleep in the backseat in the driveway. when he came back, the car and his son were gone. three hours later the stolen car was spotted less than two miles away. the boy was found inside still sleeping. a suspect is currently being held on unrelated charges. 6:46 right now on your tuesday morning. time to look at your microclimate forecast. as you can see, a little bit cloudy out there. christina telling us earlier in the show the cloud cover trapping in some of the warmth from yesterday but it's going to bring rain too, here. >> what a good student. i appreciate that. it's actually serving as a blanket trapping some of that warmth from yesterday. like sam said. it's really mild out there as a result. good morning to you. 55 degrees in the tri-valley. san francisco, you are waking up in the 50s and that's basically where you're fog to stay for most of the day. rounding out the day at about 61 degrees in the city by the bay. 70 meanwhile, comfortable conditions for you in wine
6:47 am
country and tri-valley area as well. a little bit sticky out there. you will notice our humidity levels have definitely surged over the past couple of days. so low pressure working against high pressure. the two competing air masses create the potential for thunderstorms. and this is going to be the case as we head throughout each afternoon starting today. better chance threw wednesday. best bet right now is looking like thursday. so we're going to continue to keep tabs on that for you. as you head throughout the day today this is what you can expect. light shower activity from time to time. probably a good idea for you to keep that umbrella handy. keep it in you're truck or your car, your vehicle. we head throughout the next couple of days. and that unsettled pattern continues. wednesday into thursday, temperatures stay nice and comfortable. we are going to drop off as we head throughout your friday. and then here's the deal for the weekend. if you live near the coast or around the inner bay, could see shower act aivity. if you want to make the outdoor plans, saturday will be the better day to do so.
6:48 am
we always love our weekends around here. a bay area tuesday, not a bad thing. your drive doesn't look that bad. it didn't last time we checked with mike. let's see if that has changed. >> good morning, christina. very concerned because it is tuesday. we call it traffic tuesday because we typically see the heaviest volume and spring break is wrapping up and problem through fremont and hayward. the two crashes, thornton and mallory, have leader through the shower for half an hour. do see recovery heading down into the area. focused toward hayward and san mateo bridge. we're back to a typical pattern here and, in fact, not so bad considering it is tuesday. there's your slower drive for the tri-valley for south 680. let's look live for fremont. as a result of the crashes clearing over the last 20 to 30 minutes we've had the traffic feeding down toward this camera. by the truck scales headed toward mission boulevard. that's the focus. as we bet back to the maps, sensors are starting to readjust. compute the slowing from mission and we will see that volume of traffic head down to 237. look out santa clara, sunnyvale,
6:49 am
traveling west toward sunnyvale and mountain view. we have released all of the cars. northbound 101, 87, 280 show that northbound push in through silicon valley. standard pattern for a tuesday. track is kicking in for the south bay commute now. as we move your map north we see the san mateo bridge we talked about and 880 shows slowing through oakland. that's late for that to start. we'll see that to us cussing over toward the maze. the approach to the bay bridge. that's where you see all the slowdown. east shore freeway from hercules through richmond and berkeley. a pretty steady flow of traffic continuing with a gradual build down in the 50s now as you get to the worst of the traffic around university. behind me over here, highway 4, tough morning bailey and bay point. crash, we had three incidents reported. have cleared from the area. concord shows slowing and walnut creek. over here on this side of the screen, southbound 101 flows out of novato and central san
6:50 am
rafael. let's show you we have the volume starting to increase so you see that general slowing around these curves. south towards north san pedro and lincoln. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 6:50. southwest airlines on the defensive this morning following the death of a prominent financial trader on a flight from oakland. richard was found crying and moaning in the plane's bathroom ten minutes before it was supposed to land in orange county last september. we've obtained this home video of him. he had suffered a pulmonary embolism and yesterday his wife filed a wrongful death suit in alameda county. she said southwest treated her husband as if he were causing a disturbance rather than providing him the medical aid he needed. southwest spokesperson said the flight attendants handled the situation appropriately and professional professionally. 6:50 right now. catholic priest who used to run the vietnamese catholic center for the diocese of san jose is
6:51 am
accuse of dodging taxes. 55-year-old was arrested in florida of ever the weekend. a federal grand jury has indicted him on charges that he underreported his income by more than a million dollars over the course of four years. he is also accuse of depositing donations meant for the church into his personal bank account. san jose police department wants to update the way officers track crime in the city. the department has been using software that analyzing crime reports and uses the data to determine where officers should be deployed. a software is now about ten years old. tonight the department will ask the city council to buy a new crime mapping software. the new software would update crime reports in realtime compared to the 24-hour delay with the current software. police in campbell this morning are asking for your help to catch a suspected arsonist. look at this photo. police believe that that person there is responsible for the fire she's believed to be in his 20s, carrying a duffel bag and wearing what a tears to be a north face jacket. man lighted a work van on fire
6:52 am
on march 30th. police believe a suspect may have hand and face injuries from that fire. happening today, major east bay hospital will shut its doors for good this morning. san jose stephanie trong is live at doctors medical center in san pablo. a quarter of a million people have to go somewhere else for medical treatment, where are they going to go? >> big question. good morning to you, sam. this has been the only public hospital to serve the people here in west contra costa for decades. now minutes away from the official closure at 7:00. this morning we're expecting staff members to gather on the flagpole in front of the hospital at 7:00 this morning in a moment of silence. the hospital served mostly low income and uninsured patients. it had been struggle to playing by a structural deficit of 18 to $20 million. the question is what now for the people. the county is urging those without health insurance to call its free 24/7 adds vice and nurse line for help with nonlife
6:53 am
threatening conditions and urgent care center also opened yesterday called lifelong urgent care. featuring five exam rooms and an x-ray room and provide treatment for emergency services like those with needs for broken bones, infections, sprains, asthma and the flu. lifelong is planning to expand urgent care services as quickly as possible. it is conveniently across the street here from the hospital but will not come close to filling that health needs gap left by this closure. live in san pablo, stephanie trong, "today in the bay." san francisco is poised to become the largest u.s. city to ban performances using exotic animals. board of supervisors is expected to approve the ordinance today. the ban would apply to large wild animals like bear, lion, elephants, seals, dolphins and raccoons are also on the list the ban applies to circuses, backyard birthday parties, and movie filming. local turf, a field fight p brewing in the south bay.
6:54 am
>> santa clara youth soccer leagues are taking on the 49ders saying the team is breaking promises about the future of a sports facility right next to levi stadium. >> we are joined live from santa clara. bob, this is all going to come to a head tonight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. as you can see behind me the city santa clara youth soccer complex is prime real estate located right next to the stadium. it's no surprise the 49ers want to turn this into vip parking but the people who use this facility, naumly the coaches and the players, they feel like the 49ers have reneged on a promise to relocate their playing fields and find them a new facility. under a proposal put my santa clara mayor jamie matthews, the team would pay $15 million in prepaid rent for use of the facility parking during the games and $3 million for the school district to renovate other soccer fields so they would be ready when the 49ers take over this complex in two
6:55 am
years. santa clara city council member lisa gilmore criticized this proposalle aing it a, quote, give away and take away deal because there is no relocation plans for the leagues and the land is worth much more than $18 million proposal. the 49ers do point out all the past plans were, quote, ideas and proposals. even the ones that they had cited in letters. tonight at the meeting the soccer leagues do plan to rally before the city council to discuss this at the regular meeting. reporting live here in santa clara, bob ridell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. levi stadium meantime is going to host super bowl 50 in february. most of the fun for the fans will be in san francisco. later today the super bowl committee is going to unveil designs and official name and location next year's fan village. organizers will display the trophy to be handed out to the nfl champs. countdown is on. if you were wondering how close are we to super bowl 50? hey, i have the answer for you.
6:56 am
291 days away from the super bowl. stay with the nbc area as we bring you complete coverage. a big change this morning to the way google calculates what website is on top of its search results. >> kind of game changing. scott mcgrew, websites pushed down the ranking. >> this was foretold but these changes will push some sites down in the ranks. they've had warnings since last february. the idea is google knows when you search for something on your phone you want to see websites that are phone friendly, easy to read on mobile. so google is going to tweet the results starting today, favor phone friendly sites. the only on its mobile search. one of the speakers at the rsa conference was blocked off of a united airlines flight. we're watching that very carefully. he tweeted out he had figured out a security flaw in the on the board wi-fi on united airlines flights.
6:57 am
that's after all his job, finding security flaws. except he tweeted it while on an earlier united flight to syracuse. he was denieded boarding to go to the san francisco conference. united not commenting why it turned away kris roberts but will continue to watch that. meanwhile, homeland security jay jas j johnson is in town to speak at that very same conference me said he takes great a delight in surprising his daughter with a surprise visit, so is ms. johnson warning, dad is in town. we'll cover the rnc conference for you coming up over the course of the week. >> safe to say he's watching your every move. >> yeah. >> careful. >> he's got eyes everywhere. thank you, scott. 6:57. >> final check of the day's top stories. convicted boston marathon bomber entering the sentencing stage of trial going on right now. the jury that convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev of murder will decide whether to receive the death
6:58 am
penalty or life in prison. >> a woman in redwood city was able to fight off an attempted kidnapping in redwood city. they're looking for two suspects in the case. >> in a matter of just minutes doctors, hospital, in san pablo is going to close doors for good. that hospital has battled serious financial problems for years now. let's check the forecast with christina. >> yeah. it's overcast out there. good morning to you. good to see you guys in a good spirits today. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. we're at 56 degrees in the tri-valley. 54 in san francisco. 50 degrees to kick off the new day in the north bay. on our way to about 70 degrees out there later on today in wine country. beautiful condition. tri-valley at 70. 59 degrees for today. in the south bay. i went ahead and activated the doppler just to show you we have light shower activity out there that is going to be the case throughout the day. today, if you want to track the showers we can check out our website and do it right to your doorstep. we have that interactive radar,
6:59 am or stick with me, i'm with you every 15 minutes until noon. >> you sound like a super hero. >> thank you. >> mike, how are you doing? you're a super hero. >> let's take the nbc bay ore mobile and go to oakland. >> nice. >> commuting whelp this is great for the hnimitz freeway. that is good. look at your map. i expected more traffic at this time. the commute has been kicking in a little bit later than it did yesterday. definitely kicking. your approach to the bay bridge with metering lights are on just fine. recovery for southbound 880. yes, this is recovery because you have big crashes and big delays. a little extra slow down toward thornton. the rest of your commute looking standard. northbound kicks in for silicon valley. >> i think your cape is hidden under that suit. >> that's why. >> sticking out in the back, actual
7:00 am
actually. >> microphone. >> oh. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> you can join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. good morning. life or death? good morning. life or death? the penalty phase in the boston marathon bombing trial begins this morning. families of victims divided over what should happen. >> i want the death penalty. >> it's not going to affect my life at all. >> we're live at the courthouse. total recall. ice cream giant blue bell pulling everything it sells off store shelves after a listeria outbreak. its products already linked to three deaths, five others sickened. what you need to know. closer to freedom? the man who shot president reagan and three others could be permanently released from a mental hospital. but is john hinckley jr. no


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