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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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old shot in the chest. now the search is on for the men who opened fire. how did the do it? questions after a teenage girl slips out of handcuffs and gets away from chp officers. unsettled weather pattern continues today. gusty wind in the forecast and showers roll through over the weekend. >> rolling through the freeways so your commute starts to build suddenly. we have a crash over near the caldecott tunnel and another for the nimitz. we'll track both of those. a live look outside this morning. downtown san jose. get ready to kick start your thursday, april 23rd. you're watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. breaking news to tell you about this morning. explosion in a house fire in mountain view leaves one man dead. "today in the bay's" kris
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sanchez just spoke with a neighbor who tried, kris, to save the man from the flames but was not able to do so. heartbreak this morning. good morning. >> sam and laura, you can only imagine how helpless that man felt as he knew that fire was going off and his neighbor, dan, was inside. but sadly we know that that man did not survive the fire. fire department from mountain view tells us the flames were already rearing from the back of the house and there was heavy smoke in the area when they arrived. and then the neighbors, on top of that, was saying our friend, our neighbor is inside this house. and by the way, he is a gso thee is ammunition in there as well. they knew it was an urgent situation and they went right through the front door and that's when they started to hear the explosion and neighbors just had to watch. >> this black thick smoke. right when i saw that come out of the house i knew there wasn't really anything we could do at that time. there was no way i could go in there and have one breath of air. so you know, your first instinct is to go in and try and do
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something. when you see how thick it is at the time i think you realize that you go in there, you're probably not going to make it. >> now, mr. mccleod was able to tell officials on the scene that there were ammunitions inside. they said that his friend and neighbor was wrote for some gun magazines. so he had quite a bit of ammunition but really just enjoying his life. firefighters say that the cause of the fire is still under investigation. they know it wasn't the ammunition that started the fire, that it was the other way around. the fire and heat caused the bullets to fire in the garage. now, the fire also started in the different part of the house so that's how they knew the ammunitions were not to blame. the investigation under way. officials are here behind me. mountain view police as well as mountain view fire still on the scene. the power line that fell has now been restored, so no trouble there. it is 6:02. a 7-year-old boy is fighting for his life this morning, just 7
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years old. he was caught in the cross fire in vallejo. police are trying to track down five men responsible for that shooting. "today in the bay" stephanie trong live at police headquarters and police have any idea who they'ring looking for here? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. yeah, unfortunate think suspect drigs so far have been vague although police have interviewed witnesses so hopefully getting good information to nab the men responsible for this 7-year-old boy getting shot. >> they were shooting from here in the -- in the victim's, 7-year-old, on the sidewalk here near that van. >> okay. >> over there. and then he, i guess, took a round. >> reporter: that 7-year-old was shot in the chest. family members had already taken the boy to the officer by the time the first officer ars rooifd on the scene of the shooting that happened at 5:20 last night on the 800 block of fifth street by cherry street. investigators say the men got into a gun battle using at least two different caliber handguns. all shooting in one direction.
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so the thought is that these men were shooting people at the party randomly. they are looking for five men police say they know these men have been linked to a dark colored vehicle. that's all they have really so far. live in vallejo, stephanie trong, "today in the bay." >> stephanie, thank you. developing story now. escaped from custody and on the run this morning. chp just trying to figure out how a 16-year-old girl in their custody managed to slip out of handcuffs and just walk right out of juvenile hall in oakland. "today in the bay's" bob ridell is joining us now. the girl's family said it was relieved initially to find out she had been arrested. >> because she's a chronic runaway. they didn't know where he had been until early yesterday morning. chp has not yet fully explained how this 16-year-old was able to escape their custody. she somehow slipped out of her handcuffs and hasn't been seen since. >> you got out smarted bay 16-year-old. i hate to say it like that, but it's true. >> that's the stepmother of 16-year-old elida retana. she tells us that the chp
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brought her daughter to their hayward home at around 3:00 yesterday morning after she allegedly stole a car and gave officers a false name. when they tried to release the girl to the family, the family told them to keep her. they wanted her to take responsibility for her alleged crime and other outstanding warrants. as officers were booking her into their oakland facility, the teen as i mentioned who was a chronic runaway slipped out of her hand kuchs and escaped. >> we're worried about her being on the street because she's an attractive girl. and, you know, bad things happen when people are out on the street. so we're hoping they will catch her for her safety. >> again, the chp has not yet fully explained how she was able to get away. only to sigh that this is, quote, very rare. sam, laura? >> thank you, bob. at 6:05. happening today, crews are prepare for another day of an all out search for a missing
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south bay teenager. 17-year-old conner sullivan was last seen about 10:00 a.m. on monday morning. he was went to his morning classes at monta vista high school in cupertino and then disappeared. yesterday a steady flow of people showed up at the volunteer center to help look for the teenager. deputies say right now this is being classified as a runaway with suspicious circumstances. san francisco archbishop reportedly is not going to attend the same controversial march against same-sex marriage that he did attend last year. the march for marriage takes place in washington, d.c. and last year the archbishop angered a lot of people by playing a big role in that event. san francisco's archdiocese tells the chronicle he will stay home this year but other u.s. bishops will also attend. to an investigative unit explussive. 1300 breaks across the bay area. water pipes. and millions of gallons of drinking water lost. it's all because pipes are aging
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quickly and water companies are just trying to keep up. nbc bay area investigative unit followed crews in the east bay and in san francisco. their only job, to find leaks and to fix them. it's a way of proactively replacing pipes before they burst. right now the san francisco public utilities commission says it pays about $40 million a year to replace about 15 miles of pipe, but water officials admit they're not replacing the pipes fast enough to keep up. >> how many miles a year do you think you ought to be -- would you like to be doing to try to keep up and maybe get ahead of this curb? >> we feel 15 miles is the sweet spot for right now. and this is because it's sustainable, it's doable, it's tearing up 15 miles of streets in san francisco. that's approximately 150 blocks. >> tonight at 11:00 we will show you where pipes are breaking and how cities are trying to fund the fixes. if you have a story call us call our tip line or send an e-mail.
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time right now is 6:07. check your microclimate forecast, this as we give you a live look outside. there is the bay bridge as is typical, a little bit hard to make out right now given the mist in the air. >> see if that's making a cool start to the day. here's meteorologist christina loren. >> make for a mild start. it does look chilly over the bay bridge at this hour. what happens is we get that blanket of low clouds over the greater bay area and waking up comfortably. look at half-moon bay, 62 degrees. 574 in san jose. the only place where we lack that thick blanket is up in the north bay where we are at 43 degrees in santa rosa. looks can be deceiving sometimes. let me show you what's happening over that cloud deck. you can see here from high atop mt. hamilton. above, a nice clear sky. so it's going to take a little white for the sun to breakthrough those clouds. this is what it looks like under
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the cloud deck in san jose. definitely kind of a murky start to the day. really not too bad temperaturewise. as we get into your afternoon the low clouds will make way to sunshine and mild temperatures. this is what you can expect as you head outdoors at noon today. 68 degrees in the tri-valley as you break for lunch there. oh, so much closer to the all important weekend. 64 degrees at noon on the peninsula. rounding out the day in the 70s. 71 degrees for the south bay today. 68 degrees for the east shore. 75 in the tri-valley and 77 degrees in the north bay for today. we do have weekend showers on the way. we're going to give you the timing and tell you how much in any meks report. right now you just want to get to work so you can enjoy that all important weekend. that might be the case. maybe you have the day off. let's look at how the drive is looking. i don't want to do too much assumpti assumption. >> whatever the case, we are wishing for them a pleasant day and drive, whether they're driving from work or not. looking out here to the roadways. we do have pleasant drive.
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east shore freeway moves well. north bay, to delays. we'll zoom in to the big slow down as you head toward the bay bridge. westbound 24. earlier crash was over to the center divide for quite some time. wait for a few tow trucks. some folks are reporting pretty high speeds heading into this crash. no major injuries from what we understand. all lanes are clear. west 24 through orinda. just before the tunnel and the bores are clear as well. it may be an indicator that are starting to clear the scene. wait for an update for chp. farther south, no slowing through oakland as far as 08 goes. 880 jams up by another crash. sounds like three or four vehicles might be involved there blocking the two left lanes. information is still coming in at ten son. jamming a little extra more -- a little extra. not so bad for the tri-valley build. typical pattern.
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let's show you the foster city side. volume of traffic coming over to put approximately 101 not a concern just yet. the folks heading over there, camera trembles a bit. getting stronger over the course of the morning. so far no advisory frszies from. easy drive-thru fremont and southbound direction into the silicon valley. san jose and heading up into sunniville and cupertino. nice easy build so far. 101 slows a bit toward 680. a look at palo alto, 101 is a nice smooth drive heading north of university avenue toward willow. that's the taillights heading north into san francisco. not a major concern as far as your commute. >> good news. 6:11. up next, bay area device that could be the key to saifling water. confusion out of apple this morning and the pentagon is coming to silicon valley. we'll look at business in tech.
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here are today's top stories. firefighters are at the scene of a deadly house fire in mountain view. crews discovered a man in the bedroom of a home on lola lane. they tried to save the man but were overcome by the smoke. 7-year-old boy in the hospital this morning with life threatening injuries. he was hit by a stray bullet during a gun battle in vallejo last night. flight are looking for five suspects. hayward family is demanding answers after a troubled scene slipped out of chp custody. as everyone is going apple watch crazy right now let's talking about the company for a second. apple is known for lots of things but confusion is not up theically one of them. >> scott mcgrew, a lot of customers are not sure when they will get an apple watch. >> confusion and apple?
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asking the apple store clerks, they don't necessarily know either. business insider says it's gotten so confusing the head of apple retail has been briefing the stores, explaining how it all works. our understanding, and again, even apple stores are apparently confused, is some people will be getting their watches tomorrow but they won't be available to buy in apple stores. that's my understanding. i just saw one of our competitors report the watch is not going to be available for anybody until august. i don't normally compare my reporting with someone else's but in this case it shows how much confusion is out there with less than 24 hours to go. facebook opened its books to investors showing it had made huge amounts of money. then plowed that money back into the business. profits really fell as facebook continued to buy companies like this one. this is a great example. they paid $2 billion for the experimental virtual reality company oculus. this is where zuckerberg has it so much better than marissa
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mayer. zuckerberg spent a billion dollars on instagram. he didn't evenle me his board of directors first. meyer is supposed to radically revamp yahoo! but her board nickels and dimes her. brand new secretary of defense ashton carter will speak at stanford today where we expect he will an now the pentagon is going to open an office in silicon valley. it would offer venture capital to local companies working on cyber defense and traditional defense, things that go boom. this kind of takes us full circle, right? silicon valley was born on the back of defense, weapons and aeronaut ticks th aeronautics that needed microproer ises that needed silicon. the office will be located at move fi moffett field which is google's property. google's pennant will the the pentagon. >> i think of that every time i drive by. >> very strange. >> i think he's talking about cyber security as well.
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going to be a good day at stanford. east bay company offering high tech help for anyone try conserve in the historic drought. >> oakland based edyn developed a device to track how much water your garden, lawn, or even crops utilize. the device costs around 100 bucks. you put it into your soil and it uses your home wi-fi network to relate soil information to your smartphone. it will let you know if you're watering too much. it's made for serious gardeners and small farms but larger farms have contacted them, too. >> certain fwlok block of their is not getting enough water and they can adjust their irrigation system accordingly or see that they're over watering certain parts of their field. >> that device will be sold at home depot starting next month. >> if it could only help the womens d wells drying up. let's talk about our forecast. taking a live look outside at the bay bridge. can you make it out there this morning? christina has a look at our
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forecast. she's got a smile out there to start our day. >> it is. the low clouds, you can clearly see from that shot over the beautiful bay bridge. 6:17. happy thursday. getting close to that weekend now. and the chance for showers has improved. we're going to talk about that. but to start, temperatures are mild like laura pointed out. as we get into this afternoon, they're going to stay mild. 68 degrees at lunchtime in the north bay, rounding at the day at 77 degrees out there. 65 meanwhile for san francisco. 75 in the tri-valley. we will hit the low 70s even right here in the south bay. now, just like yesterday, we do stand that chance for flash flooding over the sierra nevada. not necessarily here in the bay area but we could see isolated thunderstorms to develop. that chance is there that atmosphere still very unstable with an area of low pressure on the way slated to bring us some showers by 3:00 a.m. on saturday. you will notice here i stopped the clock on your future cast and we're not just talking about the north bay although the best
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shot is going to be up in the north bay. i think we'll see wide spread activity as we head through 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. even down here in the south bay. and then we give you an idea of how much we could measure everything works out. some of the models are actually bringing in a quarter of an inch of rain even right here in the south bay. and just under for places like napa, about 1800 just under .2 of an ifshlg for pacifica. looking good to maybe get up to half of an inch of much needed rainfall. so that's some great news for us. what you will notice here on the five-day forecast is that temperatures are going to drop off considerably as we get into the weekend. so we're at 71 degrees for today in the south bay. 67 for your friday. just the mid 60s on the way for a few showers on saturday. you can still get outdoors after lunchtime on saturday. that's when we will clear you out and back in the 70s by sunday. so we're almost there, mike. we're almost there to that weekend. we just got to get through
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another couple of workdays. good thing is you're here to help us get there on time. >> thank you, christina. i would rather be on the weekend with everybody else. that's all right. we're okay. looking toward oakland. traffic here is great. a little gray in the sky. christina is talking about the haze. tracking it, not a problem. looking at the map. oakland past the coliseum is great. green there. problems is north and south of there. focus on the south jam from 238, the nimitz is jammed past the san mateo bridge off-ramp where there are four vehicles involved in a crash. two left lanes are blocked. they've been blocked for a few minutes. this has caused a slowing down for traffic. making things south in toward union city lighter. two sides of the coin always with the crash. over here westbound highway 4 over at willow pass road, a crash over here as well. originally reported as a stall. it sounds like maybe someone ran into that car. we'll track a. bay point, making concord and folks coming off the benecia bridge happy. move south toward the
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tri-valley. typical build. norm at for the rest of the bay showing for me san on the. the south bay is really smooth drive. this is thursday so we have lighter traffic. friday will be lighter than this. this will kick in over the next 15 to 20 minutes for the south bay. peninsula, no delays. check the north bay cameras. san rafael does show a build but it's holding steady over the last 20 minutes. as the sun comes up, low cloud cover. visibility on the roadways is just fine so far. back to you. >> mike, thank you. time is 6:21. coming up next, san jose earthquake taking a play out of the giants playbook. details on that coming up next.
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6:24 on your thursday morning. a live look outside. that of course or rackal arena. it's kind of quiet this morning. no roaring going on. they landed in the big easy yesterday with the commanding 2-0 lead over the pelicans. now under their wings. game three except for tonight, timoff is 6:30. warriors are confident. head coach says being on the road especially in a playoff atmosphere is always a challenge. >> our guys like the challenge of being on the road feeling the opposing crowd and there's a different energy that is us against the world type thing. >> there's green showing some
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emotion out there. game three tonight. game four is going to be on saturday also in new orleans at 5:00. game five, if necessary, will be back in oakland on tuesday. >> let's hope they do it. okay. in the meantime, maybe the giants can do it as well. bring out the brooms. they're going to go for the sweep against the dodgers this afternoon at at&t park. >> last night right here you watched clayton kershaw take on madison bumgarner. bumgarner took a 2-run lead when pinch hitter guerrero went deep. two-run homer to tie the game. bottom of the ninth inning with the bases loaded. joe panek gets enough of that ball to bring in a runner sacrifice fly walkoff. first pitch is an afternoon game at 12:45. i'm really going to sound like a mom but as you leave today's giants game take your trash with you. the team is asking all fans to do their part to keep the ballpark clean.
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fans are being asked to pick up their peanut shell, sunflower seeds, put them in a cup, and throw away their empty beer cups. the goal is to actually save water by cutting down on the amount of now we're washing needed before games. the team has added humidity sensors and treat the soil to maximize the field's ability to grow wrus using a minimum amount of water. clean up your own. staying with the green thing. my room is clean, by the way. san jose earthquakes are taking notes from the giants playbook. >> you didn't stuff it under the bed? this afternoon the team will break ground on its own edible garden inside the new stadium. the ceremony will include the cherry tree and garden will eventually is fruit trees that represent the santa clara valley. >> last year the san francisco giants debuted their own edible garden, the first of its kind at any american sports facility. still ahead, just minutes away from the opening bell. we're going to look at the markets next with scott mcgrew. >> that plus paying the price
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for spilling secrets or will he? the tu
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breeze the to windy to as our unsettled pattern continues. tell you about shower on the way to your microclimate in moments. tracking progress to clear a crash near the caldecott tunnel and hayward affecting your
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drive-thru fremont. the marketing are opening up. let's take you to the nyse this morning. google will be reporting profits after the closing bell. now over to the nasdaq and live code limited drawing attention to autism awareness month as business gets under way. >> good cause there. a little cloudy to start off your thursday in san francisco. some rain on the way. but not today. it's thursday, april 23rd. you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nba bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a good morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> happening today, former head of the cia who admitted to sharing secrets with his mistress will be sentenced in court. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. this morning and, tracey, david petraeus could see a year in prison. >> well, that's the maximum but based on a plea deal we're
6:31 am
hearing he worked out he won't spend a day behind bars. two years probation and $40,000 as a fine which is less than half of the maximum. david petraeus who was the director of the cia, a four-star general, commander of our forces in iraq and afghanistan, now facing one misdemeanor charge of misusing or basically handling and sharing classified information. that information that the fbi took from him included secret codes, covert identities or covert officer, war strategy, notes from meetings about how we were going to deal with the war in iraq and afghanistan. and he shared them with paula bro broadwell, his boo i gueiograph also turned out to be his mistress. as of today petraeus is going back to federal court. we understand he will plead guilty to one misdemeanor charge and get probation and a fine.
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>> all right. we'll follow what happens next. tracie potts live from washington, thank you. let's keep it on capitol hill. a mere five months after being nominated by president obama it now appears that attorney general nominee loretta lynch will finally be confirmed later today. the u.s. senate is holding a procedural vote this morning and a final vote could take place by end of the day. senate republican leadership has been holding off on putting lynch's nomination up for a vote until a human trafficking bill was completed. that measure passed yesterday. lynch would replace eric holder who announced last system that he planned to step down. happening now, a volcanic eruption is prompting the evacuation of 1500 people in southern chile. this is time-lapse video of the eruption that happened yesterday. take a look at the magnitude of that. it's the first time this specific volcano has erupted in over 40 years. flights over southern chile are now suspended and schools are closed as a precaution. meantime, we have clouds
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that are distinctly less colored outside as we take your microclimate forecast and a look from our emeryville perspective there. the day should boast plenty of sunshine. yesterday certainly did. christina, you're saying not quite as warm as what we saw yesterday. >> about the same. good morning to you, sam and laura. temperatures in the 50s. just about where we started out yesterday. regoing to see more sunshine. the difference between to the and yesterday will most certainly be that wind as we get into this afternoon. 68 degrees at lunchtime president tri-valley. and up to about 75 degrees there later today. up in the forth bay we're at 75 yesterday in santa rosa today. right around 77 degrees. 70 on the peninsula. room temperature readings once again in the south bay. san jose looking good to hit 71 degrees. let's talk about the big change coming your way as we get into your weekend. i want to start with thunderstorm opportunity as we head throughout tonight, especially along the western facing slopes surrounding san
6:34 am
jose. very slight chance for that. a better chance up and down the spine of the sierra nevada and then we got that rain on the way. in fact, we could measure up to a quarter of an inch of rainfall which is good enough to keep our hillsides green for maybe a couple of weeks longer. i'm going the give you the timing and tell you how much we're expecting in your pacific microclimate. plus, we always do our work to find out what's happened across the bay area for the weekend. there's a couple of big events. couple of festivals. we'll get into that coming up. right now check your drive. we've got to work for the weekend but sure love a weekend around here, don't we, mike? >> no, not around here. we like a weekend outside of work. just to clarify to the bosses. want to make sure that's clear because this is being recorded. >> this is also recorded on our sensors. slow drive. we see recovery now over the next few minutes. much bet ever speeds flowing from san leandro south down to tennison. four-week crashed.
6:35 am
caused a big backup because the rush is on heading through the area down in toward hayward. smoothly between both directions of the coliseum and downtown oakland. that's great news for the nimitz freeway. look at the east shore freeway as we move toward the maze and a smoother dry westbound 80 down toward the bay bridge. we had a stalled vehicle reported around university but that sounds like everything is cleared from the roadway. show you our camera in emeryville. turn you toward the maze. clear we view. there's haze in the air. the metering lights are on at the toll plaza. trust me, we do have the backup but traffic flows smoothly. the biggest slowdown is west 580 coming off the maze and off of 24. let's get back out your maps. speaking of 24. earlier crash hitting into the caldecott tunnel but not in the tunnel itself. the speeds have cleared back to their limit and that's great news. we do have westbound highway 4 though. two vehicles involved in a crash expect together at the bumper from what i understand or whatever we call bumpers the days. mostly just plastic but we don't
6:36 am
have major injuries. major slowing from pittsburgh to concord. that keeps 680 moving smoothly. lighter volume at the walnut creek interchange. south bay, northbound, 101 at the slower drive developing. same thing for north 87. gentle build coming into san jose. north looks good heading up the peninsula. look at foster city as you are approaching off of that san mateo bridge westbound moves nicely with the headlights. no big delays but building through wub and camera trembles a bit. wind kicking up and as the morning develops we know the drill. christina has talked about this. we will goat stronger winds. so far it's just what you would expect. >> there we go. thanks, mike. corporate profits have been coming in all we could business story of the week. the markets have been up for a few minutes now. >> the numbers with scott mccrew. >> busy day for corporate profits today. we'll talk about google in a minute. let's get you out to the new york stock exchange. dow industrials losing 48 points. nasdaq is near an all-time high.
6:37 am
as for goingogle, google is one the many companies that will report profits after the closing bell. we're looking for any other major announcements a google might make. companies often take this opportunity not just to open their books to investors but to make some kind of big announcement as well. we'll keep our eye on google this afternoon. >> sounds good. thanks. it is 6:37. still ahead, a midair scare. why a pilot says he purposely plunged a passenger plane towards the ground, coming up next.
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m. 6:39 on your thursday morning. live look outside the transamerica building piercing the sky there. some good weather in store for you today. christina, keeping track of changing conditions. meantime, happening today, the family of michael brown is now filing a wrongful death lawsuit. this against the city of
6:40 am
ferguson. we knew this was coming we just did not know exactly what the timeline would be. last night lawyers for the family announced they would file that lawsuit today. the lawsuit will also likely name former police officer darren wilson who shot and killed brown. wilson resigned from the police department back in november and brown's shooting led to often violent protests in ferguson and to a national movement calling for changes in how police interact with minorities. terrifying ordeal at 20,000 feet. a pilot made a snap decision to put a commuter plane into a nose dive after passengers started feeling sick, even passing out. they were traveling from connecticut to chicago. just after takeoff several passengers started feeling lightheaded and dizzy. that's when the pilot made a daring decision. >> i guess they had a couple of passengers not feeling well. one passed out. and so they did a rapid descent because the captain had said that all the symptoms led or led him to believe that it was a
6:41 am
lack of cabin pressure. >> the dive is an extreme maneuver used to increase oxygen in the passenger cabin. ultimately the plane made an emergency landing in buffalo, new york. this morning investigators say they didn't find anything that would have led the aircraft to lose cabin pressure. now they're trying to figure out why the passengers got sick so quickly. >> a mystery there. 6:41. and new this morning. four shark vacuum models are being recalled due to a shock hazard. the consumer products safety commission says the aluminum wand can disconnect from the vacuum's handle and pose asterisk of electric shock. the commission has gotten more than 62 reports about that wand disconnecting. so far no reports of injuries though. the recall involves four models of shark power lift away up right vacuum cleaners and the colors are either marine or purple. 6:41. coming up, how did it happen? tough questions after a teenage girl slips out of handcuffs and gets away from chp officers. also, tragic.
6:42 am
caught in the cross fire. a junk boy 7 years old shot in the chest. the search is on for the men who opened fire. firefighters make a disturbing discovery inside a burned home on the peninsula. stay on that peninsula, a live look outside from foster city. we will be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather after this break.
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breaking news this morning. an explosion in a house fire in mountain view leaves one man
6:45 am
dead. "today in the bay" kris sanchez just spoke with a neighbor who tried to save that neighbor from the flames. >> reporter: good morning, sam. the neighbors say they had to stand by helplessly after they were awakened by the sound of explosions and then knowing that that fire was burning as the home of their friend, a man named dan. and they could do really nothing. firefighters arrived. they saw heavy smoke and large flames in the back part of the house. and those neighbors told them where to find their neighbor so they went in through the front of the house and that's when they heard explosions. the neighbors say it was a really difficult morning. >> yelling as loud as we could do, dan, dan, dan. what else the you do? we're bringing on the house. i thought about trying to break the front door down but i knew where his bedroom was so i started banging there and yelling. i was banging on the glass. lucky i didn't cut my arm. but the window broke and at that time all the smoke just came billowing out.
6:46 am
>> reporter: that neighbor was also able to alert authorities that the man inside was weaponry and handguns so there were munitions inside the house. firefighters didn't know what they were dealing with as they went inside. they heard the explosions in the garage part of the house. the man was found deceased in the bedroom. and the firefighter does tell us that it appears the fire caused the explosion and not the other way around. the sffire did not originate in the garage so they're looking for what sparked that fire in the first place. in mountain view, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. it is 6:46 right now. time to check your microclimate forecast taking a peak outside, downtown san jose. maybe you before you get dressed let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> maybe you get your kids dressed after all, it's take your sons and daughters to
6:47 am
workday. the triplets coming in today? >> no, not yet 6. >> requirement, that's the requirement. wow. six days until they are six years old. early happy birthday to them. and you know what? if you are bringing your kids with you to work today you want to kind of dress for the two different parts. mild out there to start. upper 60s in the north baby noon and round out the day in the upper 70s. wow how time flies. let's show you what with you can expect as we get into your afternoon. stop that clock for you. at 3:00, a little bit of moisture surging up from the south. . and this could definitely create thunderstorm activity we're expecting some of that in tahoe. so if you're head edna way, also want to bring your chains for the weekend. we've got some snowfall on the way to tahoe and some rainfall on the way to the bay area as we get in your weekend. so less push this forward. moving forward in time. stop that clock for you at 3:00 a.m. saturday. looks like we will have generous
6:48 am
rainfall. at this point south to san francisco. move you for ward again. stop that for you at 10:00 a.m. on saturday. that's when we're expecting some pretty good looking moisture in the south bay. you might be wondering how much. just under a quarter of an inch expected. just about everywhere. this is a decent april storm system. just under a quarter for san jose. the same for livermore, orinda, napa, maybe up half an inch areas north of sonoma county. that's great news. we need every single drop in the bucket we can accumulate. temperatures look good for saturday afternoon. clearing by about i would say lunchtime. then 73 degrees on sunday. so as promised, a couple of weekend events for you. saturday, petaluma, it's the butter and egg day festival. the showers will hold off by lunchtime up there for the parade. and then a chance to meet our very own mike inouye. he's always out there in the community. cupertino cherry blossom festival on saturday.
6:49 am
58 at 10:00 a.m. by lunchtime, 67. i up the my hat, you volunteer so much of your time, mike. we appreciate it. you know what? i want a self where with you. i'm sure a lot of other people do as well. >> christina, a self where with you and i happen to be in it. lock over here. i always thank the community for inviting me out because i was raised and born here so i can just try to give back if i can. mostly i just try to be places and people say, oh, he's here. looking over here at 880. this is here. this is the traffic northbound. that's the heavy volume of traffic. the concern i'm watching is south. not south of the coliseum but the map farther 880 nimitz freeway. looking at jam from san leandro down toward the earlier crash. blocked for a period of time. this caused a big backup, the focus of much at morning commute. slowing. it's benefit for folks in union city and fremont. better news for that portion of the nimitz. over here the bay bridge has the metering lights on. 580 and 24.
6:50 am
not so bad for the east shore freeway. where it's really bad is not at the walnut creek interchange. it's where the crash still blocks a couple of lanes. west highway 4. jammed through pittsburgh and bay point. it's heavier than we typically see. over here in the south bay looking at northbound 101 through san jose. there's your gentle build. 87 and 85 following suit. 280 toward 17 and 880 show you that build as well. the rest of silicon valley moves well. live look at palo alto where we get the idea of volume of traffic picking up. also haze in the air. that will be affected throughout the morning commute. so far visibility is just fine. so pleasant commute from palo alto up the peninsula into and out of san francisco. back to you. >> thank yous very much. this is a tough one. this morning a 7-year-old boy could die after he was caught in the cross fire of vallejo. the police are trying to track down five men involved in the shooting. "today in the bay" stephanie trong live at police
6:51 am
headquarters. stephanie, do police have any ideas how they're looking for and how is this little boy? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura. this little boy as you said fighting for his life. unfortunately police working on very vague suspect descriptions. we know they're looking for at least five men responsible for this 7-year-old boy who got shot. now fighting to stay alive. investigators and crime scene technicians studied the 800 block of fifth street for hours yesterday marking at least a dozen pieces of evidence on the ground. police say multiple men using at least two different caliber handguns got into a gunfight at a party of up to 50 people yesterday 5:20 in the evening. one aft stray bullets hit the boy in the chest. a wound that may now kill him. investigators trying to track down five men they believe are behind the shooting. >> intentional shooting in that direction. no rounds coming the other direction. assuming they were shooting at home. >> reporter: the gunmen were
6:52 am
linked to a dark colored vehicle. the family members had taken the boy to the hospital by the time the officers arrived on scene. top of mind this morning that this little boy pulls through. >> most definitely. i cannot imagine. thank you very much, steph. of course, we're going to continue to follow this story all morning long. we hope to have an update on that boy's condition on our 11:00 a.m. newscast. . also kind of a head scratcher. escaped from custody and on the run. this morning chp is trying to figure out how a 16-year-old girl managed to slip out of handcuffs and take off from custody in oakland while she was being booked. "today in the bay's" bob ridell is joining us now. bob, the girl's family says it was a relief to find out she had been arrested and now she's gone. >> because she had been a chronic runaway, they didn't know where she was. the family wants to now know how the california highway patrol could be out smarted by a 16-year-old girl. the chp still trying to find elida retana after she slipped out of her hand cuffs and custody while being booked into
6:53 am
their oakland facility yesterday morning. her stepmother says i wassers brought her to their hayward home at 3:00 in the morning after officers say she stole a car and gave them a false name. when the family tried to release -- when the officers tried to release the girl to the family the family told them to take her back to the chp office instead. they wanted her to learn a lesson about facing her crimes and to be accountable for other outstanding warrants. >> she was in shock. i was telling herb in spanish, what are you thinking, what are you doing? you need to turn yourself in already for the warrant that you have. >> the family says elida is a chronic runaway. they hoped her arrest and detention would keep her off the streets. the chp has not explained fully how she was able to escape only to say that this is, quote, very rare. laura? >> very interesting. tu thanks. it is 6:53. happening today, crews are preparing for another day of an all out search for missing south bay teenager.
6:54 am
17-year-old conner sullivan was last seen on monday about 10:00 a.m. he went to morning classes at monday a vista high school in cupertino and then disappeared. yesterday a steady flow of people showed up at the volunteer center to help look for the teenager. tepities say right now this is being classified as a run away with suspicious circumstances. in daly city, police are looking for this woman, rowena garcia, also goes by the name gorzanp. she left her house to go shopping last tuesday, never returned. police say she suffers from short-term memory loss due to a traumatic brain injury pfs she was last seen wearing sunglasses, a trench coat and jeans and has a tattoo of three roses on her left ankle. she has no id with her and does not have a c el phone. for the very first time in more than a decade giants legendary barry bonds is in the clear. le ten-judge panel overturned bonds conviction of obstruction of justice in the billialco ste
6:55 am
sentence. he was nonresponsive in terms of answering to one of the grand jury's questions. therefore, the panel ruled that there was insufficient evidence to convict bonds. balco founder victor said that despite bonds we reputation the next tap should be cooperstown. >> it's conjecture that something happened here? i don't know. it didn't meet the standard. you've got to draw the line in the sand somewhere. i believe he's a great baseball player that deserves to be in the hall of fame. >> bonds reacting in a statement he wrote, quote, i'm excited about what the future holds for me as i embark on the next chapter. san francisco archbishop will not attend the same controversial march against same-sex marriage he attended last year. the march for marriage takes place in washington, d.c. last year the archbishop angered some by playing a big role including delivering a speech against gay marnl and leading a
6:56 am
prayer. san francisco archdiocese tells the chronicle he will stay home this year but other u.s. bishops will attend. we have breaking news to tell you about. the white house has just confirmed that drone strikes killed american and italian hostages being held by al qaeda. killed in that operation dr. warren weinstein. two other americans who were working with the terror organization were also killed. this happened back in january in afghanistan and pakistan. but officials just released the information moments ago. president obama is scheduled to speak about the counter terrorism operation in just a few minutes. you can see that next during the "today" show. brand new secretary of defense ashton carter will speak at stanford today. >> scott mcgrew, he's talking about cyber defense and opening an office here in silicon valley. >> the patent office, department of homeland security, just announced new labs here finally, the pentagon. kind of takes us full circle as silicon valley was built on the back of u.s. defense. carter will speak at stanford this morning.
6:57 am
now, all secretaries of defense are smart of course but secretary carter, by the way, is a particle physicist. louisiana governor and potential republican candidate bobby jindal wrote a scathing op-ed in this morning's "new york times" with the very simple title" i'm holding firm against gay marriage." he says louisiana not going to surrender to the pressures of corporate america to modify state law the way that our indiana and arkansas did. jindal doesn't mention apple specifically which can't help but draw the distinction. apple ceo tim cook is from alabama. and made an incredible statement for civil rights during a visit to that state capital. said the south had been too slow to recognize civil rights in the past and was too slow now. about those new state laws, sam and laura, cook says it's not a political issue or religious issue. it's about how we treat each other as human beings. >> they carry a lot of economic clout dictating policy. 6:57. final check of the day's top stories.
6:58 am
firefighters at the scene of a deadly house fire in mountain view. crews discovered a man in the bedroom of a home on lola lane. neighbors tries to save the man but overcome by smoke. 7-year-old boy in the hospital this morning with life threatening injuries fighter to his life. he was hit by a stray bullet during a gun battle in vallejo last night. police are looking for five suspects. hayward family is demanding answers after a troubled teenager slips out of chp custody. the girl's parents wanted to teach her a lesson but the chp says she slipped out of her handcuffs and vanished from the chp office. okay. a lighter note now. it is a little bit mild outside you were saying, christina? humidity still in the air. good day for baseball? >> good day for baseball, especially because we have a good chance of sweeping the d d dodge dodgers. 54 in the tri-valley and 51 degrees right now in san francisco. waking up and getting ready to take the mound.
6:59 am
we do have a good looking day ahead. san francisco, 66. 77 in the north bay. 71 degrees in the south bay. i do want to point out breezy to windys are expected to develop as we get into this afternoon. then we're still tracking that chance for this weekend, more on that throughout the "today" show. >> you were saying on saturday, best chances. sounds good. >> mike, a look at the commute. >> we'll look at things. we have a couple of key spots. let's look at your maps. just as i said your south bay was clear. north of the airport we do have a crash clearing from lanes and then the rest of your south bay is building according to typical schedule. tri-valley is fine despite the crash west of 580. it's southbound 880 that has to recover. there's the jam from san leandro down past the san mateo bridge. continuing to pay benefit for the rest of the folks south of there. bay bridge toll plaza has the backup but smooth drive down the freeway. two vehicles still stuck together but no major injuries.
7:00 am
san mateo bridge, smoothly. from time to time we see that camera shaking around. the rinwinds are going to start kicking in. >> very good. that's what's happening "today in the bay." expecting a special report from the white house in just minutes. this is matt lauer and savannah g guthrie. >> we have breaking news out the obama administration is reporting some hostage issues. we a


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